MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

303 acid mix - EuroRack & Buchla

Published on Aug 28, 2015 DJjondent

"The intellijel metropolis is the main sequencer & clock.
Acid is from the VC303."

Nord Lead 2 with "Normal Wear"

via this auction

"Nord lead 2 virtual analog synthesizer with flight case and original manual good condition some normal wear minor marks overall in good condition."

Major palm action?  Custom Robert Smith hair silhouette?

DSI Evolver Filter & Resonance sequencing

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

Moog Sub 37 and acoustic piano improvisation by Andrzej Karalow

Published on Jul 10, 2015 Andrzej Karalow

"Moog sub 37 and piano impro by Andrzej Karałow"

moogerfooger freqbox waveforms

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Ebotronix

freqbox scope
Hameg Dual Trace Oscilloscope HM 312-8
part 2 .....four tracks
4x Freqbox ²²,CF 251,VX 351
Buchla 281e, 292e, 225e
Make Noise Format Jumper
Mackie the mixer²
Rane SM 26
Kenton Pro 2000
Lexicon PCM 80 / 90
vid # 1372

Creating Patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro (Part 2 - with In-Depth Info)

Published on Aug 28, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

Part 1 here.

"This demo series only shows the process of creating patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro. Check our other videos for specific feature demonstrations."

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

ARP QUADRA Synthesizer "La Croix"

Published on Aug 28, 2015 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: ARP QUADRA Analog Synthesizer (1978)
drums: KORG KR-55B
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay"

The ORB Little Fluffy Clouds Freestyle Cover

Published on Aug 28, 2015 farmyfarm

"Another freestyle cover of The ORBS catchy 1990 electronic/ambient/ trance song 'Little Fluffy Clouds'. It's an ad-libbed demo with the new Roland TR-8 getting in the mix after I got it this week. Always dishing out the MTC is my trusty TR-707 which the TR-8 synced to effortlessly. This is a variation of the song played in real time, REMEMBER there are no DAWS, Computers or software synths EVER in my live performances. They have there place in my recording sessions but I love the freedom of expression that they just don't seem to provide in my applications."

Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard Buchla Music Easel Pics

Update: audio of the performance added above.

"Here's today's live recording of our Spatial Frontiers gig at the Schneider Museum of Art
at the SOU Campus. With a rippin' (maiden voyage) Easel solo by Bruce Bayard.
I Waterphone solo (barton)
II Easel Solo (bayard)
III Easel Duet
IV Shakuhachi solo (barton)
V Easel Duet"

Some pics in via brian comnes at their Schneider Museum Quadraphonic Concert in Orgegon this afternoon.

Update: two more pics of the performance including one with Todd on the waterphone in via brian comnes below.

ForeDark - Buchla Music Easel by Ajross11

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Korg Polysix SN 389852

via this auction

"It is in good functional condition with the exception of preset button 7 which is broken and cannot store presets. The previous owner replaced the original battery so there are none of the usual problems with battery leakage. Motherboard was also replaced, with many new and old capacitors, resistors, etc. Beautiful cosmetic condition with very few marks, just a small chip in the wood panel on the right side which is pictured."

Short demo video of this one here.

Yamaha CS5 Analogue Synth SN 7838 with Custom Moog Style Knobs

via this auction

"The synth has been updated with real wood end panels and new updated knobs which really give it a fresh look."

That's actually a surprisingly good look for it imo.

telHarmonic Drone

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Human Koala

"Hertz Donut triangle + waveshaping + sin Fm IN qmmg lopass filter modulated by maths
Hertz Donut Sin IN QMMG modulated by a149 IN wavefolder modulated by wogglebug IN QMMG
telHARMONIC modulated by wogglebug+maths IN QMMG lopass gate
QMMG out IN bluesky reverb shimmer mode"

Stolen Moog Prodigy...Need Help!!!!!

Published on Aug 28, 2015 synthpro

Update: Be sure to see the Stolen Channel for previously reported items as well.

"Hey Guys just a quick video for my friend that had his Prodigy stolen.

Serial # is 1258

Was stolen in southern part of Ft Myers Florida

If any of you see this Prodigy, please contact me either with a message here on youtube or at"

See this post for the mod videos.

Korg microLAB in action at Mary Lillard Intermediate School

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Steven Morris

Bring on the addiction!

