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Just a heads up, I moved the top site links over to the right, directly below the site's search box. I made the links a darker green as the standard blue was too bright. The move allows the main posts to move up just a bit and it aligns the top banners on the right better with the first post.

Mother of Moog Werkstatt Mods - teaser.

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Peter Churchyard

"The announcement of the Moog Mother 32 semi modular synth gave me the idea to re work the mods I had made before to my Werkstatt. The idea is to try and get close to the specs of the Mother 32. So I am calling this mod - 'Mutter zweiunddreißig' :)

Basic Mods:
Use cpu from an Arduino UNO to control the Werkstatt.
Control the keyboard logic and D/A convertor so the cpu can 'play' notes. This includes a +1 octave and a +2 octave circuit to give 4 octave 'digital' range.
Added leds for status indicators.
Added Midi in and output.
Added level shifters so the cpu can read the LFO rate, VCO freq, vco PWM and filter cutoff knobs.
Added level shift to read LFO voltage by cpu.

Still in progress:
Add extra low profile switches to control the cpu functions.
Add PWM - CR filter to cutoff to allow simple filter cutoff control.
Read the key matrix so can control cpu/send note data via midi.
Add PWM - CR filter to give semi tone pitch 'bend'

I will be posting more info at

The Mother 32:
Moog Werkstatt Workshop web site:"

FieldScaper for iOS Now Available

FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor overview
Published on Oct 19, 2015


"Advanced field recorder combined with sound warp engine with a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus."

Previous videos here and here.


Advanced field recorder combined with sound warp engine with a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings or samples recorded from other apps through Inter-App audio or Audiobus.

The main purpose of this advanced app is to shorten the way from recording samples to create spectacular soundscapes and in addition to use this app as glitch loop based effect in the real-time.

The FieldScaper consists of two main parts. The first part is the field recorder with special options for different ways of record environmental sound from microphone or record other sound sources. The second part is the scaper sound engine that with using dynamic presets can easily transform the most ordinary samples into something absolutely different. These parts connect with each other into one whole but you can use recorder or scaper separately.

The scaper sound engine contains three sample-based oscillators each with filters, delay, distortion and spatial mixer. The most of parameters can be assigned on individual low-frequency oscillators. With using the "Main effect" fader you can control several these parameters in different ranges. These features give you the abilty to create continuously changing, breaking and glitching sound forms and loop-based effects from ordinary samples of synths, guitars, voices or everyday sounds of the environment.

FieldScaper supports complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and many buttons. You can change the parameters of oscillators, filters, delays and mixer by using any external MIDI controller or MIDI apps like sequencers. With the MIDI controllers this app becomes very comfortable to use at live performance.

Field recorder:

● Loop based mode for recording and processing in real-time.
● Auto start record when input signal appears.
● Auto stop record when silence or by time.
● Record timer in seconds or measures.
● Monitoring input signal with different modes.
● Automatic gain control of input signal.
● Predefined filters for input.
● Noise gate on the input.

Scaper sound engine:

● Three sample-based oscillators with complete processing.
● Low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters with resonance.
● Two range delay with smooth time change and additional modes.
● Spatial mixer/reverb with side and distance.
● Wide range of oscillator clock speed change with reverse.
● Distortion effect based on masking sample address (like circuit bending).
● Distortion effect consisting of lofi, overload, noise and ring modulation.
● Individual LFO for variable parameters of oscillators and filters.
● The "Main effect" function for control several parameters simultaneously.
● Presets for save all parameters of oscillator and filters.

Additional features:

● Predefined presets with wide range of effects.
● Convenient file manager with groups of files by name or date.
● Complete MIDI control for all faders, knobs and other modes.
● Possibility to download additional samples in different audio formats.
● Uploading samples thru Web access, clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
● Different color schemes available for the user interface.
● Detailed application description.
● Supports Audiobus with "State Saving" feature.
● Inter-App audio compatible."

