MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Everything Everything All Of The Time

Published on Feb 25, 2016 100 Things I Do

"Nice and Warm Music Easel plays the Music Easel, while drowning in the Eventide Black Hole!"

The Passenger - Daydream Orange - RF036

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Rennie Foster

Some synth spotting with The Passenger aka Jesse Creed who has been known to sport some MATRIXSYNTH swag over the years.

"Vancouver based artist, The Passenger, joins the RF label. This DIY vid peeks into his studio hide-out full of vintage gear, from every era, many pieces restored on site.

Sunrise Requiem EP coming April 14th, 2016.

Stream on SoundCloud :

Artwork by Pax North."

Roland TR 606 Drumatix drum machine with mods

via this auction

"Mods include the analogue solutions tonal controls which change pitch,decay,snappiness, etc making the sounds much more expressive and tweakable.
Also installed is a memory expansion which increases the memory by 32x and can switch between banks on the fly. There's also a live accent button, separate instrument outs, an internal memory battery, a cymbal/hihat audio input, hi quality switches and a couple of noise improvement tweaks.

All mods were installed and have been serviced by Robin Whittle (of Devilfish TB303 mod fame)

tonal mod details
memory/other mod details"

WMD SSF Ultrafold Waveshaping Modular Test

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Jacques Mongrel

"Trying out the SSF Ultrafold on some simple waveforms. Sequencing and drums come from Elektron Analog Four"

Roland JD-XA Advanced Analog / Digital Crossover Synthesizer

via this auction

Blippoo Box & RE301 jam

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Chris David

"Some jamming with the Blippoo Box, Node procs, Moon M569 and RE301. Using the control inputs on the RE301 gathered some interesting results. The kickdrum sound was made by gating the Sound on sound input."

Prototype Flame Q Slides Eurorack Module

Don't miss Ebotronix's video below featuring two prototype modules.

Initial details:

"The Q Slides is a simple CV source with unipolar or bipolar outs and invert outs for every channel.

The pods over the slide is the fine tune for lowest and highest voltage.

Two unipolar / bipolar voltage output switches for slider 1&2 and 3&4.

unipolar 0V to 10V

bipolar - 5V to + 5V"

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Ebotronix

"2x Flame Q Slider , quad manual voltage source , prototyp
switchable unipolar 0- 10V , bipolar - 5V ~ + 5V
two pods for lowest / highest slider range, invert outs
- ~ +

Rhea by Oliver Dodd

"Someone put me in a box with loose objects and they shook it.

There is nothing sexier than a spine that glows in the dark, snaking back and forth with the rise and fall of each hip with each step. Leading the way down a hallway that never seems to end as blinded creatures grasp at bare ankles and reach for their hollowed eyes and scratch at their translucent flesh so full of empty veins. Toothless gaping smiles and harsh whispers that come from deep within the stomach and nowhere from the lungs. Whispers full of bile and acid. Nearly inaudible but felt as they echo through the static of my mind. White noise emphasized by punchy bass that rips my intestines from my body and leaves them trailing behind like breadcrumbs to lead me home.

Occasionally, she stops and convulses in such chaotic spasms that I want to grab her and hold her and shake her hard and slam her against the cement wall as her heeled feet smash the little hands that still scramble to hold her. Push my frigid mouth to hers and breathe whatever air is left.

But then she’s back and all I can see is her glowing spine, lighting up her hair, cropped close, a silver scar, presumably from a razor, shining right in the crevice where the skull meets the neck, my favorite place to rest my nose if she’d let me.

We pass rooms of people. They love her. They cry for her. They scream her name. Rhea. Rhea. Rhea. The murmur moves from mouth to mouth, passed by saliva and hiding in the cracks of one dried mouth and into the next, in the crevices of broken lips and busted mouth. She bites her own and spits blood into their mouths and they are baptized in her unholy holiness and they lick with serpent tongues and they reach for her glowing spine, but she swats their hands and they blindly scatter, drifting and hunching and gliding all at once into corners.

And we continue down the hallway. I follow that spine for an eternity. I feel their claws, their nails bury into my ankles and I know that one day, I will become one of them. One day my flesh will fade and I will be left blue and grasping, murmuring. Rhea. Rhea. Rhea.

~words by Sophia Warren

Growing up in Atlanta in the late eighties, Oliver Dodd began producing music at the young age of twelve.

‘Rhea’ is Dodd’s first release with Detroit Underground.
released February 22, 2016

Design by Monochrome Laboratory™

Made on 100% Eurorack modular."

