MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Review: Roland MC707 // Sound design // Live looping // Pros and cons (MC-707)

Published on Sep 5, 2019 loopop

Roland MC707

0:00 Intro
0:25 Overview
2:00 Connectivity
2:45 Grid layout
4:20 Scenes
4:45 Track types
5:30 Preset sounds
7:40 Sound design
8:00 Tone engine
14:00 Drum engine
15:00 Sequencing
16:15 Step params
18:05 Clip params
19:40 Step sequencing
20:20 Live looping
22:10 Stretch & pitch
23:55 Sample trim
24:20 Automation
25:50 Pad modes
26:50 Scatter
27:30 Master effects
28:30 Send & return
29:50 MIDI sequencing
30:40 Pros & cons

Synth Spotting with Pete Townshend of The Who

via Pete Townshend's Instagram @yaggerdang

Cameron Jones, mentioned below, is the co-creator of the Synclavier. Curious about that new mac-based program. Cameron recently worked on the Synclavier iOS app and the Synclavier KNOB.

"Between tours I spend a lot of my free time trying to improve my various studios. I have a number of spaces (only one large studio big enough for bands) and each one has a different focus. Recently, after getting inspired by the Eurorack world, and by being able to carry small devices on the road - like Akai MPC Mini, Volcas and Digitakts etc - I realised I’d neglected my larger modular synths that I am damned lucky to have and even luckier to know how to operate. So here’s where I left things with my ARP2500 (restored by the wonderful Phil Cirocco of CMS) and MOOG 35 before I sadly packed my leaving trunk to go on the road. Two months!!! Spiders will move in. The sharp eyed among you might spot the controller and keyboard for my Synclavier 9600 and Direct to Disk system. This has also recently been revived because Cameron Jones created a new Mac-based computer program to run the old towers. Steve Hill’s installed it for me. Cameron also worked with Arturia to create the Synclavier V. This is a fine development of the old FM system. The three stringed things on the wall are all by Collings. Love their boxes. .

This one was sent my way via bÖsch @fabmass

Update: you can find a video of it here. Embedding is disabled otherwise I'd embed it in this post.  Thanks to @Precarsious_333 for the link!

Announcing the new Buchla Easel Command Module & 208C

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Buchla

"Buchla Easel Command Module includes MIDI (USB & DIN) and enclosure. Target price $2,999 USD.

Buchla 208C (MIDI optional). Target price $2,599 USD.

Starts shipping late 2019.

Optional preset management coming at a later date."

WMD DESIGN UPDATE: Crater & Voltera Coming to Knobcon

Published on Sep 5, 2019 WMDevices

"In prepping for this weekend's Knobcon synthesizer convention, we thought it approprate to update you on our new designs!

NOTE: In a rush to get this video out, I accidentally left a take in where I say the same thing twice about Voltera. Sorry about that y'all!

CRATER is our new Bass drum / kick drum module that we have been working on for the past few months. Designed to be powerful and polished at the same time using an analog / digital hybrid technique.

VOLTERA is a 4 channel CV expander for METRON that adds 4 channels of quantized or unquantized CV. In this video, Alex does a basic How-To over the video."


Published on Sep 4, 2019 MATTHS

"#MATTHS was asked to perform a special #ambient #modularsynth live set as part of the d'Voxx album launch at Londons amazing Rough Trade store in summer 2019.

Here is a section of that performance which demonstrates a stripped back and more minimal approach to his usual #Techno offerings and offer a completely different focus to his shows in Berlin earlier that year working with drummer Scott Rowe:" [posted here]

Buy the new double A-Side here:

Sequential Circuits Six Trak 80's Vintage Analog Poly Synth w/ V.12 EPROM SN 003342

via this auction

ASM HydraSynth Creating a Pad Sound from scratch

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"ASM HydraSynth here I create a pad sound from scratch. I explore the polytouch keybed as well as the Mutants, Filters and FX. This is a workflow video to give you an idea of how it feels to sound design on this synth. follow @Flux302 on instagram for more."

Korg Volca Drum - A Lyra-8 on a Budget?

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Oscillator Sink

"I've been hard at work on a Patch Pack for the Korg Volca Drum, and it's nearly done! Obviously, most of the patches are drum kits, but tonight I thought it'd be fun to draw inspiration from a synth that's been on my wish list for a long time - the Soma Labs Lyra-8.

