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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jams from the 80's : Recreated on Synthesizers

video upload by Luke Million

You can find additional Luke Million synth jams here.

"The 1980's was a prolific period for music. This collection of recreations explores a few of my favourite jams from a decade that was dominated by synthesizers and drum machines.

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
Talk Talk - It's My Life
Midnight Star - Midas Touch
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
Madonna - Holliday
Hall & Oats - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Queen - I Want To Break Free
Rockwell - Sombody's Watching Me
DTrain - You're The One For Me

Recreations Vol. 1 EP is out now!"

Two DB-01s and a pod-load of CV

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The Erica Synths DB-01 sends and receives CV and includes a handy attenuator, so a little experimentation with CV can really extend the sound design possibilities. Here both DB-01s and a pod of Euro clocks and modulators (two Erica Synths Drum Modulators) are synced together. One DB-01 is the master feeding pitch CV into a mult and then into the second DB-01. Both units are getting filter CV inputs from the Drum Modulators. The main machine is sometimes going through a Microtubes B3K for extra overdrive goodness, and the second DB-01 get washy with an Earthquaker Devices Afterneath V3 - which also accepts CV. Hopefully this little demo gives you some ideas. A little CV goes a long way.

My site: Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3 Sound Demo (no talking) with 15 Patches for Ambient, IDM and Techno

video upload by Limbic Bits

0:00 Electronica
1:45 Stiefeltanz
2:56 Blade Walker
3:44 Portalead
4:22 Tiny Lead
5:26 Massive Bass
6:22 I love IDM & Ambient
8:29 Hollow Bass FM
9:27 Wobble Bass
10:07 FM Lead
11:09 Ascension Lead
12:41 Fake Arp (LFO Mod)
13:36 Doom Drone
15:13 Pitched Brass
16:08 Experimental Filter Osc FM

Passage of life | Ambient soundscape with Korg Polysix, Roland SH-101, Strymon Volante

video upload by MIDERA

"This morning my daughter pleaded with me to work from home. It was really cute, and sad. I told her that even if I stayed home, I wouldn't really get to play with her. She insisted, 'You can work. I won't bother you.' I still left for work. I need the exercise (I bike to and from work and just won't do cardio if I don't have a reason to do it).

I got home, ate dinner (but was on my phone), gave her a bath (and was somewhat on my phone), then we watched TV together... I missed it. I missed the day with her, even when I was with her. All she wanted to do was to be with me. I was 'there' but not really.

All I can do is try again, to do better.

Gear used:
Korg Polysix (sent through Strymon Volante)
Roland SH-101
All tracks sent through Eventide Blackhole VST"


If this could bring you back | Rhodes Piano and Prophet 10 | Tribute to my father

video upload by MIDERA

"Eleven years today, July 22nd, 2010 - that sounds like a long time. It feels like no time, once you've gotten there. It's been 11 years since I watched the last breath leave my father. The sense of sadness, but relief - his pain was over.

I still have dreams about him - he always has stubble on his face (which he never had prior to cancer, he always kept his face clean) and I'm always shocked that he survived. "But... how did you survive??" Although normally I don't even ask him that anymore. I think I'm just happy to see him again, and my brain knows not to tempt it by asking those questions.

One time, after I'd gotten into a car accident and he was yelling at me over the phone, I found the words that dug into him and hurt him. I said to him, "You were never there for me." Apparently that ripped right into him and - I always regretted saying that. It reminds me of the lyrics from a Pearl Jam song, 'Some words when spoken, can't be taken back.'

I wrote him a letter, a few weeks before he died, apologizing for having said that back in 2003... He read it, I think, or I hope. My mom recently gave me the letter I wrote to him. Three pages of how proud I was of him, how I'd always regretted saying that to him, how I hoped he'd still be with us for a long time... After that - I don't think I actually saw him conscious, he was basically in a coma the next weekend and never woke up, except for some strange bouts of strength and alertness (although I wasn't there for that).

I ended my letter to him, saying that I'd love to read anything he'd write back to me. But there was nothing there. I never heard back."

Tama - Techstar TS305

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"This listing is for the full Tama TS-305 kit including all 5 drum pads and drum stands.