Macbeth Elements Transformations II

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Todd Barton

"Continuing first explorations of the Macbeth Elements synth. Begins clear and sweet gets gnarly and fuzzed and back again. No sequencer, just 'Repeat' mode of the Elements."

Part 1 here.

Jean-Michel Jarre on the evolution of music technology: Part 2

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Native Instruments

Part 1 here.

"In part 2 of this exclusive video, Jean-Michel Jarre talks about his use of sampling and delays over the years, and how he keeps music making fun. More on this feature at:

Watch Jarre discuss how his unique artistic journey mirrors the development of music technology by taking us through the evolution of sampling technology – from analog tape, to the Fairlight and E-mu Emulator, to KONTAKT.

And find out why REPLIKA was his go-to delay during the production of his new double album “Electronica”.


Jean-Michel Jarre & Air - “Close your Eyes” from Electronica Pt.1
Jean-Michel Jarre - “Ethnicolor” from Zoolook
Jean-Michel Jarre & 3D of Massive Attack - “Watching you” from Electronica Pt.1
Jean-Michel Jarre & Fuck Buttons - “Immortals” from Electronica Pt.1
Jean-Michel Jarre - “Heart of Noise” Pt. 2 from Electronica Pt.2
Jean-Michel Jarre - “Oxygène Pt. 2” from Oxygène

All music used with the kind permission of BMG and Sony Music Entertainment.

Pictures used with the kind permission of the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) and AERO Productions."

fonitronik-DIY Triple Vactrol Resonators (PS3100 core)

Published on Feb 25, 2016 fonitronik

"Here i am sending the POLYSIX i recently restored right through the Resonators. The resonators module consists of three vactrol based VC bandpass filters and a resettable triangle LFO. The filters core is taken from the PS3100.
The module will soon be available as Eurorack DIY project fom"

all analog jam-moogerfoogers, volca beats and moog subphatty jam

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Richard London

"been loving the foogers with the subphatty - mf101 mf105m midimurf and volca beats - all analog.
Lots more in this soundcloud playlist for those who enjoy"


via this auction

"This KS is in need of a small amount of work.
It's currently mostly working but exhibiting some odd behaviour.
I'm told by a reliable tech who has repaired several of these that the cost of repair would be unlikely to cost more than £150 GBP.
Seems to be the usual case of replacing chips and caps as far as I can tell.
As you can see, the boards are super clean with no cracks.

I bought an AKS this January and to be honest, it could be the Synthi rather than the KS that has issues but I've no way to tell as I don't have access to another Synthi to check.
this might work perfectly with yours.

It also needs a new cover.
You could have one vacuformed quite cheaply or make something yourself from perspex/abs sheet.
Either way, your KS would be unique!"

Potential eBay Scam?

Hi everyone, first off I want to be clear and state that I do not want to become the eBay police, so do not expect to see warning posts like this often. When it comes to eBay always be careful, always buy through the system, communicate quickly, and be careful not to be strung along past time limits for reporting feedback. I was once a victim myself but I won't go into that. Most importantly, if you purchase outside of the eBay system, you will have no recourse through eBay, so be careful trying to skip out on eBay fees.

That said, this comes in via an anonymous reader that I trust. Take a look at this listing for a Roland System 100m SN 0660664. If you look at this previous listing you will note that it was sold and the SN is the same. The seller has four other Roland System 100m modules he is continuing to re-list on eBay after selling. Our anonymous reader was one of the winners and after not receiving communication or confirmation that the item shipped for weeks he gave up. He suspects that the seller lists the item and makes off with money from sellers who cant figure out how to get ebay to refund them.

Please note this could be a fluke circumstance with our reader and this particular seller, but we thought we should at a minimum put a warning up hear for any readers that may have a similar experience. Just don't wait on this one if you bid and win.

Torino Synth Meeting 6th Edition Flyer and Reminder

The flyer is in and I'd just like to remind people the event is coming May 28-29. If you can make it to Italy, you do not want to miss this event! Previous year's events have had a ton of gear to check out. See the link above for details. You can also find previous posts hear on MATRIXSYNTH via the Torino channel label at the bottom of this post. More reminders will go up, but if you need to book travel arrangements you might want to do so now.

Slope114 - "Sweet Sue" 12" Single Vinyl Pressing on Kikstarter & Serge Tights!

