MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021

DeftAudio Raspberry Pi 4 Eurorack module with audio, MIDI and power integration.

video upload by DeftAudio

"This is a DIY kit for assembling RPi into eurorack modular system with 5" touchscreen LCD, Audio, MIDI and 16-pin power interfaces.

More details:"

Raspberry Pi Eurorack hardware assembly guide

video upload by DeftAudio

"This guide covers the assembly process of Raspberry Pi with 5" touchscreen into Eurorack with power, audio and MIDI I/O."

Roland R-8 | Drums Everyone Wanted!

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Roland R-8 drum machine from 1989. 68 stellar high quality 16 bit sounds. Fantastic programming capabilities, great drum pads and at a fair price. Everyone was impressed and it sold very well.

A year after, Roland released the R-8M, the 19" rack module that expanded on the ROM card slots and the rack made everything gig-worthy for when you just wanted the drum sounds and not the sequencer, as many people already did their drum sequencing from a dedicated sequencer or computer.

My demo track is done with only sounds from the factory sounds AND some 808 drums from the 08 card you see in the video.
All reverbs are from the Valhalla VintageVerb plugin and the track has been thoroughly mixed and mastered. The drums are multi-tracked and not sequenced."

Also featuring the Roland Alpha Juno.

Playing the Norand Mono as a "normal" synth (no talking)

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The power of the Norand Mono is in its incredible modulation and its per-step automation. But that ultimately doesn't mean much unless there's a good basic sound. So here are 16 custom sounds played live as you would with a "normal" synth, meaning just noodling with a single sound and a keyboard. I've added a little Valhalla delay and tried to balance the volume, but otherwise there's no other processing.

In reality you'd probably use these sounds as a starting point for a Norand sequence, changing filter, wave, LFO and envelope settings from step to step making for a much more dynamic performance. But I thought it might be useful to hear the Mono in a more raw form as a standard synth.

0:00 Mid drone
0:24 Buzzy jab
0:42 FM descender
1:13 Noise lead
1:37 Smooth bass
1:48 Cross-modulation
2:05 Desert lead
2:40 Rough saw
3:08 Hollow man
3:35 Throaty lead
4:06 Detuned pad
4:27 Resonance decay
5:05 Spooky duo
6:03 FM pad
6:28 Bass Rez
6:55 Wobbler

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

GEOSynths Synth Show - Ep113 - With the Sequential Take 5...Again :)

video upload by GEOSynths

Synthesizer Podcast - With the Sequential Take 5..Again.
Episode 113 - Thursday 23rd September 2021

GEOSynths Sequential Take 5 posts

Noise Engineering May 2021 #3 | Live Modular Synth Jam

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Some modular improv to serenade you towards the weekend.

Gear List:
Basimilus Iteritas Alter x3
Cursus Iteritas
Ruina Versio
Electus Versio
Manis Iteritas
Imitor Versio
Vox Digitalis x3
Mimetic Digitalis x2
Lapsus Os x3
Quantus Pax
Pura Ruina x2
Univer Inter (prototype) x2
Sono Abitus

Video recorded with OBS and a Scarlett 6i6
Basic audio mastering with Reaper"

touching the electrons

video upload by Todd Barton

Akai S900 12-Bit Midi Digital Sampler SN 10825 00351

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

This classic sampler is the cleanest one we've had come through the shop. Tested in perfect working order, floppy drive fully functional."

Elektron Sidstation

via this auction

"The rare and elusive Sidstation in excellent-mint condition with 0 issues and the screen has no scratches or defects. Units of this quality are exceptionally rare these days."

Waldorf Microwave Rev B

via this auction

"Fully tested, Rev B with CEM3387. OS 2.00 (the latest). Rare condition."

Micromoog Synthesizer Model 2090 SN 5115

via this auction

Black Model Oberheim Matrix 1000

via this auction

Moog Source SN 2872 w/ Stains & Stickers

via this auction

"Moog 'The Source' 81 in good condition. Sporting some wear but everything works as it should. I have had it looked over by Synapse Audio(vintage audio specialist) out of Portland. OR.

It is a mono synth and was the first Moog to ever feature patch memory. It has 16 places to save your own sounds, as well as a simple sequencer and arpeggiator, as two fat analog oscillators and the legendary 24 dB Moog filter.

This has been in my family for years and lightly used over the last 20 or so years. I am throwing in a keyboard case to ensure safe shipping as I hope it goes to a good home to make many more moogy sounds."