The TAMA TS-305 is a 6 channel drum synth module.
It can be used as a desktop module or a massive 7u 19" Rackmount. Each channel is a mini analogue synth drum module, capable of producing a wide range of electronic drum sounds, and since every parameter is defined by a knob, it's highly tweakable.

Modules on the TS-305 are:

Each channel has 10 controls (9 knobs & 1 switch).

From the looks of it, it is designed with the Drummer in mind - to be used with Electronic Drum Kit triggers.

It looks very similar to the Simmons SDS-8 Drum Brain.

All the drum tones are actually individual analogue drum synths."

Yamaha E1005 Analog Delay SN 2479

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Vintage Yamaha E1005 Analog Delay effect, add some analog warmth and space to your mix. Tested in great working condition."

Suzuki Portachord / Tronichord PC-27 w/ Original Silver Gig Bag & Song Book

via this auction

"Very rare early analog synth put out by Suzuki. Ths is the younger sibling of the Omnichord, and was also sold under the name Tronichord.

This unit is in very good condition. All lights and controls work. One pot is a bit scratchy from lack of use. The battery bay is clean.

The output port was not tested.

Includes Portachord, vinyl gig bag, and the original Suzuki songbook.

Takes 8 AA batteries.

12 volt power adaptor is NOT included. Sorry."

Under the Belly of a Beast

via this auction


via this auction

Two pics of the inside below.

Roland SH-2000

via this auction

"This is Roland's second synthesizer ever made (1973)! Nearly mint and in 100% working condition. Controllers include the filter’s cutoff, resonance and modulation sliders, LFO modulation rate, portamento, vibrato, pitch bend, volume and master tuning. The filter and LFO are limited and there are no ADSR envelope controls. The ‘Growl’ and ‘Wow’ effects and the Random Note Generator are unique. It has aftertouch, called the ‘Touch Effect’ which can be assigned to modulate the volume, vibrato, pitch, ‘Wow’ and ‘Growl’ effects."

Akai AX73

via this auction

Hologram Cosmos and Volca Modular Haunting Ambient Soundscapes

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"@Hologram Electronics meets @Korg Volca Modular

Hey fam! I'm having fun running my Volca Modular through a Microcosm and making some haunting ambient soundscapes. Still getting the hang of this Hologram Electronics Microcosm. In this case I created my own presets using the Haze setting with a long reverb tail in the Space knob. The patch I made in the Modular to turn just a few knobs to drastically change the timbre of the source sound which is then graciously effected by the Microcosm. While ambient soundscapes is it's forte the looper stands out as a separate tool as you can hear in my example. I’m changing the playback speed of the loop that I captured. The loop is layered with the real time effect. I hope you like the sounds. Imagine now what I can do if I record this into my DAW and integrate it into piece accompanied by more instruments. #hologramelectronics #volcamodular"

synthclub 01

video upload by zack dagoba

Synthesiser Club!
Part One

Synthesiser Club posts

Holland Synthesizer - SE2026 eurorack mixer

video upload by NOISEBUG

via Noisebug

"The SynEssentials SE2026 is a studio quality, full function, 6-channel audio mixer, built in the eurorack format. It can serve as the heart of your eurorack system, with six individual mono input channels.

(45hp / 3" Deep)

-Studio Quality 6 Channel audio mixer
-Audiophile Grade Headphone Amplifier
-2 Separate Stereo Outputs with Independent Level Controls
-2 Mono FX Send level Controls
-2 Stereo Aux Input 1 Hi Gain, 1 Lo Gain
-Built-in Stereo VU meter
-Hand-Built in USA

Each Channel Features:
-Clipping Indicator
-Channel Gain / Trim
-Lo EQ (200Hz Shelving)
-Hi EQ (5.8 kHz Shelving)
-2 Mono Sends
-Solo Switch with Indicator
-Mute Switch with Indicator
-Channel Level Control"

KORG Monotron vs KORG Monotron Delay (The Monotron Shootout)

video upload by poorness studios

"I managed to find a KORG Monotron on the used market and decided to compare it to my KORG Monotron Delay. They both have some cool features and they're both very cool gadgets for the price. In this video I attempt to compare and contrast them.

