MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

All My Best Jokes Don't Work Anymore

Published on Oct 28, 2017 mmurmoons

"short etude, for make noise shared system (with the added modules telharmonic and rosie) and make noise 0coast

through-composed variations on a patch
(clocked from ableton)"

Soccer Anthems via CV

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Cray

"Soccer Anthems via CV. SE-02, TR-08, modular synth"

Understanding the Buchla Music Easel Pulse Sequencer

Published on Oct 28, 2017 musicalfungus

"A brief tutorial on how to correctly use the 5 switches on the Music Easels Sequential Voltage Source. I admit I had some difficulty understanding what they did until I realized that either the Pulser or the Envelope Generator must be triggered by the Sequencer for those switches to actually perform a function. Hope this helps some new Easel owners understand these switches and how they are used."

City of Lost Children (MS-20 + Strymon El Capistan)

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Tape Ghost

"Something simple for a complicated relationship. Dedicated to the city of San Francisco. No effects applied in post, just my MS-20 mini going into a strymon El Capistan set to have lots of input boost for saturation and lots of wobble."

Glasys Challenge / Arnaud Music. "Hurricane"

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Arnaud Music.

Vintage 1978 Moog Multimoog Synthesizer SN 1894

via this auction

"This Multimoog is in great condition considering its age, there are very minor signs of wear and
cosmetic damage, but nothing serious, it is a great vintage piece and looks and sounds the same as when I purchased it at ACE music in Miami in 1978. I am the original owner, and it has never toured or left the studio except for some years spent in air conditioned storage. This synthesizer comes with a 44-note monophonic keyboard with aftertouch, a ribbon-type pitch bend controller, and an external control voltage and trigger inputs/outputs for interfacing with other synthesizer equipment. You can even process vocals and external inputs through the internal patented Moog filter and circuitry. I did that with vocals and guitar many, many times and it was a gas, limitless new tonalities possible for vocals and guitar and any other sound source. The Multimoog was always ahead of its time in many ways. Extensive outputs and inputs in the back to maximize flexibility. It is amazing what Robert Moog packed into this unit, the back in/out is almost like the patch panel of a huge Moog that cost x 10 times the price of the Multimoog. This unit is easy to use for a novice in analog synthesis and absolute heaven for an experienced professional. Featuring the legendary patented Moog filter design, this Multimoog synthesizer is in great working condition and works and sounds fine, just as it did back in 1978."

Korg Poly 61 Synthesizer SN 722925

via this auction

GRP A4 some sequences

Published on Oct 28, 2017 coyotesynth

"this video is a compilation of different sequences all made with GRP A4 with no additional FX. Enjoy!"

TR-808 Style Hora Rhythm Composer for VCV Rack - Overview & Crazy Beats

Published on Oct 28, 2017 TheKlirrfaktor

"I forgot to mention the very usefull 1st and last step outs - nice to sync with other sequencers.
You can download the patch here:

Get my latest album for free:

Have fun!"

Arturia matrixbrute, Roland system-1, Roland V-synth

Published on Oct 28, 2017 magevers

"A simple composition with the amazing Arturia Matrixbrute and the Roland system-1.
FX: Roland RV-500"


via this auction

Percussa SSP Layout Update #5 - Footprint checking and ADC/DAC re-routing

via Bert on the Percussa SSP Kickstarter campaign:

"Hi all,

I spent most of the past week going through my TODO / checklist (40 pages long!), checking footprints, double checking small but important details in the documentation of the ICs I’m using in the design of the SSP, and adding pin headers on the back of the PCB to help with development and testing later on when the hardware is done.

One of the items I wanted to go over the past week was double checking the footprints of the QFN ICs i’m using. They require special solder paste apertures and thermal vias, which have an influence on how well they solder to the PCBs later on in production. I also made a few small changes to the BGA256 footprint I have in the design, I reduced the diameter of the ball pads to match the recommendations of the assembly house we work with.

