MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What makes the Yamaha CS80 sound so big?

video upload by Jose's Vintage Synths

"Demonstrating to different sounds, using the sine wave: a nice and soft bell tone and a Big Brass Sound. #shorts #shorts #ringmodulator #vangelis #cs80"


The Magic CS80 Ring Modulator

Blade Blues - inspired by Blade Runner Blues on CS80, with LinnDrum and TR909

video upload by Jose's Vintage Synths

"Heavily inspired by Blade Runner Blues, the short 'Mouth harp' sound from the CS. Including a great scene from a Vangelis interview showcasing his love for the spinning top! #vangelis #bladerunner #analogsynthesizer #analogsound"

And sans Vangelis:

Blade Blues - CS80 Improv - full version

Frahm meets Vangelis Improv on CS80, Jupiter 8, Rhodes and Taurus pedals

10 year old ARP Pro soloist demo - but with a nice sound

video upload by Jose's Vintage Synths

"I started this channel a few months ago , but in the past I already posted some demo's I owned at the time. I came across this one and it still has a nice sound. I don't have the ARP anymore - it kept breaking down, driving me crazy. Listening to the demo I do feel some regret ;-("

Moar Sequencer Pattern Playtime (sorry, no noodles)

video upload by John L Rice

"Pretty much the same patch as the previous sequencer video [posted here] with the addition of the 554 clock divider and 564 switch pumping more gates into the 569ES to jump the position of the sequence. I also added in the Oakley Flanger modulated by the Marienberg Since Phase VCO."

THIS.IS.NOISE Wireless MIDI Controller Is A Lot of Fun

video upload by Patchwerks

"In today's stream we are going to check out the inc NMSVE Bluetooth MIDI Controller with Ableton Note, Koala Sampler and Fractal Bits music apps.

Get yourself a THIS.IS.NOISE Bluetooth MIDI controller here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka @EZBOT_ )"

SYNTH WALL |Episode8| - "Astronauts Odyssey"

video upload by LFOstore

"In this episode, we will immerse into cosmic void of far distances & brave people who put their life to discover new worlds - Astronauts.

Ambient/Cinematic Piece played live with:

Minilogue XD
Xio Synth
Roland JD-XI
Microkorg XL
Korg R3
Alesis Fusion

Sounds for all this synths you can find on"

Eurorack: Carillon into Arbhar (with Prophet 6, Mother-32, Zero-G Ethera)

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"Tonight I've played a little carillon into Arbhar, then I've started to add more sounds over it and this is the result. Patch notes in the video!"

Oberheim OBX8 Four patches - Written comment

video upload by SMV Producer

"Here are 4 patches for this incredible synth.
You can download them for free from my Gumroad page.
Sound banks for Arturia MatrixBrute, Waldorf Quantum/Iridium, Prophet 5/10, Moog One and Oberheim OBX8 are available for purchase at:"

Sequential PRO 3 Demo (no talking) Moons Sound Pack: Presets for Ambient, Electronica and Techno

video upload by Limbic Bits

▶ Online shop with Patch Banks for Ambient, Techno, IDM, and Electronica:

0:00 Favorites
4:32 Pads
10:35 Dub Chords
13:44 Bass
18:01 Lead & Arpeggios
28:10 Textures, Drones & FX

Sinusoda Modular Eurorack Cases w/ Side Panel Module Slots

video upload by Ebotronix

Video and pics in via Ebotronix. You can find details on Sinusoda cases at

"with these cases it's possible to use both sides of the case to build in modules. (see photos)

Doepfer R2m , 2x A 101-8, A111-4, A 110-4, A 126-2, A 121-3, 2x A 134, A 171-4, A 177-2 (2x)
Strymon 2x Cloudburst
Mutable Instruments Shades , 2x Ripples V2, Veils,
Tunefish Modular 2x µVeils, µPeaks, µ Braids, Ornament and Crime (Dorian Scale)
4ms Peg
Joranalogue Filter 8
Sinusoda Cases"

Is the OXI Instruments Coral the Only Multitimbral Synthesizer Module for Eurorack?

