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Monday, August 17, 2020

The HARMONOGRAPH SYNTHESISER & How to Sequence Your Eurorack System with a Record Player

Lomond Ziggy Campbell

This one is in via Joshua. Links to additional info in the description below.

"I built an 18th century harmonograph and connected it to a 21st century modular synthesiser.

A harmonograph is an old scientific device that uses pendulums to create illustrations of harmonic motion, called lissajous figures. On this harmonograph each pendulum is connected to a sensor which triggers different elements of the synthesiser so that every time it makes a drawing, it also plays an accompanying synth soundtrack. There's also a contact mic on the drawing board to pick up the sound of the pen.

It uses three pendulums - two connected in a linear way to the pen and one rotary pendulum connected to the drawing board. You set them all swinging, lower the biro pen to the drawing board and let the pendulums run down over a period of about 5 minutes, after which both the unique drawing and soundtrack are complete.

I recorded an album of the first 18 drawings which can be downloaded from my bandcamp page:

You can see the drawings here:
I used proximity sensors and an Arduino to get the harmonograph talking to the synth. You can find the code, examples of drawings and sounds plus more information about the project on my website:"

And the optical record player:

MODULAR MECHANICAL REMIX of The Paralian by Andrew Wasylyk

"This is a kind of live remix made by mangling one of my favourite records through my modular system. I'm using a DIY turntable sequencer I built using an arduino. Here's a link to the video of how to make it - [below]

The record is The Paralian by Andrew Wasylyk. It's a cracker so go ahead and enrich your life by buying a copy."


"Convert any turntable in to a programmable rotary gate sequencer for modular #Eurorack systems with just a few components and a simple bit of coding.

- Control tempo with your turntable speed control!
- Sample from a record while staying in sync!!
- Build yourself two and beat match with dual turntables!!!
- Make your live #modular set more visual so thousands of people come to see you play instead of your three best pals.......TRUST ME!

x1 #Arduino Nano
x4 proximity switches / reed switches
x4 10K resistors
x4 3.5mm mono jacks
x4 LEDs (optional)
x4 100 Ohm resistors (optional)
x4 SPDT toggle switches (optional)
x1 vero board
.... + some camdenboss terminal blocks if you're in to that kind of thing.

Here's the link to the code, schematics and diagram:

For my device I used some flush cable proximity switches I got from a lab clear out. They're no longer available but this is pretty much the same thing:

The neodymium magnets I used are 4mm diameter by 2mm deep and any mild steel sheet metal will do for the plate.

I included some LEDs in my circuit as visual indicators plus some toggle switches so you can mute each channel, but neither are necessary."

Medusa - Exploring the "Synergy" Soundbank!

Electronisounds Audio

Check out the Synergy Soundbank here:



5 Voice Polyphonic Moog Phatty Acid Rain Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

Please Support Rik Marston Official!
Please Buy My Music "Digital Heart, Analog Soul" Vol. 1+2
already on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more!!!

Aquifex Synthwave Demo (JD-Xi) - SF Bay Area freak lightning storm 081620


"These types of lightning storms are very unusual for this part of California, even more so in the middle of summer. I made some time warps and freeze frame so you could enjoy the individual lightning bolts as they changed. More info on the video title page.

Synthwave demo from 2019, made exclusively on the Roland JD-Xi as an early 'one synth/all parts' demo. All sounds, FX, and sequencing done on the JD-Xi, mixed down live to a stereo recorder.

original Soundcloud track:"

Can the Yamaha AN1x match the Roland JX-3P sound?


Interesting comparison. I never made the connection before.

"The JX3P and AN1x both have this 'sizzle' sound that I can't explain. When I got the AN1x I thought it had a very similar sound, so I decided to make a few sounds and see if I could recreate the JX3P sounds. Note that the volumes aren't matched, I wasn't really going for a perfect comparison, just whether I could capture the sound. This isn't a 'versus' - it's an attempt to match the sounds - plus the volumes fluctuate based on the tones.

The first thing I tried to do was make a very simple patch and capture the sound of the JX chorus - you can hear that early on.

Later, I tried to replicate some sounds with the resonance turned up, this posed a very big challenge for me, I don't think I ever really did a good job with the comparison.

Sometimes I went off on a tangent, with either synth. Sorry about that.

I left every bit of my musings in there - you can see just how long and difficult it was on the AN1x to capture the JX3P sound, and even then I feel it wasn't as good. I felt I did a pretty decent job with the chorus though.