Intro @ 0:00
Logistics & Overview @ 0:48
Monotron Internal Audio @ 3:09
Monotron External Audio @ 6:59
Montron Delay Internal Audio @ 8:45
Monotron Delay External Audio @ 10:37
Summary @ 13:26"

Takaab: No nonsense modules from Thailand

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Taking a good look at the VCO's little helper, the RLFO and the D308 Vintage drive module from Takaab modular in Thailand!
More info here:


Noise Engineering Plugin Beta

Episode 38: Noise Engineering Plugin Beta video upload by The Modular Clubhouse

"A quick intro to the Noise Engineering Plugin beta collection.
Midi file curtesy of Clemens Wijers Music Productions."

Synth Design Podcast // E.10 // Tony Rolando, Make Noise

video upload by Synthux Academy

"Co-edited with Teunis Marseille, who's also responsible for the motion graphics and music you're hearing on every episode. Check out his work here:


Make Noise interfaces are like a riddle. They remind me of minimalistic art pieces from the early 20th century - inviting you to question geometric compositions of mysterious lines and shapes. These instruments purposefully do not give a straight answer but hint towards a direction one could take.

This is a deliberate design decision that aims to shape the way musicians use a Make Noise instrument.

The design invites a particular kind of composer - one that will dare to explore an untrodden path, in the search for exceptional sounds and performance along the way. The interface is like a guide, a map of sorts, that can be read in various ways.

The Strega, in particular, is interesting because of its unconventional signal path. This is not your traditional "voice", to say the least. Placing the delay/reverb in the center of the circuit directly affects the interaction with the instrument and the kind of sounds that will come out of it.

In this conversation, we dive into the challenges of designing an instrument like the Strega - a synthesizer that was made in close collaboration with artist Alessandro Cortini."

Neutral Labs Elmyra Synthesizer in Black

Neutral Labs Elmyra Synthesizer Product Video upload by Finn Glink

You can find demos of the white model in previous posts here.

Shift Register Shenanigans With The Synth Tech E102 And Friends

video upload by John L Rice

"A quick video of some shift register experiments for fun! And yes, the E102 is a Eurorack module temporarily mounted in my largest 5U system, one day I'll properly re-panel it! ;-)

0:00 Beginning
0:18 Frère Jacques Basics
2:48 Frère Jacques Randomized
5:00 Frère Jacques In Disguise
7:52 End

Gear Used:
Synthesis Technology - E102, MOTM-300, MOTM-380
Moon Modular - 569, 569EGB, 564, 565, 565D, 517, 592
Happy Nerding - FM AID, Super Sawtor
Oakley Sound - Dual VCA
Krisp1 - OCTO
STG Sound Labs - Envelope
Club Of The Knobs - C915
Modcan - Control 66B - Q125, Q961
Strymon - BigSky
Lexicon - MX400
Allen & Heath MixWizard 20S
Tascam SD-20M flash recorder
Canon C100 MkII camera
Canon CN-E 20mm lens
PC running Windows 10 Pro
Sony Vegas Pro 13 NLE

I recommend downloading the Synthesis Technology E102 PDF document to get a better understanding of all the fantastic features it has:

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, and commenting! 🥳
Please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found this content helpful or entertaining:"

Rebel Technology Witch: Compact Versatile Polyphonic Synthesizer

videos uploaded by Rebel Technology


1. Rebel Technology Witch: SubTract Patch
First demo of our upcoming Witch, a patchable synthesizer in a compact format.

SubTract is one of the factory patches: a polyphonic Virtual Analogue synthesizer with 48dB resonant low pass filter, two assignable tap tempo LFOs, envelopes, FM, and overdrive effect.
2. Rebel Technology Witch: VoSim Patch
Rebel Technology Witch is a patchable synthesizer in a compact format.

Demo of the VoSim polyphonic synthesizer patch, which has high and low formants, two tap tempo LFOs and adjustable envelopes. The audio inputs are used for FM.

The first part demonstrates Performance mode, which allows for chords to be easily triggered and sustained.

In the second part an AKAI LPK-25 MIDI keyboard is used to play and sequence the patch in Expression mode, which gives continuous pitch control.
3. Rebel Technology Witch: WaveBank vs Ensoniq SD-1
Witch WaveBank meets the Ensoniq SD-1 classic synthesizer, thanks to a cheap MIDI to USB converter.

