MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Layered Drum Machine Percussion Sample Pack by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Layered Drum Machine Percussion. Available now:

Layering drum machine sounds again! This time percussion. Adding depth and character, as well as a distinctive flavour. These sounds are perfect for adding life to your drum patterns.

For this pack, I have used 37 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques. All recorded through tasty studio hardware.

Drum Machines: Syntakt, LXR-02, Pulsar-23, TR-727, TR-707, TR-808, TR-626, Volca Drum, PO-12, PO-32, Tempest, Tanzbar, CR-78, ER-1, XD5. PB-300, Ritmo, R-50, R-70, ADX-1, MFB-522, DRM-1, Acetone FR-1, MicroTonic, The Kit, LM-2, Drumulator, Nord Drum, KPR-77, OP-1, Mbrane, Bohm, D-1, RX-5, DDM-220, Rytm, 55B"

Meet the Telmatronics Groovetube Tube Based Prototype Plasma Synthesizer

video uploads by Telmatronics

via Telmatronics Kickstarter

Make crazy sounds with fluorescent tubes, that you can control with a magnet

A project to create a plasma instrument About a year ago, we discovered a lot of fun could be had with a fluorescent tube and a magnet... Lit fluorescent tubes are filled with plasma - a low pressure electrified gas that can make oscillations at audible frequencies. With suitable control over the plasma in the tube, we found this instability could sound amazing... and could also be controlled with a magnet! (It is worth listening to the video with headphones, to hear details of the sound).

Playing with sound created in a glowing tube is tactile, surprising and absorbing, and we decided to develop a new kind of electronic instrument.

We are releasing this first-generation machine for people to try out a new way to make noise. It is a sort of proto-instrument - an experimental machine to be experimented with!

Having machines out in the world will help explore what is possible, as there is a lot of unexplored territory here - we don't have much audio equipment, and have tried a dozen or so tubes. By making these machines available now, we hope to not only fund further development but also let collective experimentation inform its direction.

There are pros and cons to using commercial tubes for this. The sound from different fluorescent tubes can vary considerably, so trying out a new tube is an inexpensive bit of fun. It is currently possible to find various types of suitable (T5, 9"/ 225 mm, 6 W) tubes potentially available, new and old stock. On the downside, these tubes are being phased out in the very near future (about 18 months in the UK), and they will become increasingly scarce as production declines - bad timing to find a new use for them! We will keep testing different tubes however, and secure adequate supplies of some good ones before they disappear. In the longer term our objective is to produce custom tubes, which will require further research and development.

We are offering this first on Kickstarter, as a good way to generate awareness of what we are doing and to generate funds to get the project going properly.

Spectral Audio Neptune 2

via this auction

"Rare Neptune II monosynth in excellent condition. This was bought NEW from SA just a few months ago--they still had one in stock and Markus checked over/calibrated before shipping. It's a very dynamic 3 osc synth, does standard vintage analog sounds along with some really tight FM stuff. Snappy envelopes and nice saturation at different points (mixer and output). Also functions as a MIDI-CV/Gate converter."

Roland System-100M 172 Phase Shifter, Audio Delay, LFO, Gate Delay Module SN 870243

via this auction

Roland Keyboard Catalog Vol. 2 Synthesizers and Keyboards

via this auction

"This is a 27 page brochure Roland Keyboard Catalog Vol.2 for the Roland Synthesizers and Keyboards............. listing all specs and unique features........from 1998........brochures like this can add value to your existing keyboard collection.......item was recently recovered from storage from the inventory of a "Closed" Roland keyboard dealer"

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

"This vintage OB-8 is fully functional and in great condition. This OB-8 has been fully serviced, new keybed has factory MIDI.

The OB-8 is fully programmable and loaded with powerful analog sound. Dedicated knobs, sliders, and a traditional layout make programming easy and hands-on. Each individual voice can be de-tuned for a very massive sound. Syncable VCOs and a nice arpeggiator are also available. It has a switchable 2 or 4-pole VCF (filter) with ADSR. Many LFO modulation controls and effects are possible. The OB-8 also introduced a second layer of programming functions - hit the "Page 2" button and all front panel controls were assigned to an entire second set of parameters."


video upload by

"New to the studio: SONICWARE LIVEN LOFI-12, a 12 bit groove machine.
Checking the factory patterns and tweaking them a little.


