MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sunday, April 16, 2023

NAMM 2023 - New Soundtoys Super Plate Plug-in

video upload by sonicstate

"Soundtoys has announced its new plugin, SuperPlate. After years of development, SuperPlate offers a classic EMT140 sound with new features. The plugin includes the gold foil Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units, and can be saturated by three different styles such as a tube saturation style and a compression built-in kind of saturation style. The five plates can also be further saturated via modulations, and each plate has a switchable DB's pre-octave on the slope for the high and low cut. With a built-in side chain that's listening to the dry signal with a threshold control and a target control, SuperPlate can dynamically shorten the decay of the reverb tail.

SuperPlate is a versatile plugin with a built-in stereo control, dry and wet knob, and balanced control. The half a second decay can go all the way to infinity, and the predelay built into the reverb allows users to go from zero milliseconds all the way to 250 milliseconds of predelay straight from the box. With a variable depth control and a changeable LFO from 0.2 hertz all the way up to eight hertz, the plugin offers a unique clean and movement-heavy dynamic reverb that breathes with music. The output EQ affects only the reverb sound, not the dry signal, and is super easy to add some EQ on the reverb.

SuperPlate is available next month as the new sound toys 5.4 update, with an upgrade cost of $60 USD for any users who already have sound toys 5. Little plate users can also upgrade to SuperPlate for $59 USD, and the plugin is coming to a fec rack as an additional add-on license. By purchasing SuperPlate, users can also buy the license to use it on its own.

More Info:"

Live Hardware Music Prodcution // EZBOT Thoughts on NAMM Releases

video upload by EZBOT

"In this stream we are working on creating some new music using the Octatrack, Digitakt, Digitone, Syntakt, Roland TB-03, and the Roland VT-4 Vocoder. I went to NAMM and am happy to report my findings and thoughts on the gear I was able to interact with personally.

Sign up with DistroKid and get 7% off with this link: (definitely do this)

Get Performance Template 2.2 in it's current state at Ko-Fi: Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:

Get the Octatrack Performance Template 2.3.4 with SHIK MIDI support along with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:"

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution - Quick Acid Jam!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

Recording Date: 04/16/2023
Tempo: 124bpm
Key: C minor

"I love seeing Slow-motion videos of ink in Water. I love how the shapes evolve, lava-lamp-esque. Your challenge is to be inspired by the mixing of colours and patterns found in colourful ink drop videos."


The Classic Oberheim OB-8 - Basic Programming Tutorial - Updated

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"The Classic Oberheim OB-8 - Basic Programming Tutorial

The Oberheim OB-8 is a subtractive analog synthesizer launched by Oberheim in early 1983 and discontinued in 1985. As the fourth product in the OB-series of polyphonic compact synthesizers, the OB-8 was the successor to the OB-Xa. The number of production was about 3,000 units.

The OB-8 features eight-voice polyphony, two-part multi-timbrality, a 61-note processor-controlled piano keyboard, sophisticated programmable LFO and envelope modulation, two-pole and four-pole filters, arpeggiator, external cassette storage, MIDI capability and 120 memory patches, 24 bi-timbral patches, and used the Z80 CPU. The musician's interface also consists of two pages of front panel programmable controls, left panel performance controls and a set of foot pedals and switches.

How to Control modular synths with ChatGPT

video upload by

"Will ChatGPT make us lazier musicians, or can it allow us to master new instruments and even new professions without investing in years of study?
I continue my affair with ChatGPT and check if I can use it to program audio devices and create musical instruments despite my minimal knowledge of programming.
Watch the video, but hold on tight to your jaws, because they might drop!

Created by Izhar Ashdot"

Jroo Loop - Pitch shifting tape looper

video uploads by jroo

video upload by John Schussler

"Here's a fairly simple tape loop module from Jroo called Loop. When you
change the speed of the loop it actually pitch shifts, which makes for some
really interesting opportunities for new harmonies.

This whole video is the same very simple sequence from a Pittsburgh Micro
Sequence b driving an Acid Rain Chainsaw VCO. On top is a bucketload
of reverb from Valhalla to let things ring out into space.


