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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 (Vintage) VS. Prophet 5 Rev 4 Compared After Capacitor Fix

Neon Nights: 1980s Music Production

Follow-up to this post.

"Hey guys! I just got the New Rev 4 Sequential Prophet 5 . I wanted to upload a comparison video for you guys to listen to.
Well done Sequential!!"

Behringer 2600 and Arp 2600 and Karp 2600 comparison with talking and sound from all.

Biting Eye

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Note the Behringer 2600 is priced at $599. Disclaimer: I don't like posting Behringer products due to this. Your mileage may vary. As a friend once said, "you be you." Making an exception on this one for the comparison between the three 2600s.

"I explain the differences between the Behringer 2600, Arp 2600 and Korg Arp 2600. I discuss some new features on the Behringer and why I like them. I do some sound comparisons at the end. Skip ahead if you want to hear the audio. It’s just my opinion, and it’s Youtube audio quality so you can’t really hear how they sound, but you get an idea. I will do some more comparisons of the different parts, just wanted to highlight the filter as it’s the most important part for me. 😬😬😬"

New Norand Mono - Fully-Featured Analog Synthesizer

Norand Mono - Patch of the week #1 - Acid line
Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #2
Norand Mono - Jam #1 w/ Akai Force
Norand Mono - Jam #2 w/ Eric Techno System, Squarp Pyramid ...
Norand - Mono demo - first jam - Reedale Rise


"Unique take on analog synthesis

Under the hood, Mono hosts a uniquely designed analog synthesis engine. Discover a wide palette of sounds in a minimalistic, two oscillator, one filter set-up.

Oscillator block

From soothing detuned sinewave to heavily modulated sawtooth, Mono’s sound source is versatile and full of character.

- Thru-zero analog frequency modulation
- Continuously variable waveform
- Fine-grained detune control
- Hard-Sync

Ambient with the 5u Dotcom, Moon Modular ,FSFX, Corsynth, Oakley,Analog Craftman.


"Using the Gate Math as a clock divider to drive the Moon Modular 569. Each of the 4 rows are going at a different speed.The ribbon controller does its thing with 2 oscillators in a ladder filter going in Ventris Dual Verb"

Latenight LoFi Ambient Jam with PO32 Tonic + iPhone

Perplex On

"Challenged myself to get some ambient tones out of a minimal setup: Only using the #Po32 loaded with some nice tones provided with #microtonic going into an iphone with #velvetmachine, #stratospherecloudreverb and #spectrumgranular. Initially i wanted to place the whole jam outside in nature but it was rainy, cold and dark, so i took some footage i shot the day before and placed it on top to brighten up this autumnal late-night-jam. Enjoy!"

Hachi Sequencer Running on Yaeltex Controller

Mike Perkowitz

The above is a playlist featuring videos of Mike Perkowitz's custom sequencer running on a custom Yaeltex controller. You might remember Hachi from this previous post of it running on a Novtion Launchpad pro. You can find some additional info on Hachi there, and here's a post of it controlling a Nord Modular rack, a Morphing Terrarium, and a Fantom XR. You can find info on Yaeltex custom controllers below.

Playlist for the above:
Hachi Sequencer Running on Yaeltex Controller (1st 2 videos)
Hachi UI mockup
First sound from the new Hachi

And some info on Yaeltex: the following is an image from Yaeltex's website featuring their custom controllers. Note the Hachi is top center. According to Mike, his might be the only one with the Hachi branding, although he believes Yaeltex is set up so you can order controllers that other people design. You can also design and buy your own custom controller online through their site.

You can find more of their controllers at

"Yaeltex // Custom MIDI controllers made in harmony between humans and machines in Buenos Aires, Argentina."

Note this is the first Yaeltex post on the site.

Below is a video of their configuration editor, KILOWHAT, followed by some user performance videos.


Configure your device with our web-base tool

– Per component configuration
– Keystrokes for controlling any app
– Send Notes, CC, NRPN, RPN, Pitch bend, Program change
– Up to 8 banks
– Multiple encoders modes: double CC, remote feedback, shift to bank x, velocity to color, VU mode, etc.
– Integrated value scaling or pick up

THYLACINE - Lockdown full Live set
Paula OS - Buenos Aires Live Set
Quick demo of Yaeltex Niklou
Maqueta - Intro + Nadie + Espero Aca [En vivo @ Proyecto Exilio 160619]
Sidartha shit Sesion 362 x Mambogratis
I-O InstrumentoOptico "heka Ω" Live Chela 2018
THYLACINE - Live set @Château de Versailles
Ambient Synth Jam - Enveleau

T-1 and Una Corda

torso electronics

"Playing with arpeggios and switching scale from Iwato to Tetra on all three tracks simultaneously.

