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Monday, September 04, 2023

DSI Prophet 08 | Wonders a world away | An ambient soundscape

video upload by MIDERA

"Tomorrow, my daughter starts 1st grade. I remember last year how nerve-wracking it was sending her off to school. Would she be okay and meet good friends? Would she do well in class? It was a big change. It's nice to at least feel that there is some comfort in 'returning' to something she knows and feels comfortable doing. I'm at least excited about that.

But we're in an interesting time. Every day she gets panic attacks, crying telling us she 'thinks' she's 'going to puke.' Of course, nothing happens and we have to reassure her that she won't puke. I don't know if it's the amygdala developing and it's just part of growing up. I remember when I was little I would cry in bed, and my parents would come to me and I'd say I'm really sad knowing that some day they would die. They told me that wasn't going to happen... which was obviously a lie. Of course, one of these times our daughter tells us she's going to puke, she probably will.

As for this track - I've just been really pondering what DSI synths to keep. I actually find the P08 to be the best sounding, although the Poly Evolver is a very close equal, despite only 4 voices. I think the P12 is very similar, but it's also lacking something I can't quite put my finger on. I still think it's in the envelopes. Something about them just feel stiff. The P08 and PE seem to deal better with it. But then again, they're all 3 different instruments. I think the PE is theoretically the most interesting and best of them, at the expense of 4 or more voices.

This track used the Strymon Volante and Eventide Blackhole VST.

#Prophet08 #davesmithinstruments #Strymon"

Gieskes Hss3i

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

You can find demos of one posted back in 2011 here and here, and some specs here. There was also a Hss3jb version which you can find in prevoius posts here.

Zlob Folidplier wavefolder - sine edition

video upload by John Schussler

"In my last video I did a comparison with the Zlob Foldiplier [posted here] that involved me using a saw wave as the input audio source.

It was pointed out to me later on ModWiggler that in fact, that's not the best idea. What you really want to do with wavefolders (and distortion) is to use a simple wave like sine or triangle, so the folder can add more magic, particularly on the low end. High-harmonic-content waves like saws are already so busy that you don't get as much of the juice out of the 'folder.

So let's try this again, but this time with a sine wave. Note that I'm not doing the AI Synthesis Wave Animator in this one since it's not technically a wavefolder, and the input wave doesn't matter. I am, however, adding in the Joranalogue Fold6, because like the Foldiplier it's 4hp, and it's currently my favorite.

Let the competition begin....

00:00 Intro
00:20 Foldiplier
08:37 Feedback
13:00 FLD6"

Novation Circuit and Delorean Dream 3 Video #1

video upload by G Tracks

"Yves has done it again with his new Delorean Dream 3 pack. This is me GTracks using the Novation Circuit and the Delorean Dream 3 pack to create multiple sessions to bring you this Track. The work flow is a little different from the Circuit Tracks and I am not as perfect as I would like to be with the timing but the grittiness of the Circuit still shines through. Yves Big City Mastering has created this pack with huge sounds and patches that stand out from the rest. This is the beginning of a series of Tracks using this pack and the Novation Circuit and the Novation Circuit Tracks to bring you along for an unforgettable ride. I can't say enough about the pack and the samples! They are great and everyone should have this pack in there components software. I beta tested this pack before it came out and Yves was AWSOME throughout; the final pack is worth every penny to pick up @IsotonikStudios The creators put a lot of time into these packs to ensure that we have quality samples to work with when we are creating our own music. Please Like and Subscribe and stay tuned for more Great Tracks. Thanks for watching, best heard with headphones 🎧 Let's go make some music 🎵🎶🎵🎶

Pack used is Delorean Dream 3 available soon!!!!!!!!!!

Packs from @IsotonikStudios are amazing packs and very versatile. Big sounds that can be modified to suit your style and needs. Have Fun!!!!"

Novation Circuit Tracks - Minimal Circuit Engine

video upload by TerraShips

Hardware Jams Weekend Challenge: Hexaphobia - Rule of 6s

video upload by SynthAddict

"All sequencers are running only 6 steps including the Varigate 4+ and the SQ-1. It’s a weird one. :-)"

CHASE BLISS HABIT // UNBOXING // MicroFreak + DOD RUBBERNECK Analog Delay // Session 2

video upload by LESINDES


Playing CHASE BLISS HABIT for the first time after having read the initial chapter of the manual. All DIP switches OFF and in the beginning only playing with the two delays and repeat rate.