Checking paste aperture for QFN footprints

Adjusting BGA256 ball pad diameter

I also wanted to place the voltage reference caps closer to the ADCs and DAC I’m using in the design. They are pretty important to get the performance I want and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with where they were sitting (a little too far) so I moved them really close now, moving the DAC to the other side of the PCB to make room. Yesterday I started routing the signals again from the input/output stages to the DAC and ADCs. I’ll probably be done with that end of the weekend.

Re-routing signals near ADCs/DAC after placing ref caps closer

We made a lot of progress the past week, and the TODO list is now a lot shorter, which means I can focus most of my time in the next week on re-routing the traces of the digital section of the board and checking / updating the layout of the different power supplies in the design!

Thanks again for your support, and until next week :-)


XIRID XS2 Advanced Sequencer Revealed - Preliminary Feature Set

We saw the teaser pics back on September 21.

Here it is in the flesh.

The following are some details in via SOUNDMIT, were the XS2 will make an appearance at next year's upcoming event. Note the following has been Google translated from Italian:

"News October 28, 2017

XS2, here are the preliminary features from Xirid!

Dear friends, thank you for your interest in XIRID and in the XS2 sequencer. Many have written to know more about our project so I have the pleasure of making it clear. My name is Luca Leoni and I am the Sequencer Designer XS2. I'm working with constancy and commitment to developing the sequencer operating system, which is not yet complete.

Analog Synthesizer Studio Session

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Peter Maas

"Using a wide selection of my analog synthesizers to create some electro, techno... whatever you call it. No sequencing from the computer. On drums I'm using the TR606, TR707 and TR808. Bassline is the Jupiter 4, sequenced by the Keystep. FM Bloops from the Sequential Pro One and Buchla Music Easel. Noise from the Juno 106. Lead sounds from the System 100/101 sequenced by the Electron Digitakt."

Circuit Bent Circuit Bent ELC Drum pads

Published on Oct 15, 2017 psychiceyeclix

"Circuit Bent ELC Drum pads....extra noisy edition!!"

via this auction

Crazy looking piece of kit.

"Circuit bent by Psychiceyeclix - Comes with 8 beat patterns, rec, echo, drum training - Experiment with different distortion knob settings to create endless noise!
Mods -
Pitch control,
pitch on/off switch,
4 x Distortion/noise controls each with on/off switch,
glitch push button,
mute push button,
jack socket out."

Roland SE02 Preset Bank Demos

For those interested, demos for banks B and C have been added to this post.

The Unfriendly: A free (haunted) preset bank for Kaspar

Published on Oct 27, 2017 Brice Beasley

"Originally a set of experiments to see how far Kaspar could be pushed out of boring territory, this bank very quickly turned into a collection of deeply haunted soundscapes and sinister textures. Appropriately timed for a Halloween season release, I believe it is complete—ready to terrify your moments.

All sounds used in this video are included in the bank, and were recorded straight from Kaspar (IAA) into AUM with further processing in Auria using FabFilter plugins (EQ and compression).

Download the bank here:

To install:
Choose the 'copy to' Kaspar command on your device to load the bank.

***WARNING: Seriously watch your volume levels. Particularly when changing presets. This bank pushes Kaspar into some really extreme places, and the occasional outburst when switching presets is enough to do some serious damage to ears and speakers. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED***"

iTunes: KASPAR - Yonac Inc.

DSP Synthesizers u808 Chip On Sale This Week

via DSP Synthesizers

"This week there is a limited sale on the DSP Synthesizers 808 drum-chip.

It's $15 instead of $25 this week only.

The chip is a 14-pin DIP chip.
It has 8 polyphonic drum-triggers, a global tune and a global accent CV input.

Very simple DIY chip for that awesome 808 sound.

Demo video at"

Beat707 Announces Two New MIDI Projects

via Beat707 where you'll find pre-order links:

"Presenting two great projects that I'm currently working on. I don't have pictures or videos yet as I'm still doing the prototypes. But please, read the complete description and PreOrder when possible to help me out getting the PCBs done as soon as possible. All projects will be Open-Source and Arduino Compatible.