You might remember the video for "Sweet Sue" by SLOPE114. SLOPE114 are Dmitri SFC & Elise Gargalikis of coa modular, makers of vintage style Serge systems. They currently have a kickstarter campaign for "Sweet Sue" here. There are a few support levels that will get you the single, SLOPE114 T Shirt and those groovy Serge tights.

The "Drippy Trippy" Epoch Modular Twin Peaks Filter

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Derek Morton

"Watch an XAOC Quad LFO modulate this highly resonant Epoch Modular Twin Peaks. It is important to note that the nothing is getting patched to the Audio Input of this filter and you are hearing the output of the filter without any FX or additional processing.

On occasion, I plug the output of a Benjolin into the Twin Peak's 1V/Oct input to demonstrate how you can dramatically modulate the filter tracking.

Super Tasty Noodle Fun!"

Futuresonus Parva Chord Demo

Published on Feb 25, 2016 djthomaswhite

"Sawtooth Waves
Through Eventide H9
Slight LFO on filter and pitch
Switch to 7ths and 5ths near end
Love this synth!"

New Premium Ensembles for Reaktor : Blinksonic° releases RUIDOZ & AETØNZ.

Audio demos below.

"A new arrival in Reaktor ensembles provider, Blinksonic offers affordable and inspirational audio contents with cool graphic interfaces.

2 new virtual instruments for Reaktor are just out : Ruidoz V2 & Aetønz.

RUIDOZ V.2 is a beat generator based on the randomization of samples events. This sound design instrument can create rhythmical sequences, percussion lines and a wide variety of sound textures. It's also a collection of 340 micro samples (pieces of electric charges, of liquid flows, of wood and metallic impacts ). RUIDOZ is organized with a step sequencer that triggers one sound on every gate events. Nothing new here, apart that when the random mode is enable, this process creates an interesting flux of sample changes. All is ready for producing original glitchy beats, noisy percussions rhythms and either soundscapes, HUD sounds, semi harmonic phrases and mechanical riffs.

AETØNZ, a virtual sampler synth for playing poly harmonic textures. This hybrid sampler is a collection of 114 tones of various electronic and acoustic instruments. AETØNZ lets you create new keyboard sets with subliminal background textures. These back layer sounds are generated randomly on every notes and can produce fascinating soundscapes and experimental timbres. As a good source of inspiration, AETØNZ comes with more than 200 snapshots on which you can improvise in realtime and invent surprising polytonals chords. Play further notes in scale, you get random combination of textures that stay in tune. The sound is moving .. but the harmony is still. Sometime it sounds weird, sometime it generates rich atmospheres .. you will always get something different.

Both instruments are compatible with the full version of Reaktor 5/6 (Not with the free Reaktor Player). You can get a -25% discount if you purchase the DUOZ° Bundle which contains the two instruments for only $33,86 ///// 29,99€.

More infos :"

Korg Minilogue (Voice Mode Depth Brass Bass Sound)

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"Testing the different voice modes again and Voice mode depth. With an old school brass bass sound. Drums are from the TR8."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Bitloader live at Bells N Whistles Crackles N Pops 2015

Published on Feb 25, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Time for some acid from Bitloader (Zoe and Nina from Transistor Sound Labs that make the awesome Stepper Acid).

Ant GM Live Set.28 - PERCEPCIÓN - (Tinysizer + Blofeld + Octatrack)

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Ant GM

"Nuevo LiveSet..!"

I was working in the lab late one night...

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Vykaar Tones

"When my eyes tired of fixing a pile of S****
The Rev1 Prophet 5 is always a challenge to resurrect so after replacing and socketing 10 chips I took a break to video my new keyboard setup which now effectively blocks all my natural light..."

It's Alive! Moog T

Cool new synth art T from Moog.

Memorymoog on the left!  You can see it better in the bottom close-up of the art.

Moogs In Space

Published on Feb 25, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"3 combined Mother 32 self generative patches."
Moog Mother 32s on eBay | Moog Mother 32s on Amazon

Mother Ship-check

Published on Feb 24, 2016 Lee Perry

"Getting to grips with Mother 32....very basic little jam but loads of fun!"
Moog Mother 32s on eBay | Moog Mother 32s on Amazon

Arpin on

Published on Jan 16, 2015 Lee Perry

"Little jam to test out the Sub37 ....!!"

Critter & Guitari - The Organelle

Critter & Guitari - The Organelle from One Thousand Percent on Vimeo.