Prophet-6, SPOOKY SCARY, Halloween,Big Analog Sounds

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Bob I. Gomez

"Here is something for Halloween, a condensed version of a tune I call, SPOOKY SCARY, performed on the Prophet-6 synthesizer. Get your big analog sound fix on this one."

E950 BlatherBox RRich

Rober Rich: "Putting a prototype Synthtech E950 through its paces, trying to get as unrecognizable as I can."

Vintage Sequential Circuits Pro 8 SN 608 with Original Manual

via this auction

Note the mini dry erase board on it.

KORG Mono/Poly MP-4 with Original Box & Manual

via this auction


via this auction

Circuit Bent Cyberman Voice Changer (Teaser Vid)

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Bogus Noise

"Coming soon..."

BogusNoise on eBay

A circuit bent Doctor Who Cyberman head.

Vintage Moog Minimoog D Synthesizer SN 4453

via this auction

"Condition: Item is in rough condition. There are scratches overall on the wood. The top upper most wood is cracked and there is also a crack in the bottom cover. Units cord was cut and has since been soldered and temporarilly repaired to test for functionality. It is advise to have the cord professionally repaired for use. Unit is missing "Sustain" & "Volume" knobs.

Functional Notes: Unit tested to power, the power light is non operational. We were able to produce sound from each key on main output and headphone jack. Oscillator Bank knobs/functions are all responsive. No further testing performed. This unit is being sold completely as is for parts/repair."

AKAI AX80 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Music Synthesizers: A Manual of Design and Construction

via this auction

"- Describes the power supply circuits, signal sources, voltage controlled oscillators, amplifiers, and filters that go into the construction of a music synthesizer
- Dozens of circuits with complete parts lists that you can easily build and experiment with
- Specialized circuits, including signal brighteners, distortion boosters, ring modulators, voicing circuits

Please note, the book has some rubbing of the cover and edges, some foxing of the endpapers, and some soiling of the page edges. Otherwise, the book is in good condition. Ex-library. Copyright 1984. This item ships WORLDWIDE."

Sputnik Oscillator Pair Day One

Published on Oct 19, 2015 ngarjuna

"A Tale of Two Oscillators:
A really rough and dirty (sorry about the video) exploration of a pair of Sputnik Oscillators.

Simple patch:
SHAPE out from each VCO to a channel of low pass gate (Optomix)
Sputnik 1 FM'ing Sputnik 2
channel 1 opened by Maths 1 triggered by the clock (Silent Way)
channel 2 opened by Maths 4 triggered by Rene (providing the pitch sequence as well)
LFO (Rubicon) giving waveshape modulation and later into CV in
Looping envelope (PEG) into Sputnik 2's CV in
Audio line in, no effects.

So a bad video (again, sorry!) but some delicious sounds. And the wavefolder hasn't even showed up yet..."

Ninstrument SP-12/Drumulator Eurorack Module

Published on Oct 19, 2015

"Do you miss a few of the drum machines from the 80's? Well, even if you don't, how nice is it to get 8 percussion sounds from 10HP?"

via Ninstrument

"Jan over at DSP Synthesizers has created an emulation of the classic SP-12 and Drumulator from E-mu Systems and put it on a single chip. His original project is located here

Seeing this made me long for the older 80’s drum machines and I knew it would also be nice if I could get this into my eurorack using the least amount of space(HP) as possible. Well, getting 8 vintage percussion sounds into 10HP works for me!"

Matttech Modular WMD Workshop - Geiger Counter

Published on Oct 19, 2015 DivKidMusic

"The final bit of footage from the WMD workshop held by Matttech Modular back in April. Here William takes us through the Geiger Counter. Pre-amp, distortion, tone shaping, bit crushing, downsampling, and wavetable shaping! Lovely stuff."

All parts here.

Erica Synths MIDI-CV module overview

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Erica Synths

"Eurorack MIDI-CV module with precise emulation of classical duophonic synthsizer behavior."

