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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Nitzer Ebb Murderous cover | Machinedrum + Volca Bass

Published on Jan 2, 2018 anode8

"Here's a #jamuary2018 video of a little cover I put together with one of my favorite old school EBM jams, Nitzer Ebb's Murderous. Please forgive me for not screaming the vocals out, but I do know all of the words since I wore out this cassette tape back in my high school days. I tried to keep this one simple with just the Machinedrum and the Korg Volca bass, and I don't think that it really needs much more."


More Nitzer Ebb posts here on MATRIXSYNTH, don't miss Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb Gets His First Synthesizer.

Digitakt Techno Sessions #04 - New Year's Quick & Dirty Techno Workout

Published on Jan 2, 2018 umonox

"Hello my friends. Happy New Year! 👋👋👋 I hope you had a great start into 2018!

This is just a quick and Dirty Techno Workout Jam with my Elektron Digitakt. To say hello to 2018 - and to have some fun while my vacation slowly comes to an end ...

If you like this Track you can get it on Bandcamp here:

I hope you enjoyed this Video. If thats the case, lemme know in the comments, will ya?! Dont forget to leave your Like if you liked this Video and subscribe to my Channel if you dont wanna miss whats coming next.

All the best,

Modal 002 1

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Modal 002 through Moog MF-104 and Walrus Audio Bellwether."

Yamaha CS-80 Near Mint

via this auction

"Near mint example of the granddaddy of all synthesizers. Not a spec of dust in any of the slider tracks, everything works as it should, including the pitch bender strip. Always kept in a smoke free environment. Stored in a climate controlled environment.shrink wrapped and covered.

The pictures do not do this item justice. When you open the case it looks like it was just built."

Waldorf Wave 16 VOICE

via this auction

"16 voice version in very good condition. Running Werners latest operating system via the usb disk drive emulator. This wave is in very good condition as you can see in the photos.

It will be sold with a tech report stating its condition (IT'S CURRENTLY BEING SERVICED ATM)

It has a brand new backlight and brand new gas lifters and will be sold with a spare set of lifters and a whole new screen. You would be hard pressed to find a better example. There is a tiny bit of paint missing underneath the key bed and a slight bit of mottling towards the right of the keybed. They are clearly displayed in the photos."

Elka Synthex 1980 Black V3 WITH MIDI

via this auction

"In good condition. It has the break out midi box which connects via a serial connector to the back of the synth. It is currently being serviced and will come with a full tec report. The delta lfo slider top is missing in the photo but that will be replaced."

Moog Sonic Six c 1970s original vintage analog synth

via this auction

"Genuine vintage Moog Sonic Six, the REAL-DEAL, original 1970s, fattest of the fat, Haven't reissued this one yet! This moog is in perfect functional condition, with no issues of any kind. She sounds absolutely amazing and is super-duper stable. All knobs, switches, mod wheels and functions are in perfect working order. She's just come back from the tech for a full service & modern power cord with a clean bill of health, and she is easily the nicest I've had the pleasure of playing.

DSI/Tom Oberheim OB-6 Module

via this auction

Arp Avatar

via this auction

"This Avatar is fully functional and in very good condition."

Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker

via this auction

Vintage Oberheim Matrix-6 Synthesizer

via this auction

Catalyst Audio Buchla 100 Eurorack Modules

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows the Catalyst Audio Buchla 100 Eurorack Modules used together and with other modules. The Catalyst modules used are a 158 dual oscillator, 110 quad gate, 180 dual function generator, 106 discrete mixer, and 156 CV processor.

Available here:"

Supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Roland D-50 / 32 Original Retro Synth Patches for Synth-pop/Synthwave/Italo Disco

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Espen Kraft

"32 Original patches for the Roland D-50. These patches are created by me to emulate classic analoge synth sounds for use in all kinds of electronic music.

Download at:

Also included in my download is a bonus folder of some of my best drum sounds. Including drums from my track The Golden Boy. Something to sweeten the deal!

I've had the D-50 since the day it was released and these are what I consider the best sounds on the market for synth-pop, synthwave, italo disco and all sorts of retro synth music. Or modern too!

The sounds are compatible with the D-50, D-550. The Roland D-50 plugin and the Roland Boutique D-05.

