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Sunday, October 03, 2021


videos upload by Forms

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

"Black Cat in Space" by Raymond Castile (Sequential Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-60, Roland Juno 60)

video upload by Raymond Castile

"Electronic synthesizer music composed and performed by Raymond Castile.

Instruments used are the Sequential Prophet 5 rev. 4, Yamaha CS-60, Roland Juno 60, Behringer VC330, Logic Pro X Alchemy and sampled instruments, Spitfire Audio and VProm percussion samples."

Friday, August 06, 2021

Spitfire Audio Introduce LABS Synth Strings for Free

video upload by Spitfire Audio

"Download LABS Synth Strings for FREE:

๐ŸŒž Save 40% on individual libraries and up to 50% with Collections during Summer Sale: - Offer ends Aug. 8th

These classic synth textures have been created from the infamous Solina String Ensemble — a 70s string synthesiser, used on countless iconic disco and rock records. From fuzzy, warm vibrations to bright stabs that cut through the mix, LABS Synth Strings has been recorded at Spitfire HQ by Harry Wilson & Hannah Roberts-Owen, and comes complete with sampled modulation and processed pads — equally at home on a Herbie-style record as it is on a Blade Runner-style blockbuster template."

Monday, August 02, 2021

Grain // Waldorf Iridium [granular ambient]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"Spitfire Audio's Labs Soft Piano running through Iridium's live granular buffer."

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ambient Improvisation | Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice, Make Noise Strega & Ableton MODE

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

"Music by Akihiko Matsumoto -"

Friday, May 07, 2021

Microwave XT x Spitfire Albion Tundra - A beautiful pairing

video by Mason Chrysler

"I wanted to make a short demo using the Microwave XT to show how well this wonder-machine can fit with acoustic instruments, particularly within the context of film scores. In this track, I've used a few instances of the stunning Spitfire Audio Albion Tundra library for NI Kontakt along with a single recording of a pad patch I created on the Microwave XT. While auditioning wavetables to use with this track, the Organ wavetable stood out as the winner with these particular chords, but I'm very much looking forward to sharing more music using the other factory wavetables which definitely can evoke different thoughts, feelings, and emotions mixed with the endless universe of possibilities the MWXT is capable of. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have as well!

Video made by me. Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

HAINBACH's new software instrument with @Spitfire Audio​ made from vintage test equipment

video by HAINBACH

"In which I show what you can do with 'Landfill Totems', my new software instrument library with @Spitfire Audio​. From ambient to house and techno, to scoring, this instrument based on obsolete vintage test equipment covers a lot of ground. Available now for 29$/EUR in AU, VST2/3 and AAX format.

00:00​ Intro
00:16​ Sound Demos
01:19​ Music Demos
02:26​ Scoring a Documentary
04:50​ Scoring an AR app
05:40​ In other hands
08:13​ Instruments used
08:50​ Dev interview
12:39​ The album
13:53​ How much?
14:20​ Hardware jam

Get it here:​ (12.5% of all sales go to @WasteAid​, UK non-profit charity dedicated to sharing waste management and recycling skills around the world, fighting poverty, plastic pollution and climate change.)

Album:​ (ships from UK)"

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

OP-Z Ambient soundscape #2 Winter calmness

Johan Wave

"OP-Z Ambient soundscape #2 Winter calmness. Op-z is sequencing Labs, by Spitfire audio via midi. The sound is called lap steel resonance. I use a few chords and the random effect on some steps to create this soundscape. Sequence programmed on the chord track. Piano played randomly afterwards in Logic (on my computer keyboard). Effects: Internal reverb and Valhalla delay. Hope you like this."

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Sequence #8 // 0-Coast, Digitakt, Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra

Stefano Mattia - Eon Edge

"I finally got around to setting up my 0-Coast with my newly acquired Digitakt, all synched up with Logic Pro via Overbridge. It took me a while to figure it out but everything is working amazingly now. I don't even need an external audio interface anymore, I can hook up my 0-Coast into the Digitakt input ports, and have the Digitakt act as an audio interface itself. All channels, including the external ones, are acquired and recorded independently in Logic via Overbridge.
As I first test, I wanted to make some sort of ambient techno, with some nice punchy drums and a little bit of orchestra in the background. As usual, I got carried away a bit. But I thought it might be useful to share my first attempt, hopefully someone more experienced than me will comment with some precious constructive feedback.
In the long run, I want to get better at programming drums and arranging tracks and I hope that the Digitakt will help me in that compartment.
Let me know what you think of it :)"

Monday, November 02, 2020

Other DAWs - Launchkey Mini // Novation


"Launchkey [MK3] can act as a midi controller for any DAW that accepts midi messages, including Logic, Reason, ProTools, Cubase and many more. Enrique shows you how to get started with Launchkey Mini [MK3].

The new Launchkey Mini is our most compact and portable 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard controller. With intuitive Ableton control, creative arpeggiator, Fixed Chord mode, MIDI out, and tons of sounds in the box, Launchkey Mini gives you everything you need to start creating in Ableton Live – and it’ll fit in your bag. That's not all, the Launchkey Mini includes sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, Spitfire Audio, XLN Audio and Klevgrand – plus membership of Novation Sound Collective.