Analogue Synth Battle: Arturia MicroBrute vs DSI Mopho by REWO - Images and sounds in HD

Published on Oct 19, 2015 renevanderwouden

"First comparison of the 2 analogue mono-synths. In this clip you will hear the arpeggios from Dave Smith's Mopho Keyboard and the spooky sounds of the Arturia MiniBrute."


MicroBrute vs Mopho : battle of the analogues. Images and Sounds in HD

Published on Oct 19, 2015

"An other clip of these 2 great little synths. Now the sequencer of the MicroBrute runs and the Mopho gives some bass feedback."

Yamaha SK15 + EHX Small Stone Nano + Hall of Fame Reverb TC Electronics

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Pablo Vidal

"Pequeña improvisación usando un Yamaha SK15 pasado por un Small Stone Phaser de EHX y un Hall of Fame Reverb de TC Electronics"

Vintage 1960's Bell Telephone Degraded Speech Synthesis Educational Tool Kit

via this auction

"This is a Vintage 1960's Bell Telephone Degraded Speech Synthesis Educational Tool Kit. The Case contains all items in the photos. Every thing you see is included.
Everything appears to be in mint condition. I don't know anything about these items and have no way to test them. Some items appear to be unused.

Kit includes all items in photos:
1 - Bell Telephone Laboratories Degraded Speech Circuit Board.
1 - Bell Telephone Laboratories Artificial Larynx Circuit Board.
2 - Bell Systems Labs Electronic Speech Synthesis Science Experiment #3, Dated 1963.
1 - Bell Telephone Laboratories “The Speech Chain” Book
3 - 1963 Computer Speech 33-1/3 RPM Record vintage with original sleeves: songs include: GREETINGS, BASIC EXAMPLES, AN HISTORICAL REMARK, HAMLET solilquy, BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO unaccompanied, BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO accompanied, COMPUTER DUPLICATES HUMAN VOICE, GOODBYE.
1 - Stack of various speech pamphlets.
1 - Speech Tape Cartridge.
1 - Control box.
1 - Lot of wires and speakers.
1 - Storage case."

Oberheim Matrix 12

Published on Oct 19, 2015 MrFirechild

"The mighty Oberheim Matrix 12 vintage synthesizer from 1985. The last big poly analog from the golden era. With an insane modulation matrix you could do sounds never heard before ! This track is using sounds from the Matrix 12 only. Composed and Produced by"

New Akai Pro Advance Keyboards - Overview

Published on Oct 19, 2015 AkaiProVideo

"The Advance Keyboard enables you to unleash the creative potential of your VSTs and open up new sound layering possibilities. In this video, we give you an overview of the workflow enhancing feature set of the board and VIP software."

Prophet 12 Patches

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Daniel Davis

"Prophet 12 Patches - Created and Modified by Daniel J. Davis

To get the bank of 49 patches, send an email to:

Subject line:

P12 Patches

I'll send you the file in exchange for you allowing me to send you updates for when I have new music and albums out."

Introducing K-Board Pro 4 by Keith McMillen Instruments

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Keith McMillen Instruments

"K-Board Pro 4 Polyphonic Multidimensional Controller developed by KMI Labs."

Follow-up to Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 Sneak Peek.

New Grendel Drone Commander 2 prototype DC-2E

Published on Oct 19, 2015 EA78751

"Rare Waves LLC demonstrates a Grendel Drone Commander 2 prototype in Eurorack format.

Drone Commander 2 is a true analog synthesizer with discrete transistor technology. It has 12 knobs for lots of hands on control, and every knob is a push-pull switch that activates tone modification options.

It retains the original Drone Commander filter, and adds a second independently controlled filter for contrast. The second filter is a smooth and clean 4-pole lowpass filter (-24dB/oct VC-LPF). It has an attack-release envelope generator and serves as a lowpass gate, to control the volume and tone.

The LFO section has been completely revised.. its kind of hard to describe, listen instead (please pardon the noodling)

The optional Expander module can be connected to add voltage control. It has 18 patch points including CV/Gate input, Clock in/out, and external audio input. Connecting a MIDI controller and MIDI-CV converter to the Expander gives the Drone Commander 2 its full potential for melodic performance, sequencing, and synchronization.

