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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Elektron Talk: Performance Template, Fractal Bits, Scene design

video by EZBOT

"In this video/stream I am sharing how I use my 'Remixer' performance template, playing with Fractal Bits, and going over how I design my scenes."

The Synclavier, Michael Jackson and a Copyright Conundrum

video by Alex Ball

"Who wrote the intro to "Beat It"? Michael Jackson?

Let's find out...

One correction: I misspelt Jon Appleton in the video, apologies to Jon.

Root Studio's Synclavier demo video mentioned:"

NED Synclavier I Demo
video by rootstudio

"This rare New England Digital Synclavier Model I plays from its internal sequencer what is probably a factory demo.

To find out more about this instrument, watch my history video:"

Synclavier I - the first digital synthesizer you could buy
video by rootstudio

"One of the rarest musical instruments, this historic computer controlled synthesizer is as flexible as you want it to be and sounds like nothing else. Video includes high definition close ups of the insides and demo sounds.

Listen to some experimental music created on this Synclavier:​"

Update via gridsleep in the comments: "Triadex Muse was released in 1972, five years before the Synclavier."

And you could buy it. The Synclavier 1 would be the first *programmable* digital synth you could purchase, but only via the included DEC VT100. via "The synclavier 1 was an FM synthesis based keyboard-less sound module, and was only programmable via a DEC VT100 computer supplied with the system."

So I guess it depends on how you define a synthesizer - programmable or not. Note there were at least two earlier digital "synths". See The First Synth To post for more.

GForce Software OB-E | Overview and Demonstration

video by Alex Ball

"An overview of the new synthesizer OB-E from GForce Software.

Based on the God-tier Oberheim Eight Voice, OB-E is a new plugin for Mac that brings all the features of the original with a raft of additions that would make original Eight Voice owners jealous. Well, relatively jealous, they own an Eight Voice after all.

A note - I was using a Beta version of the software in October of last year so the final release version may have some changes and improvements.

0:00​ Intro Track
0:22​ This is OB-E
1:05​ Demo 1: Bread & Butter
2:22​ Demo 1: Explanation
3:33​ Demo 2: Return to SEM-der
4:43​ Demo 2: Explanation
6:02​ Demo 3: Off to Uni Son
6:40​ Demo 3: Explanation
7:08​ Demo 4: Expander & Chief
8:02​ Demo 4: Explanation
8:46​ Summary"

Korg's Weird Joystick Synth

video by Alex Ball

"A look at the Korg Σ (Sigma / KP-30) from 1979, a rare and strange monophonic performance synthesizer with two joysticks.

We discuss its features and history and listen to its suprising sound.

Gear used:
Korg Σ (1979)
Korg MS-20 Mk I (1978)
Korg KR-55B (1982)
Korg KPR-77 Samples (1983)
Korg DDM-110 (1985)
Korg SQ-1 (2015)
Seekers Voice Spectra Vocoder (00s)
Squier Jagmaster Vista (1997)
Evans Sound Creator Nova 400 (70s)

If you enjoyed the music and/or wanted to support me in making future videos then the outro song from this video can be bought here:"

A Closer Look at the Jupiter-8

video by Alex Ball

"A closer look at the legendary Roland Jupiter-8, an iconic polysynth from 1981.

Huge thanks to Shadow Child for the generous loan.

The end track is available here:

0:00​ Intro
1:10​ Demo 1: Ramp & Sync
1:44​ Demo 2: Unison Twist
2:04​ The Jupiter-8 Concept
3:24​ Demo 3: Bells
3:55​ Demo 4: Soft Chords
4:17​ The Jupiter VCOs
5:00​ Demo 5: Drill Wah
5:25​ Demo 6: Espen Kraftwerk
6:17​ The Jupiter VCFs
6:51​ Demo 7: Four By Four
7:23​ Demo 8: Filmscore
8:23​ Comparison to a Prophet~10
10:25​ The Key Modes
11:32​ Summary & Thoughts
13:15​ Contextual Demo: 'The Power'

The Links I Cited:"

The Roland Paraphonic 505 - A Rare Synth Delicacy

video by Alex Ball

"A synth a lot of people have requested that I finally managed to borrow! Thank you to the owner.

The RS-505 or Paraphonic-505 was released in 1978 and was so called because it could make numerous sounds in parallel. The term "paraphonic" has been reappropriated in recent years to refer to instruments (like the 505) that were polyphonic, but that only had one filter and one amp.