The following is the latest press release from OXI Instruments for their new Coral eurorack module. It claims that Coral is the only "multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack", but there are others as you can see in previous posts here, including the Mayer M800 (16 voice in 4 parts), Ryk Vector Wave (16/4 as well), Percussa SSP, and Rossum Assimil8or (8 part though sample based). If you know of others, feel free to leave a comment. Regardless, OXI Instruments Coral is an impressive module. You can find demos of it in previous posts here.

The press release follows:

OXI Instruments introduces Coral as only multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack, empowering users to create basslines, drones, drums, pads, and riffs

NIGRÁN, PONTEVEDRA, SPAIN: having hitherto made musical waves with its inaugural OXI One product release as a battery-powered performative sequencer, controller, and composition tool with four fully-independent sequencers (originally raising 1,178% of its fixed funding goal with American crowdfunding website Indiegogo in 2021 and regularly updated with new features since shipping), inspirational and innovative music-making tools-crafter OXI Instruments is proud to announce (limited stock) availability of Coral as the only multitimbral synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack — embracing eight-voice polyphony (freely splittable into different parts and allowing every parameter to be independently set for each voice or part) and several sound engines (each assignable to different voices) all accessible via a colourful, organic interface arranged around an anodised and beautifully silk-printed aluminium panel, premium finished with custom aluminium knobs, empowering users to create basslines, drones, drums, pads, and riffs while effortlessly manipulating voices independently to craft complex patches out of the box — as of August 30…

Ultimately utilising lots of computing power to deliver rich-sounding engines in an eight-voice package that could conceivably be termed the ultimate multitimbral synthesizer — depending on the sound engine involved, one voice can have up to eight oscillators, meaning up to 64 oscillators playing at once making for a massive sound, for example, Coral can be played in a number of ways. While it is fair to say that it breaks free from conventional polyphonic synthesizer behaviour, Coral can conveniently be played polyphonically using only one CV (control Voltage) and gate connection, allocating a new voice every time it registers a new note — be that part of an arpeggio, strummed chord, or pad with long decayed notes — on the oct (V/Oct) input. Independent filter, amplifier, and modulation envelopes are available to each of those voices — in fact, every parameter can be independently set for each voice, including individual effect sends! It is also possible to play all eight voices in unison — all voices playing the same note for drones and thick textures, as well as triggering the internal envelopes with the trig input or directly controlling the amplifier level with the amp CV.

Coral also benefits from full MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) integration, meaning multitimbral operation is a given while also allowing for control over any part’s parameter via MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) commands. Indeed, its eight voices can be freely split into different parts; this time, every parameter can be independently set for each part to craft complex patches out of the box. But there’s more: once those voices have been grouped across different parts, users can distribute the modulation signals across them using the part CV; so, for instance, if there are two parts, the first part will be addressed if the part CV voltage is between 0 and 2.5V while the second will be addressed if the voltage is between 2.5 and 5V.

But better still, several sound engines can be assigned to each of Coral’s voices; included instances available from the outset are Virtual Analog, Waveshaping, FM (Frequency Modulation), custom Wavetable, MDO (Multiple Detuned Oscillator), String, HiHat Synth, Snare Synth, Digital Kick, and Wav Player, now boosted by new Additive with Wavefolder and Diode Distortion additions. As one such sound engine implies by name, Coral supports almost any kind of WAV file — 16-, 24-, and 32-bit mono or stereo — with no limit to playback time! Thinking outside the box comes easily when working with Coral — add overdrive to samples, sculpt them using the filters and envelopes, pitch them up and down in tune, and even modulate the sample file or folder in real time using the CV inputs or MIDI CC commands! It is possible to load any wavetable WAV file to the SD card for Coral’s Wavetable engine; wavetables can even be morphed into three dimensions using OXI Instruments’ OXI Wave app — based on the amazing Wave Edit app created by Andrew Belt — that makes creating and editing them both fun and interesting in equal measures.

Clearly, Coral can go far beyond the realms of a conventional polyphonic synthesizer, then, thanks to the comprehensive voice management and manipulation on offer. On the face of it, those powerful sound engines speak volumes in and of themselves — as does Coral’s full-featured polyphonic sample playback plus built-in space (deep atmosphere) and chorus (rich ensemble) effects potential. It is, indeed, the only eight-voice polyphonic, multi-engine, multi- part synthesizer module marketed for Eurorack, one whose freedom of voice management is even hard to match in desktop gear. Going from rich polyphonic patches to a fully-fledged groove box with basslines, drums, and leads comes quickly to Coral, which, of course, can be fully controlled using MIDI and CV — or both! All available to all in a compact (14HP) form factor for a reasonable price — particularly when pitched against a conventional polyphonic synthesizer.

