MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Switched-On Clarke - King William's March

Published on Aug 19, 2018 SynthMania

"'Switched-On' style with modular
King William's March - by Jeremiah Clarke (1659-1707)"

Switched-On SynthMania


Published on Aug 19, 2018 Jae Ryan

"Was just noodling around on my Model D and came up with this little patch. I'm running it through my El Capistan into the Octatrack using the Lo-Fi setting for some noise and distortion and then routing that through my Bigsky on an aux send with a dark and wet Bloom setting. The grit and noise is intentional. Pretty is boring."

Spotlight: Sid Tangerine

Published on Aug 19, 2018 KilpatrickAudio

"An interview with Toronto-based Sid Tangerine about his music process and how he incorporated Kilpatrick Audio modules into his latest productions."

Something New Coming from Melu Instruments

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Note the TRACK label. Multi-track synthesizer? Four knobs on top of screen, two to the right.

via Melu Instruments:

"I feel it in the air... something spectacular is coming!
"What! What? That's no Eurorack module, guys! What is that?!"
Well we can't reveal too much just yet, but let us say...

We're giddy...
We're inspired...
We're determined...

Because some times when you want something done just right... you have to make it yourself!
And we know we're not the only ones dreaming about something like this! You'll love it, just wait and see! ;)"

Synth Jam 67: Moog Minitaur, Sub 37, DX7, Indigo, Arp Odyssey, Behringer Model D & Nord Stage 2ex

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Marcus Padrini

"First synth jam using the Behringer Model D and the Moog Minitaur, controlled by the MIDI Bass Pedal TJ-130. Recorded live with Guitar Jack 2 audio interface for iPhone and AudioShare app.

Drums: Novation Circuit
Bass: Moog Sub 37 & Moog Minitaur (TJ-130 MIDI Pedal Controller)
Pads: Access Virus Indigo
Synth Chords: Behringer Model D
Synth Lead 1: Yamaha DX7
Synth Lead 2: Arp Odyssey
Synth Lead 3: Nord Stage 2ex
Sequencer: Roland MC808

FX: Zoom MS70CDR & Lexicon MPX-1"

Voltage Modular Cherry Audio Modular Synth Software LFO ADSR Self-Play Patch

Published on Aug 19, 2018 SonicVoltage

"Voltage Modular. Virtual Instrument from Cherry Audio. Software Modular Synth Patch. Didn't get a chance to use my hardware modular during the past week, so I needed some modular noodling :).

Didn't have much time today due to some plastering work going on around the house, but stealing a few minutes here and there I tried to make a quick self-playing patch using only LFOs as the main source of pitched voltage (with quantizers) and using ADSRs to add some melodic runs triggered here and there.

Didn't want to use a proper sequencer module, had to keep it simple due to lack of time anyway, so I simply used a couple of stepped Switches to trigger drums into a simple beat."

Arp Avatar Vintage Synthesizer Module with Kenton Midi to CV Converter

via this auction


via this auction

Electro Smith 2144 LPF Eurorack Module Build

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Today lets look at the 2144 Low Pass Filter board by Electro Smith

Video begins with a demo of the sound the module makes. Then talks about how the module is put together."

Beethoven Pathetique Sonata, mvmt 3 on Moog Synthesizer

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Moognificat

"The third movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13, 'Pathetique,' performed on a Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer. Cool flanger effects and saw waves unleashed! Everything is processed and mixed in Reaper. Classical synth!"

DIY Analog String Synth - Teaser

Published on Aug 19, 2018 DrummingEvil

"A little demonstration of the analog string synth I'm working on as well as some info."

Novation Drum Station v2 (1996)

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Nacho Marty Meyer

"all sounds are from Novation Drum Station v2, modifying parameter values ​​in real time, no extra effects or processes were used (distortion is a parameter in the Drum Station)"

AKAI AX80 - Ambient piano music soundscape【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Aug 19, 2018 synth4ever

"Akai AX80 ambient chillout piano music soundscape created on AX-80 analog synthesizer from Akai + Eventide Pitchfactor (Harmodulator setting) & Strymon Big Sky (Chorale setting) reverb.

