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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Easy Programming pt 3 - Ambient Probability Choir // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Ron Cavagnaro

Intro 0:00
Init Peformance 0:38
Making 2 Time Steps & Probability 0:47
Choosing Samples 1:14
Octave Down Sample 2:11
Crossfade Demo 2:29
Probability For Sample Steps 2:48
Reverb 3:02
Amp Envelope ADSR 3:23
Extended Improv Ambient Choir Demo 3:46

Ron Cavagnaro Wavestate posts

Track: 1989 - Synthwave (Digitone, Yamaha EX5, Novation PEAK, ZOOM R24)

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Floyd Steinberg

A new track from supporting member, Floyd Steinberg.

"Here's a #synthwave song made on the #digitone , #yamahaex5 and #novationpeak

The synth parts were recorded realtime, as can be seen in the video. Guitar and vocals were added later on the #zoomr24 , where it was also mixed and mastered. All synthesizers are recorded as they are, using their internal effects only. My vocals were processed through a TC-100 Talk Box, then a MS100-BT ("Drive Delay"), then a slapback delay (Source Audio Nemesis) and a Nonlinear Reverse Reverb (Strymon BigSky). The rythm guitar is a VOX Starstream, Humbucker pickup, through a Strymon Sunset pedal."

Render Videos by RoyaltyFreeTube
used under the Creative Commons License"

Synthplex 2020 Spooked by Coronavirus Now Set for Halloween

via Synthplex:


The new dates are during Halloween weekend. Looking forward to the costumes. Should be interesting!

Nord Wave 2 Synthesizer - Live at Kraft Music

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Nord Wave 2 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Nord Wave 2 is a versatile 4-part performance synthesizer offering exceptional possibilities for layering both classic waveforms and samples, combining virtual analog, samples, FM, and wavetable synthesis with an intuitive layer-focused interface. Four independent synthesizers in one, Nord Wave 2 features a 61-note keyboard with aftertouch, 48-voice polyphony, a wide range of performance features, and hands-on effects. Nord Sample Editor 3 streamlines the process of mapping, looping, and transferring samples."

Funk Keyboardist Nigel Hall On the Virtues of the Minimoog (that could be yours).

Published on Mar 10, 2020 moogfoundation

"Enter to win the Minimoog signed by Herbie Hancock here: The raffle ends on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 11:59pm (ET)."

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho SE

via this auction

"What was once a tiny yellow box with a lot of analog attitude, grew up to be a sleek black keyboard with way more hands on control and the same great sound. This monosynth was essentially a single voice from the Prophet 08 (hard to believe that was 12 years ago already!) with 2 analog VCOs each with a sub oscillator fed into the classic Curtis Lowpass Filter (switchable between 2 and 4 pole)"

The Human Comparator TTSH (Arp 2600 Clone) Semi-Modular Synth Rev 2

via this auction

"There is a lot of talk right now about the ARP 2600, and the TTSH is partially to blame for that. Offering a smaller, DIY solution (or pre-built like this one was from companies like Laurentide Synthworks) to a synth based around the sound and functionality of the original legend.

Used in really good condition. Some light scuffs on the outside of the case. The finish on the metal is very susceptible to scuffing and light scratches so if you need to have pristine gear this might not be the case for you. All sliders and their LEDs function properly."

Kawai SX240 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Looks like SN 8804

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Beaterator PSP Synth Only - Dark Sci-Fi Cinematic Soundtrack

Published on Mar 10, 2020 ChrisLody

"I think maybe tonight's upload has been inspired by the continual bombardment of Covid-19 news because it turned out pretty damn dark and very dark sci-fi soundtrack score sort of thing.

So everything here is coming from the synthesizer in Beaterator on PSP including the reverb. It's pretty damn good, I don't use it enough really. Beaterator can play 8 channels of 3 oscillator monophonic synths at once with plenty of editing. It also has some pretty decent effects with automation including a decent reverb.

I've tried to create some string/orchestra/modern score type of sounds from scratch so they're all my own patches."

Korg Wavestate Sound Compilation

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Korg

"Here’s a compilation of some of the sounds from the new Wavestate synth by Korg. Below are descriptions of the patches heard in the video:

Audio Spa – Quick twists of the Mod Knobs create immediate and dramatic changes to the Wavesequence.

Candy for Elle’s Shoes – A few twists of the Mod Knobs dramatically change the rhythmic pattern and effects on part one of this two-part Performance, and adds LFO modulation to the pads on the second part.

Chop it Up – A great example of how you can use the Mod Knobs to affect selected parts within the Performance, in addition to the default modulation settings.

Iceland Piano – An eerie, pulsating piano dances harmoniously with a light arpeggio-like Wavesequence, fused with a lush pad. Mod Knobs change the pitch and repetitions of the Arpeggio, as well as the samples, brightness of the piano.

Wasted Hip Hop – A freeform beat exploration with the Mod Knobs yielding realtime variations to the to beat, step repeats, and sample pitches, while the Vector Joystick brings parts in and out.

