MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Alan R. Pearlman's wife Buena Pearlman Has Passed Away

In case you missed it in this post, Alan R. Pearlman's wife Buena Pearlman recently passed away at the age of 93. The post has been updated with an obituary from Levin Chapels

Alan R. Pearlman passed away on January 5, 2019

Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"A high water mark for glassine pads, premier brass stabs, and surprisingly present basses, the Roland Juno 106 is well deserving of it's status as a classic synthesizer. All voices have been refurbished, this is a fully working specimen, with all sliders and pots cleaned and working wonderfully. Physically, this is a synth which shows it's age and use, but operationally this Juno is a superior sonic experience.

*Please note, 2 slider caps are missing, however they are fully functional. Includes new replacement AC power cable."

E-MU Emulator III EIII Keyboard Sampler Synthesizer with SD v6.0 Internal drive

via this auction

With "BRAND NEW Internal SCSI2SD v6.0 emulator drive and works flawlessly.

The External SD extension cable is placed on the floppy drive rest bay where you can interchange either of the (2) 16GB SD cards loaded with E-III Sounds I've collected for over 20 years!!!!!

Includes pictured Manuals and Brochures

This ONE has very very low mileage since the over 20 years that I've owned it and has been kept in a non-smoking clean environment."

Roland Jupiter 6 Analogue Poly Synth

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

1978 Roland SH-2 with Original Box

Station 2Station

via this auction

"This is a very clean Roland SH-2 analog synthesizer circa 1978. It includes the original box.

This is the asian market 100v version which I use with a converter but that is not required. In the demonstration video in the gallery I was running the synth plugged straight into the wall in the US. I'm not going to give technical recommendations on whether our not you should use a converter but I have friends who do not with no issues whatsoever...for decades. Roland power is very robust. But that's for you to decide."

Pics of the inside below.

Sequential Synth Tips #10 with J3PO / Julian Pollack: OB-6 Side-Chain Compression Technique


"Welcome to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, pianist Julian Pollack aka J3PO demonstrates how to set the amp and filter attack on the OB-6 to achieve side-chain compression type effects."

You can find J3PO at

Sequential Synth Tips

Sequential Pro 3 & TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2


Flippn' Grooves Novation Monostation Pack by Yves Big City

Isotonik Studios


By combining drum & synth patches together, you will discover the taste of the analog groovebox flavour …so get ready for some unpredictable groovy results.

Who wants some LOW end ?

Using the paraphonic mode and some offset detune oscillator, we have achieve to create very beeffy legendary basses,TB 303 acid sound,FM toms & bells and classic moog lead.

Its all about expression..

All the patches have designed to be velocity sensitive BUT we decided to add the special modulation sequencer feature,that you will allow you to make prerouting modulation capabilities for each sound !

Need inspiration ?

The 32 sessions are specially designed for you to find fresh ideas for your next compositions.
You will find crazy glitchy wonky beats, lead arpeggios,classic moog paraphonic chords and pad sequences.
We worked out the order organisation of each synth patches.
Each of the patch flip functions is easier and fun.

At a glance :

32 Synth patches from very nasty to lush-sounding covering a wide sonic pallet
32 Drum patches split in 8 Drumkits for the perfect flip and groove combo.
From huge, thumping kick, snappy snares and crisp claps to sweet hi – hats both open and closed, pulsating toms, sizzling shakers and even 808 Cowbell.
32 Sessions
All patches are velocity sensitive and contain prerouting modulation capabilities"

Making 5 Beats from Scratch on the Novation Circuit

Gabe Miller Music

Previous video:

I made a Beat EVERY DAY for a MONTH

Gabe Miller Music

New Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Desktop Synthesizer In the Works

Update: details are in - click here for video, demos, and new pics.

It looks like a new hardware desktop synth from Majella Audio is in the works.

Just some teaser pics for now. It appears to have a Complex Generator for one oscillator and a Basic Generator for the other. You should be able to see the following on the front panel:

Complex Generator with Range, Lin FM, Fine

Harmonics with EG AMT, LFO1 AMT

Folder with EG AMT

Complex Off Basic switch with #, A & Flat LEDs

Basic Generator

Mixer Section with knobs for three sources, the Complex oscillator, a Sub oscillator, and I'm guessing the Basic Generator oscillator.


