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Sunday, July 14, 2024

GearFest-UK24: GS Music e7

video upload by sonicstate

GearFest UK 2024 PWM Mantis Hits UK

video upload by sonicstate

"We caught up with Paul Whittington at GearFest UK 2024, held at Tile Yard. Paul introduced the latest production unit of Mantis, which is now available in the UK music stores starting Monday. The unit includes quad and duophonic modes, along with new firmware that allows for syncable arpeggios and LFOs. Paul mentioned an upcoming review and expressed excitement about the detailed insights expected from it. Overall, Mantis is now fully featured and ready for its users.

In our conversation, Paul shared his favorite patches, particularly highlighting one titled "Beach Dazed" which imitates the sound of the ocean. He demonstrated various patches and explained the different modes of the instrument, including mono, duo, and quad modes, each offering unique setups of the filters and voice paths. The MSRP is set at £1349, and there is a 10% discount for GearFest attendees. Paul concluded by emphasizing the melodic advantage of having multiple voices in the instrument."

The music tracker you've propably never heard about

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's Tutka, an older, yet still very interesting MIDI tracker, running on a "#ClockworkPi" console on #Linux on #raspberrypi .

Links & resources:
Tutka MIDI sequencer:
Linuxsampler on RasPi:
Linuxsampler homepage


Raspberry PI 5 with Reaper, Surge XT and ZynAddSubFX - real world test with professional audio apps

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

Waldorf Pulse 2 - Bass Machine [SOUNDSET] • Custom Presets

video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of favourite bass sounds dedicated to Waldorf Pulse 2 (Bright Bass, Res Bass, Soft Bass, Sub Bass). I’ve always loved analog fat bass sounds. Waldorf Pulse 2 is a true Bass Machine. I really like this synth for its functionality and beefy sound. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. Check out my soundset: 🎵"

The ARP 2500 Electronic Music Synthesizer Catalog Brochure

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via this listing

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

ARP Omni 2 Model 2473 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer (Serviced)

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via this listing

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"1970s ARP Omni II Model 2473, super versatile string and synth monster. This synth was recently serviced by our in-house technician. Missing a majority of slider caps on the filter section. Fully functional, ready for use! Includes AC power cable."

Ensoniq SQ1 Keyboard Workstation

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via this listing

Additional Perfect Circuit listings

Casio CZ-101 Phase Distortion Keyboard Synthesizer

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via this listing

Additional Perfect Circuit listings

Roland PMA-5 Portable Synthesizer Arranger, Backlit w/ Case

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via this listing

"Roland PMA-5 in excellent working condition. A Backlight display was added to the circuit. Runs on 6AA batteries, it provides for a long time of operation. Very slight noise generated from the EL display but when listening, line output is silent from display."

Behringer MS5 // Initial Impressions and Review

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Behringer has done it again and recreated a vintage classic with the MS-5. This time it's their take on the Roland SH-5. It was announced a while back and pre-orders were taken in April. It arrived this morning so here's my first impression and overview.

... and theres a lot more to it than it first appears!"

0:00 Overview
3:58 Oscillators
8:12 Sync
9:39 Ring Mod
12:09 Filters
16:07 Envelopes
21:02 Other Stuff

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak with Stereoping controller

video uploads by batchas

Use the player controls to skip around. Some great demos in the 2nd video.

"I made a one hour session yesterday to check the Six-Trak that I am selling with the Stereoping controller and recorded 12 videos, trying different settings.
As usual after trying a machine I didn’t play for so long, I think I should keep it cause it sounds so
I checked and cleaned everything, though I have no space anymore to keep this.
It’s a shame having instruments and not playing them. That’s why I’m letting go on several machines I do never use."

Serge Medusa / Subharmonic Oscillator Impressions

video upload by Serge Modular | Random*Source

"Medusa combines two of Serge's latest inventions - the Subharmonic Oscillator and the new VCFX filter - both designed by Serge in 2023 - to carry you to unchartered sonic territories. The Subharmonic Oscillator comprises 7 voices (pulse waves), each voice providing pulse width modulation or subharmonic division as well as 1V/Octave inputs and an individual output. The precision of these voices (with excellent 1V/Oct tracking and temperature stability) in combination with a global Spread control and various FM inputs opens up an enormous sonic range from massive unisono sounds to dissonant, orchestra-style textures. Here a couple of patches using Medusa as sound source with Edelweiss III and sometimes a MicroFreak as keyboard and/or an SEQ8 sequencer.