This is a SYSEX download so you'll have to transfer these sounds over to your machine manually. I reccomend the D-50 librarian to do this. This free program can be found here:

The sounds comes in 32 + 32 which means that the first 32 patches have reverb and chorus attached to them, but the next 32 is completely dry so you can use your own effects without having to edit off the reverb and chorus in the D-50 itself. The patches are the same, 32 wet, 32 dry.

Patch list for the D-50 sounds:

ROLAND Boutique JP-08

via this auction

This one is in via a supporting member.

'Cold Joint' - Ngarjuna

Published on Dec 29, 2017 ngarjuna

Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

Patch Notes

Initial “Deaf” Patch
I was setting up a patch or two with no power for a photo shoot and decided to listen to what I had made; so most of the main patches in this track were setup with no monitoring. There were some minor tweaks to a modulation depth or two to make things audible and I tuned a Pittsburgh VCO by ear to match the Cranial Saw. The main sequence (from the Sequencer One) was the sequence loaded into A1. Rene was left at its prior setting knob-wise but it was in full default reset so all semitones and gates on.

Blank pattern with a fully randomized pattern (full disclosure: I moved one note value that was not working out) using the R:OTA filter cart
Some manual wiggling on the cutoff

East Coast One
Pitch to Cranial Saw VCO
SAW + SQR and a bit of SUB out to STG Post Lawsuit Filter
Pittsburgh Oscillator SAW to PLF
PLF enveloped by AJH Minimod Contour Generator
And modulated by PEG to Right side
Into the AJH Minimod VCA enveloped by Minimod CG

West Coast One
Sputnik2 FM’d by Sputnik1 SIN into NLC Timbre
Modulated by Wogglebug WOGGLE CV
Into Optomix1 enveloped by Maths1
Rene QCV to STO striking Optomix2
LIN FM’d by Sputnik1
SHAPE modulated by Wogglebug STEPPED
VAR into Optomix2 enveloped by Maths1

East Coast Two
Sequencer One driving Rubicon
SAW out to Polaris 3-pole LPF
Enveloped by DualADSR1 and modulated by Octocontroller S&H
Out to uVCA1 enveloped by DualADSR2

Formant One
Rene Y Gate to O&C TRIG IN
Octocontroller S&H to O&C CV IN
PITCH out to Pittsburgh Oscillator
SAW out to Limaflo Motomouth Filter
CV from Octocontroller S&H
SNAP gates from Sequencer One
Out to Omsonic RNF Filter enveloped by Maths4
4-pole LPF out to uVCA2 enveloped by PEG OR

Resonator One
Firmware default scale/settings with some RES, MORPH and SPREAD dialed in
Rene CV (unquantized) to ROTATE CV IN
Out to Zvex Instant Lofi Junky

After capturing the above (that was a one take patch) I added the poly (which are Avalons using the R:OTA filter) and the dirty 303 lead (Avalon with the standard filter) and the pads (U-he Diva) and

Drums in Spark"

Spa Day: A message from Peter Blasser & Control

Published on Jan 2, 2018 CTRL MOD

"Charger Kaizen! Control presents a new development in Tocante power and charging: The Tocante Energy Spa! For Tocante owners who are interested in Energy Spa service, visit Control at… or do-it-yourself, as explained here by Peter Blasser, inventor and designer of the Tocante and man behind Ciat-Lonbarde, Ieaskul F. Mobenthey and

Control specializes in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

Solton Ketron Programmer 24 - Analog Synthesizer (1985) 80s italo synth pop style

Published on Jan 2, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Solton (Ketron) Programmer 24 from the year 1985

Made in italy by Ketron. Also called as 'Italian Disco Machine'

It`s an early arranger workstation with analog stringensemble (cello, violin) and a triple-BBD chorus, a organ section (8`,4`,2`), four analog preset bass sounds (decay and filter cutoff variable) and 8-bit PCM drum sounds. Bass, synth arpeggio and strings are based on a M112 DCO and have SSM 2044 low-pass filters.

You can program and store up to 64 own patterns. MIDI and Trigger Out in included too. A "band in a box" with really nice sound.

This demo shows self programmed beats and synth lines. No presets.

recording: multi-track"

A quick jam with the E352 / Mother-32

Published on Jan 2, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"This was just a very quick jam as Caitlin wanted to say a quick thanks to lovely people at Synth Tech Modular who have been so supportive of her.

This is Caitlin's own intro and a simple sequence using the E352 & Mother-32. We didn't use any drum modules other than the triggered Mutant Clap which is being used as a filter. The System-1m provides a little bit of reverb,"

2018 01 02 - rare signs // Mutable Ears + Rings Eurorack jam

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Yann Guillermou

"First patch with Mutable Instruments' Ears, it pairs so well with Rings!