"At Mary Lillard Intermediate School in Mansfield, TX, music teacher Lorraine Dow was looking for a modern, user-friendly and affordable music technology solution. The Korg microLAB Online bundle was the perfect solution. Complete with Korg microKEY keyboards, headphones and learning software, this is a perfect fit for her students, teaching basic piano and music theory skills as well as opening up a world of possibilities for these young musicians to learn about composition, recording, and MIDI technology.

For more information, please visit:

microLABs leverage any schools’ current technology to immediately turn any average computer lab into an amazing music technology lab – at an unbelievably low price. Don’t have any budget to work with, that’s ok! Korg has an exclusive Keys for Kids Fundraising Program that can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily – and with no money out of pocket. Visit for details and to get your fundraiser scheduled."

Keys for Kids Fundraising – Make Music on Any Budget!

Published on Aug 28, 2015

"Korg’s exclusive Keys for Kids fundraising program is simple: fill up all of the keyboards with “sold” keys, turn in the completed keyboards with collected funds and start making music!"

Befaco Coming to Incubate Festival Tillburg Holland

via Befaco (click through for additional details)

"It’s a pleasure to announce that we will be travelling to Holland to meet with the best of the best crews of the DIY synth scene. From 17th to 20th September, we will be hosting a DIY workshop during the DIY Synth Convention at Incubate festival (Tillburg, Holland) Also, we’ll be setting up a Demo Booth with all our modules to try and buy!

No need to say how excited we are to share an event with people like 4ms, Koma elektronik, Bastl instruments, WMD and many many more!"

Analogue Haven Event Tonight Featuring ALM, 4ms, Malekko, Bubblesound & Macbeth Studio Systems

Details in the flyer.

Buchla modular format 203 cabinet clone, for original 200, 200e and clone modules

via this auction

"Buchla modular format 203 cabinet clone:
- direct clone of 70s vintage Buchla 203 cabinet, 30U
- can hold almost modules: original 200, original 200e (presets will work), 200r clone, eardrill
- 4 power rail: +15, -15, +12, +5
- boats paint in black, paint's quality is same as original Buchla 200e boat
- 3 upper boats have a removable back panel to connect Buchla 225e and other 200e modules with back panels, like on original 200e series cabinets
- 2 upper boats are marked (for drilling) for two accutronics reverb tanks (for 275r)
- 3 upper boats are marked (for drilling) for 4x1/4" jacks (quadraphonic outs)
- sanded and lacquered plywood sides (as original ones)
- include timmerman nuts and screws for your modules."

Novation MoroderNova Sounds

Published on Aug 28, 2015 muzykujkropkacom

Novation MoroderNova Patch "Neverending Story" & Animate

Novation MoroderNova Animate

Creating Patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro (Part 1)

Published on Aug 28, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

"This demo series only shows the process of creating patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro."


Creating Patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro (Part 2 - with In-Depth Info)

Published on Aug 28, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

"This demo series only shows the process of creating patches on the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro. Check our other videos for specific feature demonstrations."

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Modular Meets Leeds: Thonk DIY

Published on Aug 28, 2015 sonicstate

"Modular Meets Leeds: Thonk DIY We talk to Steve at Thonk about the DIY Eurorack scene"

Bob Moog Foundation Performance - Sally Sparks, Marc Doty, Chris Stack

Published on Aug 28, 2015 experimentalsynth

"A video/photo montage from our performance at The Hop Ice Creamery in Asheville, NC for the Bob Moog Foundation, on the 10th anniversary of the passing of Bob Moog. Learn more at"

ARTHUR_ETO_PAIA_16#09 - noyzelab voltage controlled microtonal oscillator composition

"short little track on my prototype voltage controlled microtonal oscillator module [april 2012]. cellular automata sequencing the oscillator [running as 2 voice in this track], some vague info on this module here, although a lot has changed on it since then... :)

microtonalmodular synthcellular automata"

Bioluminescent Blues - Mark Steiner

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Mark Steiner

"This video is about Gold Keys Lights Demo"

Mark Stiener is the son of Nyle Steiner of Steiner-Parker. See the channels below for previous posts on each.

Powertran Transcendent 2000 Overview & Demo by Midi/Error!!

Published on Aug 28, 2015 midierror

"A look at the features of the Transcendent 2000 synthesizer, designed by Tim Orr and used most notably by Martin Hannet and Joy Division."

Powertran Transcendent 2000 [ demo ]

Published on Aug 28, 2015

"Messing about with the Transcendent 2000 through a Lexicon reverb/delay unit."

KORG ARP ODYSSEY "unboxing"!!!!

