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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Frequency Central - Seismograf BD/SD and Stasis Leak [5U]

video by NOISEBUG

"Showing off the Frequency Central percussion modules running through the Stasis Leak for some effects on the Snare Drum module. Enjoy!"

UVI Releases SparkVerb for iOS

SparkVerb - The Algorithmic Reverb by UVI - Let’s Explore & Play - Live iPad Demo video by The Sound Test Room (Patreon)

It looks like UVI quietly released SparkVerb for iOS. Above is a video from The Sound Test Room.

via the App Store:

"Algorithmic reverb, redefined With a cutting-edge algorithmic design, Sparkverb breaks the boundaries of contemporary reverbs giving users modern and innovative controls that enhance usability, speed and creative freedom while delivering breathtaking sound quality and remarkable CPU efficiency."

You can find previous UVI releases featuring SparkVerb here.

In Your Mix - Volume 5 - UDO Super 6 - Building a Track

video by iusandwe

"This week I test drive the UDO Super 6 and show you how I build a track from scratch. I've only spent a few days with this synth but so far I am very impressed. Every sound, excluding drums, is the Super 6."

Check out more of iusandwe at

Also see In Your Mix - Volume 6 - Sequential Prophet 10 Rev4 - Building a Track Check out more of iusandwe at

Hypersynth HCard-705 for Yamaha DX1/DX5 Demonstration

video by Failed Muso

"In this video, I take a look at the new HCard-705 RAM Cartridge Pack from Hypersynth. We cover some brief history of DX cartridges before going through how to use the HCard-705 in your DX1/DX5, including how to install and access the brand new Hyper-Bank Performance patches, the first 3rd party commercial sound banks specifically for the DX1/DX5 ever!

Buy the HCard-705 direct from Hypersynth...

View the full audio demo of the Hyper-Bank" [posted here]
See the HyperSynth label below for more.

AudioPilz - Synths - Bad/Better Gear

Bad Gear - Yamaha CS1x - Not Exactly My Thing video by AudioPilz

Just discovered this series. Above is the latest video featuring the Yamaha CS1x. Below is a playlist of previous videos in the series. I'm guessing the CS1x will be added. P.S. I actually own a CS1x and SU10 so it's kind of fun seeing them paired in this video. The CS1x is all ROMpler but it does have some nice icy strings. It has a bright digital character about it - like it's permanently run through a glassy sounding reverb.

Playlist (enjoy, or not - use the controls on the bottom left or upper right of the player to skip around):
Bad Gear - Roland TB-3 - A Touchscreen TB-303 Nightmare???
How To Control The Microkorg Using Midi Controllers??? (Tutorial)
Bad Gear - Microkorg - A Hipster Synth???
Bad Gear - Am I Too Bad For This Synth???
Bad Gear - Akai Timbre Wolf - Weakest Poly Synth???
Bad Gear - Korg Electribe EA-1 - Worst Of The Tribe???
Bad Gear - Red Sound Darkstar - Worst Synth Of All Time???
Bad Gear - M-Audio Venom - Biggest Software Dongle Of All Time???
Better Gear - DIY Yamaha DX7 Realtime Controller (Tutorial)
Bad Gear - Roland JX-305 - Pub Gig MC-505???
Bad Gear - Arturia Minibrute - The Tutorial Synth???
Bad Gear - Roland D-110 - 80s Sound In A Box???
Bad Gear - Yamaha FB-01 - Second Worst FM Synth???
Bad Gear - Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar - Most Embarrassing Synth Of All Time???
Bad Gear - Quasimidi Sirius - 90s Techno Machine???
Bad Gear - Korg Kaossilator Pro - The Synth of Christmas Past???
Bad Gear - Nintendo Korg DS-10 - Game Boy MS-20???
Roland U-110 - Yet Another Boring 80s Synthesizer???
Bad Gear - Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 - Vintage Gamers Synth???
Bad Gear - Yamaha DJX - Kid’s Keyboard???
Bad Gear - Roland SH-201 - The MP3 Synth??? (feat. Alex Ball)
Bad Gear - Casio SK-1 - The Original Fart Sampler
Bad Gear - Waldorf Blofeld - Vintage Sound of the Future???

