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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

"La Bellezza" (Dotcom, Synthex, D-50, Therevox, REDOX) Questions & Answers

2019/09/24 Questions & Sounds Published on Sep 24, 2019 SynthMania

"A few viewer questions / answers, and sounds from modular &Yamaha PSS-170"

See this post for the performance. Above video added there as well. You can find the Cowboys in Space video here.

Also featured:
Elka Synthex: syn strings
Roland D-50: choir
Therevox ET-4.3: syn lead
Kilpatrick Audio REDOX: effects

Reminder: VELOCITY - Seattle Synth Event Set for October 5th

Follow-up to this post where you can find a list of manufacturers planning to attend.

When: October 5th, 2019 from 11 AM – 2 AM. Presented by Modular Seattle + Patchwerks Where: Substation (645 NW 45th St)

Cost: Education (FREE) / Performances ($20 adv, $25 door)

VELOCITY is a brand new, all-day event revolving around modular / hardware synthesizers and the people who create with them. The first half of the day is focused primarily on education and a manufacturer trade show, with the second half of the day being all about live music.

11 AM – 4 PM:
DIY Workshops where attendees will learn about synthesizers through fun and engaging hands- on experiences.
Educational Presentations where speakers will speak on various subjects relating to electronic music and hardware.
Trade Show where different modular / hardware synth manufacturers will show off their latest gear and interact with the community.

5 PM – 2 AM:
Performances from local and out-of-town artists, with genres varying from house / techno, ambient, noise, industrial, and beat-oriented music.

Trade Show all ages, everything else is 21+. More info at:

Modular Seattle is an organization devoted to electronic music, art, and community in the Puget Sound area, focused mainly on modular and hardware-based synthesizers and the people who create with them. We provide monthly performance events, educational lessons and workshops, and access to music-making technology.

Patchwerks is Seattle’s source for analog and digital music electronics, offering retail sales, education, and community events for musicians of all skill levels. We offer a variety of workshops and demo events, as well as a comprehensive lesson program covering a wide range of music production hardware, software and techniques. Visit our retail location at 3107 Eastlake Ave E, or shop online 24-7 at"

Modular Seattle pics of prior events including Modular Nights & Modular in the Park:

Building the Super Sixteen Eurorack Sequencer

Published on May 30, 2018 Extralife

You can find the code, schematic and KiCad files here.
You can find Extralife on Patreon here if you would like to support his projects.
You cab download KiCad EDA 5.0 for free here:
For a detailed look at how to multiplex a grid of LEDs, check out this tutorial (a shift register is used instead of an i/o expander).

1. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer - Pt. 1: Digital to Analog
In this new series I'll be designing, prototyping and building a sequencer module for my eurorack sythesizer using the Arduino platform. In this episode, we connect the arduino to our 12v power supply and add a digital-to-analog converter output so our sequencer can output proper 0-8v CV signals.
2. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer - Part 2: Seven Segment Displays
Continuing to design and prototype the Super Sixteen sequencer module for my eurorack sythesizer using the Arduino platform. In this episode, we wire up a seven segment display to show some visual feedback using another serial chip, the I/O expander. Then we take a crack at making our sequencer play a scale!
3. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer - Part 3: Enter the Matrix
Continuing with the Super Sixteen, we build the sequencer's namesake sixteen-button grid, explore matrix wiring and multiplexing in combination, and construct our first working prototype that actually plays a sequence!
4. Designing Eurorack Sequencer Part 4: Making a PCB with KiCad 5.0
In this episode we get into some proper electronics design with KiCad and develop a new layout for a printed circuit board. Then we get to do the fun part and fabricate it at home using a toner transfer and ferric chloride etching.
5. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer - Part 5: Assembly
In this episode we assemble the first PCB prototype of the Super Sixteen with our trusty soldering iron and a spool of mod wire. After a few fried chips and more than a few repairs, it's time to wire it up to our synth and try out some actual sequencing!
6. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer - Part 6: Front Panel and External Sync
Or, "How to Make a Eurorack Front Panel: The Cheap Way"
In this episode we upgrade our module with a faceplate, and add some advanced features like external sync, pitch calibration, and glide/portamento.
7. Designing a Eurorack Sequencer part 7 - New PCBs, Motion Recording, Beat Repeat
In this episode, we assemble, inspect, debug, and reprogram our new dual-PCB stackup for the Super Sixteen eurorack CV sequencer. Not everything goes according to plan!
8. Designing A Eurorack Sequencer Part 8: New panel, Patch memory, Performance effects
In this installment we fabricate a new front panel for the Super Sixteen using the toner transfer process, and then take a spin with some of the new advanced features it sports, like patch memory, scale selection, swing timing, and a gang of performance rhythm effects.

