MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

MATRIXSYNTH Cap at Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine Public Works SF Performance

Nice pic in via Synth Addict :)

"Hell of a show on Sat.night in SF, and the Matrixsynth custom cap was representing. I saw several Matrixsynth official t-shirts there as well.

We are legion... :-)

Cortini had a great Buchla, etc. set synced with some very artistic videos.

Devine was sheer madness, as expected."

And for those of you more interested in the performance (sheesh!), Synth Addict took some video but has yet to review and upload them. "Videos will be posted soon if they actually turned out OK."

Note this is a custom hat and I do like it! You can find a smaller font military style hat here, original baseball cap here, and finally, a trucker hat here. More MATRIXSYNTH bling here.

Prophet REV2 Cinematic Electronic Soundbank - FREE

Published on Nov 18, 2019 lucafrancinimusic

"Audio reel of my 32 custom patches for DSI Prophet Rev2 synthesizer.
The styles covered are Cinematic, Sci-Fi and Electronic. Price of the bank: FREE!
I accept donations via Paypal if you really enjoyed it.
To download the soundbank send me an email: lucasoundbank at"

Behringer Parent Company Music Tribe Acquires MONOPOLY Trademark

It looks like a MonoPoly by Behringer is coming. You can find previous trademarks by Behringer here, and the initial list of synths Behringer had on their radar here. Still waiting on that SYNTHI clone...

via Justia (note the slash in Mono/Poly is missing):

MONOPOLY - Trademark Details
Status: 641 - Non-Final Action - Mailed
Image for trademark with serial number 88280492
Serial Number88280492
Status641 - Non-Final Action - Mailed
Status Date2019-10-11
Filing Date2019-01-29
Mark Drawing4000 - Standard character mark Typeset
Attorney NameE. Russell Tarleton
Law Office Assigned Location CodeM50
Goods and ServicesMusic synthesizers; Modular music synthesizer instruments, namely, electronic audio modification equipment, digital sound processors, apparatus for electronic processing of sound, and synthesizers
Classification Information
International Class015 - Musical instruments. - Musical instruments.
US Class Codes002, 021, 036
Class Status Code6 - Active
Class Status Date2019-02-21
Primary Code015
Current Trademark Owners
Party NameMUSIC Tribe Global Brands Ltd.
Party Type10 - Original Applicant
Legal Entity Type99 - Other (limited company (ltd.)).
AddressPlease log in with your Justia account to see this address.
NameE. Russell Tarleton
AddressPlease log in with your Justia account to see this address.
Madrid International Filings
Entry Number1
Reference NumberA0088177
Original Filing Date USPTO2019-07-30
International Status Code408
Madrid History Events
Date Code Description
Trademark Events
Event Date Event Description

Korg Prologue Volumes I & II (V2) Presets by Robust American Patches

via Robust American Patches

"The (V2) update is free for all existing owners of the (V1) release! Korg recently updated the Prologue OS to Version 2 which unfortunately played havoc with most of our patches when using a controller with aftertouch. The newly added midi aftertouch was assigned to the LFO depth by default and this managed to turn nearly every sound into an absolute mess. We just happen to love aftertouch here at Robust American Patches and we use it quite extensively in most everything we do. So, we couldn't let things stand like that. We went back and added usable aftertouch assignments to practically every patch in Volumes I and II. Then we changed a few things that bothered us with the original release. We also created brand new patch list files that put the old patch lists to shame. Finally, we added 5 extra patches for a grand total of 135! Many of the patches have been totally re-worked and no longer resemble their (V1) counterparts. This prompted us to include both versions of the patches with every purchase. We've been very busy creating all new demonstrations for the (V2) update and we've just added a short demo song with stems."

Vintage Bernd Haller of Vermona Alpha 5 Computer Rhythm?

Here's an interesting piece spotted and sent in via M Me. It is currently listed here. It appears to have been built by Bernd Haller of Vermona in 1981. This is the first one to be featured here on MATIXSYNTH.

Googlish translation from the listing:

Help Fund the The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation & Support a Trip to NAMM

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

It looks like we have another foundation dedicated to one of the greats of synthesizer history. The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is currently seeking funding for a trip to NAMM on Indiegogo. Above is a video from Alan R. Pearlman's daughter Dina Pearlman.

"About the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation & ARPchives

My name is Dina Pearlman. I'm the daughter of the late Alan R. Pearlman, inventor of ARP Synthesizers - groundbreaking electronic synthesizers that changed the face of music forever.