Another Memorymoog Back From The Grave! (FM-synthesis patch)

video upload by synthpro

Arturia SQ80v vs Ensoniq SQ80 how accurate is it?

video upload by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"Checking out the Arturia SQ80V software with the Hardware Ensoniq SQ80 side by side. I am not endorsed nor being paid or asked to do this video in anyway... just me being a nerd."

Novation Circuit Rhythm : Sampling and Slicing Up Some Synthesizers

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"We explore the new Novation Circuit Rhythm and the workflow behind sampling, resampling and slicing on this exciting new groovebox!

The Circuit Rhythm is a sampling with a built in sequencer and FX, featuring 8 tracks each with a fully fledged sampling engine, you can check out more information here :

Our pal Wes walks us through the unique features of the Circuit Rhythm, including its Novation Components app that allows for on the fly editing of sample packs. and FX, as well as easy management of projects."

Psy Trance Jam (Novation Circuit Tracks + MicroFreak)

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"A psy trance jam on the Novation Circuit Tracks and Arturia MicroFreak, made with this pack: (From Goa to Psytrance by A Force Truly Evil)"

Korg Wavestate 2: Modular Clouds 50 Generative Performances (Presets). Sound Demo/No Talking.

video upload by Anton Anru

"Modular Clouds" is a collection of 50 dreamy generative performances for Korg Wavestate. This is my one of the hardest works, I made a huge effort to create this soundset. Wavestate is a very complicated synth, and I dived deep into its features and possibilities.
🔋 Get the soundset:
☑️ Each performance is made from scratch: lanes, modulations, settings...
☑️ True wave sequence 2.0 synthesis, extensive and deep use of unique Wavestate features, that make the presets stand out from other synthesizers (subtractive, wavetable, FM...)
☑️ Thoroughly set parameters and complex modulation.
☑️ All 8 Performance Knobs/Macros are assigned to different parameters. They give changes from subtle to dramatic.
☑️ Vector Envelope adds movement. It has its own motion, and you may tweak it to change the timbre.
☑️ ModWheel add expression.
☑️ Making each performance took me about 60-90 minutes.
☑️ No external/additional samples are required.
☑️ Performances' volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing.

The ARP 2600 Turns 50

video upload by Alex Ball

"The ARP 2600 is one of the most famous synthesizers of all time and is still in demand fifty years after its initial release in 1971.

In this video I explore a few contrasting sounds that can be made with this wonderful instrument.

As mentioned, any ad revenue from this video will be doubled and donated to the Alan R Pearlman Foundation. If you wish to chuck in a donation, this would be greatly appreciated:

Thank you to CALC for the loan of his lovely 2600 - much appreciated sir.

0:00 Intro
1:16 This Unit
2:11 Demo 1: Poly-Phoney
3:39 Demo 2: Bang-A-Lang
5:29 Demo 3: Kinda Pete
7:11 Demo 4: Repton
8:33 Demo 5: R2
9:13 Summary & ARP Foundation Update
10:58 Outro Jam"

Berna 3 Teaser 3

video upload by Giorgio Sancristoforo

"Using the High Precision High Pass filter to create envelopes with a pulse generator and a modulator."

Ligature | IME, Fauxland, Matriarch

video upload by HEAD DRESS

"Heavy ambience with Industrial Music Electronics, Fauxland System 100 and Moog Matriarch."

Bleep Labs Bit Blob 2 + Loud Labs

via this auction

It's not clear if the lising is for the Bit Blob or just the chip. Clarify with the seller if interested.

"RARE - Original Bit Blob chip
Use this chip with your Bit Blob 2 or Jr for all the sounds of the (pulse width control not compatible).
More info on the different chips as well as modification guides in the .

Bit Blob 2 – No longer available
– 1/8″ output dongle included.
– Internal speaker.
– Pulse width control.
– Handmade Noise friend"

Doepfer - A-157

via this auction

Additional NOISEBUG Listings

"A-157 is a trigger sequencer subsystem that generates eight trigger signals controlled by a 8x16 LED/button matrix.

The subsystem contains three modules:

A-157-1: 8 x 16 LED/button matrix and function adressing buttons/LEDs
A-157-2: Trigger Output module
A-157-3: Control Inputs module
The LED/button matrix module A-157-1 is the core of the subsystem. It is used to set or reset the trigger event on each of the 16 steps of each of the 8 rows. In addition the buttons and LEDs of the matrix are used for other functions too (like setting the first and last step of each row or adressing the preset memory).
The Trigger Output module A-157-2 outputs the 8 trigger signals and has an LED display for each trigger available.
The Control Inputs module A-157-3 has manual controls and trigger inputs available for the basic control functions start, stop, reset and clock. In addition four functions inputs are available which will be used in future firmware versions to assign these inputs to special functions (e.g. shifting a row left or right by means of an external gate/trigger signal or a second set of start, stop, reset and clock for individual rows).

