MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday, July 10, 2020

Riffs on Modular?? 10 Modern Classic Synth Lines Done on Eurorack


Super Sixteen →
I had so much fun recreating that Daft Punk track last time I decided to come back for a second helping. Ten more in fact! I picked a decade of delicious synth treats from my music collection and spent a day recreating them on my homemade eurorack system. We modular nerds have a (perhaps deserved) reputation for being the noodly and undisciplined nomads of the synth world, so I wanted to show another side of the instrument!

And to all my wooly and wired synth comrades out there patching in the blinking darkness, I salute you. Onward to higher planes of sound.

Here is the tracklist:
0:00 Disclosure - "When a Fire Starts to Burn"
1:01 Riton & Kah-Lo - "Fake ID"
1:57 Fatboy Slim - "Acid 8000"
3:17 Simian Mobile Disco - "Cruel Intentions"
4:02 Booka Shade - "Friend for a Night"
5:20 Justice - "Waters of Nazareth"
7:07 Kavinsky - "Nightcall"
8:06 Roisin Murphy - "Overpowered"
9:36 Soulwax - "Krack"
10:42 Todd Terje - "Ragysh"

Patch of the Week 66: Electronic Waves with Blinds MULTI


"Building up a synth with split bass with Edouard Digital’s waveshaping oscillator.

Get it here:"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

#28 for Fender Rhodes, D6 Clavinet, Mellotrons, Moog Voyager, Hammond XK3-c and Nord Electro.

R. Reger

"Original music arranged for classic analog keyboards."

BlueARP DM pre-production unit. Live cover, "Emotions and Energy" by Saif Sameer


"Showing BlueARP pre-production unit in a beautiful enclosure from laser-cut semi-transparent acrylic glass.

Playing a live cover for a track "Emotions and Energy" by Saif Sameer, to celebrate this milestone in development.

Currently I'm finalizing several pre-production units which will go to first beta-testers, to check how they work and get feedback."

You can find additional BlueARP posts here.

Buchla Performances by Johnny Woods


Breezeway | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
Maze of Time | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
After Dawn | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
After Dawn | Buchla Analog Modular Performance

Roger and the Korg MD-20 Synthesizer

The Lickerish Quartet

"Roger Joseph Manning Jr. explains all the wonderful sounds and features of one of his favorite vintage synthesizers, the Korg MD-20"

Yes, it's an MS-20. Looks like it's a typo sort of day...

Cherry Audio Introduces FM Bundle for Voltage Modular

Voltage Modular | FM Bundle Voltage Modular

"The new FM Bundle for Voltage Modular brings the expansive world of FM synthesis to your cabinet, and makes FM synthesis easier than ever to use.

This collection includes the FM Station and Poly FM station modules, featuring four-operator FM synthesis engines with eight algorithms, ready to create classic FM patches of the past or elevate tracks with cutting edge modern sounds.

Also included are the EG Station and Poly EG Station modules, with eight ADSR envelope generators and a normalled connection system, making complex FM patch design and modulation a breeze."

KORG Prophecy SSP-1 Physical Modelling Synthesizer

via this auction

AKAI AX73 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Moog Memorymoog SN 2478

via this auction

According to the listing, this "Moog Memorymoog+ 100 % fully restored by Wes Taggart in the summer of 2019, I believe in NYC. I bought this analog 6 voice poly synth from Don at ANALOG US last year. There are no missing or broken knobs/switches, voices or any chipped keys on this MM+ at all, the wood case was even rebuilt new, and all 6 voices tune proper. This is a 100% fully functioning MM+ original patches restored and with the DBM Upgrade and other complete restoration work done. All the caps in this MM+ synth were replaced new, as well as new key contacts were installed, as well as a new beefed up power supply and battery and the MM+ was fully calibrated. I do not have currently have an "Anvil" Brand type flight case for this vintage synth, I just have the original very large and heavy same cardboard box, that the synth was packed in with around 4-5 inches thick of bubble wrap all around it when I bought the MM+ from Analog US."