The video soundtrack was recorded by line-in, with a bit of reverb and delay FX .. Yamaha SPX-1000 and Korg SDD-1200.

A stand-alone version may be in the works also. Thanks for watching!

More audio at

Fall 2015"

Andrei Swipe aka Rewired | live @ Propaganda

Published on Oct 19, 2015 andreiswipe

"Live performance by Rewired at Warehouse friday in Propaganda club, Moscow 16.12.15."

System-1, TR-8, Ableton Push, TB-3 in scenes. You might remember Andrei Swipe from Roland Ru (RusRoland) here.

Paper-Synthesizer Workshop Set for 24 Okt in Berlin

"*Paper-Synthesizer 201 - MIDI to Control Voltage*

by Antti Pussinen and Wolfgang Spahn

In the next installment of Paper Synthesizer workshops, we build a duophonic Midi to Control Voltage converter. The module fits in to Eurorack format, or can be built as a separate interface box. The converter talks with both USBmidi and normal Midi via midi cable.

UsbMidi/Midi to CV converter is the interface that lets other computers, synthesizers and controllers integrate into the modular synthesizer world. While an old standard, Midi keeps its place as the universal data connector in synthesizer world, as well as for other creative controllers ranging from vj and dj controllers, to custom diy button banks, and media artworks.

Control voltage is the analog old school version of midi, where change in voltage means a change in pitch or some other parameter. One instrument is represented as a Volt/Octave output changing the pitch, Gate output telling if the note is on or off, and velocity output, changing the dynamics of the sound.

Our midi to cv offers two of such instruments, with additional midi clock to clock output, and two midi cc to cv output.

Our midi to vc is a open source, arduino based, open hardware project.

The converter offers:
- 2 x 1V/Oct CV Out
- 2 x Gate Out
- 2 x CV Out (velocity)
- 1 x Clock Out
- 2 x Assignable Midi CC Out

It is powered over standard Eurorack power connector (+12V,-12V). A 12V powered box is also possible with adding an dc-dc converter in the box.

The Circuit is built around an Arduino Pro Micro controller, and a two channel precision digital-to-analog converter. In the workshop we go through the circuit of the module, build, test and trim a working module and look a bit into to the code.

All the tools and materials will be provided.\\
The faceplate is not included!\\
The workshop will be held in German and English.\\


Oktober 24. 2015, 11am – 5pm
Werkstatt Berlin
Mülhauserstr. 6. Hofgebäude 1. OG, 10405 Berlin
Costs: 60,00€

Bastl Rumburack!

Three pics via Cymru Beats where these are currently in stock.


"Rumburack is a compact and highly reconfigurable multi voice instrument with advanced sequencing and modulation capabilities. We could frame it as a modular drum machine, but it is not possible to pre-determine its end use, the more it offers 14HP of blank space for additional modules. It is composed entirely of 3U modules compatible with eurorack format.

Rumburack consists of:

wooden carry case – the closing lid also works as a positioning system
built in power supply
Knit Rider
CV Trinity
Tea kick 2x
Little Nerd
Skis 2x
Noise Square
Quattro Figaro
manual for every module
Bag of patch cables
Leather carry strap"

Video previously posted here

Soundlab PLUS Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

Sound Lab Analog Synthesizer sample and hold

Uploaded on Jul 3, 2010 lamaymusic

via this auction

Video above for demonstrative purposes only. There are two clips from Instagram of the one for sale further below.

"You are bidding on an exceptionally rare Soundlab Semi Modular synthesiser. Sound is somewhere between a Korg MS-20 and an Arp 2600 and features 2 oscillators (+ plus external in and white noise) with hard sync, PWM and a wide variety of patching options as well as 2 LFOs and 2 Envelopes Works great either on it's own or as part of a modular rig (I've had a lot of fun using with Silent Way) Fits in a 4U rack and oh, it looks really cool too."

