MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dead Moog Satellite Upcycled Synth DIY

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Gregory Stephens

"Moog Satellite - all sorts of wiring and power issues, few bad ICs, but did get a few 3080s. Then Converted it to a v/o controller with a CV, GATE and SAW output."

Octatrol Audio Demonstration

Streamed live 45 minutes ago Houston Guy

"Malfunkn demonstrates the abilities of the newly released OSX App, Octatrol. We will be constructing a track using Octatrol and Elektron's OT, AR and AF leading to a possible jam after construction."

Ensoniq EPS - Synthesized Loop

Published on Dec 30, 2017 100 Things I Do

"The Ensoniq EPS was the first sampler I owned. This was in the early 2000's and by this time anything less than 16 bit 32mb ram was considered unusable so I picked it up for a few hundred dollars and started to build my studio around it. Of course being the early 2000's I started lusting after a AKAI S1000 with 16 bits and 32mb of RAM :D... So the EPS was sold and Akai was purchased. I lust now after the S1000 for the looks and memories but not really anything about the sound.

I was fortune a few months ago to pick up another EPS and was surprised how much of how to work the beast I was able to remember. Not long until I was sampling again and using those magical Loop algorithms. There is something very special in what they can do. Making your sample sound a lot like a Fairlight all the way to almost totally changing the character of the sound!

Today I focus on the Synthesized Loop option! It really works strange magic across any short sample! Sorry about the light fading in and out at the start of the clip, I need to get some decent studio lights.

I'm thinking of doing a series of clips where I review...mostly verbally All the synths I have owned to date (I'm shocked how many!). If you think this would be interesting let me know in the comments and I will make a start in the new year!"

Rheyne - Three Mothers

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Rheyne


1. Rheyne - Three Mothers, part 1 (Moog Mother-32 self-oscillating filter)
The first of three vids using only Moog Mother-32 synths. In this patch, all sounds are from the self-oscillating filters. The VCOs and LFOs are only used for modulation. The sequencers are playing the default 1-step pattern, with stepped-random voltages from the assignable outputs controlling the pitch of the filters and the rate of the LFOs.

The output of each synth was sent to a Yamaha MG12XU mixer, with a Strymon BigSky on an aux-send. Audio was recorded onto a Tascam DR-44 directly from the mixer. Although it sounds like there's delay present, these are actually modulations from a square LFO. The only effect is reverb from a BigSky.

2. Rheyne - Three Mothers, part 2 (Moog Mother-32 pad, bass, and melody)
In this patch, the top Mother handles bass, the middle Mother plays the slow melody, and the bottom Mother is the pad / arpeggio saturated in reverb.

3. Rheyne - Three Mothers, part 3 (Moog Mother-32 x3)
The third of three vids using only the Moog Mother-32 (x3). The top Mother handles the slow melody, bass is from the middle Mother, and the bottom Mother-32 handles both the kick and the snare (2 voices from one Mother). Reverb is from a Strymon BigSky. The only other equipment used was a Yamaha MG12XU and a Tascam DR-44.

Really Not Into Spells [makenoise shared system and 0 coast]

Published on Dec 29, 2017 mmurmoons

"excerpt from a larger work, to be included on the upcoming album.

solo melodic voice from 0coast,
reverse bass frequencies from Morphagene,
ongoing layer of rhythmic bouncing-rubber balls from Echophon.
clock from Ableton."

Access Virus C Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

"Access virus fully functional, excellent condition, some wear on the side rubber panels. Includes adapter, replacement LED and backup capacitor in case ever needed. Synth is working perfectly."

Inside an MFB Synthesizer II

Pic of the circuit board via this auction

"MFB Synthesizer II AS IS for PARTS
Installed a new LM2940, Lm7808 and a 79L05 power regulators cant get unit to boot only 3 leds light.
Tried to replace the NE555P timer IC without luck as some of the pcb traces got damaged.
Device has a CA3046 filter chip on the main board maybe that could be of use to someone.
Comes will all as seen in the pics even a 12 vdc adapter."

