MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Matthe̶w͢_As̸h̨mo̷re rec_sep_25

"The Ciat lonbarde cocoquantus is being fed audio from 3 tracks and reamped with a minicassete recorder

Syths used are all controlled via ableton push. Novation Bass Station rack, Madrona labs aalto and Michael Norris plugins, Custom ableton drum rack."

via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Matthew Ashmore.

Barry Schrader CalArts Farewell Concert Live Now!

Update: the concert and live stream has ended. Once the archive stream goes up, it will live in the main post here.

Analogue Solutions MegaCity 64 & Telemark V1

Published on Sep 26, 2015 MrKjDrake

via this auction

Buchla 2040 - Emu Filter module - test 1

Published on Sep 26, 2015 DJjondent
Update: the video has been pulled. I'll put a new post up to let you know if it comes back.

"A bit of testing for a DIY Buchla format module.
The audio source is a vintage Buchla 144.
The 2040 uses a SSM 2040 filter chip."

"The top is a clone of the LP filter from the Emu Systems Audity Synth and SSM 2040 voice card.
The PCB is from Analog Metropolis.
It is designed for Eurorack with pots mounted on the PCB.
You can still buy this PCB from AM Synths.

The filter is a 4 pole with cutoff of 24dB/Oct.
The module uses the SSM 2040 filter chip which was designed by Dave Rossum of Emu.. Apart from the Emu synth, this chip can be found in the Digisound 80-7.,Octave Cat (MKII), the Prophet 5 (rev.1 & 2. .......NOT Rev 3 prophets, which use Curtis chips) and the legendary RSF Kobol."

New Desktop Version of the MAM MB33 Analog Retro Bass Synthesizer

It appears the MAM MB33 has been re-released as a compact, desktop synth.


"MAM MB 33 Retro, Analog Bass Synthesizer Expander, 100% Analog Signal Processing, Waveforms: sawtooth and square thomann mixable, Tune control: +/- 50 cent, Switch for Autotune, Auto Slide Function, Range: 4 octaves, 24dB lowpass filter, Cutoff frequency control (20Hz – 20kHz), Resonance control, ENV-modulation depths control, control for decay time (200ms -. 2,5Sek), Control for built in Envelope generator with thomann set, control for Accent-intensity; triggered at velocity values> = 120, VCF input socket, Socket for Midi In, Measurements : 147,5 x 85 x 49 mm B/T/H, Weight: 0,43 Kg"

It's priced at €139/£102.52. That comes out to roughly $155 US.

via Thomann UK

Update: Additional details via the MAM MB33 page:

"The MB33 Retro is manufactured completely in Germany, including assembly, mounting, casing, print and packaging – which is something, we are particularily proud of.

My thanks go to Hans Thomann and Bernd Siegismund from Musikhaus Thomann and Hari Rupp from the Music Store in Cologne, without whom this project would not have been possible. Thanks also to Artur Grönke and Harry Brandes, both of which have contributed greatly to the development of the MB33.

As with all analog devices the tolerance within the individual components is different from each other. Thus each MB33 is unique and always sounds somewhat different. This is what makes up a large part of the appeal for analogue instruments. Thus creating a much smaller device due to the SMD construction, it still contains all relevant components of the original.

The MB33 Retro was, like his predecessor, developed by Dipl.Ing. Stefan Schmidt.
Stefan Schmidt is one of the best engineers worldwide in this field , emphasized by building his own synthesizer „Schmidt“, a high-end synthesizer, used in all the top studios in the world. As with the original it was despensed of the on-off switch, since the power supply consumes almost 20 times more electricity than the MB33 by itself.

Questions and suggestions please address to „“

1. TUNE: fine pitch tuning +/- 50 cent
2. WAVE: Blends the waveforms square and sawtooth
3. CUTOFF: Sets the upper cutoff frequency of the filter
4. RESONANCE: Creates resonances in the square frequency
5. ENV MOD: intensity of an Envelope to the cutoff frequency
6. ENV DECAY: Decay time of the Envelope
7. ACCENT: is triggered via MIDI and affects Envelope, Cutoff and Volume
8. VOLUME: volume control at the output of MB33
9. MIDI-LED: alternately on incoming MIDI signals, permanently at Autotune
10. ON-LED: the MB33 is on
11. Output: Audio output of MB33
12. SCALE / OFFSET: Adjusts the intensity of the cutoff controller
13. VCF IN: Audio signal can be processed via the VCF of the MB33
14. MIDI IN: socket for controlling the sound generator of the MB33
15. MIDI CH: Set the MIDI channel (see below)
16. DEMO / AUTOTUNE: Activates AUTOTUNE (in normal operation), or the DEMO ( button down while turning on)
17. 12V AC: Socket AC adapter

