MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mamanunga Synth Jams

Published on Jun 16, 2016 MAMANUNGA Official

Seen notes below for what's featured in this playlist. Remember you can used the controls at the bottom of the player to forward back and forth through videos.

1. New Song Impro Synth - Minilogue - JX-03 - Streichfett - Push 2
Impro Electro - All sounds are made by the Korg Minilogue except drums.
No comp/FX - Just a little Reverb/Delay.
Recording with Ableton Push 2 - 44Khz/24bit

2. 100% Korg Minilogue Sound Test & Push 2
Same as above.

3. 100% Korg Minilogue Sound Test 2 - (Push 2)
Same as above.

4. 100% Korg Minilogue Drums Sound Test 3 - (Push2)
Same as above.

5. Short Synth Jam - Reface YC - Electribe Sampler - Minilogue - Streichfett - Bass Station 2
A short improvisation with the Yamaha Reface YC with hammond sound.
Drums : Electribe 2 Sampler
Bass : Bass Station 2
Drone : Streichfett
FX : Minilogue
Lead : Yamaha Reface YC

6. MAMANUNGA - " Solaris" - Relaxing Music 432 Hz - Analog Synth (Minilogue-Streichfett-BS2-VR09)
Non gear-spotting piece.

7. L.M Synth Jam - Minilogue - Bass Station 2 - Electribe 2 - Streichfett - VR09
Leyla of Mamanunga jamming on analog & VA synth and Electribe 2 Sampler.
Drums : Electribe 2 Sampler
Bass : Bass Station 2
Pad : Streichfett
FX : Minilogue
Lead/Organ : VR09

8. Mamanunga - Minilogue Mininova Bass Station Streichfett VR09
Bass Station 2 : Bass
Minilogue : Lead/Fx
Mininova : Arp
Streichfett : Pad
VR09 : Lead

9. Mamanunga - Volca FM BS2 Mininova Streichfett Minilogue VR09
Volca FM : Bass
Bass Station 2 : Bass
Minilogue : Lead/Fx
Mininova : Arp
Streichfett : Pad
VR09 : Lead

Enjoy the Silence Bass on DSI Tetra [Depeche Mode]

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Lost Little Lover

"An interpretation. Not intended to be an exact recreation of the original ARP 2600 bass line. This was a fun project."


Published on Jun 27, 2016 Cray

"ttsh 2600 mad drums"

TTSH and ARP Sequencer.


via this auction

"This is a used E-MU Systems pin 2 1/8" square made of metal with pin back. The pictures shown will be the exact item you receive. Shipping is included in the price by USPS First Class USA Only. The pin is used but in nice condition. I have had this pin for many many years however the exact year of issue is not known."

Blue Roland SH-101 SN 341265

via this auction

Oberheim Strummer Perf/x

via this auction

"The "Strummer" listens to chords played on your MIDI keyboard and plays them back to your MIDI sound source (Synthesizer or Sampler) just as they would be played from a guitar. Not only will the chord voicings be correct, but the chords can actually be 'Strummed!' With the 'Strummer,' you can even change the speed and direction of your "Strums" just by changing the way you play your MIDI keyboard. Also, "Strummer" has the ability to distinguish the difference between chords and single notes, allowing you to send chords out on one MIDI channel (Distorted Guitar Sound for example) while your single notes are sent out on a different channel (i.e. Solo Sound). Your keyboard may have a great guitar sound, but can you play a great guitar part? Yes. The Oberheim Strummer will transform your keyboard playing into a stunning and convincing performance featuring realistic guitar articulation.

By looking at such factors as the range of the guitar, the number of notes being played, chord position, and the velocity of the performance, Strummer can transform the incoming MIDI data out into performance data emulating that of a real guitarist. Performance data may be delayed, echoed, harmonized, transposed and sent back out on multiple MIDI channels. In addition to control over strum direction and speed, the Strummer also features Chord Capture for real time single finger chords. Individual picking patterns and riffs may be assigned to a single key, for real time performance playback. You can even control the number of "strings" being strummed via keyboard velocity.