T-1 sequencing the wonderful Una Corda from Native Instruments, Nils Frahm and David Klavins⁠.⁠"

EOC Outputs - What are they and how to use them

Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
02:45 - Triggering other envelopes
08:02 - Generative Techniques
14:17 - Triggering Burst Generators
19:21 - Using with samplers"

You can find additional resources, including some for this video, available from Omri Cohen at

Eminent Solina String Ensemble SN 224808

via this auction

"Eminent Solina String Ensemble synthesizer keyboard - pre ARP (RARE series 5). Quintessential for seventies prog OR seventies Disco yet sounds fresh again and SO MUCH BETTER than the samples out there. This string box has been in a climate controlled storage closet for 20 years. I took it out twice to use on sessions and then right back in its case. Although a bit crackly at first move of the levers and when depressing some keys, it soon cleans up with use and works perfectly. This Solina wants to be played! The chorus button transforms you into the 'Dream Weaver." The quirky horn sounds are like no other. Complete with a road case (previous owner may have had this custom made) and expression pedal. The pedal doesn't do much so i have never used it. Serial Number: 224808"

the moog select

zack dagoba

"Moog + EMS = yes"

Escaping The Darkness ft. the Sequential Prophet 6 sound set "PolyVision" by Synthient Sound

Synthient Sound

"A dark ambient synth opera concept song and story featuring the sounds of the PolyVision sound set by Synthient Sound. Details below...

PolyVision sound set for the Sequential Prophet 6 available for purchase now:

Hear every patch: [posted here]

Favs walkthrough and tips: [posted here]

Now the song :)

I always want to put new gear/software/sounds into actual music to see how it performs. This piece started as a demonstration of the PolyVision sounds, but quickly evolved into this musical journey. Somewhere on that journey I decided that I wanted a themed video for it...something that would loosely be Halloween-ish and would be a slight of retelling of the Hero's Journey (see Joseph Campbell's work on the subject), albeit in an incomplete and very abstract way.

I've been a musician for a long time, but I am definitely no film maker! :) I used free video from several websites, for which I am grateful. The most important part is the music, but if you enjoy metaphor, ancient near east symbolism, and being mildly entertained by low budget films (a serious topic no doubt diminished by my amateurish attempts at video), then sink into the music.

The track features a number of patches from PolyVision and nearly the entire track is the Prophet 6, save some drums from EZDrummer2, a few Telecaster parts, and the heartbeat sample at the beginning. All other sounds including the obvious synths, piano, cellos/violas, sound effects are all from PolyVision. It has quite a number of parts to the song...evolving and trans-versing the sonic realms much as our heroine does.

I truly hope you will enjoy it and I thank you for watching. -Cryss

00:00 the escape
02:43 the unknown
04:20 the chaos
06:15 the haunting
07:30 the death
08:48 the resurrection
11:31 the freedom"

Sequential Pro 3 & Strymon Night Sky


UVI Focus | Shade


"Shade - Creative Filter and EQ:

A next-generation advanced EQ, mix tool, and creative filter delivering an unparalleled selection of 35 shapes, 9 modulators, full multichannel support and much more.

Video Credits: Théo Gallienne"

"Shade is a next-gen Swiss Army knife filtering tool, designed to shatter the boundaries of conventional EQ, filtering, and modulation effects. More than a filter, Shade is a creative environment, combining an unparalleled selection of 35 filter shapes with 9 types of modulators. Drag-and-drop modulation onto any parameter in a fully-configurable semi-modular system, complete with one-to-many and many-to-one routing, cross-modulation, envelope followers with sidechain and filter inputs, featured MSEGs, triggerable envelopes that can sync to host, audio, or MIDI, comprehensive multichannel support, and more. Shade delivers the EQ and filtering features you already know and love, while opening a whole new world of creative effects to explore."

Ping-Ping Pong - A Supercritical Neutron Flux study

Supercritical Synthesizers

"I tried to think of the cheapest trick in the modular synthesizer cookbook. Well, the cheapest trick without Rick Nielsen.

Space. Not that fancy let’s-grab-a-bite-of-that-asteroid-while-we’re-there modern space exploration. The ye-olde-paper-mache-flying-saucers type sci-fi. In Finnish we’d use the word ”Pulputus” which means a sort of a bubbling sound but far more useless. The right kind of useless.

Filter pings! Oh what fun with the Liquid 4 pole setting. This patch has a LFO modulating the Antumbra Knit (a miniature Mutable Instruments Plaits) which has a single low frequency saw wave triggering the filter pings. Both cores of the filter are in use and spread with the stereo control.

After the filter it goes to a miniature Clouds. My own hacked kinda-kammerl-parasites firmware. Only verb this time from it. Then it’s routed to the miniature parasite Warps. Tape echo there. Holy mackerel it sounds good!

Oh the ring? The nice folks at Iceland’s Genki Instruments sent us a couple of their products. The Wave ring’s rotation movement controls the filter FM and the gate starts and stops the tape. Controlled directly from the Wavefront module. Ég tala ekki íslensku but damn this thing is expressive and easy to use. You’ll see more of this in our demos later.


