MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday, September 04, 2020

SDS Digital Melisma Firmware V.1.5!


"Here we are 1 week later and already another update?
Some really great feature requests and ideas popped up a day after the previous release and to be honest were to cool to be hidden for long!
This somewhat laid-back video covers some of the new features in a basic way, but not reverse Spread or CC CV & LINK MIDI control of LHAND's Bass Octave. (Those weren't added yet!) so that'll be a future video."


Melisma-Firmware V.1.5 Part 2

Here's the last two additions to Version 1.5 released yesterday.
Reverse Spread:
This new "hidden" feature adds a way to play a chord in reverse order, which is done quite often while playing a keyboard, so it only makes sense to add this capability. Spread already had note order presets but not true reverse!
LHAND Bass Octave Break-out:
Now you can control the Octave when LHAND is in trigger (bass) mode. CC CV has the option + it has been added to the MIDI CC list for remote control.

Patch of the Week 74: Megalovania Mania


"In our continuation into classic video game tunes, we recreate the Megalovania theme on MS-20 mini and NTS-1."

Neutral Labs Elmyra Full Kit Unboxing

Elk Elektronik

"Very excited to receive a batch of Elmyra sound machines. These are the full kits. Let see what's in the box.
Elk Elektronik will be running some COVID-Safe DIY small group sessions with these. More info coming very soon."

1985 Musikmesse Ad & More from Debut LP Magazine Issue 8/9 1984

Just spotted this one and below in Debut LP Magazine Issue 8/9 from 1984.


C64 Breakin' on the Streets ad


Cheetah Soft

Previous issues have ads for the Roland MC-202.

Debut LP Magazine was a zine from 1984 that featured an LP showcasing various artists.  You can find the list of them on Discogs here.  This was the UK version.  There was a German version before it. They are great look back in time.

Roland Jupiter-X - Live Event for Kraft Music

Kraft Music

Find exclusive Roland Jupiter-X BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Ed Diaz and Scott Berry from Roland joins us for a live Facebook event showcasing some features on the Roland Jupiter-X synthesizer.

Roland Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm synthesizers mark the pinnacle of Roland sound and playability, combining classic design and premium build quality with a powerful synth engine. Faithfully recreating legendary synths from Roland's long history of genre-defining sounds, the 61-key Jupiter-X and 37-slim-key Jupiter-Xm offer multiple layers, loads of polyphony, and deep hands-on control for crafting huge, spacious sounds. As part of an expandable platform, the Jupiters can be updated with fresh content and share sounds and content with one another.

Get more for your money with exclusive Roland Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm synthesizer bundles from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!

Super Synth Battle Bass Battle Extreme Edition !!!

Major OSC

"This is a segment within the 2 hour video special comparing the Novation Summit and UDO Super 6. The original intention was simply to make a feel-good jam session track to demonstrate how they can sound in production. In this example they switch off on bass duty and show off their strengths in their own additional layers. When I thought about a fun way to help visualize the new layers of each synth being added, I remembered some old music games from college, among many others. The result is this spectacle of retro-arcade visuals over feel-good synth riffs and melodies. Enjoy! Also be sure to check out the full video!

MajorOSC - Definitive Presets for Hardware Synthesizers and VST"


UDO Super6 VS Novation Summit 2 Hour Special Presentation

"What do two FPGA-based Hybrid polysynths have in common? A few important things, but not as much as you'd think. Fortunately the similarities they share are some of the most important things to consider when buying something in this price range. They both sound incredibly good - possibly even the best I've ever heard. They're both similar in price. Yet on paper, the specs appear to be stacked more to one side. This video will show you that specs don't matter when considering the end result; Music. In the end, they're both winners. In fact it was my intention to make the choice even harder if you're considering either of these.

The Summit and Super6 will be put through their paces with real world applications; Productions. Performance. No Science. There's no Oscilloscope, no measurements. Your understanding at the end of this will not come from clinical observation. It will come from listening. They sound different. Amazing, and different. For everyday stuff like leads and bass, they can sound similar for sure. But when you dive deep and exploit their strengths, this is where they will blow your mind. I hope to show you a little bit of both. Which of these fits your style, your taste? If both, start saving. They're worth it. In fact I think they might be the best sounding polysynths to come out in decades.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Keep it positive and speak from experience, and not from speculation."