Some additional features include: Adjustable Delay and Decay Rates. Velocity Switching. Chord Voicing Variations. Chord Capture (Adjustable Single Finger Chords). Transposition of MIDI Delays (Great for MIDI Harmonizing). Ability to synchronize to MIDI Timing Clocks (External Sync). MIDI Program Change."

Complete Patch

Published on Jun 27, 2016 11brassmonkey11

"Set myself a challenge to make a 'musical' patch with as many elements as possible only using what's in my case and without a sequencer, and in one sitting.

Very basic but sounds cool and a fun challenge, just needed more cables to make things feel more alive! Will try something again in the near future using Yarns to sequence something, I haven't really played around with the sequencer in that yet."

Waves Codex Synthesizer: Arpeggios and Sequences (Summer Sale)

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"In this video, I demonstrate you some arpeggio and sequences sounds of the Waves Codex Synthesizer. Currently (End of June 2016, you can grab it for only 29 USD which is an absolute no-brainer. If you don't have yet a Wavetable Synthesizer, you must check out Codex."

Erica Synths Pico Modular System Patch Demo

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This demo shows off a single patch with the Pico modular system from Erica Synths."

TX802 8 TKS 00001 Jam

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Ariel Raguet

"Ariel Raguet

TX802 8 TKS 00001

Yamaha TX802 Jam

Arturia KeyLab 61
Zoom MS-70CDR
Lenovo ThinkPad T430
Cakewalk Sonar Artist
Behringer X802"

Serge Paperface '78 - Patch 001

Published on Jun 27, 2016 batchas

"All sounds = Serge Paperface '78. One take, direct outs.

2 voices sent directly to Bugbrand PT Delay.
Reverb added afterwards."

Thighpaulsandra Live at Cymru Beats 2016

Thighpaulsandra Live Modular Setup

Published on Jun 27, 2016 sonicstate

"We spoke to Thighpaulsandra about his live modular setup at Cymru Beats 2016 - with ultra rare Synton Fenix, EMS Synthi AKS, Serge Panels and more"

Thighpaulsandra Live at Cymru Beats 2016

Published on Jun 27, 2016

"Keyboards and synth player for Julian Cope, Coil, Spiritualized and Cocteau Twins Liz Fraser, Thighpaulsandra plays live at Cymru Beats 2016. With Synton Fenix, Serge panels and EMS Synthi AKS and Nord Modular."

Martin Stürtzer - Delta Shape (ambient dub techno ep)

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Martin Stürtzer

"Forth and last track of my new 'Quadrashape' EP.

All sounds: NI Reaktor 6, Elektron Analog Rytm, Access Virus TI

VST Host / master clock: Ableton Live

Recorded in live session without overdubs.

This ep on bandcamp:


Martin Stürtzer - Alpha Shape (ambient dub techno ep)
Martin Stürtzer - Beta Shape (ambient dub techno ep)
Martin Stürtzer - Gamma Shape (ambient dub techno ep)

Improvisation LXVI: DSI Prophet '08 Vintage Strings Patch

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Sacred Synthesis

"The Poly Evolver Keyboard provides only a soft flute-like digital pad used to accompany the various melodies. The Prophet '08s provide the melody patch (a combination of 2 different pulse widths) and the strings.

I had already used a vintage string patch with the PEK, so I wanted to demonstrate the Prophet '08's version of the same sound. Of course, I'm using the P'08 keyboard-module pair, which offers greater sonic potential. The keyboard uses a standard 8ft. pitch, while the module is set higher to a 4ft. pitch and brightened up a bit. Hence, to a degree this is a bi-timbral patch. Combined with a generous amount of reverb, this produces that classic vintage strings sound, only - hopefully - better than the old string machines could produce. The master P'08 modulation wheel is set to control the filter cut off frequency, and this, combined with the Hammond's volume pedal, creates the dynamic changes.

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard (2)
DSI Prophet '08 Module
DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack
DSI Evolver Desktop
Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard

Lexicon MX300 for reverb
Alesis Nanoverb 2 for delay

Performed and recorded live directly to CD

All music property of Sacred SynthesisDescription"

Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Roger Linn

"Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument using a variety of sound generators from Sample Modeling, Apple Logic Pro X, Impact Soundworks, Applied Acoustic Systems and Orange Tree Samples."

Road Testing Reason 9 - Hear ALL the New Sounds!

