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Friday, September 07, 2018

OB-6 + Medieval Chant (Salve Sancta Parens)

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Kris Lennox

"OB-6 does mellow jazz arrangement of Salve Sancta Parens. I transposed the vocals down to the key of G to give the sense of a high male voice, rather than the original female voice. G major also works well for the piece.

In terms of structure, I'm only using verse 2 from the original.

In the video I'm playing the arpeggiator accompaniment part. After recording this, I dropped in chords and a bassline. It may look as if the playing is out of time with the changes; the reverb mix is set to max, which gives a slight delay to when the chord is played and when it is heard.

The mellow jazz feel works well with Medieval music :) F#7#5 (F#7 aug) chord at 1:18 in this piece sounds good. The Obi has a great sound for mellow jazz. I'd say it is probably one of the styles it does best.

Audio also over on soundcloud - [below]
All best

New short Jam with RP20 Ribbon controller from

Published on Sep 7, 2018 therudyrude

"Jam with RP20 Ribbon controller from X37 keyboard transposes the sequence from Moon Modular 569. Gate switch from ribbon triggers FSfx version of Rings
For reverbs and delay I use FSFx Clouds, MN Ecophon,Tiptop Zdsp with Halls of Valhalla
Prophet X on bass Drums"

Yamaha DX7 SN 40613

via this auction

The Son of Flynn on a Minimoog Voyager

Published on Sep 7, 2018 SYNTHWAY

"This is a simple, yet beautiful harmony from Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Once gain, with the beautiful Valhalla Vintage Verb.

Was having some fun with my beloved Voyager and while playing some G#m melodies, came with the right chord progression. The chords are not 100% because it wouldn't be very good on a solo line (heard it, tried to use same chords, didn't sound like the right choice), but they`re close enough.

The video is kind of dark, sorry for that.

Thank you for watching!"

Future Retro 777 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Future Retro 777 analog synthesizer in outstanding condition. This synth is like a Roland TB-303 on steroids; it can go way beyond acid bass. This is a rare early model with more aggressive overdrive than later models: it can really go crazy!

This 777 is immaculate and was serviced/calibrated/cleaned/upgraded by Future Retro in 2017. They installed the "Temp Comp" modification for pitch stability and tracking. This 777 also comes with the power supply and latest OS which adds bonus features to the sequencer."

What can Alice-1387 synth? - (ep4) Noise and weather effects

Published on Sep 7, 2018 seek sound

"All the sound was recorded directly from the board.
Alice-1387 (Алиса-1387) is an analog synthesizer invented in USSR in 1982 and was produced until 1991"

All parts here.

The blessing and curse of working in the music industry.. // Knobcon 2018 Travel Blog

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"Had a good talk with StrangeStrains, aka Mario from Elektron, about the music industry, how easy it is and how impossible it is all at the same time..

Mario's Youtube -

// Music by Mirage"

ROLAND BOUTIQUE TR-08 Cheat Sheet & Missing Manual via sǝuoſ ǝuıɥsunS

THE MISSING MANUAL via sǝuoſ ǝuıɥsunS

Click through for the PDF download and additional details.

"I started doing these because the first leaflet style manuals which arrived with my Roland Boutique synths were too small to read, and so abbreviated that I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. I wanted more. So I learned more, and tried a bunch of things and eventually took my notebooks and turned them into the missing manuals for these lovely little things."

Vintage Steiner Crumar EVI Analog Synthesizer w/ Case

via this auction

"Analog Steiner EVI Synthesizer manufactured by Crumar in Italy back in the '80s." Blck_Noir Eurorack Drum Synth

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

" Blck_Noir module is a full set of drum voices including a kick, snare, tambourine, hats, cymbal and metallic sound. The circuits are mostly analog with an interesting digital noise generator. There is a built in filter with resonance as well as a mixer with a send that goes to a DSP effects processor with some great sounding reverbs and delays. Each drum sound can also be used individually and there is an aux input so you could use and external effect on a drum like we did with the Strymon Magneto in this video.

Available here:"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!


via Isotonik Studio

"It was my birthday last weekend, whilst celebrating in a field in the rain with around 5,000 other like minded 40 year olds trying to recapture their youth thoughts on my birthday as ever turned back to presents. And so today we have one for you!

That present comes courtesy and with thanks to Yves and Erin who have produced some of most critcially aclaimed packs for the Novation Circuit in Delorean Dream, Chiptune Dreams and Street Dreams each with their own strong theme.