I don't think the Volca is going to fool a discerning listener, but it's definitely fun to see just how "un-drummy" it can get. The delay you can hear is the Volca's own "Wave Guide" as well, and although it isn't as interesting as the Lyra's innovative "multi-delay plus distortion" arrangement, it is pretty characterful!

This kit, along with 15 others will be available soon - for free!

My Free Online Patch Editor for the Volca Drum:"

Caynug Volca Videos

Published on May 17, 2019 Caynug

"Bought this new volca drum, tested the features, pressed record and what the hell is happening this is the best thing I ever got myself into.

More to come, good mood :)"

Caynug - Cinnamon Buns (LIVE Volca Drum First Day Jam) #volcadrum #volca
Volca Drum + Volca Keys jam #volcadrum #volcakeys #volca
Volca Drum & Volca Keys Agyptian Style Live Jam #volcadrum #volcakeys #volca

YAMAHA SY99 Deep Analog Drops

Published on Sep 5, 2019 synths colors

Moog Sub 37 - Rough DUO Patch Tutorial

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Plexis

"As many of you asked for a tutorial for the DUO patch I used in the "Deadmau5 - Bleed" cover, here it is.

This is my first tutorial, so some feedback would be helpful.
Is it too fast? Is the camera work okay? Should I explain the steps better?
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write it in the comments.

The Sub 37 is receiving MIDI notes from Ableton.
I synced the Sub 37 and also the LFO 2 to the tempo of the DAW (120 bpm).
You can get the MIDI file here:

Patch Settings:
OSC 1 volume: 5
OSC 1 octave: 16
OSC 1 wave: Square

OSC 2 volume: 7
OSC 2 octave: 8
OSC 2 wave: Saw

MOD 2 source: Saw
MOD 2 Filter AMT: +2
MOD 2 Sync: On

Duo Mode: On
Multidrive: 5
Noise: 1.5"

SH 7 Shimmer Drone

Published on Sep 5, 2019 UFO LFO

"Running the SH 7 through a shimmer effect called minor 3rd up & a delay. Dronning meditation."

UFO LFO SH 7 videos

DSI Pro 2 (Presets Part 4)

Published on Sep 5, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Bank F8

3rdStoreyChemist DSI Pro 2 videos

Rare EMS Synthi E w/ Extras

via this auction

"Very nice and ultra rare EMS Synthi E analog vintage synthesizer plus its dedicated keyboard DK E and accessories: HAMEG Oscilloscope hm203, lot of original banana patch cords, stand for the suitacse and ORIGINAL Synthi E prospect plus patch charts.. almost impossible to find!
INCLUDED also its original EMS Power supply.

Conditions are at TOP! Hight Level! MINT cosmetic conditions and in perfect working order, it sounds AMAZING!
It will be a great opportunity to get a rare lot like this!"

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Rare Solton Project 100 Black Edition

via this auction

Another supporting member listing.

"Here is a mega rare chance for buy a spectacular SOLTON PROJECT 100 (BLACK EDITION) vintage midi polyphonic synthesizer, great machine! It's SSM IC's based midi with an unique Polyphonic sequencer!! It sounds AMAZING! Stereo Outputs with a WARM UNIQUE chorus effect! It will be included a MIDI editor for PC, very easy to program the Project 100! It come in MINT conditions, GREAT shape, it's a rare Black edition version! JUST PRO serviced so perfect working!"


You can find demos of E-RM's Polygogo in the archives here. It was introduced at this year's SUPERBOOTH. Full details on the upcoming module follow.

"E-RM’s polygogo Eurorack module is the very first digital stereo oscillator to feature the brand-new Polygonal Synthesis technique, invented by E-RM founder Maximilian Rest and DSP specialist Christoph Hohnerlein. Based on complex two dimensional amplitude shaping of sine waves, the polygogo is a performance-oriented, high-quality instrument which allows you to explore fascinating sounds and shapes alike.

Thanks to the combination of Polygonal Synthesis, two internal modulation sources and a beefy, fully-analog overflow stage, the polygogo is capable of generating an extremely wide array of animated spectra. Its results range from lush drones, massive basses and fierce leads to glitch madness and even sounds reminiscent of acoustic instruments.

Its “single knob – single function” interface, created in collaboration with instrument designer Tatsuya Takahashi, makes the polygogo not only a terrific live performance synthesizer, but a great tool for meticulous sound design as well – no menus involved.