Hawkeye - Happiness is Analog (Hill Diver Part II, Alesis Andromeda vs MIDIbox SEQ V4)

Published on Sep 26, 2015 Maelstroem3

"A live and unfiltered session with the MIDIbox sequencer V4 and the Alesis Andromeda!

Synths used:
Alesis Andromeda (poly lead)
Moog Little Phatty (bassline)
Yamaha FS1R (kick)
Roland V-Synth (sliced drums)
Elektron Machinedrum (even more drums)
^- not all analog, i know :)

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching and listening!
Hawkeye/Maelstroem Records"

New Soviet Polivoks Desktop Clone Demos

You'll find two video demos added to the original post here.

Doepfer A-110-4SE Special Edition Quadrature Thru-Zero VCO and a Beer

via Doepfer:

"From about middle of October a special edition of the Quadrature Thru-Zero VCOs A-110-4 will be available (A-110-4SE).
The special edition is equipped with a blue anodized front panel and white knobs.
The price is Euro 140 (the stein and the beer are not included with the module :-)"

via PatchPierre.Net

Rheyne - Live Jam #134

Published on Sep 26, 2015 Rheyne

"Live looping with Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples.

Equipment (clockwise from top left):
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 25
Roland TR-8
DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D
iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 4+
Roland System-1
Novation Launchpad
DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter Twister
KMI QuNexus
iPad running Lemur
Ploytec PL2 (under desk)

3x Chauvet Slim Par 56 LED
Enttec DMXIS

Ableton Live
Max for Live
Native Instruments 'Damage'
Native Instruments 'Massive'"

App Sound Elastic Drums - New Factory Presets

Published on Sep 26, 2015 APP SOUND

"Find some straight groove patterns now in the great "Elastic Drums" app by O-G-SUS. Just playing some of the new presets."

iTunes: Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS

Boucle Technoïde #10 - Mutable Instruments Elements is back !

Published on Sep 26, 2015 modularsquare

"Impro 100% modular synth.
No external FX, no computer, no editing = fun.

Main loop : Mutable Instruments Elements, drived by sequencer Orbitals from Hex Inverters
Kick : Jomox ModBase 09 Bass Drum
Percussion : Jomox Mod.Brane 11 Percussion
HiHat : MFB Drum 7
Rythm sequencer : TipTop Audio Circadian
Additional drone : The Harvestman Polivoks VCO into Erica Synth Fusion VCF into Fusion Chorus et Delay
Granular sampler : Bastl Grandpa, triggered manually by Qubit Electronix Tri-ger

You will find all those products here :


Nous somme Modularsquare, une boutique d'instruments électroniques spécialisée dans les synthétiseurs modulaires, et une communauté d'artistes qui se réunie une fois par mois.

Notre blog :

Les photos de nos rencontres :"

Spacecraft 2

Published on Sep 26, 2015 Bruno Ender Lee

"Performed live, September 26. 2015; Studio-88, MiniMoog Voyager OS, ARP Odyssey, Moog Little Phatty, Simmons SDS-8, Roland Juno-106, Roland JP8000

composed, arranged & produced by Bruno Ender Lee
2015 Velvet Voyage Productions / all rights reserved"

bs-16i with 3D touch - 1st iOS Synth to Implement Physical Aftertouch With New 3D Touch?

Published on Sep 26, 2015 bismark

"Trying to assign 3D touch to MIDI after touch"

Pretty cool when you think about it. Physical aftertouch is now possible on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Question is it on/off only? There's also two levels of 3D Touch, the initial press and the second. Now Apple just needs to implement release velocity. Think of people using that in public.

iTunes: bismark bs-16i - Shun Murabayashi

Ginko Synthese Grains - granular sample playing

Published on Jun 28, 2015 Fading Canvas

"Getting a dark ambient soundscape by feeding sound of Ginko Synthese Grains module into the Mutable Instruments Clouds. Standard firmware used on Grains. Running Parasites firmware on Clouds, regular granular processing mode, all blend parameters at full maximum. Lots of modulation done on the two modules. Little patch explaination in the video."