00:00 Intro
00:20 Clean
11:53 Distorted"

loop is a frippertronics-style dual mono digital tape loop, echo and delay utility with adjustable tape speed, play head position, feedback and levels. It has a customizable loop length of up to 2.5 minutes.

loop is modelled after tape loop systems where audio is recorded to and played back from a tape that’s continually looping. Several interesting effects can be accomplished in this system when the position of the play head, tape speed, direction, and audio and feedback levels are modified. loop gives you manual and CV control over each.

Q: Can you externally process a Vermona PERfourMER MKII voice? A: YES!

video upload by John L Rice

"A question was asked on the GearSpace forum if/how to use a wave folder (or other effect/processing) on a PERfourMER voice and since I couldn’t remember but have one here along with an STG Soundlabs Wave Folder module I decided to fine out. 🤓👍 It’s as simple as using a standard insert cable. (I also used a passive attenuator to bring down the wave folder output level) #modularsynth #synthesizers #vermona"

Novation BassStation Rack

via this auction

Oberheim OB-Xa vs Xpander

video upload by synthlegends

"How close can the Xpander sound as the OB-Xa? Most people think, the Matrix.12 or Xpander are much weaker than the OB-Xa. In this expample I tried a saw Wave sound with 12 pole LP Filter and a bit resonance. In the secoand example I only played a single oscillator. I am very impressed by the Xpander because it can sound as beautiful as the OB-Xa but has so many more versatility. What a fantastic synth it is."

WERSI WERSIMATIC WM24 & WM24b (1972) & BÖHM BÖHMAT SOLIST S (Keyboard Version)

video upload by Synthesizer Home


BÖHM BÖHMAT SOLIST S (Keyboard Version)

video upload by Synthesizer Home

Instruōctional Live 3: Signal Sounds Session 2023

video upload by Instruō

"In February I had the pleasure of performing in the brand new events space hosted at Signal Sounds, Glasgow.

I performed a live set and followed it with a workshop/patch breakdown/Q&A.

It was a great space to perform and present in. Great audience with some excellent questions!
The performance was included as my personal contribution to the recent compilation published on the Instruō Record Label.
Please check it out here:"

"When I first started Instruō I was simply making things to make sounds with, with only a vague direction in mind. As things grew and people started showing interest in my designs I settled on the motto/descriptor:

'I make sounds with the things that I make to make sounds with'
Skip forward to current day Instruō (2023) and the team has grown considerably. Instruō has evolved into an operation so far beyond what I could have imagined possible. The motto has naturally evolved to:

"We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with"

My hope with this record label is to showcase some of the work of my colleagues and collaborators. I have the absolute privilege of getting to work daily with some of the most creative people I've ever met. I get to do what I do because of the incredible support of Instruō users and team that Instruō has become.

I hope you enjoy the sounds that were made with the things that we made to make the sounds with.

Jason Lim.

Mastered by Jimi Maffei"

Session with Elektron Octatrack, Sequential Take 5, Dreadbox Nymphes, Roland T8 & J6

video upload by Unifono2012

Korg Poly800 MkII w/ CIRCUITBENDERS Mod - Demo

video upload by Ticco Ross

"Today I pulled my old Poly 800 out of the closet and set it to sing. It has the modification"

Intellijel Cascadia - Aggressive Bass with Burst Modulation and Distortion

video upload by Intellijel

"Intellijel Cascadia
Using ENV B in Burst mode to modulate the FM of the VCF in BP2 mode.
Also, bring in some BOSS DS-1 Distortion via the FX Send/Return Loop"

Ambient eurorack modular soundscape inspired by the original Blade Runner film

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
"Take a look at my latest Eurorack modular synth patch! After a long day of school or work, it's always great to unwind with some patching. I spent over an hour creating a patch that features a stereo-brassy synth sound reminiscent of the iconic Yamaha CS-80. To achieve this, I used my Instruō Cruïnn module, expertly modulated by the øchd module. The audio signal is routed into the Qu-Bit Electronix Tone, a powerful quad filter with two Low Pass channels, each modulated by varying øchd's.