A video for the new Organelle by Critter & Guitari. You'll find some details on The Organelle previously posted here.

drrnpllck - days blended

Published on Feb 13, 2016 drrnpllck

"visit me on soundcloud for more tunes:

much love /////"
DSI Tempests on eBay | DSI Tempests on Amazon

Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer (1983) 80s retro sounds

Published on Feb 25, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

The demo shows the sound-character of the Roland JX-3P Analog Synthesizer from the year 1983.

The most sounds in the demo video are self-programmed. Two are from the sound library.

The JX-3P has six voices, two DCO's per voice, a Roland IR3109 low-pass filter and the on-board stereo chorus.
The polyphonic step sequencer is really unique.

And the sound more Jupiter-8 like as the Juno series."

Eko computerhythm Demo

Published on Feb 25, 2016 scienceforce

"Eko computerhythm demo, awesome rare drum machine!"

Introducing Mersenne - Melodic Percussion Synthesizer for iPad

Published on Feb 25, 2016 icegearnet

"Music by Aero Finback"

iTunes: Mersenne - Melodic Percussion Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.


Mersenne is a melodic percussion synthesizer with intuitive layout and characterful sound.

* Tone A/B: FM Synthesis
* Noise + Filter
* Resonator
* Chorus
* Delay
* Reverb

* Programmable Arpeggiator
You can easily create your own pattern.

* Inter-App Audio
You can stream live audio directly to other Inter-App Audio host applications.

* Audiobus
You can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps. See for more information.

* CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI Input
* MIDI Controller Mapping with MIDI Learn
* External MIDI sync

* Resizable Keyboard
You can change which octaves are shown by dragging on bottom of keyboard."

Blamsoft Viking Synthesizer for IOS AU Released

Blamsoft Viking Synthesizer for IOS AU - Overview and Sounds

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"In this video, I give you an exclusive first look at the new IOS Audio Unit Synthesizer Viking from Blamsoft. Viking is an emulation of the Moog Voyager Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. This new AU comes with 178 Presets which are accessible at the moment from Garangeband and AUM Mixer.

In this demo I give you all information about Viking and demo at the end some factory presets. For the video, I use the new AUM Mixer App from Kymatica."

Viking was available for Reason with a Moog Voyager Old School style display. You can find a video of it controlled by Lemur posted back in 2013 here.

iTunes: Viking Synth - Blamsoft, Inc.

"Special introductory price lasts through March!

Viking Synth is an emulation of the famous Moog® Voyager monophonic analog synthesizer. It has three continuously variable wave oscillators, two ladder filters with a Dual Lowpass or Highpass/Lowpass configuration, a multi-wave LFO, and two modulation busses. Viking Synth uses state of the art DSP technology to accurately reproduce the sound of the hardware. The same algorithms are found in the popular Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. You get a desktop quality plug-in at an iOS friendly price.

Viking Synth is an Audio Unit Extension Instrument that works as a plug-in inside host apps. Just open up your favorite host that supports Audio Unit Instruments and select it from the list of available Audio Units. Compatible with GarageBand, Cubasis, MTS, and AUM.

The user interface of Viking Synth is designed for quick and intuitive control. Knobs and sliders expand during tweaking and are designed so the current value isn't hidden below your finger. The six pages divide the synth into logical sections that can be accessed quickly. The filter display acts as an XY pad for controlling cutoff and resonance. Simply double tap a knob or slider to reset it to its default value.

Viking Synth comes with 178 presets in the categories Bass, Bright Lead, Electro Bass, FX, Percussive Lead, and Soft Lead. The synth excels at thick bass and rich lead sounds. The 50 Electro Bass presets were designed by renowned sound designer eXode. Note that Cubasis and MTS do not currently support Audio Unit presets. Presets work perfectly with GarageBand and AUM.

At the heart of Viking are three adjustable wave oscillators. The continuously variable waveform knob gives the oscillators a unique sound that can’t be achieved with the fixed waveforms found in most synths. A noise oscillator provides three types of noise, one specifically modeled after the hardware.

Two modulation busses and an LFO provide flexible modulation capabilities. All of the options hidden deep in menus on the hardware are immediately accessible with one tap.

The filters are classic transistor ladder filters modeled meticulously. Two DSP varieties are available allowing for either reduced CPU load or soft clipping plus three additional overdriven modes. The number of poles is adjustable for a wider range of filter sounds.