The JX3P is probably the more interesting synth to me, because I just like how it sounds with very little processing/editing. In other words, it has a large sweet spot, but it doesn't do a whole lot to begin with. The AN1x, while completely manageable as a synth, is just somewhat hard to use sometimes, and when you play a simple synth next to it, it's easy to get a little frustrated when finding your way around the AN1x.

The look, and feel, of the Roland JX3P, and the sound - just feel unmatched. I have owned a Juno 106 (and sold it because I liked my Matrix 1000 more) and I have had a Juno 60, borrowed from a friend... but the JX3P just has something I like a little more than either of those (though the Juno 60 is just a beautiful synth, I'd own it for that reason alone, and those snappy envelopes).

If the JX3P had the faders of the Juno and the fast envelopes, there'd never even be a contest for me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the completely random video I put together."

Brigitta & Hydrasynth cosmic Aug 17, 2020

SynthMania modular "Brigitta": Q960 PWM bass sequence; 3-osc lead
ASM Hydrasynth: mono lead

Four NEW 2020 Optigan Discs


2020 Optigan Disc - FUZZ ROCK
2020 Optigan Disc - GAMELESQUE
2020 Optigan Disc - SPIKE'S JOINT
2020 Optigan Disc - COUNTRY FOLK IN 6/8 Featuring Orchestron Solo French Horn


Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 SN 5874 w/ Extras

via this auction

"An incredibly clean SCI Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 with factory MIDI (serial #5874). I am the second owner and it has always lived in my clean, smoke free studio. The original owner had it regularly maintained by Wine Country Productions synth service in the Bay Area. It has never been shipped. When not in use, it lives in a flight case.

It has recently been serviced and given a clean bill of health by East Bay Area Prophet 5 specialist Greg Montalbano (Analog Synth Repair). I recently replaced the bushings. I told Greg to replace anything that would have any issues down the line, even if they weren't broken now. Over the years he has replaced the tantalum capacitors and any problematic IC's. This last round (Aug. 10th 2020) I had him clean the bus bars and J-wire key contacts, tune and calibrate. He replaced the power supply with a much better performing and cooler operating version. He told me "It's the best it will ever be".

Even though I'm selling it, I decided to have him upgrade the firmware to V10.6. I wish I had know about this sooner. Some of my favorite new features:
Sysex Dump
1 and 2 voice limiting while in Unison Mode
Unison Detune
Latch Mode
LED Voice Indication
All these can be disabled, and no there are no visible modifications to the synth. I will include the printed manual that Greg gave me.

I have a hard time listing anything as "Mint", but this thing is incredibly clean. There are virtually no blemishes other than stand rash on the bottom. I was so bummed out when I realized I had scratched it. I was planning on repainting it eventually, but honestly, you'll never see it anyway. From the photos, you may notice what looks like imperfections, in most cases it's just dust. I tried my best to take clean photos. If you want any additional photos of anything questionable, I can send you more.

Important: One thing to note, is that the J-wire key contact design is not a good one. Prophets like to be played. If they aren't regularly used, then the key contacts will occasionally begin to double trigger. It's a know issue and just playing the key a few times will usually remedy this. It's a good idea for any owner to know how to clean the contacts. Synthchaser has some great YouTube videos on maintenance. It's not difficult.

Included are the original cassette tapes with the original factory and Rev 3 programs. Also, the original operation and technical manuals. Also, the new firmware data sheet explaining the new features."

Macbeth X-Series Micromac-D Analog Voltage Controlled Desktop Synth

via this auction

Modular Life Synthesizer Sweatshirt

via this auction

- This Analog Modular Synthesizer for Electronic Musician feature a eurorack synth with the saying Modular Life written with patch cables,wear this at concerts on stage or in studio or home studio for rehearsals

- for Music Producer,Beatmaker and Hipsters Musicians who like to play on vintage electronic music instruments and tweak knobs of the adsr filter and choose the waveform for some techno,electronica or ambient dawless jams

- Solid colors: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester; Heather Grey: 78% Cotton, 22% Poly; Dark Heather: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

- Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat

- 8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

Vintage 1978 Mattel Bee Gees Rhythm Machine

via this auction

Korg X 911 Guitar Synthesizer w/ Original Box, Manual, & Overlay SN 277368

via this auction

"Korg X 911 Guitar Synthesizer Original Box Manual, This unit is in Like New Condition, Maybe use a couple of times It is in perfect Mint condition. Comes in original box and original manual."

