MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

1979 Digital Stereo Delay Experiment

"First experiment with 1979 Digital Stereo Delay. Interesting polyrhythms and phasing.

my Patreon:"

This appears to be the first post to feature the 1979 Digital Stereo Delay. Info on the new module and additional demos follow.

via 1979

"Digital delay with clock sync and FX send

The DSD is a digital delay unit based on the Chronoblob V2 by Alright Devices. Sync the delay time to an external clock, modulate the left and right channels independently, freeze the audio buffer for looping applications, and route the delayed signal through other modules using the send/return functionality. The DSD provides up to 2.73 seconds of high-quality delay for your Buchla system.

Clean high-fidelity digital delay (48 kHz, 16 bit)

Delay time from 5ms to 2.73 seconds

Can be synced to external clock, with built-in clock divider/multiplier

Configurable mono (with external FX send) and stereo modes

Each side (left/right) has the option of linked or independent delay times

Freeze feature loops the current audio buffer indefinitely"

Studio Experiments (7-12-20) Buchla Synth w/ 1979 Stereo Delay

Tasty Soil Records

"Some afternoon synth experiments in the studio with the 1979 Delay"

1979 DSD (Digital Stereo Delay) from Grayscale / 1979 on Vimeo.

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Ricky Tinez Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi 7/16/20 6-7PM [PDT]

Perfect Circuit

Opening performance with the Roland SP-404SX.

Hardware vs. Software Sequencer Timing Shootout

a.p. matthews wrote in to let us know he ran a hardware vs. software timing shootout featuring the Roland MC-50mk2, Yamaha QY100, Akai MPC2500, E-mu E6400 Ultra, Arturia BeatStep Pro, DOS / Voyetra, Surface Pro / Reaper, Ubuntu Linux / Reaper, MacOS / Reaper, iPhone / Cubasis.

"I analyzed the timing tightness of 5 hardware and 5 software sequencers for a good ol' hardware vs. software shootout. There's also an audio sample of a Roland MC50 vs Reaper/MacOS for you to hear the difference (or not). I was surprised by the tightness of the iPhone with Cubasis!"

You can find the results on his website here. You might be surprised by them.

Combo I Like: 4Ms PEG Feat Roland System-500 505 Filter Eurorack module (For "DubStep" Wobble Bass)

Sound Provider

"Yes,another "Combo I like" with the Pingable Envelope Generator from 4ms, Didn t I tell you that it s one of my favorite modular Synth LFO?

For the wobble Bass and to do Dubstep Bass line with My Modular Synthesizer 99% of the time I use the PEG because with the different Speed and Shape it s really easy to do this very useful sync Lfo.

For filter I don 't always use the same , but one filter I particularly like is the Roland Sys 505, it s a reproduction of the Analog SH-5 Synthesizer Filter with lot of character, and because it s a double filter I can use 1 different Lfo of each Filter cutoff.

What you don 't see on the video:

The oscillator are a Square and a Sawtooth from my Roland 510 Eurorack module.

Not use I m using it here but in this kind of patch I used to plug my Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms in the Peg Reset to Re-Synchronize the Start of the 2 Peg Lfo when I need it.

Also I don 't use any vca here.


Leonard de Leonard"

New Electro-Faustus Drone King


"Drone King Demo"

Introducing Roland SH-101 Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer


"Since its release in 1982, the small but mighty SH-101 has been a key ingredient in shaping electronic music. Originally marketed to beginners, it soon found favor with serious players thanks to its straightforward interface and head-turning sounds. With the SH-101 Model Expansion, the monophonic SH-101 is reborn as a polysynth, bringing new and exciting possibilities.

• Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware
• Authentic SH-101 sound and behavior, enhanced with polyphonic capabilities
• Clear, intuitive interface for free-flowing production
• Swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly
• Set the condition of your virtual SH-101 to ultra-vintage or pristine"

KORG MINIKORG 700S Analog Synthesizer 1974 | HD DEMO |


"I played the Minikorg 700S along with a Lexicon MPX 500 (reverb) and a Korg SDD-3000 (delay effects).

The monophonic Mini-Korg 700S was an expanded version of Korg's first synthesizer, the Mini-Korg 700. It has that awesome "traveler" filter (12 dB highpass and lowpass), 2 VCOs (wavevorm of the VCO 2 is always sawtooth), 1 envelope generator and 1 LFO (sine wave only). It also has noise generator, ring modulator modes and the LFO can also be switched to the filters. It has REPEAT mode, which repeats a note to get a sequencer-like feeling.

The Korg 700s is a serious analog synthesizer with a lot of character. It has a fantastic sound, which can be only compared with the first generation Korgs (Korg 770, 800 DV). The parameters use unconventional terminology (singing level, expand, bright, and so on). The 700s has a very nice tone and it's easy to use. A pleasure to play and to hear.

