MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, March 4, 2023

Saturday, March 04, 2023

[ZATURN x NASA] - Gotharman Modular Synth Jam + 1967 Apollo Project Progress Report #TTNM


"Created some ZATURN modular synthesizer drones, crackles and pops to augment a 1967 NASA project report film. I'm using the newly-released digital filters (VCFs), the new oscillator FM features and the new ResEQ and ModDelay FX.

Film source:

Gotharman instruments website:


Great Conjunction 2op FM generative synth prototype. Sega Master System (Japan) chip

video upload by Arman Bohn

Bass Station II: Halo Bassline Patch

video upload by Iconic Synth sounds programming

"You can hear Bass Station 2 showing its analogue capabilities in this great Bassline written by DM. As the 'movement' in this sound is as important as the patch itself, I have included the Logic X project and the midi file if you want to work with other DAW. Of course the BS2 patch is also included ;).
In the logic project there are project and tracks explanations and you can also email me if you need any kind of help.You can sculpt the sound with just small modification of the MIDI data.
You can get everything here for a symbolic price here: or if you prefer, contact me.
No effects of any kind used in this video, just the sound of Bass Station 2. No reverb, no eq, no mixing, no processing. Of course the drum sound is the original, looped.
Thanks for watching"

Alien Shopping Mall - perkons hd-01 , vermona perfourmer mk2 , deluge,sequential pro 3

video upload by Makis Zeg

News Label Fixed

This is just an FYI. The yellow "News" link on the top right in the "Useful Links" section of the site has been fixed. It was mistakengly going to the older "New" label for new gear only, which was retired in 2022.

Sequential OB-6 + Techno drums (jam session)

video upload by Mr. Card

"No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound."

Novation Bass Station II Demo 2

video upload by Skinny Nails Assembly

Demo 1 here

"Novation Bass Station 2 bass demo a bit inspired by Saki Kaskas.

Also featuring Roland R-70, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Sequential Pro 3, Waldorf mQ, Novation Nova II, Lexicon LXP-15 mk II"


video upload by JOSEF KLANG

KadImprov #22 Ambient Soundscape | 80's vibe-ProphetRev2 | Mother32 | Syntrx | Moogerfooger

video upload by KadiMusic

"Title: 'Wandering in a Daydream'

To create the dreamy and weightless atmosphere I wanted in my soundscape, I started by creating a melody on the Moog Mother-32 and sending the CV to my Syntrx. I used Oscillator 1 on the Syntrx to create an airy arpeggio-like sound sending it through the reverb of the Syntrx, while Oscillator 2 was used as a distortion effect.

Once I had the foundation of the soundscape, I added the #Moogerfooger with additional subtle accents that gave the #soundscape more character. The Prophet Rev2 was the final piece of the puzzle, adding the chords as finishing touches to the sounds of the Mother-32 and #Syntrx.
Also I tried out the Chow Tape Model vst on the Prophet to give it an 80's lo-fi vibe.

Overall, I was pleased to explore some sounds with the Moogerfooger and to create an interesting routing on the Syntrx for this track.
Thanks for watching and thanks for your support! 🙂👋"

Pulser Synpuls Analog Drum Synthesizer Demo

video upload by pedech

Don't miss the demo after 3:50. You can find pics of one here.

Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 Glitch Madness

video upload by Acid Techno Man

"13 minute or so aimless rollercoaster ride on the Perkons"

Yamaha RM1x Korg Kaossilator drama - crying synth

video upload by rm1xapm

"Title 'sad'. Made with Yamaha RM1x, PSR 4600, SY 35, Korg Microsampler, Korg Kaossilator."

stille #7 | minimal ambient | mellotron m4000d | soma cosmos

video upload by Elinch

00:00 loop 01 /// bitboy 1010 (source disting ex macro orc / replicator / soma cosmos)
00:36 loop 02 /// bitboy 1010 (source disting ex strings / soma cosmos)
00:42 loop 04 /// bitboy 1010 (source mellotron / replicator / soma cosmos)
00:54 loop 05 /// bitboy 1010 (source disting ex strings / soma cosmos)
01:03 loop 06 /// mellotron / replicator / soma cosmos
01:17 loop 07 /// bitboy 1010 (source disting ex macro orc / replicator)
01:40 loop 08 /// mellotron / replicator / ditto
02:25 loop 09 /// bitboy 1010 (source disting ex piano / replicator)
03:17 mellotron
04:10 loop 10 /// bitboy 1010 (source mellotron / soma cosmos)

recorded live with tascam dr 100.
for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

if you want to support me:

A Smile in Space May Cause an Avalanche Part 2

video upload by zack dagoba

"A Smile In Space May Cause An avalanche - part 2

Released on the compilation celebrating 3 Years of Modulisme

Composed by Philippe Petit using Buchla 200 & EMS Synthi A Synthesizers + e-bowed Piano Soundboard into a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator & Peavey 5150 + Ampeg SVT-2 Pro bass Amplifiers

« Electronic Tonalities » by Benge, made with the Emu Emulator II
and a wine glass

Video by Benge, made on 2 x Panasonic WJ-MX50 video mixers, Grass Valley Indigo video switcher, Emu Modular for video modulations

/ @zackdagoba"

Arturia Minifreak - "Neon Heart" 40 Presets and Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

"We continue Arturia Minifreak soundsets series & present "Neon Heart" now is the time for Analog & Vintage Sounds!


Arturia Minifreak is a powerful synthesizer with great potential and an incredible variety of sounds.

Welcome to the warmly vintage world!

40 presets and sequences ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity.

Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, Retrowave, create new music worlds with Arturia Minifreak and 'Neon Heart'

In the bank you will find neon pads, arps, sequences ,leads, plucks ,warm poly and bass that will fill your compositions with new colors and emotions.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Making A 303 On The Octatrack // Acid House From Scratch

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this live stream we use single cycle waveforms and some filter adjustments to make 303 style sounds on the Octatrack. After that we work on making some Acid House from scratch.

Learn more about the Elektron Octatrack here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Acid Techno From Scratch // Octatrack 303 Tutorial

video upload by EZBOT

"Turn your Octatrack into a 303 with this simple and delicious recipe.

Get those cool transparent MIDI cables here:

Sign up with DistroKid and get 7% off with this link: (definitely do this)

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:
Get the template in it's current state at Ko-Fi:"

Enjoying the remarkable sounds of KORG WAVESTATION

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Revisiting the wonderful sounds and presets of the KORG WAVESTATION synth, as part of the KORG COLLECTION, a suite of VST PLUGIN SOFTSYNTH emulations of classic KORG VINTAGE HARDWARE SYNTHESIZERS"

► WEBSITE - additional links there.

808-Aid by Max for Cats

video upload by max forcats

"free 808 programmer by Max for Cats crafts Software Instruments, Effects, MIDI devices, Sound Design and Samples for Ableton Live."

"A 808 programmer for Ableton's 808 kits. Originally released as a max patch for 808-day by C74's ej."

1978 Hammond 18250K Model B200 Vintage Organ w/ Analog String, Brass, & Tuba Presets SN 8000795

video upload by akindofvision

Note this appears to be the 1st post to feature the Hammond 18250k. Above is a video of one I found on YouTube.

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

- 1978 Hammond X1250K Vintage Organ Analog Keyboard
- Average Cosmetic Condition, Just Removed from Studio Storage
- No Stand, Leslie Was Recently Separated
- Worked Prior to Storage, Complete Internally, but Will Need Service"

BLACET Frac Synth with 10 Modules and Case

Blacet Research MD2600/2650 Module Tutorial video upload by jblacetIII

From the listing:


This selects three inputs via a control voltage and sends it to the output. Musically interesting, and you can see the YouTube video on how this one's designed."

via this auction

Yamaha MR-10 Rare Vintage Analogue Drum Machine

via this auction

"the one and only Yamaha analogue drum machine ever produced

made in Japan, 1982.

it sounds great, and has its own unique vibe, and is quite rare by itself."

Access Virus A Desktop Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"Access Virus Model A, Near Mint Condition, Includes Rack Ears and Wood Panels & Original Owners Manual."