E-RM polygogo eurorack module showing a polygon of order 3 with slight FM modulation.
You’d like some visuals that match your creative sound explorations? – The polygogo can deliver! Just connect its X and Y outputs to a laser system, X/Y plotting visualizer or video modular and enjoy some intriguing, constantly moving and transforming shapes on an external screen.

Vandaley - Trying out Novation Peak, driven by Deluge and KaossPad effects

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Condukt

"Putting those 8 voices in Peak to a good use"

TEST SERIES ALM Busy Circuits ALM012: Sid Guts Deluxe Eurorack SID Chip Sound Design

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

"Trying out the ALM Sid Guts Deluxe.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

multi modulars

Published on Sep 5, 2019 zack dagoba

"Here is a multi-modular patch, whereby I use the Buchla 200 MARF to control the EMS VCS3

This is possible because I modified the VCS3 Jones cable to be able to send and receive CV and gate signals

I’m also using the Roland 100M to add some filter modulation on the VCS3 via the pin matrix

The last bit of the patch is sending some triggered bursts of sound from the output of the VCS3 into the Buchla 200 delay and bandpass filters, which are being modulated by the MARF as well"

Zemirot II

Published on Sep 5, 2019 CatSynth TV

"Improvisation with Arturia MicroFreak (Speech Oscillator) through a Metasonix R54 Supermodule. Abstract video in Vizzie2 and Jitter in Max/MSP.

Zemirot or Z'mirot (Hebrew: זמירות‎) (Yiddish: Zmiros; Biblical Hebrew: Z'miroth; singular: zemer/z'mer) are Jewish hymns, usually sung in the Hebrew or Aramaic languages, but sometimes also in Yiddish or Ladino.

For more experimental video and music, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

The Sad Night

Published on Aug 30, 2019 Anthony Distefano

"Driving around on a lonely and rainy night. All music was created in NI Absynth."

Ableton Live CV Tools Controlling Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Ableton Live CV Tools allows you to generate CV control signals for your analog and modular gear. You will need the CV Tools pack which can be downloaded for free and a DC coupled audio interface. We used a MOTU audio interface for this video.

In this video we used and Ableton Push 2 to control Ableton Live which was generating the drum sounds and control voltages to modulate and sequence the Intellijel Atlantis eurorack synthesizer voice. The Atlantis is run through the WMD/SSF DPLR delay which is also modulated by CV Tools.

Live available here:

Push 2 available here:"

Using Arturia's MiniBrute 2S with VCV Rack

Premiere in progress. Started 7 minutes ago Omri Cohen

"So in this video, I look at a few ways you can use the MiniBrute 2S with VCV Rack like sequencing the MiniBrute with VCV Rack, processing the audio from VCV Rack in through the MniBrute, and also, of course, sequence VCV Rack with the very deep sequencer of the MiniBrute. Actually, this sequencer has other extra tracks you can use for sequencing VCV Rack differently than the MiniBrute itself... So thank you Arturia for sending me this beautiful machine!

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

00:33 - Syncing the MiniBrute with VCV Rack (Midi + Clock)
11:12 - Process the sound of the MiniBrute in VCV Rack
16:39 - Process the audio from VCV Rack through the MiniBrute
23:14 - Use the keyboard pads of the MiniBrute in VCV Rack (also polyphonically)
27:21 - Sequence the MiniBrute with VCV Rack
30:34 - Sequence the MiniBrute with VCV Rack"

Arturia Minibrute & Microbrute Analog Synthesizers

Two listings in via supporting member, Synth Freq. You can find them in his Reverb shop here.

Remember, supporting members are free to send their synth listings in.

Custom Prototype Synth Minim00g 1975

via this auction

"What you are looking at is a 100% analog prototype synth professionally built by a tech in the 70s who went on to building aircraft for Hawker Siddeley. The prototype was finished in the summer of 1975. The synth side is complete, really unique looking too. Reminds me more of a Sonic Six but does sound very close to the Minimoog. This synth is clearly based on the later. The keys feel nice to play and are in good condition. All knobs and switches are still intact. I had a tech look at it and they found some faults but does not stop this things power! It's a huge sound! E-Mail me if you want some sound examples. The tech upgraded the PSU with new kettle lead input and caps, cost £120 alone. He advised me not to go further with repairs so to keep it's originality. All that was done extra was fixing low output. But is easy to service if you want it done.