In this patch I tried to make use of Harmonàig's CV input for chord type, instead of sticking to a key. Tried Frames' sequencer mode as well (by the way the manual says you can create up to 20 frames but with precision you can actually reach 31). Frames' channels sequence Harmonàig's root (ch. 1), chord type (ch. 2), inversion (ch. 3) and voicing (ch. 4). I had to use René's logic (AND) to block the clock with Pressure Points so that my sequence lasts 32 steps (couldn't create 32 frames in Frames despite hours spent programming the sequence). You CAN create rather long sequences over several keys with Frames + Harmonàig, without any external sequencer :)

Ears' out is providing Rings the exciters, and is sent to the Phonogene in broken echo mode (speed modulated by Batumi), and to the Echophon.
Ears is also providing an envelope that goes through Maths' channel 1 to Ring's brightness, and a gate to Maths' channel 4 which generates an envelope for the Bass (DPO with slight folding, pitch controlled by Harmonàig's root output).

Harmonàig's output are sent to a sequential switch to create the arpeggios that Rings plays when I hit the case.

Braids is sent to the Phonogene to create some textures.

Besides being used to switch off the signal clocking Frames, Pressure Points controls Braids' waveform and the Echophon's dry/wet balance and feedback.

Kick: Dark Energy.
Snare: Tiptop SD808.
Hi-hat-like: noise to Optomix.

The title is just an anagram for "ears rings" :)

Yes, it's an Atari ST in the back, if you wanna check my chiptunes they're there : ;)

Massive thanks to Jozef for lending the camera!

Happy new year, happy whatever!"

Buchla Music Easel Bleeps, Blips and Bloops

Published on Jan 2, 2018 musicalfungus

"The beautiful bleeps and bloops of Random Voltage modulating the pitch of the Complex Oscillator."

Ferro - In The Studio

Published on Jan 2, 2018 FACTmagazine

"An analog den.

Jasper Verrijzer is an Amsterdam club scene mainstay. Working as a resident DJ and A&R for go-to imprint VBX Records, while producing house and techno as Ferro for the past three years, he's certainly tuned into the city's dance music frequencies.

After filming his impressive session for Against The Clock in November, we took a tour of Verrijzer's industrious studio space, which is located right in the centre of Amsterdam. Step inside his vintage synth and drum machine-packed utopia."

This one in via Brian Comnes.

KORG ARP Odyssey 2800 Keyboard Synthesizer Rev II SN 200741

via this auction

New Robaux SWT16 Eurorack Grid Sequencer, SRL 12 MIDI to Trigger Interface, & Bombmult

Robaux SWT16 Demo Published on Dec 23, 2017 robaux

New module and new maker on the site. Note the two sequencers to the right of the SWT16 are Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencers.

"The Robaux SWT16 is a 16-track eurorack trigger sequencer with up to 16 steps per track.

Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16 can be used not only for triggering drum sounds, but also for Envelopes, S'n'Hs or resetting LFOs.

The SWT16 is polymetric - each track can have a different length, from 1 to 16 steps. Even more complex rhythms succeed with the individual clock divider per track.

SWT16 has an intuitive user interface. All operation is via the illuminated 4x4 keypad. From the main screen, you can access the 6 different modes of the sequencer. The buttons adapt to the selected mode. With the back button, you can quickly return to the main screen.

Each track has its own trigger output. In addition, the triggers are also sent via MIDI notes (requires and adapter)"

"The SWT16 is based on Arduino Uno and Adafruit Trellis. Between these two components are a few more electrical parts you'll get from your local electronics store."

Additional details at Robaux. Also see their SRL 12 MIDI to Trigger interface, and Bombmult.

Out with the kids

Published on May 31, 2009 robaux

"Me, jamming with my silver boxes."

Yamaha CS80 Trig Board

via this auction

According to the listing: "There are 22 of 26 IG00151 chips on this board. These currently sell for $39 each on eBay, used. So theoretically this board would be worth $800. you got yourself a steal with this one."

Akai AX-60 Synthesizer SN 10525-20750 w/ Extras

via this auction

Soft case
Original operator's manual
Original promotional booklets
Cassette of factory patches (not original, but does work to reset the keyboard to the original factory patches)
Sustain pedal (Yamaha brand, not original)

Original Access Virus A -- Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Boutique SH-01A vs Antique SH-101

Published on Jan 2, 2018 LektroiD

"Comparing an original SH-101 with the boutique SH-01A..."