“The introduction of Mutable Instruments’ Plaits module was a revolution in terms of compact, multi-engine synth voice modules,” maintains OXI Instruments CEO & CTO Manuel Vázquez Rodríguez, good-heartedly giving credit where credit is due before digging deeper to end on a high note: “Thanks to their open source contributions, we have taken some of their algorithms and put them into a tasty, compact package that contains eight ‘instances’ of that module with custom-developed engines alongside new ingredients like independent envelopes and filters per voice, effects, full MIDI implementation, and a colourful, organic interface. On top of that, custom wavetables and a sample playback engine are also available per voice. But we didn’t want to just create another polyphonic synth, so, to allow users to make the most of every voice, we’ve introduced the multi-part concept. Consequently, users can arrange and use the eight voices as they wish — with eight monophonic parts, one polyphonic part of eight voices, or any combination thereof, such as two polyphonic parts of three voices each, plus two monophonic voices in the same module, meaning Coral can be corralled into acting as a versatile and powerful polysynth, drum machine, groovebox, and sound exploration module... all at the same time! We won’t stop there, though, adding more features in future through regular firmware updates — just like we’ve been doing with OXI One!”

New Bugbrand NSH - Noise, Sample & Hold & Red Phase Shifter Modules

via Bugbrand

"NSH stands for Noise, Sample & Hold – a module which features analogue Noise and a pair of Sample & Hold processors.

The Sample & Hold circuits are identical, each with Input, Output & Clock input (with internal comparator, trigger level c.+1V). The Source Input can be set to either an external signal or takes the White Noise source direct. The S&H can be run at audio rates for ‘bug-crushing’ (analogue sample-rate reduction – NOT bit-crushing).

The Noise section is standard transistor-based White Noise, with a second Filtered output which passes through a simple tilt filter around 1kHz cutoff."

via Bugbrand

"The Phase is a 6 pole, analogue Phase Shifter designed for hands-on sonic thickening. Made up of 12 All-Pass Filter stages, it features fully balanced Input/Outputs, Feedback, and Modulation from an internal LFO and/or external sources. All in a very playable design, stemming very much from the blue Phaser module.

Check the Block Diagram image. The main Input is designed for typical line level signals with variable gain up to 20dB and soft-clipping so you can add some overdrive if desired. The Feedback input stage is similar but without the variable gain – it is normalised from the Phase output & plugging a jack plug in breaks this normalisation. The buffered input signal is split off to the Phasing stages and the dry signal also passes on to the output mixer where it mixes with the Phase stage outputs. The Phase stages is also buffered to provide a pure wet output.

The magic of All-Pass Filter stages, here built around three of the ever versatile 2164 quad-VCA chips, is that they alter the phase of signals at their filtering frequency while preserving their amplitude. (With a pure sine-wave, this would look like the waveform being shifted in phase from the input – but you’ll rarely be putting in a pure sine!). When you mix together the dry & processed paths, frequencies cancel each other out to create peaks & troughs in the frequency response. The main Phase control, combined with any modulation, sets the centre frequency for the filtering and covers the whole audio spectrum.

Dialing in Feedback passes the phase-stage output back around to its input (via a normalised jack connection – allowing experimentation with further external processing) which emphasises the filtering up to the edge of resonance. The Add/Subtract switch inverts the phase output & the feedback input to give two different response modes and there is also an internal jumper that allows some subtle behavioural differences by putting the feedback into either the first or second filter stage (set as standard to 2nd stage, down position, but… experiment!).

Static filtering (ie. without modulation) can be used to highlight particular frequencies, but bringing in modulation is perhaps the more readily audible approach – give it some movement! The internal sine-wave Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) covers traditional sweep modulation (range approx 0.08-10Hz), but more interesting usage can be found with external sources such as sequencers etc. Note that when switched on initially, if the LFO Rate is set low then the oscillations will take some time to build up to full strength, so you may want to turn the control up full until the LED indicator is clearly blinking. The LFO also has a banana output jack (+/-5V). The External Modulation input takes a CV input (typically 10V peak-to-peak) and has a convenient polarity/mute switch. See the Understanding signals & voltages and Interfacing with Bananas pages for further technical details."