Korg Monotron CV Input Mod (Eurorack Control Voltage hack)

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Extralife

"Hello friends! I'm back in California and back in action. First off the hop is a travel kit project to convert CV (control voltage) signals to Monotron-compatible pitch/gate signals. If you have a Monotron (the cheapest analog synth on then market) you can use it to add a complete synth voice to your eurorack system!

The schematics and PCB layout for this project are up on my github page:

This work is partially based on DINSync's 2010 monotron CV mod:"

Rhodes Chroma CC+ Polyphonic Aftertouch Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

This is the one in the recent videos posted here.

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

GSE 101E Output Expander for 101-VCO Quick Demo (Roland SH-101)

Published on Sep 24, 2019 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2019

Quick intro to my 101E Output Expander for my 101-VCO.
101E adds buffered, individual wave outputs from the 101-VCO.
I will show how to interconnect them.
And just a few things you can do with the expansion.

Links for more information...

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing."

"Output Expander for GSE 101-VCO

Companion module for the GSE 101-VCO.
Adds 5 buffered, individual waveform outputs.

What you can do with the 101E:
- Send each waveform to a mixer and give them different panning in a stereo configuration
- Use the Noise for percussion apart from what the synth waves are doing.
- Send two waves to a dual VCA, and use modulation to crossfade them.
- Send the waves to different filters, each having their own sequence.
- Toggle different waves using a 1x4 sequential switch, or the GSE Infusor-X, for wavetable-like effects.
- Send two waves to a sidechain processor like the Worng LRMSMSLR.
- and much more!

This module requires the 101-VCO and Eurorack +/-12V power for operation.

Available exclusively in my Reverb store

22 mA +12V
22 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
40 mm deep


Gotharman Releases Little deFormer 3 and Tiny LD Updates

Available at Gotharman's Musical Instruments, the update adds new resonator oscillators, smooth oscillators and microtuning. You can find demos here: New Oscillators, Resonators, Microtuning. Also see Gotharman's LD3: Color Of The Sky. Currently you can find all the demos and more on the first page for the Gotharman label. Posting the individual links for future reference as new Gotharman posts are sure to go up and make them more difficult to find in the archives.

Update 11.62 Details:

-New oscillator types: Smooth oscillators and Resonator oscillators.

-The 2 new oscillator types can be microtuned per key in an octave.

-More oscillator modulation destinations: Extra pitch modulation, Reso, Sample length and Portamento.

-Monophonic trigger system improved.

-Output Effects gain can now be adjusted.

Bug fixes:

-If linear envelopes were used, with different settings for each part, sometimes the settings of each part would interfere with each other, i.e. long attacks would appear on parts, that it was not supposed to. This has now been fixed.

Korg Volca Nubass Compact Vacuum Tube Bass Synth

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Korg Volca Nubass is a compact bass synth with vacuum tube based oscillators and a transistor ladder based filter. It also features a sequencer that is great for acid basslines.

The tubes have a nice gritty sound and the filter cutoff is the largest knob on the synth for easy tweaking. Since this is a Volca it is battery powered and easy to sync with all of the other Volcas. We added drums with the Elektron Digitakt, but used the internal sequencer on the Volca Nubass.

Volca Nubass available here:"

YAMAHA EX-1 Synthesizer/Organ

via this auction

Note the EX-1 is not the pre-cursor to the GX-1. That would be the "EX-42 (1970–1977, stage model, design origin of GX-1)" according to the list of Yamaha products on Wikipedia.

