MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, June 18, 2020

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

How To Synth Up the E.T. Theme

Espen Kraft

"Who else loves the E.T. soundtrack?
I've always felt strongly connected to this score and imo John Williams is a musical genius and he has the ability to connect what we see on the screen to the music he makes for it in a very emotional way. Very inspiring.

Support this channel on Patreon:

I wanted to make a little "synth" thing of the classic E.T. theme and mix that with some orchestral sounds, like the french horns.

Gear used:
Roland JX-8P - synth sounds
Roland Alpha Juno 2 - synth sounds
Roland S-10 - Bass
Yamaha DX7s - Electric Piano
Drums are coming off different drum machines
Orchestral sounds coming from Kontakt."

Perfect Circuit Chat with Walker Farrell of Make Noise Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Perfect Circuit

"Join us live Thursday June 18th at 6PM for a Perfect Circuit Chat with Walker Farrell of Make Noise! If you have watched many videos on the Make Noise YouTube channel you have probably gotten some helpful patching advice from Walker. He will be playing some music for us and we will chat about Make Noise and making noises with modular synthesizers. Our hosts are BBoyTech & Trovarsi.

Make Noise gear available here:"

Video Manual: Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Processor

Learning Modular

"This is a video manual I created with the help of Synthesis Technology for their new E520 stereo Eurorack-format Hyperion Processor. It features both updates of a number of classic effects, as well as new frequency and time domain processing tricks, all while keeping a very flat menu with a small number of powerful parameters – most of which have dedicated knobs and voltage control. Below is an index to the features:

00:00 demo of a few of the Presets
00:40 overview
01:12 front panel controls & connections
01:51 audio connections
02:33 Auxiliary output
02:46 menu & navigation overview
03:01 changing Algorithms
03:40 getting back to the Main menu
04:00 editing an Algorithm
04:58 Bypass to unprocessed input
05:07 Feedback & Wet/Dry mix
06:02 live controls
06:35 loading & editing algorithm-specific presets (Page 3)
07:38 external voltage control
08:35 Tap Tempo
09:40 Page 2 settings
10:36 internal LFOs
11:22 High Pass and Low Pass Filters
11:55 saving a Preset
12:46 Top menu
13:04 module-wide Patches
13:32 Preferences (including display options, Input/Output Levels, and Feedback Limiter)
15:17 SD card “whole module” save & load
15:23 UI colors
15:48 Utilities (scope, tuner, and more)
16:07 Dual Mono algorithm
16:15 conclusion

*Note that this video was shot using pre-production hardware and firmware (v.13 and .14). It was very close to the final version both, so shipping units should behave the same (with the exception that I set the display background color from blue to black to make it easier to read on video). Firmware updates beyond version 1.0 will of course introduce changes not covered in this video.

You can learn more at the Synthesis Technology web site:"

Roland Jupiter XM System 8 2 Jupiter Groove ZENcore Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

"The Roland Jupiter-Xm & System-8 in SYNC via MIDI!
Both synths are using Roland Jupiter-8 patches & sound GREAT!
The System-8 is MIDI Master & sending ARPs to the Jupiter-Xm.
The IArpeggio is ON and in SYNC with the incoming MIDI data. :)
Just like the old school days, I'm tweaking filters "on the fly"
Many more videos are being filmed & are on their way!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Paul" 72g North West African Stone Chondrite
He likes the FUNK!"

Roland RS-101 String Synthesizer

via this auction

"Overall great shape, all keys and controls work as they should, led power indicator does not light up but it doesn’t affect the sound or function in any way."

Roland RS-09 MKII SN 156384

via this auction

Neutral Labs Elmyra DIY drone synthesizer & friends - a collection of short sound snippets


"You can easily build this synth yourself (or buy it), see here:

This is a demonstration of the wide sonic palette possible with Elmyra. I'm using two of them in combination with various other synthesizers and effects units, such as Soma Lyra-8, Make Noise 0-coast, Tasty Chips GR-1, Moog DFAM and Mother-32, Elektron Digitakt and Analog Four, Mooer Ocean Machine, Jomox M-Resonator and a bunch of Eurorack modules.

