MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday, March 19, 2023

OXI Coral with OXI One Sequencer

video upload by verstaerker

"a quick jamsession using only the OXI One sequencer and the new OXI Coral polyphonic Eurorack Synth. Using a touchOsc on iPad to control some parameters.

to listen more music by me please visit"

See this post for additional details on Coral.

ASID player using real C64 (Ode to 64 by SΓΈren Lund) Station64

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"This is not my music. Though this video needs to be on the internet.

lot of this stuff is so niche or lost it just doesn't exist on youtube. it's not really what I usually do on this channel but if not me who else is going to do it.

So what's going on here. The Software on the Laptop is from Elektron's download page for the SID station. it is an ASID player. Basically you load a sid file into it and it sends that data via midi cables (not midi protocol)

so the Sidstation..Midibox sid. (I think Hardsid) can support ASID. probably others. DJ Indikator wanted a way for a real commodore 64 to be compatible with ASID so in recent years they made Station64 which is a full midi native c64 software but it amazing supports ASID.

The Elektron software doesn't know what it is sending to. So the c64 is playing it on its 6581r4ar into my mixer. into the little M8 tracker which is being an audio interface for my phone so this video has direct audio.

I was so happy to get this working. had to share. Also more people that hear Ode to 64 the better."

Roland TB-03 vs Rare Waves Hydronium vs Donner B-1 Syn Bass // Live Elektron Music Production

video upload by EZBOT

"On the table today we have the Roland TB-03, Rare Waves Hydronium, and the incredibly budget friendly Donner SB-1. 303 shoot out with a side of live music production with the best Elektron setup on this side of the gamma quadrant.

Get an even cheaper acid box than Behringer's without having to feel guilty about it. Donner SB-1: use code 'EZBOT' for 12% off all things Donner :)

Get the Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates: for folks who like to get in and out, there's Ko-Fi:

Sign up with DistroKid and get 7% off with this link: (definitely do this)

Get Performance Template 2.2 in it's current state at Ko-Fi: Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:"

Tubbutec Introduces the MC-2oh2 Upgrade for the Roland MC-202

video upload by Tubbutec

via Tubbutec

MC-2oh2 is an upgrade and feature extension for the Roland MC-202 synthesizer / composer.

It replaces the original CPU, keyboard PCB and display of an MC-202.

MC-2oh2 introduces a completely new control scheme for MC-202 synthesizers.

The sound however stays the same and many additional features are added.

Also compatible with the ‘DIN-SYNC RE-202’ project


Optimized for live performance, turns your 202 into a ‘groove box’.

Three completely independent synthesizer control channels:

The internal synth, the 2nd CV/gate output and a 3rd MIDI out or DRUM channel. Each channel has its own clock divider and MIDI input and output.

Can be clocked via MIDI, DIN-sync or trigger using the TAPE-input

Versatile sequencer with 32 patterns, chainable in song mode, edit patterns and songs while playing, shortcuts for quick live arrangement. Seven sequencer play directions.

Sequence editor with copy, paste, insert and delete options, can modify note pitch, length and note-modifiers on the fly

Arpeggiator with multiple octaves, seven direction modes including ‘order of key press’. Can inherit the ‘chemistry’ of existing sequences, optional euclidian mode and live shortcuts.

Additional modulations: Accent, Filter and PW envelopes

Additional noise sound with envelope.

8-bit LOFI drum sample output with various sound modifiers, sample packs can be uploaded via MIDI

Save and recall up to 8 sets containing sequencer and modulation parameters. No batteries needed

MIDI CC control of all additional parameters, filter cutoff, pulse width, clock dividers and more.

Midi velocity can be linked to various sound parameters.

Various CV-input modes including a ‘direct’ mode.

Optional HiRes version of MC-2oh2 allows pitch bend control and microtonal tunings.

High quality OLED display

Firmware update via MIDI sysex

You can find addtional details at Tubbutec here.

Sequential Trigon GEOSynths PARADOX Patchbank meets the Eventide H9 BLACKHOLE & EKOSPACE of GOD

video upload by experimentalsynth

"Jamie Morden of GEOSynths made a great set of sounds for the Sequential Trigon! Here are a few of my favorites so far. A nice complement to the hundreds of cool sounds already in the Trigon! Learn more at..."

You can find GEOSynths' Trigon demos in previous posts here.

ATARI Labeled Nord Micro Modular

via this auction

Dreadbox Dysmetria Desktop Analog Groove Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA Used on Mystery Album

via this auction

"The bad: does not include midi

The good: the prior seller told me, after I purchased it, who it belonged to (his father) and on which album it was featured on. It blew my mind, that is the only reason I would like to keep it. But, it doesn’t warrant it, for me, unfortunately.

