MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 4, 2023

Friday, August 04, 2023

PMF SEM Tribute Modules

Demo video upload by Randy Piscione

"Demo of a DIY modular SEM, sort of. There is some talking at the beginning (GASP!). PCBs and panels are available here: The 'Oberheim Tribute' modules are also used in the reSEMble panel. The VCF has been built with the option to self-resonate but can also be built to emulate the SEM’s behaviour. All sounds except drums are from the PM Foundations modules. The drums are from a Mutable Instruments Anushri. This is not an opus, just some sounds. The modules can duplicate the sounds of an SEM but I wanted to show some of the extra bits."

Dreadbox Euphoria phaser module [Demo and Tutorial]

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We spark joy with Euphoria, a phaser module by Dreadbox - part of their colorful Chromatic Series of Eurorack modules. Euphoria is an all-analog eight-stage phaser that adds additional degrees of freedom with CV control of feedback, manual sweep of the phase, and LFO rate. It also has inputs for both Eurorack voltage and low voltage for external instruments like electric guitars.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Overview
00:56 Controls, Input and Output
01:41 A demo with a sawtooth wave
04:23 Using external CV input
07:21 A demo with electric piano
11:00 Conclusion"

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8/4/23 Technosaurus Cyclodon sequences Microcon + DeltaLab Effectron II + PCM 70 (2.1 minor chord)

video upload by Cfpp0


Make Noise Strega / Preludes for Piano Book I, No.12 Serial Tone Cluster - Akihiko Matsumoto

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

"From Album Preludes for Piano Book I"

Expressive E Osmose Keyboard Synthesizer MPE MIDI Controller

via this auction

"I was an original backer from 2019. I waited for almost 4 years to get this amazing synthesizer controller. I’ve only played with it for a total of maybe up to 2 hours. It’s a beautiful thing and I know I will regret the sale but haven’t had time and don’t know when I will have time to play it. It still has the original plastic covering over the screen.

It sells out everywhere.

Comes with the manufacturer's original box and original shipping box (see photos)"

Electrocomp EML-400 Analog Sequencer SN 0477

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"EML made these in different configurations. Some had a synthesizer built in and a double sequencer panel, others had no synthesizer and a single 16 step sequencer panel. This one's an example of the latter. To see the full version, search our website for EML-400.

This unit was meticulously refurbished and is working great. All faders and switches have been cleaned and lubed. The power supply has been rebuilt (new electrolytic capacitors, power regulators, filter caps and solder reflowed). We replaced the panel mount male multipin connectors and made a new multipin connector cable, which will be included in this sale. The green cable in the photo isn't included - we just had that patched in to loop the sequence - any 1/4" cable will do. A few of the faders in the top section aren't quite zero at zero position.


Frostwave Fat Controller Analog Sequencer cv gate midi

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"Analog style sequencer for MIDI or CV Gate synths. Tested and working great. The photos below show one of two units we are selling. They are both in similar condition."

Black Corporation XERXES MK2 SN 154 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

MFB Dominion 1

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Moog Grandmother 32-Key Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer SN 18765

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

1980s Yamaha SK50D Symphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Great working condition Yamaha SK50D. Recently serviced by our in-house technician. Cosmetically it has a lot of wear. A few missing slider caps (one broken off entirely, it can still be slid with a finger)."

Studio Electronics Omega 8 - Black

via this auction

"A Studio Electronics Omega 8 in mint condition, with four voice cards, each containing a SEM, Moog, Arp 2600, and CS-80 filter card. Ships in original box with instruction manual."

ARP 2600

via this auction

"For your consideration, a fully functional Arp 2600 in its very rare original condition.

For the last 3 decades, The Musical Box has been performing historical re-enactments of the Peter Gabriel era Genesis live music. They are always using exactly the same instruments that Genesis was using live for the different tours.

A few years ago, they exceptionally played later Genesis music for which they needed and acquired an Arp 2600.

So, this Arp 2600 has been used by The Musical Box on their Extravaganza tours.

Prior to the tours, our vintage synth maestro John Kostycz serviced this 2600 and we maintained it during this period, during the different legs of the tours.

The Musical Box went back to playing Peter Gabriel era Genesis and their 2600 is now for sale. The machine has just been serviced by John and it’s ready to go.

The unit itself, model 2600, has been kept and maintained in its original form. It’s never been tampered with and it’s in very good cosmetic condition. The handle is missing.

The CV circuitry of the keyboard, model 3604-P, has been upgraded by John for better stability and precision.

The covers of the unit and keyboard are showing the wears and tears of the road and have been kept original."

