MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 15, 2020

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Sunday, November 15, 2020


Available on BandCamp here

"Never-before-released analog-synth recordings that rewrite the early history of electronic music.

Edition of 300 vinyl LPs. Out 10/23/20.

San Francisco Moog: 1968-72 documents for the first time a critical missing link in the history of electronic music.

In 1968, a young Bay Area native named Doug McKechnie got hold of one the very first Moog Modular Series III synthesizers ever made—serial number 004—and began experimenting with it. Soon, he was hauling its many components around the region, performing improvised concerts for audiences whose minds had been opened by psychedelia but whose ears were often unfamiliar with electronic sounds. Working outside of academia and traditional recording studios—the only places one could find Moogs at the time—he invented his own way to play the instrument on the fly. He recorded many of his performances.

After four years, McKechnie lost access to the expensive Moog. He moved on to other musical and creative endeavors. The recordings he made on quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape gathered dust in a closet for decades, and have never been released until now.

The music on San Francisco Moog captures McKechnie eschewing the somber rigor of the academic electronic music of the era for a more free-flowing, melodic sound that nonetheless explores the limits of the instrument’s plastic sonic possibilities. Using the keyboard and two 24-step sequencers that came with the deluxe Moog, he created music that wove together multiple electronic voices in the moment, an innovation typically ascribed to later pioneers like Tangerine Dream (who would end up the owners of the very same Moog—but that’s another story).

Cuts like “The First Exploration @ SF Radical Labs, 1968” and “Berkeley Art Museum” find McKechnie building and expanding musical moods that capture the in-the-moment nature of his playing. “Meditation Moog 1968” finds him taking a more minimalist approach, while still exploring the instrument’s timbral possibilities. “Baseline” and “Crazy Ray” sound more like fully formed musical compositions, with melody, counterpoint, and even hooks of a sort.

San Francisco Moog not only proves a transportive listening experience, it casts a new light on the accepted history of electronic music."




"Overviewing my new passive utility set and its various capabilities! These demos are with plain-simple Doepfer modules for the sake of clarity and simplicity, but of course, one can get way more complicated and unpredictable results using it in more uncommon ways."

PASSIVE TOOLS 1 by SYNTHFOX is a versatile collection of passive utilities in 4 HP. It consists of 4 signal processors, 3 of which can be musically useful when used with audio, CV and logic/gate signals, and one is intended to be a sound processor.

PASSIVE TOOLS 1 includes four useful submodules:

- MASH is a somewhat esoteric signal interwinder. A passive diode/transistor setup mashes the two signals together, often boosting their slight detunes and mismatches for audio, and creates interesting patterns out of CVs and logic signals. It acts in a manner somewhat similar to ring modulators and the logic XOR output, although the expected result of either is unobtainable from it: instead, you are going to get more unpredictable and surprising results.

- OR is a simple, yet very useful "max" processor. It lets the highest of the two voltages on its inputs pass, while completely blocking the other one. Its main intent is to combine gate signals like an OR logic gate, but it also can be used to select the maximal of the two LFOs, for example, or even mix down two sounds in a weird, weird way.

- M0RE is the least complex part of the module: a simple half wave rectifier lets only the positive half of the wave pass through, while completely blocking the negative portion. Useful for ridding the CV of the negative portion, harmonically enhancing sounds, or converting a bipolar squaerwave-like signals into unipolar gate signals.

- HPF is the only submodule that is intended only for use with audio: it's a simple passive high pass filter with three preset cutoff frequencies. It's an extremely useful and underappreciated audio tool: when it comes to mixing down the patch, nothing is a simpler solution in fixing the frequency overlaps between the bass and mid layer, for example, than a high-pass on the higher sound. It can as well be used to DC decouple sounds that have some voltage offset, or converting gates to tiny pluck-like spikes for pinging the filters.

The module draws no power and comes with 2 M3 mounting screws. NB! The module is assembled on-demand upon purchase, and it takes 1 working day. So, don't worry about the unit not being shipped right the next day - it will be shipped in 3 working days.

Elektron demonstration with Mario Hernandez - Analog 4 MK2 and Rytm MK2 (Replay)

Patchwerks Seattle

"This is a replay of the Elektron demonstration from October 21st, 2020 with Mario Hernandez of Elektron. In the video we discuss the new firmware updates and the incredibly sleek black MK2 models.

Order an Analog 4 MK2 here:
Order an Analog Rytm MK2 here:
Demo by: Mario Hernandez of Elektron
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Kodamo Essence FM "Back to the FM Vol 1" sound bank by Pulsophonic demo 1/3



RK002 + Novation Circuit = Song Mode

Yurii Zubkov

"Work in progress. Still have a couple of bugs to squash.
A little demo of what you can do with RK002 and 64 bytes of memory (parameter storage). The recorded sequence will remain in memory after power cycling the RK002. I am planning to make a web editor for the sequencer.

Sequencer will support these actions:
- Start
- Switch Session (after number of beats)
- Loop Sessions
- Loop Sequencer Actions
- Jump to Action number
- Stop
- something else?