E-MU Systems MP-7 w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction


Beat Garden expansion ROM
Protozoa expansion ROM
Original manual
Original carrying case
Power cable
MIDI cable

Roland D50 TR909 Sound Mix


"A few sounds from our Roland D50/D550 sound sets. All synth sounds are from the D550. The TR909 drums are samples from our Korg Kronos, which we also used to trigger our D550. They make a killer combo!"

Simple Things - MLR, Skulpt, Mr Hensons Piano


"I'm sure the noisy modular stuff will return soon"

LIAR! (Essence FM + MPC X)

Klair Zaki

"Hi there :o)
Here's my new instrumental track (lyrics soon!!) made with Essence FM and sequenced in the amazing Akai MPC X!

The KODAMO Essence FM is the new french FM synthesizer for which I worked last year especially on the interface!
Enjoy the FM power!!"

Luke Neptune's Synthwave Soundset for Prophet 6

Luke Neptune

"Purchase this soundset here

Video credit- RoyaltyFree Tube."

Novation Circuit Hacks - Tricks to get more out of it in 2020

Gabe Miller Music

"A bunch of Novation Circuit tips, tricks, and hacks for getting more out of the powerful groovebox in terms of sound, interesting songs, and workflow.

00:00 Intro
00:41 Saving tricks
02:29 Hold down buttons for faster changes - 02:29
03:27 Slap-back delay
04:47 Put multiple drums on track 1
05:51 Import pre-layered sounds
06:33 Load in twice the synth patches
07:41 Step automation
08:23 Percussive maintenance
09:25 Half-time for longer parts
10:13 Use microsteps to their fullest
11:23 Quintuplet and septuplet grids"

Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer Sounds

Perfect Circuit

"The Nonlinear Labs C15 is a synthesizer unlike any other—with an unconventional sound engine based largely on feedback and a complete lack of MIDI support, it is a bold entry into the synth world. Read our article about it here:

Designed by former Native Instruments president Stephan Schmitt, the C15 is a synth designed to be played. By pairing techniques from classic FM and subtractive synthesis with physical modeling and a strong dose of feedback, it can create everything from broad, otherworldly soundscapes to uncannily realistic strings and percussion. It features a highly responsive keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, two full-length ribbon controllers, and a bender as its primary performance controls, completely eschewing MIDI or conventional internal modulation sources—so playing the C15 really is a matter of getting your hands on it and taking tactile control of your sounds.

The C15 is great for cinematic pads, classic FM sounds, electric pianos, strings, lush '80s synth pads, glassy percussion, and much more. It's big, it's heavy, and it has a sound all its own—there's nothing else quite like it altogether.

C15 available here:"

VCV Sound Stage - Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

00:00 - Introduction
05:17 - Patch No.1, Arp
11:32 - Patch No.2, Drums
17:18 - Patch No.3, Ambient

BoBeats: 7 Synths Never Reviewed and Why


Starts with the Roland Jupiter-Xm.

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

4 Concepts For Synthesizer Improvisation


"Today Natalie Chami—who you may know as TALsounds or from her previous Reverb videos—is here with us today to share her techniques for live improvisation with synthesizers.

Read more on Reverb"

Sinevibes Groove - Field Testing


"Groove is a multitimbral bass and drum machine plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. Designed and developed by Sinevibes."

Sinevibes Groove

Moog Subharmonicon and Matriarch in a Jam :: [Synth Recipe #74]


– Moog Subharmonicon
– Moog Matriarch
– Elektron Digitakt

– Empress Reverb

So, what's goig on here?
Digitakt is the master clock and provides drums and some samples. It feeds the midi clock into the Matriarch which has programmed in two sequences (I'm alternating between them during this recipe). It plays mostly chords in a simple sequence. Matriarch and Subharmonicon are synced via CV clock. Subharmonicon runs its own sequencer providing steady bass and some plucking sounds on top. Both Subharmonicon's VCO's are CV controlled by the Matriarch, so a key pressed on the Matriarch changes the pitch of both of the Sub's VCO's keeping everything in tune.

