MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Synth Rorschach #75: Star Trek The Next Generation - Darmok

Season 5 Episode 2

What do you see?

If you do not know, I laugh at your face! Ahahaha!

Video below for more.

Update: via @SydHeresey

"Very cool! I did an EP entirely based on this episode years back. Still one of my favorite stories."

The Darmok EP

Digitura on Analog vs Digital vs Analog Modeled Synthesizers

Supporting member Digitura has a post up on Analog vs Digital vs Analog Modeled Synthesizers. And yes, analog modeling is digital. Click through for the full post including some demo comparisons.

"In today's world, synthesizers (or synths) are considered one of the key points in modern music genres, being constantly used in many producers and musician’s home studios

This brings a lot of doubt regarding which synth to choose. I’m pretty sure you all have noticed a revival of vintage gear in the last decades, and everybody's getting mad to put their hands on classic synths.

There has been a long debate regarding the differences between analog and digital synths: The idea that Analog synths sound better prevail for a long time. That was until recent days that thanks to the computing power we have a third option: Analog modeled synthesizers, also known as virtual analog emulation. In this article we will compare the 3 options, show some audio samples so you can make your own impression and gather some conclusions."

ARTURIA MicroFreak Vocoder Edition Demo & Review


ARTURIA MicroFreak Vocoder Edition Demo & Review
DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Aeros Loop Studio & Friends (Moog, Elektron, Teenage Engineering)

Innovative Music Australia

"With Singular Sound continuing to power on with their fantastic updates on their Aeros Loop Studio pedal what better time to jam out at home! Such a fantastic sketch tool and way to build up arrangements by yourself (or with friends!)

Moog Music Inc. Grand Mother, teenage engineering OP-1, Elektron Heat MkII help flesh out this tasty improvised jam! 🤓🎹🙌"

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight // Ambient Reinvention (Metron, A8, Octatrack, DAW)

State Azure

"Second ambient reinvention with this classic Phil Collins track. Hope you enjoy it.

Recorded direct to DAW."

1984 Casio KX101 Get Your Act Together Ad

Another one from Debut Magazine. This one from Issue 06 featuring The Smiths amongst other bands.

Below are pics of the front and back covers, and the LP labels from Discogs.

See this post from some synth ads from issue 8/9.

1988 Yamaha TQ5 FM Synthesizer Tone Generator Brochure

via this auction

Models – TQ5 FM Tone Generator synth. Also shows DX11, WX11 wind controller, G10 guitar synth controller

Language – English

Number of pages – 6 page foldout

SIEL PX jr. synthesizer sales brochure

via this auction

1984 KORG DW6000 Brochure

via this auction

Printed in UK, 1984

single sided sheet


via this auction

PlantWave Demo with the iOS App


"PlantWave allows you to tune into nature by listening to plant music.

Just connect PlantWave to your plant and pair the device with your phone using our app for hours of harmonious music.

The PlantWave app includes several collections of instruments (Sound Sets) for you to choose from. Each Sound Set has a distinct vibe and feeling. Find the instrumentation that's right for you!

PlantWave also allows you to Broadcast your plant so you can share plant music with your friends!

PlantWave is currently in manufacturing and we plan to start shipping in October."

Ouroboros Phase Voice • Digital Phase Modulation Synthesizer

Ouroboros Electronics

"Ouroboros Phase Voice is a compact and tactile standalone digital synthesizer for sonic expression and exploration. It utilizes phase modulation synthesis, one of the strong suits of digital synthesis, for complex and lively sonics inspired by the Buchla 200e. The Phase Voice consists of a primary and modulation oscillator combo, an LFO for phase-width modulation, a pair of simple function generators for pitch modulation, and a variable rate pulser for triggering the voice’s envelope generator to create percussive sequences or to hold it open for sustained tones. Timbre-rich drones, hypnotic percussive and melodic patterns, and Buchla bongos are all possible. Six knobs control synthesis parameters and a seventh knob controls the master output volume. It has a mono 1/4” output jack and is powered by a 9v center negative DC adapter (not included). There is only one of these right now, but I plan to create more instruments based around this code in the future. This first iteration of the Phase Voice is now available for $225 + $20 insured shipping within the US. To order - DM or email"

Simeon Coxe and Silver Apples: A Tribute by CatSynth TV

CatSynth TV

"We pay tribute to electronic-music pioneer Simeon Coxe, who passed away on September 8, 2020. As half of the duo Silver Apples, he was among the first to introduce synthesizers into rock music as a central melodic and harmonic element (rather than as a novelty) with his custom instrument made up of numerous test oscillators, telegraph keys, wah-wah pedals, and Echoplexes. The original duo only lasted three years, but they had a major influence on the electronic-infused bands of the 1970s and beyond. Coxe reformed Silver Apples in 1996, and then continued to perform as a solo act in the 2000s.