The Witch plays the lead synth track, at first receiving MIDI directly from the keyboard, then sequenced from the SD-1 which also plays the other parts: bass, pads and percussion. The Witch and SD-1 are passively mixed and direct recorded into a Zoom Q2N camera.

There are no effects on the Witch output apart from the built in delay, which is tap tempo synchronised to the sequencer track.

WaveBank Performance is a stereo morphing wavetable synth that you can load your own wavetables into. It is one of eight synth patches that comes with the Rebel Technology Witch, a patchable synthesizer in a compact format.

via Rebel Technology

"The Witch is a compact and versatile polyphonic synthesizer.

The Witch can be used Standalone, with a MIDI Controller, Analog Sequencer, or MIDI Polyphonic Expression / MPE Controller. It comes with four different synth engines:

SubTract Virtual Analogue synthesizer with 48dB resonant filter
VoSim Voice Simulator formant synthesizer
WaveBank Morphing wavetable synthesizer
QuadSampler Sampler with peak filter
Each synthesizer engine is provided in two variants:

Expression Mode Continuous pitch control and MPE support
Performance Mode Discrete pitch control, standalone chords and classic MIDI support
Other features include two assignable tap tempo LFOs with continuously variable shapes and a powerful effects section.

As well as eight factory patches, the Witch is fully compatible with the OWL Library of more than 300 patches. What’s more, users can create their own patches using any of the supported DSP languages: Pure data, Max gen~, SOUL, Faust, Maximilian and C++.

The Witch has its own Synth Editor web application:

The release date for the Witch is July 29. Kits will be available from Befaco."

Patch Tuesday: Audio-Frequency Hold Modulation with Filter 8

video upload by Joranalogue Audio Design

"Among the many features unique to Filter 8 is its hold input, which can be used to 'freeze' the filter core. It'll respond not just to gate signals, but to audio sources as well. In this #PATCHTUESDAY video, we're using this to good effect! #eurorack"

via Joranalogue

Representing the cutting edge in modular analogue voltage controlled filter (VCF) design, Filter 8 offers more possibilities and higher fidelity in 12 HP than ever before.

Starting from the classic OTA-style 4-pole cascaded lowpass (LP) topology, Filter 8 features separate LP outputs, each with their own character. Additional filter responses are achieved by pole mixing: 1-pole highpass, a special band boost and notch response, phase shifter and 4-pole bandpass. All outputs are available simultaneously.

Key to Filter 8's performance is the innovative resonant feedback circuit. By increasing the resonance, all outputs will resonate at the filter frequency, without any low frequency response loss. At higher resonance levels, self-oscillation is achieved, turning the module into an excellent 8-phase sine wave voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with temperature and switchable gain compensation, low distortion, constant amplitude and accurate frequency tracking over at least 5 octaves. At sub-audio frequencies, Filter 8 can function as an 8-output voltage controlled slew modifier or 8-phase low frequency oscillator (LFO).

Simultaneous exponential and linear frequency modulation is possible, for classic FM tones or chaotic modulation. A hold feature is also provided, 'freezing' the output voltages manually or under gate control. This is useful for halting modulations, or as a sync-like effect at audio frequencies. The dedicated ‘ping’ input allows you to easily create crisp percussive sounds with different timbres.

While rooted in the legacy of classic synthesisers, Filter 8 provides a new approach to musical signal generators and modifiers: instead of simply a VCF, VCO, slew modifier or VCLFO, a single analogue module can now be any of those, and anything in between.