Fun with a Kobol

Published on Dec 30, 2017 yusynthman

"Avant la venue du propriétaire du Kobol que j'ai remis en état j'ai fait un petit test que j'ai filmé. Voilà donc une petite vidéo montrant son Kobol en action, il est séquencé par un Q960 Le son est capté par le microphone de la caméra donc ce n'est pas de très haute qualité et l'on peut parfois entendre ma respiration (Noise generator 100% bio !).
Un Kobol Expander Rack vient en second ajouter une couche à la séquence puis je m'amuse successivement avec le Waldorf MicroWave XT, le Manikin Memotron, le MatrixBrute d'Arturia, le CS15 de Yamaha, le Multiman S de Crumar et enfin la "Main Console" du Roland System 700 modular. Aucune prétention musicale dans tout ceci qui est totalement improvisé.
J'espère que ces 4 minutes vous distraieront.

I shot this video to test the Kobol synthesizer that I repaired for a friend. The Kobol is sequenced by a Q960 . The sound is recorded by the camera microphone therefore don't expect high quality... and sometimes one can hear me breathing (100% biological noise generator). As the sequence loops I have fun improvising with some of my synths : Waldorf MicroWave XT, Manikin Memotron, Arturia MatrixBrute, Yamaha CS15, lCrumar Multiman S and "Main Console" of the Roland System 700 modular"

Adding Juno Chorus to the Prophet REV2

Published on Dec 30, 2017

"The Dave Smith Prophet REV2 (8 voices here) is an amazing synth! But add some Juno chorus and say 'WOW', I use the TAL-Chorus-LX, a really nice emulation of the famous Roland Juno Chorus, I also added some FX reverb with the Eventide Space.
My little kitten really liked it so he wanted to play with me! :-)"

'OMD' Jam with Mother-32 controlling E352, Roland System-1m and Mutant Drums

Published on Dec 30, 2017 The Mad Music Machine

"Caitlin jamming with a very simple sequence taken from Enola Gay by OMD - we use the Mother-32 to sequence and control our E352, Roland System-1m and Mutant Drums"

Frank , VCS3 and Synthi

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Alessandro Cortini

"Frank at the controls."

Digipeak - Elektron Digitakt / Novation Peak Jam

Published on Dec 30, 2017 lostsystems1

"All sounds are either sampled or triggered from the Novation peak."

Moog System 55, Ben Crook on drums, Peak and Eurorack afternoon teatime

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Ehsan Gelsi

Synth Jam 59: Korg Radias & Roland TR-626

Published on Dec 29, 2017 Marcus Padrini

"Korg Radias: Sequence, Synth Bass, Synth Lead and wind fx.
Roland TR-626: Drums."

OP-1, Particle & 0-Coast

OP-1, Particle & 0-Coast from Grain Bastard on Vimeo.
"OP-1 into Particle, arppegiated drum sampler sounds, using PO-Sync to clock 0-Coast. Noisy, clicky, harsh percussive Techno."

Induction Conduction

Published on Dec 30, 2017 davidryle

"The Last Drone of 2017. A modular synth piece. The bass drone is a pair of Q106 VCO's with a ramp and a saw wave into the Q150 Transistor Ladder filter. Modulations coming from some Mega Ohm Audio LFO's. The audio is then sent through a Synthetic Sound Labs S1310 Digital Delay which is modulated by another Mega Ohm Audio LFO.
Mutable Instruments Braids (Frees State FX build in 5U) along with the triple saw mode. A Q960 step sequencer sends the voltages for the slow changing chords. Frequency Modulation is from the Yusynth Quadrature LFO. The mixed signal is then sent through a Z.Vex Instant LoFi Junky pedal and on to a moogah (Synthcube) SEM filter in high pass/notch mode.
A dual walking sequencer line is faded in and out. It is made with a pair of STG Soundlabs Voltage Mini Stores in a 5 against 7 step pattern. They are sent through quantizers on to a pair of Q106 VCO's. One VCO is sent through a Behringer DD400 digital dely module and the other VCO is sent through a Modcan 73B Dual Delay. They are mixed into an Oakley Audio (Krips1) Diode Super Ladder filter in low pass mode.
A fast 24 step sequencer line from another Q960 is playing a Q106 VCO triangle waveform into a Mega Ohm Audio modified Q109 Envelope Generator and on out to a TC Electric D-Two digital delay. They are faded in and out via a Makenoise Maths and Synthetic Sounds Labs Octal VCA.
The final bell sound is a step sequence from a Q119 into a trio of Q106's. Two of the VCO's are used in an FM sync mode with ramp and saw waves, and the third VCO is a triangle waveform. They are sent to the X and Y inputs of the Oakley Ring Modulator (Krisp1). That is sent to a Q107 State Variable Filter in low pass mode. The filter is modulated by the modulator VCO (triangle output) if the two Q106's in FM mode. The signal is voltage panned to stereo with a Q111 Pan/Fade module.
All timings are taken from Cubase midi out to dinsync via Mode Machine converter. The BPM is 80. ALM's Pamela's Workout, Q173 Gate Math, STG Soundlabs Time Buffer, Time Divider and Integer Divider modules divide down the timings for all sequencer events. I just performed final mix fade in and fade out. Additional reverbs and delays are from a pair of Lexicon MX200 delays."