Modular vid #235

Published on Oct 19, 2015 Phisynth

"A self-playing IDM patch on the modular"

Orgone Accumulator - Beta 20b9g [Part 01]

Published on Oct 19, 2015 batchas

"Testing the new drum effect on the Orgone Accumulator (beta 20b9g) in my BugBrand Modular System.
Check @2:25 when I press the "BODY" switch (holds amplitude open)."

Orgone Accumulator - Beta 20b9g [Part 02]

Hordijk Modular Sketchbook #14

Hordijk Modular Sketchbook #14 from Klonk on Vimeo.

"Selfgenerating patch featuring a crazy jazzy oriental vibe - to me at least.
Patch notes:
1.) Rungler Pulsed -> 24dB HP in, triggered by Dual Env, selfmodulating via S&H Feedback to MOD B
2.) TwinPeak triggered by Dual Envelope same Feedback modulation as above
3.) oscHRM triggered by a B Envelope of the TwinPeak filter. FM'd via a second oscHRM, level of FM controlled by a triangle LFO into VCA of the modulating vco. Pitch via S&H out B into Quantizer.

In the end El Cap on the 2 buss."

KAWLABO SPIRON unique snail shape synth also used by JOHN LENNON

via this auction

I've never seen or heard one of these before. I did a quick search online and couldn't find a single video of one. If anyone picks this up, please make one!

"JOHN LENNON bought SPIRON during his stay in Japan '70s and used it
now,his SPIRON is in HARD ROCK CAFE collection.
here is article about his SPIRON;
John's Kawlabo (captured below)

SPIRON EM-5100 is one of the most rare and strangest Japanese electronic musical instruments
made by KAWLABO in '70s Japan.

SPIRON made very limited quantities those days
so i'ts very hard to find even in Japan nowadays...
this is your first and last chance to get this vintage gem!

and 3 effects VIOLIN(vibrate),MANDOLIN(tremoro),PIANO(short decay)
you can combine them to make more unique sound.

it also has BASS and Chord button section like accordion(but not same key arrangements as accordion)
you can change key arrangement using BASS POSITION SELECTOR(side panel)
BASS sound has 2 variation ORGAN,GUITAR

there are 7 knob in front of the keyboards,
for sound treatment.

SPIRON has very amazing unique function for volume expression,
big silver knob(meter) near speaker is special sensor for tilt
to set the needle to center of this meter,you can get volume expression by tilting the SPIRON'S body right or left
like of the bellows of accordion.

side panel has POWER JACK(100V only),OUTPUT,PHONE OUTPUT.
it also has internal speaker top panel.

Item is used condition and basically working
I found some issue during check;
1.FLUTE sound is very weak
2.REED sound is very weak and noisy
3.PIANO EFFECT(short decay) is not works
4.internal speaker has noise"

Jomox Sunsyn Analog Synth SN 0080

via this auction

GeoSynths Ep1 - MXR 134 Chorus Pedal on Synthesizers.

Published on Oct 19, 2015 GEOSynths

"1st episode of GeoSynths...Guitar Effects On Synths. Starting off with a Dunlop MXR 134 Chorus Pedal on a Moog Voyager and DSI Prophet 08. Nice, warm Chorus effect that is very wide and sounds great on Synths. Mono in to Stereo out Chorus pedal."

Analog Rytm - Funky Techno Jam

Published on Oct 19, 2015 MONO CON
Re- Published on Nov 29, 2018

"This is just me jamming out with my Synths. Nothing special but i liked the result.
Audio was mixed and mastered in cubase after recording.

AR - drums
AK - Solo lead and CV sequence for Dominion 1
Dominion 1 - Bassline
MnM - Arpeggio and Pad through Boss ME-50 for Reverb"

RD-10: the Mysterious drum machine

Published on Oct 19, 2015 organfairy

"Can anybody tell me what this is?