"This Yamaha EX-1 organ/synthesizer is one of the rarest synthesizers in existence, as it is rumored that less than a dozen or so were ever built.

The EX-1 is easily programmed for three overall patches using a slide-out front panel,and has polyphonic glide and, on the solo keyboard, a unique side-to-side movement for modulation.

The EX-1 features two fully polyphonic keyboards (with organ tabs and polyphonic analog synthesizer sounds) which can be slaved together, a top keyboard monophonic analog synthesizer which can be slaved to the upper organ manual, and a monophonic analog synthesizer bass played from the included pedals, or slaved to the lower keyboard.

Also included is an analog drum machine, auto chord accompaniment section, and arpeggiator.

This YAMAHA EX-1 unit is in great condition.

Manufacturing date maybe 1977-1978.

All the knobs, sliders, keys and pedals work perfectly.

Also included are two TX-III tone cabinets with 14x speakers (each), bass pedals and a original matching bench.

The features of this synthesizer are much too extensive to list here.

There are a few videos on YouTube that fully detail all of the capabilities of the EX-1 Just search for "Yamaha EX-1" and prepare to be amazed.

When released in 1977, the EX-1 had a $35,000 price tag.

That's $148,000 today when adjusted for inflation.

Don't miss your chance to get it for much less!"

A Polyphonic Minimoog?

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Sonic Freaks

"The MINI sampled is a sample library based on the most famous synthesizer of all time: The Minimoog Model D.

We have captured its rich and beautiful tone and created 105 "ready to play" presets of which the majority can even be played polyphonic.

To record our own Minimoog Model D we used the Universal Audio 4-710D tube preamp to add even more warmth to its sound. Instead of recording only a few notes from the Minimoog we mostly recorded all notes in all its detail.

We have captured the rawness of the Minimoog. Do not expect a polished sound which you can get with any kind of plugin. We wanted the quirkiness and awesomeness of the Minimoog reflecting in this sample library and we think we succeeded.

Watch and listen to the demo:
Bass & Pluck sound - 0:20
Pad sounds - 4:05
Synth & Keys sounds - 8:27
Leads - 11:36

Please note there are many more sounds in the library. This is just an overview of some of the sounds. For more info or is you like to buy the library please visit:"

TEST SERIES Oto Machines Biscuit Der Oto 3x Kaoss Pad Circuitbenders Sound Design

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

"Sound Design Experiments. Making digital artifacts and noise with OTO MACHINES Biscuit running in Der OTO mode with 2 stock Korg Kaoss Pads and a Circuitbenders modified Kaoss Pad.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Let's build the Make Noise O-Coast in VCV Rack

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Omri Cohen

"The Make Noise O-Coast is for sure one of my favorites. It's unique, colorful, and full of sonic possibilities so why not try and recreate it in VCV Rack :)

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Here are the patch and Strip files -"

How to sync Arturia Keystep with DAW (Logic Pro X and Studio One)

Published on Sep 24, 2019 2getheraudio

"In this tutorial video you'll learn how to setup Arturia Keystep controller, so the arpeggiator and sequencer follows BPM tempo of your DAW project (Apple Logic Pro X and Studio One are the examples covered in this video). This synchronization is performed with the use of MIDI Clock sent over USB to the Keystep from the Digital Audio Workstation.

The plugins featured in this video are:
K1CK Synth:
CL4P Maker:

Try the free demos today!

All our plugins are as low as $10 thanks to our Pay-What-You-Want model and 10% of the price goes to a good cause you select at checkout (watch until the end, to see how)."

Roland JD-800 Digital Synthesizer (1991) *The JD-X files*

Published on Sep 24, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: #Roland #JD-800 Digital #Synthesizer (1991)
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

The JD-800 is one of my absolute favorite digital synthesizers. perfect for soundtrack recording. I use the synth a lot for these works.

The track is a hommage to one of my favorite sci fi series in the 90s."

