MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday, January 27, 2023

Only grief weathers time | Downtempo electronic synth instrumental

video upload by MIDERA

"I think I have never sat here longer, not knowing a thing to write about, or how to title this track. I've thought about the day, the week, and all my music ever makes me think about is just how fleeting time is - I don't normally feel that way towards anything I listen to, just my music. I wonder if that's how others view their work? Or maybe it's just the focus of what I do? Which reminds me - when I ask if my music invokes 'sadness' I'm often hearing that, no, it doesn't sound sad, which is bizarre, because that is almost always the mood I'm going for.

Ok - I guess that helped me figure out my title. Now I wonder whether I need to add a string of instruments in there... It's what I always do, but I don't like it. So, I guess I won't.

But I better list out what I had because I recently went back to a track and masterfully did not include everything and now I've forgotten.

Roland Jupiter 6 - pads at the beginning and throughout
Roland SH-101 - bass
Sequential Prophet 10 - Arp
DSI Tempest - Druims
Squarp Pyramid - Sequencer
All sounds routed to AUX to Strymon Volante then to Eventide Space"

Jamming with 9 Synthesizers

video upload by Bata

Nord Wave
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg Delta
Yamaha CS-15
Moog Source
Behringer 2600 (ARP 2600 clone)
Behringer Pro 1 (Sequential Circuits Pro One clone)
Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089
Xoxbox (Roland TB-303 clone)
Drums from Akai MPC X

1984 Van Halen Mainstage Test

video upload by narfsounds

"Trying out Mainstage’s Sampler with sounds for 1984 that I sampled from the OBX8 for the first time."

Keystep 37 + Moog Minitaur + Analog Rytm + Rhodes = more DAWless Jams!

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"I just put together this cool little DAWless setup for coming up with tunes, jamming, and even practicing over changes. The Arturia Keystep 37 is the sequencer and controller for the Moog Minitaur, so the basslines can be held down, while I'm free to play on the Rhodes MKIII EK-10. The Elektron Analog Rytm MKII is the drum machine and provides clock to the KeyStep. Overall, this is a fun little rig, and a good way to come up with ideas and just have fun."

Yamaha CS-15 Controlled by Kenton Pro Solo MK3

video upload by Bata

"Some noodling using the Nord Wave as a midi keyboard and a Kenton Pro Solo MK3 to control a Yamaha CS-15. This allows you to set the note priority, portamento type, and bend range as well mix an LFO in with the pitch CV for adding pitch modulation from the Nord's aftertouch. Overall it makes the CS-15 way more playable and works great for sequencing."

Eurorack distortion comparison - January 2023

video upload by John Schussler

"I used to number my distortion comparisons, but there are so many now, and in different forms, that I've decided it'll be easier to just go by date.

Here's the January 2023 batch. All have been released fairly recently AFAIK.

The comparison is a little tilted in that some are just drive circuits, while others are full on distortion/clippers. But I prefer to think of it as comparing along a range vs. a head-to-head evaluation.

Note that the video goes from soft to loud at times, because, y'know, distortion, so I recommend not blasting it too loud until you've skipped around a bit to get a feel for the dynamic range.

VCO is an Acid Rain Chainsaw saw wave. Envelope: Zadar. Sequencer: Stochastic IG.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Atonal OD
02:44 London Drive
03:49 Twin Drive
04:33 Nijel
05:42 cDVCA
08:08 L'Ecorcheur
11:07 Atonal OD
14:18 London Drive
16:25 Twin Drive
18:00 Nijel
19:40 cDVCA
22:34 L'Ecorcheur"

Recovery Mystic Desktop FM Synthesizer and Friends + GIVEAWAY!

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this stream we will be diving into the Mystic Desktop FM synthesizer with the Universal Audio Reverberator and the Astra Modulation Machine while sampling into the Elektron Octatrack.

Learn more about the Mystic here:
Learn more about the Golden Reverberator here:
Learn more about the Astra Modulation Machine here:
Learn more about the Elektron Octatrack:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT), and Steven Ly (aka Project 32)"

Memory-5, Mic, and Laura Derwn

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"MC Toaster Oven came by to make a track with Memory-5, a new Organelle patch made by user jackprime. It's an authentic emulation of a vintage analog synth that may or may not have "5" in its name. It has a wide range of smooth sounds with limited controls and you can download it here:

MC Toaster Oven has a long rider, but we could only accommodate the Critter & Guitari Microphone and an Organelle S. The Microphone is being processed by our latest and greatest patch Laura Derwn! Use Laura Derwn for all your Derwns!