0:00​ Intro
0:53​ Bass Sounds
3:02​ What Roland meant by "Paraphonic"
5:06​ Polyphonic Sounds
6:53​ All Sounds Together
7:35​ External Audio
8:02​ Thoughts & Summary
10:36​ Contextual Demonstration

Gear Used:
Roland Paraphonic-505
Roland System 100m
Roland System 500
Ryk 185
Korg SQ-1
Roland SH-2
Roland SH-1000
Musicaid Simmons SDS-3
Oberheim DX (used but not filmed)
Ibanez Jem 7DBK"

The Roland VP-330: Why is it so sought after?

video by Alex Ball

"The Roland VP-330 from 1979 is their most sought after vocoder. In this video we look at an original MkII and try to figure out why that is.

0:00​ Intro & Background
1:17​ The VP-330
1:47​ Vocoder Demo 1
2:38​ Vocoder Demo 2
3:15​ Vocoder Demo 3
4:27​ String Synth Demo
5:30​ Human Voice Demo
6:34​ Stack Demos
7:19​ Autobend
7:55​ Summary
10:00​ End Contextual Demo"

The Joy of the Roland SH-2 (Featuring Hainbach)

video by Alex Ball

"A quick look at the Roland SH-2 from 1979 , logically the 8th in the SH series ;)

Huge thanks to Hainbach for stopping by.

0:00​ Intro
0:18​ How The SH series got their names
2:07​ SH-2 Demo 1 Ware's Martyn?
2:46​ SH-2 Demo 2 Kettle's On
3:09​ SH-2 Demo 3 Hold My sample
3:39​ SH-2 Demo 4 Follow My Envelope
4:39​ Hainbach's Favourite Monosynth
5:50​ Hainbach Sound Demos
7:30​ Rounding Up
8:09​ SH-Twoet (Joint Demo)"

Wait, an affordable vintage, analogue drum machine?

video by Alex Ball

"Want a vintage, Roland, programmable, analogue drum machine but can't afford it?

Maybe you can....

One such machine remains cheap to this day, mainly because it was a little accompaniment unit for guitarists to practice along with and not a piece of serious studio kit. That machine is the Boss DR (Doctor Rhythm) 110 from 1983 and whilst limited, it's surprisingly cool.

Free sample pack and Kontakt patch (thank you EvilDragon for scripting)


(copy and paste the above link into your browser)

Scans stolen from"

ISLA S2400 - It's the mutt's nuts!

video by Alex Ball

"An overview for the ISLA S2400 that I've been asked about many times. I'm currently working through the video manual for the S2400 and that can be found here (new videos added weekly at the moment)."

Also see Isla Instruments S2400 Video User Manual: Firmware Updates, Hints and Tips.

The Peculiar World of Teisco Synthesizers

video by Alex Ball

"I borrowed two rare vintage Teisco synthesizers from the early 80s, the 110F and SX-400.

As the former has several videos about it on YouTube, I decided to focus on the latter, which doesn't.

We also look at a curious link to ARP Instruments which has (understandably) caused much confusion.

Thanks to the owner of these two instruments.Thanks also to Florian "Bead Gear" Pilz for the cameo. :)"

Darkroom | Extended generative ambient sci-fi soundtrack (Korg Radias and Toraiz Squid)

video by MIDERA

In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?

Gear used:
Korg Radias
Toraiz Squid
Eventide Blackhole VST
Canon 5D Mark II
Sears SLR 50mm f1.4 lens

#ambient​ #generative​ #radias​

Voice Panning mod on Prophet 600: demo

video by Valmont

"Really happy to have a true-stereo Prophet 600 now :p

It can go subtly stereo (Like a roomy presence) to some wide spread. A huge plus for mixing the modern way.​

The original mono output level was pretty low, but the new one with the stereo mod is much higher. I didn't even use a preamp!

The Prophet output is actually a stereo plug connector, with two contacts duplicated. So I didn't even have to drill another hole, I just reused the original output :) Tho to keep the mono mix out, my synth tech disconnected the filter-cv input, and made it a secondary out. A great tip to have a stereo Prophet for studio use, and a mono Prophet on the stage, without having to change all the trimmers!