Quick Tip: Shift a Sequence Around on a Digitakt Tutorial

Perfect Circuit

"This Quick Tip shows how to shift a sequence on a Digitakt by holding the function key and pushing the left or right arrow buttons. This will shift one track while leaving your other tracks alone, allowing you to quickly try out shifted rhythmic patterns. Although we showed this on an Elektron sequencer there are other sequencers that also allow this same technique, so check if your sequencer does since this can help you come up with new ideas if you are stuck!

Digitakt available here:"

EZBOT's Favorite eurorack sequencer ~ WMD Metron/Voltera


"In this video I gush about my love for WMD's Metron and Voltera. They are the closest thing I have found to the Elektron sequencer in modular. I also give a tutorial on how to use both the Metron and Voltera as I am gushing."

Noise Engineering Blog: Creating glitchy clock signals and sequences & Patching a swung clock

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:

Here, we generate a clock signal and run it through Integra Funkitus to skip about half the pulses. That signal is then run through Mutable Instruments Branches, and each coin flip has a chance of being a normal trigger or running through a burst generator. The clock and bursts are then combined in Quantus Pax, and run into Mimetic Digitalis's clock in."

Patching a swung clock

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we we create a swung clock with Pons Asinorum and Vox Digitalis, which runs a Mimetic Digitalis sequence into Basimilus Iteritas Alter."

SoundsDivine 'Greatest Hits' - U-he Diva Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Greatest Hits' soundset for U-he Diva.
For more information, please follow the link below:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Classic Pluck
00:29 Artificial Euphoria
00:48 Tekno Tronik
01:04 Moving Shadow
01:21 Super Saw 1
01:32 Super Saw 2
01:51 Juicy Resonance
02:01 Phasers On Stun
02:11 Pacific Rising
02:40 Analog Detune
02:53 Vintage Roland
02:59 Transient Vibrato
03:05 Funkadelic Bass
03:11 Alpha Bass
03:18 Inner City Life
03:36 Unison Detune
03:55 Synthetic Brass
04:04 Omni Trio
04:27 Acetate Blues
04:38 Underworld
05:07 Groove Rider
05:25 Vintage Retro Classic"

YAMAHA DX7 II FD with E! board FM Synthesizer (1987) RetroSound Soundscapes - Sound Demo

"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

YAMAHA DX7 II FD FM Synthesizer (1987) with Grey Matter E! expansion board

The DX7 II is one of my favorite synths for digital sound textures. In combination with warm Juno pads have you the perfect sound for 80s synth music.

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my music albums. Thank you!


Against The Clock: Bloody Mary


"Against The Clock is a series where we give an artist 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with.

Bloody Mary has been a fixture on Berlin’s techno scene since she arrived in the city from France in 2005. In 2010 she founded her own label, Dame-Music, which has released music from artists like KiNK, Thomas P. Heckmann and Innerspace Halflife.

In the studio and on stage she makes use of classic gear such as the Roland TR-909 and TR-707 drum machines with modern equipment like the Mode Machine Xoxbox and Dave Smith Pro 2. We paid her a visit to see what kind of techno she could create in just 10 minutes.

Bloody Mary’s latest release, a collaborative EP with Cardopusher, is out now. Find the rest of the Dame-Music catalogue at Bandcamp.

Filmed by Frank Zerban"

Prok Drum Modules - Overview and Tutorial Part I

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

00:00 - Introduction
04:32 - Patch 1
08:27 - Patch 2
12:23 - Patch 3

Gotharman's SpazeDrum & Moog Subharmonicon


"An evening jam with Gotharman's fantastic SpazeDrum and the Moog Subharmonicon. The SpazeDrum clocks the Subharmonicon, an the Neon-Egg Planetarium provides effects (plus some gentle sidechaining) for the Subharmonicon. A little bit of reverb was added to the SpazeDrum during mixing.

More information on the gear:

My music:

You can get all my electronic music in a variety of styles on Bandcamp for free. Of course you're welcome to pay for them as well if you like what you hear. But just downloading is fine, too."

Simmons SDSV 3047 Preset 1 070720

The Simmons Guy

"Quick demo of SDSV 3047 using Preset 1."