Grab a Microphone here:


Standing in line at the supermarket,
Asking the cashier for my receipt.
Walking in between the cement trucks,
Cars share the sidewalk with my feet.

Waiting for my turn at the crosswalk,
Where the light has fallen down.
Guess I’ll just run through the traffic
while the car horns make their sounds.

Climbing up the stairs of the building.
Time to check for drips.
Heating up my lunch in the toaster oven:
Got to have it with my chips.

Pushing several buttons on the keyboard,
Looking for the right sound.
Microphone in my right hand,
While the beat goes round and round..."


video upload by Alexander Spree

"in this analog Ambientsession Bass & Lead is coming from my semimodular Moog Grandmother : Soundscape live from my Eurorack"

Haken Audio / EaganMatrix: Macro Controllers in 9.95 and Later Firmware

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Short video showing how to create and use Macro Controllers in EaganMatrix presets confirming to features in 9.95 and later firmware. This should apply for Haken Continuum, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Module and Expressive E Osmose."

KadImprov #17 | Realistic Concertmate MG-1 | Moog Mother-32 | Ambient Soundscape

video upload by KadiMusic

"title: Harmony

Bringing the Moog Mother-32 and the Realistic Concertmate MG-1 together for this piece of tranquility. I love the raw base sound of the Concertmate and how it complements the Mother-32. To accompany the Moog synths I wanted to incorporate the Erica Syntrx in this soundscape for the etherial, airy, parts. I'm really pleased with how it all came together.

I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for your support and for watching."

Dave Smith Mopho x4 [Sample Pack] (FREE)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Download a sample pack:"

"No EQ. No compression. No external effects. Pure sound."

Oberheim OB-X8 Dreams by Van Halen | 80s Synth Sounds #oberheim #obx8 #soundlibrary

video upload by narfsounds

The Touché MPE Controller With The Big Euorack System

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Jesse from Patchwerks shares his patch of the day using the Touche MPE controller.

Learn more about the Touché here:

The Touché touch controller, from Expressive-E, is a whole new way to control both software and hardware instruments. Touche is a highly sensitive controller with pressure and direction both adjusting the outputted control signals. It contains four CV outputs for connecting to modular gear such as Eurorack equipment, or other desktop synthesizers, as well as a 5-pin MIDI output when paired with their converter cable. Touche can be used to control external gear, or be paired with the Lié software counterpart. Presets can be easily recalled within the Lié software. With Touché, many new expressive techniques can be explored."

M2Synth Sequencer 192 Demo

video upload by John L Rice

"Watch me as I learn how to use this new modular synth sequencer! More exciting than watching paint dry?! ;-)


0:00 Beginning
0:24 Powering On And Basic Track Selection/Playing
2:06 Building A Track From Scratch
2:50 Changing Note Values
4:33 Changing Tempo
4:58 The Importance Of Saving
5:50 More Editing
6:46 The Reset Command
7:26 RUH ROH!
8:15 Back On Track - The Reset Command (again)
8:55 The Stop Command
9:15 The Reverse Command
9:38 Setting Commands On The Correct Step
10:35 Ratcheting
12:40 Setting Step Length
14:58 Repeat Functionality
18:05 Starting A New Track (but skipping most of it)
19:37 The Final Finished (?) Track
20:00 End

Kits for this and other M2Synth modules will be available soon in MOTM and MU compatible formats from and prebuilt modules as well as cases and power supplies will be available from

For those wondering about the details of the modular synth I'm using here I did System Breakdown #4 on it 10 months ago:"

JLRs Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #4 -

video upload by

"This is the fourth video breakdown/rundown for one of my modular synth systems, this time I'm doing one of my smallest 5U systems that is in a Moon Modular case. Next time I'll do my Ace toolbox Eurorack system. Please subscribe to my channel and click the 'bell' button to be notified when I post new videos! :-)

0:00 Beginning
0:20 Introduction/
3:08 Modules and Modifications Overview
7:23 Modification Details
11:05 Miscellaneous Items and Final Words
11:55 Low Effort Nothing To Write Home About System Wiggle
19:04 End

List of manufacturers and modules in this system:
Corsynth - C112 Assistants
Club of the Knobs - C 1631 - Q167
Electrosmith - 3340 VCO (x 2)
Electrosmith - 2144 LPF - Q109 (x 2) - Q148 - Q115"

ASM Hydrasynth - "Space Explorations" (50 presets)

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO Store presents a sonic masterpiece from renowned sound designer Otto K. Schwarz. The phenomenal soundbank for your favourite synthesizer will reveal the mystery of the space depths - filled with harmony, flickering of sound waves, vibrating gradients and penetrating tones. Elegant and extraordinary 50 presets are waiting for your action!