0:13​ - Polymod synth
0:50​ - Arpeggio
1:25​ - Pad
1:48​ - Lil Brazz"

Rare One Off Grendel Drone Commander

via this auction

"Rare One Off Grendel Drone Commander synth clock input. See pics for physical condition. Clock input works with short audio sounds like drum machine rimshot output, or short pulses / clock signals. May require some fine tuning with level/pulse length if coming from modular, my BugBrand system gates are too hot for it, but short envelopes work well. Requires a 9 or 12v power supply - not provided."

Ensoniq ESQ-1

via this auction

"Classic and cool Ensoniq ESQ1 from 1986! This is really amazing condition. Closet kept for decades and it shows!

It has OS 3.54, a new battery installed by a pro and a sequencer Cart is internally installed.

It ALL works and sounds as it should, also look at pics, it is in great condition.

This thing can emit some classic, Moog, Juno, Sequential type tones but can also get well into the PPG territory. Analog filters inside are supreme. This THREE oscillator synth is bold and at home in any synth freaks rig.

Korg Arp Odyssey Rev 1 Module SN 100920 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Threetom MS22 Dual Filter Demo

video by Synth Diy Guy

"Taking the plunge with this tiny giant :)
Get yours here:

My Website:
My Patreon:

Stay Noisy!"

The Many Things You Can Do With ShapeMaster Pro from MindMeld

video by Omri Cohen

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

00:00​ - Intro
00:52​ - As a VCA and Envelope, Part 1
07:37​ - As a VCA and Envelope, Part 2
12:18​ - As a modulation source
18:05​ - Gating
19:51​ - As a sequencer
25:54​ - Polymeters
27:44​ - Length modulation
29:30​ - Sidechaining
34:41​ - Scan and EOC
41:27​ - As a synth voice"

Novation SL MK3 with MIDI, Ableton, Eurorack

video by studentsmusic

"10 minutes basics of the SL mk3 connectivity and sequencing"

Launchkey MK3 - Firmware Update v1.1 with -CALC- // Novation Live

video by NovationTV

"This week's livestream will be an in depth look at the new features recently added to Novation's powerful Launchkey MK3 controller series. We'll be exploring the new Strum Mode and the other features added to the controllers.

--- Discover more & download Launchkey [MK3] v1.1:

--- Discover Launchkey [MK3]:"

Classic Synth Covers (ft. Sequential Pro 3)

video by Elemnt

"5 Classic Synth Covers in 1 video!

Used the Sequential Pro 3 for quite a lot of the sounds, but also used softsynths where needed. Tbh the Pro 3 inspired me to make this video !
All sounds, drums, synths done/recorded by me except for 2 samples; only samples used were the intro of "Cars" & the intro of "Halo".

Recorded, (lightly) mixed & mastered by myself.​

0:07​ - Cars - Gary Numan (1979)
0:49​ - Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer (1984)
1:40​ - Don’t Go - Yazoo (1982)
2:12​ - Halo - Depeche Mode (1990)
2:58​ - West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys (1984)"

Ghosts Believe In Us (Live Sequential Pro 3 Synth Jam)

video by

Pro 3 comes in at 1:53.

"I live next to a cemetery - the perfect place to lug the Sequential Pro 3 & record a lead synth jam for a song called "Ghosts Believe In Us." We also recorded some of Matt's guitar parts outside of his work as seen/heard in this video.

Recorded at various locations over 2 years, including the filmed shoots here.
Guest artists: Matt Kretzmann (rhythm guitar), Byron Lynch (lead guitar)
Written by: MKDVB (Davy Bui) w/ Kretzmann, Lynch
Gear used: Synthstrom Deluge, Moog Matriarch, Sequential Pro 3, Korg Microkorg
Are ghosts real? Do they exist as supernatural entities?

Do they need to be real to haunt us?

We're all haunted by something, aren't we?

Haunted by weight of expectations, past traumas, unlived history, unrealized fears. Haunted by genetics, circumstance or serendipity.

Yes, Ghosts Believe In Us but whether it's our better or our worst ones is entirely up to us.

I hesitate to expound too much about this track because my ghosts are different than yours. Some of the ghosts that inspired this song have since faded; some will never go away. But I know they believe in us - they affect and impact us everyday."