The faults found: Osc. 2 waveshape knob not working on wide and narrow rectangle waveforms. However on Osc. 3 they work just fine. Faulty knob on Osc. 2 no doubt.

Please note this is not a fault but; the drum module was never made for it which was a board that slots inside. All the electronics inside were built for the drum module but the board itself was never completed. You could perhaps have a board custom made if you want the drum section. The last lower 5 keys were assigned for this task so do not sound.

I had the synth up for sale before but decided to get some service done to help preserve it. They don't make 'em like this anymore! Full of top quality components unlike new Chinese toys. I've been as honest as I can be with this listing. I am an established musician and not a dealer. Local pickup is also welcome. Courier will be over £20 for full insurance. Worldwide shipping available but at new owners risk. Insurance a must! You also accept in the terms of this sale that the synth does require further servicing and is sold as non-working because of OSC. 2 knob fault. Rest of the synth is working sounds like a monster! It's easily worth over 2k for something like this. To have a custom built one now would run you near 5k easy. I'm in no rush to sell so please sensible offers only (ovno)"

Random*Source Edelweiss II & La Bestia II in 8U flightcase

via this auction

"2 Random*Source panels in excellent condition inside a custom 8U flightcase (Very good condition) from Flightcase warehouse. Comes with a comprehensive set of banana cables.. I can count them if you would like haha, but they will be more than what you need.

The serge panels are connected to an L1 power supply, that lives inside of the case. This means that the setup (including cables and power supply) all lives inside the case and can be easily transported. The L1 power supply is not fastened to the case. It actually fits quite perfectly in between the case and the panels so I didn't feel the need to fasten it.

La Bestia II was built by very experienced builder (not to mention grammy award winning producer) Dom Morley last year it was serviced/repaired recently by Darrin Weiner (Patch point).

Edelweiss II was built by Darrin Weiner (Random*Sources official builder as far as I know) himself.

These are beautiful synths, they work perfectly. Really love them. I went way down the rabbit hole with modular only to find that it was more about the gear than making music. I don't really use it at all and I guess I don't have time to make music so selling all my gear!"

Trax Retrowave R-1 2017 Black

via this auction

Demo in the listing posted with others here.

"Nice Analogue mono synth in like new condition. This synthesizer has semi modular capabilities. Accepts both CV/GATE as well as midi. Very sturdy build with a metal housing, metal toggle switches and full size knobs on all potentiometers. Used 20 hours more or less. Only selling to find a more light weight option for playing live. Comes with power adapter plus 3 extras for multi use in all countries (see photos)."

Korg Microkorg Chop Racked

via this auction

Check out the pitch and mod wheels underneath.

"Alright, what you're looking at is a one of a kind Microkorg chop that manages to fit the entirety of the thing between within/in front of a standard 19" studio racking with a tiny amount of PCB shave.

Mod and pitch wheel have been mounted on the bottom because without them, the unit hardmaps these controls to the first two knobs! Fun piece of trivia, I know.

I'm not going to claim it's pretty, but it's functional.


Volume knob has cracklies across the range. Nothing too crazy but it does crackle. No idea where the original knob went.

EG release knob only goes to about 100 of 128 values. Cleaning might revive it, who knows. If you're using this as a rack mount to be controlled remotely this isn't going to bother you.

Also: something is fiddly with INPUT 1 on the rear. Can't remember if it's the knob or jack, but I was stuck using that second in.

GOOD: all the buttons work, screen operates fine...midi works as it should.


Roland Juno 60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer in Excellent Condition w/ Kenton MIDI

via this auction

Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor 4 x 32MB memory w/ Zip disk SN ZN52614

via this auction

"The Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor is a revolutionary sampler/vocal processor. It is a sampler capable of elastic realtime manipulation of pitch, time, and formants via MIDI while maintaining superb sound quality. With the VP-9000 you can instantly match drum loops to the same key and tempo. Or use it to bend notes, change pitches or harmonize and more! It all works in real-time with little artifacts and in a non-destructive environment. Thankfully, the VP-9000 features three large knobs for realtime control over pitch, time, formant, and groove right on the front of the module for realtime tweaking!

Roland A-01 Boutique Controller, Synth & Bluetooth MIDI Convertor

via this auction

"A very useful box, this can convert MIDI received from USB, DIN sockets or Bluetooth and send it to the CV/Gate outputs, the MIDI DIN output, Bluetooth or its own built-in 8 bit synth.

