MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

Demoing Symphonic Choirs, Voxos Epic Virtual choirs & Aeris Hybrid Choir Designer

Published on Jun 15, 2018 In The Mix

"Just a short demo for East West Symphonic Choirs, Cinesample Voxos Epic Virtual Choirs and Vir2 Instruments Aeris Hybrid Choir Designer. This demo does not contain any phrase building capabilities but I'll definitely do that in the near future. The last demo is layered with Cinematic Strings."

Trogotronic m/277 Dual Tube VCA Tutorial Videos by Learning Modular

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Learning Modular

"This set of five movies covers the Trogotronic m/277 Stereo High-Voltage Tube VCA / Overdrive / Preamp module. Even if you don't have this specific module, the series covers a lot of useful information on managing signal levels to get different sounds out of a module, stereo and faux stereo processing, and the differences between putting the VCA before or after the VCA.

The first movie is an overview & demo of the module. The remaining movies cover using it as an output overdrive processor, using it as a stereo-izer (panning etc.), how it behaves as a VCA in the “normal” position after the filter, and how that behavior changes if you place it before the VCF.

These movies are also part of my Eurorack Expansion course on"

Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 1/5: Overview (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 2/5: Output Processing (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 3/5: Stereo Processing (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 4/5: as a VCA (LMS EE)
Trogotronic m/277 Tube VCA 5/5: VCA before VCF (LMS EE)

NLC Null A2 Semi Modular Eurorack Synth Module (nonlinearcircuits)

via this auction

"This is a complete semi modular synth packed into 42HP. Fully calibrated and tested.

Details from the NonLinearCircuits website:

2 VCOs
1 state variable VCF
1 ladder VCF
1 VC Delay
3 VCAs
2 LFOs
Headphone amp
Clock Divider
Sample & Hold (S&H)
Sloth chaos generator

It does not feature MIDI, micro-processors or any software.

Current draw:
+12V rail - 135mA
-12V rail - 90mA

There are several presets that run between the switches of the jacks. If you insert a patch-cable into either jack the preset is disconnected.

Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Keyboard Synth

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Moog Grandmother is an analog semi-modular keyboard synthesizer with circuitry inspired by the Moog Modular. It has an arpeggiator and sequencer, two VCOs, an LFO that can be used as a third oscillator, a low-pass ladder filter as well as a simple high-pass filter and a spring reverb. The Grandmother can be played as a regular synth voice without patching anything, but you can experiment with other routing options by using patch cables.

Available here:"

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Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"Roland Juno-60 61-key polyphonic synthesizer. This synth is about 35 years old, but is in very good condition for its age. All keys, sliders, switches, bender, filters, chorus, patch bank, etc. are fully functioning.

There are two exceptions. The biggest issue is the arpeggiator. It works currently, but it is stuck in the "up & down" and "range = 2" positions. I recently purchased the two 3-point arpeggiator toggles you see in the photos from - I put them in the right spot, but now they simply need to be soldered to the circuit board. (Note that the yellow "Hold" button cap was also a replacement purchase from

The lesser issue is that the "Key Transpose" button will turn on, but it won't turn off consistently. This problem goes away if you restart the synth. I expect that this is also an easy fix for someone who knows some basic synth maintenance techniques.

Otherwise, everything else seems to works great and the synth sounds amazing."

Access Virus TI Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Model D/System Cartesian - strangers

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Jae Ryan

"Out of focus in the video beneath my system cartesian is my new toy, the Roland Space Echo (RE-201). This video runs the modular system and my model D through it fully wet and into a Strymon Bigsky 75% wet on a gigantic chorale setting.

I wanted to explore some soundscapey industrialish stuff and have been digging hard into the unexplored territory of the minimoog. It is not the basic beast I once thought it to be, theres so much potential with all the ways you can route stuff, 3 oscillators, and a ton of CV. Perhaps its my new desert island synth.

Anyways, this is NOT for people that want to hear thriller bass lines or Emerson leads. This is a minimoog that wants to break but just can't."

NERDSEQ-XOR Electronics unboxing and first track

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Dziam Bass

"We have an unboxing movie and the first music made on NERDSEQ from XOR Electronics.

This amazing and addictive sequencer works in total like a workstation.

Nerdseq is a Hybrid Tracker Sequencer in the Eurorack module, which allows you to transfer the programming capabilities of the Tracker and create songs based on it, intended for introduction into the world of modular synthesis.

Nerdseq is a tracking module based on the cv module and triggering sequencer (32HP) for Eurorack systems.

It consists of 6 tracks for the generation of CV / Trigger / MOD with 18 outputs. 4 configurable user inputs, clock and reset and 2 x 2 samples of sample sequencing paths. Tracker sequencer allows direct and quick editing and has great live skills.

