MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Modcan A Series Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Cynthia Photon interface * 2
Cynthia anything module
Cynthia Dark Star chaos
Cynthia psycho analog shift register
Cynthia programmer
Cynthia dual adsr * 2
Cynthia twin wasp filter
Cynthia filthy filter
Cynthia 6 input mixer
Cynthia gate sequencer

Cynthia large power supply
6 Cynthia six pack module holders

Modcan a follower 45a
Modcan triple vco 70a
Modcan dual video 62 a
Modcan noise / S&H / ring 07 a
Modcan CV recorder 57 a
Modcan low-pass Filter 02 a
Modcan for pole low-pass 14a
Modcan 4075 filter 36a
Modcan cem low-pass 29a
Modcan interface 25A
Modcan for VCA 31a
Modcan dual LFO 05 a

Sputnik waveform generator
AC gristleizer DLX
AC Russian module filter

Dark Souls - Hard Techno - Elektron Digitakt - Moog Subsequent 25

Mauricio Maisterrena

"Hard Techno performance using the Elektron Digitakt, Moog Subsequent 25, Art Audio TransY (analog compressor), edited in Ableton Live. Cutscenes from Dark Souls 3 video game."

Midnight Jam #6 (Moog Sub 37)


"Playing live with the Sub 37 and a Launchpad.
Hope you enjoy :)"

Roland JX-3P: Velocity sensitive mode

Rainer Keizer

"In this video I'll show how to make a Roland JX-3P synthesizer listen to MIDI velocity, making it much more expressive. The 3P normally doesn't do anything with velocity, neither from its keyboard, nor from MIDI.

The intro song also features the 3P: the stabbing chords in the beginning, and the strings @00:19 .
I've made the cabinet myself, so I could house 5 keyboards in as little space as possible, yet play them easily because they're on full extension drawers."

Roland JX-3P: Follow-up on velocity sensitive mode

Rainer Keizer

"This video shows my quest to find out if it’s possible to get the velocity sensitive mode to work on a stock JX-3P, using the Roland V4 ROM."

disquiet0441 - river stones - MLR with microphones and IPad synth


"Disquiet Junto Project 0441: Three Stones

This weeks Disquiet Junto is

Step 1: Find three stones from one location.
Step 2: Consider how the stones can be thought to connect (physically, historically, culturally, psychologically) with where they originated, with a sense of region, of place, of terroir.

Now 1 is kind of easy I live at the edge of the English Lake District. Mountains and Sea. I picked up Three River stones on Saturday on our wanderings and was thinking about 2. People tend to think about the Lake District as a natural landscape but of course nothing could be further from the truth. First of all when Stone Age and then Iron Age man arrived here it was covered in trees. Those people set to work in the landscape right away - not just clearing but also working the stone. High in the Langdale valley is a place where green stone axes were made. They seem to have been ceremonial and have been found all over Europe. In Queen Elizabeth the first’s time Copper and Silver were mined here. Slate has been an export for a long time too. As we head towards the coast the abundance of Iron Ore helped the burgeoning ship building trade blossom.

So Industrial Beauty…..

A video and a recording"

Just a Minute - Travelling with Euro Easel and Moog Subharmonicon

Stefan Tretau

"A self-generating ambient patch with nice little (dis-)harmonic shifts that are just tiny enough to be beautiful in a sense."

Synth Guitar Tones

Synth Guitar Tones "I am the Universe" pt.1


"All you're about to hear was recorded using guitar, pedals and a few fx plugins. #electroharmonix , #earthquakerdevices ,#subdecay , #digitech

Pedals: Electro-Harmonix POG2, Electro-Harmonix SuperEgo, Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay, Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz, Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander, Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter, Subdecay Prometheus, Subdecay Octasynth, Digitech Dirty Robot

Plugins: Eventide BlackHole, Eventide Ultratap, Sinevibes Multitude, Output Movement, Fabfilter Timeless2, Soundtoys Crystallizer"

Ambient Guitar pt.1 EHX Synth9, EHX SuperEgo, EHX Attack Decay, Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter

"All you're about to hear was recorded using guitar, pedals, fx plugins and few percussion samples.
#electroharmonix #earthquakerdevices #ambientguitar

Guitar: Fender Fishman Fluence Stratocaster

Pedals: Electro-Harmonix Synth9, Electro-Harmonix SuperEgo, Electro- Harmonix Attack Decay, Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter.