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Rhodes MKIII EK-10 Rescue!

video by Jeremy Parker

"Here's my in-depth look at the Rhodes MKIII EK-10 and the recently finished restoration I did. Here are some links to the companies / resources that made this possible:

Vintage Vibe:
Fender Rhodes Super Site:
The Electric Piano Forum:
Retro Synth Ads blog:
Great Synthesizers online magazine:

0:00​ Intro
1:01​ History
3:08​ Demo & Features
6:51​ Mechanical & Cosmetic Work
14:18​ Electronics Repair
15:46​ Sustain Pedal
16:15​ Outro"

Here's a collaboration featuring the MKIII EK-10:

"Tough Cookies" w/ Dan Abreu, Steve Langone, Ben Alman
video by Jeremy Parker

"Here's my latest funky composition, 'Tough Cookies', featuring the talents of Dan Abreu on sax, Steve Langone on drums, AND 'Cowboy' Ben Alman on bass. After I restored my Rhodes MKIII EK-10, I just had to write a tune to feature it. The name 'Tough Cookies' is something I say to my daughter a lot. :) We hope you enjoy this tune as much as we did recording it!

Please check out Dan on his YouTube channel:​ and website:​​"

Juno 60 - arpeggios in minor

video by Johan Wave

"Synth arps from my lovely juno 60. Arpeggios in c minor. I hope you like this. Take care and stay safe out there my youtube friends."

Jordan Rudess w/ the Novation Summit

video by Jordan Rudess

"This Novation Summit keyboard is awesome. Great sounding oscillators and filters. The UI rocks and it’s powerful but easy on the brain. The sonic gods are smiling on me."

Gotharman's SpazeDrum: Envelope Clip

video by gotharman

"Will be available in the forthcoming update..."

Physical Synthesis Cicada - Acoustic Vibration Synthesizer

video uploads by Physical Synthesis

via Physical Synthesis

"Cicada is an inherently human and expandable modular system comprised of five primary components: AMP, PRE, Actuator, Bridge, and Soundboard.

The Cicada Actuator generates vibration through two voice-coil motors supplied from up to three amplified input signals (carrier modulator, and DC offset).

These vibrations are carried across a steel Bridge and transformed into a nonlinear tip-surface interactions with a Soundboard containing a piezoelectric pickup.The signal from the pickup is pre-amplified, filtered, and compressed to +5dB level output to either direct (speakers) or back into a DAW or effects chain.

In addition to audio, the Cicada Soundboard has four force sensitive resistors (FSRs) located beneath the four corners of the unit. When the soundboard material is compressed, the FSRs transmit CV voltages (0 to 5V+) from each of the four FSRs.

Unique Components

Cicada is an expandable modular system comprised of five primary components: AMP, PRE, Actuator, Bridge, Soundboard.


2 x 15W Class A Amplifiers (LM1875T) with DC offset on amplifier one.


Two 3.5 mm mono audio inputs accepting Eurorack-level audio signals at 10V pp, one 3.5 mm CV input to control DC Offset 10V pp, (-5V to 5V range). Note: line-level inputs must amplified.


One 3.5 mm unbalanced mono audio output. Four 3.5 mm CV outputs from the Soundboard FSRs (0 to +5V).

Panic Girl Makes Noise: Layered Buffers

video by MAKEN0ISE

"In this video, guest host Panic Girl shows how she uses various audio loopers and repeaters, including Morphagene and Mimeophon, as the foundation for a piece of music.

Panic Girl's new album, Blue, will be released on May 5. Preorder it here:"

How to add presets to the context menu of modules in VCV Rack

video by Omri Cohen

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

00:00​ - Introduction
01:59​ - Creating presets"

“Roland SH-5 Drones 03” by Friendly Noise

video by Friendly Noise

"Some drones with the Roland SH-5. The dual filter with that incredible sound and the powerful mixer with multiple destinations for each sound source are the key for drones.
The Hold knob is fully open in order to sustain the sound without keyboard retriggering.

A little reverb added in the DAW. Other than that, no sound processing. 100% SH-5."

Klavis Logica XT Random Sample Hold Logic Clock Random Eurorack Modular

via this auction

First one to be featured on the site.

Voltage-controlled logic and gate processor
14 modes of operation:
6 basic logic functions
2 forced states
6 advanced logic functions:
The Gater adds-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering with adjustable retrigger gap time
Gate to trigger with adjustable pulse length
Chronological sequence validation (safe locker)
Toss a coin with different chance weighs from the 3 inputs
Flip-flop with separate Set and Reset
Digital Sample & hold, with adjustable delay/memory line (from milliseconds to several seconds)
3 normalized input jacks + user defined manual button for quad signal handling
Settings stored in non-volatile memory
Simultaneously normal and inverted outputs (e.g. And & Nand)
Dedicated divide by two output
Continuous manual + Bipolar CV control of the mode
LED column telling the current operation mode
LEDs on all outputs indicating the state
LED on manual button indicating its default status
Low consumption, skiff-friendly & compact module
Built upon the foundations of its acclaimed predecessor, this new version drastically expands the feature set within the same footprint.