Patchblocks Midiblock Module And White Patchblock, Rare Synthesizer With Midi

via this auction

"Rare white patchblock in great condition. I have used the downloadable program from Patchlocks website to upload different effects and synths and all functions work. The midiblock can receive or send midi when connected to the patchblock.

Midiblock Module

adds MIDI functionality to Patchblocks | compatible with 5-pin MIDI cables | supports MIDI in and out | tough 5mm machined acrylic enclosure panels

Patchblocks Programmable Synthesizer

stereo audio input | stereo audio output | 2 channel digital input | 2 channel digital output | 2 assignable knobs | 2 assignable illuminated buttons | tough 5mm machined acrylic enclosure panels | USB chargeable LiPo battery | 10bit / 20K sampling rate audio - it sounds fatter than you expect!

Patchblocks White Patchblock , Programmable Mini Synth, Super Rare Synthesizer. Condition is Used."

Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer

via this auction

"Bright Screen, every key and button working perfectly Kawai K5000s. Why selling so low? The cosmetic damage to the housing near the MOD wheel and first key. When I bought this years ago it was damaged during shipping. I have yet to find a new housing chassis for the MOD wheel section so I taped it together. I will include missing pieces and half of the first key. That first key still works great btw, so does the headphone out floppy, mod wheels, and MOD buttons near that area. So this is purely cosmetic. Selling for hundreds lower because of this! Comes with about 6-7 floppy disks as well."

Moog Memorymoog SN 3400

via this auction

Solton Ketron Programmer 24s w/ OG Case and extra Italo Drum Eproms!

via this auction

Solton Ketron Programmer 24 - Custom Eprom Replacement video in the listing previously posted here.

"Built like a tank, this machine is a lockstep rhythm dream. With super tight timing, you can build an entire track from Italo rainbow waterfalls, to dank crusty acid jams.

The drums go a long way to provide the sound of the unit, digitial yet warm, but I am providing extra eproms to take it right over the top. These give you the heavy hitting Linndrum Bass and Snare, the iconic Drumulator Cowbell, and the greatest clap of them all, the Sequential Tom clap. See the linked Youtube clip for more details.

As you can see in the photos there is some ware to the front panel from what I am guessing were price tags. I have not had this unit for very long, but I've tested all of the outs and midi functions and they all are in working order. I could not test any pedal ins/outs as I don't have a set-up for those.

Aside from the Programmer I will include the Solton branded carrying case (bad ass!), a printed copy of the manual, original tinted "Made In Italy" key guard (also bad ass!), and the aforementioned extra drum eproms."

Moog Model 10 Modular Synth Deep Dive with Daniel Fisher

Published on Sep 23, 2019 Sweetwater

"The Moog Model 10 is a meticulous, limited-edition re-creation of the first compact modular synthesizer system created by Dr. Robert Moog in 1971. Engineered for portability, the Model 10 is housed in a road-ready Tolex-clad wood cabinet hand-assembled with 11 discrete analog modules, including three 900-Series oscillators, venerated for their magical sonic depth; and a 907 Fixed Filter Bank, acclaimed for its massive sound-shaping and timbral potential. The predecessor of the Model 15, the Model 10 design is focused on purity of sound and ease of use, while delivering the immense sonic depth and dimensionality you expect only from vintage Moog modular synthesizers."

New Mimeophon Feature: Clear All Zones!!

Published on Sep 24, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"Starting with firmware version MP70, the Mimeophon will let us instantly empty the sound out of all Zones by setting Mix and Repeats both fully counterclockwise."

Korg Volca NuBass Review

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Ask.Audio

Applied Acoustics Systems Introduces Ultra Analog VA-3 Virtual Analog Synthesizer Plug-in

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Applied Acoustics Systems

Introducing Ultra Analog VA-3 analog synthesizer plug-in—VST AU AAX NKS
Glory—Thiago Pinheiro plays Ultra Analog VA-3—analog synthesizer plug-in—Part 1 - 3


Ultra Analog performs as a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy, and remarkably versatile.