The Free Big City Dream Pack gives a taster of all of their previous releases, simply download the pack and upload the indfividual .syx files to your Circuit and get jamming!


PRICE: was £33.99 now £ £25.00
Continuing a tradition (well it started last month with the Jim Drones Triple Pack) we proud to bring together the first three packs from the architect of Novation Circuit Science, Lightfinger!

Consisting of the previously released of Volume One, Future Frontiers and Evolution but gathered together at one bartgain price the Triple Pack from Lightfinger is not one to be missed!


ps. you may have noticed a lack of updates on the website?

Over the last year our customer base has grown exponentially beyond our wildest dreams. The website which was fit for purpose with expansion built in is now creaking at the seams. Throwing loads of money at a new server only managed to stem the tide for so long so currently our entire energy is going to rebuilding it from scratch to be slicker, faster and provide a load of extra information on each of our products."

YAMAHA TG33 Tone Generator Vintage Vector Synthesizer SN QX02042

via this auction

"Includes three rare voice cards, original manual and two data sheets."

VC3301 Stage Selection
VC3302 Studio Selection

Silverwood No.01 ➰ Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer ➰ Clouds, Rings, o_C, Maths, NoiseReap ➰ 🌞🍃🌞

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Ben Moren

"Filmed at Silverwood Park – St.Anthony, Minnesota
🌞 ♒︎♒︎♒︎ 🍃 ♒︎♒︎♒︎ 🌲

☾ Patch Notes ☽
Marbles triggering OC in hemisphere burst into hemisphere sequencer mode.
Marbles Transposing the sequence and setting burst gap.
Rings in red alternate mode
Bermuda and noisereap VCF for low drone
Plaits for low drone
Clouds and pico DSP in reverb mode for processing
Attenuated nearness for mixing

Recorded with a LX100 & H1 Audio Recorder"

Dannysound EN129 Thru Zero Oscillator (a world of analog tones!)

Published on Sep 7, 2018 DivKidVideo

"** TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW ** Here's the new analogue (or analog if not British) thru zero FM oscillator the 'EN129' from Dannysound. The module offers great, analogue, through zero frequency modulation with is musical and responsive offering for dynamic modulation without the wide ranging pitch drift in exp/log response analogue FM circuits. There is an additional LOG FM input and attenuator so you can exploit two flavours of FM and their responses. There's coarse and fine tune, LFO button to drop the range, sine, triangle, pulse, square and saw outputs. The pulse has PWM control and inputs and the saw has some rather unique onboard shaping too.


00:00 Welcome, hello, patch previews

01:15 Feature run down and walkthrough

02:36 The sound, the thru zero FM (an exploration of...) and the other waveforms and controls. There's a comparison of thru zero and log/exp FM, PWM, static and dynamic (modulated by an external VCA) frequency modulation and more.

06:52 The square and pulse waves ... the square sounds great (a little filter/delay sequenced patch). I then explore standard LFO modulation of PWM but also audio rate pulse modulation for a wide range of static and dynamic PWM overtones that gives us all sorts of phase distortion synth type tones imparting new and unique overtones compared to the standard analogue waves you'll be used to.

10:05 FM Interjection 1 ... a little thru zero sine on sine / sine on triangle FM interjection with no talking. A lovely little ear break :)

10:32 The saw wave output ... looking at wave shaping the saw with octave up like FX, tremolo style amplitude changes, adding voltages to add a square edge and set of harmonics to the saw and audio rate overtones for even further unique and new tones from otherwise simple waves.

14:08 A stereo generative patch making use of the pulse output and saw outputs with some FX and a pair of LPGs.

16:21 FM Interjection 2 ... thru zero sine on sine dynamic (envelope / VCA controlled modulation) FM for some quirky and classic FM tones.

16:34 Using the EN129 as an LFO. This offers some unique wave shape control using thru zero FM to control the LFO shape at various sub audio and audio rates. We create a new "diamond waveform" in this section too.

20:27 FM Interjection 3 ... tuneful yet warbly thru zero FM sequences with a little wonkiness as a palette cleanser before the final section on the video.

20:48 Creating a kick drum / percussion sound with the EN129 and using the thru zero FM to add noise based snare like overtones or FM like tones for added impact and creative tone control when synthesising your own drum sounds."

