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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Rob Rosen Reveals His Ultimate Synth Collection

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

A look inside the Yamaha CS80, the 14th ever made Sequential Prophet-5, a Rev 1, and a Roland Juno-106, touching on some of the evolution of analog synthesis technology over the years.

"I hope you enjoy this rare opportunity to visit with my close friend Rob Rosen for a deep dive into his ultimate vintage synth collection. Together, we’ll see inside some of the rarest synthesizers of all-time and learn from this master technician how synthesizers have evolved, what makes them tick and why synthesizers make such cool sounds!

I consider Rob’s shop @Rosen Sound ground zero for anything relating to synthesizers. It’s also the biggest wonderland of vintage synths in perfect working order that you’ll ever see .

Rob is a self-taught technician and is now the world leader for repair, restoration, custom manufacturing and sales of vintage synthesizers. He’s also quite an accomplished musician programmer and keyboard player as well."

Chapter Time Stamps:
00:00:01 Intro Anthony on the street in Burbank, CA
00:01:55 Entering Inside Rosen Sound
00:02:06 Meeting “P” from Chromeo and The Rosen Sound Team
00:03:06 Rob shows us his personal work space
00:11:42 Montage of Synths - Start
00:12:35 Montage of Synths - End
00:12:36 Anthony and Rob in “The Cabin” - a wonderland of vintage synths
00:13:42 Anthony explains and demonstrates features on the CS-80
00:20:36 CS-80 “Under the Hood” in-depth tour by Rob
00:53:31 Prophet 5 “Under the Hood” in-depth tour by Rob
01:12:50 Anthony Demonstrates some of the Juno 106 sounds
01:19:27 Juno-106 “Under the Hood” in-depth tour by Rob
01:28:54 One-of-a-Kind Oberheim Modular 8 Voice System tour by Rob
01:35:31 Anthony asks Rob 20 Questions about Synthesizers
01:39:09 Rob asks Anthony some Questions about Synthesizers
01:49:47 Bass Shootout: 1973 Moog System 55 VS ARP 2600
01:54:54 Shoot Out Conclusion and Bass Tips


video upload by Lido Pigeon

Roland JX8P Synthesizer - Custom Patches for Post-Punk, Gothic, Darkwave, Horror Synth (No Talking)

video upload by Shadow Creek

"Exploring capabilities of the classic analog synthesizer Roland JX8P (1985) - custom patches by Shadow Creek."

Elektron talk: Analog Rytm with Fader Fox EC-4 is a Game Changer!

video upload by EZBOT

"Today we take a look at the Elektron Analog Rytm in combination with the Fader Fox EC-4 MIDI controller. Assigning the Fader Fox to the Performance Macro's page turns the Rytm into a pseudo Octatrack FX box, it's legit awesome.

Get the NEW Ultimate Octatrack FX Template 1.1.3 and the NEW Ultimate

Performance Mixer 2FF 1.1.6 here with continuous updates: and here if you want a one-time download:


→ I love to teach! Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:

→ Get the Octatrack Performance Template 2.3.5 with SHIK MIDI support along with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:" 2015 WTPA2 / Where's The Party At v2 LoFi 8 Bit Sampler

via this auction

Note this is brian comnes aka baghead's WTPA2. You can see a few demos he made of it in this post from 2015.

"WTPA2 (short for Where’s The Party At v2) is a LoFi 8 bit sampler

WTPA2 is a precise and weird 8-bit audio sampler kit – hackable & open sourced – which does some stuff that no other samplers out there do.

Beside basic sampler functions like: recording, overdub, start/end/duration editing, backward/timestretch playback it has some more advanced functions like bitrate depth, realtime feedback looping, granularity settings, output sum mode (which lets you combine both of the sample banks in any way you want).

Samples can be saved and loaded from a micro-SD card or, if live sampling is used, into it’s 512k memory.

It has separate analog clocks for the two SRAM sample banks, allowing live samples to be pitched independently. Also, up to three independent voices can be played at a time and each can be controlled by seperate MIDI channels.

The sampler also has a CV-in that can make it play along with your modular or the like.

The video link is this unit in use.

This was built by me from a kit, it works great. Will include all documentation sent with kit - (emailed to you after purchase)

Because it is used electronics the only warranty is that it will not arrive DOA"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 SN 874

via this auction

"Completely re-capped in 2019, with new lithium battery installed at that time. Includes Forge (by Anvil) hard case, original manual, and gligli mod installed (but also includes original chip). Sounds amazing, and everything works as it should."

Audiothingies Micromonsta 2

via this auction

1997 KORG Synthesizer Proudct Catalog & Trinity Brochure

via this auction

"Korg 1997 Product Catalog and Trinity Brochure

1) Korg 1997 Product Catalog (32 pages) featuring the N-Series (N55R) , iX300 Keyboard , Prophecy , Trinity , etc...