Vintage Ensoniq Mirage DSK 8 8 Bit Sampler Synthesizer SN 20328

via this auction

Roland JP-8080

via this auction, also on Reverb

Nord Original Nord Lead with "E" 12 voice expansion - 2.6 OS & PCMCIA

via this auction

"This original lead version is considered to sound the most "Raw" sounding of all the Nord Leads. Far bigger sounding than the others and the most "analog" sounding. True to Juno, Oberheim, Prophet and MOOG territory. It covers all the bases with ease."

Came with the Prophet-5 preset bank.

Univox Compaq 2 1970s Black

via this auction

"Here is the rare Univox Compac 2, made in Italy. Fully functional, 61 key electric keyboard.

$300 OBO

The keyboard is organized into 2 main sections:

1 - Full polyphony based on 12 discrete Squared-shape oscillators + 7X SAJ2110 a 7-stage Frequency Dividers IC

2 - Solo synth mono section with no control but volume.

Basically there is a switch that allows you to have the lower register turn into an electric “bass” which you can also route to a separate output for a bass amp.

The keyboard has a Clavinet setting, “honky tonk”, and Piano setting. Not exactly realistic piano sounds, but a very unique variation.

One of my favorite features is the built in analog phaser with adjustable speed, very psychedelic/prog.

There are 2 switches under the keys, the left is for the phaser speed, and the right is a pitch-bend."


Arthur Joly


You can find additional posts featuring RECODRUM here.

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with JONATHAN HARTMAN

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Jonathan Hartman is a musical polymath, an accomplished composer drawing upon the traditions of film music, jazz, synthesis and 20th century minimalism to create compelling scores for film and television. He’s gained a reputation for his absolute commitment to communicating the heart of character and story to musically express the beautiful, the arcane and the profound.

Jonathan began his musical journey in the Jazz world. His grandfather was the Master Engraver at King Musical Instruments whose artists included Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. A young saxophone prodigy, Jonathan began performing professionally at age 15. His mentors included jazz greats Joe Lovano, Clark Terry, and James Moody. Jonathan was heavily influenced as a young composer by the string writing & postmodern sensibilities of Igor Stravinsky, Villa Lobos, and minimalist Steve Reich.

Jonathan was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for his original score for DARK/WEB (Amazon Prime). The dark cyber thriller was a deep exploration into cutting edge analog synthesis. A complete bio for Jonathan can be found here. We chatted with Jonathan on how he uses the Prophet Rev2 in his music."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Biologik's OB-6 Dream Pads Vol. 2


// Biologik's OB-6 Dream Pads Vol. 2 Patch Bank //
100 Sequential (Dave Smith Instruments // DSI) patches for the OB-6.
Demo is shown with FX on and off and tweaking the filer.

Amanda Chaudhary at Wonder Valley Experimental 12 (electronic music and jazz performance)

CatSynth TV

"Performance by Amanda Chaudhary at Wonder Valley Experimental 12 (virtual livestream festival).
The set features a mix of experimental modular-synthesizer improvisations and jazz keyboards .

Synthesizers used:
Arturia MiniBrute 2
Arturia Stage 73 and Piano (virtual instruments)
Sensel Morph
Novation Push
Crank Surgeon Pocket Gamelan
Arturia Spark drum machine
Albeton Live! drum machines
Metasonix R54 and RK5
MOK Waverazor
Make Noise Rene and Tempi
Rossum Electro-music Morpheus
E350 Morphing Terrarium
Expert Sleepers ES-8, FH-2, and EXH-8CV)
Strymon Magneto
Qu-Bit Prism
Sputnik Dual Oscillator
Additional modules by Pittsburgh Modular, Mordax, and Intellijel
Sequential Prophet 12

A special thanks for Mark Soden of Phogg Masheeen for organizing this festival and keeping it going virtually this year, and to everyone who performed and otherwise contributed to make it a success."

Smokey Quartz - Plant Music 18

Smokey Quartz

"In this plant music video I find a nice chard plant to record some spacey jams. The biofeedback from the chard is picked up by the MIDI Sprout and converted into MIDI notes. The MIDI is then sent through some Ableton and Max4Live MIDI effects before being played by a piano, Buchla Music Easel and a Jupiter 8, all from Arturia. Stick around to the end when things get violent."