Plugins: Eventide BlackHole, Soundtoys Crystallizer, Native Instruments Raum, Sinevibes Singularity, Sinevibes Multitude, Output Movement"

LP Elektro - My Love


Synth spotting video in via @deejayiwan:

"some synth music from Serbia / Balkans... Korg MS-20 and Juno-60 in quite an Sci Fi video #music #Korg #electronicmusic"

Video description:

"Check out the brand new video ‘My Love’ - from the upcoming album ‘We Have To Talk’.

Pre-order the album at:"

Russian Valve Synthesizer - Eternal Engine EMI APPARATUS


"Its a Brand New Valve Synthesizer All the way from russia :D/"

More demos here

"The Scarf of Sorrow" by Hiroshi Miyagama, from Space Battleship Yamato


"Live take of The Scarf of Sorrow with a Moog One original string patch."

Novation Peak & Eventide H9 (Resonator)


Total Morph • A sound morphing experiment from Wolfgang Palm


"A little experiment I did recently.
Please note: this is just a test.
I cannot say yet whether this will grow into a new product.
Anyway, I thought it might be interesting."

Roland Jupiter-Xm Fantastic Juno Strings ZENcore Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

#rolandjupiterxm #rolandjupiterx #rolandzenology
Roland Jupiter-Xm "Fantastic Juno Strings"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland Jupiter-Xm has arrived & I LOVE IT!
Fantastic Juno Strings in action! So awesome!
Many more videos are being filmed & are on their way!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Athena" 172g Moroccan Stone Chondrite
Super cool vibes!

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with no extra FX!

Update: one more:

Roland Jupiter-Xm Beautiful Dark Juno Strings ZENcore Synthesizer Rik Marston

【エレクトーン演奏】Yamaha Electone D85 Disco Jam (individual outputs, delay)


"Recently I added separate line outputs to my Electone D85. I have outputs for three main channels (Left, Center, Right) and additional drums output taken before volume control, so I can remove them from main outputs and apply effects separately.

This video is a little test. I'm using those outputs to record in stereo and apply delay.

From 03:00 onwards there's delay also on drums."

Ambient Live Performance - Arbhar, Morphagene, Magneto, Microcell, BIA, Nebulae, O Coast, VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -
I also created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -

Here are some patch notes:
- I have a field recording of birds in the woods in VCV Rack, going through some reverb and delay.
- I'm sequencing the O Coast and the Basimilus with the Keystep Pro, and I also play the Felt Instruments Piano and Cello with it in VCV Rack.
- I use Magneto in Sample mode, recording my Kalimba, Flute, and Voice onto it, and it's going through Flame in VCV Rack.
- I'm recording the Cello and Piano onto the Morphagene, which also goes through Flame in VCV.
- I have one Freak set with Braids in PRTC mode, and this is going through Microcell in Granular mode.
- I'm also using my voice with the Microcell.
- The mic is going through the 2HP Freez first, which is not always active.
- I'm using the built-in mic of Arbhar to record different sounds into it.
- I have different recordings on Nebulae like guitar, metallophone, my son's toy piano, and it's going through the ReduXer from VoicAS, which I also use for level control, and it's going also through the Disting with a reverb algo.
- The Basimilus is going through LedRover from VoicAS for extra crunch and level control, and from there it's going once directly to the mixer, and once through another Freak in HP mode and from there to the Mimeophon.
- The O Coast is going through the Chronoblob2 in VCV Rack.
- I also have some modulation going on in VCV.
- There's also a vocal sample in VCV that I prepared and sampled.

I'm using DistroKid to distribute my music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. By signing up through this link you will get 7% off and will support this channel :) -

Here's my latest release on Spotify, iTunes, and more -
Also on Bandcamp -"

REmindER Review // Stereo and Quadraphonic Rhythmic Delay by Enjoy Electronics // Full tutorial


0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
2:10 Connectivity
3:15 Power delay
5:15 Double pulse
6:55 “VU” meter
7:35 The Filters
10:30 Working modes
11:25 Normal/Add
12:55 Change
13:40 Trig threshold
15:50 Talkover
16:30 Fractional add
17:20 Reverb
18:55 LFO
20:45 Quad options
22:00 Quad swirl
24:25 Misc options 2
5:15 Functional set
25:50 Pros & cons
29:35 Outro jam

See the Enjoy Electronics label below for more.

