MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Probability of decay - K1000 cinematic demo

Published on Nov 20, 2016 MIDERA

"Kurzweil K1000SE and Eventide Space"

The Arabian Dance performed on synthesizers from Tchaikovski's The Nutcracker Suite

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Eric Mauro
Update: Re-Published on Nov 26, 2016

"The Arabian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet can be made into a very cool electronic music track. This is my interpretation."

Original video description:
"My synthesizer arrangement of the Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker Suite. Composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky."

We need the sexy peacock for this one. Great rendition!

Moog Voyager - Clean Machine

Published on Nov 20, 2016 experimentalsynth

"'The machine of a dream, such a clean machine...' Oops, wrong song... 'Welcome my son, welcome to the machine...' The Moog Voyager's Clean Machine preset recreates that classic Pink Floyd sound, and here I take a quick look at a way to take it farther..."

Volca Keys & Sub 37 Trance Jam

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Zachary Berry

"Just messing about with the Volca Keys and the Sub 37 (Unfortunately not visible)."

E-MU Emulator III Synthesizer Sampler SN 0980194

via this auction

"Tested and 100% working. 4MB Ram and 40GB HD. Excellent cosmetic condition. E iii CD Rom library loaded onto the HD."

Note the Prophet V Bass patch. Why Prophet V and not Prophet-5?

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesizer SN 003318

via this auction

"The Six-Trak is prominently featured and can be heard on the 1998 minimalist CD release The Dream Garden, by musician/composer Dane Rochelle. More recently it has been used by composer for the 2012 soundtrack to Australian feature film 'Sororal'."

Korg MS-02 80s Synthesizer Interface SN 170925

via this auction

Yamaha TG300 Tone Generator Factory Demo Songs

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Sound Programming

"Factory demo songs from the Yamaha TG300 tone generator.

The TG300 is a desktop tone generator and the successor to the TG100. It has a full General MIDI sound set made up of 16-samples versus the 12-bit samples of the TG100."

New Korg Minilogue Preset Demos

New demos added to the post here.

New KORG iWavestation Coming to iOS

An improved UI over the hardware synths will be more than welcome. I recently replaced the battery on my Wavestation EX and as good as it sounds, it is a bit of a bear to program. Of course the sound is ultimately what counts. It will be interesting to compare the two when this comes out.


Now available on iTunes:

Ableton Push Patch Change Program Preset Change via Live Midi

Published on Nov 19, 2016 Incredible Change

A quick tip tutorial in via MATRIXSYNTH reader Incredible Change.

"How to change a patch or preset via a Program Change using Ableton Live Push.

1. Download Ctrlr for your operating system (MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX)
2. Install Program
3. Start Ableton Live
4. Insert new Midi Track
5. Load Instrument Rack in your new Midi Track
6. Place Ctrlr VST or AU in Instrument Rack
7. Create new Panel in your Ctrlr
8. Create new slider on your new panel
9. Edit parameters so that the midi communicates to your device with a Program Change and your input setting on device or VST
10. Select Input Outputs on CTRLR Menu
11. Save Panel
12. Save Instrument Rack.
13. Map the Ctrlr Parameter via Ableton to the slider you wish to use on Instrument Rack.
14. Save this Ableton Preset to load at your convenience.

I'm missing one step during the tutorial, before you load the Instrument Rack, make sure to create a new Midi Track to insert the Instrument Rack."

Analog Heat Test 8

Published on Nov 20, 2016 verstaerker

"another Testrun with the elektron Analog Heat. Other machines used: elektron Analog Rytm, Machinedrum, Buchla Music Easel,eventide H7600"

Xaoc Belgrad as a VCO (+TITO modulation)

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Daniel LeGrand

"Belgrad makes an amazing sound source as well.

1v/Oct being fed a sequence. Belgrad is the only sound source.

Everything gets modulated in the end :)"

Squarp Pyramid Sequencer

via this auction

1st pic is with the overlay.

"Works perfectly and in almost new condition. This does not have the accelerometer. It never came with a power supply, it is USB powered and will come with a USB cable."

Sunday Studiofun with Moog Sub37 and Dreadbox (Riamiwo StudioVlog 11)

Published on Nov 20, 2016 riamiwovideos

"Just started creating a new Track with the Moog Sub37 and the Dreadbox Erebus and Hades. This time everything is controlled over midi from Ableton Live."


Published on Nov 20, 2016 GIANNIS ARK

"Composed and Programmed by Giannis ARK at ARK Home Studio Cy,
Nicosia - Cyprus.
Propellerheads REASON
Instruments: Clavia nord lead A1, Roland GAIA SH - 01, Novation ULTRANOVA, Studiologic SLEDGE 2.1"

Waldorf micro q & 3trins video synth

2nd video added to this post.