In order to give the sound a bit more with and liveliness I processed the HABIT signal thru the RUBBERNECK which is faded in in the beginning resulting in a very nice stereo image.

The DOD RUBBERNECK is panned to the LEFT and HABIT's mono only signal to RIGHT.

The little black box on the right side is also very helpful: ART SplitMix4. A passive mixer/ splitter. Enables me to slpit the HABIT signal in two line signals.

The HABIT signal goes to the right stereo input and the other HABIT signal is processed by DOD RUBBERNECK and is fed into the left channel. As ART SplitMix4 is completely passive no hum and no PSU is needed as well."

Variable Bandwidth Filter Prototype 2 - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Corrected some simple mistakes and have the VBF behaving much better! First half is with single oscillator (Squarewave) and two simple modulation sources. Second half has two square wave oscillators mixed into the input with same modulation sources."

Korg PE-1000 Deep Dive

video upload by Robotussin Vintage Synths

"A deep dive into the wonderful Korg Polyphonic Ensemble, AKA the PE-1000. All the features of this 46-year-old synth, lots of original sound, lots of talking. Why is this such a wonderful old synth? I'll tell you why..."

Norman McLaren's hand-drawn sounds

video upload by Robotussin Vintage Synths

"Scottish-Canadian animator Norman McLaren developed a technique of painting onto the optical soundtrack area of the film negatives of his animations.

The shapes would then make drones and buzzes when played through a special type of projector. He used the technique to create experimental soundtracks to his animations.

It's similar to Daphne Oram's technique of turning shapes into sound – though hers, which she called Oramics, was more complex, with dedicated machines that read shapes on the entire area of the 35mm film, rather than just the little strip that contains the soundtrack.

You can see the results in the third video above, an extract from McLaren's film 'Dots', which employs the technique.

McLaren – born in Scotland in 1914 – worked for the British Post Office's film unit until around 1939, when he moved to New York, then to Canada in 1941, where he produced animations for the National Film Board, before setting up an animation studio at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Ontario College of Art.

There he produced around 70 films, much of it highly experimental and strange. He died in 1987 aged 72."

This also reminds me of the Optigan.

Norman McLaren is mentioned in this book: Vector Synthesis: a Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light

Punchcard synths at the Seimens studio in 1967

video upload by

Click the CC in the player controls on the bottom right for subtitles.

"The electronic music studio of the Siemens company in Munich in 1967, one of the first private electronic music studios in the world. Programming electronic music back then was a complex process that involved punch cards and maths. On the plus side, there were lots of gorgeous dials to turn and Bakelite switches to play with.

The Seimens studio was set up in 1958 and used until 1968. The studio initially created “musique concrète” but later explored purely electronic works, with engineers building equipment specifically for this task. I’ve seen it said that vocoders – which were invented during World War II to encrypt voice messages – were first used in music production at this lab.

The first major work produced here was the soundtrack to a documentary called 'Impulse of our Time' ('Impuls Unserer Zeit') directed by Otto Martini. After this, the studio was rented out to radio stations for compositions and sound effects, and composers were also invited to use the equipment. Karlheinz Stockhausen was one prestigious guest who used the studio, but there were many others. But really, the studio was a showpiece for Siemens and a chance for them to test out new ideas and equipment

The studio was placed in storage and forgotten from around 1968 to 1992, when it was rediscovered. It is now permanently installed at the Deutsche Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik in Munich.

I took this from a 13 minute video that’s available in full on the YouTube channel freeartslab. I added the subtitles so they are not very accurate, but they give you an idea of what’s going on if you don’t speak German."

Jonny Greenwood and his Ondes Martenot

video upload by Robotussin Vintage Synths

"Radiohead's guitarist and keyboard player Jonny Greenwood meets a professional Ondist to discuss this very early French electronic instrument. Greenwood also shows off a modern synth that uses a similar ring-on-a-wire controller."

Dewanatron machines and the Swarmatron

video upload by Robotussin Vintage Synths

"Here's the Swarmatron and its creators Brian and Leon Dewan, talking to Detroit Public TV about 10 years ago.

I posted about the Swarmatron about a year ago. It's an analogue synth that creates a tone using eight oscillators all playing slightly different frequencies. The pitch is controlled with a ribbon at the front. The difference between the 8 oscillators is controlled with a span control, from tightly aligned to woozily detuned. It's designed to produce a sort of cacophony, almost like multiple voices singing at once.