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Propellerhead

9 hour road trip from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon! Curious if this sets the record for longest video post ever.

"You may know that Reason 9 includes over a thousand new cutting-edge sounds from professional sound designers to ignite new musical ideas for you but what do they sound like? We thought you'd want to know so we got our friend Jake Shaw to play them... all of them. For this epic challenge we set out on an equally epic road trip into the California desert. How far will Jake get before he gives up? How far down the road can you get before you've played all of Reason 9's new sounds? Find out for yourself - but you'll probably want to put off binge-watching the latest season of your favorite show because this will take you just as long to get through.

(For those asking, that keyboard is a CME xKey 37)"

Zynthian: An Open Platform for Sound Synthesis

Zynthian - Overview (english)

Published on Mar 23, 2016

"Zynthian is an Open Platform for Sound Synthesis. A new class of synth module, equipped with multiple engines and effects."

Zynthian, un sinte abierto basado en Raspberry Pi

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Hispasonic

"El miniordenador Raspberry Pi 3 es una navaja suiza capaz de servir el té o alimentar a tu gato. Por tanto, no sorprende que los barceloneses de Proyecto Zynthian lo tomen como base para su sintetizador de arquitectura abierta."


"Zynthian, an open dye-based Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi minicomputer 3 is a Swiss army knife capable of serving tea or feed your cat. It is therefore not surprising that Barcelona Project of Zynthian take it as a basis for your synthesizer open architecture."

Details via

"Zynthian is a new class of machine. A kind of swiss army knife of synthesis, equipped with multiple engines, filters and effects. Completely configurable and upgradeable.

An Open Platform for Sound Synthesis. Its hardware specification is public and software is Open Source. It is fully Hackeable!

You can use it for live performing, studio production or as a tool for experimental sound exploration.

Imagine having all the sounds you ever dreamed of in the palm of your hand.

A simple User Interface to control everything

4 rotary encoders with switch, that allows to browse menus and adjust parameters
touchscreen 2.8", that allows to select options and adjust 2 parameters simultaneusly (2D)
Easy to configure, upgrade and extend

Update the software by clicking a button
Customize the sound library easily
Configure, edit and create new sounds from any computer


Powerful CPU: ARMv8 x 4 cores, 64 bits, 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM (Raspberry Pi 3)
High Quality Audio Interface: 24 bits, 96kHz (HifiBerry DAC+)
Touch Screen 2.8"
32 GB of storage (SD Card)

Upto 5 MIDI instruments simultaneously (4 x USB, 1 x MIDI-IN)
Line Audio Output (Jack & RCA)
Headphones Audio Output (mini-Jack)
Ethernet Network (RJ-45)
802.11n Wireless LAN (WIFI)
Bluetooth 4.1 & BLE
HDMI (future applications)

Polyphonic Complex Synthesis (ZynAddSubFX)
Wavetable Synthesis (FluidSynth & LinuxSampler)
Hammond B3 Emulation (setBfree)
DX7 Emulation (Dexed)
Much more ...
Effects & Filters
EQ & much more ..."

Furthrrr Generator + SEM Filter // Eurorack Modular Session

Furthrrr Generator + SEM Filter // Eurorack Modular Session from Jonathan Sare on Vimeo.

"Here is a modular melodic session inspired by Boards Of Canada.

The Tiptop Trigger Riot is the brain of this patch. It commands the Rene and the Octone, sequencing respectively the Furthrrr Generator and the Dixie II+.

VCO 2 of the Furthrrr Generator is only waveshaped, Vco 1 goes into the Doepfer SEM Filter.

The Dixie II+ is filtered by the System X Filter and pulse wave modulated by the Maths.

Kick and snare drums are provided by the Peaks. Hit-Hats are from the Neuron and also modultated by the Maths.

Extra footage was captured by the astronauts of the Nasa Apollo missions around the Moon."


KORG MS-20 + EURORACK MODULAR SYNTH from Jonathan Sare on Vimeo.

"Captured live in one take.

No multitracking.

Reverb provided by Ibanez Echo Shifter.

MS-20 is doing the bass, the rest including the drums is done by the modular.

With extracts from the movie The Wraith (1986) by Mike Marvin.