Launchkey Mini is more versatile, adaptable, and playable than ever.

--- For more on the new Launchkey Mini"

Friday, October 02, 2020

Synthesthesia 2020 Schedule of Events and Full List of Vendors

"Synthesthesia 2020, free to the public and scheduled for Sunday October 4th from 2 pm until 10 pm ET, promises to be the biggest online synth event of the COVID era.

Today the organizers are sharing the schedule of streaming events and the full list of participating vendors.

Just like its real-life sibling Synth Expo (same organizers), Synthesthesia will be Free with RSVP, and will allow synth lovers of all stripes to catch up with the industry through interactive content and promotions.

Here's a list of what visitors can expect:

- Live streams with product specialists
- Product launches
- Q&A with experts
- Synth Giveaways
- Deals on new synths through sales partners American Musical Supply and Synth City.

The event is in open format and will be visible through any Internet browser.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Prophet Rev2 Arps - Sub Phatty Lead - Sunday Synth Jam


"Sunday Jams are back, baby! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
After taking a short summer break from jamming I'm back again for season two! I took some time off to go on vacation and to work on a new EP.
For this jam I started with pad layers from Serum, Omnisphere, ARP2600 + some piano from Labs by Spitfire Audio. The bass is coming from the CS80 plugin and after that I added the Rev2 arps and the lead with the Sub Phatty.
Hope you like this one, let me know what you think ❤️"

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Neoclassical soundtracks with Spitfire Audio | Native Instruments

Native Instruments

"With this in-depth walkthrough Homay Schmitz takes us through Spitfire Audio's scoring tools and how you can use them to craft your soundtrack.

Save big on supernatural soundscapes and award-winning composer tools for a limited time:"

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

(Music Only) Rescoring an Action Sequence - Behind the Scenes - Spitfire Audio Competition 2020

Published on May 20, 2020 ChrisLody

"You can find the original completion entry with the action scene footage here: [below]

So I entered the recent Spitfire Audio rescore competition with a crazy idea, 'I'll do a picture in picture thing to show what I'm doing and submit that I though'. Not only is that a stupid amount of work but it goes against the rules of the competition so I decided so split that idea off into another video so I can show it in more detail and without the sound effects and copyright problems from my submission. So here it be. Enjoy"

Punching Metal - Westworld Scene Rescore #westworldscoringcompetition2020

Published on May 20, 2020 ChrisLody

Friday, April 24, 2020

Superbooth 20HE Expert Sleepers New Module

Published on Apr 24, 2020 sonicstate

Super Disting EX Plus alpha.

The disting EX is a multifunction Eurorack module, building on the rich legacy of the previous disting incarnations, which can operate as two souped-up disting mk4s, or as a single powerful module in its own right.

Fully DC-coupled, all inputs and outputs can be CVs or audio, depending on the selected function. The functions on offer include audio processing (filters, delays etc.), CV processing and generation (quantizers, pattern generators etc.), oscillators (VCOs, LFOs etc.), and sample playback.

Brand new features for the disting EX include an eight voice polyphonic sample (WAV) player, a powerful stereo tape delay (based on our own Augustus Loop), and a dedicated WAV recorder mode.

When acting as two disting mk4s, the disting EX offers these advantages:
Higher sample rate (96kHz)
Much more RAM (so all delays, reverbs etc. can be much longer)
Lower latency when triggering samples (now 700ยตs)
And of course, an OLED display.

We are delighted to provide with the disting EX a 32GB MicroSD card pre-loaded with sample content from Spitfire Audio, Goldbaby and Adventure Kid.

Published on Apr 24, 2020 Expert Sleepers

Update: Expert Sleepers' videos added above.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Roland SVC 350 Vocoder | Where You Lie

Published on Apr 1, 2020 Alex Ball

See the Behind The Mix walkthrough below.

"In 1979 Roland released one of the most famous vocoders of all time, the VP-330, but some may not realise that it had a lesser known sibling; the SVC-350.

The 350 is essentially the same vocoder found in the 330, but in rackmount format and without the synth parts. That said, it does have some unique features that don’t appear on the 330.

The 350 went on being made quite late into the 80s and the serial of this particular unit dates to July 1985 which ties in with Roland’s move towards rack mount and module-based gear at that time.

Here’s a 1980 article on “The Roland Rack”:

SVC-350 features: Starting on the left there’s a microphone input section (xlr and jack) which is the modulator and then an instrument or guitar input section that acts as the carrier. The Guitar input also has a “harmonics” knob to balance the incoming sound.

Your modulator and carrier then run through the 11-band vocoder that has 11 corresponding sliders that can boost or cut that particular band to sculpt the sound. These are labelled “voice character control”.

There’s then a balance knob to blend between the direct modulator signal and vocoder as well as quite comprehensive outputs and remote (footswitch) controls for different live or studio applications.

In also has the classic Roland stereo ensemble.

My original intention was to do a talkthrough of its features and also compare it to my Seekers Voice Spectra vocoder which I absolutely love. I started trying out some test sounds for that video and was laying them down and multi-tracking for comparisons and basically I wound up making a whole track so, I decided to follow where that was going and abandon the original talkthrough idea.