Hello from Bergamo + Brigitta & Prophet-5


Hello from Bergamo + Brigitta & Prophet-5
Gear used: Studio 88 modular ("Brigitta")
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev.2

Neutral Labs Elmyra synthesizer (a platform for sonic experimentation)


"You can easily build this synth yourself or buy an assembled unit, see here:"



via this auction

PAiA 1979 Spring Product Brochure

via this auction

Moog One Serial Number 3,000

via @MoogMusicInc

"This #synthesizer has been on an amazing, evolving journey since it first met the world in October of 2018. To everyone here at Moog who’s helped make this instrument special, and to so many of you around the globe whose musical creations continue to inspire us, thank you."

This tells us there has been up to 3000 produced to date. It all depends on what number they started with, for example 1001 or 0001.

New Zlob Modular Triple Cap Chaos Eurorack Module

Quick Overview Keven Kalay

"The Triple Cap Chaos(C^3 Chaos) is a 2hp analog, chaos based, noise oscillator, pseudo ring modulator/harmonics generator, and audio mangler Eurorack module available as a DIY Eurorack kit, PCB and Panel, or built.

This video demonstrates the X and Y outs, emanate and width controls, some cv control from a triangle wave lfo on the skew fade, and then i input an audio rate triangle wave from the dual vco.

Built $75
Kit $45
Pcb/panel $20

more info at"

Additional details via Zlob Modular:

"The Triple Cap Chaos(C^3 Chaos) is a 2hp analog, chaos based, noise oscillator, pseudo ring modulator/harmonics generator, and audio mangler Eurorack module available as a DIY Eurorack kit, PCB and Panel, or built.

It is a unique module, like the Diode Chaos, because it has never existed as a musical instrument until now. There is also no other module to my knowledge that can do exactly what the Triple Cap can do. The circuit(with several modifications) is based on the paper 'Simple Autonomous Chaotic Circuits' by J.C. Sprott and Jessica R. Piper. As opposed to the Diode Chaos that generates control voltage this module focuses on the audio rate.

The “Emanate” potentiometer controls the coarser overall spectrum of the chaos, from lots of activity counter clock wise up to less chaos and more of a steady oscillation. The “Width, CV ATT” potentiometer can be thought of as more of a fine control for the chaos/oscillator. When something is inserted into the “CV” in the voltage normalization from the width knob is broken and the potentiometer now acts as an attenuator for the incoming cv. The Triple Cap is not a traditional volt per octave exponential VCO, and has a sort of narrow frequency range to exploit the chaotic behavior.

It expects a +5v to -5v max signal in to modulate the chaos. The “IN” jack is an A.C. coupled input for audio in, although cv and audio can work for both the “CV” in jack and “IN.” The “IN” will interfere and interact with the onboard chaotic oscillator depending on the frequency of the input, which may take some experimentation. It can create ring mod ish sounds, to added harmonics, to almost bit crushed sounds depending on the “X” or “Y” output. The “X” output is a more windy noisy sinusoidal based output and the “Y” output is more squared off and aggressive, harsher sounding output.

Some quirks about the Triple Cap: The “X” output can offset negatively or positively a little bit depending on the pot settings, but both outputs tend to stay around 10vpp. With the “Emanate” and “Width” pots all the way up the typical frequency will be around 150hz although some will reach 200hz at this setting. With the “Emanate” pot full counter clock wise “Width” pot full clock wise the frequency will be around 250hz. It is possible to send signals into the triple cap that can bring it out of the desired range causing the oscillation to cut out.

The Triple Cap has a double sided panel. meaning one side has the classic graphics and the other is Soulless with less graphics(see image gallery to the left).

Width: 2hp
Panel Material: PCB/Double Sided
Reverse Power Protected
Current Consumption: +12v: 15mA, -12v: 10mA
Depth: 37 mm or 1.46″
Ships with M3 black nylon screws
Expandable: no"

Memorymoog arpeggiator


"Playing with the Memorymoog arpeggiator..."

1970/71 "The ARP electronic music synthesizer" ARP 2500 Brochure & Mail-In

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and the full write-up.

"ARP 2500 'The ARP electronic music synthesizer' 8 page colour brochure and mail-in insert from approximately 1970/71.

Oooooh boy! Here's a doozy. Such a doozy that this post got rather long-winded. My apologies in advance.