Hex Inverter Mutant Snare Eurorack Drum Module demo

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Flux302 of

Roland Jupiter 8 + Linn Drum "1983"

Published on Nov 20, 2016 synthartist69

"These two machines sound so good together, Roland Jupiter 8 and the Linn Drum LM2!! In this video I have split the keyboard so that the Linn Drum is controlling the tempo of the lower bass arps. The upper patch is my 80's rezo patch that I used in 'That 80's sound' video... cool sound :)"

Sunday berlin school - Ableton, Eurorack, XTk ,Zebra

Published on Nov 20, 2016 mark williamson

"Sequencing from Ableton."

Novation Circuit - Ultra EDM

Published on Nov 20, 2016

"In this Circuit video I only used samples & midi from:
'A Class Samples - ULTRA INSPIRED MUSIC' For drums I recommend "EDM One Shots"

This is a very simple jam, not much variation except for some synth patch changes here and there. Anyone can make something like this with the Circuit.

With more preperation you could easily turn this to a entire song including break downs, bridges and buildups. I'm really would like more sample / synth channels though but it's possible if you are resourcefull. :-o
I only used preset synth patches in this video in my next video I will try to create some of my own with the Isotonik software."

Stranger Things main sequence theme. & Korg SQ-1

Published on Nov 19, 2016 marsupialmicron

"Stranger things main sequence theme, with a two oscillator dotcom modular synthesizer, Korg SQ-1 sequencer and Korg Kaosspad 2s. Simple and straight forward" & Korg SQ-1 sequencer

Published on Nov 20, 2016 marsupialmicron

"Performance on a modular controlled with a korg SQ-1 sequencer. Effects with a Korg Kaosspad 2s. Row A of the sequencer controls pitch of the first oscillator with midi, the second one is controlled with row B by CV."


Published on Nov 20, 2016 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Argh I'm pretty sure TYGO travelled in time and took the blueprints of SYNTHBIKE 2.0, then used them for financial gain.... however i have a feeling not many people bought them with Commercial as creepy as this.."

See the demo video here.

STG: At Home at the Piano Bar Vol 1

Published on Nov 20, 2016 suitandtieguy

"Just finished a custom 16MU synthesiser for someone and decided to make a video with it before I ship it off to the patient and decent guy who bought it. It was also a good way to use some new toys I've got recently. This isn't a song per se, I'm just keeping myself from getting bored for 3 minutes. Maybe you'll enjoy it.

Modular is totally dry and controlled from a sequence I programmed on the Arturia Keystep. The modular patch is pretty basic, a Synthetic Sound Labs VCO in unison with a 3 octave square spread made by a Mankato Filter as sine VCO feeding the Pulse Matrix. All four sources feed a Mixer then the Sea Devils Filter. VCA is the Digital Attenuators. Envelopes are

The piano is a Yamaha CP70 preamped by a 1990s BSS mic pre/eq, fed into a Hammond USA Leslie "cream" pedal then a Yamaha REV500. Drums are a factory preset on a BeatBuddy pedal processed with an Electrix FilterFactory. If you've got a BeatBuddy, I can't recommend a FilterFactory more for processing. They sound fantastic together.

I've got a nice way to record video with direct audio now so this will happen more often."

Synthchaser #014 - Oberheim OB-Xa Repair

Published on Jul 18, 2016 Synth Chaser

Synthchaser #014 - Oberheim OB-Xa Repair - Part 1/3 - Power Supply & Voice Card Rebuilds
Synthchaser #015 - Oberheim OB-Xa Repair - Part 2/3 - Rebuilding The Keyboard
Synthchaser #016 - Oberheim OB-Xa Repair - Part 3/3 - Tuning & Calibration
Synthchaser #016 - Oberheim OB-Xa Repair - Part 3/3 - Tuning & Calibration