The output from these filter channels is then thoroughly managed by the Make Noise X-Pan module, which features modulated X-Fade and Pan parameters that are expertly controlled by two slow LFOs on separate øchd modules. The final signal passes through the Qu-Bit Aurora, which adds a touch of blur and mix to the sound before being routed to the VCA for additional volume control. Finally, the audio exits through the Expert Sleepers ES-9.

This patch is just one example of the endless possibilities of eurorack modular synthesis. Whether you're an experienced musician or just getting started, eurorack modules like these offer a world of sonic exploration and experimentation. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this immersive audio experience.

Here are some links of mine:

Go become my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

KRISCHER M8 - Thom Yorke chords

video upload by John Krischer

"Accords du titre Dawn Chorus de Thom Yorke

Reproduit par le synthétiseur M8,
L’effet d’impulsions est créé par un filtre analogique Krischer."

Available via Reverb

See this post for and additional demo and details on the KRISCHER M8.

A short Artiphon Orba 2 hacking guide

video upload by

"Artiphone's Orba Synth gadget is more versatile than you might think, but it could be even more so if the accompanying software came with more functions. In this video, I take a short look at Orba's config files, where to find them and how to edit them. WARNING: On the Orba forums, users warned that getting some of the pitch values in the chords template wrong might brick your Orba. I can't confirm this, for me, all that happened was a hard reset. But proceed with caution. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:25 hello
00:59 hardware overview
01:17 how to get the synth editor
01:26 editor overview
02:40 file locations, file transfer
03:27 your own chord progressions / keyboard shortcuts
05:36 drum patch setup
06:29 sampled instruments
07:33 conclusion
07:58 important things to consider
08:27 short demo using my own patches
09:30 what's wrong with my orba 2?
10:24 bye-bye

Orbasynth Editor
Orba 2 hacking forum
Orba 1 hacking forum
Orba 1 chord editor:


YAMAHA CK61/88 Demo & Review PT2 - 20 Marvelous Sounds & Cool Songs

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of the YAMAHA CK61 & CK88 STAGE KEYBOARD. Part two of v video series exploring this interesting new instrument from Yamaha offering some of the capabilities of the YAMAHA CP and YAMAHA YC series keyboards at a more budget price."


Yamaha DX27 w/ Original Box, Manuals & Music Stand

via this auction

Roland TB-303 The Beast Computer Controlled Bass Line

via this auction

"Mods include:Custom black caseGate / Slide / Accent LEDsRear CV inputs: Gate in, CV in, Filter CV in, Accent in, and Slide inVCF Mod DepthVCF Mod Source: Square / Off / SawTranspose Pitch by an Octave: Up/downVCA decayAccent DecayoverdriveOSC Out (square/saw)Filter InFilter outAccent push button triggersSlide push button triggers"

Two Takes on the midicake ARP

Take a BITE of the midicake ARP video upload by Starsky Carr

"Generative and evolving or well controlled and precise - it's your choice. A clever concept - tracks are built with lots of lines playing a variation on the same chord.. .arps, bass, pads.. This takes that idea and gives you plenty of scope for experimentation. Keep it tightly controlled for Tracey arp interactions, or let it loose to discover ever evolving pattens.

0:00 Fancy some cake?
0:51 Demo #1 Hands in The Air
1:35 The Ingredients
2:23 Ambient Track Breakdown
2:56 Arp Pad & Chord Mode
3:39 Semi Random Patterns
5:22 Demo #2 Ambient & Glitchy
5:40 Main Parameters
7:37 Rhythm and Groove
8:34 FX and Modulation
9:35 Playing and tweaking it live
10:31 The knobs at the top are for Macros
11:58 Chaining Bars
13:33 Its a sort of sequencer
15:50 Use Bounce PROPERLY!!
17:17 All-in-all? thoughts
19:11 More of that Ambient track again
21:17 Ibiza & Miami need some cake

WTF is an Arpeggio?