Please don't mind my weird headphones splitter, I just needed to convert TRS A to B somehow :D. My RK002 have male TRS connector."

Vintage DDR - Vermona analog synth

via this auction

A quickie with the SYNTRX + Ableton Live 11 Beta

Genshi Media Group

"I installed the Ableton Live 11 Beta today and thought I'd do a quick recording test using the Erica Synths SYNTRX being sequenced with the Make Noise 0-CTRL. I forgot to show this but, the initial Tempo in Live 11 was set using the new Audio Follow feature. I also added the new Spectral Resonator towards the end along with the updated Flanger."

Roland TR-06 + Dreadbox Typhon Electro

Adam Jay

"A peek into some live set prep. Two TR-06 patterns against one Typhon pattern."

COTK Two Rooms


"Club of the Knobs Synthesizer modules: C1650 EXTENDED RHYTHM CONTROLLER, C919 STAGE PERFORMER and C909-RS TWO ROOMS IN ONE"

No pics of the C919 yet.

ST Modular - CV SCAN and UIT (Balanced Out) with Morphagene | CV SCAN, TRYFELO and EUROKASTLE

Stefan Tretau


"Using CV SCAN to scan through different CV sources from Tryfelo to control EuroKastle Pitch. And using CV SCAN to route one CV source from Tryfelo to different CV inputs of EuroKastle. Scanning manually and via CV, using the Volt Output of CV Scan to change EuroKastle CV with the Scan knob and interrupting the CV SCAN route via gate signals and manually via the dedicated OFF button.
I´m also using the new Balanced Output Module "UIT" here.

This is not supposed to be musical ;-)"

SOUNDMIT 2020 Virtual Edition - DAY 2


New videos for the day posted below as they come in. Be sure to check back.

Maschine Mikro Mk3 meets with Kalimba - Calm Days by Shangri-La

Shangri-la S

"Hello friends! I play with a new instrument, Kalimba. Under this COVID-19 pandemic, I really wanted to feel relaxed. So, I chose this calm instrument☺️ To avoid infection, I have to cut my nails close. I realized this is not good for playing Kalimba­čś░

BOSS RC-505, NI Maschine Mikro Mk3, KORG Kaossilator Pro+, Kaoss PAD KP3+, microkorg XL+ are also used. This video and audio tracks were recorded in one take, as usual.

Hope you get started to become interested in live-looping. Thanks for watching!"

Inspiration Process Part 5

Todd Barton

"I continue to unfold Kennedy's composition, To Harriet, in more ways. Today's iteration takes his piano piece and puts it into the Makenoise Morphagene for some explorations. A worked out version has just been added to my SoundCloud. Enjoy this walk through . . .
Checkout my SoundCloud for updates to my iterations of 'to Harriet'

Also checkout Kennedy aka Mad Composer Lab
And support his Patreon here

My Patreon:"


Synth Rorschach #78: The Crown Teaser


"A teaser for a new single, 'The Crown.'"

Spacey retro-vibe teaser from supporting member Bendu, for his upcoming release. Giving this one the Synth Rorschach label for the light pen, monitor intro.

VINTAGE STRINGS 1 | Easy DX7 FM Patches | madFame


0:00 Intro
4:00 Vintage Strings demo | exclusive sysex files available on Patreon.
5:00 Tutorial Begins

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer. Also, check out The Origin of FM Synthesis and The DX7 here: [posted here]

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page:
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

KORG NAUTILUS DEMO - All New Pianos Explored

Woody Piano Shack

'Demo and tutorial showing all the new pianos and related features in the newly launched KORG NAUTILUS SYNTHESIZER WORKSTATION keyboard. We'll play all the acoustic grand and upright pianos and I'll explain how to adjust the tone of each piano.

This will be helpful if piano is important and you are choosing between this and the KORG KRONOS, or perhaps the YAMAHA MODX, YAMAHA MONTAGE or ROLAND FANTOM."

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Elektron Analog RYTM, Sequential Pro 2 & Prophet 6


Minimal Set Up Minimal Sound (MD/BAM&BOUM)


Just a quick preview ;)
elektron machine drum
oto bam & boum

Night Horse


"Slow melodic ambient piece using 2-Q960's, Q119, 2-STG sequencers, and an Instruo Harmonaig. Oscillators include a Q106, MI Braids, and four STG oscillators. Filters include Sea Devils, Oakley SVF, Q150 and Yusynth Arp 4072. Delays include EchoFix tape delay, Modcan Dual Delay, Behringer DD400, Empress Reverb, TC Electronics D-Two, and 2-Lexicon MX200.

The main looping line from a Q960 into the Harmonaig is steady until midway when I disconnect the gate pulse from a quantizer and insert a random gate source from a Yusynth Random Gate module.

An additional faster sequence from a second Q960 through an STG Switch module is playing a Dove Audio WTF vco and a Q106 through the Q107 bandpass filter. It comes in around midway and fades out again."