18 are CV and Trigger sequences. CVs can be freely assigned to the scale of notes and / or modulation. 4 multifunctional inputs

2 additional samples for 4 path samples. Samples of samples, including a special sample-FX

This is only part of the possibilities of this great machine, as well as a great start in the 90s and the then popular Tracker."

Novation Circuit Mono Station v1.2

Published on Jun 15, 2018 NovationTV

"Circuit Mono Station v1.2 enables you to use our sequencer and synth as a sound design tool, integrate more tightly with modular gear, make widely evolving musical phrases, and add expression to sequences. Using Patch Flip, create unique sequences with different presets and automation per step, or turn Circuit Mono Station into a fully-analogue drum synthesiser. You can also now programme notes into the Mod Seq page to independently control your modular and CV gear with new pitch and gate control via the CV/GATE output."

Novation // Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - Overview
Novation // Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - Patch Flip
Novation // Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - CV Sequencer
Novation // Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - Key Sync LFOs
Novation // Circuit Mono Station v1.2 - Envelope Retrigger


Here is a breakdown of all the new features:

Patch Flip - This feature turns Circuit Mono Station into a sound designer's dream. Create unique sequences with different presets and automation per step. Using Patch Flip, Circuit Mono Station is also a fully-analog drum synthesiser.

Modular Gear - Program notes into the Mod Seq page to independently control your modular and CV gear with pitch and gate control via the CV/GATE output.

LFO Sync - The Circuit Mono Station LFOs allow you to decouple synced LFOs from key sync. This means sequences can benefit from longer LFOs staying in sync across several notes, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases. LFO Clock Sync can also be controlled independently.

Envelope Trigger - You can choose to have legato or retriggered envelopes. This choice gives an enormous amount of extra expression in your Circuit Mono Station sequences.

Minimoog 2018 - first minutes, first impros

Published on Jun 15, 2018 studentsmusic

"Moog reissue model d checked by trial and error. how fast do you get to musical results?"

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Strymon Blue Sky

Published on Jun 15, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"Rev 2 synthesiser through the Blue Sky reverb."

SoundMiT 2018 Announces First Exhibitors

The following is a list of the first exhibitors coming to SoundMiT - International Sound Summit. The second edition of SoundMiT will be held on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November 2018, at the Teatro "Lavanderia a Vapore" - Corso Pastrengo 51 Collegno (Turin).
You can click through the links below for additional details on each.

"For the first time in Italy, Schmidt Synthesizers!

Soundmit exclusive, for the first time in Italy the famous no-compromise analog eight-voice polyphonic Schmidt-Synthesizer!

After selling more than 50 units of this exclusive instrument and just starting the production of the third batch of 25 new ones, german manufacturer e:m:c will show the Schmidt-Synthesizer for the first time at Soundmit - International Sound Summit in Torino, 3-4 November 2018.

"We are very excited to show the Schmidt at Soundmit in Italy" says Product Manager Axel Fischer. "Italy is one of the leading countries in electronic music and has a long history of very successful electronic instruments. We are looking forward in meeting the Italian synthesizer scene on location."

Schmidt, one of the most coveted modern analog synthesizers, comes to Italy with his eight-voice polyphony with unison and true multitimbrality mode.
Full MIDI implementation with a USB port and complete programmability. The signal path is fully analog with precise digital control. Schmidt´s sound generation engine features virtually everything that subtractive synthesis is endowed with – and even more: Schmidt gives you truly unique features that have never been implemented in an analog synthesizer before, not to speak of polyphonic units! Think of Multi-PWM and Multi-Ring Modulation.

Every single parameter – even for the most complex modulation routings you might envisage – can be accessed directly using dedicated front panel controls and switches. No more browsing through mind-boggling and confusing menus.

Thanks to programmable high-quality real-time controls (pitch and modulation wheel, stick controller, and aftertouch, as well as several inputs for footswitches and expression pedals), Schmidt has become a real performance synthesizer that feels as good as it sounds.

Schmidt is made to match the highest production standards – it has entirely been hand-crafted in Germany. The casing, made of metal and carefully selected wood, keeping a close eye on environmental sustainability, is as beautiful as it is sturdy and robust.

And we can admire it in November at the Soundmit 2018!"

Let's Play with SynthMaster One

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Tim Webb

"KV331's first iOS app, SynthMaster Player, came out 3 years ago as a way for people to explore popular SynthMaster presets. But it lacked all of the fun synthesis elements. Finally we get the full version of SynthMaster on iOS with SynthMaster One! It is available now on iTunes:

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: (Patrons of both campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"


NEW Z-DSP CARD: MARIANA TRENCH #1 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

Mariana Trench - a new card for Z-DSP eurorack module by Tiptop Audio.