Beat707 MKeyS
MIDI Key Switching

A Small unit that allows you to select a Key and only when that key is pressed all other keys will be sent to that unit. So you can have multiple units, each to a MIDI Destination Device, and from your Master MIDI Keyboard, use the bottom octave keys to select the target destination.
To select the options you have a simple system on the board. A button and a LED allows you to set the key-range for the keys selection. And the Unit's key number.
Hardware: a very small board with MIDI Input (female) and Output (male) small cables, powered from MIDI (no external power required, but a header for that is added in case you have problems with that). We use the ATtiny85 IC (8 pins DIP) since it is low power. The MIDI cables are soldered directly to the board. Making this a pass cable that you just put between your units.
Usage: to setup the unit you just press the button and wait for the LED to flash. Now you can select which octave you will use. Quick press selects, long press goes to the next option. Now you set how many keys you want to use. The next option is the current Unit key number. Next the LED flashes again and the information is saved. Holding the button just shows the information in the same order, with flashes between each option.
What it can do: let's say you have 4 MIDI Sound Modules. For each you add this in the MIDI cable that goes from the Master Keyboard to each unit. Usually you have a cable from the Master Keyboard to the 1s Sound Module, and from that, using the MIDI Thru, you conect to the second module and so on. Now, on all units set octave to 3 and number of keys to 4. And on unit 1 you set key to 0, and unit 2 to 1, and so on. Now on your master keyboard you can press those keys on the bottom octave and them MIDI data will only be sent to the key selected unit, and output to the Sound Module connected there.
Some ideas took from the module below: key press or while key holding (possibly more options).


Beat707 MPBox
MIDI Processing Box

A small module that allows you to process MIDI data in several ways. A couple of buttons and LEDs allows you to select the mode and options. The software, them, does the rest.
The hardware is simple but effective: MIDI Input and Output Connectors (female), ATmega328, USB 5V+ Power Input, 2 buttons and 2 LEDs.

Possible Modes:
1) Key to Channel Switching. Just like the above unit, but here we just change the MIDI Channel number for a key press. This is great for keyboards that has weird ways of changing the channel number. Resuming: you press the lowest key on the bottom octave of your Master Keyboard and that selects MIDI Channel 1. The next key would be Channel 2, and so on. With options as on press or while holding (possibly more options).
2) ARP, with several pre-programed options.
3) Chords. The hability to create instant chords from single key presses.
4) Mellody. You hold several keys at the bottom octave, and the upper zone white-keys will follow those keys.
5) Key Latch. Does just that. With the option of a bottom key to release it all, or low-velocity press.
6) Key Transpose and Octave Transpose using the bottom octave keys. But fixed values can be setup too.
Just give me some more ideas and I will do the code. ;-)

The software can hold multiple modes, as there's no lag on adding that. And the board can be very small to really set a mode once and forget about it. We will supply detailed information on how to set modes and options. The interface is simple so this is not an unit that you will be messing around live.
BUT, here's an idea for LIVE usage. Setup different modes to different MIDI Channels. EG: CH 1 uses the ARP, CH 2 uses Chords, CH 3 uses Key Transpose."

Beat707 NXT Complete Set

Published on Oct 26, 2017 William Kalfelz

Circuit Battle Sound Edit festival Lodz Poland

Streamed live 3 hours ago -CALC-


MESS Ltd - Beat Collective

Published on Oct 28, 2017 brassmonkey

"Beat Collective Jams at MESS Ltd in Melbourne, Australia


Ordinarily access is members only but Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS Ltd) have opened its doors to Beat Collective for these special events!

Upon arrival you will be assigned to work in random pairs. Your challenge it to collaborate and create a track together in under 4 hours for a special edition compilation to be uploaded onto

To make your track, you will have access to MESS' extensive collection of amazing vintage and modern synths that will be set up ready for you to use! Check out this link to suss out the machines that are currently on rotation:

BRING: Your laptop, headphones and an audio interface (if you have one) to allow you to record sounds. MESS has leads but you may choose to bring your own as well. Should go without saying, but your friendly and open attitude. Also respect the machines!