Plugin Alliance Announces Enhanced Emulation of Knifonium Tube-driven Synth

Knif Audio Knifonium - Playthrough

Knif Audio Knifonium - Overview with Matthew Wang

Plugin Alliance

"SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce availability of Knif Audio Knifonium — solidifying sister company Brainworx Audio’s new plugin partnership with Finnish pro audio equipment extraordinaire Knif Audio as an enhanced emulation of the extraordinary Knifonium, an exceptionally beautiful-sounding monophonic synthesizer that is driven by a whopping 26 vacuum tubes — as of July 7…

As an upscale synth sensation, the Knifonium features two tube-driven oscillators, a 4th order ladder filter, a ring modulator, and a gorgeous ‘steampunk’ aesthetic (worthy of American science fiction author K. W. Jeter — originator of the term — himself). Handcrafted in small batches by high-end audio device designer Jonte Knif, the original hardware unit really reflects his incomparable attention to detail. But beautiful as it is, the Knifonium is not just expensive eye-candy capable of making ‘weird noises’ but rather an exceptionally musical and inspiring instrument that offers countless possibilities for shaping and modulating sounds.

Although a new addition to the Plugin Alliance family, the notable Knif Audio name is revered by hardcore synth freaks and audiophile engineers alike. And although lead designer Jonte Knif has been making vacuum tube-based hardware for mixing, mastering, and sound design for years, his Knifonium synth sensation is carefully crafted to be second to none. No one sums it up better than Jonte himself, however, who simply says: “It sounds like nothing else.”

Engineers at Brainworx Audio have taken a great thing and made it even better. Because not only is the plugin version of the Knifonium even more accessible and easier to use than the original, it also adds features that just aren’t possible in the analog world.

With eight independent voices added to the synthesizer, Knif Audio Knifonium opens up an entirely new universe of possibilities as an enhanced emulation — for instance, imagine an atmospheric-sounding pad produced by a total of 208 vacuum tubes!

The software version also adds M/S (mid-side) and stereo Spread capabilities, a powerful Unison mode, as well as the carefully-curated FX section, including a well-known vintage-style Phaser, plugin partner brand SPL’s EQ Ranger, Wavefolder, and more as a wide range of effects that Knif Audio Knifonium users will actually want to use.

Ultimately, Knif Audio Knifonium sounds uniquely rich and captivating — even at its most basic. But best of all, Jonte Knif confirms that it sounds and behaves just like the real thing. This should come as little surprise since Brainworx Audio meticulously modeled the complete circuits of the original hardware — including all 26 tubes, and applied its patented TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to recreate the natural variations in Envelope parameters, Pitch, LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) speed, and so many more characteristics to make this digital recreation sound as realistically analog and natural as possible.

Knif Audio Knifonium is available for purchase (as an AAX AudioSuite-, AAX Native-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting, fully NKS — Native Kontrol Standard — compatible virtual instrument plugin for macOS 10.9 through 10.15 and Windows 7 through 10)
at an attractive introductory price of $199.99 USD until August 10, 2020 — rising thereafter to an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $299.00 USD — from here:"

G-Sonique Alien303 Updated to 64bit

via G-Sonique

"Another boring imitation of the classic 303 sound? No way!
The Alien 303 is the ultimate synthesizer primarily aimed to generate the psytrance basslines easily which were always so hard to create and fine-tune using the traditional synthesizers. Alien 303 can
be used also as classic acid synth in many genres like: techno, acid house, rave, trance and others...

Even though the Alien 303 is based on vintage 303 concept it offers many more features. Its sound spectrum and possibilities are totally different from the other solutions. The Alien 303 delivers sharper, more digital and tougher sounds.

Try the new features like special digital oscillators with precise sound, simulator of unison / chorus or extra effective non-linear saturator. Don't waste your time with fine-tuning of psytrance bass with the classic synthesizers and try the alien 303 now !

The Alien 303 can be also used for creating tough acid sounds and melodies.

- 10 digital and virtual analog oscillators ( An.Saw, D.Saw, Saw HB, Saw DB, VNT Saw, An.Ramp, D.Ramp, D.Square, Square, Pulse )
- Vintage virtual analog filter with resonance, sharp and organic sound.
- Unison/chorus effect
- Non-linear saturation unit
- PingPong stereo delay
- Amp/filter envelope
- Portamento


FREE DOWNLOAD for customers:

Price: 13.90 Eur, time-limited Summer sale: 9.9 Eur!"

ARP Odyssey | On The Wire - RIP Buena Pearlman

Alex Ball

Buena Pearlman is Alan R. Pearlman's wife. She passed away Friday, July 3, 2020.