Yamaha TQ5 Tone Generator Sound Module FM Synth

via this auction

"This is a sound module, FM synth, basically an 'entry-level' FM synth. This unit is in working order, I've used it extensively, recorded with it, etc... However it does have a few quirks that I never did figure out, the date and time settings never stay when I set them, and also it always starts up out of tune. By that I mean the 'tune' setting always resets to +62, meaning it's sharp. Not a huge deal, but it may need a new battery, not sure..."

John Bowen Solaris Synthesizer SN 00213

via this auction

"For sale is a John Bowen Solaris synthesizer. This Solaris was custom made for me with detent encoders as opposed to the endless. If you are considering this synth then you should already know what it is. What you cant know unless you have played one before is the extreme high quality of construction. This synth is solid with the a beautiful keyboard that feels fantastic to play. It is built to last. The Solaris is made to sculpt sound.

The condition of this Solaris is like new, taking it out of the box you might well think you ordered it new. It comes with power supply, manual and the original shipping box."

Roland RS-505 Paraphonic Strings

via this auction

Kord MS-10 Synthesizer x 2 Demo

Published on Sep 25, 2015 Mike B

"Two Korg MS-10 monophonic synths patched together. Bottom one plays a sine drone, and I manipulate the top synth, and the bottom a little, and its like having a two Oscillator MS-10, better than the MS-20, you can vary the pulse width via modulation, something you cant do on the MS-20."

Hard Mod Engraving sound [single voice test]

Engraving sound [single voice test] from Hard-Mod on Vimeo.

"This is just a pre-view from a sculpture sound based on electro mechanic circuit running into an analog signal path and a phonocaptor cartdrige reading a copper etching (Dürer's Rhinoceros). You are listening a single voice but you'll ear 6 voices in a multichannel system.

Engraving sound_Tania Candiani

Electronic sources_Hard•Mod"


Published on Sep 26, 2015 Ariel Raguet

"Today my modular speaks and said VERLAMU


Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box, Korg Volca Keys,Make Noise STO
Korg MS-20 mini, WMD Micro Hadron Collider
Sputnik Modular Quad Function & Trigger Source, Make Noise Maths
Pittsburgh Sequencer, Arturia Beatstep, Boss RV-2
Marshall Echohead, FractMus 2000, Cubase
Sony Vegas, Winamp with Milkdrop2

I wish to thank to Ryan Geiss for his awesome Milkdrop
and all the artists that create those breathtaking presets."

Yamaha DSR 2000 demo track

Published on Sep 26, 2015 ikworgek

"Yamaha DSR-2000 demotrack
keyboard synthesizer, velocity sensitive, FM-synth,
all sounds from the Yamaha
some reverb and delay

Dedicated to my best friend Alex!
Keep your head up buddy!


technosaurus microcon C makenoise rené mutable instrument clouds - eurorack modular synth

Published on Sep 26, 2015 DavidH

Modular Jam 30: Dirty Man

Published on Sep 26, 2015 ngarjuna

"Filth begets more filth"

Kick.S Live / Korg ELECTRIBE MX&xOxbOx&AcidlabMiami X941

Published on Sep 26, 2015 Kick.S

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral

Korg ARP Odyssey &Friends TRIPPY 70ies vs SPACE Rock w Guitar MS20 mini Farfisa Compact #43

Published on Sep 26, 2015 VolcaRock

"Hola Amigos, here is my latest 70ies inspired Trippy Ambient vs Space Rock with
Korg ARP Odyssey 2015, other great analog synths, Farfisa transistor organs & Guitar.
Hope you enjoy my "PINK KRAUT & BERLIN FLOYD" - Cocktail. Cheers :-)

Instruments used:
Korg ARP Odyssey 2015
Korg MS-20 mini with Vermona PH-16
Korg Volca Bass
Farfisa Compact (1967)
Farfisa VIP 345 (1972) with EHX Small Stone
Farfisa Syntorchestra (1976) with Schulte Compact Phasing A clone
Elektron Octatrack (Vocal samples, Drum Loops, stormy weather)
Godin LGX-SA guitar
Jim Dooley on Drums (looped with Octatrack)

All instruments have been filmed while recording!
additional footage was filmed with quadcopter Phantom 2 at Lake Constance.

additional recording info:


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