Min. Chapter
00:00 Intro
00:12 RAIN
00:29 PLOV
00:47 INDY
01:09 WAHZ
01:33 O.RUN
01:54 CALM
02:19 AUTM02:42 YEAY (tweak)
03:16 GMBL (tweak)
04:19 FUNK (tweak)
04:46 JNGL (tweak)
05:07 BOOM (tweak)06:15 OVER (tweak)
06:55 FLCT (tweak)
07:44 1999 (tweak)
08:41 SCOM (tweak)
11:43 P301
12:00 RANDOM, own creation (tweak)"

The first 10 Sounds made on first night with Trigon 6!

video upload by Orano Music

"Its Bold, it's Big, Maybe not in physical stature but in sound it definitely is!

The Trigon-6 so far has not disappointed!

00:00 Intro / SM Unison Res
01:02 SM Glorious Times
02:35 SM 80’s Poly Saw
03:39 SM The Growler
04:35 SM Trebuchet
05:14 SM Dirty Saws
06:15 SM Marshall Stack
07:36 SM Funkadellic
08:23 SM Squelch Lead
09:29 SM Warm Keys 1"

Ambient sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound.

Enjoy! :)"


video upload by EMEAPP

"Here for your viewing and listening pleasure is this colorful little gem from the later period of the original Moog company.The Opus 3 was their little orchestral monster which is comprised of three sections; strings, organ and brass. The layering and filtering capabilities of this instrument are stunning and it is excellent for some lush pads. Join Don Slepian in this demo of this unique little beast from perhaps the most well known and storied synthesizer manufacturer. It should also be noted that this instrument was designed by the late Herb Deutsch, Bob Moog's original collaborator and catalyst for the creation of the first Moog Modular system.

You can find us at where we invite you to join us as a FREE member."

Analogue Solutions Colossus Slim AS200 Synthesizer

video upload by Analogue Solutions

"Introducing the AS200 Colossus 'Slim', a synthesizer designed for those who want a powerful analogue sound in a smaller space.

🔗 AS website:

This space-saving version of the original Colossus classic (AS100) compromises very little to obtain its smaller footprint, over 50% smaller, and is a little taller than the classic. It takes some of the features found in the classic's horizontal console and flips them vertically.

The Colossus Slim has more mixer inputs, fully independent pin matrices, and a lower price tag than the classic version. However, the classic version has larger pin matrices and touch keyboards. The Colossus Slim comes with a two-channel LCD oscilloscope as standard, while a CRT scope is available.

We've designed the Colossus Slim to elegantly stack on top of a Colossus Classic for a grand double-height system.

This synth is purely for those who want it just as it was in the 1970s - but new with parts still in production. Colossus is large-scale, featuring large knobs that control metal shaft potentiometers, and VCOs have multi-turn verniers. The two enormous pin matrix panels dominate the horizontal panels - these are incredibly expensive Swiss-made broadcast quality signal routers - 1 for CV and 1 for Audio.

There are two spring reverbs, step sequencers, moving coil meters, joysticks, and so much more. An immense expanse of jack sockets for additional patching within or without the system.

Colossus is a serious analogue powerhouse of sound enclosed in a solid metal case wrapped in solid hardwood. No expense has been spared to bring this incredible machine to life. Synthesizers like this only come around once in a decade or possibly a generation. Visit the Analogue Solutions website for more information and to order your Colossus Slim today.

*Audio track is a live Colossus Slim performance, recorded without any multitracking or mixing."

Luke Neptune's Vintage/Classic Soundset for Pro 3

video upload by Luke Neptune

"To purchase this soundset click here

This soundset comes as 4 identical files each loading to a different bank allowing you to choose which user bank you would like to import the soundset to."