2) Korg Trinity Music Workstation Brochure from 1995 and printed in Japan (6 pages)."

Modular Synthesizer Envelope Generator

video upload by George Benton

You can click on the George Benton link directly above for additonal posts.

"This is an overview of ADSR envelope generators using the Q109 from As we build this modular, each added module is installed and described. Next episode will be the Q108 Voltage controlled amplifier."

Vector v.2.9.1. in collaboration with Oliver Torr

video upload by Vector

"This time we teamed up for a collab with Oliver Torr who kindly crafted a page of patches for the Vector. These are a few takes on how they can be used."

The UNO Synth PRO X is Glorious! | haQ attaQ

video upload by Jakob Haq

"The UNO Synth Pro X is special! So special that I had to do full review and walkthrough to show the USPX in all of its Analog, knob covered glory!"

0:00 What I don’t want to see
1:34 Transparency
3:43 USPX Upgrades
14:13 System: I/O’s
17:19 Sound: Master
18:42 Sound: Oscillator
20:40 Sound: Filter
25:07 Sound: Envelope
26:19 Sound: LFO
27:31 Sound: FX
29:59 Sound: Mod Matrix
41:37 Play: Keyboard
43:05 Play: Arp & Sequencer
47:47 Play: Bassline mode
48:53 USPX for Moodular People
52:18 System: Global
55:21 Final thoughts

Oberheim OB-8 polyphonic synthesizer

video upload by Vykaar Tones

"Making sounds in manual mode."

Waldorf micro Q keyboard internal demo songs

video upload by Vykaar Tones

"Just replaced the (laptop type) power supply in this one and thought I would upload a video as they are quite rare. Silly choice to have a laptop power supply fitted internally, external like the modules would have been more easily serviceable. At the end of the video I show the nearest equivalent power supply I was able to get that would fit nice with a little metal bending. Beware the after touch connector that will always pop off if you open one of these up... not an easy service but sounds good."

EML 101 ElectroComp demo - vintage 1970s synthesizer

video upload by prosoloist

"EML 101 ElectroComp demo. Showing 3 oscillators working. SOLD a while ago"

Evening jam n•??

video upload by Isobutane

"Thank you for watching."

As The Wind Blows 吹く風のままに | Kitaro 喜多郎 COVER

video upload by ltpstan

"A project I have thought of doing for a long time. In the past, I have repeatedly listened to this piece and really liked the second harmony from the 700S.
Finally, I have managed to put together what I think is made up of all the components of this song after referencing the song many times.

Some of the bell resonance in the introduction was created using the organ plugin with a touch of leslie speaker to give a 'ringing' tone. The introduction also features the 700S with increasing Vibrato and Depth.

In the Second Chorus, there is also an Organ with Leslie, in which the original piece, you will hear the increasing speed of the rotary.

This cover will show the many components of the 700S which I really enjoyed reproducing!

Instrument List
- Lead
- Drone with Vibrato
- Introduction/Ending Arppeggio
- Second Lead
- Accompanying Arpeggio
- Introduction EFX noise

- String Pads
- Harp
- Pizz. Bass
- Introduction/Ending ambient pad

Logic Pro
- Percussion
- Bell Sample
- B3 Organ with Leslie
- Cello Lead

Kurzweil K2000 Sample
- Treble Flute"

Arturia Introduces Acid V | Corrosive Bassline Machine

video uploads by Arturia

"Acid V channels the cult-classic bass synth that pushed the underground into overdrive. Pump your mixes full of reactive ever-evolving bass grooves, unleash mutated sequences fizzing with distortion, and experiment with extra features for revitalized rave energy."

💥 Exclusive intro offer until September 14, 2023.

Acid V | Corrosive Bassline Machine | ARTURIA
Tutorials | Acid V - Overview
Acid V | How To Make Acid Bass
Acid V | How To Make Ambient Acid
Acid V | How To Make Trance Acid

And a video from CatSynth TV

Arturia Acid V: An Acid and Techno legend reborn! (Demo and tutorial)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We get squlenchy with the newly-released Acid V from Arturia, a re-creation of the legendary and infamous Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer. In this demo and tutorial, we go into detail on its features and explore a few of the factory presets. There will be a lot of acid and techno - you have been warned.

00:00 Introduction
00:36 History of the TB-303
01:28 Overview of the Acid V
02:09 A few factory presets
03:06 Playing sequences and individual notes
03:38 Oscillator and sub oscillator
05:22 Filter and envelope
07:50 Vibrato
08:48 Distortion
11:03 Advanced Trimmers
12:55 Playing sequences and the arpeggiator
14:15 Creating and editing sequences
17:36 Modulators
19:01 Effects
21:29 More factory presets"

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

What is tonal harmony and why it is relevant to the USTA sequencer

video upload by Frap Tools

"Tonal harmony might sound super old and boring but it's never going to die, whether we like it or not! In this video, we will see what it is and why it might be worth a chance with the USTA sequencer.

Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction: intervals, harmony, melody, modes.
01:13 Harmony in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
02:03 The third: an imperfect consonance
03:05 What are chords?
03:38 Tonal harmony (briefly) explained: degrees, chords, stability, and keys
10:04 Tonal harmony and the USTA sequencer: quantization styles
15:17 Outro"

Facehugger r014 triple chain

video upload by flightofharmony

"Three Facehugger r014 function generators chained together (in series), fully functional at last!"

Vaski Lights 2 HP Eurorack Visualizer

video upload by Vaski Embedded

"Vaski Lights is a graphical display for your sound in 2 HP.

Stereo input and multiple visualization modes let you monitor and design the music you play in a new way! The narrow module fits anywhere: place it next to a synth voice, or on your master output. Keep your levels in check and see the spectral content of the audio stream."

Landscape DIY HC-TT: Build & Demo

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

Part 2 here

"I decided to build one of the Human Controlled Tape Transport (HC-TT) kits from Landscape. It's exactly what it sounds like, a tape machine powered by you. I fist saw one of these at Knobcon circa 2017 and I've wanted one ever since. I am looking forward to using this in some of my recordings. It's really cool."

Intro - 0:00
Build - 0:56
Clean Demo - 1:40
Demo w/Effects - 3:06
Final Thoughts - 4:19

Waldorf M review (with lots of FX Pedals, STVC, Drumlogue and Digitakt)

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Here is my closer look to the Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer together with the Waldorf STVC, Korg Drumlogue, Elektron Digitakt and lots of FX Pedals."

Space Pads with the Access Virus TI

video upload by Martin Stürtzer

"In this video I show you how I design a nice space pad sound on the Virus TI."

The Solina Comparison Nobody Asked For [ARP Behringer Synth Face Off]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Actually my buddy Seth suggested this. So yep I kinda lied in the title there. These synths: one of them is a lightweight new kid straight out of a box with more sassy highs, the other is a disc crushing bohemoth piece of furniture with mellow disposition. The brand new Behringer Solina in the left channel, the crusty vintage ARP/Eminent in the right channel. I replaced the ARP mains capacitors, but left all the tropical fish alone. Some of those freshwater angels are janky and cracked but still representin'. Whaddaya think? I know best synth performance ever! Talk amongst yourselves.

Recorded direct. No other mastering or effects have been added."

G-Storm Electro:

MOTOR Synth MKII - Performance Interface

video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"The MOTOR Synth MKII is an electro-mechanical synthesizer from Gamechanger Audio that uses 8 DC motors to produce sounds. In this video we are looking at the MOTOR Synth's distinctive performance interface - the 8 button keypad and 4 pitch encoders."

Boredbrain Patchulator Pro: Experiments with Analog Drums, FM Synth, and Guitar Pedal Effects

video upload by Boredbrain Music

"Three musical experiments are improvised using a static setup of instruments and effects connected to PATCHULATOR PRO, an evolution of Boredbrain’s iconic desktop and pedalboard patchbay. Thanks to our friend and electronic musician, Galen Bundy, for creating these unique demonstrations.

Patch #1 'Astroknot' features an upbeat pattern from the Arturia Drumbrute patched into the Meris Ottobit for glitch-style effects, while a dreamy bell-like vibe from the Volca FM is patched through three effects: Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb, Demedash T-120 Echo, and Dr. Scientist Dusk Analog Filter. As the drums are using Patchulator Pro's dedicated instrument channel, it is then switched to an alternate effects chain consisting of the Alexander Marshmallow Pitched Octave and onto the Defender Overdrive for a tonal distorted rhythm.

Patch #2 'Mobius Strings' is a bit different. Starting with some string-like chords from the FM synth, the signal makes its way through the Mojo Swim Team Chorus, then the aforementioned Octave, Echo, and Reverb for a modulated and total washed effect. The rhythmically contrasting "spastic" drum pattern is patched out of the Drum machine and through the Defender Overdrive, the Rainger FX EchoX, the Ottobit and ultimately the Dusk filter. This creates a complimentary lo-fi tone to the somewhat ominous strings.

Patch #3 'Bored of Canada' is a down-tempo improvisation directed by a simple delayed synth melody from Volca FM. The far-out tone is created by sending the signal through the T-120 Echo, Marshmallow Octave, Atmosphere Reverb, then finally the Swim Team Chorus at the end of the chain. The Analog Drums continue with their routing from the previous patch, with some fun tweaking of the EchoX.

Thanks for watching, now get patching!