Cwejman S1 mk2 2019 Eggshell White

via this auction

Roland TB-303

via this auction

"It has been recently serviced by the expert in Japan. perfect working. Cosmetically good. "

Who's the expert?

AKAI VX-600 VX600

video upload by Gearheadz

"Filter Cutoff/Resonance assigned to BEND...Demo before sale..."

via this auction

"Mighty VCO AKAI VX-600 in a hard to find optical condition. Fully functional. The LCD looks like new. Comes with a hard to find DIN break out cable.

The AKAI VX-600 comes with 50 custom sounds. Check YT Video.

Incluced is a Memory Card (Vintage Synt MRAM Card) containing 16 RAM CARDS. Giving you storage for upto 800 sound banks."

Moog MicroMoog SN 3625

via this auction

"This sweet vintage Moog Micromoog was born on September 7th 1976. And from the looks of it, its been closet kept all its live. It's in amazing cosmetic condition. It also works / sounds great. This beast of a synth delivers some wicked cool basses, leads, and trippy efx too. All keys, knobs and switches work good and its well tuned / calibrated. BUT as with any electronic device that's 45 years old.. you may or may not need to calibrate the tuning and / or adjust the key contact wires after it goes through transit to you."

Erica Synths LXR-02 drum synthesizer (Sonic Potions) w/ Original Box & Manual

via this auction

"Comes with original box and everything in it. Note that I wrote "LXR 02" on the power supply, but otherwise everything is in pristine cosmetic condition."

Moog Subharmonicon SN 09120 w/ Original Box & Accessories

via this auction

White Oberheim Matrix 1000 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Vermona Perfourmer Mkii

via this auction

Dave Smith Tempest w/ Yellow Pelican Case

via this auction

Yellow Waldorf Micro Q Rackmount Synthesizer SN 0410057977

via this auction

Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator - Synth Review & Demo | Analog String Synthesizer

video upload by synth4ever

"Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator vintage analog string synthesizer review & demo. In this video I cover the features of the Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator string synth, play some sounds, and conclude with my final thoughts.

00:00 - Intro
01:01 - Overview
02:56 - Left-hand instruments - Bass, Brass, Piano, Clavichord, Cello, Violin
06:17 - Right-hand instruments - Brass, Piano, Clavichord, Cello, Violin
07:51 - Vibrato
08:37 - Sustain
09:00 - All instruments together
09:54 - String timbre (bright to dark)
11:05 - All instruments together again
12:03 - Pitch control
12:48 - Final thoughts / conclusion

Released in 1977, the Crumar Multiman-S (also known as the Crumar Orchestrator) is a 49-key vintage string synthesizer, with 6 sounds and volume control for each instrument on the front panel. It is split in the middle and allows you to play different sounds with the left hand vs the right hand.

The 6 instruments on the Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator are bass, brass, piano, clavichord, cello and violin. You can enable or disable each of the sounds and adjust the volume levels independently to suit your needs as you play.

The brass section features a dedicated filter and envelope with attack and decay, and the filter has cutoff and resonance controls. It can also self oscillate for some quirky sounds. In the middle of the Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator is a slider for strings timbre which can be adjusted from dark to bright. In addition, there is onboard vibrato with speed and depth, and sustain control for the entire synth to enable big chords and pads.

The Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator is physically large and built into its own tolex case, which is quite rugged and heavy. There are also a few pedals available for this string synth including 13-note (G-G) Foot Pedal Board, Sustain Pedal, and a Foot Expression Pedal controller for the filter cutoff. In addition, there are audio outputs for piano/bass and brass, plus mix out.

Overall the Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator is an interesting and nice sounding vintage string synth from a renowned Italian synthesizer company at the time. The independent mixer control for each of the instruments allows you to craft your sound as you play, or have completely different sounds on one side of the keyboard vs the other. The self resonant brass filter also gives it a unique flavor.

The Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator can be found on the second hand market for decent prices still, and it is great for big symphonic patches, pads, strings and funky brass. If you are in the market for a vintage string synthesizer, keep your eyes out for the Crumar Multiman-S / Orchestrator as it has its own charm."