'What? What's so 'doozy' about this?!?!', I hear you say... 'I've seen this brochure on tons of sites! BORING!!!!!'

Well, yes. But no.

Take a closer look at that front page. That's not ARP's treble clef logo! And the company name and address is listed as... 'Tonus Inc. 45 Kenneth Street, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. 02162'"

Aphex Twin's Old Synth

Alex Ball

"A brief look at an early Theis Modular Synthesizer (TMSS) from around 2002. This particular unit was originally owned by Richard D James / Aphex Twin.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Aphex Twin
1:09 What is the Theis Synthesizer?
2:06 Raw Demo Sequence
3:52 Summary
4:28 Contextual Demo

Other gear used in this video:
Roland System 100m
Roland System 500
Ryk 185 Sequencer
Roland Juno-6
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-606
Roland CR-8000 (samples)
Korg KR-55B
Yamaha DX7
Simmons SDS-3
Pollard Syndrum Twin
Fairlight CMI Drum Samples
Ibanez RM-80 Mixer"

Alex Ball synth vids

See the Theis label for more.

Teenage Engineering Teases Little Magic Apparatus

It reads:

new product detail #2

today it's only 26 days left until we launch our new little magic apparatus. this one is for the electronic engineers out there to figure out. we have pixelated out one part that might give away the surprise. see you next friday and have a lovely weekend!

- the teenage engineering "XX-4" team

Quick Tip: "Analog" Style Noise Snares on a Sampler Tutorial

Perfect Circuit

"This Quick Tip shows how to use a sampler to make a noise burst snare that is a little bit different every time it is triggered. First you need a sample that is a minute or so long of either white noise or something a little more interesting like radio static or the output a noisy synth like the JMT NF-2 that we used in this video. Then load up the noise sample onto a pad of your sampler. Use a stepped random LFO or sample & hold that is triggered every time the sample is triggered. Set the LFO to modulate the start point of the sample. Adjust the attack and decay time or add a filter and effects to soften up the harshness of the noise sound.

Digitakt available here:

NF-2 available here:"

Nothing Fancy

Martin Peters

"Last week I thought it was time to do some maintenance on the Polymoog. Three keys in the lower region were not working and I wanted to investigate the keyboard dynamics. Jareth Lackey helped me a lot with the keyboard dynamics: Thanks for that. There is a little mod on the back side for the S-Trig input with a 1/8" jack bus, a BC182A transistor and a 10K resistor. It was already there when I bought it but the transistor got loose from the wiring. So I connected that again. And during tested it, I came up with this little tune. The Polymoog modded S-Trig input is connected to a gate output of the Cirklon. The Cirklon also sequences a bassline on the and a sequence on the SEM. The NDLR drives the Mopho with a sequence. The solo is on the Minimoog. It is recorded from the stereo output of my mixer. All very simple, nothing fancy. Hope you like it."

Polymoog with the top lid off.

Arturia MiniBrute 2/2S - "Bellatrix" 50 patches/32 seqs




After our great success witn MicroBrute 100 Patches Bundle with best selling sounds (period) we take our look on MiniBrute 2/2S

We like it & we made it!

"Bellatrix" soundset contains 82 patches for MiniBrute 2/2S!

32 Sequences ready to go in every of your patches
50 Patches ready to go in your tracks

High Quality PDF Booklet Ready For Print & example of every single sound
we had created

MinuBrute 2 having a strong character & complex interface, so many people still asking – how to make specific sounds.

So we made great sounds showing microbrute possibilities: basses, leads, sequences, arps & drones.

You will get 45 page booklet with graphic of 50 presets with its actual parameters! You can print it or you can use it online on computer.

While recreating this sounds you can learn ubtractive synthesis & MiniBrute2 possibilities.


Wave Splicing and Beyond

Learning Modular

"Wave splicing - taking two waveforms and splicing them together at an audio rate - is a synthesis technique that has been gaining attention over the past few years. There are a few oscillators dedicated to this technique; I wanted to share with you how to patch it yourself using your own oscillators and a module that will let you switch between inputs at an audio rate (I prefer an analog crossfading module like the Happy Nerding Dual Xfade).