If you're interested in a panel + PCB set, kit or build, let me know."

See the Neutral Labs label below for more.

Novation Introduces NEW Launchkey MK3 Full Size Range of Controllers

Novation introduced the Launchkey Mini MK3 back in September of 2019. They are now introducing four Full-Size Launchkey MK3 cntrollers, 25, 37, 49, and 61 key layouts. The above is a playlist of videos from Novation. Directly below is a live stream followed by an overview from loopop.

"Introducing the Novation Launchkey [MK3] - a totally revamped range of full-sized controller keyboards for making tracks in Ableton Live and with hardware. Launchkey [MK3] controllers come in four model sizes (25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key variants), and pack in more inspirational music-making features, more expressive pads and keys, and deeper Ableton Live integration than ever before.

Launchkey [MK3] is our intuitive and fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller for making tracks in Ableton Live, designed to give you everything you need to create and play your music. Made for creators of all abilities, the Novation Launchkey gives you inspirational tools to expand your musical vocabulary. Scale and Chord modes and a powerful arpeggiator push your musical creativity and help start new ideas. Custom Modes and a full-size MIDI output transform Novation Launchkey [MK3] into a powerful centrepiece of any music-making setup. Launchkey [MK3] is made to create."

Product Showcase // Novation

LAUNCHKEY MK3 Review and Tutorial // 25,37 vs 49,61 // Generative Arpeggiator by Novation explained

Four Model Sizes

Available in 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key variants, it’s easier than ever to pick the size that suits. 25- and 37-key models are perfect for mobile producers and performers, and for those in tight setups. 49- and 61-key versions are ideal for larger setups, and for those who want more keys, and greater hands-on control with faders and fader buttons.

Click here for additional details.

Valhalla Supermassive Plugin with Sequential Prophet 6 Analog Synth (with some Moog Matriarch)

Synthient Sound

"My third video about ValhallaDSP's Supermassive plugin (free!) featuring a Sequential Prophet 6 (and a little Moog Matriarch). I walk through a handful sounds from the upcoming Synthient Sound sound set for the Prophet 6 being played into Supermassive. If you appreciate my videos, please consider 'liking' and 'subscribing' which helps me. Thanks for watching! -Cryss

Download Valhalla Supermassive for free here:

Supermassive Modes:"

Live performance and patch rundown with Nick Biggelow of Patchwerks!

Patchwerks Seattle

Note this is the first post to feature After Later Audio.

"In this video Nick Biggelow (aka DJ WeakAcid) performs on his modular system live at Patchwerks! After his stellar performance Nick gives a thorough rig and patch rundown so stay tuned after he plays!

Find the modules Nick discussed here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Todd Barton: Kesh Walk In Music & Fund Raiser

Todd Barton

"Never before released Music of the Kesh track. I will make this available for one-day-only on Juneteenth, June 19, 2020 as a fund raiser for NAACP-LDF and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. 100% goes to these organizations. To be released on my Bandcamp for 24 hours June 19 at 12:00 am PDT."

And some additional information from Todd Barton's email list:

"Tonight at midnight on my Bandcamp and all day tomorrow I will launch a never before released, rare Music of the Kesh digital download track for a one-day-only fundraiser, Juneteenth, 2020. Please consider donating from $5-$25. Bandcamp will be donating its share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and I will be donating all of my share to @williemaerockcamp More on Willie Mae Rock Camp in a moment...

Recently I found Kesh-style piece in a pile of old cassettes earlier this week. Back in 1988 Ursula K. Le Guin asked me to write some new Kesh music for her presentation and our performance at Mythcon in Berkeley, California (see video). It was wonderful at that time to revisit the musical vocabulary we had created years earlier. This music was composed to be played while people entered the space that evening. I hope you enjoy this rare Kesh piece. And remember all monies go to support social justice and anti-racism: NAACP Legal Defense Funds and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

WMRC is a non-profit music and mentoring program that empowers girls, women and/or gender non-binary youth and adults through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

WMRC is the brainchild and guided by the multitalented LaFrae. I just love her energy, vision and musicality

And stay tuned for the upcoming Willie Mae Future Sounds Academy which will teach synths, afro-futurism and music technology to girls & gender non conforming youth in NYC.
Contribute please if you feel so inclined.