More info check out -

Clip shot and edited by Ben Willis"

experimentalsynth :: The Krell Suite by Chris Stack

Published on Oct 28, 2017 experimentalsynth

"The Krell Suite was inspired by one of Make Noise’s Patch of the Week videos, a demo of their 0-Coast version of that abstract electronic music staple, The Krell Patch, based on Louis and Bebe Barron’s ground-breaking soundtrack for the movie Forbidden Planet. Stream and download at"

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #58

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Rheyne

"Shifting through three 16-step sequences on a Winter Modular Eloquencer in 'pendulum' step mode."

Curse of the DX7 | Woody Halloween Special

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Woody Piano Shack

"Lock your doors and dim the lights for this creepy tale. After filming in the Nordic forest I got lost and darkness fell. This is what happened next.

Part 2 of "The day I worked for Nord" evolved into my Halloween Special entitled "The Curse Of The DX7". Stranger Things meets Blair Witch Project...

Credits and thanks go to:
Eddie and William as The Forest Boys and ideas
Woody as Woody
Flowers for Bodysnatchers - Moindre
Glitch sound effects
Other sound effects from random YouTube videos, thanks!

Netflix Stranger Things main theme arranged and performed by Woody on Nord Lead A1. Season 2 coincidentally released today!"

Vintage Chroma Polaris Synthesizer SN 300730 For Sale From Lead Designer

via this auction

"This synth was manufactured in the early 1980s by Fender. I was the lead designer, and over the years I've collected a few of them. This is a six-voice synth with a 61-key velocity sensitive keyboard. It has selective pitch bend, which lets you bend some notes in a chord while keeping others fixed. It has a MIDI interface, and includes a built-in sequencer. And it has a nice fat sound.

This one shows some routine cosmetic wear on the outside. Much of this could be touched up quite effectively with a black magic marker, although the pictures show it as-is. Both membrane switch panels have been replaced with brand new ones, the CPU was replaced with the faster one used in the later production runs, and the RAM was expanded to the maximum 64K for maximum sequence storage space. All calibrations and adjustments have been performed. Everything works."

Steiner Microcon - Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"All pots & switches work well
sound is clean & strong
components still look fresh

Cosmetically shows very light wear
was recently serviced by Mark @ Magnetic Studios, Pontiac MI
all original, even the screws

Includes audio cable, studio ready to go"

Roland Sh-2 Vintage Analog Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Silver Gig Bag

via this auction

1979 KORG MS20 w/ White Panel Patch Sheet SN 142810

via this auction

"The white facia is a card insert that came with the synth in the original box."

"The logo is missing from the back since it was gigged in the 80's, he sprayed over it and put his band logo on instead, but now has removed it."

Roland SE02 Preset Bank Demos

Published on Oct 28, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Demonstration of the presets included with the SE02

No processing except for normalisation."

Roland SE-02s on Amazon | Roland SE-02s on eBay

Roland Boutique D-05 synthesizer | PLAY

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Whentherushcomes

"Some of the great sounds on the Roland Boutique D-05 synthesizer.

The original Roland D-50 is a polyphonic 61-key synthesiser produced by Roland and released in 1987. Its features include Linear Arithmetic synthesis, on-board effects, a joystick for data manipulation, and an analogue synthesis-styled layout design.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 usb midi keyboard. Audio and video recorded with the Roland Go Mixer (GO:MIXER) on the Apple iPhone."

Roland D-05s on Amazon | Roland D-05s on eBay

303 through MS-20m (ringmod-like)

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Yunneck

The Plumbutter and Sidrax jam [plumbutter #13]

Published on Oct 28, 2017 hajimmie

"Saturday jam of the plumbutter and the sidrax. Focusing on the deerhorn of the PB. Lately I often do rather complex patching especially on the sidrax but this time just keep it so simple. Later on bugbrand PTdelay kicks in."