We extend our thoughts to his friends and family. We also feel that Simeon Coxe has not gotten his proper due for his early innovative and influential work with electronics and hope that his legacy continues to grow.

News reports"

"Musical clips by Silver Apples, with a few additional background clips by Amanda Chaudhary on modular synthesizer."


Update: you can find additional posts featuring Simeon Coxe here.

Juno-106 + Eventide Space: Exploring Sounds


"It's a winning combination!"

New MAKEN0ISE Synthesizer for 2-C0ASTS - Office Hours LIVE Thursday, September 10th


Gotharman's SpazeDrum: Group Morphs/Levels


"Some new functionality has been added in the V4.36 update..."

Update 4.36

-A cool icon is now shown at start-up!

-256 favorite sounds can now be stored, for instant recall.

-Added functionality of the 4 Edit Knobs: Group Morph and Group Levels.

-Oscillator D can now be sent to the analog oscillators.

-Ring modulated noise has been added as a noise source on Analog Percussion and Analog Clap.

-4 new G-RAY soft modes have been added.

Bug fixes:

-If no samplings were imported in the SpazeDrum FLASH memory, and the oscillator pages were accessed, it would start scanning for samples, which would affect the sequencer and envelopes timing. This has now been fixed.

-If a part was set up to External MIDI mode, and this part was controlled from an external MIDI device, notes would hang, if more than one note were played at a time. This has now been fixed.

-The sequencer position was not present on the VCF pages. Now it is.

-The PitchShaper effect Oct parameter would show wrong values (the effect did though work as intended). This has now been fixed.

Vladimir Kuzmin on the Maestro Soviet Synthesizer

vladimir kuzmin

The creator himself. As most of you know Vladimir Kuzmin was the man behind the Polivoks. Click here for additional posts featuring his name.

Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget: "Elizabeth's Land"

Brittle stR music

"The bass lead is from the Phatty, going through the Line 6 HX Stomp tape echo. I'm sweeping the VCF cutoff as the sequence plays. The pad is the Hydrasynth, with multiple LFOs unpredictably modulating the cutoff of both filters. The high reverb'ed sequence is the Virus. The S&H drone in the middle section is the Pro2. Drums and sequencing from Korg Gadget 2.

The title is a location in the sci-fi novel 'Legacy' by Greg Bear, which for me has the most vivd and inventive depiction of an alien biology in all of fiction."

Creating a vocal formant speaking voice in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

"Here you can get the full patching ideas and techniques document -
And here is the free example -
Here is the patch from the video -

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -"

Nintendo Switch Synthesizer!


"I made a synthesizer on the #Nintendo Switch

I made this using the programming language Fuze.
You can learn more about #Fuze here

If you already know about and have Fuse and want to download this synth project to your Switch you can use The Code is N9FSENNDNR"

Roland System-8 | Jupiter Plugout | Authentic Sounds |


"The legend is Reborn!

Introducing custom presets for Jupiter-8 Plugout in Aira Range - System-8 & Roland Cloud!


Sys-8 is a great machine capable to produce so many great colors and movements, atmos & truly organic structures.

'Cinematic Spirit' contains great authentic reproduction of classic Roland Jupiter sounds among with modern timbres, thanks to System-8 engine!

We made many great sounds & arps to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring."

Roland System-8 | A Real Jupiter-8? | No Talk

Memories of a Replicant... KAWAI PH50

Audio Wanderer

5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #12 by Ascetic Wires

Ascetic Wires

"5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #12 (more will come... ) with the following synthesizer engines:


Recorded with Zoom Q2n"

Moog DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother w/ Grandmother Overlay

via this auction

- Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) Analog Synthesizer
- Non-adhesive Overlay (style of Moog Grandmother)
- Moog DFAM Patch Sheet Overlays
- Power Adapter
- Patch Cables
- 10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack cable
- Original Box, Manual & Paperwork"

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MKI Drum Machine Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Casio HT6000


"Casio HT-6000

keyboard/ synthesizer 4DCO (32 waveforms) and VCF double ADSR ringmodulator, LFO etc.
Big brother of the HT-700 and the HT-3000

some delay and reverb"

via this auction

"The HT-6000 is a spectrum dynamic polyphonic analog synth. It features touch response, 2 jogwheels, 4 DCO's and 8 VCF's with 40 programmable and storable sounds. 18 drum sounds are on board - combinable with additional variations.