Published on Apr 11, 2015 James Reeno


ENSONIQ SQ-80 "Bells"

Published on Jul 29, 2015 James Reeno

"A slightly modified preset on the SQ80. This synth does fantastic bell sounds and pads."

Paraphonic For The People

"All RS-505."

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII Drum Synthesizer with Innerclock Systems Sync-Lock

via this auction

"Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MKII Drum Synthesizer with Sync-Lock. The Sync-lock made by innerclock systems will allow perfect sync with MachineDrum and DAW. Check the website for more information on what you are buying. The Sync-Lock version is no longer available on website but may be upgraded to work with VST."

Sequential Circuit Prophet 5 Rev 3 Just Serviced by Bruce (FORAT ELECTRONICS) SN 1709

via this auction

"Sequential Circuit Prophet 5 Rev 3 Just Serviced 4 months ago by Bruce Forat (FORAT ELECTRONICS) but it never has chance to gig. All the following repaired performed for the prophet 5 serial# 1709 was written on paper by Mr. Bruce Forat himself on pictures.

The synthesizer has a beautiful cosmetic condition of its age and 100% working great. There are no breaks/racks or any major to be effected of its performing ability. The synthesizer will comes owners and technical manuals (schematics) and heavy duty Anvil case. The Prophet 5 is a real workhorse and will last you more than a lifetime. Of course, we will package this synthesizer as well as for good measure."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 analog synthesizer with P600FW update

via this auction

"Sequential Prophet-600 with latest of Gligli's P600FW firmware installed. It gives new life to the instrument with many new features and snappy envelopes. All functions working and sounds incredible."

1986 German Roland TR-505 Ad


telHARMONIC Bassline

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Human Koala

"A little bassline with thelarmonic, no filter , envelator and a147 for modulation ;)
René for sequencing ;)"

Modular Meets Leeds: Radek Rudnicki

Published on Aug 28, 2015 sonicstate

"Modular Meets Leeds: Radek Rudnicki Sound designer, music composer and performer shows off his rig"

YMO/cosmic surfin'(BASS cover)

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Tosh Ara

"BASS coverをしてみました。ARP ODYSSEYのBASSはパンチが効いてしかも跳ねた音で、細野さんは当時のライブ­でエフェクタ無しで使用してたようです…納得です(^ ^)"

Storm 3003 & 4TeK - Sunday Jamming [Elektron, Arturia, Bastl, Access & Korg Live Jam]

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Shock-HRz

Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003" and Francesco Salvatici a.k.a. "4TeK"
Select HD for a better experience!

Equipment for this video:

Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003":
- Elektron Analog Four (+ CV to MiniBrute)
- Arturia MiniBrute (+ Alesis NanoVerb)
- Bastl MicroGranny V.2.1 (+ Korg KaossPad 3)
- Access Virus TI

Francesco Salvatici a.k.a. "4TeK":
- Korg Electribe MX (+ Kenton Midi THRU-5)"

Yamaha DX7 vs ARPIE - MIDI Arpeggiator

Published on Aug 28, 2015 midierror

"Giving the ancient synthesizer a new lease of life with the ARPIE from Jason Hotchkiss! Check out his other goodies here

Synth Explorer DX7 is available here"

Gotharman's FX deFormer - Guitar

Published on Aug 28, 2015 gotharman

"The first part of the video only has audio in the left channel!
Effects used: Sampler, distortion, filter and chorus.
I have learned to play the guitar all by myself!!!"

ghostradioshow "In The Mood" [Teenage Engineering PO-16]

Published on Aug 28, 2015 ghostradioshow

"Playing with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-16.
No external Instruments / DAWs.
Enjoy ;-)"

Island Stomp

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Quincas Moreira

"Live improvised Modular Synth Jam by Quincas Moreira, featuring his DiY synth and VBrazil modules, as well as the Arturia Beatstep and Patterning on an ipad."


Published on Aug 28, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot


DSI Evolver analog delay self oscillation

Published on Aug 28, 2015 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

Waddingtons Compute-a-Tune Synth 1978 & Korg A5 + Boss dr. sample SP-202

Published on Aug 27, 2015 lookapi

"Waddingtons Compute-a-Tune toy synthesizer & Korg A5 + Boss dr. sample SP-202 Soundcheck by noheadchicken Live @ Petit Rigolo Records 2015

Waddingtons Compute-a-Tune toy synth with Korg A5 effects
Boss Sp-202 sampler with Korg A5 effects"

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