Gas Of Latvia // Live @ Erica Synths Garage

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Erica Synths

"Gas Of Latvia performs live playing Elektron Octatrack Mk1 with modular synth & field recordings; Keith McMillen QuNeo midi keyboard; Waldorf Blofeld synth; Faderfox UC4 controller for Octatrack & Blofeld; Electro Harmonix Memory Man with Hazarai; Behringer Vintage Tube Monster; Tapco Mixer; Visual installations by Zane Zelmene.

Music producer and composer Andris Indans has been an active musician since the late 80s; his project Gas of Latvia is one of the most significant electronic music projects from Latvia. Gas of Latvia have recorded and released over 10 studio albums, each of them having a different vibe and sound - drifting from drone, noise, IDM to industrial music and techno, but still keeping their signature sound. Andris Indans is also writing music for films, video works, dance & theatre performances. In Erica Synths Garage Gas of Latvia will present and audiovisual piece created together with Zane Zelmene.


Trow - A selection of Cirklon patterns for computer and eurorack synthesizer

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Luke Killen

"Trow is a selection of Electro Acid patterns for computer and eurorack synthesizer. The drums samples are provided by the computer and the synths are supplied b the Eurorack. The Cirklon provides all of the sequencing. This will be my last Cirklon patch on the channel for a while. My next patches will be Eurorack only as usual."

Andy pidcock Modular synth jam - featuring Qu bit, mutable instruments, erica synths

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Andy Pidcock

"On sound duties:

Mutable instruments Elements
Erica synths Black VCO & Polivoks filter. Pico drums x 2

Other duties:

Qu bit Electronix Pulsar - in Euclidean mode driving the drums and used as master clock into Qu bit Octone sequencers x 2 linked.
Make noise Maths - as envelope for erica synths and LFO for filter.
Qu bit RT 60 reverb.

Vermona Perforumer MKII through an Orban 111B two channel spring reverb

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Synthead

Roland Juno 60 with SDE 2500 delay Chill Out

Published on Oct 27, 2017 RĂ¼diger Gaenslen

"Improvisation with my Juno 60. I just used one sound with the arpeggiator and my Roland SDE 2500 delay. Afterwards I overdubbed it with a pad from the Juno.

I did not use any extra effects, no mastering, no limiter, eq and else.

There are some private pictures from my family.

Thanks for watching."

Roland SH 7 osc to filter mod

Published on Oct 27, 2017 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

Arturia Matrix Brute Sequencer/Filter

Published on Oct 27, 2017 Endarker Electronic Studio

Arturia Matrix Brute

Full Details on the Upcoming Squarp Instruments Hermod Eurorack Sequencer

First featured here on MATRIXSYNTH on October 11, we now have full details via Squarp Instruments:

"Hermod modular brain
The 8-track sequencer & interface for your eurorack system.

Perfect for composition and live performances

Hermod brings together a powerful step sequencer, a CV looper, a real-time effect processor, LFO generators and a complete bi-directional MIDI-USB-CV input/output interface.

Record a performance at any time thanks to the CV inputs, the USB HOST, the USB DEVICE and the MIDI input. Create and edit your tracks with the STEP mode and its piano roll and automation view. Generate crazy patterns with the randomization tool.

Hermod is polymetric, it means that each track can have a different length, from 1 step to 64 steps (256 quarter notes). Moreover, you can zoom in to increase the resolution of the step sequencer.

Polymorphic tracks

Thanks to Hermod architecture, a track can be a simple mono CV/GATE voice, but can be easily configured as a polyphonic track (up to 8 voices), a CV/GATE + velocity + aftertouch track, a modulation + clock track... in order to perfectly fit your eurorack system!
Sequences and Projects

The 8 tracks are grouped into one of Hermod’s 8 sequences. Every sequence is totally independent and contains a new set of tracks to be played with, for a total of 64 tracks in a single project.

The number of projects is unlimited and the save/load can be done in a flash, allowing you to jump from one song to the next in your live performance.


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