If you dive into the parameters you'll capture some deep Blade Runner tones, along with the perfect cosmic cheese you'd expect from a Casio. It's it good working condition with built in speakers with no sticking keys or buttons. D2 Key was repaired in 1989, and there's some sticker residue on the left speaker. Stereo 1/4 outs, Midi IN/Out, Sustain and Volume pedal ports, and a Global Tune knob at the back.

Comes with power adaptor and can also run on 6 x D sized batteries. No manual, but a Google search shows a PDF copy is available for download.

Casio CZ-1 Flagship Phase Distortion Synth Mint + Rom Card & Docs

via this auction

"Casio CZ-1 Flagship Phase Distortion Synth Mint. This is the 61 key version that has aftertouch...

Comes with CZ-1 RC-30 rom cartridge, original manuals, unmarked music books/worksheets, unfilled registration card, and power cable.

See photos for the excellent condition of this rare synth, there are very little signs of usage and age. The relay (common issue with aging Casios) was replaced and the keyboard was professionally cleaned in the last two years, no other maintenance needed. Everything works perfectly."

Casio VL-5 VL-Tone w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

Casio Casiotone Superdrums Keyboard MT-520

via this auction

Vtg Worlds Of Wonder Jaminator Digital Guitar Synthesizer Keytar w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

"This auction is for a Vtg Worlds Of Wonder Jaminator Digital Air Guitar Synthesizer. The guitar runs on 6 “C” batteries (not included), and also has an A/C adaptor to plug into the wall outlet."

Fernandes Echo Theremin (Made in Japan)

via this auction

"I have absolutely no idea how this works, but it makes spooky noises and has an echo built in."

Fernandes also made a guitar synth and a keytar. See previous posts here.

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Old School w/ Gold Knob Mod

via this auction

"It was modified by Moog to have the same filter range as the Model D, which is why the knob has been replaced with a gold one."

*SERVICED* 1985 Siel DK-80

via this auction

Demo video in the listing previously posted here.

"Selling this 12 voices, SSM2045 Italian synth from 1985!

The following points were just serviced on 10th September 2020:

- Keyboard contacts cleaned
- Divide-Down circuits rebuilt
- Power supply rebuilt
- Some chips were mounted on sockets for easy later repairs
- 6 VCA circuits serviced and many TL084 OP-Amp changed
- Buttons contacts cleaned

About the synth:
Sort of Italian Korg Poly-800, with great SSM 2045 filters (4 poles LP)
DCOs are M-112 B1, square wave generators that can be combined for a 'sawtooth-ish' waveform.
In square wave mode, the DCO can stack harmonies with variable levels, just like an organ. There's an additional pink noise generator.
The keyboard can be split in 6 voices / 6 voices, 1 D.C.O per voice.
There's also a simple BBD-chorus to change the tone color. (Same as Synthex)
The envelope generators are weirdo 6-stages ADBSSR.
There's 2 LFOs that go from 0.25 Hz to 10Hz.

40 Presets, 10 Users."

E-MU Systems Emax I HD SCSI2SD 5.1 OLED Display

via this auction

"Extremely rare E-MU Systems EMAX I HD Sampler. Internally mounted SCSI2SD 5.1 board with SD card capable of holding nearly 160 banks in the floppy drive slot. Original floppy drive included. Comes loaded with many custom and factory library sounds I will include download links for entire Emax library as well.

Updated power supply. CPU and Analog boards tantalum and electrolytic capacitors fully replaced. Keyboard key contacts and buss board cleaned.

System boots up in seconds from SD card. Banks save and load nearly instantaneously. The HD advantage is huge over standard floppy or Gotek systems as every function of the unit is faster and more responsive.

Display has been updated to a beautiful white OLED display. Everything works as it should. Incredible sounding sampler with analog processing. SE features provide deep synthesis.

If you are looking for the ultimate EMAX I this is it!"

Jamming with the Teenage Engineering POM 16 Sequencer

Molten Music Technology

"Running a couple of oscillators, the Modal Skulpt and the Qu-Bit Surface from the battery-powered POM 16 sequencer. Just a quick demo really as I'm getting into writing a review. I tried to show some of the features but it's not each with a camera in your hand."

Vermona Synthesizer

Jim Hokins

via this auction

Rex The Dog - Vortex and Roland SH-1

Rex The Dog

Patch n Tweak
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