I bought it some years ago in a second hand shop - one of those that has the entire repertoire from valuable antiques to worthless junk. They thought this drum machine belonged in the latter category. So I got it for next to nothing.

There was nothing defective in it. But I did modify it a little because it had a weird power plug that was impossible to find and the AC power was connected through an internal transformer. I don't know why but it could be something with ground loops if other things are connected to the same power supply. Who knows.

I don't know who made it. There is no brand tag on it or anything written on the circuit diagram. The only thing written is the model number which is RD-10.

The mysterious drum machine makes the rhythms in this video. The other noises comes from the Elka organ X-1000."

Roland D-50 - Exploring the Presets - MIDIVERSE MONDAYS #8

Published on Oct 19, 2015 MIDI-VERSE TV

"On this episode of MIDIVERSE - TV we're going to be checking out a few of the presets on the Roland D-50 Synthesizer. Turn on your speakers to hear the full frequency range of the synthesizer. "

The Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12- Sounds of the Nyborg 12 Overview Videos by AutomaticGainsay

Published on Oct 19, 2015 AutomaticGainsay

"Here are several 'songs' that were made entirely with the Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 synthesizer. All musical tones you hear were generated with the Nyborg 12.

All of the songs were multitracked in one way or another for polyphony.

Sequencing was provided by the DSI Pro 2 sequencer. Live performances were provided by the hands of Marc Doty. Drums were comprised of beats programmed with the Korg Gadget and occasional supplemental loops from GarageBand.

If you enjoy these videos, or benefit from them, or both, how about considering heading on over to and becoming a supporter of Automatic Gainsay?
I'll be your best frieeeennnnnd! :)

Thank you to Analogue Solutions for their superior synthesizers, and for their allowing me to make these videos. And their patience."

R.A.Moog 702 Percussion Synthesizer - 1st Experiment

Published on Oct 19, 2015 noddyspuncture

"This Moog 702 percussion synthesizer module is incomplete... it is missing one half, but the oscillator section is there so I tried to get it to make some noise. Early days yet... I'll eventually need to build from scratch the circuits that would make up the missing half, but luckily the front panel controls do give clues as to what those might be...;)"

Note this is the 702 and not the 701 featured here.

R.A.Moog 701 Drum Synthesizer - Part 7 - Twangy... & Part 8

Published on Oct 19, 2015 noddyspuncture

"Twangy boing and blip sounds - no noise modulation used, just the internal oscillator. Thanks to Kev for the videoing."

R.A.Moog 701 Drum Synthesizer - Part 8

Published on Oct 19, 2015

"Just general messing - again no "noise" modulation used, just the internal oscillator. Thanks to Kev for the videoing...!"

All parts here.

down the rabbit hole / analog techno improv

Published on Oct 19, 2015 dresseduplunch

"Small excerpt of my most recent freestyle analog techno jam-session...
This time back to all analog with the following equipment:
Drums: Jomox xbase 888
Synth: Vermona perfourmer MK2
Synth Effects: Moog delay MF104M, jomox t-resonator
Mixer: Mackie
Sequencer: Sequentix Cirklon"

[Heavy Metal Synths] Roland JDXi , MX1, TR8 ,KORG ELECTRIBE EMX live set tweaking

Published on Oct 19, 2015

"The mini gig with the local band at the start of the video and big M running he jdxi and tr8 in the 2nd part of video with the mx1 flanger effect ,"

Watch the start of this one. If you are pressed for time, just get a feel of it and then forward to 3:30 and watch. It's kind of interesting watching the transition to electronic synthesizers. Synths gone Heavy Metal! The drums tie the two together.

minimal techno jam

Published on Oct 18, 2015 MrGOFIOvideos

"I recorded this jam two years ago before my funny red sampler was sold. Elektron Analog Four and Electribe sx make a great combo."

Yamaha Tenori-on as a MIDI sequencer: Mopho Keyboard, Moog Sub 37, Electribe, Roland Gaia

Published on Oct 18, 2015 Marcus Padrini

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