SNAZZY FX Ambient Drones and Melodies (w/ description) #TTNM

Published on Jan 2, 2018 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Chaotic noise, four Dronebank drones, a Tidal Wave melody and lots of modulation.

PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:

Audio gear used:

Snazzy FX Eurorack Modular Synth with:
- Drone Bank
- Eternal Spring Filter
- Hi Gain
- Dual Multiplier
- Kitty Eyes
- Kick Me
- Chaos Brother
- Dreamboat
- Tidal Wave
- Synthrotek EKO Delay
- Intellijel Quadra
- Soundmachines Lightstrip LS1
- Doepfer, Intellijel & Bimix mixers
see here:

+ Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

Patch notes:

The Kitty Eyes, Dreamboat and Chaos Brother outputs are mixed together as windy noise audio. There is some modulation happening between them and other modules. Four tuned Dronebank oscillators run through the Eternal Spring filter and three Hi Gain VCAs, which are being opened and closed by four slow Intellijel Quadra LFOs. The Tidal Waves is in synth voice mode and plays a melody sequenced by the Korg SQ-1. At the end of the mix there is the Synthrotek EKO delay, modulated by a looping Lightstrip LS1."

Anouchka (Electro Music)

Published on Jan 2, 2018 soda-nash

"Session in the studio with the Elektron Digitakt, Elektron A4, Dave Smith Prophet REV2, Dotcom Portable 88."

The First Fire

Published on Jan 1, 2018 davidryle

"The Promethean Chord. Six oscillators stacked three ways and sequenced with two Q960's. Another trio of notes sequenced with the Q119. The bass line is sequenced from the Metropolis. Fast looping sequences from the STG Suite. Drums sequenced from Grids and 4MS RCD. A played line with the OB6."

Mutable Instruments Clouds as a Lo-fi Tape Delay

Published on Jan 1, 2018 r beny

"Demonstration of Mutable Instruments Clouds Texture Synthesizer as a Lo-fi Tape Delay. Lovely warble and disintegration on the repeats. Reverb, filtering and diffusion for tone and texture control.

Note: works best on the Parasite Firmware pre-V2.0. To access the delay, it is the third mode known as Looping Delay. The quality setting should be set to one of the 8-bit modes. Position sets delay time. Texture is a multimode filter. Density adds diffusion, I personally like it at 0. Size has no effect unless the buffer is frozen.

Video starts with a simple monophonic sawtooth arp sequence from the Novation Peak. I slowly bring in the wet signal with the Blend control. I also bring up the feedback and reverb with the Blend control. There is a sweet spot for feedback. Too much feedback and things get out of control. Near the end, I take the incoming signal out and just let the repeats feedback into themselves before freezing the buffer and playing with that for a bit."

Buchla 200e and Synthi - Hypnotics

Published on Jan 1, 2018 djangosfire

"“Hypnotics” - Buchla 200e and Synthi Patch Improv, January 01, 2018

More Buchla 200e sonic exploring, using my Sample and Hold, CV stage selection patch.

Modules used for this patch:

STUDIO.H ( More info: )
- “Dual Programmable Oscillator” (early rev prototype)
- 254e “Quad Control Voltage Processor”

- 250e Dual Arbitrary Function Generator (Sequencer)
- 266e Source of Uncertainty
- 281e Quad Function Generator
- 292e Quad Dynamics Manager (Lopass Gates)
- 206e Six Channel Mixer & Preset Manager
- LEM218 Touch Activated Voltage Source (218e in a skiff)

Buchla 200e stereo audio output patched into the EMS AKS Synthi for processing (reverb and filtering etc). Audio sent to console and through Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo Tape delay, then into the computer DAW.

Soundcloud audio here:

Thank you for listening!

Cheers - Djangosfire"

Another Behringer Teaser

This new pic is making the rounds. Some question whether it could be an ARP 2600 clone, but I'm not seeing it.  Look at the 7 x 8 patch grid, the MIDI/DIN socket and the knob placement.  If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment.

The previous leak had the following:

ARP 2600
Octave CAT
Roland SH-101 (3 colors)

None appear to match as far as a direct clone goes.  Maybe it will be based on one like the DeepMind 12 was based on the Roland Juno-106.

Patch n Tweak

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