It's best known for its use by Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor on their soundtrack to "The Social Network", which won an Oscar and changed a lot of minds about the sort of movies that could use electronic scores.

Leon and Brian Dewan are cousins and together they run Dewanatron, which makes a family of instruments like the Swarmatron, the Novitiate – a one-off they made for the Bob Moog Foundation. Their instruments are unique, expensive, beautiful and very unusual. In the video you see another of their machines, which has two keyboards that face each other so two people play it at the same time.

I also found some great footage of the Novitiate they made for the Bob Moog Foundation on the YouTube channel AutomaticGainsay, which is a great resource for synth reviews and videos. I've posted more videos of the Swarmatron, the Novitiate and other Dewanatron instruments on my YouTube and on the subscriber section of this channel.

The Dewans, whose family is originally from Syria, spoke to a Detroit Public TV show about Arab Americans."

See the Dewanatron label below for more.

Cousteau Synth by Love Hultén

video upload by Love Hultén

"Custom synth for an ex-diver client - Incl JU06A, Reface CP, V256, Oceans 11 and a mechanical MIDI crab(!)"

The Model - Kraftwerk - Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover Tutorial

video upload by jumpwav

"Learn how to recreate "The Model" by Kraftwerk using the Korg Volca Sample 2. This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of programming the drums, bass and synth parts of this electronic classic using only the factory samples. No additional samples or external gear needed – just the power of the Volca Sample 2!

“The Model" by Kraftwerk

Instrument: Korg Volca Sample 2

Key of A minor
BPM: 62
Swing: 0
Reverb Mix: 0

Factory Samples Used:
Part 1: 011 Kick Sub
Part 2: 023 Snare Machine
Part 3: 045 C.Hat Loose
Part 4: 102 Vintage Pad
Part 5: 120 Dyna Strings
Part 6: 102 Vintage Pad

00:00: Full Song
00:58: Intro
01:31: Sample Setup
02:10: Pattern 1
14:20: Pattern 2
16:11: Pattern 3
19:06: Pattern 4
22:29: Pattern 5
24:18: Pattern 6
25:32: Pattern 7
27:16: Pattern Chaining
28:58: Outro"

And a few more:

Blinding Lights - The Weeknd (Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover)
Flowers - Miley Cyrus (Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover)
Nightcall - Kavinsky (Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover)
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz (Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover)
Dawn Chorus - Thom Yorke (Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover)
Instant Crush - Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover + Tutorial
As It Was - Harry Styles - Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover Tutorial
Little Dark Age - MGMT - Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover Tutorial
The Model - Kraftwerk - Korg Volca Sample 2 Cover Tutorial

Casio VL-1 into June-60 #synthesizer #casio #effectspedals

video upload by Ainsworth

HS Expander test! Success! #shorts #fmsynth #synthesizer #arduino #programmer

video upload by R.O.T. Studios

"Yay, it's actually working haha Got a few bugs to iron out, but I'm happily surprised it is working this well already. This is the very first test!"

TTMC Matrix Mixer Card , Elektron Octatrack

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Yamaha CS01 Monophonic Synthesizer SN 29781

via this auction

Black version (exclusive to Japan market)

All keys, modulation wheels, knobs and levers in perfect condition

One analog oscillator with basic waveforms (triangle, sawtooth, square and PWM)

PWM (pulse width modulation) thickens the sound by modulating square waves speed & width

Built-in speaker works. Batteries cover in place. Optional breath control (with adapter)

Ships with the original Yamaha power supply (AP-1B)

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev3 SN 1638

via this auction

1984 Akai AX80 Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer + Original Case + Foot Pedal

via this auction

"If you know, you know! Regarding this one, I am the first owner (technically, my household was as my mother purchased this brand new in Tallahassee, FL in 1985, used it very little in a church setting, and kept it cased otherwise). You aren’t likely to fine a cleaner example of this synth. I’d list this as mint but it has been played and there is the one small area of the top/right display that has a tiny orange streak. All else works well and this doesn’t impact visibility or practical functioning in any way. This is as near-mint as it gets for something created in 1984."

I hope he doesn't regret selling this one.

Korg 800 DV Serviced - Kit kenton CV/Hertz and Kenton Pro 2000 included

via this auction

"Beautiful DV 800 kit Kenton to control each voice separately."