All best wishes and gratitude, Todd"

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F cover performed on analog & digital synths by Baloran, Sequential, & Yamaha

Sean Christopher Evoking Emotion with Synthesizers

"You know I just HAD to do a cover of this classic synth awesomeness, "Axel F" by the legendary Harold Faltermeyer.

The Baloran the River analog synth was used for the very memorable intro lead line, and the Sequential Pro 3 analog synth was used for the iconic bass line. For the tracks Yamaha DX7 parts I used the FM section of the Yamaha Montage....which is essentially a super DX7. Finally, for the percussion I used Aly James Labs awesome LM-1 which faithfully IMO recreated the Linn Drum LM-2 pretty spot-on that was originally used in the track."

Noises and Gloves on Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 and Ninja Tune Zen Delay

Wein Glas

"Weinglas is back! With lots of dark drones, noises, leather gloves, and wine!

And he explores previously unheard sounds of the Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 together with the Ninja Tune Zen Delay. Open air and in the 'studio'."

DANCING "TOGETHERE" : SYNTHR3 connected to all set up! (live session)


"This is the last SYNTHR3 video for June!
I'v been midi connected the SYNTHR3 to the MOOG Sub37 & Korg Electribe2 with a Prodipe Midi Merger on a MIDI Roland PC-70 controller for live session!
A90 Roland controls the Hansy Mister M, Retro One NRSynth & SE-1.
All works fine!
I' ve been programmed all sequences, Keys ranges (Upper, Lower)
All works fine !
All plugs into the MIDAS M32 mixer with diverses effects reverbs & delays
Happy day !"

Vintage 1970s Steelphon S900 SN 0450204

via this auction

You can find a video demo of one posted here.

"Extremely rare monophonic italian synth made in the 70’s by Steelphon.
Completely serviced and ready to be used.
2 oscillators. White and red noise, very fast LFO able to modulate the 1st and the 2nd osc and the filter.
Classic Moog style ladder filter.
2 envelopes, 1 for the filter and 1 for the amp.
Unique analogue preset storage system, consisting of 6 boards with trimmers that control the parameters of the synth for 6 different presets.
Separate CV in for the 2 oscillators, V/oct and gate.
This synth sounds very unique and organic. It’s extremely rare, it is believed there is no more than 30 units in the world right now, probably 100 ever produced.
Used also by David Bowie."

Abstrakt Instruments VS-1 - Technical Comparison

Abstrakt Instruments

"Technical comparison of the Abstrakt Instruments VS-1, the Oberheim OB-X, and the Sequential OB-6 - including the analog & digital aspects of each synth. It also covers the auto-tune implementations of six analog synths."

This one was sent in via swissdoc.

Beginner's Patches VI - Drum Synthesis - Snare Drum

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -
I also created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -

Here are the other videos in the series - [posted here]
Here are the patches -"

SoundsDivine 'Future Sound Waves' - Waldorf Largo Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Future Sound Waves' soundset for Waldorf Largo.
For more information, please follow the link below:"

KAWAI SX-240 | Analog Synthesizer 1985 | HD DEMO


"(c) 2020 by AnalogAudio1

Synthesizer demo of the analog synthesizer Kawai SX-240 from 1985.

I used an original Korg SDD-3000 for delay effects. All the sounds were programmed by me.

The Kawai SX-240 is a nice fully programmable polysynth with interesting analog sounds. Decent Japanese quality from the mid eighties era.
It has MIDI, 2 DCOs, 1 LFO, lowpass filters, 1 Highpass filter, 2 ADSR envelopes and noise. Ensemble effect (chorus), which make full string sounds possible. Useful unisono modes like Poly-8, Poly-4 or monophonic. Split and Layer capabilities. Built in sequencer. The filters are based on SSM chips as the Korg Polysix. Very underrated, it's capable of excellent synth sounds!"