POLAMIX // AE Modular Synth CV + Audio Processor // Quick Demo (no talking) #TTNM


"A very quick demo of the AE Modular POLAMIX voltage processor module. More info below :)

The POLAMIX is an attenuverting mixer with offset. It features three inputs, each of which can be attenuated and inverted. The sum of all input can then be offset manually. The mixer is DC-coupled, so it can be used for both audio and CV signals.

Also check out the AE Modular 2CVTOOL, which is a dual offset + attenuverter module."

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:

[LIVESTREAM] Eurorack Patch Lab! w/ Electronisounds Audio

Electronisounds Audio

Omri Cohen and Amy Naylor - Losing Time

Omri Cohen

"This is the second track I collaborated on with Amy Naylor. Amy is a brilliant singer, guitar player, handpan player, and more and more, and it was a pleasure creating music together with her."

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at



"A little Drone based on Brenso + some Falistri processed by Fumana."

Quasar Klee Multistage arbitrary sequencer

via this auction

"Very rare, Excellent freestanding analogue sequencer in powered cabinet."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3 w/ Rev-1 Kit Installed SN 3585


"Syntaur's Sam Mims install the prototype of Analogue Renaissance's REV -1 into a Prophet 5. This amazing board replaces the CEM filter chips in a Rev 3 Prophet, and dials it back to the sound of the highly coveted Rev 2! Additionally, it adds two switches which allow the selection of either 4-pole or 2-pole filtering, and which add Q-Compensation, to make up for bass frequencies that are normally lost with high-resonance sounds. The sonic result is beastly! The REV -1 kit can be purchased here:"

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, with MIDI and Analog Renaissance REV -1 Kit installed. This synth has been fully calibrated, and all key bushings have been replaced, to ensure years of playability. Aside from a small crack in the wooden right end panel (see photos), this unit is in excellent physical condition.

The REV -1 kit from Analogue Renaissance turns a Prophet 5 Rev 3 synthesizer (CEM filter chips) back to the sound of the highly-coveted Rev 2 (SSM filter chips). It also adds a 2-pole/4-pole selector switch for the filter, and a 3-position 'Q Compensation' switch to add back in low frequencies that are typically lost with high resonance sounds."

Moog Memorymoog Plus SN 3130

via this auction

"Incredible vintage Moog Memorymoog Plus analog polysynth, in outstanding cosmetic condition, fully refurbished and calibrated.

The power supply, analog board, and voice boards have all been recapped, all pots and key contacts have been cleaned, as well as the wood refinished. All work was done by a tech who is very experienced specifically in Memorymoogs.

The seventh digit on the parameter display is not visible; this does not affect performance. See last photo for example."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synth

via this auction

Yamaha CS-15 37-Key Monophonic / Duophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Cheetah MS6 SN 1825

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

1977 Korg Micro Preset M-500

via this auction


via this auction

Studio Electronics Boomstar 8106 SYNTHESIZER - Mk II Version with Wood Sides SN 1014

via this auction

YAMAHA CS-40M - Ambient Chillout Jam | Analog Synth Demo


"Yamaha CS-40M analog synthesizer demo featuring an ambient chillout jam and music. This Yamaha CS-40M demo features a repeating motif as I adjust filter envelope & LFO settings in a live improvisation. Reverb/delay effects from Source Audio Ventris pedal.

I was improvising on the CS-40M one night and came up with this lead-style sound, consisting of one oscillator in a very low register and the other oscillator in a higher footage. The result was this Yamaha CS-40M patch that starts out mellow and then builds into a more brassy tone as the filter settings are adjusted.

LFO modulation was used to create movement in the filter, and I improvise on the main riff throughout. In this demo I also paired the CS-40M with the Source Audio Ventris pedal, which created a cool rhythmic reverb and delay pattern in the background.

The Yamaha CS-40M is a vintage 2-voice analog synthesizer from 1979-1986 with plenty of modulation capabilities. In this synth demo I wanted to showcase the nice heavy bottom end, brassy overtones and power this synth is capable of. Hope you enjoy this Yamaha CS-40M demo and ambient chillout jam."

Ensoniq TS-12 plus analog video feedback

zack dagoba

"A study on the Ensoniq TS-12 digital Transwave synthesiser. I shot this on an analog video camera switching unit and sent it back into itself to create the feedback effects"

OMEGA - Studio Electronics Omega 8 Synthesizer Demo Minimal House

Tom Noise

"Minimal House Track, entirely made with a Studio Electronics Omega 8 Synthesizer.
All Drums/FX/Synthsounds were made with the Omega 8.

Though it has quite slow envelopes, it can do percussive sounds with a workaround; if you use the envelopes with negative mod amount, the attack of the env becomes the decay and will sound very snappy.

This particular unit was expanded with Arp 2600, TB 303 and CS 80 Filters for all 8 Voices.

Recorded in 2008 and later released under the Artist Name Noiseprofessor."

REmindEđ» : A way to boost your creativity.

Enjoy Electronics

"REmindEđ» : an incredibly powerful multiprocessor of effects with a strong ability to stimulate the user's creativity.

Special thanks to Rosanna Vastola for violin performance!"

Enjoy REmindEđ»

REmindEđ» in Action on MOOG DFAM


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