Art of noise, Moments in love (short cover)

video upload by fischek

* Korg Wavestate
* Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (controlling Ableton)
Various samples, the most important being the famous ARR1 Fairlight CMI sample (the voice sound).

Bioelectric Skiff Project | First Hike with the Battery-operated Eurorack

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"I posted a few videos about putting this battery-operated modular synth together [see here] and now I'm taking it into a TX State Park for a jam. The plant is the foreground is supplying the melody and the Sound Scaper (from Error Instruments) handles the metallic drone. Both are running off a USB power bank."

The Most BORING Spectraphon Patch

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Unlike the Morphagene and Mimeophon, which record/play/repeat literal reproductions of sounds, the Spectraphon synthetically recreates the spectral makeup of sounds. Thus instead of sounds being 'replayed' they are 'reborn' as new spectra in an environment where they are cut loose from their origins.

Given all this, let’s speculate that the most boring thing you could do with a Spectraphon is re-create the same sound that is modulating it. Of course, on the most basic level, any recording device can do that. My phone can do that. Doing it with the Spectraphon is a bit of a catch 22. If it succeeds, then we’ve failed at doing anything interesting. If it does something interesting, then we’ve failed at … succeeding. Let's try anyway!!"

XPO Tutorials | Episode 03 | Make it HUGE

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"After 10 months of XPO silence it's time to make some noise. In this episode I'll make a huge distorted analog lead without using a distortion. Just the six stereo L/R outputs will do. However, with the help of a 2nd oscillator 'sync' (Spectraphon) you can get some amazing distorted jittery sounds that can make a serious lead. You can also mellow it down to a deep drone with the help of a filter.
In the second part of the video I used Morphagene to create three layers but it would take 20 minutes to listen to them one by one, so I mixed them up into a composition that's worthy of going to my BandCamp 'ever growing modular album'."

Moog Matriarch | Why He Got One

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The Moog Matriarch. A semi-modular analog synth that is the perfect source (pun intended) for sampling. I'm working on a epic sample bank for the Prophet X and the Matriarch sounds incredibly good and it has a very wide sweet spot. Almost everything sounds good coming out of it.
Many of the monophonic and unison sounds works very well when you play them polyphonically in the Prophet X afterwards too.

I'm wearing a t-shirt from

Support this channel on Patreon:

00:00 Intro
01:02 Bass 1
01:36 Bass 2
03:26 Bass 3
04:53 Bass 4
05:56 Bass 4 (sync)
08:45 Lead 1
09:47 Lead 2
10:59 Lead 3
11:49 Lead 4
15:38 'Round Robin'
17:15 Final thoughts"

Moog Grandmother sound design tutorial: Lisa Bella Donna Patch book 2: Mixer distortion

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorial for the Moog Grandmother semi modular synthesizer, expanding on a patch created by @LisaBellaDonnaMusic using mixer distortion by running the output back into the noise input. The other main feature of this patch is using the modulation oscillator to create pulse width modulation. I explore some different variations for the patch and how to find different musical uses.. I hope you learn how to take someone else's patch and explore alternate uses from this video."


Moog Grandmother sound design tutorial: Lisa Bella Donna Patch book 2: Mixer distortion part 2

You can find additional posts in this series here.

Faulty Hyperdrive

video upload by Anukari Music

See Introducing Anukari for additional details.

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar SN 0150

via this auction

"Just tested and cleaned by a pro tech before the add and in 100% working condition. It has MIDI and the serial number is 150. Can be seen in Normandie, France."

Yamaha SK50D

via this auction

Video demo in the listing previously posted here.