Black Corporation Ise-Nin (Jupiter 8 Clone) 8 voice Synthesizer SN 3074

via this auction

Korg DW-8000 Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer

via this auction

SIEL Orchestra for sale / a vendre (ARP Quartet)

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick video of a SIEL Orchestra I just serviced, in order to demonstrate the differents sounds you can get out of this instrument.
Also sold as the ARP Quartet this keyboard offers 4 parts: Brass / Strings / Reed / Piano
Nice filter on the brass part and strings sounds are not too bad either. They do use the same TCA350 BBD chipsets as other classic string machines like the Eminent Solina, Logan String Melody or Crumar Performer.
I use a sustain, pedal as some point, mainly on the piano part.
Recorded dry and no treatment."

Bassline DB01 (analog synth & sequencer) + Strymon Timeline (delay) // DRUMS: Roland TR6S

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"A minimal techno-like jam with the Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline playing through the Timeline delay and the Roland TR-6S taking care of all the other parts. I really love the new VINYL SIM effect on the TR-6S which I use... and abuse (really love how it compresses, smashes, glues everything 😅).

At first it's the DB-01 playing and gradually I add in the drum parts. The build is mainly based on the freeze of the Timeline delay 🤩

* Bass: Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline + Strymon Timeline
* Drums: Roland TR-6S"

SERGE by Random*Source / TRIPLE+ WAVESHAPER / a quick runthrough

video upload by BRiES

"In this video I try to show how the TRIPLE+ WAVESHAPER by Serge Modular by Random*Source reacts to a saw wave (its intended purpose).

I add some modulation to demonstrate the difference between the VC1 and VC2 inputs. There's some audio rate modulation as well. I do a bit of everything. This video is not an extensive playthrough. At this point I'm not sure what exactly it is that the circuits are doing, but maybe I'll figure it out exactly and then I can do a more thorough playthrough of this module."

Roland MKS-80 REV5 & MPG-80 (1983) - Werkstatt Matlak

video upload by Werkstatt Matlak

"Final test after service"

How to turn your Dreadbox Erebus or Hades Synthesizer into a Eurorack Module

video upload by VCO USA

"In this video we show how you can easily transition your Dreadbox Erebus and Hades Reissue Analog Synthesizer from it's Desktop format into a Eurorack module and vice versa.

You'll need:
1 Phillips head screwdriver
1 Hex Key / Allen Wrench
2 minutes of your time

Follow this procedure to convert your Dreadbox Erebus or Hades Desktop Synth into a Eurorack module."

ARTinoise lunatica Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

See the Artinoise label below for more.

Behringer UB-Xa - - Milestone - - by "The Synth King"

video upload by The Synth King

"This video showcases a complete song I´ve composed and produced with sounds exclusively from the Behringer UB-Xa (except drums). The opening bass line was made with the built in step sequencer running in sync to the DAW. I've used a single reverb and two delay plugins for this track. There is no EQing or dynamic processing involved. All sounds were recorded directly into the audiointerface."

Update via Behringer:

"As we’re getting ready for the production of the long awaited UB-Xa, we’d like to share a beautifully crafted video of the Synth King.

It demonstrates that this amazing synth is not only capable of capturing the legacy sounds of the ‘80s but also deliver modern sounds and timbres.

The UB-Xa is one of our most complex products we have ever designed in our 35 years of history. 15 engineers worked over 4 years, delivering 8 hardware revisions and countless firmware upgrades, while co-innovating with 20 beta testers who all own the original OB-Xa synth. Our objective was to spend as much time and resources it takes and only release it when it is perfect. The UB-Xa is now completed and we’re ramping up for production. As Uli stated from the beginning, this synth was never meant as a commercially driven product, but rather a labor of love. In fact, it might never make us any money and that’s OK. For that reason, we plan to offer if at the lowest possible price and at a fraction of competitive products.

We’re sorry this has taken so long but we now have a synth jewel we’re very proud of and a fantastic platform that will allow us to deliver new poly synths at a much shorter time. We’d like to thank all the beta testers who spent years and countless hours to help us bring the UB-Xa to life.

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you for your support and patience. You’re the reason why we love what we do."

Jamming with Various Synthesizers (4)

video upload by Bata

Akai MPC X
Clavia Nord Wave
Studio Electronics Boomstar
Behringer 2600 (ARP 2600 clone)
Behringer Pro-1
Moog Source
Simmons SDS-V
Casio CZ-101
Korg Mono/Poly

Generative Ambient #01 // "Innocence, Naivety, Simplicity"

video upload by

"This is my first Generative Ambient Modular Piece."

Patch n Tweak
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