Analogue 'OTA style' cascaded 4-pole lowpass VCF with self-oscillation capability.
Filter outputs: 1-through-4 pole lowpass, 1-pole highpass, band boost+notch, phase shifter, 4-pole bandpass.
Self oscillation: 8-phase sine waves, separated by 45°.
Accurate temperature-stable sine wave VC(LF)O with fine and coarse tuning.
Simultaneous exponential and linear FM, including depth polarisers, dedicated 1 volt/octave input and LFM AC-coupling switch.
Unique voltage controlled resonance topology: all outputs resonate with absolutely no loss of low frequency response, unlike common 'bass compensation' methods.
Resonance compensation gain switch: adjusts output gains for equal amplitude self-oscillation (10 Vpp).
LF mode for slew modifier or LFO use. Ultra-wide total frequency range: 2.8 mHz (6 minutes) to 27 kHz, a range of nearly 10,000,000:1!
Dual signal inputs increase patching flexibility.
Impedance-compensated outputs with dual-colour LEDs.
Voltage hold feature 'freezes' the filter core. Pause LFO modulations, or create pulse-width-sensitive sync sounds at audio rates. Also useful as clickless output mute. Manual or gate control.
Dedicated ping trigger input: 'strike' the filter core using any trigger or gate signal and easily create percussive sounds with 8 different timbres.
Trim potentiometers accessible from the front panel.
Precision-milled 2 mm anodised aluminium front panel with high-resolution, non-erasable graphics.
Bullet-proof design: polarised power header and MOSFET protection circuit.
Includes 16-to-10-pin Eurorack power ribbon cable.
Premium mounting hardware: black screws, black nylon washers and matching hex key.
High-quality components and assembly; designed and made in Belgium.

1985 Roland TR-727 "The Rhythm Composer that keeps you in the groove..." Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and the write-up.

"Roland TR-727 drum machine "The Rhythm Composer that keeps you in the groove..." four page colour brochure from October 1985."

Vintage Roland TR-707 Drum Machine SN 589011 w/ Docs

via this auction

Yamaha DX1

via this auction

Oberheim OB-Mx

via this auction

Vintage Pasco Scientific Fourier Synthesizer SN 79-173

via this auction

See teh Pasco label at the bottom of this post for more.

Roland PMA-5 Synthesizer w/ Soft Case & Guitar And Brass Card

via this auction

Roland PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Rare in mint Showroom condition Roland PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer Rare Vintage Mint @WoW. Condition is "Used". Studio used only a few times have box and adapter and everything works flawlessly. You won’t find one in this like almost mint condition. Amazing opens up your D-50 like never before I can’t believe the sounds and editing is so smooth"

Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0

Episode 36: Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0 | My favourite portable synthesizer
video upload by The Modular Clubhouse

LinnDrum - what you always wanted to know

video upload by The Synth King

"'The LinnDrum (often incorrectly referred to as the LM-2) is a drum machine manufactured by Linn Electronics between 1982 and 1985. About 5,000 units were sold.

Its high-quality samples, flexibility and affordability made the LinnDrum popular; it sold far more units than its predecessor (the LM-1) and its successor (the Linn 9000) combined. Roger Linn re-used the moniker on the LinnDrum Midistudio and the Roger Linn Designs' LinnDrum II. The LinnDrum was used on many recordings throughout the 1980s, including international hits such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax", a-Ha's "Take On Me", Harold Faltermeyer's "Axel F", Billy Idol's "Eyes Without a Face", Deniece Williams's "Let's Hear It for the Boy", and Madonna's "Lucky Star".'

Quoted from Wikipedia"

Nonlinear Labs C15 and JEN SX2000

video upload by Pulsophonic

Demo of Nonlinear C15 and JEN SX2000
Reverb Lexicon 224 only in insert JEN SX2000

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular - Sonic LAB Overview

video upload by sonicstate

"[midierror] takes a look at the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular - a software modular synthesis system which has a large number of modules available via bundles and add-ons.

Exclusive extra content on Patreon

The base system comes with 22 modules, with a couple more options:

Ignite ($50) comes with 45 modules and Core ($99) 105 modules. Plus the in-built store feature gives access to many more modules .

Mac OS Requirements: macOS 10.9 or above, 64-bit required. Compatible with M1 processors (via Rosetta 2). Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended. NOTE: Internet connection required for product activation.

Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above, 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended. NOTE: Internet connection required for product activation.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular"

06- The UDO Super 6- DDS Modulator

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part one of a two-part demonstration of the DDS Modulator found on the UDO Super 6.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the UDO Super 6 in order to provide the various parts necessary. No external equalization or effects were used. The drums were created through programming the Korg Triton LE and processing the results through the Landscape Stereo Field."

AutomaticGainsay UDO Super 6 posts

Patch n Tweak
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