Why It's Important

Since the death of my father in early January, I have seen overwhelming evidence that there needs to be a thoroughly reexamined history of his work because his story and that of ARP Synthesizers is relevant to the history and understanding of modern music.

Even more importantly, because of the high cost of education and vintage electronic music instruments, we want to offer opportunities for musicians, particularly young and underfunded musicians to have educational and artistic opportunities - something that Alan was passionate about.

This is why the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation was formed - to honor his legacy as an inventor, a musician, an entrepreneur, an engineer and a mentor... to make his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and help inspire future generations to imagine and create through charitable projects.

Getting Started

Before we can start our projects, we need to get the word out about our Foundation and our Mission.

We have been given an opportunity to introduce the Foundation to the music instrument industry at the hugely popular NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show this January. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us. At NAMM, the foundation board members will promote the Foundation, its mission and its charitable projects to electronic musicians, engineers, potential donors and the press.

How You Can Make a Difference

As the Foundation is in its infancy, we are seeking funding to cover some of our costs of attending the show: that includes tradeshow booth expenses, marketing materials, and travel expenses for three of our board members. We need help from people like you! Music lovers, synth lovers, creators and believers in perpetuating educational and creative opportunities. As the Foundation is still applying for 501(c)(3) status, we cannot guarantee a tax-deductible contribution.* However, we can offer some fabulous incentives!"

Find them on Indiegogo here.

GS Music Apollo / Zeus Synth - First in USA - Sean McKee Plays Leads

Published on Nov 11, 2019 Sean McKee

"Emmy nominated composer Sean McKee demos the synth by playing some lead sounds. Sean is playing the synth on albums with Jon Anderson and the band ZAP, featuring Ike Willis from Frank Zappa's band and Chip Z'Nuff."

GS Music Apollo

Lexicon of Love

Published on Nov 18, 2019 zack dagoba

"I got some new bits and pieces recently, and here are a few of them that I am exploring: Roland Jupiter 4, Dynacord TAM21 Stereo Flanger and the awesome Lexicon Prime Time ll - can't believe it's taken me so long to own one of these beasts. I'm in love..."


Published on Nov 18, 2019 zack dagoba

"I had the Spring Reverb tanks replaced on the Serge! So heres a little ditty to celebrate"

Roland JU-06A Editor and Controller VST and Standalone

Published on Nov 18, 2019 mller30161

"You can buy it for 5,90 € / $6.90 on my homepage:

Hi, here is my new Midi Editor and Controller for the Synthesizer Roland Boutique JU-06A.

It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST , AU and Standalone.

The „JU-06A“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored in your Song.

With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled."

More from mller30161

MOOG One-Analog Seq-Graal7

Published on Nov 18, 2019 graal7

original song by graal7 use
moog one step sequencer and sound
matrixbrute step seq and drumbrute
juno 6 bass

coagulant - euorack techno jam with squarp hermod

Published on Nov 18, 2019 sector

"A little techno jam in Linosa island at Faraglioni point"

Vintage MOOG Minimoog Model D Synthesizer With MIDI

via this auction

"Legendary MOOG Minimoog Model D Synthesizer - Just Completely Serviced And Midi Retrofitted

Fitted with brand new keyboard / brushings and mod wheel

Completely overhauled inside and out 6 months ago"

Kawai K5000S w/ Enhanced Memory, Disks, and Very Rare Book on Additive Synthesis

via this auction

"Functionally perfect working like new and cosmetically excellent. Side panels and pitch/mod wheel housing is still perfectly intact with no cracks. No visible blemishes in sight - a beautiful and truly museum condition example of this rare and underrated sound designer's dream. This was Kawai's final synth and quite easily their best sounding, deepest, and most complex and powerful product. The keybed is arguably Fatar's best ever, including beveled rounded edges on the black keys, sophisticated aftertouch and velocity response, and luxurious action. Backlight is still bright and blue. Has the final OS v4.03 installed and comes with a collection of OS and sound expansion disks. Also has the rare ME-1 memory expansion option installed doubling its onboard RAM and adding two additional banks "E" and "F" including the official "Enhanced Memory" sticker. Plus throwing in an extremely rare book on additive synthesis covering intro to advanced sound design that I've seen sell for $300 just by itself. This is the definitive K5000S bundle. You'd be hard pressed to find a more ideal and ultimate package."

Roland JX-3P "Kiwi-3P" (installed kit from Kiwitechnics) with wooden sides

via this auction

Designing A Eurorack Sequencer Part 8: New panel, Patch memory, Performance effects

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Extralife

"In this installment we fabricate a new front panel for the Super Sixteen using the toner transfer process, and then take a spin with some of the new advanced features it sports, like patch memory, scale selection, swing timing, and a gang of performance rhythm effects."