Thanks for watching ;)"


KORG MS-20 ESP DEMO from Jonathan Sare on Vimeo.

"No sequencer,

No midi,

No layering.

drums provided by Yamaha MR10"

Orthogonal Devices ER-301: Famous Last Words

ER-301: Famous Last Words from Orthogonal Devices on Vimeo.

"Testing a very small part of the ER-301 firmware on a very small audio clip. Prototype panel without graphics. Audio captured direct from module with no treatments."

Check out that display. See this post for a previous prototype.

Deep Ambient Analog Tones with flutter VS Eventide Space

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Lost Little Lover

"Sink in deep. Tech Details below.
╪ Lost Little Lover ╪
Sound Cloud :

DSI Tetra _to_ Behringer Composer Pro - XL _to_ Eventide Space.
No LFOs used. Flutter from battling pulse widths set to different duty cycles."

Access Virus TI2 61 Key Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue with Factory Road Case and Extras

via this auction

EMS Synthi is surprising every day

EMS Synthi is surprising every day from richard scott on Vimeo.

"Brand new Cornwall EMS Synthi"

EMS Synthi A seems slightly pissed off from richard scott on Vimeo.

Cornwall changes its mind about the Euro(rack) from richard scott on Vimeo.

Cornwall EMS Synthi A having a chat with my Eurorack suitcase

Modular Synthesizers. Horizontally.

Modular Synthesizers. Horizontally. from Max Brodie on Vimeo.

"Modular Synthesizers. A brief introduction to the crazy world of Eurorack Modular Synthesizers.

Find out more about me;

All of the sounds in this video are made with this modular setup.

Doepfer A-100 Case
Mutable Instruments Yarns
Mutable Instruments Elements
Mutable Instruments Tides
Intellijel µVCF
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Sputnik Modular Quad Function & Trigger Source
4ms Rotating Clock Divider
Sputnik Modular Quad VCF/VCA
Make Noise DPO
Ljunggren Audio Ampmix
Intellijel Metropolis
Doepfer A-118 Noise
WMD Compressor"

Fun video. "Horizontally" refers to the layout of the video and not the modules as you can see the vertical version here for comparison and below is a KORG MS20 "horizontally" video from Max Brodie

Korg MS20 Mini. Horizontally. from Max Brodie on Vimeo.

"Two Korg MS20's. Playing together."

Vectors (Work In Progress)

Published on Jun 27, 2016 tiergrinder

"Small clip from my latest audio recording session for a new song.

All synths sequenced live from Ableton Live with Motu Microlite Midi interface. Audio multitrack recorded raw from synths. Effects added in Ableton Live.

Synhts used :
Roland Juno-106
Roland SH-01 Gaia
Roland Boutique JP-08
Alesis HR16
Jupiter Clone"

MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorials

Published on Jun 27, 2016 ARTURIA

"Get ready to tame the beast with a series of videos showcasing Nori Ubukata on MatrixBrute."

MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorials
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 1 - The Filters
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 2 - The Oscillators
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 3 - The Modulations
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 4 - The Analog Effects
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 5 - The Sequencer & Arpeggiator
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 6 - The Connectivity
MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 7 - The Preset Management

Korg gadget live 8. variator

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Hank Astral

"Played around with a couple of elektrons and novation circuit. all good but for me gadget is the best at what I want to do. So back to a tune a day upload."

iTunes: KORG Gadget - KORG INC.

Gotharman's anAmoNo X - Morphing

Published on Jun 27, 2016 gotharman

"Some simple and some advanced morphing with both sound and sequencer."

Droning with Feedback and cascading envelopes.

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Robotopsy Robotopsy

[4K] Electro, Acid - Roland TR 8, Roland TB- 3, Roland MX-1,Access Virus A ,Roland Mc-808,Korg EMX

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Nico Silva Oliveira

"Nico Silva Oliveira - Jam Night Live Video 6/2016 - 2 of 2
Live Setup: 2x Roland Aira TB- 3, Roland Aira TR 8, Roland Aira Mx-1, Roland VT- 3, Access Virus A, Roland Mc- 808, Korg EMX, Korg Volca Key, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Kaos Pad 3, NI Maschine, Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus"

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