Patchulator Pro is an evolution of Boredbrain’s iconic desktop and pedalboard patchbay, purpose-built for experimental signal routing of guitar pedals, effects, synths and more. The patchbay has ten individual effects channels, plus a main instrument channel capable of switching between two parallel effects chains or bypassing them entirely.

Effects on Patch
Patchulator Pro’s ten numbered channels are primarily used for pedals or effects processors, and allow chains of effects to be created on-the-fly using a few mini patch cables. First, the inputs and outputs of pedals and effects are connected to the send (gray) and return (black) 1/4-inch jacks on the rear of the patchbay. Then using the top 3.5 mm jacks labeled SND and RCV, signals can be routed freely through the effects channels to make a chain.

Alternatively, instrument sources (and destinations) can also connect to any of these ten channels for direct patch access if the dedicated MAIN I/O instrument channel is not enough.

Selectable FX Chain
A new and useful feature of Patchulator Pro is its dedicated instrument channel, which allows for quick access to one of two effects chains.

The 1/4-inch jacks labeled MAIN I/O are the instrument channel’s external input (black) and output (gray). Once connected, the input signal is available on top at both RCV patch points (multiples) within the instrument channel section. These copies can be used to create separate effects chains. Using the included patch cables, each chain is routed through any combination of the ten effects channels, then returned to its respective SND patch point.

The OUTPUT SOURCE switch is used to select which chain is sent to the instrument channel’s main output. Simply slide it all the way to the left or right. With the 3-way switch in the center BYPASS position, the instrument input is sent directly to the output, effectively bypassing both effects chains. This selection is useful to A/B an affected signal against the “dry” signal, and is a foolproof way to avoid pops while patching.

NOTE: Pops can also be avoided while patching by selecting the other chain, as long as the internal jumpers remain in their default OFF state (see Circuit Configuration).

Expert Interconnection
Patchulator Pro is purposefully configured with TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) connections throughout to maximize compatibility with a range of gear and setups. All of the connections, circuitry, and the included patch cables are capable of carrying unbalanced mono, stereo, and/or balanced audio signals.

A single patch cable can carry two signals, thus eliminating the need to use two channels for a stereo patch. A single patch cable can also carry balanced audio signals like those typical of rack compressors, equalizers, and studio effects processors.

Each Patchulator Pro comes ready-to-patch with twelve premium Boredbrain patch cables, enough to use every patch point. The 10-inch cables of two colors (green and black) are customized to reach the full width of the patchbay and to differentiate between the two effects chains.

Ten discrete send and return channels for effects and instruments
Additional main instrument channel switchable between two effects chains
TRS connections support stereo, mono, and balanced audio signals
Includes twelve custom 10-inch mini patch cables (TRS)
Passive design for routing all types of signals

Syntecno Teebee - (303 Clone)

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard (Potentiometer Edition) SN 00072

via this auction

"This is the upgraded Potentiometer Edition with the better and less error-prone knobs. Silky smooth and very luxurious compared to the regular Encoder version, most of which need difficult to find encoder replacements by now and the PE upgrade kits are no longer available from DSI/Sequential.

Also included is a StyleFlip black overlay (new/unused) that I considered changing out at one time, but eventually decided the original blue is still in perfect condition and was just too iconic to mess with so I will leave that option to you. Will"

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Digital Synthesizer SN FIZMO-10250 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"The Ensoniq Fizmo is a 48-voice synthesizer which uses 2nd-generation Transwave technology to create very organic sounds unlike any other synth available. Every programming function has its own dedicated knob or button, and there is a limited but useful 4-character LCD display. It’s a synthesizer, pure and simple, designed for the creation of sounds you can’t get anywhere else.

This unit looks and works great and the power regulator has been upgraded. The only flaw I can find is it is missing the clear cover over the LCD Display (See Pictures)"

Korg Mono/Poly w/ New Wood Case

via this auction

"The case is a custom solid maple case."

Korg MS-50 1978 - modular analog vintage synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Just a reminder, always purchase through eBay's buyer protection to be sure you are covered. If you purchase and communicate outside of their system you open yourself up to scams. Same applies with Reverb.

Mutable Instruments Elements w/ Carry Pouch

via this auction

Kind of interesting these came with protective pouches. See this post for another.

35- The Arturia MiniFreak- Effects: 3-band EQ

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the 3-Band Equalizer effect found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

8/3/23 (until the drive level spasms) Korg SQ-10 sequences two Metasonix RK7 thyratrons + Tapco 4400

video upload by Cfpp0

"An outtake. No gates, just CV from the Korg SQ-10 to two thyratrons."

GlakGlikGluk Diy Synth Jam

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"Pi = 3.14159265359
#diysynth #diysynthjam #semimodularsynth #synthesizer"

Patch n Tweak
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