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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Superlative SB01 Is Ready

via Superlative

"After a summer of continued development and polish, we were able to push the design of our synthesizer beyond what we had already imagined.

This new model represents an upgrade in every dimentions: from a machined aluminum chassis to a full day's worth of battery life, along with a completely new visual identity."

"Picking up where the golden age of analog synthesizer design left off, Superlative is building electronic instruments for the next generation of musicians. We believe that the best in electronic instruments is yet to come.

Our synthesizers are engineered and built in the U.S.

We want to design products that last - both in their original design and with the goal that their repair and maintenance be as transparent as possible."

Kickstarter launches tomorrow at 1PM.

Additional pics below. Be sure to click on them for the full size shots.

See the Superlative label for additional posts including demos.

Elektron Analog Rytm sequencing the Novation Bass Station II, Korg MS20 mini, Behringer Model D

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Glo Phase

"Apologies for the hard pan on the model D. I forgot that the stereo tracks on this mixer don't run mono before recording."

via @GloPhase

"taking advantage of the latest #analogrytm OS update: now can sequence externally:… @WeAreElektron @matrixsynth"

See Analog Four & Rytm OS Upgrade

Synthomania 2019 Synth Event Set for New Braunfels, Texas October 26

via Synthomania

"Synthomania is a synthesizer exhibition and swap meet hosted by Syntaur. We’re putting dozens of rare vintage synths on display, and you get to spend quality time with them. If you can't bear the thought of going home without a certain keyboard, don't worry, most of the synths on display will be for sale. (And we accept PayPal and all major credit cards.)

For Synthomania 2019, we're also putting live music in the backyard of Syntaur headquarters. You'll have great synth jams scoring your Syntaur hangout, and when there's no booked musician playing, if you're feeling up to it, you can step up for a jam session. It’s a family-friendly environment, so bring along the spouse and kids.

With some fantastic door prizes - like a set of four Korg Volcas! - you may just be going home with a new treasure. But aside from just the gear, Synthomania is also a great place to hang out with synth fans! With so many enthusiastic players in front of so many amazing keyboards, you'll never run out of things to talk about."

The Smallest MIDI Synth Again... - Now with FM

Published on Oct 18, 2019 mitxela

via H-Pi Instruments

"H-Pi Instruments has teamed up with mitxela (the genius behind the world's smallest MIDI synthesizer) to bring you FLASH, the world's first and only very-tiny MIDI-powered polyphonic microtonal FM synthesizer. Two years in development, this little 16-voice wonder fits in your pocket and doesn't require a power supply. Just plug it into a standard MIDI OUT port*, plug in your headphones, and away you go!

FLASH features unlimited dynamic General MIDI microtuning for ease-of-use with 16-channel polyphonic tuned output from TBX2, TBX1, and Tonal Plexus TPX keyboards, and also features a mini UART-programmer which allows you to assign unique microtonal tuning tables to each of 16 MIDI input channels for full microtonal output compatibility with literally thousands of standard MIDI controllers as well as multichannel controllers like MIDI guitars and MIDI organs without a tuning device, not to mention advanced 2048 unique-pitch-output for the Tonal Plexus and other microtonal controllers like the Microzone, Axis 64, and Terpstra keyboards. Of course you can also use it as a normal synth with normal tuning ... if you're into that sort of thing.

The FLASH UART-programmer interfaces via USB with Universal Tuning Editor (UTE) cross-platform software (free license included), so you can edit tunings and upload them to the synth. Firmware is also user-upgradable via the programmer, so features can be improved or added at any time."

See the H-Pi Instruments label below for more.

New REON Driftbox S III Synthesizer

REON Driftbox S III Synthesizer DEMO Published on Oct 21, 2019 ozashikiTECHNO

"New product REON driftbox S MK III
'drift stick' Analog Synthesizer DEMO"

Original for comparison via unyo303 flickr.

You can find the original featured in previous posts here.

Elby Serge ES23 Sequencer-Programmer 4mm

via this auction

via Elby Designs:

"The ES23/ES24 Sequence-Programme is a Serge inpired multi-stage sequencer. Unlike most sequencers, this one makes no use of binary counters. Rather, it uses a set of individual stages, each one directly accessible. As such it could be considered to allow "random access".

The number of programming stages can be increased in blocks of 4 by adding one or more ES24s.

Features include the ability to be used as a push-button manual programmer and/or as a multi-versatile sequencer. The length of sequences can be programmed interactively via the pushbuttons: thus sequence lengths can be changed in performance while a sequence is running. Other sequencing capabilities include RESET, UP/DOWN, HOLD pulse inputs, and a switch to START or STOP the sequencer.

