MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rubber Band Bass // Live looping synth jams: Korg opsix, Sequential Pro 3, Prophet-6, MC-707

video by MR TUNA Music

"This one's going to be a little different! Okay maybe not--but we're starting off with some deep stretchy rubber band bass from the Korg opsix and some dark powerful arps from the Sequential Pro 3 SE before we bring in those golden brass pads from the amazing Prophet-6 🎺✨✨✨
After all that there's a high-cryin' sine-y solo lead from the Korg Prologue and some almost inaudible atmosphere from the OB-6 (but that will be more important later)
anyways. it's not without its charm!

Korg opsix
Sequential Circuits Pro 3 SE
Sequential Circuits Prophet-6
Korg Prologue
Sequential Circuits OB-6
Roland MC-707
Roland TR-8
Squarp Pyramid
Roland Jupiter-X (???)

See my other stuff:​ ⬅️⬅️⬅️✨✨✨

trumanproudfoot ( @ )"

Ngarjuna - 'The Ledge (Vaccine Remix)'

video by ngarjuna

Granular Synthesis with the Disting EX Granulator by Expert Sleepers

video by Sound Isles

"Expert Sleepers has added a new granular synthesis algorithm to the disting EX. Load samples from the micro SD card into the granulator, or process / record audio live. Enable the three individual drone voices and manipulate the grain parameters to create gorgeous new sounds. Play the granular audio buffer via CV/gates or with a controller. Over MIDI it can be played as an 8 voiced polyphonic instrument. This algorithm is highly detailed, musical and a brilliant addition to the impressive disting EX (as of firmware version 1.7)."

Does the PolyBrute sound thin?

video by AutomaticGainsay

"Let us explore the notion put forth by someone on the Internet... that the Arturia PolyBrute 'sounds thin.' Does it sound thin? This video answers the question."

Oberheim Xpander SN 700113

via this auction

"A truly insane powerhouse of a synth, there aren't many quite like it, effectively modular in its routing capabilities, more versatile than a good chunk of VSTs, but with a completely analog signal chain, simultaneously you can use:
- All 6 voices together or individually (fully multitimbral)
- 30 LFOs & 30 Envelope generators (5 per voice)
- 12 Oscillators
- 6 Filters with 16 different modes each
- 18 Tracking generators
- 24 Ramp generators
- 90 (yes, 90) VCAs (all modulation sources to almost all voice parameters)

Additional noteworthy features
- Stereo out with panning & multitimbral capabilities
- CV/Gate input for each voice
- Ability to assign all 16 MIDI channels
- 100 presets
- Positive and negative attenuation for all modulation sources

This is the Japanese made model, however it has a switch for 110V/220V so it will not require a transformer regardless of where you are. The encoders feel fantastic still, and the synth is fully functional after recently being serviced.

Cosmetically, there is some rust along the top and bottom metal panels (photographed in the 4th picture), the main panel is very clean however. There are also some scratches to the side wooden panels but nothing major.

Recent servicing:
- PSU transistors replaced with new old stock
- PSU Recapped
- DAC replaced with new old stock
- Some logic chips replaced
- Dead CEM3372 chip replaced with original with similar date code

Firmware versions:
- Main processor firmware version 1.2
- Voice firmware version 1.2

'An analogy to the Matrix Modulation system might be all of those millions of wires that existed on the first modular synthesizers. As cumbersome as all of that wiring was, it allowed the user to connect any input to any output, resulting in sophistication and flexibility unmatched by any programmable synthesizer...until now.'"

Black Corporation Kijimi Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN 1656

via this auction

Richard Barbieri of Japan, Rain Tree Crow, & Porcupine Tree w/ the Prophet-5 Rev4 Desktop Synth

video by Richard Barbieri

"Short piece using just the new Prophet 5 rev 4. I programmed the kind of sounds that I was making on the original circa 1981-1983 Just a little stereo delay used on a couple of sounds, otherwise no processing."


video by djmrjoel

"Seattle band THE CRIPPLES on Seattle public access TV. Thanks to THE BAND and all involved."

Roland SH-101, Ensoniq ESQ-1, and Nord lead hooked up via a Roland guitar synthesizer and pickup.

Check out their new release Handbag on on BandCamp and Spotify (previously posted here).

UVI Quadra: Muted & Harmonics - Multi-Instrument and Sequence Designer

Quadra: Muted & Harmonics - Multi-Instrument and Sequence Designer​


1. UVI Quadra: Muted and Harmonics | Trailer
A creative multipart instrument and sequence designer for creating dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds, Quadra offers a curated instrument selection, advanced arpeggiators, MIDI effects, morphable scene controls, and cinematic sound quality.

Video and music credits: Louis Perez and Anthony Hak
2. UVI Quadra: Muted and Harmonics | Overview
A creative multipart instrument and sequence designer for creating dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds, Quadra offers a curated instrument selection, advanced arpeggiators, MIDI effects, morphable scene controls, and cinematic sound quality.