I start with using three waveforms from a single oscillator - segment A, segment B, and the splice controller - and then expand on it by introducing a second and then third oscillator to explore detuning between the contributors to the final wave. I end by going beyond the typical splicing technique and using a crossfade rather than a hard switch to merge the donor waveforms together.

Here is the index of topics:

00:00 demo
00:49 basic explanation
01:41 one VCO technique
03:57 modulating the splice point
05:12 trying some other donor waveforms
05:28 splicing two independently tuned VCOs
06:58 using a third independent VCO to control the splice
08:02 extending the technique: crossfading
09:20 comparing switching with crossfading
10:38 summary"

How to Make Hip Hop / TRAP beats (Novation Circuit)

Gabe Miller Music

"In which I show you sounds, techniques, and Novation Circuit specific tips to make modern hip hop and trap beats on the Novation Circuit.

Download my free drums pack:"

Cleared for Landing [Novation Circuit & Arturia Microfreak]

Flak Cannon

"A trance-ish duet with Circuit & Microfreak.

Circuit: Pad, bassline, drums
Microfreak: Arpeggio, synced to Circuit's Synth 1 channel playing the pad.
Effects: Valhalla Shimmer & Supermassive

Samples were added afterwards on the DAW."

KeyStep Pro Workflow Firmware Update 1.3

What’s new in KeyStep Pro v1.3?

A set of workflow improvements designed to streamline your creative flow. Let’s take a closer look…
MIDI channels per project

You can now determine specific tracks’ output MIDI channels per project, for easy navigation of multiple MIDI devices in performances and sessions.

MIDI input enhancements
MIDI In information has also been expanded so that pitch wheel, mod wheel and sustain messages are transmitted to their respective tracks/channels.

Expanded Mod CV functions
The individual Mod CV outputs can now send data using either the velocity, aftertouch, or modwheel output values.

Transpose refinements
Transpose now also applies to arpeggios currently playing, and Transpose Compensation keeps newly-recorded notes in key with the sequence when transpose is cleared.

Tie / Rest behaviour

The Tie / Rest button’s functionality has been improved to allow extending steps in a more intuitive and familiar way.

Workflow upgrades
We’ve expanded a number of workflow functions, including improved Quick Editing, instantly switching drum mutes off, streamlined page erasing, intuitive note overlapping, and more.

Streamlined utility functions
We’ve updated a number of essential utility functions, including Factory Reset, MIDI channel shortcuts, refined screen & LED visual feedback, and much more.

Various bug fixes
Based on user feedback and extensive testing, we’ve improved a number of functions to make KeyStep Pro more reliable and efficient.

Moog Opus 3 Restore for Charles (by synthpro)


Bob Moog Foundation 2020 Trifecta Raffle: Mary Frances of Booty Band Gets Funky With Our Moog Rogue


"There's. That. Bass.

You're going to want to hop on your chance to win this spunky, compact Moog Rogue that's small on size, and BIG on personality! Watch Empress of Funk @MaryFrances-MamaFunk take our Rogue through some paces!

Read more and purchase your tickets at:

Our 2020 Trifecta Raffle features three glorious vintage Moog synthesizers: The Moog Source, the Moog Prodigy (with MIDI capable updates), and the Moog Rogue. All have been expertly restored and are in excellent technical and physical condition.

The raffle is a fundraiser for the important work of the Bob Moog Foundation. Proceeds benefit our hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. Find out more here:"

PAiA Understanding Cassette Demo Part 1 Book

via this auction

"PAiA Electronics would produce demonstrations of their synthesizer modules. Their in-house studio consisted of a TEAC 3340S reel-to-reel plus a few other pieces of outboard equipment.

This demo, as I recall, was to show off their new 47xx line of VCOs and VCFs.

There are numerous patches and explanations of the patches and the recording techniques. Of course these patches can be applied to any modular synthesizer.

Please note that this is for the booklet only. I have no idea what happened to the tape.

Enjoy a fun piece of history!"

Macbeth Studio Systems M3X SN 0071

via this auction

"Rare, hand-built 3 VCO synth. Superb build quality, simple to use and with a huge sound. Midi or analogue control.

This unit needs some work before it ships (replacement of the transformer). Lead time will depend on the queue of work we have, but is likely to be around 20 working days.

Macbeth M3X monosynth for sale. One of around 100 units made by Scottish synth expert Ken Macbeth back in the early 2000s. Will be supplied serviced, in full working order and with warranty.