The [PULSE] inputs allow triggers from other modules to turn specific stages on. These inputs require a logis signal greater than 3.5V.

The [Common Pulse] output goes high and remains high while a push button is pushed.

The [All Events Pulse] gives a trigger pulse on any change of stage.

Each stage includes a skip/stop feature. In the [NORMAL] position the stage activates in its sequential position. In the [STOP] position the stage refuses to activate causing the sequence to stop at the stage before, where it will remain until either the sequence is reversed or some other manual override forces the sequence away from the stage. In the [SKIP] position the stage acts as if it was not there, the following enabled stage activating on the next clock pulse. These modes of operation are independently settable in the both the [UP] and [DOWN] directions.

The real power of these shorter length Sequencer Programmers, however, is their use in tandem with one another. Two sequencers are more interesting than one.

They can be phased one against the other with the same or separate clocks. They can be patched to interact with each other, providing an incredibly varied palette of rhythmic patterns. A master unit can control one or more slave sequencers, resulting in highly controllable flurries of tonal sequences being modulated both harmonically and rhythmically."

Jen SX1000 Synthesizer Analog mono synth

via this auction

Dubreq Rolf Harris Stylophone White

via this auction

Elektron Octatrack / Vermona DRM III / Doepfer Eurorack / Eventide Space /SERAPHIM

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Jay Frederick

"SERAPHIM / Elektron Octatrack / Vermona DRM III Analog Drum Machine / Doepfer Eurorack Modular Synth / Eventide Space Reverb"

Walking grave stuffing - eurorack ambient techno modular jam with pittsburgh sv-1

Published on Oct 21, 2019 sector

"A little jam at Gibbiuna archeological site in pantelleria. There are 4 tombs carved in rock in the VII centurz by the byzantine"

Marc Chouarain presents the Crystal Baschet (Rare Instruments)

Cristal Baschet Published on Oct 18, 2019

This one was spotted and sent in via Gerard. Click here and scroll down for a few more posts featuring the Crystal Baschet.

"Created by the Baschet Brothers in the 50’s, it’s a marvellous musical instrument and piece of art. I play it on soundtracks I compose (« Breathe », « Galveston » by Mélanie Laurent) and with my band ANiMEiTiD. Enjoy listening !

More info : baschet@org"

SynthFest UK Mystery Kit is an Upcoming Drum Machine from Row Seven

See the update in this post.

Custom Rackmount Yamaha SS-30

Spotted this one on

"When I started this project I had a simple aim. I have expanded on that scope now, but the basic idea was to put the whole SS-30 into a rack-mount case, with MIDI. I have had MIDI working since last year but the front-panel was temporary. It was a proof-of-concept and not something I wanted to really play. Not ready for the studio.

As of last night, I have achieved what I set out to do. An SS-30 I can play in my studio from a MIDI enabled rack mount."

You can find pics of the Yamaha SS-30 in the archives here.

Quick Tip: Noise Hi-Hat Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"In this quick tip, we break down how to make a hi-hat sound on a Eurorack modular synth.

You will need:
-a trigger source (clock, sequencer, keyboard, etc.)
-an AD envelope generator (ideally exponential)
-a white noise source
-a highpass filter
-a VCA
-some extra modulation (from an LFO, random source, sequencer, etc.)

The patch:
-white noise output to highpass filter input
-highpass filter output to VCA input
-exponential envelope with immediate attack and short-ish decay
-trigger source to trigger input of envelope
-optionally, modulation source to decay time of envelope
-VCA output is the hat sound

Classic analog hi-hat sounds are pretty easy to synthesize. By running white noise into a VCA and opening the VCA with a snappy AD envelope, you can simulate striking the hat with a drumstick. With shorter decay times on the envelope, the sound will be closer to a closed hi-hat; with longer decay times, you can simulate the sound of an open hi-hat.

By modulating the decay time, it's possible to create patterns that shift between more open and closed sounds. Additionally, running the sound through a highpass filter before the VCA will help to clean up the low-end: experiment with different cutoff frequencies and resonance levels for finer tone control."

Easel Patch Teaser

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Todd Barton

"working hard on my next Easel Patch of the Month for my patrons at New patch to drop November 1.