The MiniKORG 700s was used by Vangelis, Kitaro, Human League, Daniel Miller and others."

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW Synthetic Percussion Sequencer MKII MD SN I14234395-47

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Kenton MIDI Pro Solo mk2 MIDI to CV Converter

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Polar White Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Access Virus Classic Red (Virus B)

via this auction

"This is a really beastly, versatile, amazing sounding synth. It is basically a Virus B but with a bunch of new more modern (at the time) patches."

Arturia Origin Keyboard 61-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is a super underrated and beautiful keyboard w / sequencer and included virtual modular synthesizer which is basically like having a full eurorack setup without any messy patch wires! Seriously it's amazing to be able to open a Moog preset and throw a cs-80 filter on it if you want... I've taken the time to update it to the latest firmware available with the yamaha cs80 / moog options and also included patches from Depeche Mode, John Carpenter and more.

Sequential DSI Pro 3 Demo

Pure Ambient Drone

"Sequential Pro 3 Demo. A demo of the Sequential, or Dave Smith Instruments DSI Pro 3. The Pro 3 boasts three oscillators, three vintage filters, three LFOs, four loopable envelopes, a massive 32-slot mod matrix, and a 16 x 16 x 4 sequencer. Throw in dual digital effects and four control voltage ins and outs, and you’ve got a hugely powerful instrument that’s as exciting to program as it is to play.

The Pro 3 is a hybrid of solid, old-school analog synthesis paired with versatile digital technology. Its two voltage controlled oscillators provide warmth and presence while its third wavetable oscillator provides digital edge and grit. With 32 tables of 16 waves each and wave morphing, tonal possibilities are immense. Tuned feedback with grunge, and analog distortion deliver industrial-grade nastiness on demand."


Sequential Pro 3 Review

Pure Ambient Drone

"Sequential DSI Pro 3 Synthesizer Review! Today I give my review of the Pro 3 from Sequential, formally known as Dave Smith Instruments."

Gotharman's SpazeDrum + Mooer Ocean Machine // Ambient Music #TTNM


"Can the crazy SpazeDrum do lush space music? Find out in this video!


For this jam session I created a bunch of soft ambient synth and percussion sounds with the analog oscillators in the SpazeDrum. I also applied the digital filters and a bunch of slow LFOs and random modulation. The Ocean Machine adds two delay and reverb effects to the stereo audio.

The SpazeDrum is an analog-digital hybrid drum synthesizer form Denmark. It features a powerful sequencer and lots of modulation options. You can create your sounds from scratch and while it's made with drums in mind, you can still use it like a synth with all the typical building blocks, plus some Gotharman specialities :)

Check out the website and manual here:"

1993 Roland MT120 / 120S Brochure

via this auction

This appears to be the first post to feature the Roland MT-120 and MT-120S digital sequencer & sound modules. Unfortunately no close-up of the MT-120S.

1993 Roland JD-990 Super JD Synthesizer Module Brochure

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synth SN *14290300287*

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6R Polyphonic Synthesizer SN K651385

via this auction

"Vintage Oberheim Matrix 6R Polyphonic Synthesizer - good working condition. Right rack ear replaced by former owner with piece of rack rail. All controls and patches tested ok. Some scratches on top of unit but all text is intact and legible."

Roland Phrase Lab MC-09

via this auction

- Tabletop synth/audio looper with onboard sequencing and effects

- Analog modeling monosynth creates realistic TB-303 -like basslines, synth-lines, and analog-type rhythm sounds

- 4-Track Audio looper with mixer to create loop variations

- Programmable step sequencer that emulates TB-303 sequencing (slides, accents, etc)

- Easy automatic looping using BPM and measures

- Loop Control function to get wild new phrases

- 4 built-in effects—Filter, Isolator, Phaser and Slicer—that can be manipulated with the Step Sequencer

- SmartMedia slot for pattern/audio storage; MIDI In/Out

Akai S950: S-950 12-bit Sampler

via this auction

"White edge-lit LED display, Gotek drive w/ 4GB USB drive + OLED display (pre-formatted), new recording potentiometer, power supply board recapped w/ Panasonic FCs, many joints reflowed, 1 RAM card installed (1024k Word). OG rack ears included. Also included is the original 3.5” drive (fully functional) for archival purposes should one have such a need."

ROLAND JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer

via this auction

REON Driftbox R Limited Analog Synth with Drifting Cross-Mod SN AJ-459A w/ Original Box

via this auction

"A driftbox that derives its name from 'drift,' the slang of synthesizer Geek, which means "run out of control." The driftbox R replaces the DRIFT joystick of the driftbox S, and is equipped with an EG (envelope generator), enabling synthesis with higher playability.