PEARL SC-40 Percussion Synthesizer 8ch MIDI Trigger w/ Case & Cables

via this auction

MFB Synth Lite w/ Custom Wood Stand

via this auction

"MFB Synth Lite Analogue Mono Synth.

Great sounding dual oscillator analogue mono synth

In excellent condition and perfect working order.

Comes with power adapter and wooden stand."

Korg Arp Odyssey Synthesizer with Case SN 003315

via this auction

"Cool synth. Have toured with it, has been in clubs that were smoked in. Clean unit. No marks I could find on the synth. Case may have minor scratches , and the foam has a few scratch marks from my cat."

Minty Clean Roland Juno-106 w/ Extras

via this auction

Roland keyboard stand, What is MIDI guide, and original manual.

korg monotribe V2 w/ Custom Skin

via this auction

"korg monotribe V2. With power supply and special skin layout. Comes with original box and manual. Works perfectly. Shipping to U.S. only."

Kind of has the classic PS-3200 orange on black.  Doesn't look like it adhered flat around the edges.

Quasimidi Quasar

via this auction

"The Quasar from Quasimidi is a rack-mounted synthesiser module which was released in 1993. A synth that was satisfying to the Techno/House/Trance/Eletronica crowds of the day and also General MIDI friendly.

The presets and drum sounds eschewed the typical General Midi specification, which was in vogue at the time, in favour of electronic and trance techno styles. The Quasar included an arpeggiator, which was an unusual feature in 1993.

Largely a sample based machine with limited editing capabilities but enough to play with among it's 1,000 samples available for tweaking.

The synthesizer also features a robust set of effects from Chorus, vibrator to delays, reverbs, and vocoder effects."

Heathkit Sine-Square Audio Generator IG-5218

via this auction

" Vintage Heathkit Analog Sine-Square Audio Function Generator.
Dual banana jacks provide separate outputs for each waveform.
Works great, but I have not checked the accuracy of the tuning - It sounds pretty good to my ear.... perfect for for "droning oscillator" stuff, but if you want to use this as an actual piece of test equipment, it may need a recalibration. The PDF manual is available online.

Salvaged from a university clearout. Cosmetically, very clean, but has the schools name hand engraved in the top right of the front panel, and an ID # in the bottom right corner.


Contact (Sonicware Elz_1)

J. Dylan Proctor

"Having fun with a 5 tone phrase signifying contact and a close encounter. #sonicware #elz1 #8bit #8bitmusic #elz_1 #electronic #electronicmusic #fmsynthesis"

Digi OS Upgrades: Digitone Play Modes


"The Digitone Keys and Digitone now have Play Modes. Switch between: Poly, Poly with Mono LFOs, Mono, and Mono Legato, and choose your own adventure."

PVX 800 vs Polivox Sound Check Live Session

InfraDeep Electronics

"Great news! We had some fun while on vacation and decided to compare the sound of the PVX-800 and Polyvox. Well, they decided to record a video at the same time, because we were very asked to compare them. So what's the good news? And the fact that the processing of this live session has ended =) We have prepared for you several videos with both sound and improvisation. We hope you find it interesting."

See the labels below for more.

Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai - Synth Programming for beginners! w/ the Sequential Prophet-6

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"It can be daunting when you are new to synthesis to work out what does what. Here I talk you through the basic techniques of subtractive synthesis.

By the end of this video you will be able to get hands on with your synth/plug ins with confidence!"

Analogue Solutions Oberkorn MK1 w/case

via this auction

"In original stand alone case with power. Oberkorn itself is fully functional and has no cosmetic flaws."

Oberheim Xpander XP-1 SN G50706

via this auction

"Vintage Oberheim Xander Model XP-1 Serial # 050706 in great working condition."

Future Retro Orb x3

via this auction


via this auction


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