Rando 1 – Roll the dice to see what happens! The wavestate’s Randomizer, indicated by a “dice” icon, makes sweeping changes to any Performance by modifying parameters. You can also edit modifier % or choose which aspects of the sounds are modified, to refine or completely unleash the randomizations.

Rando 2 – An especially “strange” Randomization; somewhere between Whale song and a post-apocalyptic movie score! Thankfully, you can save Randomization to user locations, of which there are plenty!!

Rando 3 – This Randomization thing is just too cool. Check out this aggressive beat with underlying pad. The Mod Knobs are doing their part also!

Synth Komper Arp – A perfect blend of Wavesequencing and Arpeggiation. Mod Knobs control the master effect wet/dry, Wavesequencing samples, and pitch to create endless variations on the theme."

Beginner's Patches V - Drum Synthesis - Bass Drum

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"

You can find additional posts featuring supporting member, Omri Cohen's tutorial series and performances here.

from Stefano Bertoli on Vimeo.

川明かり chapter VIII 死


All music created with an Organelle M
All videos created on a IphoneXS running lumafusion

chapter VII

New piece from supporting member, Stefano Bertoli.

All parts here

SSI2140 (new SSM2040) Filter on Gotharman's Tiny LD

Published on Mar 10, 2020 gotharman

"Showing some possibilities with the amazing new SSI2140 filterchip, installed in Tiny LD. Thanks so much to Sound Semiconductor for supplying the SSI2140 samples."

Lord Drumatix - Trip from Planet KNAL to Earth

Published on Mar 9, 2020 FizzFunkTV

"Lord Drumatix (a member of Fizzing Funksters) is the Leader of Planet KNAL. KNAL is a Planet, Free of POP Music.
All current residents of KNAL are bots/machines whatever you want to call them (they are NOT Human). BUT.................KNAL is soon accepting HUMANS as Visitors or Residents, if you would like to know when please follow Fizzing Funksters.

NOTe:- this will make more sense when our new track is released, and no, it has nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus.

Machine Used in this Transmission:- Roland SH-3a"


Published on Mar 10, 2020 Time_Controlled_Organism

"Nu full track to be included in my next release soon on Bandcamp"

Roland MX-1 Editor, Controller as VST and Standalone Version

Published on Mar 8, 2020 mller30161

"You can buy it on my homepage:

Price: 5,90€ / $6.90

Roland MX-1 Controller easy to automate!

The Roland MX-1 Editor / Controller is an VST and Standalone controller for the Roland MX-1 Mix Performer.

With the Roland MX-1 controller you can record the movements of the Roland MX-1 Mix Performer, so you can edit a mix or create a live set. The automation of the controls is saved with the DAW project.

- It is perfect to integrate the Roland MX-1 into your DAW.

- You can safe your new Mixer- Setting as VST Presets (..fxp)in the DAW.

- With the X-Y-Pads, all Parameter can be selected and controlled.

- It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac 64 Bit as VST, AU and Standalone.

Price: 5,90€

Infos and Download on the Homepage:"

impOSCar Programmable Music Synthesizer VST w/ Original Box

via this auction

"impOSCar Programmable Music Synthesizer VST GForce PC Mac software

The original OSCar synth was used by artists such as Vince Clarke (Yaz, Erasure), Ultravox, and Stevie Wonder, to name but a few. This software version gives you access to those same vintage tones at a fraction of the price!"

Just be sure it's compatible with your OS/system.

Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V Wavetable Synthesizer VST in Original Box

via this auction

"Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V Wavetable Synthesizer VST Steinberg PC Mac

The original PPG Wave was used by artists such as Depeche Mode, A-Ha, Alphaville, David Bowie,
Gary Numan, Psychedelic Furs, Tangerine Dream, Talk Talk, Tears For Fears, and Thomas Dolby, but to name a few. This software enables those vintage tones at a scant fraction of the price!"

Just be sure it's compatible with your OS/system.

SOMA laboratory Lyra-8 Green

via this auction

"Soma Lyra-8 in rare green color with custom knobs in excellent shape. Comes with original power supply and packaging."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ Branded / Etched Side Panel

via this auction

"Well cared for and several upgrades. The gligli OS chip has been added, expanding functions and improving them. A friend made me some nice new wood ends a few years ago with the SCI logo laser etched into them. All keys, knobs, buttons, and switches function as they should without issue. It has been studio kept and babied its whole life, only a few cosmetic scuffs to the paint here and there."

Oberheim Matrix 6 SN 702017

via this auction

"Oberheim Matrix 6 original 1985 poly synth.

The synth is in glorious condition and was serviced in Jan 2020. The LCD screen is crystal clear and cosmetically the synth is in really great shape for its age.

The Matrix 6 has been restored to factory presets."