While I can’t prove the prior persons claim, it did arrive to me postmarked where this artist was stated, on google, at that time to be residing. That and the fact that the seller only told me after buying it, made the claim more reliable.

Upon purchase I will disclose this info with you"

If anyone picks it up, let us know!

Kawai K3

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

Yamaha CS-70M ( ( ( (More-Analog ) ) ) )

video upload by MoreAnalog

"Yamaha CS 70M an amazing legend.

A truly unique synthesizer quite different from its big brother CS-80. However don't be fooled, this is not a toy! Its a very powerful machine! :D"

Programming the Roland SH-1000 - You Won't Believe What You Find!

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Roland SH-1000 - Programming & the ten classic factory patches

The Roland SH-1000, introduced in 1973, was the first compact synthesizer produced in Japan, and the first synthesizer produced by Roland.It resembles a home organ more than a commercial synth, with coloured tabs labelled with descriptions of its presets and of the "footage" of the divide-down oscillator system used in its manually editable synthesizer section. It produced electronic sounds that many professional musicians sought after whilst being easier to obtain and transport than its Western equivalents.

The synthesizer has 10 simple preset voices combined with a manually editable section which can be manually tweaked around to create new interesting sounds. No user program memory is available. Its effects include white noise generator, portamento, octave transposition, two low frequency oscillators and a random note generator.

Even with a single oscillator, it sounds like there are several thanks to the 8 sub-osc keys. The ninth is the (white or pink) noise.

The SH-1000 is a monophonic analog synth with a single oscillator feeding a lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope, and two LFOs. It features 10 Preset sounds, but they are pretty weak. Fortunately you can create your own sounds for some really great mono-synth bass, lead, percussion and FX sounds. Basic square, ramp and pulse-width waveforms are available from the oscillator and the LFOs have sine, square and sample+hold. It has a terrific ‘Growl’ and ‘Wow’ effect for a pretty scary analog sound. It also features white noise, pink noise, portamento, octave transposition and a Random Note Generator. Although there is no user memory, unique sounds can still be quickly recreated or discovered thanks to its simple interface."

Yamaha GS2 Synthesizer - One of the First FM synths

video upload by Blake Foster

"This is a Demo of the Yamaha GS2; One of yamaha's first FM synthesizers alongside the GS1. Before the DX7, there was this; A 4-Operator FM synth featuring a chorus, vibrato, Ensemble and tremolo effects. The GS2 also featured velocity and a weighted wooden keybed which feels amazing. Not sure how many were made but they're very rare and there's not many videos online about them. This demo is a raw video of me demonstrating some unique sounds of the GS2."

TiNRS Wobbler2 jam with Mandrake and Pony VCO

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"A bit of a play on the This is Not Rocket Science Wobbler2 with the Malstrom Mandrake on kick and the Pony VCO making tunes through the British Noise Engineering Grit filter."

Paradox Vol 1 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential Trigon 6 & Synth Show - Ep175 - Sound Design

Synth Show - Ep175 - Sound Design - Sequential Trigon 6 video upload by GEOSynths

Paradox Vol 1 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential Trigon 6
video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -
The Trigon 6 is the very latest Synth to be added to the Prophet 6 and OB6 Family and while it has a number of similarities, it does go beyond those previous Synths in many ways.

Here are the final 25 Patches in my Bank of 100 - Paradox Vol 1 - and include Motion Pads to Dynamic Strings, Deep Bass to Cutting Leads, Classic Polysynths to Keys, plus a whole set of Arps and Metalic Sounds.

All 100 Patches will be demonstrated over 4 Videos, when the 4th is uploaded, they will be available to Purchase."

00:00 - 76. 80's Child GEO
00:35 - 77. Circles GEO
01:52 - 78. Ultimate Pad GEO
03:26 - 79. Shimmer GEO
04:36 - 80. Two Tones GEO
05:40 - 81. Green Day GEO
06:43 - 82. Crossfire GEO
07:54 - 83. Electroarp GEO
09:11 - 84. Synth Pizz GEO
09:56 - 85. Broken Arrow GEO
10:33 - 86. Ratios GEO
11:24 - 87. Digi Mini GEO
12:03 - 88. Estranged GEO
13:46 - 89. Old Organ GEO
14:27 - 90. Bass Roll GEO
14:51 - 91. Brass Balls GEO
15:24 - 92. Cold Call GEO
16:33 - 93. Stringfold GEO
18:03 - 94. Binary Lead GEO
18:37 - 95. Electric Friends GEO
19:08 - 96. New Wave Poly GEO
20:03 - 97. Broken Sync GEO
20:47 - 98. Sad Sax GEO
21:27 - 99. Simple Pad GEO
22:53 - 100. Big Poly GEO

Roland TR-808 (1981) - Werkstatt Matlak

video upload by Werkstatt Matlak

"Final test after repair and service.
Upgraded with Tubbutec UniPulse."