Mystics Vol 1 - DSI Prophet 08 - Patches 33 to 48 (Dry + FX Presets)

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -
Mystics Vol 1 contain 64 New Patches for the venerable DSI Prophet 08. I used to have one years ago and sold it, but had the opportunity recently to pick one up on Ebay, not to make Patches, just...'cause! Even though I have a Prophet Rev 2 and have made 2 Banks for it, there was something about the Prophet 08 that got me hooked on making new Sounds for it....Here they are....Mystics Vol 1.

After extensive testing they are NOT 100% compatible with the Prophet Rev 2, so are not supported.

Of course, there are no FX onboard, however I have previously use 2 Free Plug-Ins (below) and have made 64 FX Presets for each to match up with each Patch. I have also demonstrated the Patches both Dry and with the FX.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus -
2. Valhalla Supermassive -

All you need to do is set up an Insert in your DAW, add the chorus in Slot 1 and in Slot 2, Supermassive. Then just match up the Preset Numbers/Names...That's it, levels are all done!

Here are the next 16 Patches with 1 more Video to come.

00:00 - 33. Chiptune GEO
01:35 - 34. At Night GEO
03:51 - 35. Big Bertha GEO
05:06 - 36. Silk Road GEO
07:29 - 37. Throaty GEO
09:06 - 38. Acoustix GEO
10:19 - 39. Solina GEO
13:05 - 40. Slick Pad GEO
15:41 - 41. 80's Split GEO
17:43 - 42. Collage GEO
19:03 - 43. Notch Theory GEO
20:55 - 44. Juicy Fruit GEO
21:47 - 45. Solid Sync GEO
22:50 - 46. Phatty GEO
23:36 - 47. Trojan GEO
25:09 - 48. Mind Games GEO"

Mystics Vol 1 - DSI Prophet 08 - Patches 49 to 64 (Dry + FX Presets)

video upload by

"Here are the final 16 Patches (of 64)

00:00 - 49. Old Flame GEO
02:18 - 50. Full Circuit GEO
03:23 - 51. Rezo Lives GEO
04:25 - 52. Toy Box GEO
06:24 - 53. Good Vibes GEO
08:11 - 54. All Percs GEO
09:36 - 55. Dark Night GEO
11:58 - 56. Electrix GEO
13:58 - 57. Dashcam GEO
14:50 - 58. Polymore GEO
16:19 - 59. Brick Wall GEO
17:44 - 60. Vast Halls GEO
19:47 - 61. Key2Sync GEO
20:52 - 62. In Yo Face GEO
21:54 - 63. Dark Space GEO
23:49 - 64. Inca Tribes GEO"

Sequential OB-6 pad sound ❤️

video upload by Mr. Card

"A short fragment of pad sound with OB-6! ❤️"

Adrift for VCS3, Arp 2600, Moog Voyager and Mellotron

video upload by R. Reger

"Original soundscape for analog instruments."

Break Jumpin'

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's make a bunch of variations on the same break, and then jump between them and make variations out of that too!"

New AMSynths AM8109SE Low & High Pass Jupiter 8/4 Filters Eurorack Module

"This module is replication of the Low Pass and High Pass Filters from the legendary Roland Jupiter 8 and 4. This is a 2 and 4 pole OTA design that Roland first used in the Jupiter 4 in 1980, replacing a discrete version of the filter which took up more PCB space.

This is a warm sounding filter with smooth frequency control and a resonance that gradually increases up to full resonance, just before self oscillation, a sound very reminiscent of the early 1980's. The original Jupiter 8 filter did not self oscillate, and we have retained this configuration. However the customer can set the filter to self oscillate by adjusting a PCB trimmer on the rear of the module.

The difference between 2 and 4-pole modes is not dramatic, with the 2-pole mode providing a more gradual cutoff slope and silky sound. The high pass filter provides a gradual cutoff of low frequencies.

The AM8109SE is a new version of the 2010 AMSynths design, with slide potentiometers and a skiff friendly module depth of 35mm.

Eurorack Module: 14HP wide
User Manual: AM8109 Quick Start Manual

This module is an accurate reproduction of the Jupiter 8 low pass voltage controlled filter, using the AS3109 OTA chip in the filter core, as well as the high pass filter that uses an AS662 chip. The design has been updated to use modern components with high quality capacitors in the signal path. It delivers a very warm and smooth sound.