Matthew Hodson Modular Performance 10 - LIVESTREAM

Streamed live on Sep 1, 2018 Matthew Hodson

"Modular Performance 10 - LIVESTREAM

All of this is played and performed in realtime with no edits at all.

Join me in my studio as I perform, in realtime, with my various studio equipment including #modular #synths, #synthesisers, #drum machines and unusual effects.

Modules currently in the case are:

TEST SERIES Elektron Octatrack Cooper FX Generation Loss 2X Outward

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations when pushed to the extremes. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Outsider Sound Design TEST SERIES

Learn to Solder - DIY Workshop with Music Thing Modular at Thonk Sept 15.

via @thonk_synth

"Learn to Solder! If you have been thinking about taking a dive into Eurorack DIY then we still have places left for our workshop on Saturday September 15th. Come to the Thonk HQ in central Brighton, just a 5 min walk from Brighton Station. Details here."

New Scalar Module for VCV Rack

VCV Scalar demo from VCV Rack on Vimeo.

Quantizes up to four 1V/oct signals with humanization effects and tracking adjustment.

Edit scales and microtunings with up to 24 tones, enable/disable notes across multiple octaves, and import/export scales in Scala (.scl) format

Scalar quantizes up to four IN 1V/oct pitch signals and sends the signal to the QN quantized outputs. Each input is normalized to the previous one, so for example, a single pitch patched into IN 1 will generate quantized values on all four QN outputs.

Octave and Note Buttons

In the main display, the first row of yellow boxes corresponds to 8 octaves. Octave 1 represents the first octave with CV from 0-1V, octave 2 represents 1-2V, and so on. Click an octave to select it. Ctrl-click (Cmd-click on Mac) to enable/disable all notes in the octave.

The second row corresponds to notes within the selected octave. Click a note to select it for tuning. Ctrl-click (Cmd-click on Mac) to to enable/disable notes. Disabled notes are skipped and voltages are quantized to the nearest enabled note. This allows you to restrict pitches to a chord or partial scale. Right click and hold to preview a note, momentarily overriding all input CV signals.

Right click Scalar’s panel to enable or disable all notes across the entire octave range.

ZOOM ARQ-96 review (in a short, practical way)

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Alex S.

"A short review of the ZOOM ARQ-96 by recording a sequence with acoustic guitar, onboard and external synths like the Novation PEAK.

Table of contents:

00:00 unboxing
00:22 bla bla
00:59 recording audio
02:19 creating a pattern
04:17 adding a VA synthesizer track
08:07 adding vocals and global effects
08:49 controlling external MIDI devices
09:48 finished pattern sequence
11:01 conclusion / pros&cons"

MFB Tanzbaer 2 Demo 1

Published on Sep 7, 2018 uwe george giegler

Blue render vs. standard black. MFB Tanzbaer

* Analog-Digital Drumcomputer with 8 analog plus 8 digital Instruments offering a Monster Sound
* Analog: Bass Synthesizer with SSI Filter, Kick 1&2, Snare 1&2, Tom-Conga 1-3
* Digital: 3 Sample Voices with analog multifilter, 5 Sample Instruments with 2 types each voice
* 16 LFOs with different waveforms and Midi synced rates
* Free downloadable Sampletransfer Plugin (around 300s internal memory with 208 sounds)
* Direct User Interface, LCD Display und Mixer mit Fadern
* Tight Step Sequencer with various Steplenght each Instrument, 16 Flam types and 2 additional Midi channels for external gear
* 100 Patterns with up to 64 Steps and Chain feature
* Individual and global Swing-Quantisation
* Recordable Sounds for each Step (Parameter Lock)
* 12 individual Outs and one Stereo Output
* Midi Sync, IN, Out/Thru, USB and Midi Dump
* Compact metal chasiss with wooden panels and USB Power Supply
* MSRP: 980,- Euro

Flame Arpeggiator 2013 Eurorack Synth Module Sequencer with Midi Expander

via this auction

"Flame Arpeggiator 2013 in perfect working order. Comes with Midi Expander module, connecting cable, and power cable. Modules have minimal rack rash."

Korg Electribe EM-1 Music Production Station SN 001981

via this auction

How to play Cypher2 with a Seaboard RISE

Published on Sep 7, 2018 ROLI

"Find out how to control ROLI and FXpansion's new premium soft synth Cypher2, featuring the world's largest library of MPE-compatible sounds.