And that's all! Enjoy! :)"

Chip Maestro - 8 bit chiptune MIDI synthesizer cartridge for NES

via this auction

"Chip Maestro 8 bit synthesizer cartridge for NES. I bought this from the original kickstarter years ago, but have never really used it. Just popped it in the NES and tried it out for a few minutes. This is very easy to use, but does not display anything on the screen while it's plugged in - everything is configured via MIDI. The instruction booklet is available on"

You can find some demos in previous posts here.

The last one featured for sale, in 2013, had a green case.

Korg LP-10 Electronic Piano SN 352116

via this auction

"The Korg LP-10 was Korg's first entry into the electric piano instrument field. Its an all analog Divide Down synthesis instrument with built in speaker system and chorus effect.

The user can also use an external amplifier as well. the front panel features sliders for timbre adjustment. There are 3 sound presets to choose from. Clav, Electric Piano and Piano. There are 3 envelope types to choose from for attack and decay only."

PULSER MX-65 SN 491166

via this auction

"Very Rare Multivox MX-65 Polyphonic Synthesizer. It is an analog poly keyboard that was made in Japan from 1977 to 1980. It has six voices. Piano, strings, clavichord, honky-tonk, piano and organ. The voices them selves are just different combinations of the filter and envelope positions that you can switch between. The filter is interfaced with the envelope with 3 modes. A fast attack/fast decay mode, an ‘expand’ mode with resonance emphasis, and a fast attack/slow decay mode. The chassis has wear as in the photos, keys are bit yellow. Plays and sounds great. Pitch up does not work. Flat plays fine and down plays fine. Toggle works."

Pittsburgh Modular Move 208

via this auction

Wallpaper or view?

"This is the pre 2015 version power spec
(+12V @ 1400mA, -12v @ 700mA, +5V @ 750MA of power

the case has a few scratches and its missing the top logo slate but includes the corner metal braces, and screws.
everything functions perfectly"

Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter

via this auction

And some beer. Man that looks good. Almost time for the weekend! :)

"Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter with extra black faceplate

Our recommended beer is the Again The Grain 35K!"

Typo: should be Against The Grain. Credit goes to gridsleep in the comments for catching it.

Prok Drum Module

via this auction

Cool pic.

You can find some demos of the Prok Drum Mudule in previous posts.


via this auction

"Extremely rare - TWO very similar looking BBC audio frequency generators.


Some valves including ECC81's;

Several transformers;

BBC Audio meters;

Huge knobs;

Unit one numbered: TS/10P/510

Unit two numbered: OS3/1/1

1950s or early 1960s manufacture.

One has cover missing."

Pics of the inside below.


via this auction

Korg Triton LE76

via this auction

Digging these monochromatic images. Note the left side panel of this one is crushed.

Quasimidi Polymorph Anarog Emulation Synthesis

via this auction

Yes, I'm aware of the typo. That's how it's listed.

There's also Korg's new fripSide, which isn't a typo. Not sure if that was a reference to "flip side" or other. It would be interesting if using "r" instead of "l" is a new thing and simply a new embracement of the phonetic abroad. If anyone knows feel free to comment. It's silly, but kind of interesting...

ROLAND JP-8080 Analog Modeling Rack Synthesizer SN ZM47203

via this auction

ROLAND JP-8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer SN AK14393

via this auction

Roland V Mrs 2 Promars w/ Case

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

Doepfer A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer

via this auction

Erica Synths DIY Kits Go Open Source

via Erica Synths

"We created Gerber files for PCB-made front panels and did slight changes in module design in order to get rid of custom and rare components, however some modules still require rare ICs which are available here.

Projects are available on Github and each project folder contains complete information and files to build a module: schematics, Gerber files for a front panel, Gerber files for PCBs, BOMs, component placement with values and designators and assembly manuals (please note that some manuals are designed for older module versions). By making these projects open source Erica Synths accepts third party use for personal, educational or commercial purposes.