Sputnik Spectral Processor with Behringer 1050 demo. sequencing individual band outputs.

video upload by brandon logic

"starts with white nose as the sound source. direct out with some reverb.
0:52 two note sequence on the tip top/buchla 258t oscillator.
the two note sequence is clocked x8 so it changes every 8 steps on the 1050.
2:10 I then add a second oscillator getting a different sequencer into the second spectral input, so some 1050 steps are one oscillator and some are another. and i Switch to an LPG routing with more reverb and delay.
4:17 am radio
5:04 am radio + oscillator
5:53 outro jam"

Here’s how I’d play my wicked game techno cover live 🎧🏴‍☠️

Favorite Overdrive Pedals w/ the Prophet 5

video upload by MORADEL

"Playing my prophet 5 through my favorite overdrive effects pedals: Klon KTR, Blues Breaker, and DOD 250."

Peak Lo-Fi With A 1930s Dictaphone

video upload by HAINBACH

"Join me as I explore the 1930's German Kosmograph, a very early dictaphone that recorded acoustically to celluloid discs. Is this still LO-fi or is it NO-fi? Will it music?"

Phased Out (1975) EMS Synthi-100 film

video upload by zack dagoba

"Here is an amazing film from 1975 (I think), featuring an EMS Synthi 100

'An electronic music composer working late one night is considered obsolete by the Synthi100 electronic music synthesizer'

ENJOY πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‹"

"Morningstar" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer

video upload by gavinryanmusic

'Old School Jam' All-modular, Step Sequencer, Bucket Brigade Delay, Eurorack FX, and no quantiser!

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Un-quantised, old-school sequencer fun: Inspired by early sequenced electronica such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, much of whose music used a Moog 960 sequencer, which didn't have quantising features, and were sometimes difficult to tune accurately or reliably. Such as the track 'Phaedra' by Tangerine Dream, during which the Moog performing the opening pattern had to be re-tuned during the actual recording, and it was left on the album! Yet it sounds great, it's imperfect tuning adds so much to the atmosphere of the music, irrespective if it was deliberate or a 'happy accident'.

Here I use an un-quantised sequencer, in fact an Erica Synths Sequential Switch, with it's CV expander that turns it into a great little 8-step sequencer. I also run it through the AJH Synth CV Mix, to offset the CV going to the oscillator, allowing me to push the output into the negative CV range. I then send this shifted signal to the VCO's frequency modulation input instead of the 1V/Oct... just to make it more difficult to tune! Seriously though, this was a fun experiment, and taking off the digital stabilisers (or quantisers) once in a while is highly recommended, and a good learning experience. This was an all-modular session - no external FX or mixing, just Eurorack modules for all functions.

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.

Meet us and the modules in person this year at Superbooth 23, Berlin, on May 11th to 13th.

Video by @DreamsOfWires"

Arturia MatrixBrute - "Are You Sequenced?" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"We are loving sequenced music with all our heart & make this soundset with passion & dedication to Berlin electronic music pioneer - Klaus Schulze.

Soundset inspired by Klaus himself & his album 'Are You Sequenced?'

LFO Store sound designers chief, Nick Klimenko prepared for us a stunning soundbank for one of the most authentic synths of our time – Arturia Matrixbrute.

Here you will find 64 sequences:

*Classic Berlin style
*Major & breathy
*Minor & deep
*Modular style
*Techno style
*Cinematic style

All sequences is in 120 BPM, All 4 Macro Controllers are used aswell as Modulation Wheel.

This sound bank combines classic analog sounds with complex sequences and modulations which will inspire you on new electronica/ soundtrack ideas.

Instructions for installation are included & its easy – you will need OS 2.0.
Its included in the pack with the information about sequencer improvements & hot keys.

Dive into world of sequences with our soundset.
Enjoy & may inspiration be with you!"

Giorgio Moroder’s “Paul’s Theme” Roland SH-4d #synthesizer

video upload by Robert Saint John


video upload by peter m mahr

"Photo & Music: Peter M. Mahr"

Dustrial πŸ—️ (Korg Drumlogue) - Industrial jam using only the Drumlogue hybrid drum machine

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"For this second jam, I wanted to use the Drumlogue alone to see what I can come up with!
So I used its 4 analog tracks (Kick, Snare, 2 Toms), its digital drum tracks (only stock samples here) and its included digital VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) synth.