Barton Musical Circuits - 4X Decay - BMC043 - Build/Demo - Midiverse - TV

Midiverse - TV

Build - 00:08
Patch/Examples - 05:03

"What's up everyone, Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be talking about a DIY Eurorack module that we recently finished building, this is the 4X Decay from Barton Musical Circuits. Let's check it out.."

Here's a demo of one from 2016.

New Translucent Slider Caps from synthCube

via synthCube

"synthCube is pleased to announce availability of new custom translucent caps for synthesizer LED slider pots.

These are now in stock--- amazing LED slider caps for synth modules---- these are a dark smoky translucent gray. You'll see your LED shine diffused through the top and sides, then it'll be full bright when viewed head-on through the gap on the face... originally designed for the TTSH v4 project, these have a great look and feel to them -- and will enhance most modules that make use of LED sliders-- enjoy!!

More details on our webstore - contact us for information on samples and wholesale quantity purchases."

Quadrivium Orbital Synthesizer-Controller (sneak preview)

Giorgio Sancristoforo

"12 moons orbiting around the four giant gas planets as modulation sources? Yes! Orbital data from Jan 1 2020 to Jan 1 2030 (hour by hour) are used in the forthcoming Quadrivium synthesizer to modulate oscillators, filters, delay and create incredible spacey soundscapes.
Did I mention that you can also use the moons' orbits to modulate your MIDI gear? :D
Soon available at"

Giorgio Sancristoforo is the man behind the Gleetchplug line of software synthesizers and sound machines.

GSE GYRINX VCF FIRST LOOK [Audio Demo #1] (Synton Syrinx)


"I am proud to announce my upcoming GYRINX VCF module.
A eurorack topology of the mythical Synton Syrinx formant filter using AS3350 Alfa re-issue chips.
3 Filters, 4 audio inputs, 3 CV inputs.
And 4 audio path configurations. "


"GYRINX VCF is a filter tribute to the mythical Synton Syrinx.

The Synton Syrinx was an analog monosynth offered without MIDI from 1983. Built in Holland, Syrinx was the brainchild of Felix Visser who sought consultation with Bob Moog. And consequentially distributed by Moog’s Big Briar Inc. The crown jewel of the Syrinx was the unique formant filter section. Comprised of two resonant bandpass (PEAK) and one resonant lowpass contours, all under modulation control, the filter could form 3 formant frequencies characteristic of synthetic human voice sounds. “Wowwww” and “Yeahwa”!

Most of us will likely never see the fabled Syrinx in person. GYRINX VCF is not a clone - rather a painstakingly realized design informed by the known original topology of incomplete schematics, datasheets, and designs from other synths of the era using the CEM3350. Along with the 4 different input/filter signal path routings, the GYRINX VCF is the closest mere mortals will get to the esoteric Syrinx filter experience.

GYRINX VCF has THREE audio filters arranged in a specific configuration: two 2-pole resonant PEAK (bandpass) filters and one 4-pole resonant LOWPASS. 2 CV inputs and a keyboard tracking CV ensures generous range of beautiful and strange formant frequencies you’ll not get with any other filter. The four audio inputs can be configured as a mixed sum, or as a split pair. Also, as with the original, the filter routing options include series and parallel paths. The entire audio signal path is all analog, however filter routing is digitally controlled by the momentary switch.

TWO Alfa AS3350 re-issue filter chips based on the CEM3350 design.
FOUR audio signal input jacks w/ individual attenuators.
Two selectable audio input Types: 1-4 Summed Audio, or 1-2 / 3-4 split audio pair
Two Resonant Peak Filters, does not self-oscillate
One Resonant Lowpass Filter, does not self-oscillate
Two selectable filter configuration Types: SERIES Peak -> Lowpass, PARALLEL Peak || Lowpass
Digitally controlled routing of the all-analog audio path.
Two Control Voltage input jacks for Frequency CUTOFF w/ signal attenuators, routed to both filter types. These offer inverted and non-inverted control.
One Control Voltage (KB) input jack for Frequency TRACKING w/ signal attenuators, routed to both filter types. This one is non-inverted only, and can be used with other mod signals, LFOs, envelopes, gate, or anything else!"

Korg LogueJam August 2020 - Live Event for Kraft Music w/ Dan Krisher

Kraft Music

Find exclusive Korg Synthesizer BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Dan Krisher from Korg showcasing the Korg Minilogue XD and Prologue Synthesizers.

Writing a song using only the Basimilus Iteritas Alter!