Behringer MS-101 BEST Analog Mono Synth 2019 MS-1 SH-101 FM Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Rik Marston Official

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#behringerms101 #rolandsh101 #analogsynthesizer
Behringer MS-101 "BEST Analog Mono Synth 2019"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

Behringer MS-101 "BEST Analog Mono Synth 2019"
My opinion of course! But for what has come out this
year the BEHRINGER MS-101 (MS-1) wins my vote!
For the "bang for the buck" value it checks every mark,
and the new additions make it so more powerful!
The build is SOLID. It feels good to play. A++++++++++
***Collector's ALERT!!!***
Get one with the MS-101 LOGO before they all sell out!
These will be worth a bit more money in the future!
More MS-101 video demos are on their way!!

Recorded into Ableton LIVE with NO FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!
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More Synthesizer Demos
Ambient Chill Zen Music
Electronic Dance Music
Space & Meteorites
Rik Marston

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They are all UNDER $19.99 and AWESOME!!!

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

Korg 800 DV Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 5547

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Keyboard Synthesizer Model 1000 SN 3398

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro-8 Vintage Analogue Synth

via this auction

"This synth takes its internals and body work from the better known Split-8 synth from Sequential Circuits.
This electronic keyboard is an 8 voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analogue synth with the ability to split or layer two oscillators.

One of the most notable oddities with the Pro 8 is that you can filter FM one patch with the output of another when stacked in double - this creates some very unusual and unique sounds.

There isn't much written about this synth as it appears to be more popular in Japan then US or EU. (The twin siter split- 8 was more widely distributed in these area.)"

SynthSpa Modded Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Synth has been modified by SynthSpa. Allen did a fantastic job and replaced from plastic to wooden side panels, blues LED’s, blues LED screen, light up pitch bender, poly meter and replaced the original 2 prong power supply input with a 3 prong. Keyboard comes with a beautiful SKB hard case and X stand."

Korg PE-1000 Vintage Analog Synthesizer in Excellent condition

via this auction, also on Reverb

Korg Prologue or MS2000?? True Analog or Virtual? Direct Sound Comparison **NO TALKING**

Published on Oct 21, 2019 MR TUNA Music

"The Prologue is Korg's flagship analog synthesizer released in 2018. The MS2000 is Korg's virtual analog synthesizer released in 2000. They share a lot of the same features of design as they are both subtractive 'analog' synthesizers, but does the sound of the MS2000 hold up to the Prologue??

I try to keep them as close as possible, but there is a lot to stay mindful of.

Which do you prefer?"

Gecho v2 Liquid Resistance

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Gecho Loopsynth

"An experiment to see if Gecho in its least environmentally protected format 'Acrylic Sandwich' can endure having drinks spilled on! Just remember to cut off the power quickly / take out the batteries if installed, and rinse it with water to remove sugar, salt etc.."

Why the Vermona qMI 2 Quad MIDI interface is excellent

Published on Oct 21, 2019 SamiRabia

"All the stuff I like about the qMI 2!"

Analog Four & Rytm OS Upgrade

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Elektron

"The #AnalogFour and #AnalogRytm MKI and MKII are leveling up! Boasting a substantial OS boost – 1.40 on the Analog Four and 1.50 on the Rytm – this world-class duo is flexing their Elektron superpowers more impressively than ever before. Welcome to extra performance control, added sequencing potential, and increased machine power.

Read more and download the #AnalogUpgrade at"

Have You Ever Heard The Korg Delta?

Published on Oct 21, 2019 Learson Peak


Line 6 Verbzilla
Boss DD-20 Delay
Boss CE-20

Studio Tour: Ham Plaza - synths a plenty

Published on Oct 21, 2019 sonicstate

"Ham Plaza is the name of the project that Ben works under. A lifelong self-confessed synth nut, he's what you call an enthusiastic hobbyist.

Fortunate enough to have a day job that supports his habit, Ben uses synth time to completely disconnect from the day to day pressures of work, he calls this "being in the flow", which is the place you can get to when time stands still and you are in the moment when creating.

I think we can all identify with that feeling.

Some really lovely pieces in Ben's home studio collection, some of you may recognise the Memory Moog from our recent FIVE MINUTES WITH series, there's also many other classic: Juputer 8 , Minimoog, Steiner Parker, 2600 and an OB-X to name a few.

For links to Ben's musical projects see below:

AH NAWEE - latest release:"

SH-101, Juno-60, Drumulator 10/20/2019

Published on Oct 20, 2019 SynthMania

'80s ditty with disco cat
Roland SH-101: bass line
Roland Juno-60: chords and arpeggio
E-mu Drumulator: drum machine
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10: additional brass, bells, toms, cymbals

Patch n Tweak

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