There is already a talkthrough video here anyway:

At the very start of the demo you actually hear a Juno and Seekers Voice Spectra (a bit weird I know, but it was intended as a comparison and this video unfolded in an ad-hoc manner). From 28 seconds we overdub with the SVC-350 and you can hear its mellower sound which compliments the more crystal-like Spectra.

From about 41 seconds I ran a Roland System 100m through the 350 with its own noise generator as modulator and an oscillator as a carrier which gave a slightly unusual texture to the ostinato I’m playing (controlled by the SH-101).

From around 55 seconds I tried a lower part singing an alternative melody and used a sawtooth from the Sequential Pro~One. I also ran a Sequential Drumtraks through the 350 as the modulator with a guitar as the carrier. The cymbals with the guitar created some particularly interesting sounds I thought (heard on the downbeat of every other bar).

As a contrast, in the middle things go acoustic in terms of voices and guitars. I quite like that moment as it’s as though we come out of electronics and into more natural sounds.

Gear / Sounds used:

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder (1979)
Seekers Voice Spectra Vocoder (1999)
Roland System 100m (1979)
Roland SH-101 (1982)
Roland Juno-6 (1982)
Sequential Circuits Pro~One (1981)
ARP Odyssey Mark II 2813 (circa 1976)
Musicaid Simmons SDS-3 (1978)
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks (1984)
Roland TR-606 Hi-Hats (1981)
Alvarez Baritone Acoustic
Squier Jagmaster Vista (1997)
Stagg SDM-50
G-Force Software MTron Pro (Flutes)
G-Force Software VSM (Solina)
Spitfire Audio Joby Burgess Percussion (Orchestral Snare / Rain Sheet)
Fairlight CMI III Drum samples (end solo only)

Mixed by Jakob at Sonic Peak Studio.

In fact Jakob has done a walkthrough of the mix of this track:"

Behind The Mix : "Where You Lie" by Alex Ball

Published on Apr 1, 2020 Sonic Peak Studio

"In this video I'll take the viewer through most of the work that went into creating this mix and master. It'll also form the basis for future videos in the series.

1:15 Playthrough with soloing and un-grouping
5:30 Basic EQ details
9:58 : Parallel Compression - more on that later
11:56 : Compression/Limiting/Transient Designing/Clipping
17:33 : Vokal Processing
18:34 : De-essing
18:43 : Dynamic EQ
19:32 : EQ
19:39 : Limiting
20:01 : Bus Compression/Limiting vs "Normal" Compression/Limiting
20:54 : Acoustic Guitars, bussing and processing
21:39 : Send/Returns
21:55 : A Word of Warning....
22:35 : Parallel Compressor
22:45 : Chorus
24:34 : Tal Chorus demo using acoustic guitars
25:10 : Waves Doubler
26:50 : Short Reverb
31:24 : Long Reverb
32:48 : Automation of Reverbs
36:27 : Delay
38:16 : Mastering"

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Suzanne Ciani On Modular Synthesis & The Buchla 200e | Composer Magazine

Published on Feb 9, 2020 Spitfire Audio

"Suzanne Ciani gives an in-depth demonstration of how she composes using the Buchla 200e for our latest Composer Magazine feature."

Friday, January 17, 2020

NAMM 2020 Spitfire ALBION Neo Orchestral Library

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"A new extension to the Albion collection from Spitfire audio, with more muted and flautando voicings as well as additional synthesized sections.
Available for preorder now, 59GB download, uses Kontakt player."

See this post for additional details on Spitfire's ALBION Neo.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

9000 Foot Piano Add-On for the Sequential Prophet XL

via Sequential

"Christian Henson of Spitfire Audio has released The 900 Foot Piano, the latest offering in his Pianobook project of notable pianos.

The 9000 Foot Piano spotlights an exceptional Yamaha baby grand piano that has been featured on countless soundtracks and records. The Add-On is available for free download at the Pianobook site and is offered in a variety of formats, including a Prophet X/XL compatible version.

Pianobook a collective sample project that aims to bring together a community of like-minded music makers to talk about their stories through the pianos they use, admire, and are inspired by. It is Henson’s belief that every piano has a story and that by sampling the instrument and telling its story, a whole new world of inspiring sounds, textures, and instruments can be created. As Henson puts it, “Pianobook is a place to share stories, create something extraordinary, and learn something new about each other and our ourselves.”

Check out the history of The 9000 Foot Piano in this video."

Published on Sep 20, 2019 Christian Henson Music

Find out more about Ross' work here:

Friday, October 11, 2019

Synthfest UK 2019

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Jyoti Mishra

"At the Octagon Centre, Sheffield, 5/10/19"

Featured: Cosmotronic, Soundgas, Unniversity of Derby, TA Programming, Dreadbox, Waldorf, Transistor Sounds Labs, Valley & VCV Rack, Dove Audio, Delia Derbyshire Day, Mike Gorman, Spitfire Audio, Presonus, Soundtronics, Dubreq, and Analogue Solutions Colossus.

See the Synthfest UK label below for more coverage of this year's event.

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