Erica Synths will not provide any support for these projects so please refer to forums (Muffwiggler) for information on build nuances, troubleshooting, part availability or alternatives.

Open source projects are:

Bassline – all in one synth voice for acid basslines and drones

BBD delay/flanger – all analogue effects unit based on V3205 BBD IC Delay – tape and digital delay unit with tap tempo, tempo sync, reverse, hold and add functions

Dual VCA – Polivoks architecture inspired dual VCA, rare Russian differential op-amps are now replaced with AS3330

Envelope – recreation of Polivoks envelope generator with loop and end of attack functions

MIDI-CV – Polivoks functionality inspired dual MIDI-CV converter with glide function

Mixer – simple 3 chanel audio mixer

Modulator – Polivoks functionality inspired LFO, noise and S&H module

Output – Output module with headphone amplifier

Polivoks VCF – authentic recreation of the Polivoks VCF

Swamp – our take of Wogglebug module with lots of unique extras

VCO3 – Polivoks inspired VCO with nice extra – VCO Sync input

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

In collaboration with Riga Technical University we are now working on educational DIY kits for simple and affordable eurorack modules. The announcement is scheduled for Autumn 2020."

WMD Javelin - Envelope/VCA In-Depth Demo


"Javelin is the envelope we at WMD have always needed to make. We took the best parts from our classic Multimode Envelope and combined them with the simplicity and convenience of an ADSR with integrated VCA. We then took the tricks we have learned from live performance and use of other awesome synthesizers and put it all together to create what we truly believe is the ultimate Eurorack envelope.

Javelin starts out as a simple ADSR envelope. We then added 3 level ranges, giving you control over the envelope's overall amplitude. Next, 3 time ranges allow for quick switching of the feel of the envelope. These ranges were carefully designed to work with each other, making the switch a fun and playable part of the interface. Short and snappy, long and drawn out (max 88 minutes per stage with 5V in a stage's CV input), the Javelin will suit any style of music or playing style.

Expression is key. We wanted to make the most expressive, emotional sounding envelope we possibly could. The addition of Accent and Choke inputs make for very interesting sequences that are just a couple gates away.

WMD C4RBN - Eurorack Filter In-Depth Demo


"C4RBN (pronounced "Carbon") is a 4/2-Pole State Variable Filter with input saturation, output wavefolding, and more. It features a wide range of character from nice and clean filter sounds to screaming, squelchy, acidic mayhem.

C4RBN builds on WMD’s history with state-variable filters (uHadron Collider, Protostar, MMF) adding interface refinements and improved warm environment stability for live performance and beyond. A novel input saturation circuit plus the output wavefolder from WMD’s classic SYNCHRODYNE filter pair together to push the timbral flexibility to the next level. C4RBN is the building block to life in your eurorack.

In this video, Alex takes use through the sounds and features and creates a patch using C4RBN as the main filter for the eurorack voice."

【エレクトーン演奏】中森明菜「十戒 (1984)」・Akina Nakamori - Jukkai (1984) ・Yamaha Electone D85 ・D800


This time I did Electone D85 cover of Akina Nakamori's big hit from 1984.

中森明菜「十戒 (1984)」・Akina Nakamori - Jukkai (1984)
作曲:高中 正義 ・ music: Masayoshi Takanaka

作詞:売野 雅勇 ・ lyrics: Masao Urino
#Electone #Jpop #80s"

IMPLEXUS - Percussive

Majella Audio

"A short tease of Erwin Tuijl (Pocket knife army) creating drums and percussion with his IMPLEXUS."


ELEKTRONIKA EM-04 - Soviet Analog synthesizer (HQ sound) / Синтезатор Электроника ЭМ-04

Kee Reel - Squawk Dirty To Me: filters walk through


"Squawk Dirty is a versatile stereo multi filter module in 6 hp, capable of meta scanning and featuring a built in VCA with additional hi-pass filter.

It has 8 filters algorithms, from east- to west-coast inspirations as well as a comb/resonator.
A perfect companion for your minimalistic modular system."


Patch n Tweak
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