Oberheim Matrix 1000 + Access Programmer

via this auction

OP-Z in Vegas! Master track transpose tip

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Gaz Williams

"I had two hours spare in a hotel room in Las Vegas so I thought I’d make a quick video about my little traveling companion, Teenage Engineering’s tiny powerhouse the OP-Z. In this video I demonstrate how the master track can transpose the note tracks in a very musical way. I place chords on the master track which force the other chords I entered on the chord track to mutate!"

2 Acid Techno tracks using #pureacid app in AUM live

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Alex Fain

Spotted this one on discchord.

"I made this little live act using 3 Pure Acid App (AUV3) in AUM
The Kick and the Hh Open goes out like sub out.
Track 1 is the drum
Track 2 and 3 are Pure Acid.
Main effect using Turnado App
All is triggered using the Akai Midi Mix controller via midi learn
In this way you can do the same for hours using the patterns.
This app is very power and the sound is the same of the original 303 BassLine"

Casio CZ1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer Overview & Tutorials by Runningonair

Published on Jan 7, 2020 Runningonair

Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 1 - Overview
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 2 - Sound Generation
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 2 - Extra - Waveform Derp?
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 3 - Envelope Generation
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 4 - Ring Modulation
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 5 - Noise Modulation
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 6 - Performance Controls
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 7 - LCD/OLED Display Replacement
Casio CZ-1 Phase Distortion Synthesizer - Part 8 - Patch Backup/Restore over MIDI using MIDI-OX

Roland JU-06A (JUNO-60) - 64 CUSTOM PATCHES

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Alba Ecstasy

Available 👉
64 #ambient #patches for #RolandJU06A - model JUNO-60.

ALM022 - SQUID SALMPLE - Deep Dive 2 - Oscillators, Slicing & Sequencing

Published on Mar 10, 2020 ALM TV

"The ALM Squid Salmple is a powerful 8 channel Eurorack sample player and recorder that has more than just a couple tricks up its sleeve. Due to a flexible design it is possible to turn the Squid in to an echo, pitch shifting and multitap delay, live looper, wavetable oscillator, CV generator and sequencer, sample and hold, drum slicer, pseudo time stretcher and more! Here we examine some patches relating to the creation of oscillators, pseudo granular loops, drum slicing and sequencing. Future videos will explore other techniques and ideas."

ALM Squid Salmple posts

Utopia / CV-Audio Manipulator - CHROMATIC MODULES by Dreadbox

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Dreadbox

"An extensive demonstration of the DYSTOPIA Chromatic Module by Yiannis.

4x Attenuinverters
Offset Generator (+/- 10V)
4 to 3 Mixer (it can also work as a buffered splitter)
Voltage Controlled LFO with range from 30sec up to 440Hz
Pulserizer effect (will distort and convert signals into a square wave)
Power Consumption: 40mA @ +12V , 27mA @ -12V
23mm depth

Additional posts on DYSTOPIA

Music Technology Mag. Jul '88 | What Was In It?

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Espen Kraft

"Support this channel on Patreon:

July 1988 - Music Technology with a very nice interview with Scritti Politti, among other things.

Find the ADs here: [pictured below]

Read the whole issue here:"

Espen Kraft Magazine posts

Zoom G1Four Digitone

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Elpiulas

"In case anyone may be interested I have connected Digitone to the Zoom G1Four effects processor through the effects Send/Return. What do you think about the effects, the quality? Keep in mind that the Zoom G1Four costs 60 euros only. Apart it can also be used for distortion and amp modeling."

Arturia MatrixBrute - A Vintage Glimpse (one synth song)

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Alba Ecstasy

"Arturia #MatrixBrute. Revelation of the century!


I wasn't in such good terms with the MicroBrute, but now, the ladder filter of the MatrixBrute puts me in a state of ecstasy 😁 😜 (pun intended!).

This track/video is based on two previous recorded tracks: a sequence and a bass line and a "live" recorded pad/lead - all custom #ambient #patches.

I just wanted to depict a (simple and short) Berlin School track of the 70's-ish, entirely made with the MatrixBrute. The sequence that ends the track is a crazy one: the LFO2 is modulating the delay's rate, LFO2 is modulated by the LFO1 - modulated as well by ENV3! Whaaat?!

Yes, this is how this monster runs!

The ratcheting effect on the bass line is obtained by manually switching the pattern from 1/16 to 1/32.

A little bit EQ and mix for more headroom, but the character of MatrixBrute is all in there!

Hope you'll enjoy!"

Jamming Along The Heartbeat

Published on Mar 10, 2020 Perplex On

"Pulsesensor connected to the Fieldkit driving a solenoid which is beating against a piezo. This sound is routed to the iPad loaded with Impaktor to transform it to a pulsing sinewave sound. Added a drone sound with Mononoke synth and projected blood vessels animated in realtime according to the actual pumping signal."

Industrial Instruments at the Design Museum

Published on Mar 10, 2020

Forward to 3:30 for some Buchla bongos. It does get interesting.

"Video reports from the 'Industrial Instruments' event at which we exhibited in February 1, 2020.

Live performance at the Design Museum (London) featuring prototypes that represent a reinterpretation of musical instruments in a modern context."


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