Algorithm #1: FDN FEEDBACK

Sound Source: two Z3000 oscillators. One with FM'd sine wave the other one with the modulator's square wave that is pulse width modulated by a third Z3000. Mixed in Tiptop MixZ and after that run through Z2040 VCF/VCA controlled by a pair of Z4000 VcADSRs.

Sequenced with Tiptop's Circadian Rhythms, Z8000, Trigger Riot and a QuantiZer (transposed by Verbos Touch Keyboard)

A Fortune Telling

This one is in via @PlaysNicely, via @posthuman, who simply states:

"true story"


Macbeth Elements - Monophonic Analog Synth

via this auction

Synton Fenix II Synthesizer

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH reader, David Galea.

via this auction

Fénix II (Synthesizer)
3 VCO’s, 3 different VCO's ( Inputs CV, FM, PWM, Sync e.o, Output square, triagle, sawtooth and some has puls, sub, sine e.o) )
4 different VCF´s ( SVF, 24dB Lp, BPF, 12dB Lp). ( Input CV modulation, SVF has Q-CV control
3 EGR and 4 VCA’s and 5 LFO’s. (Many modules are voltage controlled)
7 Mixers ( 3 audio mixers and 4 DC-Audio mixers).
1 Phaser and 1 Delay (BDD). ( off course voltage controlled)
1 8 step analog sequencer with own clock.
1 Waveshapers, 1 wavemultiplier and 1 full wave rectifier. ( voltage controlled, except for the rectifier )
1 CPR, 1 S&H, 1 Gate delay, 1 Ringmodulator, 1 Slew limiter, 1 fixed +/- 5volt output.
1 Analog noise and 1 Digital noise. ( Digital noise voltage controlled
1 6 Banana to 3,5 mm minijack connectors.
1 Input module with trigger, gate and envelop out.
1 Stereo output module with dual panning and dual VCA. ( off course voltage controlled)

Asteroid Killer Studio Tour 2018

Published on Jun 15, 2018 AsteroidKillerMusic

"Conny Johansson is a long time synthesizer nerd. He makes all kinds of electronic music under the name Asteroid Killer. In this short film we got to see what it looks like in the studio where the music is being made. He also tell us a little bit how it all started and what gear he like to use."

Roland Jupiter-4 Analog Synthesizer (1978) *Sound Awesomeness*

Published on Jun 15, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Roland Jupiter-4 analog synthesizer from the year 1978

You hear some self-programmed sounds with this beautifull synthesizer from the golden age of synthesizers.

This is an early BA662 filter based Jupiter-4 (vs. the later, more common IR3109). These are in my opinion the better, wilder sounding models, really unique sound character.

Used by Duran Duran, Human League, Yazoo and many others."

Custom White Faced Roland SH-1000 Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Personalized in withe faced

The first synthesizer in Japan made by Roland in 1973.

It is a 37 key monophonic synthesizer."

"withe" is messing with my eyes... Reading it as "with the faced." Obvious was meant to be "white".

SHARP COMPET CS6500 Japanese First Talking Calculator 1980 Speech Synth

via this auction

"this is very rare SHARP COMPET CS6500 japanese talking calculator
it was first Japanese talking calculator! 1980
it talking japanese language with electronic voice when push each buttons
and it also possible to playback your calculating process with voice
you can change voice pitch(speed) low,middle,high amazing!"

1974 Conn Electric Band SN 008486

via this auction

"This keyboard is in excellent working and cosmetic condition with only a couple keys showing a bit of yellow tinge.

• Aside from the two that are barely yellowing, the rest are super white.

• All keys are straight and aligned, not sinking or of different levels. VERY nice!

• This instrument is known for its striking appearance and unusual features.

• Among the 14 instrument names include “hill band”, “blast off” and “space junk” .

• Press the “adjustables on” button to activate the 7 ANALOG CONTROLS!

• The pitch selector has “high, normal, low, deep AND sub”!

• Six rhythms are available including “teen beat” and a tempo speed control.

• Separate left hand selects and volume control.

• A three stage SPRING REVERB

• Original base includes the giant speaker and volume pedal

• Faux woodgrain veneer trim is missing from right side edge as shown in photos.

• Two lever knobs are missing.

• Includes Bench."

Sónar+D 2018: Playtronica shows us its quirky MIDI controllers

Published on Jun 15, 2018 FACTmagazine

"Synthesizers don't have to be played with black and white keys: in recent years we've seen the rise of grid controllers, tablets and squishy, multi-touch surfaces for music-making. Quirky startup Playtronica is trying to make MIDI interfaces even more fun, bringing fruit and color recognition into the mix.