Ultra Analog VA-3 is a two-voice two-oscillator-bi-filter-plus-effects analog synthesizer with advanced editing options that achieve a sweet balance between familiarity and flexibility. Ultra Analog VA-3 ships with 1000+ presets taking full advantage of its state-of-the-art analog components.

Key Features
- Two-part multitimbral, stacked or split
- Top-notch analog modules and clever synth architecture
- Four performance macros per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls
- Factory library comprising more than a 1000 sounds by top sound designers
- Expansion packs

WHAT’S NEW IN Ultra Analog VA-3?
We have streamlined Ultra Analog and brought it to a whole new level.

ROLAND JUPITER 8 - Relaxing Ambient Music Soundscape | Synth Demo

Published on Sep 24, 2019 synth4ever

"A relaxing ambient music soundscape performed on Roland Jupiter-8 analog synthesizer, featuring lush Roland Jupiter 8 pads.

This Roland Jupiter-8 ambient music uses a simple repeating motif and effects from Source Audio Ventris reverb pedal to create a relaxing ambient music soundscape.

This Roland Jupiter 8 synth demo was filmed at in Montreal, Quebec (Canada)."

Music Thing Modular Pulses Jam (Turing Machine expansion)

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"Not being entirely sure what to do I plugged the Pulses into as many triggerable things as I could find. The melody is also generated by the Turing Machine. It's a really interesting module that requires a bit more thought and experimentation than this video shows but just plugging it into stuff is fun!

I built Pulses from a kit including SMD components - check out my video of the build."

Modular DIY 08 - Music Thing Pulses - tackling SMD

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"In this build of the Pulses I tackle the tricky task of manually soldering surface mount devices (SMD). Come and see me fudge around with a soldering iron and discover how easy it is.

Intro - 0:15
Having a look at the bits - 2:19
Tackling the surface mount resistors - 4:00
Tackling the surface mount IC - 20:38
The rest of the kit - 24:42
Testing it out - 29:56
Final Thoughts - 33:10"

Quick & Dirty Chopping w/ Microgranny 8-Bit Sampler

Published on Sep 24, 2019 The Daydream Sound

"A super easy way to chop your samples on the Bastl Microgranny with an external controller like an Arturia Keystep."

20 09 19 Scrotum Lab - Tresses 01 (heavy modulation)

Published on Sep 24, 2019 batchas

"I added some modulations and external effect while finishing all tests on Tresses.

Tresses is an adaptation for BugBrand and FRAC modular systems of Mutable Instruments Braids, an open source project made by Emilie Gillet."

20 09 19 Scrotum Lab - Tresses 02 (heavy modulation)

Published on Sep 24, 2019

"I added some modulations and external effect while finishing all tests on Tresses."

Techno jam with the Shuttle System

Published on Sep 24, 2019 TheEndorphines

"Dedicated mute buttons with either momentary or quantized to the bar modes anyone?"


Published on Sep 24, 2019 SHINGA instant techno


For the first time in about 20 years? Wonder?
Revitalized groove box! I bought it immediately and tried it for the time being! The review is next time!


I believe the MC-808, released in 2006, was the last Roland box to have the Groovebox moniker. The MV-8800, released in 2007, was a "Production Studio." Source: Groovebox on Wikipedia (someone needs to add the Synthstrom Deluge to their list).

Mark Steiner - Instrumental

Published on Sep 24, 2019 Mark Steiner

"Playing modular and wind synthesizers."

Roland Jupiter-Xm iArpeggio Patterns + FANTOM Synth solo

Published on Sep 23, 2019 gattobus

"Just a little improvisation with the new Roland Jupiter-Xm and Fantom.
Every sound you hear comes from Jupiter-Xm (Drums, Bass, Pads, Arpeggios) Everything was played in real time except for the solo part that was played and added later.
Audio recorded straight to my audio interface, no cheating, no FX and no other parts were added in the mix.
Recorded and mixed using Ableton Live 10.
Headphones or a good pair of speakers recommended.

The patches I used in this video are factory presets.
Jupiter-Xm: SCENE 5-10 'Upside Down'
Fantom Z-Core: PR-A Tone 0067 'Wizard Lead'

Patch n Tweak

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