Ouroboros Lumen Spatial Voices • Gestural Synthesizer Demo

Ouroboros Electronics

"Lumen Spatial Voices:
The third instrument the Lumen series of one-off gestural synthesizers.
This one is the most complex of the three - consisting of two individual triangle wave oscillators which are panned hard left and hard right in the stereo field while in their default states. The knobs adjust the base frequencies of the oscillators, and the sensors control the rate at which they are gated and step through individual two-tone intervals. The three switches cross-modulate and affect the two voices in different ways via frequency modulation, timbre modulation, and overdrive while also drastically changing their relative positions in the stereo field. Percussive transients, stepped tones, stereo ripples, and complex modulation from chaotic and noisey to soft and subtle. A compact and expressive instrument for performance techniques and experimental sonics in the vein of west coast synthesis. A demo video is now up on Youtube. It is powered by a 9v battery, and the enclosure is made from Purpleheart and finished in boiled linseed oil with a powder coated steel bottom piece. This instrument is now available for $200 + $15 shipping within the US. To order: email"

Podcast 330: Stephan Schmitt


"Talk about a career! Stephan Schmitt started his journey into audio development by making noisy object as a kid, then got into electrical engineering to work on large format consoles (which is where he took on software...), then co-founded Native Instruments, creating Generator/Reaktor. After years with NI (including the development of Spark, Skanner and Kontour), he set off to work on his ultimate project: a keyboard player's dream synth, called the Nonlinear Labs C15.

In our chat, we talk about his history through the creation of NI, how he finds the synth voicings that are his signature development, and how the C15 fits into the world of modern music playing and production. Along the way, we also learn a lot about the things that (according to Stephan) make a synth 'expressive', and how this can benefit the live synth player.

Super fascinating, and a chance to learn the history behind the earliest days of virtual synth development, and the on-going work creating a niche hardware device. Check out Nonlinear Labs at"

#CLAVIA NORD WAVE 2 - Best #Synthesizer 2020 | Sample Engine | Sound Demo - Part 2


"Here you can find some sound examples of the sample engine of the #clavia #nordwave 2. Some keys, strings, brass, wind, bass synth, some played with layer or split. #bestsynth2020 - Have fun."

Part 1 here

Vintage CRB ELETTRONICA TANZANITE Synthesizer Combo Italian Organ

via this auction

This appears to be the first one to be featured on the site.

Presets: Melodia, Trumpet, Sax, and Violin.

Roland MC-09 Phrase Lab Modeling Synth with Sequencer and Looper

via this auction

"The Roland MC-09 "PhraseLab" is a Roland synthesizer, described as a Roland TB-303 emulator featuring an effects processor and a 4-part phrase sampler."

PAiA 2720 Analogue Modular 1970s Synthesizer

via this auction

"For sale is a vintage PAiA 2720 analogue modular synthesizer from the 1970s. It is in what consider very good condition for its age with minor cosmetic wear. It is completely fully functional & has every module option installed. Some keys do show discoloration likely from exposure to nicotine. However, the unit itself does not have a foul odor."

E-MU Systems Emax I SE plus Sampler/Baldwin Ike

via this auction

"This Baldwin IKE has been completely transformed into an E-mu EMAX 1 SE Plus running the latest operating system (OS 1.0 Plus), which allows for hard drive support via SCSI! This unit does it all!

Beautiful Blue OLED Display
Custom EMAX SE Overlay (contains all function/menu shortcuts)
Internal SCSI2SD Drive (4 "drives" on one SD card with 35 banks each; the first SCSI ID is fully loaded with a "best of" the Factory E-mu samples, the other 3 SCSI IDs are empty and ready for your creations!)
Loads entire banks in around 2 seconds
In addition to the SCSI2SD hard drive functionality, the 1.0 Plus Operating System contains all of the great/unique features of the EMAX SE Plus, including:

Spectrum Interpolation Synthesis: This provides a complete digital additive synthesizer. Up to 24 sine wave frequencies can be added to from Spectrums. These Spectrums can be placed at up to 24 time slice locations, so that the sound varies over time.