"This is an original composition and performance I made with the ARP Odyssey from the mid-70s.

A few days ago as I was finishing this video I heard that Buena Pearlman had sadly passed at the age of 93. I had the pleasure of briefly speaking to her on a Skype call last year whilst we were recording with an ARP 2002 and she said 'I remember those' with a wry smile when we proudly showed the instrument.

As a small gesture, I've put this song up on Bandcamp and any sales I generate from it will go to the Alan R Pearlman Foundation.

Thank you"

Update: via Levine Chapels

"Buena (Alcalay) Pearlman, age 93, of Newton, passed away on Friday, July 3, 2020. Beloved wife of the late Alan R. Pearlman. Buena was born in Belgrade, then the capital of Yugoslavia, on August 1, 1926. The lives of Buena, her brother, Albert, and their parents, Lepa and Samuel Alcalay, were interrupted by the German invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. She and her family fled Nazi-occupied Belgrade, where Jews faced near-certain death, and were eventually interned in the Ferramonti camp by Italy's Fascist government before it fell, allowing them an opportunity to escape Europe for good. Years later, she recounted her Holocaust survival story to the Shoah Foundation.

Buena was a bookkeeper for several Massachusetts-based companies including ARP Instruments and The Society of Arts and Crafts. She was a crafts-person in her own right, creating beautiful enamels on copper.

A friend to many, Buena’s humor and kindness will be missed by all who knew her.

Buena is survived by her only daughter, Dina Ruth Pearlman of Kingston, New York and many nephews and cousins."

Alan R. Pearlman passed away on January 5, 2019

Syntaur: The Synth Wizards (Documentary)


"Filmmaker Lucas Fowler (@lucasfowler75) has created a short documentary on Syntaur, a company devoted to keeping old synthesizers alive, and on and Sam Mims, its founder."

Ensoniq ZR-76 Synthesizer Workstation

via this auction

You can find demos of one here.

"Fully functional Ensoniq ZR-76 synthesizer with printed manual and disks.

The ZR-76 is Heavy and built like a tank. It contains stellar grand piano Perfect Piano card and superb panning Rhodes patches, as well as some excellent synthesizer pads and leads.

The ZR-76 was one of the last products Ensoniq designed before being acquired by Creative Technology. Its sound set is very similar to the MR-76, but with the Perfect Piano expansion board preinstalled. With three slots total, it can be expanded with two more of the Ensoniq EXP-series expansion boards. It can also load WAV and AIFF samples from floppy disk if the 4MB MR-FLASH expansion board is installed.

One of the more popular features of the ZR-76 was the "Idea Pad", which is a feature that has the keyboard always recording MIDI of what's being played so that when you play something you want to keep, you can send it to the sequencer for later editing and refinement.

This board is made for producing a whole, movie score, Practically - That's how good the sounds are sampled - some sounds are a little dated similar to Korg and Roland of that era, but when it comes to WoodWinds, Strings, and drum sounds and Natural rain forest loops they are just super clean and Fantastic!

A few cosmetic dings, but nothing broken missing or damaged.

Excellent Weighted Key action.

Access Virus KB

via this auction

"The Virus KB is a classic, very well made analog modeling synth. Full sized keyboard with 61 velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys. There are also individual and assignable Pitch and Mod wheels. The software digitally emulates physical circuits and the results are quite good sounding. There are two oscillators and two filters for lots of tone shaping along with two envelopes and LFOs. There is full MIDI implementation and some great sounding effects on the output. The synth is in good working condition and includes AC power cable."

KORG 707 w/ PSU-200 Synthesizer Programs Expansion Card

via this auction

You can find a recent demo of one here.

Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi Modular Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Moog Minimoog Voyager Select BLACK FIRE?

via this auction

Pretty sure these were called the Solar edition.

ROLAND JD-800 SN ZC42233

via this auction

"At some point in her life some clown has opened a bottle on one end so there is a little bit of plastic shell damage (see pic)"


Waldorf Microwave Rev A with CEM 3389 Chips

via this auction

"Much warmer sound than the later Rev B because of the analog filter and the closest you can get to a PPG Wave. This Waldorf has OS 1.10."

You can find details on the different revisions here.

Roland SYSTEM-100M D set 191-J/112/121/130/140/150 +181

via this auction

"Roland's modular synth announced in 1978! By patching, you can create any sound you want!