ARP Sequencer Model 1613

via this auction

"This is the 1st of 2 versions of ARP Sequencer produced - it's got a smaller footprint than the later version, is lighter weight, and is made to match some of the earlier ARPs, though it will still look rather pretty next to later ARPs or synths by other brands. This analog sequencer was designed to be used with the ARP 2600 and Odyssey but will work with many other analog synths with CV and gate inputs. Instead of entering notes from a keyboard, this sequencer gives you knobs to tweak the pitch with your fingers - all you have to do is dial up the sequence you want, with no knowledge of notes necessary. Since this sequencer outputs voltages, as long as you have the right connections on your synth, you can use it to control other voltage controlled parameters - many old and now new analog synths have CV inputs for volume and filter frequency, which can also be controlled from this sequencer. ARP seq's are great for people who like to tweak until they come up with something interesting. It's a much more hands on and experimental approach to making music. This sequencer is the perfect tool for recreating that early electronic music vibe, is great for making new techno loops or experimental music. It's not just limited to these styles but is best suited to them. It's an excellent piece to interface with most modular synthesizers because it has patch points for everything.

-16 faders

-16 step or 8 x 2 (parallel) step mode

-sequential or RANDOM sequence mode switch

-GATE ASSIGN BUS! - each step can output a gate out 1 of 3 gate bus outs - this is great for sending gates to different synths or envelope generators at once.

-2 channels of voltage outputs - 1 for the first set of 8 faders and a 2nd for the other set. This way, you can use your first set for pitch and your 2nd for filter cutoff, for example.

-2 quantizers! Unlike most analog sequencers, this one quantizes its outputs so that it will easily play stepped pitches -it's much easier sequencing 12 tone melodic parts when you don't have to fine tune every step but at the same time, the quantized outs on this sequencer have a much narrower pitch range than the other outs. Note: we calibrate our ARP sequencers to output 1 volt per octave. If your synths oscillators are not set to respond to 1 volt per octave, either due to design or due to being out of calibration, the quantized outs might not sound in tune. The main CV outs will work fine in this case, though you should really have your synth serviced if it's supposed to be 1 volt per octave.

-skip/off/reset switch, button, with input for external control

-step button with jack

-position 1 out jack

-clocked gate 1 out

-start jack, stop jack, stop.start jack, trig/gate switch, start/stop button, footswitch out

-clock frequency fader and FM fader with CV input - very cool for modulating clock speed!

-pulse width fader with PWM (width modulation) in jack

-clock out with LED

-quantized outs a and b

-cv input

-input a and b

-sequencer outputs (not quantized)

-multiple jacks (4)

This is a really fun piece of equipment that's more inspiring to us than most modern day sequencers. It makes a great addition to any analog synth studio / collection. Remember, you dont have to have an ARP synth to use this piece."

Vintage ARP Explorer 1 Model 2900 SN 0235

via this auction

"Overall condition is good, no damage and it does fire right up and work. Just what all the functions do, I have no clue. But if you move a slider or turn a knob, it does alter the tone. Keeping in mind this synth is probably over 50 years old, there are some items buyer should be aware of. The front of the ARP used to have gold colored marking on the controls. These have for the most part either faded away over time or were possibly rubbed away. Not a problem as there are detailed pics all over the net of what each control is supposed to do. A few of the original screws have been replaced as well as a few slider tips and knobs. A few of the keys, while they work fine, are just a tad higher/lower than the others."

Sample CDs & DVDs

One set via this auction, one via this auction

LTGEM Hard Case for Korg Volca

via this auction

"LTGEM Hard Case for Korg Volca Drum Machine & Digital FM Synthesizer & 16-Key Synthesizer - Travel Protective Carrying Storage Bag

Item Weight 9.9 ounces
Item model number CS1234
Country of Origin China
Package Dimensions 9.84 x 7.87 x 3.43 inches

We've specifically designed the case to fit your Korg Volca Drum Machine & Digital FM Synthesizer & 16-Key Synthesizer. OUTER DIMENSIONS: 10.1" L – 5.9" W – 3.3" H.

100% SAFE: Holding belt make the Korg Volca Drum Machine fixed in the case, Hard quality EVA material is Semi-waterproof, Shockproof and Durable to protect Korg Volca Drum Machine & Digital FM Synthesizer & 16-Key Synthesizer from impacts and splashes.