Oberheim OB-8: A Deep Dive

video by wedream2

"Headphones recommended!
I begin this video with a thorough review of the OB-8's sound design parameters. Every function is explained and demonstrated. At ~ 44:00​, I focus on the performance controls--pitch bend, modulation lever, and arpeggiator. I didn't intend to produce an on-line owner's manual, but here it is. I finish the video (starting at ~ 57:08​) by demonstrating some of my double and split sounds.
Despite the OB-8's deficiencies--no oscillator cross modulation, no oscillator low frequency mode, no inverted envelopes, no envelope PWM (except KBD-triggered LFO), no volume control for the noise oscillator, inadequate control of filter kbd-tracking--the OB-8 contains many sound design parameters not found on other synths. These, along with its super smooth filter and "sweet" sound make it one of the top analog synths of all time. I purchased my OB-8 new in 1984. (As my favorite analog synth, I would never trade it for a Memorymoog or a Jupiter 8).
Error correction: I misspoke when I described how to change the direction of pitch bend. I should have said to press and hold the "Upper" and "Amount" buttons in the performance section while powering on the synth. These 2 buttons are just to the right of the 2 that I referenced in the video. Sorry for that error."

Oberheim OB-8 Tips and Tricks

video by wedream2

Update: new tips and tricks video with better audio uploaded.

"In this follow-up to my 'OB-8 Deep Dive' video, I demonstrate some interesting things you can do with the arpeggiator and page 2 functions. I also correct some errors I made in the first video, and demonstrate a few more custom sounds. Headphones are recommended to hear the stereo oscillation of some sounds, especially the 2 inspired by 'Welcome to the Machine.'"

Buchla Ocarina Bird

video by Todd Barton

"My experiments with white noise into the Buchla Spectral Processor (16 bandpass filters) continues with this little organic sound that unfolded.

My Patreon"

Korg - 707, FM-Synthesizer, Sound-Demo Video

video by M. Schmied

"Some Sounds from Korg's little FM-Synthesizer 707 with FX by Strymon BigSky."

UVI Introduces Super-7 - Analog Toolbox from the ‘80s, and Beyond Based on the Roland MKS-7

video by UVI

"Inspired by the MKS-7, an iconic 8-voice rackmount synth, this collection delivers powerful and dynamic sounds, sequences and arps through 260+ presets. Pushing deep into the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, '80s synthpop and more, Super-7 provides everything you need to make authentic vintage tracks in one place.

Video credits: Anthony Hak
Music credits: Emeric Tschambser"

UVI Super-7 | Preset Showcase

video by UVI

"Video and music credits: Theo G.

00:04​ - Instagram
00:24​ - PLK Hybrid Mode
00:40​ - Distorded Peace 2K
00:58​ - Pink Guru 1K
01:14​ - Moroccosmic 1K
01:26​ - Red Tribe
01:37​ - Forgotten Days
01:49​ - Dutch Traveller
01:59​ - KEY Soft Electric
02:09​ - Psycho Head
02:20​ - Peace of Mind
02:37​ - Fire Horse"


"Super-7 delivers the unabashed sound of the '80s inspired by the MKS-7, an 8-voice rackmount synthesizer that combines the analog architecture of the famous 106 with PCM sounds from the 7o7 drum machine. In demand, often emulated, and a well loved instrument to this day, the 106 has been used widely by diverse artists ranging from pop legends Depeche Mode to the genre-defying Autechre. The sound is powerful and dynamic, capable of creating rich and charactered voices within modern productions or carrying entire tracks with its distinct, warm analog vibe.

Building on the concept and structure of our Program 24 library, Super-7 takes things a step further, pushing deep into the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, '80s synthpop and more. We multi-sampled a huge selection of patches custom-designed on the MKS-7, and recorded every sample 3 times, normally, with the chorus engaged, and with the noise switch active, giving you unprecedented access to the hardware sound. While the MKS-7 included the PCM sounds from the 7o7 we again took things a step further, including vintage era drums from an epic selection of hardware such as the 5o5, 6o6, 626, 7o7, 8o8, 9o9, and a host of modern sounds created in our very own Drum Designer to round it off.

Giving you everything you need to create rich analog synth lines, bass, drums, arps and phrases, all the way up to entire songs, Super-7 is an inspiring, versatile and extremely fun instrument. Loaded with 6 discrete layers, you have independent control over 8-tracks of drums, bass, melody, and 3 general purpose synth parts. Use these in any way you like, from conventional instrumentation to creative layering and effects.

Apart from the drums, each of the instrument layers in Super-7 has its own amp envelope, multimode filter with envelope, effects including drive, phasor, and EQ, send effects including reverb and delay, and a complex arpeggiator/phraser, allowing the creation of unique and moving sequences. You can tweak and adjust these modules completely, explore a wide selection of presets for both the sound engine and arpeggiator, or create your own.