So this is ideal for hooking up iPad apps to real MIDI hardware and vice versa using Bluetooth, or to run CV/Gate with MIDI or iPad sequencers, and so on, and so on...

Also features a 16 step sequencer that can output notes to the various destinations.

Finally it can be set up as a MIDI controller, so the knobs and buttons can control your MIDI hardware."

Rare - DOLITTLE B-25 Turbo Ram Cartridge For Kawaii Synthesizer K-3 K-3M

via this auction

"Features a protect option. A bank (A and B) option and level 1 and 2 option. For a kawaii k-3 and k-3m actual item pictured."

Korg Kross 2 61 Key Velocity Sensitive Synthesizer Workstation

via this auction

One thin looking synth.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Hydrocity Zone Act 1 on Moog Sub37

Premiered 12 minutes ago Luca Di Gennaro

"Split screen cover of 'Hydrocity Zone Act 1' by Michael Jackson and Brad Buxer from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (© 1994 SEGA) just with a Moog Sub 37 and Logic Pro X drums.

Keyboard: Moog Sub 37
Midi drums: SoCal (Logic Pro X)"

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 - Chorus (firmware v4.13), Stereo Tape Delay, & Stereo Filter

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Expert Sleepers

MOD Devices Mod Duo X - Generators

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Red Means Recording

"The MOD Duo X by MOD Devices is a performance-oriented powerhouse of patchable effects, synthesizers, and sequencers. MOD Devices asked me to do a walkthrough, so let's do the thing!"

Red Means Recording MOD Devices Mod Duo X videos

Bananas, Synths & Studio FX - An interview with Tom Bugs of BugBrand

Published on Sep 5, 2019 DivKidVideo

"What a pleasure to meet and chat to Tom Bugs of BugBrand and even more of a pleasure is having the opportunity to film such encounters and share this video with everyone. This felt like a rare opportunity to meet Tom and chat all things BugBrand as there's not much in the way of content out there and getting hold of BugBrand gear traditionally has been difficult with small runs selling out fast. I'm avid lover of my PTDelay (see video below) [posted here] and I'm very intrigued by the other red box studio tools and the blue panelled synth systems and modules."

Korg Minilogue XD (Presets Part 2)

Published on Sep 5, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

"Presets 101 - 200"

Korg Minilogue XD 3rdStoreyChemist videos

New Tube Based Monosynth Project from Metasonix

prototypesynth1 from METASONIX on Vimeo.

"This is the THIRD major revision of this monosynth project. So many problems with previous PCB versions that we went with some RK modules instead, to save some pain. Two completely different filters. This will be a very goddamn complicated device and so it will not be cheapie-poo. Three thyratron vcos, ten PC boards, and 15 tubes equals a certain level of assured misery. The almost 'done' prototype is STILL not 100%. Two+ years of my life blown away so people can have a 'flagship product' to talk about. Even if they don't buy one---honestly I will be amazed if we sell five of them in this deeply saturated market.

And it is still a few months until the front panel is ready, and I still need to write an owners manual. At least it won't sound like a goddamn Moog, ha ha ha. And it will be cheaper than a bloody Knifonium."

Behind the scenes at SECRET ROLAND SYNTH EVENT!

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Woody Piano Shack

"Join me as a VIP guest as we go behind the scenes at a super secret party to celebrate the launch of several new synthesizer and groovebox products from ROLAND in 2019 and 2020. I'll give you an overview of the new synths and my first impressions."

Roland FANTOM 6
Roland JUPITER X & Xm
Roland MC 707 & MC 101

I Went To Abbey Road Studios

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Doctor Mix

"This time I went to Abbey Road Studios for a Roland VIP event where they unveiled the MC-707, MC-101, JUPITER-X, Jupiter-Xm and more. And Youngr performed live!"

The Roland Boutique JU-06A & the MC-101: A First Look | Reverb

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Reverb

"Today, Roland announced eight new instruments: the JU-06A mini Juno, MC-101 and MC-707 grooveboxes, three new Fantoms, and two new Jupiter synths, to be released a little farther along the astral plane. Justin DeLay is on hand to dive in and geek out.
Read more on Reverb"

Roland Introduces New FANTOM Synthesizers

FANTOM User Videos

Roland Fantom Music Workstation - All Playing, No Talking! with Scott Tibbs - Kraft Music - deals here
Roland Fantom Music Workstation - Advanced Tutorial with Scott Tibbs Part I - Kraft Music
Roland Fantom Music Workstation - Advanced Tutorial with Scott Tibbs Part II - Kraft Music
New Roland Fantoms | Roland 1909 Launches - Sonic State

"FANTOM is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer-integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities. The expandable sound engine delivers our best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways. And it’s built from premium materials, with a purposeful design, and the FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7 and FANTOM 8 are the best 61-, 76-, and 88-note keyboards we’ve ever made.