Sarah Longfield

"Hey guys! This was a really fun challenge, I hope you enjoy! Noise Engineering makes some incredible modules :D"

And another:


Sarah Longfield

"This video was really hard to make! Making music is meditative for me, so remembering that I had cameras running/shots to set up really halted the creative flow haha BUT i'm happy I did it! I tried to achieve a broad representation of my workflow for time sake"

A Clockwork Orange (Cover)

Scott Ampleford

Roland Juno-6 & system.

"I don't often get to play classical music (and I'm sure that some would argue that this doesn't qualify), but this is one of the most iconic electronic film themes of all time. So there.

Wendy Carlos' work has always been a MASSIVE inspiration for me, such a shame it isn't more well known and hasn't been available for a long time.

If you'd like to know more about Wendy and her music, visit her website:
Check out my album releases:"

Synth Jam 16/08/20

Scott Ampleford

Synth Jam - 29/04/20

"Please excuse the PJs, I'd had a day tidying up the studio when I decided to film this little jam.
This was the first thing I recorded with my WSG when it was finished and I'm so happy with it's sound and how it fits within my setup."

Yamaha Tenori-On w/ Original Box & Packaging

via this auction

"Amazing piece of kit. Hard to find as it’s been discontinued. MINT CONDITION only been open a handful of times. Only thing is the charger has gone missing which is only a very minor issue as its a standard DC12 charger cable which you can purchase very cheap or chances are you will already have."

Moog VX-351 Control Voltage Expander w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Greatly expands the cv possibilities of the voyager. Turns an already incredible synthesizer into a whole new monster. Get your Voyager mixed up with your modular setup."

Yamaha DX-200

via this auction

"A DX-200 in great condition.
Fully serviced - Incl the infamous 'jumping' select knob has been replaced by a brand new one.
Sold with PSU, warranty & invoice.

Shipped bombproof, anywhere you like!"

Roland TR-707

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly SN 376629

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Catalog & Prophet T-8 Brochure

via this auction

"This auction contains the vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Catalog and Prophet T-8 Brochure from the early 80’s.

This is a must-have for any vintage synthesizer/Sequential Circuits collector as these are getting very hard/impossible to find these days.

The catalog and brochure have no highlighting,underlining or any stamps in it. These original catalog and brochure are in very good condition, see the picture's for more detail."

Roland System 100

via this auction

"A very nice condition System 100 -Model 101.
Well cared for and lived it's life in studio."

Roland System 100 - Model 101 w/ Original Box

via this auction

ASM Hydrasynth SN HSKB19510224

via this auction

Korg Volca Modular Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer SN 001115

via this auction

An Introduction to the Noodlebox Serendipity Sequencer: Modular Monday

Red Means Recording

"The Sixty Four Pixels Noodlebox is a 4 channel CV, Gate, and MIDI sequencer with a lot of fun, smart features. Let's check it out and see what it can do to the Make Noise 0-Coast."

Additional posts featuring teh Noodlebox

TR-808 Dark Techno

Roland Cloud

"Crafted by sound designer Mike Frade of Raw Loops, TR-808 Dark Techno features 32 patterns and 32 kits for Roland’s software recreation of the iconic TR-808 drum machine.

TR-808 Dark Techno combines melodic percussion with club-thumping distortion for a taste of the dark side. Inspired by the ever-evolving world of Berlin Techno, Mike Frade has crafted 32 unique rhythms and 32 brain-rattling kits to infuse your backbeats with midnight magic.

Download the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer TR-808 Dark Techno today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships."

"Roland TR-909 Tribute #1". Roland TR-8S Live Jam by Ascetic Wires: Electronic & Techno Music.

Ascetic Wires

"Recorded live with a Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer (internal compression and internal effects) without further audio processing on a Q2n Zoom Handy Video Recorder."

Progressive House jam on the Roland MC-101

Gabe Miller Music

"A progressive house jam on the Roland MC-101 using stock sounds. Recorded live via USB and mixed and mastered in Reaper."

MC-707 Groovebox SONIC LAB Review


"Roland’s new Grooveboxes (well new as of last year) just got a significant OS update to v1.5 and as a result they’ve come a long way since they were first introduced.

Gaz Williams and Nick Batt took a look at the MC-707 which is an 8-track groove box with tone tracks, drum tracks and Looper tracks.
At the heart of both the MC boxes is the Zen Core engine. This is common to many new Roland machines - the Jupiter X and Xm and the AX Edge specifically (though without the synth specific expansion engines) and as such can share the basic core patches across all models, including integration with the Roland Cloud."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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