video upload by Red Means Recording

00:00 intro
00:41 what's an arpeggio
03:46 ableton arpeggiator
06:45 xfer cthulhu
09:18 midicake arp main functions
16:44 midicake pad mode
17:47 midicake chord mode
18:34 bass
20:26 final thoughts
21:05 outro jam

Mini System 'Berlin School' Performance - 2 Monosynths in 1 Case | AJH Synth Analog Eurorack Modular

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A demonstration of a modest 6U 84hp Eurorack modular system by AJH Synth, incorporating a 3-VCO MiniMod voice based on the R.A. Moog Minimoog, Gemini 2412 dual VCF based on the Oberheim SEM filter, and a couple of very useful utility modules, particularly the Ring SM. This setup can be used as 2 separate synth voices, demonstrated here in this 'Berlin school- inspired performance.

The complete MiniMod voice is a combination of 7 modules directly based on the first, more sought-after version of the Minimoog, along with it's characteristic behaviours. The Transistor Ladder Filter behaves in the same way, 'Emphasis' (resonance) robbing a little of the low frequencies at higher levels, the Contour Generators having a cumulative/stacking level behaviour when triggered rapidly, and the Discrete Cascaded VCA (also the VCF input levels) driving and distorting the signals when pushed.

Here the MiniMod is used as a 2-voice monosynth, with one of it's VCO's being donated to the lower voice, filtered by the Gemini multi-mode filter. It sounds much bigger than a single VCO voice thanks to the Ring SM. The Ring SM provides a Moog CP3-based 5-channel mixer, a 3-axis analogue ring modulator based on that from the vintage EMS Synthi/VCS3, and particularly useful in this patch - 2 sub-bass generators, providing -1 and -2 sub-octaves to an incoming signal. This produces shaped sine waves, as opposed to more hollow-sounding square waves often used by other synths or modules, so they sound warmer, fuller and fatter.

The Muting Mixer is used as a second VCA here for the Gemini voice. However, it has a 'Distort' feature that emulates the old Minimoog trick of sending the headphone output to the VCF input to create a feedback loop and some additional overdrive/distortion. As a result it can make a good alternative to the Discrete Cascaded VCA, but even the latter can add significant drive to the signal. This module could also be used to simulate the Minimoog's VCO and noise switches, but for 5 signals of your choice, as it features illuminated 'Mute' switches, allowing sound sources to be instantly switched in and out of a patch, and at their own volume levels.

The Dual LFO + VCA is especially useful here, as it gives plenty of modulation, without having to sacrifice a VCO for that purpose. It also has a built-in VCA, allowing it's level to be controlled externally, perhaps with an envelope or Mod wheel for delayed or expression-controlled vibrato.

This rig also has a third envelope in the powerful DH-ADSR, but it's not used in this patch, along with the Precision Voltages, which among other uses allows pitch intervals of 2 VCOs to be controlled accurately and conveniently, selecting between octaves and semitones set by the rotary pots and switches. This is super useful for live performances.

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Meet us and the modules in person this year at Superbooth 23, Berlin, on May 11th to 13th.

Video by @DreamsOfWires"

5 Psychedelic Voltage Processor Feedback

video upload by SetonixSynth

"In this patch, we are using the SetonixSynth Laka Sequential Voltage Processor and five(!) Psychedelic Voltage Processors to create a mega chaotic feedback loop which is then simply being sent to a self-oscillating dual filter (SetonixSynth Marsupial). See and hear the results for yourself!

Learn more about SetonixSynth modules at"

SOMA TERRA: Apply pressure to unleash chaos // Review and tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
2:20 Note sensors
3:30 Timbre sensors
4:10 Pitch shifters
5:30 Gyro
6:15 Holds
6:40 The Triangle
7:30 Envelopes
8:00 Effects
8:35 Sea & sun
9:10 Engine controls
10:50 LFO & Arp
12:00 Presets
12:50 Connectivity
13:30 Synth params
17:00 Evil synthesis
18:35 Church organ?
20:15 Dist. ecstasy
20:50 Gyro feedback
21:00 Drum synth
21:20 FM
21:55 Rate @ 50%
22:20 BASS
22:35 Smart glides
23:10 Expressive 303
23:30 SOLO
24:25 Formants
24:45 MIDI out
26:55 Pros & cons
29:30 Outro

[ultrafast preview] 150 custom patches / presets for Modal Cobalt 8, 8m & 8x

video upload by Jexus (

"This is vid 3 = new sounds + best sounds from vid 1 & vid 2. All sounds come from my soundpack / soundset containing 150 unique patches. You canget it here:

FAQ / read before you buy: More info:

Patches are compatible with desktop / rack (Cobalt 8M) and keyboards (Cobalt 8 & Cobalt 8X). You need to have OS ver 2.0 or higher."