Check Genki out at
Check our Neutron Flux at"

Noise Engineering Blog: using LO to control Ataraxic Iteritas

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:

Leon Rothenburg shares an experiment he recorded using Lapsus Os to control different aspects of a patch using Ataraxic Iteritas."

Kit Overview #65 - Robaux LL8

Synth Diy Guy

"Building the kit, and a walk through the features while making some beats :)

More info here:
My Patreon:

Stay Noisy!"

Flamma FS02 reverb pedal with a Sub37

Richard DeHove

"A new pedal by a pretty new company. I bought this because it was super-cheap, but also because it was true stereo with knob-per-function. Turns out it was pretty good. Well, except for the "Mod" style which added a weird high frequency noise.

0:00 Intro blather and knob functions
1:18 Room
1:55 Saving a preset
2:36 Hall
4:17 Church
6:58 Cave
9:00 Plate
10:35 Spring
12:16 Mod

This isn't a full run through of every knob combination, just a feel for what it sounds like with some typical synth sounds. The levels vary a bit but that's what happens with different sounds, especially with a Moog filter! I tried to balance things as best I could but didn't use anny processing of any sort on the sound (no EQ, no limiter, no compressor etc). Finally, I have no affiliation with Flamma or any other company and I paid full price for the pedal (US$78 including delivery!)

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Improv on Soft Synth, Drum Machine, and Harp

poorness studios

"I woke up and just felt like making a quick ditty with Alchemy (soft synth) and my Aklot 15-string harp. I'm not sure why I thought of that combination, but I added a drum loop and it ended up sounding pretty darn cool. If anyone is curious, I'm using an M-Audio Oxygen 25 controller over USB. I hope you folks like it.

See a playlist of all my 1 Man Band videos here:

And a playlist of my harp videos here:"

Tech Talk: Lady Starlight and her raw, modular techno (Electronic Beats TV)

Telekom Electronic Beats

"Telekom Electronic Beats TV met with Lady Starlight for the next episode of Tech Talk, and got into the nitty gritty of her relationship with modular synthesis. Making her name on legendary labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts and Len Faki's Figure, she has gone on to become one of the best known live acts on the circuit. She has also regularly performed live collaboratively with techno legend Surgeon. Join us now, as she talks us through all things Eurorack, and how it relates to her live performances."

Korg Mono/Poly Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS-30

via this auction

"Original vintage Yamaha CS-30 analog synthesizer in excellent playing condition, freshly serviced and calibrated, and absolutely beautiful. The 30 was Yamaha’s flagship, most powerful mono-synth, the mono corollary to the poly CS80, as was the minimoog to the memory-moog.

The CS-30 however, makes a minimoog seem like a child’s toy. The 30 has every feature imaginable, and in duplicate! Two VCO’s (plus LFO which goes into the audible range), two multi mode filters, two VCAs and three envelopes, as well as on board sequencer, and super flexible, almost modular routing possibilities. The bass on this thing is insanely nasty, and it easily goes into abstract, mind bending space noises."

Roland JD-800 with new keyboard

via this auction

Crumar Trilogy 3-Section Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The instrument is fully functional, all 3 sections (synth - organ and string) are working correctly. Super Super Italian sound! (especially the synth and string sections!)

The synh has only 2 age-related defects:
- the wooden side panels are slightly damaged, mostly in the lower part.
- the upper part of the slider that controls the "release" is broken. The slider can still be moved easily by free hand."

Roland System 100 Minus Keys

via this auction

"It is working very well but as you can see, the keybed has been removed. On the inside there are signs of rust on the interior of the case. I put a white platform in there to sort of fill the void to allow you to put stuff on there in it's place (like a Keystep, 303, 4ms Pod, etc etc). I will include this white platform with the synth.

The synth sounds absolutely phenomenal and all the knobs/slides are functioning fine. Keep in mind, like a lot of old Rolands, you need at least 10v on the gate input to trigger the envelope."

JAMMING OUTDOORS (with the QY70 plus Zoom MS50G)

Audio Wanderer

"Golden Sunshine and beautiful blue skies for a jam on the beach. Enjoy!"

Subterranean - Rhizomatic Plasmonic Preset

Anthony Distefano

"Paying around with a preset I made for Brian Clevinger's Plasmonic Synth."

Pittsburgh Modular Space Lab & Patch Lab

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Live ambient synthesis with distorted video by Richard Nicol"

Pittsburgh Modular Ambient Patch Lab
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command - Pandemic Version

The Free Radikal

"Impulse Command - Pandemic Version"

'90s pod in progress

SynthMania SynthMania

"After the '70s and '80s pods, this week I'm putting together a '90s pod. These are the sounds and gear of my youth."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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