There are front panel sliders for adjusting the Cutoff Frequency and Resonance of the low pass filter, and level control of 3x control voltages (MOD, ENV and KYBD) and 2x audio signal inputs. The high pass cutoff frequency is adjusted using a rotary potentiometer with an original Boss coloured control knob.

There are five 3.5mm jack sockets at the base of the black anodised 2mm front panel;
2x audio inputs
3x control voltages
1x audio signal output
There is an audio output jack at the top right of the module. The slope of the filter can be switched between 2 and 4 poles using a small slide switch, and the envelope CV signal can be inverted using a second slide switch.

The module comes with a set of M3 mounting screws and washers, and a standard Doepfer power cable."

In Theory Tutorial - Interval Based AUv3 MIDI Keyboard for iOS

video upload by Cem Olcay

"Here's a quick video tutorial for the AUv3 MIDI app In Theory.

00:00 - Keypad
00:54 - Chord Intervals
01:18 - MIDI Keyboard support
01:51 - MIDI Note Sequencing
02:13 - MIDI CC Sequencing
03:10 - JAM!"

EON-Arp | New FREE Plugin by Modalics

video upload by Modalics

"Modalics’ acclaimed debut release 'Beat Scholar' generated quite a buzz with it’s innovative (and savory) approach to rhythm composition.

The companies second release 'EON-Arp' is an arpeggiator that features unparalleled rhythmic and melodic control, allowing users to shape beautiful, intricate and highly musical phrases easily.

Unlike standard arpeggiators, EON features a deeply customizable note grid, allowing you to manipulate the position, length or velocity of every note with either quantized or freeform timing.

In true Modalics fashion, EON encourages rhythmic exploration by allowing users to create up to 128 steps while giving the option to create any measure imaginable and to apply it to a single step or an entire pattern.
Even though EON-Arp was designed to play well with your favorite synth and midi input of choice, Modalics included a built-in midi player & a mini wavetable synth so EON is ready to spice up your melodic & harmonic vocabulary as soon as it’s launched.

Modalics is launching EON for FREE for a limited time, in order to claim EON for free use promo code “FreeYourArp” at checkout.
After the intro sale, EON will be up for sale for the retail price of $29 on the Modalics website.

For more information and to secure your copy of EON go to

Main Features:
Unmatched Flexibility - 11 pitch positions, up to 128 steps, free or quantized editing of every note position and length
Time & Space are Relative - Control step length, pattern length or mix and match both options over 8 arp snapshots per preset
8 Snapshots with Quantized Triggering - Dynamically create evolving themes, contextual rhythms or creative chaos in every preset
Built-In Midi Player - Over 100 chords, progressions and scales to spark up inspiration as soon as you launch EON
Built-In Mini Synth - EON plays well with your favorite synth, but we’ve also added a mini-synth with dozens of wavetables
Compatibility - PC/MAC, Standalone, VST, AU, AU Midi Component, AAX formats"

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

via this auction

Pollard Syndrum Quad SN 110

via this auction

"one original drum pad
one foot pedal and footswitch unit
one 4-way connecting lead to connect four pads to the unit via the DIN-type socket."

Touch me eurorack trigger interphase, simple, and passive, but beautiful in handy

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"Touch me to touch interface with spikes, a simple,

passive model that you can’t touch to trigger drums,

or a clock divider A handy tool check to Demo Video"

Coming soon… new KORG oscillator plugin by Sinevibes

video upload by Sinevibes

"We’re working on a new lush multi-layer oscillator plugin for KORG synthesizers. Stay tuned!"

Wing Pinger /\/ Sisters

video upload by Meng Qi

"Smooth and slick as the two generate this analog sound.

One smart way to play Wing Pinger is to form feedback loops with other devices by utilizing Wing Pinger's operation method which extracts trigger information from the audio and then generates new sound events through filter pinging."

Artists Meet Osmose #4 - Canblaster

video upload by Expressive E

"Sound explorer Canblaster uses Osmose to create wild SFX, discusses how playing around one note with attention can open up new worlds of creativity and then integrates this expressive synth to his elegant electronic compositions."