Waldorf Wave Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

10 simple synth sound design ideas you might want to give a try

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here are 10 simple synth sound design ideas you might want to give a try. Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:09 saw wave lfo arpeggiator
02:05 pitch bend wheel chords
04:01 moving oscillators
05:30 using the pitch envelope
06:51 adding harmonic content with filter resonance and key following
09:22 important considerations
09:46 using sample & hold
11:01 create a keyboard split with key scaling
12:16 create a sidechaining-like effect with square wave lfos
13:40 using insert effects to further enhance the effects we created so far
15:10 short improvisation!
17:09 swapping oscillators in preset sounds you like
17:43 short improvisation!
18:18 bye bye

my Bandcamp page:"

Gatelab is a *FREE* "Must Have Effect" for iPad musicians!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Get Gatelab here:"


SoundsDivine 'Fantastic Flaws - Shimmer' - Unfiltered Audio Lion

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Fantastic Flaws - Shimmer' soundset for Unfiltered Audio's Lion"

ARTURIA SQ80 V // full review, demo and walkthrough

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 Unique Features
3:23 Interface
7:51 Oscillators
14:30 Filter
18:03 Envelopes
24:26 LFOs
27:46 Mod Mixer
29:00 Other Bits
30:41 Effects
33:03 Final Thoughts

Korg OpSix + Make Noise Strega

video upload by Brett Naucke

"5 Quick patches for the Korg OpSix + Make Noise Strega.

This might seem like an unlikely couple but the Strega's foggy analog processing of the OpSix's glassy sound is a fantastic match."

Make Noise! | Shared System | Tape & Microsound | Strega | Phonogene

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"A live jam with my MakeNoise cases. I need to practice a lot. Also wanted to experiment with filming in one take without cuts and still keeping the visual aspect interesting."

Behringer 960 Sequential Controller with Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP voice #shorts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This is a quick demo of the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP module in eurorack format, driven by the Behringer 960 Sequential Controller. The Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP is in "Voice + Delay" mode. The left hand controls are VCF cutoff, Resonance, ADSR amount to VCF, fine tune.
The right hand control are Delay Time, Feedback, Dry/Wet mix, Decay/Release time for the AR and ADSR.


Other key components of my performance rig include:
Eurorack Modular - 84hp x 3
Arturia MatrixBrute - analog synth
Sequential Prophet X - hybrid sampler/digital + analog filter poly synth
Arturia BeatStep Pro
Behringer XR-18 mixer ( iPad control )."

dreadbox Nymphes Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth21

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Dreadbox Nymphes - Superbooth 21 (english)

video upload by Klangfarbe

"We are very sorry for the imperfect Audio quality, it was the last day of our Superbooth Adventure and it seems like the Equipment was , just like us, exhausted. Anyway, we wanted to share this Clip with you because Yiannis, the more than charming founder of Dreadbox had alot to say about the Nymphes Synthesizer."

SUPERBOOTH 2021 BJOOKS Synth Gems1 - Classy Synth Book

video upload by sonicstate

"Gaz and Kim Bjørn take a look at the latest quality book from Bjooks. Synth Gems1 a lovely coffee table quality book about synthesizers. Focussing on vintage synths with excellent photography and historical facts and details.
More information: Http://"

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Knobula 8 Voice Poly Eurorack Module

video upload by sonicstate

"Knobula showing the new 8 voice Poly Cinematic Eurorack module.
8 voices, 56 oscillators with a filter and digital reverb all in 12HP.

7 oscillator supersaw per voice
3 oscillator syncable wave shaped square / pulse
3 oscillator detuned tonewheel organ
8 chord memory controlled by cv / gate
Detune control with unison / 5th / sub octave sweet spots
3 filter types: lowpass, notch and highpass
Built in high quality reverb"

See the Knobula label below for more.

SUPERBOOTH 2021 Timetosser Messes With Time

video upload by sonicstate

"A real-time FX unit for slicing and dicing audio into beat size chunks from Alter Audio. Clock input from MIDI split into beat divisions repeat and re-sequence.
more information:"

Reshaping Live Performance

Timetosser: the standalone instrument for re-sequencing audio on the fly

Digital audio, up to 24-bit / 192 KHz
low noise, high quality codec
2-in / 2-out 1/4" jack connectors

Use Timetosser as audio interface and plugin controller when connected to a computer

Sync to MIDI-clock and analog gate voltage. Send detected or external sync as midi clock

180 MHz 32-bit ARM
microcontroller for real-time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback

SUPERBOOTH 2021 TouellSkouarn Blokañ Tube Ringmod

video upload by sonicstate

"TouellSkouarn are a French Modular manufacturer based in Brittany and name their products in the Bretan language. The Blokañ is a tube based ring mod with an analog VCO capable of some pretty extreme audio FX. With a modulation inputs for the VCO pitch as well as a dedicated output for the VCO. This was a prototype so no news on availability or price just yet, but stay tuned."

Elka OMB3 thru Crumar DS1 external input - Live Jam

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"Echopad on Ipad"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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