Transform Multiplication: TM synthesis imposes the harmonic characteristics of one sample upon a second sample to create a new sample.

This sampler is fully functional, and sounds like nothing else. I've listed it as Very Good for the following reasons:
There are a few cosmetic blemishes here and there, many of which I have captured via close-up image
The custom overlay fits perfectly, but the LEDs underneath are off center by about a millimeter; it is very minor, but worth noting
The bottom slider, which navigates through the menus, is slightly sensitive when at its lowest level/position; also very minor, but worth noting"

Roland Jupiter-8 w/ MIDI

via this auction

Korg 900PS Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 750052

via this auction
"The 37-key Korg 900PS, released in 1975, is a rare and interesting analog monophonic synthesizer with a variety of tone colors. The tones are tweaked via the multitude of controls on the front panel of the synth, providing a great tactile experience during performance. The 29 presets on this synth really cover a lot of sounds, including shamisen (!), clarinet, violin, white noise, synth bass, and more. Further controls for harmonics, attack/sustain VCA, portamento, and more allow for even more tonal customization. Don’t miss this rare synth in very good condition!"

Teisco 100P Monophonic Analog Vintage Synthesizer SN 1062

via this auction

"The 37-key Teisco 100P, released in Japan in 1979, is a fantastic little analog monophonic preset synthesizer. It features one oscillator with 32 sound presets (selectable by switches under the keyboard), with several usable and excellent sounds, in particular the bass, shakuhachi, and four synth tones. The 100P has a few effects included, and tone controls include a pitch-bender slider, a simple filter, portamento/glissando, modulation rate, and more. Two salient features of this synth are the reverb and aftertouch. These two effects really expand the sonic capabilities of this synthesizer. Overall it’s a nice little vintage analog synth."

Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 Analog Synthesizer + MPG-80 Programmer REV4 SN 450339

via this auction

YAMAHA TENORI-ON TNR-W Music Interface Synthesizer

via this auction


Tosh Ara

Update: video re-uploaded

And the original live:

YMO - Rydeen (Budokan 1980)

Tosh Ara


Martin Peters

"I recorded this video on the 3rd of May. But I was not sure if it was good enough to share. Since then, I have grown to like it more and more. The songs is very melancholic and kind of reflects the mood I am in lately. The solo reminds me somewhat of Dave Stewart in his National Health years. The song is very basic with only 5 tracks: the bass from the Modular driven by the Cirklon sequencer, 2 sequences generated by the NDLR driving the DSI Mopho and the Korg ARP Odyssey, the strings from the Roland JD-800 also driven by the NDLR and the solo in the Moog Minimoog. The Cirklon clocks the NDLR and also sequences the chord and chord-type changes.

The track was recorded live to multi-track in Studio One and I did some little mixing afterwards. Hope you will enjoy it.

The track is uploaded to Bandcamp. Search for Attorks and you will find it."

Roland Super JX10 & PG800: Pads machine for Bass Line…


"#roland #jx10 is an atypical situation for Itself:pads-machine for bass!
But we did it with my awesome helper - #pg800.
I created five different style bass lines with drums. I enjoyed programming this beautiful analog synthesizer!

All sounds
made by Roland Super JX10
*Except Drums
**Project by oRangeOfSound

PayPal: ( I am raising money on a videocam, now I am shooting on my phone."

Modal Electronics Skulpt Sound Demo (FREE PATCHES!)


"Headphones or quality speakers recommended. Sound demos of the patches in our free bank! Download them here:

0:00 - Play Me (KK)
0:50 - Low Motion (KK)
1:31 - Move Me (KK)
2:16 - Mod Lead (KK)
2:56 - Complex Arp (KK)
3:45 - Mod 2 FM (KK)
4:21 - Big Swell (KK)
5:22 - Time Warp (KK)
6:16 - FM Stepper (KK)
7:04- Clock Pulse (KK)
7:53 - Afterburnt (KK)
8:44 - Aggro Bass (KK)
9:19 - Tek Bass (KK)
9:49 - Kick / Tom (KK)
10:22 - MW Perf FX (KK)
10:45 - Liftoff FX"

Antonus Step Brother sequencing EMS Synthi A musical improvisation live


"Testing the first new Antonus Step Brother analog sequencer with orange "classic ARP" color scheme.