Star Trek (TOS) theme played with GSi Mini Orchestra on iPad

video upload by Guido Scognamiglio

"I play the music theme from Star Trek (the original series) using GSi Orchestra running on my iPad. No sequences, all played with two hands.
Find more about Mini Orchestra at:"

Ambient pad with Arturia MicroFreak (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

Check out my private collection of Sweet Sounds dedicated to Arturia MicroFreak:"

Martinic AX73 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

You can find additional details on the Martinic AX73 here.

Kickdrum Modulation on Yamaha FS1R / FM Synthese/ Minimal Beat Generator /

video upload by DACHI Klangmusik

"Kind of Beatflow starting 28:00

Modulation Faders on OP 1-8
Preset I 064 Drumkit
Arpeggio on 120 bpm with 2 Notes
Osc Form of OP 8 is set on Formant (FS-Synthese)

FS1R FM Synthesis w/ Operators - Kickdrum Modulation on Skerjanc Controller- trying to find the „Kick“ - no effects added

Algorithm 25:

Modulations on:
Attack Decay Release
Filter (Scaling/ Scale BP/ F)
EG Depth

.. and no.. I am not a DJ .. 😂

this kind of fading and tweaking has technically almost nothing to do with a DJ

Just 2 sound sources X
each 2 signals per second X
are generating all the wave-signals you hear"

Therapsid hard synced PWM 6581

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"This is a Therapsid from Twisted Electrons which was sent to me to make a demonstration video (this is not that video) as there are very few videos on it and I love sid chips and c64's I'm like Bane except I was born into Sid pulse width modulation instead of darkness. I have had it for over a month now and have been working hard testing pretty much every day to make sure it does everything it is suppose to do and everything a c64 fan might expect it to do. Some issues are still present as of this video but are being worked on. It is open source and I suggest anyone considering one go and read the issues section on Twisted Electrons github to see what bugs remain and what future enhancements might be coming.

while this works as just a very nice retro sounding hands on synth for those that are not commodore die hards it can be sequenced multitimbrally as shown here and controlled with cc's. As of this video I am still waiting for glide to be fixed to work multitimbrally (each voice glides independently and works fine in the main mode in

This is just a test day I filmed. without any care to video quality. Expect a full demonstration of this synth in the near future.

In this video the Therapsid is being sequenced by the Dirtywave M8. I'm pointing to the individual voices as the m8 turns them on."

NAMM 2023 - Bitwig Version 5

video upload by sonicstate

"Frederik from Bitwig Studio showed us some new features during the in version five starting with the browser. When adding content to the project, a flat list of all available instruments, plugins, and relevant presets are shown, which helps users immediately access the content. The audio effects browser is automatically displayed after adding an instrument, making it easy to find relevant audio effects.

Additional features are included in version 5 including Segments - an envelope geared modulator, and the package manager, which makes it easier for users to find new sound packages. Additionally, the software now includes MPE support

Bitwig Studio 16-Track Price: 99 USD / Euros

Bitwig Studio Price: 399 USD / Euros"

NAMM 2023 - Bitwig 5

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"Bitwig unveil version 5 of their DAW with tons of new features."

NAMM 2023 - Elektron - Overbridge Doe AAX Preview

video upload by sonicstate

"We met up with Mario from Elektron, who showed us the new capabilities of Overbridge in Pro Tools. Overbridge is a plugin that allows you to control your Elektron device bi-directionally with hardware, gives individual outs, which opens up the Digi machines to more flexibility than afforded by their usual stereo out. What's really great about it is that you don't have to sacrifice your interface that you already have built into your system. When you open up the plug-in at first, it'll just be the main out, but you have the ability within the devices to change the routing.