New Leploop Bongo Eurorack Module

|_/ Bongo |_| Module \_|
New euro rack module Bongo.
Bongo It's LEP design for Bongo\Tom sounds.
Same as Cassa with an octave higher pitch range.
Available in two version, Normal and CV.
Bongo as Cassa and Piattino accepts different type of signal Trig, CV, Audio.

Wersimatic WM24, WM24B + Pedal

via this auction

"Fantastic rare vintage gem. Unfortunately need repair.

I bought it in full working condition but it's broke during shipping.

The power supply of the drum machine broke. (see photos, I have the broke part).
I took it to service (only the drum machine) but they didn't do really good job.
The drum machine is now working but two rhythm (foxtrott and shuffle) doesn't work.
When pushing "orgel stuerung" it's muting everything. Need restart.
Please watch video, it's about the actual item.

The WM24b organ doesn't work. That wasn't in service. I don't know what the problem is with it. Maybe just the power (it's get the power from the drum machine). Therefore can't test the pedal..

I belive all is repairable. But I'm tired to search the right tech guy here.

Hope it go into good hands who can bring it back to life!"

ROLAND MKS-70 Super JX analog synthesizer

via this auction

New pics for this post. Note this is a supporting member listing.

Vintage 80’s Roland MC-202 MicroComposer, Synthesizer/Sequencer SN 270500

via this auction

"This is probably one of the cleanest and most pristine examples of the classic MC-202 you will find! It’s an awesome analog synth/sampler that hooks up and syncs with other gear. This is in near mint condition with hardly any signs of wear and functions perfectly. Also comes with the power supply.

And don’t forget to check out our other cool listings at great prices in our Reverb shop!"


via this auction

"Huge 3 oscillator synth. This machine is simply packed with features. 3 oscillators, 2 LFOs, step sequencer, 2 filters (one LP, one state variable), looping envelopes, overdrive to the filters, auto-pan, MIDI, patch points - this has it all.

If you're looking for an addition to your setup that can bring that old school Berlin style sound and sequencing or you are looking for a sonic playground to explore uncharted sounds, this is the box for you.

The mod routings are comprehensive and easy to follow. The filters can go everywhere from subtle to cranking squelchy resonant mayhem. After a year with the GRP, you'll still be discovering new things it can do.

MIDI makes it easy to hook up and start playing and you can even decide to control some VCOs from MIDI and others from the sequencer. Very cool."

Roland Jupiter 4 Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 084737

via this auction

"Everything works fine. No issues. The piece has very unique, warm analogue sounds. This synth was made in 1978 and comes with great useful features such as the pitch wheel, which can be assigned to parameters such as the VCA, VCO and VCF. It also comes with a great LFO, which can be set to very slow speed, allowing you to make various FX and sweeps. The arppegiator function is also very cool, with easy and flexible control. One push button is missing.

The first Jupiter synth. It was among one of the first poly synthesizers (4 individual voices which could be synced together for one fat monophonic lead), it had a pitch wheel that could be assigned to the VCA, VCF, VCO or all together, there are 8 memory locations and a cool arpeggiator - the arpeggiator can be heard in the Duran Duran classic, "Rio". It also has a very slow LFO for those ever-so-long filter sweeps. Pretty good for 1978!"

midibox seqv4 midi sequencer

via this auction

"Midibox Seq V4. with 4 midi inputs, 4 midi outputs, usb port for usb midi (4+4ports) file swapping and firmware upgrading. External wall wart with power switch (does not rely for usual usb power)."