All the original goodies are still there, now enriched by a full list of state-based logic functions including a delay line.

Faster processing allows perfect handling of audio signals.
User editable settings are stored in non-volatile memory.
With its versatility and features never seen before, the Klavis Logica XT will arouse your creativity and bring inventiveness to your soundscapes.


via this auction

"VERY old , box is worn but has not been used. I do not know if it works-I prefer not to open the box. The box is worn due to age."

I never really thought about it, but it kind of looks like a mini original Novation Bass Station with the blue on black accents.

Novation Bass Station II SN DB9319803197

via this auction

Moog Matriarch Dark Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer and Step Sequencer

via this auction

Moog Little Phatty Stage II - Limited Edition Red Back with CV Outs SN 08031

via this auction

"Here is a super rare, and simply killer... Moog Little Phatty RED Stage II BACK Limited Edition with CV outs!

This beast of a synth has very cool red led's, red backlight on both wheels, a super sexy metallic red back and uber important CV outs to drive all your classic and modern NON midi synths ( also has Midi and USB for all y'all non cv synth freaks). I believe only 100 of these were made.. rare chance to get a sweet historic Moog synth at a great price."

Modal Electronics 002R Rackmount 8-Voice Analogue-Digital Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

"002R provides 8 discrete voices of polyphony with full multi-timbrality if desired. Two oscillators per voice with two sub oscillators, which can be switched from being either traditional square wave to having the same waveform as the main oscillator – in effect making four oscillators per voice. Analogue / digital hybrid architecture uses NCOs for very high resolution, and very stable oscillators. Over 50 different waveforms, ranging from classic analogue sounds to more unique digital shapes. Modal Electronics designed 24dB per octave four pole transistor ladder filter, with some very unusual morphing characteristics or ‘polesweeping’, enabling transition from four pole through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave, or anywhere in between"

Oberheim OB-12

via this auction

Korg PE-1000

via this auction

Relight - A Synth Jam with the Blofeld and the Specular Tempus

video by Lanthan O'Ide

"A retrofuturistic synth jam, performed in an age when a stainless steel rocket has just been chosen to go to the moon. Exciting times. :)
For those playing along at home:
The tempo is at 60 BPM, and the key is E major.
About the title:

This one is space-flight related, and oddly specific. :)
In general, successfully relighting a spacecraft's engines is a cause for cheering at mission control. Because a) restarting a rocket motor is more tricky than restarting a car's engine, and b) if the engines fail to relight, things will go bad and / or explodey fast.

But, for me, the term "relight" is inseperable from the Everyday Astronaut's callout during Starship SN8's test flight.
I had stayed up late that night (CET) to watch together with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world as SpaceX attempted a high-altitude test flight with a Starship prototype for the very first time. Watching the rocket master almost every single one of it's spectacular maneuvres at the first try was absolutely pure joy.
After the vessel came skydiving from 10 km up while moving itself precisely over the landing pad, having the engines relight to actually transition to the landing burn was just the cherry on top.
(And then the landing ALMOST went explosion-free. But hey, still an incredible success overall)"

Dreadbox Typhon + Blend v2

video by Sinevibes

"Dreadbox Typhon analog synthesizer being processed through Blend – a multi-voice chorus effect developed by Sinevibes."

Korg Module - Neo Soul Expansion Pack - Let’s Explore - iPad Live Demo

video by The Sound Test Room

Pioneer Toraiz AS-1 & Strymon Volante

video by 3rdStoreyChemist

MichaƂ Szturomski - Luigi Live Act on Polyend Tracker & Electric Guitar

video by Polyend

"This recorded exclusively for Polyend Blog live act is based on various types of sounds processed by the Tracker. These were previously recorded directly to the unit. All of the samples, including the drums on which the song is based, were recorded on electric guitars (pads and melodic parts) and acoustic (rhythmic elements). The solo guitar I used for the backing track was recorded on a second channel of the mixer. All the fx processes, as well as the track mix, were done inside the Tracker. The external computer only served as a sound recorder.

More at:"

Teenage Engineering Introduces Capcom® Videopaks for the OP–Z

video by teenage engineering

"Capcom® videopaks available for free in the OP-Z app.

fire your arm cannon, breakdance on rooftops and perform a perfect K.O! to the tempo of your song. experience epic scenes from the legendary Mega Man and Street Fighter games, all controlled by the OP–Z."


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