MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year from MATRIXSYNTH! A Quick Look Back at 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

We have to keep this one short as the festivities are about to begin of course.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2018! Keep strong and remember you are never alone. At least not as long as MATRIXSYNTH is around! :) I hope this site provides an escape for everyone. Remember to take time out to play your gear!

As for gear... In 2017 we saw a total of 764 new products featured on the site along with 119 new makers on the scene. We also saw 29 vintage products never featured on the site before. The following is the break down (you can click on each to bring up the posts in reverse order. Note only 20 posts per page will load so don't worry about overwhelming your browser):

14 New Cases
28 New Controllers
106 New DIY projects
119 New Makers
63 New Mobile Apps
343 New Modules
80 New Soft Synths
40 New Sound Machines
9 New Sound Packs
32 New Synth Effects
106 New Synths
47 New Tools
29 New Old Products

Update: 1/8/2017: I forgot to mention the stand out posts of 2017! You can find them here. There were 62 this year. These are essentially the rare and oddball synths you may not have known existed or you rarely ever see.

No New Years post is complete without a look back at who we lost in the synth community. This year we lost five:

William Onyeabor - Nigerian Electronic Funk Pioneer as well as Nigeria's 1st Moog Dealer
Ikutaro Kakehashi, Founder of Roland
Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic
David Alan Luce - Former President of Moog Music & Creator of the Polymoog
Pierre Henry

I hate ending on a sad note, but we can't forget who we lost.

I wish everyone a great 2018. Make the best of it!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to visit the site. Thank you to all who take the time out to create the videos showcasing the gear we love, and of course the makers who make the gear that inspire us. And finally, thank you to all the supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH, and of course the sponsors you see via the banners on the site!

See you on the other side! :)

Analogue Solutions TREADSTONE synthesizer - Audio Demo #1 SYNTHBLOCK

Published on Dec 31, 2017 rezfilter

"Take it up a notch!

Here's an audio demo of the Analogue Solutions Treadstone SynthBlock synthesizer -- basically, this video features a variety of sound types using no external processing. All FX you hear in the video are from the Treadstone.

In this lengthy video, MIDI and/or CV was used to trigger the synth, and all examples were live tweaking captured to DAW.

More to come!"

Vintage Synth Lab : D-ENV

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Vintage SynthLab

"The D-ENV is two modules in one. A utility and effect, for both module functions. A standard exponential analog envelope generator (AR/ADSR), plus a Delayed Gate / Trigger & Gate-Hold with independent access to all both module functions, yet linkable via the push of a front panel switch--in order to route either a Delayed Gate or Delayed Trigger to the inertial AR/ADSR as initial EG triggering or additional "re-trigger" of the AR/ADSR function."


Buchla Music Easel - Sound Sketch #21 (BME and KASTLE V1.5)

Published on Dec 31, 2017 ozashikiTECHNO

"Buchla Music Easel and BASTL INSTRUMENTS KASTLE V1.5 CV Test
Effector: El Capistan
Recorder: Fostex MR-8mkII"

Goodbye 2017

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Joe Miller

"A final jam for the weirdest year in recent memory. Recently studying the Octatrack and this came from that.

Patch concept: Lock clocks from Octatrack to modular and use some sampled and sliced beats along with Modular improv.... and OT delay freeze FX trigs.

Patch Notes:
Mostly sequencing everything from Stillson Hammer mkii. Telharmonic makes some weird FM plucks on Ch 1. Mysteron on Ch2 provides the waveguide hits with modulation to the decay cv input. Telharmonic N output makes a high freq hi hat style pattern on Ch3. STO makes a kick drum on Ch4. Rings is on Ch5 with the output being gated from Batumi (square output on a clock divided sequence). Clouds processes a sample on Ch7. Everything hits the DLD which returns on Ch8.

Octatrack hosts a drum sample on Ch1 and HH sample on Ch5. Modular is Thru on Ch7. Master as Ch8. Various freeze delay on each channel."

NEW YEARS EVE 2018 BASH Korg Minilogue Roland fa 06 tr8 jdxi jdxa ,mc 808 cyclone tt78

Published on Dec 31, 2017 PLUCKA,S SHED

"A qiuck put together of something to bring in the new year"

Melting Point - Need for Storms [[Eurorack Ambient]]

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Need For Storms

Theme for 2017 - Moog System 55, Ben Crook, Peak, Modular

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Ehsan Gelsi

Follow-up to this post.

Third Eye Insight (Ambient Sub Phatty) - by POB

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Patrick OBrien

"This track is a one-take live performance with the Moog Sub Phatty (and the Eventide H9).

...along with some trippy visuals."