The intention behind that is to show that the EMS Synthi A can do some nice tonal music, with beatiful tones and living character. With the instrument properly serviced and calibrated is not difficult to do tune and be stable for long time once warmed.

Also Antonus Step brother shows its musical and dinamic properties for sequencing not only an ARP or Antonus 2600, but any voltage controlled synthesizer.

All the music is improvised and done live with no multitrack or post process, sorry for some unpleasant or too long moments... all sounds came from the EMS Synthi A synthesizer and the control for their different sounds (bass, sequence and percussions), and expression parameters are done with the Antonus Step Brother sequencer. This idea of sequencer is to be more a dynamic musical instrument rather than a simple note sequencer, focused in real time tweak and interaction.

Instruments used:
EMS Synthi A
Antonus Step Brother
Sony R7 reverb processor"

Korg Monologue, MicroFreak, Novation Circuit, Volca FM, NTS-1, Lone Rider

Korg Monologue, MicroFreak, Novation Circuit, Volca FM, NTS-1, Lone Rider part 1


"First part of a three-part jam, featuring the Korg Monologue, Arturia MicroFreak, Novation Circuit, Volca FM, and with Zoom MS-70CDR and Korg NTS-1 on effects.

My music on Bandcamp:

This jam was originally planned to be around 45 minues, with lots of different parts, and lots of different solos played live on the Monologue. All planned out over 3 sheets of paper with plenty of notes scribbled all over. I did record a 45 minute take, but wasn't happy with the performance so I decided to scrap it. And ... playing the whole thing live was kind of daunting, so I chickened out and decided to make this a three part jam with a common soundset and some common themes.

This is the first of the three planned parts.

Synare PS-1

Kory Westerhold

"Walkthrough(ish) of the Synare PS-1 I have for sale on Reverb. There’s only one other video of this on the internet, from like a decade here’s one more 😬 I didn’t really try to do anything particularly musical with it, but just wanted to give a sense of how it sounds and operates. Sorry the right side of the video is a bit out of focus!

This thing is quite the odd bird. Even though it’s from Synare, it’s not so much a percussion synth like the Synare 3. It’s more a straight monosynth, with 4 tunable multi-zone pads and a bunch of modulation routing. It has all has a pretty wild ring modulator that you can mix into the sound.

One thing I *haven’t* been able to figure out on this particular one is the noise. Not sure if I just don’t have the right sliders up or something but otherwise, it’s in quite amazing shape and sounds great for what it is."

via this auction

"Selling my insanely rare Synare PS-1

Even though it’s technically a Synare, this is the first model, and it’s not so much a percussion synth like the more widely known Synare 3—but more a straight monosynth, with 4 tunable multi-zone pads and a bunch of modulation. It has all has a pretty wild ring modulator that you can mixed in as well.

It’s in quite amazing shape, both physically and operationally, compared to how dried out and ratty a lot of these old “padded” instruments can get.

Be sure to check out the video I took of it below. It’s like 12 minutes long and I just kinda bang around on it, but you’ll get a sense of some of the dissonant tones you can get out of it.

It has this rad handle on the back/top, I guess so you could carry it on stage, as well as a mount on the bottom for attaching to a drum or percussion stand.

It also has high, low & headphone output on the back and comes in a super sturdy travel case (see pics) which is great, but it means it’s QUITE heavy. Just over 40 lbs in the case.

On the “why very good and not excellent?” Side of things, it’s missing a couple of slider caps on the front, and on the sound side, one thing I *haven’t* been able to figure out on this particular one is the white and pink noise. Not sure if I just don’t have the right sliders up or something but I haven’t been able to get the noise to play through the mixer. Otherwise, though, it’s in quite amazing shape and sounds great.

Shipping is gonna be quite pricey given the weight and size. Be sure to check the pics of the case and the picture of it on the scale...40.2lbs (and that’s before being boxed) so would be great to do pick up I’m person, but we can work something out on shipping for sure"


Patch n Tweak
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