We visited Playtronica's stand at this weekend's Sónar+D in Barcelona – the sister event to Sónar's long-running music festival – to find out more about how its fun MIDI controllers can enable anyone to make a whole orchestra out of pineapples, use a color palette as a rhythmic sequencer and use the human body as an instrument."


Published on Jun 15, 2018 Rob Papen

Go2 is compatible with the NI NKS system.

Soma Lyra-8 My first encounter of the third kind.

Published on Jun 15, 2018 therudyrude

"I play for the fisrt time with the Lyra-8 helped a bit by The Halls of Valhalla DSP for stereo imaging."

Befaco - Burst (more than a basic burst!)

Published on Jun 15, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's the new Burst eurorack module from Befaco released this week right alongside Muxlicer (links below). Burst is way more than a basic burst generator in that it doesn't just spurt a burst or triggers out at a set rate. It works with clocks or 'pings' to set the tempo/timing and then the quality knob and CV select a burst of 1 to 16 triggers which multiple in the space. So clock or ping it it with a quarter note then get eighths, eighth note triplets, sixteenths, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets and so on. Play these against other rhythms and they will be TRUE POLYRHYTHMS! None of the "this does polyrhythms" marketing rubbish just because patterns don't run to the same lengths (ask my about Polyrhythms, personal bug bear! ;) . The unit then works with a distribution control to ramp up or down the speak or keep them evenly spaced. This will give scrape or bouncing ball like sounds that are great for synthesis real percussion sounds. There's then probability, tempo divide or multiply and and end of cycle output. This can also loop to be a CV-able rhythm generator too. Really nice."

22 reasons the #1 eurorack module is Maths by Make Noise

Published on Jun 15, 2018 loopop

"Maths by Make Noise is by far the #1 eurorack module on Modular Grid - both in terms of rating and popularity. In this video, I explain what Maths is and why it's so popular.

Maths sounds complicated and if you've heard some of the terms used to describe it - an analog computer, a function generator and various other quadratic equations, it may seem a bit intimidating, but overall, it has three core components: attentuverters, a mixer and slew rate limiters.

It is however the combination of these things, which a few bonus features, that makes Maths such a versatile module.

In this clip I give an example of 22 things you can use it for:

1. Audio level control (for example, to reduce eurorack audio levels to line level)
2. A simple voltage generator
3. Mod depth control for external LFOs and envelopes.
4. Signal/waveform inversion
5. An audio mixer
6. Slew for glide/portamendo effects.
7. It has multiple ways to trigger envelopes.
8. It can generate two separate AD (Attack-Delay) Envelopes.
9. Envelope curves can be linear, exponential, logarithmich, or any combination thereof, generating "sharkfin" type envelopes.
10. It can generate ASR (Attack-Sustain-Release) envelopes
11. Various type LFOs
12. Math can behave as a voltage controller oscillator (VCO)
13. By creating two VCOs and patching one to the other you can create FM style sounds
14. With a bit of patching, Maths can create extremely slow LFOs (up to 25 minutes)
15. Maths can behave as an envelope follower...
16. ... which can be used as Sidechain
17. It can be a simple clock...
18. ... and perform as a clock divider
19. You can mix envelopes and LFOs to create complex shapes, such as a fast LFO riding a slow LFO
20. The OR output can be used to create even more complex waveforms, as well as act as a rectifier that only allow positive voltages.
21. Maths can process sounds fimilar to a filter with optional resonance
22. In a pinch, Maths can act as a VCA

People keep asking... the case is from here:"

Galileo Organ 2 for iPad and iPhone Sneak Peak

Published on Jun 15, 2018 YonacSoftware

"A modern classic reenvisioned! The best organ on iOS just got even better in the form of an all-new, universal app. New modeling technology for even more realistic tones, more organ models, more FX, more parameters, more customization, more of everything. Extensive MIDI features, Inter App Audio, and yes, glorious AUv3.
Landing in the App Store on June 20th."

FM Synthesis, Preserving Preset Data

Published on Jun 15, 2018 Element433

"Digital data, including synthesiser data is gradually eroded as new incompatible technologies emerge.

This video tests how F.M. synthesis data from a 1985 machine is preserved, by step conversion, across 3 decades, from one machine to another as new technologies arrived. Did it work?

From 1985 till 2017, features the Yamaha CX5m, FB01, N.I. FM8, VOPM VST and the shiny new Preen FM2 hardware.

Goodies for FM8, DX7, VolcaFM, PreenFm2, VOPM etc below


Presets for VOPM VST/AU, converted from my original CX5m 80s:

for DX7, Korg Volca FM, N.I. FM7/8 (LFOs are slower on DX compatible machines so they might need adjusting):


Preen FM


TX-CONVERT by Martin Tarenskeen"

Patch n Tweak

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