Video and music credits: Joshua D. Carney
3. UVI Quadra: Muted and Harmonics | Preset Showcase
A creative multipart instrument and sequence designer for creating dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds, Quadra offers a curated instrument selection, advanced arpeggiators, MIDI effects, morphable scene controls, and cinematic sound quality.

Video credits: Théo G.
Music credits: Thomas Kowalski & Théo G.

00:06​ Dark Rays
00:29​ Dirty Memories
00:47​ Amoniac
01:19​ A Slow Train
01:36​ Morph O Wheel
01:55​ Diorama
02:13​ Beat Hear It
02:27​ GTR Mutamonic Electric
02:42​ Galaxsynth
03:01​ Cyber Flamenco
03:19​ Futurist Backing
03:36​ Circular Arpeggio

"A next-step library from UVI, Quadra is a powerful 4-part multi-instrument and sequence designer, ideal for the creation of dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds. Quadra provides a curated instrument selection, deep factory library, focused and intuitive workflow, expressive performance controls, and cinematic sound quality.

Quadra is a versatile instrument, capable of a wide range of sounds and uses from standard fare instrumentation to evolving, complex, and adaptive progressions and harmonizations that can be morphed and performed in numerous ways to suit the needs of your production.

You can find additional details on UVI's website here.

New myVolts mickXer V2 passive mixer

via myVolts

"V2 of the myVolts 5-way passive mixer mickXer‘s just dropped – It’s got improved volume output, bolder boosted bass, and it’s available in new Cool Grey colour. With 5 x 1/8″ (3.5mm) TRS stereo inputs and noise reduction, it’s a must for the discerning desktop musician. mickXer works great with any music gear: Korg Volcas, Roland Boutiques, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators and thousands more.

Grab it and get 20% off your entire order with code MIX20, valid through to end of March 2021."

Strega's Agitation Function Generator

video by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's explore the Agitation Function Generator! It can be an LFO, a triggered function, or even a voltage-controllable sound source!"

Korg M3 "Vector Universe" 128 Ambient Presets

video by LFOstore

"'Vector Universe' is a deep journey into the world of atmosphere & melodic pulses.


And Korg M3 is a father of M-50 & Krome with Karma engine instead of Double Arpeggio
It sounds fantastic & having very wide range of capabilities.

And we made 128 dynamic & lush patches which are ready to go in your Ambient, Electronica, Soundtrack:

*Lush & evolving Pads
*Wide & massive Strings
*Dynamic & unusual arpeggios & rhytmic poly's
*Plucks & Bells
*Planetary pad series
*One note Ambiences

All the presets are reacting on velocity, MW aswell as special SW1&2 controllers.

Planetary Pads series - 20 presets dedicaited to the planets of our Solar System, like: Mars, Pluto, Andromeda.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation

Re-discover your M3 and its synth engine part!"

Using Yamaha QY-700 MIDI Sequencer (Pattern Mode) for Dawless Live Jamming

video by Debukas

"As requested by some of you lovely people, here's a walkthrough of the QY-700 from the point of view of building patterns for live use. Thanks for checking this video.

More Debukas online:

Please leave me a comment if you want more info on any parts of this heavyweight sequencer.

This video relates to my last live jam video using the QY with some 'old' MIDI gear:" [posted here]

Top Gun and The 80s Bass #Shorts​

video by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo of the legendary E.BASS preset of the classic YAMAHA DX7 digital synthesizer of 1983. You'll recognise this bass sound from countless hits of the 1980s, A-ha, Howard Jones, Mr Mister, and many a TV and film score."

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

Onputor CompuRythm GAMEBOY synthesizer

video by Blue Angelo

"Jam session with Gameboy Onputor B6 , a little four operator synth.
Emulated in Anbernic RG350
ARP2600 VST synth / Equinoxe patch"

APOLYVOKS - Soviet Style Synthesizer - 100% FREE - AUv3 - Tutorial for the iPad

video by The Sound Test Room

Spotted on discchord

Chords and Pads with Saich in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

"Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Here are the patches -​
00:00​ - Introduction
01:01​ - Patch 1
06:35​ - Patch 2
12:50​ - Patch 3
17:44​ - Patch 4"

AKAI MPC One: Creating music from everyday noises with sample keygroups

video by Floyd Steinberg

"The keygroups (aka multisamples) are one of the reasons I bought the MPC one. Basically, you can assign samples to keys on your keyboard and also to velocity layers, and then apply subtractive synthesis (filters, lfo, envelopes) to them. In this video, I'm using this feature to create music from everyday noises. I just let the camera roll while doing things, so you are free to use the index below to skip the boring parts (i.e. everything). :-)

Table of contents:

00:00​ hello

00:39​ creating a pad sound from a ship's whistle
01:09​ loading the sound from sd card
01:20​ sample editor, trimming
01:54​ normalizing
02:23​ looping & loop locking
02:51​ cross-fading
03:22​ assign sample to keygroup
03:48​ band pass filter
04:19​ filter envelope
05:26​ amp envelope
05:58​ lfo modulation
06:18​ effects (chorus, delay)

Dreadbox NYX + Luminance v2

video by Sinevibes

Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps - Audio Looper Tutorial

video by ChrisLody

Roland System-8 Filters: Standard vs. System-1 vs. Jupiter-8 vs. Juno-106

video by Rustboy

"A non-scientific comparison of four System-8 filters :-)
1. System-8 standard LPF/HPF filter
2. System-1 filter
3. Jupiter-8 filter
4. Juno-106 filter

You can check official Roland's introduction for other examples." [posted here]

Roland Jupiter-8 SN 181766

via this auction

Looks like the same one listed here from another seller, based on the serial number, missing screw, and description? Different pics though. One is priced at $22,900 and one at $22,950.

Pics for that one captured on the 21st here.

"The Jupiter-8, or JP-8, eight-voice introduced by in early 1981

Item is in Excellent condition with a few minor scratches, you can see them in photos. in FULL Working order, every knob, electronics, sliders, everything works perfectly."

Korg FK-3 Guitar Synthesizer Volume Pedal

via this auction

"This Korg FK-3 Guitar/Synthesizer Volume Pedal 1980s is in great condition overall for a pre owned item. This foot pedal was tested by a professional player and was given a clean bill of health. It is in the cosmetic condition shown, so please see all pics. There may be marks, scratches and scuffs here and there from age and use, but still very respectable (see pics)."

KORG KPR-77 Analog Drum Machine w/ Original Box

via this auction

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Synthesizer Drum Machine

via this auction

"Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Synthesizer Drum Machine Sequencer w/ Adapter. Needs new volume knob but works. One mute button is loose and needs replaced or adjusted."

Vtg Casio CZ-1000 49-Key Digital Keyboard Synthesizer w/cord And Carrying Case SN 1032668

video by MagDrake2013

No audio demo, but that is one super clean and shiny CZ-1000.

via this auction

Vintage Saarang Electronic Tambura Tanpura Drone Synth Synthesizer Radel TBR 8

via this auction

Runs on 6 C batteries and for having such a small speaker can get loud, it also has a 1/8' mono speaker outlet on the side. Radel Saarang Electronic Tanbura

The 'Saarang' produces the plucked sound of a conventional stringed tambura (tanpura) used for classical Indian music. The sound is produced electronically without the use of any strings. The 'Saarang' plays by itself and does not need a person to play it, you just adjust pitches and speed.

Pitch tunable by more than octave and covers the range of male as well as female voices - from lower A to higher C (lower 6 to higher 1, Karnatic system or lower White 6 to higher White 7, Hindustani System).


via this auction

Product sheet scan below.

"Here is a very sought after vintage musical device: The Simmons Clap Trap with Humanizer function. It is the last of the analog versions of the Clap Traps before they went digital. It is an analog handclap synthesizer with controls that allows you to shape the handclap sound from a thin click to an almost drum slamming sound, and play them back on the unit. It also provides different trigger inputs in the back and the ability to alter the sensitivity of the trigger signal. This unit was used on such 80s hits as Gary Newman's CARS and Kim Carnes' BETTY DAVIS EYES."

Handmade DIY Synth - Sound/Noise Generator 5 oscillators madness with CV in

video by SMMP

via this auction

"This is a Synth/Noise Generator/Toy/Portal I built completely from scratch. The circuit I designed starts from basic schematics you can find in the datasheet of the main sound generator IC (40106 and 4046). The ways the oscillator interact are based on almost random routing and wiring, going through several logic gates, including a 4066 if I remember well, for automatic switching.

There are 2 LDR, although the video don't make much justice to their function. If on certain setting, it will produce different sound at night rather than during the daytime. You can experiment pointing a torch to the LDR or to bend over them to modulate the sound (it affects the behaviour of two oscillators, in ifferent configurations).

There is also a nice area with bolts sticking out. If you touch two of them, particularly after licing your fingers, you can dramatically control the sound.

There are switches that controls the routing of the oscillators or enable larger capacitors, LEDs to make it funky, and some sort of CVin (minijack). I played a bit with conductive dough I made with my son, but it would be cool to try it with veggies and fruits, more bodies touching while exchanging fluids and so on.

The case is made of stained recycled pallet wood (pine) which I joined using fingers joints and then it's been sanded and polished several times using danish oil. The panels are old circuit board that were skipped in an educational environment and that I recycled from being dumped. Rather than using them as PCB here they are used like panels."

Make Noise Strega Desktop Synth And Complex Delay Unit SN 588 w/ Original Box

via this auction


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