Compare Viking to the leading brand:
– Viking’s oscillators are free running, not sampled, wavetable based, or generated from a zero point
– Viking’s oscillators use advanced techniques to avoid aliasing
– Viking’s oscillators have instability, which is controllable through the tuning drift control
– Viking’s nonlinear filter uses circuit modeling and provides soft clipping"

Jordan Rudess : Schizia-Jordia (Kurzweil K2600 Demo)

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Jordan Rudess

"Here’s a rare piece of history, a demo I recorded highlighting the features and sonic landscapes available on the Kurzweil K2600"

Vintage Oberheim Matrix-12 Analog Synthesizer SN M51916

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"This particular M12 is very special because it is an early unit made before the original Oberheim Electronics, Inc. company hit financial problems in 1985 and was bought out by lawyers to become Oberheim ECC. As a result, this is one of the few M12 that was made when the company was still Tom's.

However, unlike other early M12 units, this one received the Factory Aftertouch upgrade (not all M12 have aftertouch!) AND received the original Oberheim 12-Individual Output upgrade (see photo of the side panel).

So this is really the best combination of hardware - an early, original M12 from Tom's original company (notice the serial number sticker does NOT have the "Electronics, Inc" words cut off/punched out like the stickers on later units) and still has the Los Angeles, CA 90064 address under the big "Oberheim" logo on the back. Google some photos of other M12 and you'll see how these differ on later units after the company changed.

I tried to take a photo of the Tuning page showing that everything gets a PASS, but for some reason my digital camera and the refresh rate of the displays on the M12 don't play nicely together and certain segments of the display appear dark in the photos (like when you photograph a TV screen and you see dark bars). Trust me, the VCOS, PW, RES, VCF and VCA all display PASS after tuning."

Vintage MOOG Memorymoog

via this auction

"Eighteen CEM VCO's and the full compliment of VCF's and VCA's, all instantly editable and savable via the front panel controls. This is an early model so no MIDI or sequencer although it would be a great Lintronics candidate..."

YAMAHA CS-10 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Case SN 2809

via this auction

Korg EX-800 Analog Polyphonic

via this auction

Yamaha SK30 Symphonic Ensemble SN 1116

via this auction

Korg Volca sample - fLoW

Published on Feb 25, 2016 bananepoep

"i did this one briefly before 'Korg Volca Sample - Error Coding'
and i didn't want to upload it but i saw this one again today and thought what the heck so here it is ....enjoy?"

KORG Volcas on eBay | KORG Volcas on Amazon

5U // Analog Craftsman - ac2600

Published on Feb 25, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 029-
5U 006-

Video demo of the ac2600 filter made by Analog Craftsman. The filter is named, build and has the layout of the famous ARP2600 filter.

No Patchsheet as you can clearly see everything thats going on.

Analog Craftsman ac2600:"

JD-XA Performance

Published on Feb 25, 2016 Jacob Watters

"With 8 independent synth engines, the JD-XA is a very powerful synth that is great for live performances."

Roland JD-XAs on eBay | Roland JD-XAs on Amazon

tomnakamshow #06 [nord lead2X+TIMELINE+BlueSky]

Published on Feb 25, 2016 tomohiro nakamura

BT discusses the Seaboard RISE and Equator at NAMM

Published on Feb 25, 2016 ROLI

"NAMM 2016: Renowned electronic musician BT discusses the Seaboard RISE and Equator during a panel discussion with Roland Lamb, inventor of the Seaboard."

ROLI on eBay | ROLI on Amazon

uzumaki / the storm

Published on Feb 25, 2016 dresseduplunch

"Another little track preview for the new set I'm working on.. During the absence of my xbase I decided to get a Jomox MBase to fill in for it, so this one is a bit of a hybrid. We'll see where it goes.. :)

Equipment this time..
Vermona Perfourmer MK2 / Jomox Mbase / Elektron Octatrack / Sequentix Cirklon / Moog MF104M / DSI Prophet 08 / Some other little gimmicks"

Thank you big guy

Published on Feb 24, 2016 snipz

"For Alan. Sorry about the pops, recording issue. But I can't do it again, its too difficult."

High Tide Cyanide (Rhythm Wolf, Microbrute, MF Drive & Grunge)

Published on Feb 24, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
This track is dedicated to Kim D. who provided the Arturia Microbrute and Digitech Grunge distortion pedal. Thanks a ton Kim!
Akai Rhythm Wolf drums are recorded with no additional effects, Wolf Bass is processed by the Digitech Grunge distortion pedal. Microbrute is processed by Moog Minifooger Drive pedal with the Brutes Envelope controlling the filter of the MF Drive."

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