You can find previous videos in the series here.

DIY analogue synth project (VCO PCBs Linear FM X mod)

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Adamski A.

"Just a quick share on a feature I missed in the first video of the Advantage 03m VCO board capabilities.
It's not the most musical of demos by far , more to give you a partial taste of what is possible within the Advantage 03m system cross modulation set up."

SP1200 Collection - Sample Pack by Goldbaby

Published on Nov 18, 2019 GoldbabySamples

For more audio demos and info:

"Return of the Boom bap. The SP1200 and SP12 are legendary 12 bit samplers that were pivotal to the development of Hip Hop production. Their gritty warm sound is still sought after today.

As with the new MPC60 Collection I have gathered all the samples from the old SP1200 Vol 1 and 2. Many of these have been re-tuned and remastered. Plus I have added a whole heap of fresh new samples, dirty warm drums, tasty synths, FX and instruments. You get drum machines, real drums and percussion, vinyl style drums, synth FX, synth keys, synth chords and hits, vox sounds and more... the SPs were hungry so I took them to an all you can eat buffet!

It's time to get skilled in the trade of that old boom bap!

4140 x 24 bit samples recorded from the SP1200 and SP12 through high end studio gear. With kits for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Ableton Live, EXS24 and Geist. Also available as 16 bit wav for some hardware samples.

Those who already own the SP1200 Vol 1 and Vol 2 are entitled to a substantial discount. Each pack owned will get $15 off... so if you have bought both you can get the SP1200 Collection for only $9. Contact me with your proof of purchase via the contact page to get the discount."

Radiator at ILDA 2019

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Neon Captain

"Performing with the Radiator Laser Synthesizer live at the 2019 International Laser Display Association Conference"

Neon Captain was co-created by Andrew Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Audio. See the Neon Captain label for more.

Wedding Day - Learson Peak (Official Music Video)

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Learson Peak



Korg Delta
Strymon Volante
Boss CE-20
Boss DD-7
Vocals - Rode NT-1a
POS drum kit"

Orla DSE 24 Live Random Ipad Jam - 1986 FM Dynamic Sound Expander Made in Italy

Published on Nov 18, 2019 VSMI

"Orla DSE 24 (solo) - 1986 FM Dynamic Sound Expander Made in Italy - Live Random Jam with NodeBeat HD, Fugue Machine, AUM on Ipad2, Farfisa MC49 Controller Keyboard, Montarbo DREV 128 echo effect."

You can find a few pics of the Orla DSE 24 in the archives here. I believe this is the first video/audio of one to be featured on the site.

LPZW.modules TRAM8 1U & 3U Eurorack Modules

LPZW.modules TRAM8 jam Published on Nov 14, 2019 kay k

Our new 1U #eurorack module
MIDI from the BSP Drumsequencer to 8 Voices:
Prok BD
Mutant Clap
TOM909 low & high
Akemies Taiko
HH909 closed & opened

1U version

"MIDI to Gate+Velocity converter module. Trigger (Gate) eight drum voices in your rack from your external sequencer.

Intellijel 1RU format but alternative panels available (3U 5HP or 1U Tile)
8 Gate outs
8 corresponding Velocity outs
3.5mm auto crossover TRS MIDI Input. (type A or type B outputs without adapter)
Internal MIDI Thru for daisy chaining multiple Tram8s
12bit DAC up to 10V output on the CV outs (stock firmware sets 5V max for Velocity of 127)
Backside switch for direct 5V bus or internal 5V regulator (from +12V rail) power supply.
Alternative firmware to be loaded via MIDI SySex available soon (8 different Clocks and 8 clocked random S&H outs)

Left: Alternative 3U 5HP version.

Arturia MICROLAB - Complete Track in Action!

Published on Nov 18, 2019 LFOstore

"#Arturia #MicroLab #Lfostore #Chronos #NickKlimenko


Recently we got a wonderful compact midi keyboard from our friendly french parthners - Arturia.

MicroLab is lovely, usefull, solid build & offer you lots of possibilities.

In this video i'm showing my passion for 25-keys Orange Baby & making entire track using suited Analog Lab Lite software synthesizer.