TRAVEL PARTNER: This hard case for Korg Volca Drum Machine is lightweight and compact to fit in your backpack, carry-on or luggage for improved traveling protection.

CONVENIENT DESIGN: Inner Mesh pocket design perfectly for accessories, Smooth but strong 360 degree zipper for easy Opening and Closing."

SoundsDivine 'Altered States' - Korg Opsix

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Altered States' soundset for the Korg Opsix synthesizer.

#korg #opsix #synthesizer

00:00 Intro
00:10 Ride The Wave
00:45 Amphetamine Rush
01:25 Divine Resonance
01:38 Akemie's Castle
02:00 Aural Cascade 1
02:23 Mellow Metronomy
03:00 Moments In Love 1
03:35 5MeO-DMT
04:10 Destiny Echoes 1
04:48 Timeless Echoes 2
05:18 Zion Waves
05:50 Falling Harmonics 2
06:27 The Fifth Element
06:50 Equinox Phase 1
07:19 Modular Reflections
07:40 New Age Wave 1
08:15 Seventh Heaven
08:54 Wonderworld 1
09:21 Spectral Resonator 1
09:59 Wonderworld 2
10:31 Akemie's Castle
11:11 DMT Rising
11:49 Virtuous Ring 2
12:25 The Art Of Noise"

disting EX - Spectral Freeze

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"New in firmware v1.23.

00:00 Demo
00:33 Introduction
05:07 Movement
08:28 Sort of looping
10:06 Effects (delay and reverb)
12:21 Mixer
14:44 Etherization
16:40 Offset (manual position control)
20:07 Pitch shifting
21:47 Outro demo'

Midicake ARP - Tutorial 5 - Editing Sequence Parameters

video upload by midicake

Midicake ARP - Tutorials

"The goal of this series of videos is to introduce all of ARP's features and get you up and running quickly. In this video, we'll see how to access ARP’s parameters and how to change them to build sequences.

Please comment below on any specific topic you'd like us to cover in tutorials or our 'Exploring ARP' series. We'd love your suggestions.

Head to Midicake , where you can join our forum community and get your hands on your Midicake ARP.


0:00 - Intro
0:21 - SET Mode
0:56 - Changing Values
1:45 - Multi Parameters
2:11 - Arpeggiator Channels
2:44 - Copying Parameters
3:06 - MIDI Channel
3:33 - Voice Mode
4:13 - Global Settings"

39- The Arturia MiniFreak- Effects- Delay

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the delay effect found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

POWER | MakeNoise 4-Zone | Classic CV bus | Alternatives

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"It's been seven days since my last confession. Some people wonder how much makenoise cases I have. I have an old 'elite' case, six 'classic' CV bus cases and one 4-Zone case. So I did not buy them all so you couldn't. My last classic CV cases had serials in the range of 5500 so there are a LOT of cases out there. I never wished I had them all. Really.

Four of them have a permanent layout (the MN museum, original shared system layout, modern MN gear and the tabletops). My logo spells 'tape & (atom=micro)sound music machine', which basically started this channel. The other cases are constantly changing. I use cases instead of a wall because it's easier for me to prepare a layout , think in 'systems' and use a confined area to shoot a video. It's also easy to store a case and use another one.

Rest assured this is because I run a YouTube channel. I am not (totally) insane. I am a retired old man, almost turning 60 with nothing better to do. Honestly, I can't think of anything better than making videos for you. You can support me (a bit) by joining the channel memberships and get a badge. That's all there is to it for now. Nothing special, but highly appreciated.

Also, the 4-zone case is not sponsored by anyone. It was GAS. I can't think of any MakeNoise layout that would require it, but Spectraphon has a new DSP platform, and I bet it will not be the last module. However, I can imagine many (multibranded) layouts that will not work on the classic case. So instead of just comparing the classic with the 4-zone, I'd also like to take some time to discuss a few alternatives which may better suit YOUR needs as modules are getting smaller while using bigger chips.

Finally, there's no such thing as a cheap 2x104 HP 7U case. You'll need a lot of modules to fill it up, a 1U module may look small, but it can require the same power as a 3U. In the end, it's power that burns your modules."

Patching East Beast/West Pest with Commentary

video uploads by Bata

"Talking a bit as I patch something up on the cre8audio East Beast and West Pest."

Patch n Tweak
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