00:00 Intro / Heart of Darkness
03:30 Time to Move
05:06 Let's Go Up
05:36 String Me Up
07:59 Black Hawk
08:32 World War Z
14:31 Illusory Lightness
15:53 Tsahal and Farther South
19:32 Approaching Panama
20:13 Reliving the Future
21:25 End of Days"

Additional Serge Medusa posts.

Autobahn (Sequential Take5 + Roland JD-XI)

video upload by Kiyo Synths and Stuff

Roland JD-XI: Drums (TR808 preset) + Bass (TB303 preset)
Sequential Take5: Synth lines (Preset 703 Twinklestar)
Recorded directly into Zoom H4 essential recorder

Modded Korg ODYSSEY

video upload by Maffez Synthmods

"Some demo sounds of my modded KORG ODYSSEY Module. More info here:"

Prophet VS: Sequential Hardware vs. Arturia Software -- Can You Tell the Difference?

video upload by Lantertronics - Aaron Lanterman

0:00 -- Introduction
0:13 -- The game
1:03 -- Test setup
1:25 -- Volume issues
2:13 -- The experiments

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Dr. Endo explores LIVEN Ambient Ø - #4

video upload by SONICWARE

"LIVEN Ambient Ø | Soundscape Synthesizer

Chris Lody (@ChrisLodyMusic) , a sound wizard I genuinely trust, created an amazing sound of the Indian instrument, Tanpura. It was so beautiful that I had to jam with it today. I thought the tanpura sound would also fit perfectly with the world of LIVEN Ambient Ø.

In the second half, I got creative by grouping every 4 steps and making the sequences trigger randomly.

Yu Endo

サウンド魔術師のChris Lody (@ChrisLodyMusic) がインドの楽器タンプーラのサウンドを作ってくれて、それがとても素敵で、ChrisのタンプーラサウンドとLIVEN Ambient Øの世界観が良い感じにマリアージュするんじゃないかとジャムってみました。


遠藤 祐

Planet ϵ ~ Make Noise System with Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Make Noise System
Contour, 2x Erbe Verb, Function, LXD, 2x Maths V1, Maths V2,
2x Mimeophone, 2x MMG, 4x Moddemix, Morphagene , Mysteron,
2x Optomix, 2x Pressure Points / Brains, QMMG, QPAS,
Rene´, Spectraphone, 5x STO, 2x Telharmonic (Shepard Generator) ,
Tempi, 5 x Xpan, XPO, 2x Wiard Wogglebug!
the others:
Tunefish Modular 3x Ornament and Crime ( Mixolydian Scale)
Temps Util, µYarns.
Doeofer R2m , A 156.
Befaco 2x Stereo Mixer,
XAOC 3x Batumi
Flame Airlectron.
Soundmachines SY 1 Synesthesia CV to DMX Light Converter
ATO Faderbank 16 n 2x erbe verb , 2 x Mimeophone, Cloudburst (Midi CC)
Strymon 2x Cloudburst with AA1!
video # 2390

Vanderson - "Another Dimension" MC-909 Psy/Goa Trance Jam 3

video upload by ॐ Vanderson ॐ

"next psy/goatrance jam on MC-909
this machine is incredible useful... even if have almost 20 years :)"

Ambient Sound Design: Sumu's 64-Channel Pulses Module

video upload by Madrona Labs

"This quick exploration by Sheryar shows how to bring depth and movement to ambient sounds using Sumu's 64 channels of rhythmic modulation via it's Pulses module. Perfect for Sumu newcomers or sound designers looking to expand their toolkit.

We'll cover:

Setting up the Pulses module
Modulating Partials and Space
Shaping envelopes for playhead behavior
Using the dual rhythm generators
Tweaking width and center controls to target specific partials"

First experiment with PolyNodes - instrument.

video upload by Richard Devine

"PolyNodes extracts and analyzes the temporal properties of the input sound and maps them in a 3D space to create a visible geometric structure."

See the sonicLAB label below for more.

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