Etta James Trombonist's Vintage Original ARP Solina String Ensemble SN 0109525 ?

via this auction

"This keyboard synthesizer was rescued from a Great Lien storage unit that was once owned by Etta James trombonist. It has been in storage for many years inside the case. When opening the case, the protective foam was very fragile. I removed the foam from the case and wiped off as much as I could off of the keyboard. The keyboard feels very solid nothing loose, overall looks to be in Good Condition. I plugged it in and everything looked to be working just fine. All keys bounce off the finger nicely, all buttons/switches make different sounds. Only 1 key was not working (refer to photo with my finger)"

Casio CZ-5000 SN 300595

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Snow Desktop Digital Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

L-1 Melodic House Groove. Part 3.

video upload by Aleksei Laman

"L-1 Synthesizer plays Melodic House.
This time for learning purpose I decided to partially recreate this lession: [Arrangement Tips video below]

Background pads I sampled. Sine melody I sampled from L-1 Quad EQ in oscillation mode, chord pad I sampled from modules, string pad I sampled from Korg TR.
Recorded live into stereo track 'as is'. No computer mixing."

Arrangement Tips To Inspire Your Drops. Ft. Arps, Counter Melody, Harmony and other keywords!

video upload by Bthelick

NoInputMixer (iOS/Mac/Audio unit) app. User interface preview.

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"No-Input Mixing is an experimental technique for creating a wide range of amazing, otherworldly electronic sounds by feeding the mixer output back to the input, thereby making a feedback loop. This application models an analog mixing console and effects rack in detail, providing the ability to make a huge number of feedback configurations with additional effects. More:"

ALM MFX Basics: Pocket PL8 Reverb

video upload by ALM TV

"The MFX's ‘Pocket PL8 Reverb’ is a plate style reverb based on early digital algorithms with a dense metallic sound. It offers all the magic of a massive aluminium plate whilst remaining small enough to fit in your pocket. In this video we take a deeper look at all of its features processing both melodic and percussive sounds via the FX send of the MEGA-TANG.

The MFX is a compact 6HP Eurorack stereo digital audio multi effects processor. It offers 17 different full featured effects programs plus a number of metering utilities."

Additional ALM MFX posts

UVI Introduces Synth Anthology 4

video uploads by UVI

Note the above is a playlist featuring 4 videos. You can use the player controls to skip through them or just watch them all in order.

Details on Synth Anthology 4 follow:

The authentic sound of 200 synthesizers, from vintage to modern
4,000+ presets and layers deliver incredible sound with hardware soul
Feature-packed dual-layer engine with fx, arpeggiator and more

Synth Anthology 4 - A Synthesizer Tour de Force

Rebuilt from the ground-up, Synth Anthology 4 now features the authentic hardware sound of 200 vintage and modern synthesizers, a fully redesigned engine with powerful features, fx, arpeggiator, smart sound suggestion engine, native MPE support, and more.
A dreamlike collection!

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Anthony Hak
Music Credits: Théo & Thomas

"The Best Keeps Getting Better

What's new in version 4?

Almost everything!
We've rebuilt the engine from the ground-up, added more synths, more presets, more effects, more filters, more modulation, a dedicated browser, a second fully-customizable layer for creating hybrid and blended timbres, an all-new smart suggestion engine that helps you quickly find similar sounds, a more powerful arpeggiator/phraser, bus effects, native MPE support, and more!

Real Hardware Sounds There is something unmistakable about the sound of a real hardware synth, from subtle differences between voice circuits and drift to the varied way filters bite into the sound; there's a distinct character and energy. Synth Anthology 4 delivers the authentic and uncompromising hardware sound with all the conveniences of a modern software instrument.

Every piece of hardware represents a unique creative vision, sonic character, innovations, and strengths. Whatever you're looking for, from analog to digital, vintage classic to future classic, you will find it here. Synth Anthology 4 delivers an incredible collection of hardware, every major manufacturer, every type of synthesis, every era, 200 synthesizers in all.

You won't find a more complete collection anywhere else."

The list:

ACCESS - Virus C • AKAI - AX80 • ALESIS - Andromeda • ALESIS - Fusion • ALESIS - Ion • ALESIS - Quadrasynth • ANALOG SOLUTIONS - Colossus • ARP - 2600 • ARP - Odyssey • ARP - Quadra • ARTURIA - MatrixBrute • ARTURIA - MicroFreak • ARTURIA - MiniFreak • ARTURIA - PolyBrute • ASM - Hydrasynth • BALORAN - The River • BEHRINGER - DeepMind 6 • BEHRINGER - Model D • BEHRINGER - Poly D • BLACK CORP. - Deckard's Dream • BOOMSTAR - 5089 • CASIO - CK-500 • CASIO - CZ1 • CASIO - FZ-1 • CASIO - HZ-600 • CASIO - KX-101 • CASIO - PT-7 • CASIO - SA-2 • CASIO - VL-1 • CASIO - VL-5 • CASIO - VZ-8 • CASIO - VZ1 • CAVAGNOLO - Exagone • CHROMA - Polaris • CLAVIA - Nord Wave 2 • CLAVIA - NordLead • CLAVIA - NordLead 3 • CRUMAR - Spirit • DAVOLI - Davolisint • DOTCOM - Modular • DSI - OB-6 • DSI - Poly Evolver • DSI - Prophet Rev2 • DSI - TETR4 • ELKA - EK44 • ELKA - Synthex • EML - ElectroComp101 • EML - SynKey • EMS - Synthi AKS • EMU - Emax • EMU - Emulator 2 • EMU - Morpheus • EMU - UltraProteus • ENSONIQ - ESQ-M • ENSONIQ - Fizmo • ENSONIQ - MR-61 • ENSONIQ - SQ80 • ENSONIQ - TS-10 • ENSONIQ - VFX • FAIRLIGHT - CMI IIx • FORMANTA - Polivoks • JEN - SX1000 • KAWAI - K3 • KAWAI - K4r • KAWAI - K5000 • KAWAI - Synthesizer-100F • KODAMO - EssenceFM • KORG - 01RW • KORG - 800DV • KORG - DS-8 • KORG - DSS1 • KORG - DW8000 • KORG - M1 • KORG - M3 • KORG - Minilogue • KORG - Minilogue XD • KORG - MS-20 • KORG - MS-50 • KORG - NTS-1 • KORG - Polysix • KORG - Prologue • KORG - PS3100 • KORG - PS3200 • KORG - Radias • KORG - Trident • KORG - Trinity • KORG - Triton • KORG - Volca FM • KORG - Volca Keys • KORG - Wavestate • KORG - Wavestation • KORG - X3R • KURZWEIL - K2500 • M - Liberation • M - Matriarch • M - Memory Moog • M - MiniMoog • M - Modular 3p • M - One • M - Polymoog • M - Slim Phatty • M - Sonic Six • M - Source • M - Sub37 • M - Subsequent 37 • MELBOURNE INSTRUMENTS - Nina • MELLOTRON - M400 • MODAL - Argon8 • MODAL - Cobalt8 • NED - Synclavier II • NONLINEAR LABS - C15 • NOVATION - BassStation 2 • NOVATION - Nova • NOVATION - Peak • NOVATION - Summit • NOVATION - Ultranova • OBIE - Matrix 1000 • OBIE - Matrix 6 • OBIE - Matrix-12 • OBIE - OB-X8 • OBIE - OBX • OBIE - SEM • OBIE - XPander • One - Electron GX.2 • OSC - OSCar • PHILIPS - PMC 100 • PIONEER - Toraiz AS1 • POWERTRAN - Transcendent 2000 • PPG - 1020 • PPG - Modular • PPG - Wave 2.3 • RADIKAL TECHNOLOGIES - Spectralis 2 • RLD - D-110 • RLD - D-Fifty • RLD - Fantom-G6 • RLD - JD-990 • RLD - JD800 • RLD - Juno-106 • RLD - Juno-6 • RLD - Juno-60 • RLD - Jupiter 4 • RLD - Jupiter 8 • RLD - JX8P • RLD - SH-09 • RLD - SH-5 • RLD - System-100 • RLD - System-700 • RLD - TB303 • RLD - U110 • RLD - VP330 • RSF - BlackBox • RSF - Kobol • RSF - Modular • SCHMIDT - Eight Voice • SCI - Pro 8 • SCI - Pro One • SCI - Prophet 2002 • SCI - Prophet 3000 • SCI - Prophet 5 • SCI - Prophet VS • SCI - Six-trak • SEIKO - DS310 • SEIL - DK80 • SEQ - Pro 3 • SEQ - Prophet 6 • SEQ - Take 5 • STUDIO ELECTRONICS - ATC • STUDIOLOGIC - Sledge • SUIKO - ST-10 • TECHNICS - WSA1R • TEENAGE ENGINEERING - OP-Z • TEENAGE ENGINEERING - OP1 • TEENAGE ENGINEERING - PO-14 • TEENAGE ENGINEERING - PO-16 • UDO - Super 6 • VERMONA - Synthesizer • VERMONA - Tiracon 6V • WALDORF - Microwave XT • WALDORF - Pulse • WALDORF - Pulse 2 • WALDORF - Q • WALDORF - Quantum • WALDORF - Wave • YAMAHA - CS6x • YAMAHA - AN1X • YAMAHA - AN200 • YAMAHA - AVX-1 • YAMAHA - CS20m • YAMAHA - CS80 • YAMAHA - DX100 • YAMAHA - DX200 • YAMAHA - DX7 • YAMAHA - EX5 • YAMAHA - FS1R • YAMAHA - SY-2 • YAMAHA - SY22 • YAMAHA - SY77 • YAMAHA - V50 • YUHOJIN - Asoboard • YUSYNTH