In this soundbank you will find warm heartful pads, evolving soundscapes, cosmic leads, mysterious plucks and much more! These sounds are suitable for various styles of music - for cinematics, ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or creating a retro flavour.

All presets are modwheel-asigned and have 2 to 8 additional modulation options, which means you have a wide room for experiments and building your soundscapes. Get ready to take your compositions to the next level!"

The Sound of Human League - Being Boiled with Maxi-Korg 800DV Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite tracks made by The Human League
Being Boiled from the year 1979

original track: made with the Mini-Korg 700S and the Roland System-100

I used one of the two synth engines of the Maxi-Korg 800DV for the main synth riff. The Maxi-Korg is like 2x Mini-Korg 700S with more performance controls.
Moog Minimoog for synth percussion and synth fx sounds.
additional drums: KORG DR-55

The Maxi-Korg 800DV from the year 1979 is a very intersting synth with unique sound. Here can you find the full Maxi-Korg playlist with a lot single sound demos, synth comparision and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The Maxi-Korg playlist:"

Dual DB-01s in three flavors: Pattern, Keys and Drone

video upload by Richard DeHove

"DB-01s in slightly more exotic flavors. The setup is two DB-01s, one left, one right, going into the Strymon DIG delay in ping pong mode and/or into the DBA Rooms reverb. The on-screen display shows the separate channels. In the first "Patterns" section there's two 64-step patterns and I let it run as I tweak the knobs.
The second part is "Keys" and started out as me just mucking about after I thought I'd finished the video. But I stumbled on the old riff to the title track from my 2007 album "Worlds Beyond Number". Yes, I used to play such sweet and gentle stuff :( I thought it was interesting to show the DB-01 in a more thoughtful mood with the slow attack happening via the LFO. The third section "Drone" was inspired by the recent dronescape videos. With effects the DB-01 really excels at live dronescape performance. I think there's a lot of territory in there to explore.
If there's a point to this video I think it's to explore your machines. I've always thought that every synth has its obvious sound, the one that's easy to find, places that the knobs are willing you to go. Some machines don't have much beyond that, others can surprise.

0:00 Pattern flavor 1
0:27 Flavor 2
0:52 Flavor 3
1:17 Flavor 4
1:30 Flavor 5
1:52 No flavoring
2:13 Keys theme
3:53 Dronescape

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:
My other channel 'IntraCosmos' of long-play dark ambient textures:"

Medusa Synthesizer and String Quartet Performance feat. Solaria singing Mary Shelley's Poem

video upload by the machine in the botanical garden

"Medusa Synthesizer and String Quartet Performance feat. Solaria singing 'Oh listen while I sing to thee' by Mary Shelley. Take a journey through electronic and classical music, featuring the Medusa synthesizer by Polyend and Dreadbox and the voice of Solaria singing a poem by Mary Shelley. Additionally, a string quartet adds emotional depth to the performance. Help support the creation of new works by subscribing and sharing the video.

I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the string sounds is Berlin Strings from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version)."

RK002 / RK008 and the TX6 in polyphony

video upload by Retrokits

"Just checking if this would be doable - I guess it is!"

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3

via this auction

"Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3 in excellent aesthetic condition except for the handle that show little aging signs."

Thomas Synthi 1055 SN 7/660049 & SN 7/660568

SN 7/660049 via this auction

SN 7/660568 via this auction

Pics of the inside of each below.

Siel LX.61

via this auction

You can find demos of one previously posted here.

Farfisa Soundmaker

via this auction

"Really near mint aesthetic condition. Fully functional, revised in our lab. Only one knob it has been replaced."

Note the seller appears to have two shops on Reverb, one here, and one here. They have another Soundmaker listed here (pics captured here).

Korg 900 PS (Serviced / Warranty)

via this auction


via this auction, also on Reverb

"Would you like to own a part of Music/American history? Have you been searching for a very rare classic/vintage synthesizer that is also a great Conversation/Décor piece, that will also ROCK the house? Well; here it is! One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL, PHATTEST and arguably the BEST synthesizers ever built... Any angel you look at it, it is gorgeous; and BOLD!"