The Akai AX-80 synth, piano improvisation and Eventide + Strymon guitar effects pedals are used to create an ambient chillout music soundscape."

Garden City Electronic Music Society Victoria, BC

Published on Jan 8, 2018 Garden City Electronic Music Society BC

1. Garden City Electronic Music Society - 2017
2. Wonderment - July 2018
"The Garden City Electronic Music Society's Wonderment series has returned for 2018, with the first installment taking place in Beacon Hill Park on Sunday, July 1st. This event featured Juno Award Nominee Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music, Modularfield, Berlin), Ivory Towers (Vancouver), and Sabrina Dzugalo."

Lorne Hammond wrote in to let me know about the Garden City Electronic Music Society in Victoria, BC. They were recently featured on CHEK NEWs just yesterday. Click through for a video on the event. They will be performing this Friday, August 24 at the Integrated Arts Festival. You can find their official group on Facebook here.


BREAKS AND FX from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Having a blast jamming with Adam Collins.

Tiptop Audio drums and ONEs, Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator, Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda mk2

Tiptiop Audio, Doepfer and Verbos sequencing.

Z-DSP: Halls Of Valhalla, Mariana Trench. Chronoblob Delay"

Nord Lead A1 Jarre Perfomances Custom Patches

Published on Mar 13, 2018 TritonV3

"This video shows the use of individual programs on the custom perfomances based on JMJ songs. These patches are included in the 'ANALOG CUSTOM PATCHES' from this vid: [below]

If you are interested to purchase this collection, please mail me to and I will contact you (The price is 18 EURO)
The bundle contains 58 presets (26 Perfomances & 32 Programs)

Patches list here:"

Nord Lead A1 Analog Custom Patches

Published on Mar 12, 2018 TritonV3

"The video shows some of the presets of this custom collection of analog sounds, includes leads, pads, strings machine, split perfomances and others (recreating synthesizers like MiniMoog, Oberheim, Juno & Jupiter, VP-330, Elka Synthex, etc.)"

This one is in via fischek.

absent detective: Push 2 & Monome Grid - grainfields,flin,operator,spitfire strings

Published on Aug 19, 2018 junklight

"The looping bass player Steve Lawson asked me if I reconstructed tracks to learn from them. I replied I often experiment with peoples techniques - and here I am experimenting with his! :-) Here using Ableton as a performance instrument - starting with pretty much nothing in the session except the instruments and building up as I go a long (the eagle eyed will notice I have a couple of samples in grain fields from an earlier practice session). I'm just recording the output of Ableton in audio hijack so I can use the record function on the push2

Regular viewers will notice I've not put my studio back together yet. I'm experimenting with a more fluid setup - letting me assemble instruments to suit a piece.

I'm very enamoured of grids as interfaces for electronic music of late - the 4ths pattern is actually quite nice to play on and I like the way they can morph into sequencers or whatever.

Lastly the Absent Detective is a character misappropriated from an M John Harrison short story. A hapless person who is perhaps trying to escape their destiny. Only visible in the echos of their assumed previous presence......"

Arturia Minibrute 2 'one synth' multitracked recording

Published on Aug 18, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"Arturia Minibrute 2 re-recording of a track I originally made with the Minibrute SE, which can be found here:
Recorded over 4 tracks on an iPad, with AUFX DUB delay and EOS2 reverb. As before it's just overdubbing parts in a linear fashion, albeit simpler and with less sound effects/details than the original Minibrute SE recording.
A version with just the sequenced part and no overdubs can be found on my Patreon page for supporters who want to see/hear the bones of the piece whilst throwing a tip into my hat."

Digitakt FLTR page explained // Shaping sounds with Filters

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Enrique Martinez

Digitakt Enrique Martinez


via this auction


MIDI INTERFACE INSTALLED!For sale is a legendary, extremely rare & powerful QUEEN OF SOVIET SYNTHS - 'AELITA'.
It is a 3-oscillator monophonic synthesizer with 44 keys, produced by the Murom radio plant in the USSR in 1980s. The device is housed in a strong aluminum body. Sound control is performed with handy faders and buttons. The synth has really impressive analog sound - it is convenient for modeling of fat analog basses, classic rock leads, hard razor waves, various space FX`s, noises, ambient textures and much more... It is able to form both hard and soft timbres. By activating the UNISON function, the number of simultaneously sounding voices may be 5 or 6. Because you can detune the three independent oscillators, it is possible to create 'one finger chord hits'.