Two Octave Roland SH-3A

via this auction

I don't think I've ever seen one with two octaves before. Guessing this one is custom considering. The pic unfortunately is a little blurry and the only one in the listing, but it looks pretty nicely done. If anyone knows more about this one, let us know.


via this auction

1977 ARP Avatar Vintage Guitar Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"1977 ARP Avatar Vintage Guitar Synthesizer with Pickup / Cable / Footswitch / Manual / Promos. Used but not abused, some sliders are a bit 'sticky' but work. Unlike most Avatars this one works great, sounds great and tracks surprisingly well (better than any I've heard). It's important to find the sweet spot when mounting the pickup. You get the Avatar, original pickup, original pickup cable, original footswitch, original manual, original service manual with fold out schematics, and original promo literature with flexi record. Guitar not included."

Folktek Mescaline Honeymoon patches

Published on Dec 30, 2017 While We Were Sleeping

"A selection of patches of my new Folktek Mescaline. Mainly recorded on our first weekend together.

The patches are:
0:00 - Intro - Sound and visuals not related - sound is: Channel sequenced by Motion
00:22 - 1 - Sweet Highs - Mescaline Channel high notes inc Polyphony
00:56 - 2 - Mescaline after Setup - Channel after/while tuning and calibration (Mescaline does sound badly out of the box but tuning it is part of it's charm)
01:25 - 3 - Tuning Mental - More like messing about with Mescaline Mental. Motion is sequencing Mental while I play with the trimmers on the back.
01:50 - 4 - Sequenced LFO - Using Motion CV Sequencer to change the rate of Motion's LFO.
02:09 - 5 - Broken Beats - all 3 Channel, Mental & Motion
02:23 - 6 - Thunder Touch - The Folktek Mescaline is a mysterious device.
02:38 - 7 - Dark - The Folktek Mescaline has some deep and dark tendencies just waiting for you to uncover.
03:00 - 8 - The march of the dead - The Folktek Mescaline does not only do dark, it can do creepy and disturbing to.
03:36 - 9 - Short Delay - A big part of the Folktek Mescaline sound is its reverb but the other effects are just as cool.
03:57 - 10 - Softly - Another Channel sequenced by Motion
04:12 - 11 - Out Of Darkness - long take - using the filter on Channel to crearte movement (FYI: the filter only works on the dsp effected sound)
05:51 - 12 - Slow Descent - long take - Another dark patch playing with the pitch, feedback and filter on Channel
07:35 - 13 - Drone - The filter on the Channel DSP reverb is mainly to cut the noise out with combination of lower feedback. But letting some noise through is fun in my opinion
08:17 - easter egg - Love this patch but had no visuals for it so left it hanging at the end. hope you got that far.

The Folktek Mescaline is a set of 3 eurorack modules with its own frame to mount them. it uses jumper cables as well as standard eurorack patch cables for connecting to your other eurorack gear. it was originally launched on indiegogo
The Mescaline modules are:

A 10 note polyphonic touch synthesizer with a sweet, warm sound and a huge custom designed reverb + 3 other dsp efects

Motion is made up A CV sequencer, A gate sequencer with opto-couplers an LFO and much much more.

An incredibly unique drum/drone synth Based on the root synthesis of other folktek devices.

The whole thing is designed for sound exploration and at list so far I am never sure if its me that is in control or Mescaline tweaking my brane.
The key is to let go of how you view a sensitisers and enjoy the Journey.

Patching up by While We Were Sleeping"

duality micro - drmn (live)

Published on Dec 30, 2017 evadum

"Here is a live jam from duality micro to show, that a dmg01 with nanoloop mono is a great drummachine. On the gba sp runs nanoloop 2. Lightinstallation by Jenny Kampmeier, 13 years old ;)"

Matrix Analog Synth by Sbranvlztronics

Published on Dec 29, 2017 Sbranvlztronics

"Sample & Hold sampling a triangle wave and feeding some modules."

See the Sbranvlztronics label below for more.

Arp Odyssey "Very Beautiful"

Published on Dec 29, 2017 Arnaud Music.

Original composition
ARP Odyssey
Keeley Caverns
Solina V Arturia
CS80 V Arturia
Una Corda Native instruments

Enjoy !

Patch n Tweak

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