24 Special Cranker Acid sounds and a jam in two minutes - Xoxbox TB-303 clone [no talk]

video upload by Stazma

"I weirdly forgot to test the Special Cranker on my TB-303 clone, the good old Xoxbox, during my video on it (check it out here: [posted here]

No it's done! No less than 24 settings in a stupid montage, can you see all the little changes???

Have fun!

Drums by the Analog Rytm MK2 by the way."

UVI Introduces Percussion Factory

video uploads by UVI

"Percussion Factory - Creative Rhythm Designer

Discover an innovative approach to percussion pattern composition, with a massive library of percussion sounds collected from all over the world and create the production you want with intelligent preset generation, real-time sequence modifiers, morphable groove, a creative topology outfitted for sound design, and much, much more.

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Anthony Hak
Music Credits: Thomas K. & Théo G."

ST Modular - TROMMELMASCHINE (3-Voice Hybrid Drum Synth)

video upload by Stefan Tretau

00:00 Digital Voice with CV
03:08 Analog Voice with CV
04:22 Noise Generator with CV
05:05 Kick Drum Creation
07:02 Drum Groove Creation
09:25 Kick Drum Examples (Audio only)

TROMMELMASCHINE is a three-voice digital and analog drum module that can be used to create all kinds of kick drums and drum grooves.

It features a DIGITAL DRUM VOICE (D) with PITCH and TONE control that has two modes: KICK and PERC. Press and hold the MODE switch for one second to switch between the two modes. In KICK mode (LED flashes slowly) the sliders are MOD1 = DECAY, MOD2 = TRANSIENT, MOD3 = PITCH ENV and in PERC mode (LED flashes quickly) MOD1 = COLOR, MOD2 = DECAY and MOD3 = FM AMT. PITCH and MOD can be changed manually or via CV with dedicated attenuators. If nothing is connected to the CV inputs, the MOD CV attenuators change the response curve of the MOD sliders. Turn them to the right to get a linear response and to the left to get a logarithmic response. This facilitates precise adjustment of the slider positions.

The ANALOG DRUM (A) voice has DECAY, DRIVE and PEN (pitch envelope) sliders, plus PITCH and LENGTH (pitch envelope length) potentiometers. These can also be controlled via CV. The PITCH CV input tracks 1V/OCT and can be used to play notes.

The third voice is a NOISE GENERATOR (N) with COLOR control and DECAY slider. The decay of the noise can also be controlled via CV.

All voices have individual trigger inputs (D. TRIG is normalized to the other trigger inputs) and individual outputs and are also summed using an internal mixer at the MAIN output. The volume of each channel can be changed with the volume pots. Loudness LEDs indicate
when a voice is close to clipping.

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Summer On Analog Synthesizer - Look Mum No Computer

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

Another #Classical Song done on my DIY #Analog #Synthesizer.
you can download wav/mp3 track here on Patreon amongst many others :-

SynthieCat External Input Experiments

video upload by max forcats

"Get it here:
Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live."

PWM Malevolent Tutorials & Patches

Malevolent Tutorials

New videos starting with video 5 in the playlist above. Use the player controls to skip around.

Making Malevolent Patches

video upload by PWMusic

All new videos.

Why OB-Xd is a fantastic free synth... and how to use it!

video upload by MusicRadar Tech

"In our new series we delve into the best free synths on the internet. In this instalment we delve into the world of analogue modelling with the aid of another fantastic (and free) software synthesiser: DiscoDSP’s OB-Xd."

Download OB-Xd:

First Look - Soma Pulsar Utilities - Modular Add On

video upload by sonicstate

"During our visit to Soma Sound Machines in Warsaw, as well as the factory tour and look at the Terra production unit, we also had the chance to see the new Pulsar-23 Utilities - a stand alone device with triggers, attenuators and a variety of amplifiers designed to just add gain or to add character by using some unique and antiquated amplifier technologies.

It is designed as a companion to the Pulsar-23 Drum Machine - which is possibly one of the most unusual drum machines you'll come across, but could be equally useful as a general box of utilities in modular world, though it still uses the crocodile clips and post system of the Pulsar-23. Available in a few months we're told."

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