AELITA synthesizer consists of 5 basic synthesis sections, which are the following: TUNING, REGISTERS/TIMBRE (osc wave switch), UNISON/VOICE LEVEL, TIMBRES CONTROL (filter), VOLUME CONTROL (amplifier). A wide range of modulation functions are available, including RING MODULATION. The synthesizer provides a three oscillator voice, with the addition of unison function, which adds extra timbres to basic sound. Respectively, there are separate controls for all oscillators in all sections.


via this auction

"It was manufactured by Kirovsky musical instruments' factory in 1980s, designer - Viktor Nikulin. The EMI Ritm 2 is an one-voice keyboard analog synthesizer designed for solo, ensembles and orchestral playing musical compositions of any genre. It can be used both in studio & on live concerts.
Endless possibilities & experimentation.
As a true analog synth Ritm-2 can also play sounds of the other classical instruments (keyboard, strings, reed and percussion instruments). It can also create some specific sounds (wind, noise of surf, train, gun and whine). Using this instrument one can play some compositions with a random pitch and a timbre.

- Sometimes called 'Russian Moog Prodigy', it has 1-osc (plus sub osc), 1LFO, 2 adsr and more.
รข€¢ First section: Portamento/Glissando.
- Modulation section: modulation frequency knob (LFO), OSC section: tuning knob from "-" to "+", modulation switch from saw, tri and random, tone switch from 32', 16', 8' or 4' , modulation level knob from 10 till 2; modulation on/off switch (linked to level knob).
- Mixer section: noise level knob, saw wave level knob, tri wave/rising tri wave switch, level of tri/rising wave.
- Filter section : cutoff freq knob, resonance, modulation switch - choose envelope, tri, wave or random,modulation level knob, keytrack button (between 1/1 keytrack or 1/2); 4 x sliders for adsr envelope.
- Output section: output volume knob, phones volume knob.
- Amp section: switch between single - triggered envelope and repeating envelope, memory knob, 4 x sliders for adsr envelope.
- Connection on the rear panel: on/off switch, power wire connection (220V), fuse (0,25A), Main Audio Output - standard 1\4 TRS Jack. On the front : 2,5 octave keyboard (F-C), to the left of keyboard there are pitch bend slider, modulation wheel."


via this auction

See the archives for demos & more info.

TEISCO Synthesizer 110F analog synthesizer

via this auction

Interesting description, lost in translation?:

"Duo was released a domestic manufacturer TEISCO in 1977 follower is an analog synthesizer Nick. In addition to making radical sound to modulate the VCO in the VCO, Filterbank has also been installed, the width of the sound making is wide models. The bottom left of the pressure-sensitive sensor than those who received the license from the ARP, the sensor had been adopted by models such as the Odyssey. Only the main body (AC cable is attached directly to the body)"

YAMAHA CS30 monophonic synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Doepfer MS-404 Midi Analog Synthesizer SN 951059

via this auction

Simmons SDS-2000 E-Drum Module Synth

via this auction

Last one to be featured was back in 2009.


Published on Aug 19, 2018 Chaotic Morphs

"My first tune with my Buchla 208 diy. There are some crosstalk and leakage in the module yet but I hope to solve that. Mono recording direct from the module to the camera. No processing"

RH Electronics Synth Noir - Modular Update

Published on Jul 18, 2018 RH Electronics

All finished so far, still modules and things to build.
The synth has
and the 16 step sequencer

RH Electronics 5 Voice analog synthesizer - Major update

Published on Aug 18, 2018 RH Electronics

"It works! Well one voice does on breadboard.
Up and running are 2 oscillators (CEM3340 based, but using AS3340)
These go to a 4066 switch then the waveforms are mixed, so you can switch on all of them on both oscillators.