Oberheim OB-Xa SN 823224

via this auction

"This particular synth has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and is functioning perfectly"

Using Output Portal & Valhalla Shimmer on the Novation Peak to make ambient soundscapes

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"The Novation Peak has some of the best FX on any synth, but here I use Output's granular VST Portal & Valhalla Shimmer to make it sound even bigger! Using Ableton & Push 3.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Synclavier Under the Hood Tour

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"We discuss the basic hardware and software components, how to boot up the system with a 5.25" floppy disk and some special features that were later added. Remember this is an early computer and it's physically a lot bigger than what you would expect to see today. You'll see how it's built and connected together by ribbon cables with big connectors. Also the available memory was a lot less than what we have come to expect today. The early floppy disks held no more 128 kilobytes of data and the early internal 5 megabyte hard drive sold for $20,000. Here is a list of the features in this system:

-additive synthesis
-FM synthesis with 32 voices
-5 MB Hard Drives
-monophonic sampling
-8 channels of MIDI
-filter switches
-SMPTE sync code
-2 floppy disk drives

Anthony's musical touch as both composer and performer is connected with some of the most influential creative minds over the last 40 years. He’s composed and conducted original orchestral scores for over 80 feature films including Young Guns, Internal Affairs, The Man From Elysian Fields, 15 Minutes and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for his symphonic work "In the Family Way", written over one thousand TV commercials in a myriad of musical styles, co-founded Levels Audio Post (LA's premiere post production facility) and performed and arranged on big-box-office films and influential hit records such as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

His extensive work as a young arranger, orchestrator and performer for Quincy Jones, Jack Nitzsche, Lamont Dozier, Arthur Rubenstein and Giorgio Moroder was vital in launching his own career. His early years pioneering modular analog synthesizers along with his wide-ranging music scholarship positioned Anthony at the center of the music technology revolution. He attended the University of Southern California School of Music as a piano and composition major.


Hordijk exp 7

video upload by Todd Barton

"Just learning the instrument, listening to what it wants to do."

Will We Set the Atmosphere On Fire? (Oppenheimer Inspired Jam)

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"In this jam I used the EMS Synthi A to play a pulsating sequence, which I altered in pitch with the joystick from time to time. The eerie pad sound you're hearing is also coming from the Synthi A, I simply took the stereo phones output and patched it into the Starlab from Strymon for this purpose. Two other sounds are coming from the Harmonic Oscillator from Verbos, which I processed with the Mimeophon for some reversed delay sounds and also with the Milky Way, which gives the melody some shimmery reverb tails later on in the jam. All other sounds are coming from my dear friend Anatol, with whom I also play as Lucid Grain.

Have you seen Oppenheimer yet? What do you think of the film - and the score?

Thanks for watching and see you soon!"

Waldorf Iridium SYNTHWAVE Soundset

video upload by Kevin Schroeder

"Available at:
The "Synthwave Edition" contains 64 patches with various bass sounds, several leads, atmospheres and dreamlike pad sounds. With Kevins patches you can create impressive soundscapes in no time. In addition, the set again offers a variety of complex 'sequences'. A characteristic of Kevin Schroeder that is appreciated not least by Hans Zimmer.

Kevin Schroeder is an international sound designer. He has worked with Trevor Morris, Paul Haslinger and Hans Zimmer on various film scores such as Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick, James Bond and Dune 2020. His sound sets for Iridium and Quantum (OS 3.0 and higher) are a real enrichment and allow a direct entry into the world of film music."

Elka 22 | A 1986 Analog Pad Machine

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Elka EK22 from 1986. Totally underrated as an analog pad machine. A superb synth in its own right and not to be confused with the quite EK44 which is a digital FM synth, and quite bad as well. They look very much alike so beware.
This is a clip from my longer in-depth look at the Elka EK22. Still available on the channel."

Uno Synth Pro X - Friday Jam

video upload by sonicstate

"We had the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X in for review to hit the release date, but editor Nick broke his wrist and so missed the opportunity.
However we did manage to spend a little quality time with it and the Boss RC505 MKII.
The new synth builds on the UNO Synth Pro, which we thought highly of although the user interface was somewhat lacking. The new Pro X has essentially the same structure - 3 analog oscillators, twin filter, 2 LFOs and a third envelope. With some tweaks to the effects too."

Bad Gear - Roland Boutique SH-O1A

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland Boutique SH-01A. Is this digital synth clone of the iconic Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer still up to the job or is it surpassed by the Behringer MS-1 or the even more compact Roland Aira Compact S-1?"