Stare at the red dot in the center, relax and let yourself space out on the visuals. Then look around the room. :)

Rydeen Cover on the Juno 60

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Praxis Axis

"My cover of Rydeen by Yellow Magic Orchestra was made exclusively with sounds sourced from the famous 1981 Juno 60 synthesizer.

I made the percussion samples with noise and self oscillating resonance, and sampled them all to the relatively recent MPC Live. Apart from recording on the DAW, that's all the gear.

And dogs."


Published on Dec 31, 2017 Ariel Raguet



Disting as VCO (alg 1a4c) SAW to as filter main audio and SUB, and SINE as filter FM.
2hp TM for random notes to the Disting
RNDM for random values for the filter MOD and PCV
Maths for filter VCA EG and clock for the TM
Rebel Technology MIX02 for stereo out.
Zoom MS-70CDR for a litte of reverb.
Lexicón Alpha
Lenovo T430
Goldwave 6.31
Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11"

2018 New Year Patch! - Hexmix Teaser

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Happy New Year everyone! Check out this cool patch I made on my newly configured 12U case, featuring the Befaco Hexmix System :)

Here's my piece 'Turbulence' done with this patch: [embed below]

Please like, subscribe, and join my Patreon!:

Stay noisy :)"


Published on Dec 30, 2017 Quincas Moreira

"First Chaotic patch with my newly powered 12U Eurorack Case, featuring the freshly built Befaco Hexmix system. I have three filters in there but not a single one was used :D"

deltAdata - Pine Wood (Acid jam, volca sample wood panel, AUFX:Push, sonicport vx)

Published on Dec 31, 2017 deltAdata

"Outdoors Acid jam, Volca Sample with wood panels, recorded with sonicport vx on ipad mini 1, audio compressed with AUFX:Push, filmed with ipad mini 1 (side) and Xperia z3c (head), the video editing was done with imovie and procamxl was used for video filter.

Happy new year to the Est and happy year ending to the west ! 😆🎉🎊🎆🎇🌠✨❄

Thanks for watching !"

dan vs arp filter comparison

Published on Dec 31, 2017 dan a

"I'll be darn if they don't sound real similar"

Details on the VG-Line "РИТМ-2" Black

via this auction

Front panel translation below. You can find video of the new VG Line RITM-2 posted here.

"The Ritm-2 synthesizer made by VG-Line is a direct recreation of the ’80s Soviet one-osc monophonic analogue synthesizer, РИТМ-2 also known as Ritm Dva or Rhythm-2, in a form of small-sized desktop module, which can be controlled via MIDI or CV/Gate. The original model was itself inspired by small-sized analog Moog synthesizers and the sound of this little synth was pretty close to Moog but it had number of distinctive properties making it unique: A specific VCO with unusual distorted triangle waveform, VCO waveform mixer, a bit more non-linearity in the VCA and a little distortion in the output stage. Also, the original model had two full-featured ADSR envelopes on-board — a pretty rare feature for this class of monosynths. One of these envelope generators had the Cycle feature.

The new desktop synthesizer has the almost identical set of features and controls as the original, but it also has a number of improvements:

More reliable and stable modern power supply. No more 20 minutes warm-up for the stable tune!
MIDI In and Thru
LFO rate can be synchronized with the MIDI Clock
LFO rate knob works in the traditional direction, opposite to the original, reversed direction
Note Velocity can be assigned to VCA level (selectable)
Audio Input with level adjust control in the Mixer Section
CV inputs for Pitch, VCF Cutoff Frequency, PWM, VCA, and V-Gate input for triggering envelope generators

1 VCO with at least 5 octaves stable tracking
3 VCO waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse with PWM
White Noise generator
4-channel Mixer for Tri/Saw, Pulse, Noise and Audio In
24dB low-pass transistor ladder filter with keyboard tracking
1 LFO with Triangle, Square, and Sample & Hold waveforms
2 ADSR envelope generators, one with gated AR Cycle mode
Selectable modulation sources for VCO pitch: LFO Tri, LFO Sqr, SnH
Selectable modulation sources for VCF: ADSR, LFO Tri, SnH
MIDI-control with selectable channel via Learn button

MIDI Input (DIN-5)
Audio Input (1/4″ TS Jack)
CV Inputs for Pitch, Pulse Width, VCF Cutoff, VCA Level (1/8″ TS Jacks)
Gate input (V-Gate, 1/8″ TS Jack)

MIDI Thru (DIN-5)
Line OUt (Unbalanced, 1/4″ TS Jack)
Headphones Out (1/4″ TRS Jack)

European ~220v AC Line In. (215-250v)"

Alesis A6 Andromeda Polyphonic ANALOG Synth SN 6 94318 00457 9

via this auction

Pics of all the individual tuning screens on the Alesis Andromeda.