At every turn, FANTOM fulfills the need to create. Its smooth, rapid workflow has no confusing modes, frustrating technical limits, or trade-offs with sound quality. FANTOM’s creative process reflects how today’s musicians work, with fluid composition tools, instantly recallable creative environments, and deep computer integration.

FANTOM’s flexible and expandable sound engine leverages decades of research and development, dishing out inspiring and authentic electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds by the bucket-load. Combine different synthesis and sampling technologies along with the onboard analog filter for new and unusual sounds—and take advantage of new sound expansions and capabilities as they arrive.

...and after sound quality, what’s more important than playability? The way an instrument feels under your fingers, and how it helps you express yourself, is vital. FANTOM focuses on the experience of playing, from its immersive keyboard action to its arsenal of performance controls.

FANTOM is a complete musical composition platform that excels at fast creation and fluid arrangement. You have RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with piano-roll editing, and a grid for recording and launching clips. Use any or all, whenever you want.

While FANTOM is powerful by itself, its powers grow exponentially when connected to other gear like computers or analog synthesizers. FANTOM can control software synthesizers directly from the touchscreen, drive modular and analog synthesizers from its dual CV/Gate outputs, and is also a high-quality audio interface capable of 16 stereo outputs and 3 stereo inputs."

New Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer (JUNO-106 & JUNO-60)

Published on Sep 5, 2019 RolandChannel

Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer (JUNO-106 & JUNO-60)
Roland JU-06A Boutique Synthesizer - First Look with Scott Tibbs - Kraft Music - deals on the JU-06A here
Review: Roland JU-06A vs JUNO 60 // Can you tell the difference? - loopop
Roland Boutique JU06a | Roland 1909 Launches - sonicstate

"One of the most popular synthesizers from the Roland Boutique series returns with a twist… announcing the NEW! Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer.

Two classic JUNOs in one.

The JU-06A is the best of the JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 in one synth. It has the continuous high-pass filter of the 106, the envelope-controllable pulse-width-modulation of the 60, and the unique filter behavior of both, instantly switchable from the front panel. The sound is indistinguishable from its vintage counterparts, even while tweaking controls or using extreme settings. And no vintage JUNO would be complete without the swirling sound of its legendary chorus, faithfully recreated, right down to the lovable (and thankfully adjustable) noise.

The new JU-06A features not just the JUNO-106 sound but also a new JUNO-60 synth engine—complete with the best features of both. Legendary chorus, arpeggio function, chord memory and onboard sequencer are just a few of the performance features that combine to make the JU-06A a powerful compact synthesizer for any musical situation."

Roland Announces New JUPITER-X Series

Published on Sep 5, 2019 RolandChannel

1499 Euros for the Xm, available soon. The Xm demo from sonicstate in the playlist sounds like my Jupiter-8. No four-voice limit like the Boutique series. Added XV-5080, & TR engines. This will be tempting.

Roland JUPITER-X Series Synthesizers: JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X - RolandChannel
ROLAND JUPITER-Xm - 4 Layers Performance by Gattobus
Roland Jupiter Xm | Roland 1909 Launches - sonicstate

"Since the release of the JUPITER-4 in 1978, the name JUPITER has marked the pinnacle of Roland sound and playability. With the new JUPITER-X series (available as 61-note JUPITER-X and 37-note portable JUPITER-Xm), classic Roland design and a powerful new sound engine combine to faithfully recreate sought-after instruments from our long history of genre-defining sounds—JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, SH-101, XV-5080, JX-8P, modern RD pianos, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78… and always expanding with more inspiring sounds.

Experience the next-generation arpeggiator, I-Arpeggio, that uses artificial intelligence to not only accompany you... but to inspire you. I-Arpeggio takes your input—notes, rhythms, phrases—and creates complementary drum parts, basslines, chords, and arpeggio lines, simultaneously.

Both the JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X feature metal construction for durability.