Our Arturia Soundsets & Presets:
My music:
Audioschool :


Behringer Teases New EDP WASP Clone

"Oh, and one more thing... Uli BEEringer"

ULT SOUND DS-4 Toyo Gakki Used Drum Synthesizer SN 970139

via this auction

"This drum synthesizer was released by Toyo Musical Instruments in the 1980s.
It can be put into a drum set and can be used to produce a very effective sound from that of the 80s.
It will be guided by the missing pad, sound source and AC adapter.

* All maintenance has been completed at the repair shop.
Accessories: AC adapter, top cover"

MacBeth Elements Silver

via this auction

"Sounds amazing and perfectly functional. Excellent condition except minor discoloration of the patina on the touch activated keyboard, which occurs naturally from playing."

Vintage Prophet 5 Rev.3 MIDI Synthesizer SN 2360

via this auction

"Vintage Prophet 5 Rev.3 MIDI Synthesizer Keyboard W/Transformer Manual Hard case"

KORG MONO/POLY classic analog synth with MIDI SN 370238

Published on Nov 11, 2019 The Vivid Press

"Basic functionality demo of this MIDI fitted Korg Mono/Poly currently up for sale on Ebay. Filmed on my phone, so don't expect award-winning visuals, just a run-through of how it all works. Thanks for watching."

via this auction

Korg PE-1000 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"In excellent condition. Lid is not included. Overall the unit is in great cosmetic condition. There are some minor scratches and cosmetic wear but nothing major. All functions are working well, all keys and sliders are functions without any problems."

Korg Polyphonic Ensemble PE-1000 SN 770441

via this auction

"Korg PE-1000 analog synth. In good working condition with great range of effects, good key and slider action, though two presets (strings/percussion treble) have intermittent volume issues"

Korg Trident Mk I 1980

via this auction

Roland V Synth

Published on Nov 18, 2019 Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"I have a brief chat about my Roland V Synth as well as playing around on it!"

Nice custom black panel Alesis Andromeda A6 as well.

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai Synth vids

Wolfgang Palm - PPG Infinite Realtime 3D Spectrum Display

Published on Nov 18, 2019 WPalmWT

"Originally this was just a 3D performance test. But when I checked out different sounds, I thought it might be interesting for musicians and especially 'PPG Infinite' users."

Modal Electronics 002 vs 008 short comparison of basic saw and pulse string patch

Published on Nov 17, 2019 synthlegends

"Basic string patch comparision. First saw wave with 4 Pole Filter, second 1 Pole Filter, third Pulse Wave with 1 Pole Filter. No Sub Oscilators used and no drive.

After this short test I conclude as follows:

- The 002 can produce quit warm sound also with NCO instead of DCO
- The 002 overall has a bit a brighter and more soft tone than the 008
- The 008 sounds more fizzy and quite dark
- I like the resonance behavior of the 008 more than of the 002
- in the first sound, the 002 was a bit louder, it was louder in 24 dB, but less loud in 4 dB, overall I had to set the volume of the 002 much less than in the 008. The 008 has an overall bigger headroom.

What I didn't figured out in this test:
- The 008 has 15 different very musical filter types. The behavior of the Drive Switch gives different characteristics to the different filter, so you have a gigantic sound palette only with the filters
- I prefer the drive in the 008
- The 002 shines with the digital waveforms for a complete different sound range

It was only a short test, I will compare more of the two hopefully soon in another video.
This video will not give any advice, which of the two are better. I think, both have their strengths and weaknesses. I always loved my 002. The 008 I have here since 3 days in my studio, but my first impression is, that it is a fantastic synth with a lot of character."

OP-1 - how do i remove usb noise?

Published on Nov 18, 2019 teenageengineering

"sometimes usb noise can be introduced when a usb cable is connected to the OP-1.

to remove usb noise, press and hold shift and the com key. from here, press T4 to reach option mode. turn the blue encoder to toggle usb charging on or off. after a few seconds, this will remove or significantly lower the usb noise.

you can also use a ground loop isolator. connect the line out from OP-1 to the input of your isolator, and from there, connect to your speakers or headphones. this will effectively remove any ground loop noise, while still allowing usb charging to remain on."

Dungeness Current

Published on Nov 17, 2019 MrSharps02

"been listening to cavern of anti-matter a lot lately so i figured id try my hand at a track in the style of tim gane, way harder than it sounds it turns out.

lots of eurorack bits in this, the motorik beat, bass sound, brassy swells and guitaresque plucks are all from the rack. digitone provides organ sounds and sample and hold chords. analog four has some analog bips and boops and those shimmery pulsed chords that show up from time to time. everything is sequenced with the octatrack or eloquencer and the ot also provides a few drums and fx flourishes.


Patch n Tweak

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