"Includes a 2MB SRAM PCMCIA card. This is an early manufacture from the USA factory and not elsewhere like the later versions. It boots up and runs stable. All Voices pass test and is good. Latest firmware version."

Serge "Audio Interface" & "Creature V2" M-class M-odules in Lo-Profile "M-Boat"

via this auction

"M-class Series M-odules from Sound Transform System, Hartland USA

3-year warranty with top tier build quality, unparalleled sonics and personal professional service that STS is known for from our clients world wide.

Ideal for creating synergistic living re-mixes through the extraction of control voltages and gate/pulse trains for processing audio signals from external sources such as drum machines, recorded audio tracks and magnetic pickups.

Awesome multi-band filtering !!!

‘CREATURE V2’ M-CLASS: (listed from left to right as laid out on the panel - totaling 7”)

Cross-Fader (2x1) XFAD 1 "

Extended Range VC ‘Q’ Filter VCFQ(X) 2 "

VC TimeGen Oscillator TGO 2 " w/ ‘Signal IN’ banana jack

Smooth/Stepped Generator SSG 2 "

‘AUDIO INTERFACE’ M-CLASS: (listed from left to right as laid out on the panel - totaling 7”)

Preamp Detector PRNV 1 "

Resonant Equalizer EQ 2 "

Dual Universal Slope Generator DSG 3 "

VCA / Comparator VCOM 1 ""

Roland MC-202 in Excellent Condition SN 280700

via this auction


via this auction

Jomox Xbase 999 Analog Drum Machine Synthesizer

via this auction

Drumfire DF-500 Drum Machine Funky Techno

Published on Dec 31, 2017 LowGainElectronics

"Sequencing my DF-500 via Korg SQ-1 sequencer. I added pitch CV inputs per channel. The Distortion is simply achieved by overdriving the front end of my Yamaha AG06 interface for my phone."

Winter Modular Eloquencer with Noise Engineering Sinc Iter - Module Demo

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Frequency Fodder

10th Anniversary of MOON MODULAR 2008 - 2018

Published on Dec 31, 2017 moonmodular

"Come to the winter NAMM show 2018. MOON Booth 10507"

Andromeda 2

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Alexis Andromeda A6 through Strymon Mobius, Strymon Timeline and Meris Mercury 7."

Critter & Guitari - River & Fractal Strobe

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Critter & Guitari

"Hold on to your inner tube because this river is highly irregular. All sounds made with the Organelle, using the new 1008 patch."

Critter & Guitari - Fractal Strobe

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Critter & Guitari

Warning: lots of flashes in this one - it is a strobe video.

"End of 2017 visual vibes with a custom soundtrack made with the 1008 synth/sequencer/effects patch for Organelle."

JCA at work

Published on Dec 31, 2017 yusynthman

"JC en pleine re-programmation de ses sons favoris sur son Kobol nouvellement restauré..."

"JC is re-programming his favorite sounds on his newly restored Kobol ..."

Digital synth Atmegatron Soulsby to Analog sound with Squaver P1 Sonicsmith

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Dziam Bass

"Digital synth Atmegatron Soulsby to Analog sound with Squaver P1 Sonicsmith"

Moog Minitaur & EHX Big Muff

Published on Dec 31, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minitaur synthesiser through the Big Muff fuzz. Minitaur is sequenced from an Elektron Octatrack.

No further processing except normalisation."

Buchla Music Easel - Sound Sketch #20 (The End of 2017)

Published on Dec 31, 2017 ozashikiTECHNO

"Thank you for watching my videos this year.
I'm wishing you a happy new year.

Buchla Music Easel Synthesizer Demo
Effector: Strymon BigSky, El Capistan
Recorder: Fostex MR-8mkII"


Melodic Slurs Buchla 200e and DAO

Published on Dec 30, 2017

"'Melodic Slurs' Buchla 200e and DAO improv.

Main VCO is the new Grayscale DAO "Dual Algorithmic Oscillator" - a Buchla format module build and sold by Grayscale:

More exploration! Actually, I was just enjoying the tone of one of the SYNC setting for one of teh 2x VCO's! - The main sequence is from the 250e in a sort of "quantizer" setup... with a S&H patch on the 266e controlling what stages of the 250e. I used a 254e to mix and offset voltages from the 250e and the 218e.

Outputs of the Buchla are patched into the AKS, then patched through the Synthi eq and spring reverb.

Cheers! - Djangosfire"

Patch n Tweak

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