The powerful cross modulation unique to the driftbox series is equipped with an envelope, which allows you to create a variety of sounds by, for example, modulating the pitch with the envelope.

With 14 knobs arranged on a compact panel, 2VCO, VCF cross modulation, and ASR/AD envelope, you can create a wider range of sounds from intense modulation to percussive sounds.
It is in a beautiful state with little usability. Please consider!

Size: W150 x D100 x H55 (mm)
Weight: about 570g"

BASTL Instruments Thyme Digital Tape Machine

via this auction

The Sound of the Nord Wave 2 feat. J3PO - #4 Layers


"Watch Julian 'J3PO' Pollack demonstrate some amazing layered sounds in this new episode. All patches in this episode will be available in the upcoming J3PO Sound Bank for the Nord Wave 2!

This brand new series shows the unique range of sounds and capabilities of the Nord Wave 2. With a total of 5 episodes, LA-based keyboardist Julian 'J3PO' Pollack demonstrates the different sound categories as well as complex layers and rhythmic patches."

Plaits Synthesis Models Series #12 - Inharmonic String Modelling

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

MAKEN0ISE Office Hours: patch with us LIVE! on Thursday, July 16th at 1pm EST!


SOMA laboratory the PIPE + Elektron Digitakt


"SOMA laboratory the PIPE used as an FX unit to flavour a simple loop of ELEKTRON DIGTAKT."

Wavetable fun with 4VOX-Flame/Preset-Polyend/Nerdseq/Quadigy-Klavis

Dziam Bass

"Waves, Wavetable, Wavetables and amazing module 4 VOX -Quad Polyphonic Wavetable VCO from Flame instruments
So ..why I love wavetbales you have in this movie, it allows me to have a larger spectrum of sounds than the analog oscillators themselves.

Here the Preset from Polyend module changes wavetables for one VCO from 4vox. in one VCO I used 2 voices, second vco to bass sound.🙃😀

Preset module also changes slightly the envelope from Quadigi from Klavis to this added drums as you hear.
Everything sequenced by Nerdseq from Xor electronics .

Flame has many options because you have built-in LFO in this module, and rewriting modulation for CV 1 and CV 2 but in the menu you can set for example CV 1 for changing octaves, which gives you plenty of possibilities.

You have also sclaes, chords ,semitones and detune or portamento.👌👌🔥🔥

Each VCO in 4 VOX has its own 4 voices and in each voice you have another 64 wavetables which can also be used for power sound or turn-in CV for the built-in MORPH function.

This is a damn extensive module and I described only one of the VCO uses, here you have as many as 4 in total 16 polyphonic voices.👈 😁

Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day !!"

5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #7 by Ascetic Wires

Ascetic Wires

"5 Custom Synth Patches for Sonicware ELZ_1 Digital Synthesizer: Soundset #7 (more will come... ) with the following synthesizer engines:


Recorded with Zoom Q2n

Thanks for watching"

Waldorf Iridium first impressions from Flux

Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"This is just the first taste of me diving into the Iridium. I have had it for just a couple days and I am finding it very inspiring and fun."

IMPLEXUS - Making the indicators

Majella Audio

"The IMPLEXUS has LED indicators for modulation signals and octave/waveform selectors. A company nearby has offered us to use their CNC machine to create the plexiglass windows.

The music is from a IMPLEXUS recording session, created by Erwin Tuijl (Pocket Knife Army)."

See the Majella Audio label below for more.

Roland D50 Hit Factory V2 Mix


"A demo mix from our Roland D50/D550 Volume 2 Sound Library. More info at:"

Anyone else remember KidNepro ads in Keyboard Magazine way back in the 80s? Over 30 years and still kicking; started in 1984.

Get ready! 80’s Acid house teaser.


"Still alive. Still acid house. New stuff coming soon."

ACL MiniMIDI USB Midi to CV Interface

Audiophile Circuits League

"ACL MiniMIDI Ultra compact Midi to CV interface including a bunch of extras.

Via the CC output it can transmit velocity, aftertouch and several MIDI controller values. It is configurable to 15 different modes through DIP switches. The CV output can be precisely calibrated.

Pitch Output (1V / Octave ) : -3V to 7V
Gate Output : 0V / 10V
MIDI CC Output : 0V to 5V
MIDI Start / Stop : Active High ( 5V )
MIDI Clock : Rising edge ( 5V )
USB MIDI Host Interface output current : up to 500 mA"

No Talking Oberheim Softsynths: Synapse Arturia OPX & OB-Xd

Starsky Carr

"A no talking quick comparison of a few sounds. A much deeper in-depth review is on its way."

Qun synth: v1.30 firmware

Nunomo LLC

"V1.30 firmware adds easy sequencer bank switching and copy between banks."

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