Best of PPG wave Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Best of PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer
all synthesizer sounds: PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer (1982)
drums: Roland TR-808 , Roland TR-707, Linndrum, Simmons SDS-8

0:06 Intro
0:31 1982
1:09 Wave Choir
1:34 Riding the Blue Wave
1:50 Rush 1
2:02 Wave Church
2:16 Wave Beat
2:39 Snowfall
2:49 Psycho
3:23 Melancholy
3:48 Daydream
4:08 Arpeggiator Games
4:22 20000Volt Trafo Station
4:35 Dark Waves
5:12 Blue Motion
5:32 Dancing Waves
5:55 Break The Rule
6:06 Upper Wavetable
6:35 Wave Strings
6:45 Elektroplankton
7:10 Wave Sweep
7:27 Wave Detector
7:48 Wave Steps
7:57 Sunday Afternoon
8:32 Blue Hole
8:40 Fast Driving
9:04 Wavetable Playing
9:21 Rush 2
9:30 Permafrost
9:48 Fukushima
10:16 Fundamental Wave
10:54 First Record
11:04 Miami Nights
12:01 ADHS
12:13 Monotony
12:37 Wave Piano
12:50 Oldschool Day
13:14 Wavetable 27
13:25 Retrolink
13:42 60Parallel
14:21 Hit The Wave
14:41 Self Control
14:58 Ti Sento
15:12 Touch In The Night
15:24 Tangerine Dream
15:45 Overture
15:55 Spatzili (Waveterm Sample)

The PPG Wave Synthesizer from the year 1982 is one of the most fascinatic synths ever. Used by Trevor Horn, Rush, Ultravox, Gary Numan Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, Propaganda, Tears For Fears, Robert Palmer and many others. Here can you find the full PPG wave playlist with a lot single sound demos, wavetable demos, PPG Waveterm demos and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The PPG playlist:"

Melbourne Instruments NINA Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Bora demos

video upload by DecadeBridge

"This is a collection of short demos of Bora. Beats created with drum machines and Ableton live. Some delay and reverb has been used in Ableton on Bora's dry signal.

00:00 Pamela's pro workout triggering two envelopes output to Bora's pitch (Oscillators E + F) and VCA. Beats from Rample triggered by Pam's new workout.
00:59 Bora output to the desktop low pass filter. Cutoff controlled by CV A from the Korg SQ1. Bora's pitch (Oscillator D) controlled by CV B from the SQ1.
01:35 Bora's output running into the Microcosm. Korg SQ1 gate A connected to Bora's VCA in.
02:40 Bora's output into the low pass filter. Filter cutoff controlled by the SQ1 CV B. Bora's pitch (Oscillators C + F) controlled by the SQ1 CV A. The volcano drum is syncing the SQ1.
03:30 4 note drone using oscillators A, B, E and F.
03:58 Bora's output into the low pass filter. Filter cutoff controlled by the SQ1 CV A. SQ1 gate A to Bora's VCA in. Switched in and out.
04:53 Stacking notes with Bora by switching oscillators on and off. Running the output into MI Beads then using the wet/dry mix.
06:06 Rhythmic drones through the simple use of a gate from the Korg SQ1 to Bora's VCA in.
07:15 Using the Harlequin's context to control Bora's pitch and volume by switching scenes. Using Bora's buttons to quickly change the sound."

See this post for additional details on Bora.

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