Overbridge has total recall, so if you just plug in your device, and you have a wrong project loaded, once you open up the DAW project, it'll just load everything onto your device. With overbridge, you can process everything separately with plugins, or outboard. It can pull out all of it and aggregate all of the devices and access the individual outputs of each one. Overbridge is now available in public beta with AAX and VST.

Overbridge VST Price: Free"

NAMM 2023 - Muse Ovations - Beatwarp

video upload by sonicstate

"Sonic State caught up with Vaughan and Joel from Muse Ovations at NAMM 2023 to take a closer look at their upcoming Beatwarp groovebox sequencer. The Beatwarp is a stand-alone, all-in-one sequencer that features eight tracks of sequencing, all of which can be controlled independently. Each track can have its own sound and can be edited with a wide range of effects, filters, and modulation options. Vaughan and Joel explained that the Beatwarp has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive.

The Beatwarp also has a number of built-in patterns, which can be used as a starting point for creating your own beats. Vaughan and Joel demonstrated how easy it is to create a pattern using the built-in step sequencer, and then how to manipulate that pattern using the various editing tools available. They also showed how the Beatwarp can be used to control external gear, such as synths and drum machines.

Muse Ovations will be launching a Kickstarter for the Beatwarp by the end of summer 2023.

More info:

Muse Ovations website:"

NAMM 2023 - Robkoo - Wind Synthesizer R1

video upload by sonicstate

"Robkoo showcased their Wind Synthesizer R1 at NAMM 2023, and Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Tianbang Zhuang about this unique musical instrument. Priced at $600, the R1 is designed to be a low-entry barrier model that allows beginners to learn and play music quickly. However, experienced musicians can also enjoy its high potential as a MIDI controller that supports Bluetooth MIDI.

The Wind Synthesizer R1 comes with an onboard sound bank that can be upgraded by users themselves. It features motion control, pitch bend, octave keys, and function buttons that can lock the user into specific techniques. The latest sound bank version has 30 sounds, including brass, woodwinds, and synths.

Wind Synthesizer R1 Price: 600 USD"

NAMM 2023 - Bome - BomeBox Updates

video upload by sonicstate

"The BomeBox is the solution for connecting and mapping devices via MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi, and USB (without the need of a computer) and Florian from BomeBox showed us their latest expansion to the Bome Network software. The software can now run on iOS, including iPads and iPhones, and Linux, including Raspberry Pi. The BomeBox has built-in Wi-Fi, and with this expansion, users can quickly connect to the software via the Bome Network app.

Once connected, users can add MIDI devices to the mix, such as a keyboard, once the devices are paired, the setup is then fixed and stored, so every time users power up their devices, they will automatically connect with one another, making it a great solution for both studio and stage use.

BomeBox Price: 249 USD 225 Euros"

The BomeBox was first introduced in 2015.

NAMM 2023 - Astral - Fast Convolution Probabilistic Synthesizer

video upload by sonicstate

"Sonic State met with Arash from Astral at NAMM 2023, where he showcased their new software synthesizer, also called Astral. The synthesizer is based on probability and allows users to sequence their own samples in a probabilistic way. The software has different probability functions for various sound parameters, which users can automate as per their requirements. The software creates a continuous frequency space, meaning users don't have to use specific notes to make music, but can use any frequency in between. Arash demonstrated loading a water sound into the synthesizer turning it into a three-dimensional ambient unified random process, which can be used to create music.

Astral's new software synthesizer is a fast convolution probabilistic synthesizer that takes users' input and creates a unique sound texture. The software has about 30,000 parameters and seven different panels, making it a standalone software rather than a plugin. Users can control the impulse response in any way they want, apply different mathematical functions, and effects like FM, AM, and spectral inversion.