BLOCKS and Seaboard creators qualify for an exclusive Cypher2 discount — just follow the link in your MyROLI account."

Double Disting Theremin Jam!

Published on Sep 6, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"This one's a bit experimental! We use the CV and gates of the Theremins to control E352 and E370 audio envelopes connected to the inputs of the Distings. The Theremin CVs also control the feedback to the B4 algorithm which is configured to output only the delayed signal.

We are planning to build another of these 'Double Disiting Theremin Instruments' to allow groups of children to jam together at our events.

Caitlin has had some great fun jamming with this and along the way has invented the 'crossed- theremin' technique :)"

Xymox's "A Day" meets Kraftwerk at 1:54.

Teaser unboxing.

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Joakim Floke

"A teaser of what's to come."

And a new synth kid in the making? :)

New Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000 Upgrade for the Oberheim Matrix-1000

Random euclidean rhythms with RhythmMaster 85

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Rhythms of buttocks

See the Rhythms of buttocks label below for more.

Helium Expansion for Express E Touche

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Expressive E

Helium Expansion "Tahiti"
Helium Expansion "Bridges"
Helium Expansion "Sandwave"
Helium Expansion "Shanty"
Helium Expansion "Dawn"

"With its unique mixture of Downtempo and Ambient, 'Chill' music can now be heard anywhere in our pop music universe. Helium extracts the essence of this trendy genre in an explosion of acoustic and electronic sounds, a fusion of dreamy synths and smooth, organic textures.

Blissful plucks can turn into mellow leads, and a magical mallet to an ethereal pad, with just a touch of your hands. From Tycho to Petit Biscuit, from Møme to Bonobo, the Helium expansion takes inspiration in today’s favorite chillout playlists.

Our expansions offer a unique multi-dimensional sound layering, exploiting all the depth of control that Touché puts in your hands. Each preset is carefully designed and finely adjusted to be sensitive to the slightest gesture. It lets you experience a genuine instrumental interaction with your music, shaping its texture intuitively.

All sounds are playable within UVI’s free sound player Workstation, included in Lié’s installer.

-- Download the helium expansion :

-- More about UVI Workstation :"

Moog Grandmother Melodic Demo

Published on Sep 7, 2018 once upon a synth

"Demo of the Moog Grandmother semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer. This is a sound demo made up of a few different patches, mostly melodic and soft/slow in nature."

SYNTHMASTER PLAYER - Let's Explore The Dawn Of Electronic Music Pack - iPad

Published on Sep 7, 2018 thesoundtestroom

Introduction to U-he Colour Copy

Published on Sep 7, 2018 uheplugins

"In this video, Ronan Macdonald introduces Colour Copy and gives an overview of its features and functionality.

Colour Copy is a virtual analog effect inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays (BBD), but extended with modern features. We called our new baby "Colour Copy" because it can deliver the kind of colouration people still love in classic BBD units, but with a wider variety of colours. Colour Copy started life as the little delay unit called "Lyrebird" we built into Repro-1, but the sound was too good not to be developed further and become an fx plug-in.

Colour Copy info and demo:"

bbd-style analog delay, for the smoothest possible pitch effects

unique colour morphing, with saturation for non-linear effects such as distortion / resonance

1ms to 1s or host-synched time base, scaled via rate control from 25% to 400%

dynamic ducking via envelope follower, with an option that preserves the initial delay

lfo (with dynamic frequency and depth) can modulate rate, tap position or amplitude.

midi note tracking and Freeze button (infinite loop) for wildest experimental effects

powerful preset browser with tag and/or text search functions

independent input and feedback routing options allow all possible stereo or mono combinations

100 factory presets, nks-compatible

ui instantly resizable from 70% to 200%

custom remote control via midi cc, 14-bit resolution option

Moog Minimoog and Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer Jam

Published on Sep 7, 2018 Soundgas

"Another hallway demo. This one features Dec getting to grips with the Minimoog and Joel utilising an old friend, the Juno-106. The mini is being passed through a Korg SDD-3000 and generating some fantastic bass sounds while the Roland provides some excellent top-end."

Stormy day : KORG minilogue / MS-20 mini

Published on Sep 7, 2018 karenevil

"MS-20 mini Improvisation with time-lapse movie.
(It was stormy weather caused by the typhoon Jabi )"

New Native Instruments Product Intro Videos

8 new videos covering Native Instruments new product line have been added to the announcement post here.

Patch n Tweak

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