In addition to the multi-instrument, each of the individual parts is available standalone, allowing you to load up just what you need in your arrangement. Each of the standalone instruments is identical to its multi counterpart, with the same selection of parameters, effects, effect sends, arps, and preset. Use them to focus on individual sound design, when you only need a single instrument, or to create additional instances of particular instruments.

For those looking for a deep instrument to get lost in sound design Super-7 has huge potential, but it’s also ready to provide immediate inspiration. Packed with ready-to-go sounds and musical ideas, Super-7 comes with a generous selection of 260+ factory patches, showing off the instrument's sonic potential, and creative visions from of our in-house sound design team."

UVI Falcon - KINETICS - Sound In Motion - Expansion - The BIG Sound Test & Track Examples - Live

video by The Sound Test Room

"You can check out the KINETICS Falcon Expansion here a the UVI Site"

Gate Probability with René

video by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's do some patch programming!"

Arturia Pigments 3 - New Engines, Effects & Sounds Demo

video by LFOstore

"Arturia Pigments just got a new Update 3.0!

Nick Klimenko covering new add-ons shortly & playing new great presets.

Pigments 3 is a state-of-the-art software instrument that gives you the power of every shade of synthesis. With colorful sound engines, effortless modulation, professional utilities, and studio-grade FX, explore an infinite spectrum of sound.

What’s new in Pigments 3?
Pigments has evolved to be bigger, bolder, and more versatile than ever, blurring the lines between timbres and pushing sound design into vivid new territory.

Presets for synths and effects:"

Mynth Synthesizer is really Good | haQ attaQ

video by Jakob Haq

"Mynth Synthesizer by Fingerlab is really good. Even though the interface is somewhat 'limited', Mynth has a lot going on thanks to how the synth engine works. In this video I am highlighting exactly what it is makes Mynth special and why you should give it a proper try yourself. I've always loved Fingerlab's apps but this time they really surprised me, positively so.

Mynth Synthesizer is an iOS universial app and so it works for both iPad and iPhone. The app is 'Freemium', meaning it's free to download and use with some restrictions. The app can be fully unlocked through a $5 In App Purchase (IAP)."

Moog Minimoog "Lunar Impact"

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition

via this auction

YAMAHA V50 synthesizer Keyboard with Soft Case

via this auction

E-mu Ultra Proteus Model 9060 Rackmount Synthesizer SN 109402 350

via this auction

"An updated EMU Morpheus version with different wavetable and filter table.

A one of kind module able to create and morph motion textures with evolving pads.

RACKMOUNT 1 rack height unit.
The main panel features a 16 x 2 lines display, 8 buttons and a data encoder.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main out
- 2 assignable AUX

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones out
- data card slot.

VOICE a 16 bits core Motorola MC68020 manages up to 32 voices polyphony.
A basic sound patch is a combination of 2 samples "primary" + "secondary" - each with individual parameters:
- oscillators crossfade osc1-> osc2 / osc2 -> osc2
- stereo panning position
- keyrange
- pitch tune
- monophonic with portamento
- reverse sample play
- loop mode.

WAVETABLE the internal 16 MB ROM contains 484 PCM waves at 39 kHz / 16 bits resolution, most of these are from previous Emu Proteus machines.
The wavetable contains various kind of PCM including: drums, choir, strings, organ, moog bass, guitar, harmonics, piano, basic waveforms and ethno percussions.

Access Virus TI V2 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Jomox Mbase 11 Bassdrum Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Roland JUNO-6 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-60 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MRS-2 ProMars 37-Key Duophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer – Build It With Modular - [Roland Juno-106 Modules]

video by SoftubeStudios

"The resurrection of a polyphonic icon. Softube Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer is a circuit-modeled emulation of a 1984 six-voice synth featuring the influential sound of the 1980s original. Use it as an instrument, in our official Eurorack platform, Modular, or our pro audio guitar & bass platform, Amp Room. The retro-future is here. ✮"

See the Softube label below for more.

Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer – Sound Examples with Matt Johnson – Softube

video by SoftubeStudios

"Sit back and relax as Jamiroquai keyboardist Matt Johnson takes you on a journey through the sonic lanscape of Model 84. Matt plays through a number of styles different styles, demonstrating this resurrected '80s icon's prowess in anything from funk to scifi scores."

See the Softube label below for more.

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