Price: 279 USD"


video upload by sonicstate

"Andrew from TAQS.IM unveiled their new virtual instrument SOLO, a VST plug-in for world music samples that uses world music and Middle Eastern scales featuring microtonality. SOLO offers musicians the ability to incorporate quarter tones or any kind of microtonality from Turkish scales or Armenian scales, among others, into their music. The plug-in comes with presets for producers, recording engineers, and artists. Solo's interface offers different oscillators, various controls, and preset sounds, making it easy for users to shape their sound. The virtual instrument also features a scale selection that enables users to apply the microtonality to any sample.

SOLO is compatible with any DAW, including Logic and Pro Tools, and it can be opened as an instrument in a user's system. The virtual instrument combines synthesizer sounds developed by TAQS.IM over the years with recorded samples the company collected from musicians all over the world. A diverse package of sounds make it useful for musicians wishing to create music world music flavours.

NAMM Promotional Prices: 20 percent off

For all package prices go to the TAQS.IM website:"

NAMM 2023 - Mntra Instruments - MNDALA 2 Player - Arca - Atma

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2023, Sonic State met with Brian and Noah from Mntra Instruments to discuss MDALA 2 and the suite of instruments it controls. MDLA 2 is an audio engine that uses ultrasonically sampled sound, based on the principle of game audio, where everything is reactive based on complex real-time parameter controls. One control can quickly lead to a lot of expression, which would normally take many passes of automation to happen.

MNDALA 2, which is free to download, is needed to use their instruments, such as Atma, which is based on sacred sounds like sampled bells and all kinds of instruments from all over the world. Arca is their strings library, and they currently have eleven different instruments available on their website, two of which are free to use.

MNDALA 2 Price: Free

Mntra Instruments Price: 59 USD - 149 USD"

NAMM 2023 - Donner - D1 Drum Machine

video upload by sonicstate

Currently $0 at the Donner Website

"Donner has announced their latest product, the D1 sample-based drum machine and sequencer at NAMM 2023. Designed for the entry-level market, the 12-channel D1 features real-time recording and can switch between function keys to create drum patterns easily. It is equipped with RGB velocity-sensitive pads and five knobs with touch function, and will be shipped with factory content from Loopmasters.

Jake from Donner gave us a look at the prototype, with, full-size MIDI in and out, headphone output, and an auxiliary in that allows users to sample. Although the prototype has only half the functions working at the moment, Jake gave us a good idea of what the new product will have to offer.

The D1 will be released by the end of May 2023

Price: around 249 USD"

Blends two workflows into one little box

Color Coded UI Design, Play Without Thinking Twice

Vivid Graphical User Interface

Touch Knobs to Read Parameters

Versatile Sound Capabilities

Sounds and Patterns from Leading Experts

Import Your Samples to Add More Fun

Extend Your Setup with Versatile Connectivity

Maximum 128 Songs

4 Bars Step Sequencer (maximum 64 steps)

Maximum 512 Beats

128x64 pixel LCD screen

1 clickable endless encoder (VALUE)

5 endless encoders with touch function

2 potentiometers (MASTER FX & MASTER)

16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads

4 RGB backlit faders

16 backlit tactile click buttons


3.5mm(1/8") TRS


3.5mm (1/8") TRS


2x 5 pins MIDI DIN (IN, OUT)


2x 6.35mm (1/4") TS


USB 2.0 Type-C socket (transfer MIDI data and remote control via Donner Control App)

NAMM 2023 - KiloHearts - Phaseplant

video upload by sonicstate

"We met George Reece from Kilohearts, who demonstrated their software modular synth, Phaseplant, using an Osmos MPE. The synth is modular and constantly evolving, with generators on the left, effects on the right, and modulators at the bottom. The interface is always laid out the same way, making it easy to use. Users can customize it to their own taste, making it as complex or simple as they like.

Phaseplant offers a variety of sound options, including analog and granular engines, wave table systems, samples, noise, and FM. It also includes familiar modulators like LFOs and envelopes, selectable when needed. For beginners, the software offers tutorial templates, making it easy to get started.

KiloHearts Ultimate Bundle Price: 399 USD / 9.99 USD per month
Phaseplant Price: 199 USD
Multipass Price: 99 USD

Snapheap Effects Rack Price: 29 USD"

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