Complete with Beatles & Stray Cats stickers on the side panels.

Klangstrøm - Miniature#1 (Pure Data & Korg Volca Drum)

video upload by dænkrø_ ElectriXity_

"Starting a series of miniatures with Pure Data and mostly one other piece of gear. Historical pieces of electronic music may be an inspiration but not necessarily. You guys can have a guess if there has been an inspiring paragon for each miniature. Starting off with the Volga Drum which is one of my favorite pieces of gear due to its immensely broad range of sonic capabilities. Love it. Hope you will, too!


Roland Jupiter X - check and thoughts

video upload by Chris Mick Studentsmusic

"one synth for all purposes? between greatnes and , confusion"

Bad Gear - No He Didn't...

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. No he didn't... Today we are going to talk about the Bass Bot by Cyclone TT-303. Is this carbon copy of the original Roland TB-303 Bass Line the perfect acid synth. Is it still relevent with all the clones like the Behringer TD-3 around? Is the build quality a dealbreaker?

00:00 Intro tune
01:10 Overview Cyclone Bass Bot TT-303
01:33 Differences to the Roland TB-303, Preset System
01:54 Insta DJ OS (Pattern Generator)
02:30 Mutate, Pattern Memory
02:45 Workflow, more new stuff
03:09 Accent, Slide
03:19 Limitations, added Features
03:32 Arpeggiator
03:44 Track Mode
03:52 How does it sound compared to the Original
04:15 Build Quality, Midi, CV/Gate, Version 2, Pricing
04:36 Hate
05:01 Jam 1 (Acid Techno Solo)
05:51 Jam 2 (Psychedelic Electro)
06:43 Finale (Acid Funk Retrowave)
07:13 Verdict
08:24 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout"

The Long Call (ZOIA Ambient)

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"A self-playing ZOIA patch by user wz on Patchstorage. Get it here: I've added additional audio elements and effects. Check out the rest of wz's cool stuff here:"

[patch] Magnetic Fields Sequence (Blofeld)

video upload by Synthesizer Video Service

"'Magnetic Fields' or 'Les Chants Magnétiques' by Jean-Michel Jarre is THE album of my life. I never would have started making music without this masterpiece. And it took me only thirty years to decypher the starting sequence.

Learn how to build a transposable sequencer on a Waldorf Blofeld. Additionally, let's create a panning delay with uncommon length values.

[00:00] Intro
[01:40] 'Magnetic Fields 1' and the Blofeld
[04:04] Patch Programming
[08:48] Arpeggiator and Multi-Mode
[18:16] Outro"

The Story of Taiga

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"What is Taiga? Join us as we discover together.

Our adventure with Taiga begins on Jan 31st 2023."

Polyend Play 1.2 Updates - Delay & Reverb tutorial and jam

video upload by Stazma

You can find additional posts on Polyend Play 1.2 here.

"Today we’re going for a few jams, all from different styles, mostly so I can show you some fun stuff about the two time based master fx of the Play: Delay and Reverb.

Since the new firmware 1.2 you can edit these effects (before only presets were available) and so you can play with those while your track is playing and record the results in your Daw for exemple.

#stazma #polyendplay #jamuary

00:00 Intro
01:22 Delay on brakbeats
05:17 Delay on Bass
06:49 Reverb on Organ
08:17 Reverb as a second Delay
09:49 Small reverb for 909 snares
10:55 Karplus Strong & fake looping delay
12:39 Go ambient"

Mutable Edges | Let's walk a thin line

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"A quick jam for today with Mutable Edges, Soma Lyra-8 FX, Ripples and Desmodus Versio. Four days to go and still having a good time!"

FIVE MINUTES WITH : Roland MC-101 Zen Core Groovebox

video upload by sonicstate

"In our latest FIVE Minutes with Paulee from @magicalsynthadventure3216 spends some quality time with the Roland MC-101 which has a lot of power under the hood - 4 tracks of ZenCore synthesis - 128 voices, samples, drums, 4 loopers, FX and sequencing all from this tiny box.

Paulee has also provided the patches, patterns and samples used in the demo for our Patreon supporters (Sonicstate Star level) - you can just copy them over to the SD card.

The extra content on Patreon"

Patch n Tweak
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