The content is (191-J/112/121/130/140/150) +181 keyboard!

The SYSTEM-100M, which realized the full-scale sound creation by combining the modules sold separately, attracted enthusiasts!

There were 5 basic sets from A to E, but the most popular and well-balanced is this D set!

Comes in a rack called 191J that can accommodate 5 modules!


112 213069
121 212681
130 202588
140 163101
150 242770

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

"Listed here is a well working and serviced Oberheim Matrix-12
The unit has had its supply rebuilt and confirmed to be totally working otherwise. A new battery has been added as well.

The Matrix-12 is the last major analog synth from Oberheim Electronics before they folded. The name says it all, 12 voices that can be programmed in a matrix like fashion in that the voices are practically fully modular, not to mention that each voice can be its own program and monitored through individual outputs on the side of the machine. This means the Matrix 12 can be a battery of analog drums, or a complex polyphonic patch... or a crazy split and layer and velocity layers.... is your head spinning yet?

Cosmetically this Matrix is in great shape *however* some of the clear plastic has been compromised. We are aware someone is currently making new overlays for the M12 and Xpander, and we'd be happy to install it at no cost to the buyer is the cosmetic defects are bothersome.

We do not find these defects to be of grave concern for this otherwise fine Matrix-12."

Oberheim OB-XA w Encore MIDI

via this auction

1975 Oberheim TVS-1 2-Voice Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Mid-70's Oberheim 2-Voice TVS-1 vintage analog synth in pristine condition. It is one of the cleanest TVS-1's on the planet and the cleanest one I've had the privilege of owning over the past 25 years of collecting synths. Many years of painstaking work and detail have gone into this synth to get it into the condition you see here.

The TVS-1 (or 2-voice) was the first Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer. Oberheim put two standalone S.E.M.'s (synthesizer expander module) into a case with a keyboard and an integrated 8-track sequencer. Really revolutionary for the time. The sequencer could control either S.E.M. and you could play along with the other S.E.M. triggered by the keyboard. Or you could play 2-voice sounds. Or you could sequence both S.E.M.'s externally. The possibilities are endless (almost). What does it sound like? In my opinion, the best album this synth is showcased on is called DROKK by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury. This entirely instrumental album is an homage to John Carpenter's Escape from New York soundtrack, and they used no less than three 2-voice's on the album. People often ask Tom Oberheim: "What was your favorite synthesizer that Oberheim put out?" And his answer is always: "The Two Voice"! He has since reissued it, but to be honest, it sounds nothing like the original 2-voice. I know, I've compared them side-by-side. The asking price of this pristine example reflects the rarity of such a synth, which is very rare to find on the used market in this condition, fully functioning.

No double-triggering of switches. Everything works as it should. No crackly pots. All knobs/pots/switches/LED's function as they should. There are some anomalies when using the sequencer to trigger the S.E.M's, particularly when setting the octave switch lower or higher and playing the keyboard. This is detailed in the original owner's manual, page one (included), and is standard for all 2-voice synths. I learned to work within the limitations of what Tom designed.

I removed every key and replaced and lubed every single bushing on the synth. I also dialed in the j-wires so the keys all trigger identically. Every tine on the keybed was meticulously adjusted so that the keys are level and consistent front to back and across the keybed. It now plays very smooth—like butter. Nobody takes this kind of care with older synths, but I do!

The synth was recently overhauled and electronically serviced by my tech and no expense was spared to get it to the state where it will continue to function well for many years to come."

Oberheim Mini-Sequencer CPS-2 Case

via this auction

Kind of interesting to see the inside. Note it's missing the front panel. This is just the rest of the case.

Future Retro Mobius MIDI & CV Step Sequencer

via this auction

"Please see our other listings. All proceeds from sales here go to keep the Vintage Synthesizer Museum open during this time of social distancing. Thanks. Keep safe and healthy.

The Mobius is a 16 step, 1 track MIDI and CV step sequencer from Future Retro. It is designed for maximum compatibity with MIDI In/Out/Thru, and outputs for CV, Gate with selectable polarity, Hz/V, DIN Sync, Trigger, Accent, Clock, and Reset. It's memory features 16 banks of 16 patterns with up to 16 song programs with max 3580 measures per song.

The Mobius can also function as a MIDI to CV & Din Sync converter and is excellent hub for controlling, syncing, sequencing, and otherwise gluing together studios or live rigs with synths from every era."