The oscillator is based on the Prophet 5 circuit, the voice chip is a CEM3372, which was £35 but worth it, as it has everything, 2 inputs voltage controlled mixer, a low pass filter with cutoff/resonance and a VCA

Then an envelope generator to control the filter and amp (test just the amp)

So one full voice will need
2x oscillators
1x Signal processor
2x Envelope generators
1x CV mixer for the envelope and cutoff (filter only) and LFO CV

Microcontroller will feed SPI DACs that will be the voice and control CVs, but then all the voice circuits are analog."

Sub Phatty - The Basics Demonstration

Published on Aug 19, 2018 SYNTHWAY

"This is a complete demonstration of the basic functions of the Sub Phatty, going thru oscillators, filter, envelopes and LFO. There's no exploring of hidden panel functions (which I'll approach in a later video).

I know this is a long one, but I've always wanted to show the Sub Phatty and its synthesis components."

Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing Review (for modular synthesizers)

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

"A description of the Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing module functionality. This module is a clock divider using an ATmega328 microcontroller, a bunch of shift registers, transistors and opamps. The 20 HP panel is made of plastic, behind it there are be four pcbs to accommodate the circuits (all hand drawn and using only thru-hole components...). The divider section has 8 outputs, with division ratios defined in software (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or whatever wanted). There is a logic section with another 8 outputs, the logic gates and divisions configuration being selected by a potentiometer and a switch (64 configurations, or algorithms). Also one AND and one XOR patcheable gates sharing two inputs, a random trigger output, and a MIDI output. The software can be modified using a FTDI connection on the front panel. The clock can be internal (controlled by a pot) or external, or can be controlled by any external continuous CV (there is an attenuation/inverter pot and an offset pot for this CV), the conditioned CV has its output on panel. And of course a lot of LEDs...
The circuits involved will be shown in another video.

Thanks for watching.


APP JAM - Patterns and Spaces - Spacecraft Patterning Animoog and more

Published on Aug 19, 2018 redskylullaby

"App Jam made entirely on iPad featuring SpaceCraft by DeltaV Audio, Patterning 2 by Olympia Noise Co, iSymphonic by Crudebyte, Animoog by Moog Music Inc, Ravenscroft 275 Piano by UVI Touch, iFretless Bass by Blue Mangoo, Tardigrain by Humbletune Erik Sigth, Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs
Effect Plug Ins used: Fabfilter Saturn ProQ 2, Pro R, and Pro C 2, Crystalline by Holderness Media and PSP Old Timer"

Grayce (Decay Study II)

Published on Aug 19, 2018 UncertainMusicCorps

"Dual Looping Delay combines with Wotja to generate continuously evolving melodic ambience.

The DLD is clocked via midi despite the manual advising against external clocking (as the internal one is far more accurate). But, in this case, the occasional clock glitch generates some lovely random grace notes on the delay tails. The rewards of uncertainty...

Lead voice is from Shapeshifter. Bass voice is Warps and Braids layered.

Recorded live direct to the camera.

Info about Wotja here

A more extended, audio only take of the same system is here"

Buchla Morning Improv

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Jens Paldam

"An Improvisation on the Buchla Music Easel CK Recorded in the morning of Friday the 17th of August 2018.

My Easel is made up of a Roman Filippov 208 Clone, a BEMI 223e an Electric Dompteur Model hED, a Voltage Circus Model hVC and CV Polymorpher 20C lent generously to me by Northern Lights Modular. Such an amazing supplement to the Easel!!!"

Pattern Patterns Patterns - A Selection of Cirklon Patterns for Eurorack and G2 Synthesiser

Published on Aug 19, 2018 Luke Killen

"I've done nothing but smash out Cirklon patterns for the last three weeks since i got back from Canada. Here's a small selection of them strung together. I'll be playing this kind of material for a show in Sydney next week."

Buchla Easel ,Soma Lyra-8 and Op-1 livingroom jams

Published on Aug 18, 2018 therudyrude

"Improvs with the Buchla Easel, the Soma Lyra-8 and the OP-1"

Patch n Tweak

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