The jam starts with the MULTI engine (VPM) playing a sequence where nearly each step holds automated parameters πŸ˜„ Then the Bass Drum kicks in (the decay is long enough for it to act as the bass part too).
The kick is also ducking the other tracks thanks to the sidechain feature of the Drumlogue's master compressor. Then the rest of the track is pure jamming adding/muting the other tracks, and having fun with the LOOP mode πŸ˜…"

Eurorack Case DIY Bus Strip Board

video upload by Izhar Ashdot Sound & Vision

"Make your Eurorack Flying Bus Cables more robust with a 3D printed board.

3D printer STL File:"

Elektron Digitone Keys 37-key Digital FM Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8 SN C44304

via this auction

JoMox M-resonator SN 2007 - 0578

via this auction

"Very nice fat juicy analog stereo filter, with plenty of (cross-) modulation options, which can turn it into a wild screaming monster (next to beeing able to gently filter and warm up your source material, of course! ;-)"

Slate + Ash 16n Faderbank / Midi / i2c / Eurorack Controller

via this auction

via Slate + Ash

"NOTE: Due to injury, all new hardware orders are temporarily on hold. We hope to resume as soon as possible.

Hand built by Gareth Luke

Custom 16n Faderbank used to control electronic musical instruments and devices.

Each smooth as silk Alps 60mm fader can send MIDI data through USB or 3.5mm stereo jack, CV (0-5V) through sixteen dedicated jacks, or I2C data through TRS jack (pull up resistor switch to support both I2C configs). Custom design with S+A branded milled, bevelled and anodised black aluminium body with Buchla Music Easel style slider caps. One year warranty. Typically 3 to 5 working days to dispatch.

If you require 0 to +10V or -5 to +5V CV outputs, check out the new 6hp partner module SHIFTY."

A New Look at the Polyend Play as a DAWless Centrepiece

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A run-through of its main functions with a deep dive into its MIDI capabilities. With 8 CCs to control per channel and 32 channels its no slouch!

0:00 Demo Track #1 Its the Polyend Play and The Blofeld
1:07 Thanks to Perfect Circuit
1:52 Not so 'Brief' overview of what it does
7:35 Demo Track #2 Back to the Old School
9:53 Main Modes
10:41 Let's talk about its MIDI capabilities
13:09 Demo Track #3 As a MIDI Centrepiece
14:48 Ideas for variation
16:16 Demo Track #4 Play Modes
17:02 MIDI CC control - 8 per channel
19:21 Playing Chords
20:33 MIDI Keyboard... It's a controller
21:01 Wrapping Up"

Chill generative synthwave beats w/ Roland J-6 and M8 tracker

video upload by Arman Bohn

"This week’s generative jumble has more of a beat than the last few weeks. Trying to pick up a little energy for the approaching spring.

The M8 is in charge here … sending MIDI note data to the J-6 which is supplying the backup chords."

Cherry Audio Mercury 6 Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly VST Synthesizer Cover

video upload by

"Cherry Audio Mercury 6 - Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly
*Watch in HD* *No Talking!* *Turn It Up!!!*
Cherry Audio Mercury 6 VST ONLY sounds performing a cover
version of Pet Shop Boys hit single "Love Comes Quickly".
This was sequenced & arranged on Ableton LIVE for FUN.
I love this song so much I wondered what I could do with just
using the Cherry Audio Mercury 6 for all tracks except for drums.
End result is a bit muddy but it was so fun to do I had to share it!
I used the RVK-808 for the drums which I made my own drum pattern.
Roland TR-808 sound & vibe rockin' the tempo set at 108 BPM!
Here are some preset sound patches I used:
Bass: Early 80's Bass
Melody: Brassy Lead
ARP: Attitude ARP
Pads: Analog Layers
Thank you for watching!"

MiMa's cover of Airwolf Theme (extended mix)

video upload by mima85

"Here's my cover of the theme of the famous 80ies TV series Airwolf. I choose to cover the extended version, as I found it more interesting. No sequencing used, all played by hand (even bass and arpeggio parts) expect the rythm which I sequenced into my DAW. I also added a personal touch in the central part, where I put a melody (played on the Yamaha DX-7) that is absent in the original. Every time I listened to that section of the song I heard that melody in my head, so I decided to put it in my cover.

Like with the others of my last videos, this is not really a live show, I reconstructed the entire song from scratch part by part, then I filmed myself playing them, this time even from various angles. The audio is all from the rebuilt song, not from the filmed parts.

By the way, three of the four instruments I used this year turn 40, which are the Oberheim OB-8, the Roland Jupiter 6 and the Yamaha DX-7. All of them are from 1983, so this video can be meant as a way to celebrate them :-)"

A4 Revisited | Sound Demos

video upload by Tim Shoebridge

"Here are just a few noodles I put together (and remembered to record!) when I was playing around with the A4's sequencers."

Follow-up to this post.

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