Both the JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X can "layer up to five parts, four for synths and one for drums. Its engine can power multiple authentic Roland classics like the JX-8P or JUPITER-8 with enough polyphony to create thick layers and complex backing parts. Create the perfect bass and lead split with an SH-101 and JUNO-106, layer a rich RD piano with lush JX-8P strings, or make a monster stack of JUPITER-8s."

Both the JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X are "equipped with our latest sound engine, capable of morphing into legendary synths from our long history of genre-defining sounds. It’s so flexible that it can reproduce our highly sought-after analog classics like the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and SH-101, as well as digital machines like the vintage XV-5080 and modern RD pianos. You also get the many Roland drum machines that are the foundation of electronic and dance music like the TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, and more. It’s like a studio full of vintage gear, with modern capabilities and a deep synth engine so you can explore unmapped sonic territory.

Both the JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X are "part of an expandable platform, so it can be updated with fresh new content as it becomes available. It can also directly share sounds and other contents with the highly-mobile JUPITER-Xm."

Roland Introduces New MC-101 & MC-707 Groveboxes

Published on Sep 5, 2019 RolandChannel

Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX for Live Electronic Music Producers and Production
Roland MC-101 GROOVEBOX for Beatmakers and Mobile Producers
Roland MC-101 GROOVEBOX: Overview
Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX: Overview
Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX: Performance
Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX: Production
Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX: Sound

ROLAND MC707 User Videos

Roland MC-707: Unboxing & Playing - Doctor Mix
Roland MC707 Groovebox - Hands On - Future Music Magazine
Roland MC707 Groovebox | Roland 1909 Launches - sonicstate
1st test with the Drum Machine part of the Roland MC 707 - Sound Provider

"The Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX has everything electronic music producers need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. The MC-707 is armed with an eight-track sequencer optimized for fluid production, our latest deep synthesis engine, a powerful sampler, massive effects palette and 16 ultra-sensitive pads for playing or sequencing drum parts, melodic basslines, or polyphonic chord progressions.

The MC-707’s eight-track sequencer is made for today's electronic-focused music styles and ever-evolving subgenres. The TR-REC step sequencer is just like those found on classic Roland drum machines, perfect for building rhythm parts quickly. There are also 16 ultra-sensitive pads for playing or sequencing drum parts, melodic basslines, or polyphonic chord progressions.

The MC-707 features our latest sound engine, which fuses virtual analog and modern PCM. It’s flexible, powerful, and lets you dig deep into its sonic capabilities. It has the sounds of legendary Roland rhythm machines and synthesizers that are the foundation of electronic music—including the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, JUNO-106, and SH-101. But the MC-707 also looks forward, with modern digital and hybrid sounds perfect for creating future classics—today.

In addition to its deep synthesis engine, the MC-707 has a powerful sampler with on-the-fly recording that synchronizes to your project's tempo and works as an updateable and expandable platform that never gets stale. Keep things fresh with new loops, one-shots, phrases, and synth sounds—all available online."

"The Roland MC-101 GROOVEBOX combines premium-quality synthesizer and drum sounds, samples, patterns and effects in a compact four-track sequencer that’s go-everywhere portable. Create whenever, and wherever, inspiration strikes with this pocket production studio and add performance-ready tracks to your DAWless or compact synthesizer setup.

The MC-101 has a four-track sequencer optimized for beatmakers, producers and mobile music makers creating today's electronic and dance-oriented music. You can use the 16 ultra-sensitive RGB pads to create drum, bass, and synthesizer patterns and create your own original music. It's your musical playground, where you can freely combine loops and one-shots with melodic phrases including your own imported audio recordings and MIDI sequences. Compose and trigger clips, rearrange, re-sample, record your knob movements, and more.

On top of that, add the Roland sounds that have defined electronic and dance genres for over forty years. Legendary instruments like the TR-808, TR-909, JUNO-106 and SH-101 are all here, ready to replicate classic sounds or be combined, tweaked, and processed into entirely new sounds.

With the MC-101's massive effects palette, your music sounds polished and fully-produced. Each track has independent effects processors with a huge number of variations. The lush chorus brings depth to pads and other synth sounds. Delays and reverbs create evocative spaces and add movement to delicate sequences. Overdrive, distortion, and amp simulation add grit and intensity to synths, guitars, drums and more. You can also run your entire mix through master effects like filters, bit-crushers and a master bus compressor that glues it all together with punch and clarity."

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