Korg EX-8000 Digital / Analog Hybrid Synth SN 004029

via this auction

Note the Serge panels in the background. Black one on the top right. Metasonix S1000 Wretch Machine in there as well. See the seller's other items for more.

E.S.L. Vertice and M.F.B. Tanzmaus getting harshly laid

Euterpe Synthesizers

"Some percussive situations using Vertice standalone tricks and filtering features.

Video and Percussive design by Adrian Lovin."

SQUID SALMPLE - Button Combos & Shortcuts


"The Squid Salmple offers numerous button combos that allow for faster set up and access to deeper additional features that take sample recording and playback further than simply triggering sounds. Here we demonstrate the application of these shortcuts via simple patches.

Channel Operations
0:00 Intro
0:07 Mute & Solo Individual Channels
0:45 Reference Sample Data From Another Channel
1:30 Swap Any Two Channels
1:53 'Choke' a Channel with Playback of Another

Parameter Operations
2:24 Move to the Same Parameter on a Different Channel
2:42 Change Selected Parameter to the Same Value on ALL Channels
3:10 Attenuating and Offsetting Assigned CV

Cue Sets
4:44 Entering Cue Sets Screen and Deleting Individual Cue Sets

5:18 Record Monitor the Input Signal
5:37 Lock the Recording Destination Channel

File Operations:
6:42 Previewing Samples from USB

Thanks for watching!"

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Sound Demo (no talking)

"Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Sound Demo (no talking). Some Ambient, Electronica and techno patches created with MEGAfm.

Effects used:
Valhalla DSP Delay, Room and Shimmer"

Bank D "Hip Hop Beats": patterns demo for Groove Rider GR-16


"Patterns bank 'Bank D: Hip Hop Beats' will be available soon inside Groove Rider GR-16 app as In-App purchase!

Based on old school Hip Hop and Rap music, this bank represents smashing dirty beats and pumping hip hop grooves of 90’s era! Patterns include elements from gangsta rap, alternative hip hop, ragga, acid jazz, trip hop.

Hip Hop Beats bank is composed from 17 separate tracks, split into 97 patterns in total. You also get 64 additional part sound presets with it. Included patterns can be used as templates and starting points for your own tracks and musical ideas."

Sampling from MG2 to Ensoniq EPS Classic - Just Regular Life

The Daydream Sound

Also see The Daydream Sounds' What You Need To Know About 8 Bit Samplers

"Sampling outdoor sound design with the Microgranny2 sampler & Ensoniq EPS Classic. A casual day in the life outside of the recording studio. Just got an #Ensoniq ASR-10 and don't know where to start? Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with the Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual.

Video Timestamps - Sampling from MG2 to Ensoniq EPS Classic
00:00 Introduction
00:22 What I take with me when I sample sounds outdoors.
00:48 The sampler that we’ll be using for today.
01:12 How I experiment and capture sounds.
01:44 Getting a floppy disk ready for the Ensoniq EPS.
01:57 Reviewing & editing samples in the Microgranny.
02:11 Crushing the sample.
03:06 Sampling into the EPS (sample rate selection).
04:00 Testing out the new sample.
04:57 Saving to floppy and final assessment.
05:10 Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual

The New Album History Never Gets Old Streaming Everywhere! Download here:"

ELTA Music SOLAR 50 | Review | Ambient synthesizer

ELTA music

You can find additional posts featuring ELTA Music's SOLAR 50 here.

"SOLAR 50 - ten voices the unique instrument is designed for creating atmospheric sounds, background music, microtonal music, super polyphonic electro symphonies, as well as for making movie soundtrack.

About pre-orders write at :

About SOLAR 50 0:02
Structure 0:37
Oscillators 3:29
Modulation osc 4:38
Modulation improvisation wet mono out 6:17
Modulation improvisation dry stereo out 7:19
Voice pitch and FM 9:08
FM improvisation 10:25
Sensor, envelope and VCA voices 11:08
CV sources 12:35
Improvisation dry stereo out + stereo reverb 13:44
Contact MIC / Piezzo 16:13
Filter 19:15
Filter improvisation 19:54
Effector 22:36
Improvisation with external FX 31:30"

[Archived Stream] Let's Make Some Microfreak Patches Together

Oscillator Sink

"In which I make some patches on the Microfreak with the help of suggestions from the chat, and also drink rum."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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