00:00 Intro tune
01:00 Overview Roland Boutique SH-O1A
01:47 Oscillator
02:18 Filter, Aliasing
02:35 Envelope, LFO, FM
02:50 Polyphonic Modes (Chord, Unison)
03:18 Arpeggiator, Sequencer
03:36 Limitations, Classic Sounds
04:03 What else??? Pricing, Thanks!!!
04:45 Hate
05:10 Jam 1 (Funky Bassline)
06:00 Jam 2 (80s Poly Synth)
07:03 Finale (Dark Techno)
07:33 Verdict

Circuit Bent GameBoy

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

The seller also has a Korg Opsix listed here.

Korg Modwave - "Best Sounds NK Bundle" 141 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

" presents 'NK Bundle 141 Presets' soundset for Korg Modwave.

Soundset includes all NK sounds previously released including "Cinematic Landscapes"
one with external samples (which are included)

Modwave is a powerful synthesizer with great potential and an incredible variety of sounds that we will immerse in our Bundle set.

141 amazing performances are waiting for you!

In this bank you will find all what you need for making original soundtrack:

Deep Soundscapes
Sparkling Arpeggios
Cinematic Sequences
Lushiest Pads
Massive Strings
Analog Basses

That will fill your compositions with new colors and emotions.

By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation.

Instructions are inside the pack

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.

Welcome to the universe of sounds

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

4 patches with Autochroma

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Autochroma is a new granular effect from Imagiro, you can pick it up here: and read my review here:

00:00 Kontakt balafon
02:50 Kontakt kora
05:58 Piano V3
09:51 Vital pluck"

granular effects unit built for fun.

3 simultaneous grain streams
rolling resample buffer
large preset library
4 highly customizable modulators
play with live audio, or existing audio files

dont just limit yourself to traditional granular sounds - autochroma can be a drum thickener, a wow filter, a radio effect, a chorus, and even a reverb!

a granulizer built for fun
granulizers can do a lot. but often, they are overwhelming, and using them is hard work.

using autochroma feels like having a day off.

1969 Moog modular bass jam

video upload by CZRider01 Man

"Jam with an old 1969 modular Moog bass sequence. Playing a few solos over top."

Oberheim OB-X8 w/ Blue Pinstripes

via this auction

"This is an OBX-8 8-voice analog synthesizer, in mint condition, outfitted with the pinstripe overlay. This overlay is non-adhesive vinyl, held in place by the knobs (i.e., it can be removed easily if you prefer). Pinstripe overlay is ~ $140 value"

OB-XA / OB-8 Style Blue Pinstripes

Oberheim OB-X8 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Logan String Melody II SN 4649

via this auction

"This is a very unique piece.
Is perfectly working comes with original case and it’s in perfect conditions.
No stretches no marks.

The Logan String Melody designed by Ing. Giuliano Costantini for Logan was a portable keyboard produced in two versions from 1973 to 1982. Manufactured in Italy, it was sold under both the Logan brand name and re-badged as both a Hohner and Vox product. The Vox version was called The String Thing but still featured the Logan brand name on the back of the case.

The keyboard consists of four octaves split into two nearly equal sized ranges. In each of these ranges a combination of three string sounds can be mixed using faders labelled Cello, Viola and Violin. Each string sound is pitched one octave apart. In addition to the separate sets of faders for the string sounds, each range has a sustain and release fader. The lower range also features a simple monophonic synthesiser that is controlled from using faders labelled Bass and Perc.

On the first version, there is a button labelled Orchestra that has hard wired settings and disables the faders for the string sounds. The second version, the String Melody II introduced in 1977, added more buttons for further hard wired settings."

1974 Roland SH-3 (NOT 3A) EMS Diode Filter Model, recently serviced)

via this auction

"This here is no SH-3A, its an SH-3. Apparently, less than 40 of these were made before Roland changed to the 3a, which has a filter modeled after a Moog ladder filter. This however, has a filter modeled after the EMS VCS 3. Its a bit more on the 'acid' side of things compared to the other model.

This one has been recently serviced and calibrated, so its ready to go for the long run. Its a very funky old school synth with that fun 70's sound. Its almost like an organ as far as the sound building goes, since it has one oscillator with 5 different footage settings."

Note this listing stated 40 - 100 units were made, while this listing stated less than 30. If anyone knows with any authority feel free to leave a comment.

Acidlab Bassline

via this auction

Original Vintage Sequential Circuits PRO ONE Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland PG200 Programmer For JX3P & MKS30 w/ Original Box SN 248300

via this auction

CWEJMAN S1 MK2 SN 19-030

via this auction

Same SN was listed on Reverb back in July with different pics.


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