iVCS3 2 Update in the Works

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Alessandro Petrolati

iTunes: iVCS3 - apeSoft

+ Support for iPhone/iPod Touch
+ Support for AudioUnit V3, separate modules: VCO, VCF, SPRING, ENV, VCA, NOISE
+ New Input/Mic/Sampler Envelope Follower
+ New Sequencer Reset/Randomize Functions
+ New AudioShare support
+ AudioCopy SDK 3.4
+ Midibus 1.38 SDK
+ New Bluetooth A2DP High Quality
+ New Presets Manager Search Bar
+ New Control Manager Search Bar
+ New Samples Manager Search Bar
+ New ‘Save Preset As… in’ function permits you to chose a Bank where save it
+ New ‘Create Random Sound’ can modulate the random percentage and bypassing some critical parameters
+ Receive remote MIDI Clock, bug fixed
+ Audiobus Sequencer Play/Stop fixed with Ableton Link
+ Envelope Signal scale fixed
+ Mute switches are now Smoothed
+ Two SEQUENCER Parameters have been added to Control Manager
+ SpectralScope Amp/Time fixed
+ Startup crash fixed with no Internet connection
+ The Oscilloscope input is always an audio despite the Voltometer setting
+ IAA ZOMBIE bug fixed
+ iOS 10 SDK

Korg Minilogue Presets

Published on Nov 20, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."

Roland System 100M

via this auction

"Roland System 100M 112 121 130 140 150 191J 184 SET

Everything works perfectly, except the CV output section on the 184 keyboard produces noise. All pictured is included: manual, cables, modules, keyboard, 191 rack, everything..."

Yamaha CS-5 SN 27807 w/ Korg SQ-1

via this auction

ARP 2500 live tweaking - unedited video

Published on Feb 12, 2016 Jon Dent

"Some more sounds from the 1045 voice module of the ARP 2500.
There are two 1045 modules in this video.
I used a 1023 VCO to modulate the filter of the first 1045.
The 1016 noise and random nodule is also used to trigger some envelopes of the 1045s.
More info:"

Click here for more.

Waldrof MICRO Q synthesizer demo SN 1210055545

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Jon Dent

"Synth demo of my Micro Q. I'm selling this on Ebay."


Waldorf micro q & 3trins video synth

Published on Nov 20, 2016 DJjondent

"I'm selling the Micro Q so decided to do a quick video with it and the 3trinsrgb+1c Video synth before it goes. There are actually three 3trins all running with different settings."

via this auction

Armon P300 - Sounds Demo

Published on Nov 19, 2013 juhill13

"Armon P300 - NO FX, NO EQ, NO COMP, just natural sound."

More organ than synth, but still some synthy sounds on this one along with a built in rhythm machine. I believe this is the first time the P300 has been featured on the site. See the Armon label below for other keyboards they produced.

Moog Source - Sounds demo

Published on Nov 17, 2013 juhill13

"MOOG The Source - NO FX, NO EQ, NO COMP, just natural sound."

Moog The Source

Published on Feb 7, 2015 marsupialmicron

"I'll show you my synths. Moog The Source. Audio from Camara mic (not best quality). Some delay and reverb. Last melody taken from Logos by Tangerine Dream (Froese, Franke, Shmoelling)."

Daft Punk Giorgio By Moroder (Analogue Korg Volca's)

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Jason Dale

"A little Daft Punk, Giorgio By Moroder, on the Analogue Korg Volca, Bass, Keys, Kick and a Roland TR-09. Blending all those analogue frequencys, great fun :-)"

Arp Tuba Preset

Published on Nov 20, 2016 SOUND DBLER

"Synthesizer Demo of Arp Pro Solist Tuba Preset"

Yamaha Sy35 Demo

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Alphacode

"Here is another demo after a long break , hope to upload a lot more soon. Enjoy !"


Published on Nov 20, 2016 fonitronik

"Quick and Dirty 3 track recording of the Jasper Wasp clone"

deltAdata : Lost in time (outdoor ipad jam with samplr and xperia z3c)

Published on Nov 20, 2016 deltAdata

"Outdoor Samplr jam in adandoned farm.

Used: ipad mini, Samplr, filmed with xperia z3 compact 1080, audiobus, audioshare (ios to android video files transfert) and isupr8 filter 4 (8mm video effect on android).
Made on ipad mini with imovie."

Novation Circuit #Korg Volca with Bass Guitar

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Plekyn Records

"Live Circuit & Korg Volca Bass, Beats, Keys Jam with my Fender Bass Guitar. I only add Bass Track to this song and record PC computer with Reason on board. Fender Japan Precision Bass for my sound is great .
Marcin Kamiński Music
Plekyn Records 2016"

Sébastien Léger - Modular Performance

Published on Nov 20, 2016 Sébastien Léger

"Recorded Live, no computer."

Three Moog Mother-32s & euorack modular.

Modal Craft Demo by Ty Unwin

"Multi-tracked Modal Craft synth created by Ty Unwin.
No processing on it.... nothing.. No external FX, No EQ, nothing...
The only tweak to the recording was to normalise it."

Details on the Modal CRAFTsynth posted here.

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