Clearly inspired by the Minimoog (although it is in part based on the Prodigy) these have a well-deserved reputation for a big, ballsy, “vintage” analogue sound. The 24dB/oct transistor ladder filter is a big part of this.

This one has been fitted in a case for desktop use. It could be rack mounted (but the limitation is that all the sockets are on the rear of the unit).

The original transformer had burnt out so we will fit a new one which will be set either up for 120 or 240v use.

CONDITION: In excellent overall condition with only minor wear to the face. The wooden case is clean with some scuffs and dings around the edges. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping."

Studio Electronics Omega 8

via this auction

"This is the Studio Electronics Omega 8, an 8-voice analog dream machine. It comes with Moog and Oberheim filters. It also includes a custom rack case which opens from the front and back with top-notch locking latches. You can expand it further with CS80, Arp 2600, Jupiter 8 or 303 filters.

Its hasn't been sent back to Studio Electronics to get their tune-up which improves tuning stability, eliminates the occasional voice-drop in Multi Mode when you page through the patches too quickly, and addresses other minor issues. Some buttons may double-click if you press them too long however the synth works well as is and its never bothered me enough to want to send it in."

Formanta Polivoks Soviet Synthesizer SN 0686041

Kee Reel

"Legendary Polivoks is in 100% working condition.
One of the oldest version (year 1986) so it has a little bit different form of the black keys.
Recapped, cleaned and tuned. However some tuning/calibrating after shipping procces may be needed.
Comes with the hard case, 5din-jack adaptors, power cable."

via this auction

Korg Trident Synthesizer Brass String Machine SN 331819

via this auction

"Condition is excellent for a 40 years old synth, shows a few splinters in the wood here and there but overall great shape for its age. Good: All keys work. All buttons and knobs work well, some scratchyness in some but would be cleaned up from a good cleaning. The "write program" button doesnt seam to work but maybe Im missing something.. Not so good: tested it out on a tuner last night, the lower two octaves show about from 5-10 cents flat, one was closer to 15 on the tuner, seems to be on par with a synth this old from what I hear but being the bass notes its harder to hear the pitch being out.. I would assume some capacitors on the synth probably need to be changed now or in the future due to its age, which might “tighten” it up. The headphone out works great but the mix out seems to be finiky sometimes but messing with the plug seems to work, probably another deep cleaning needed issue, the direct outs from each of the voices work well from what I can tell. With that all being said, understand this is 40 year old board and there might very well be issues arising that Im not aware of or noticing at the moment or will happen in the future so this board is being sold as is. Purchased 2 years ago from Tokyo Japan, comes with Korg road case with casters, Im assuming thats original from 1980. 100V but works well on American 120V but keep that in mind, theres conflicting opinions about analog gear being 'ok' with that small of a difference, Ive had a couple other old synths and it wasnt a problem."

Curious if the tuning issues are related to the power discrepancy.

YAMAHA CS-30 SN 3163

via this auction

YAMAHA EX5, 76note, Music Synthesizer w/32MEG of RAM

via this auction

OP1 & BigSky // Ceramic Bowls on Water

"I am guilty: I bought it AGAIN.
We all did, let's be honest. I think I don't know a single OP1 owner that didn't buy it-sell it-got it again after missing its "jenesaisquoi".
And I DID miss that, even though I got a Deluge in the meantime and even a Push 2 (crazy, I almost got into DAW music), but I was missing that little beauty.
One thing I always wanted to do was connecting it to my Strymon BigSky, mainly because I really hate the onboard spring reverb, I find it always too harsh and without much musicality.
And I did, and it is, in my modest opinion, excellent, especially with this meditative-kind of sounds, with mixed playing and Tombola sequencer.
As the title says, my idea was to go for one of these round pools with ceramic bowls that clanks into each others, with some cherry blossoms around.
Enjoy the peace 🌸"

Rob Lewis | Live Performance with KeyStep Pro


"Rob Lewis is a London, UK based composer specialising in music for film, TV and live spaces. He has scored a number of high profile projects for BBC, Channel 4 and independent productions. In this live one-take performance, Rob uses the KeyStep Pro as the central controller for his external hardware."

WMD SCLPL - In Depth Tutorial


"Frequency equalization (EQ) is something that the Eurorack industry has been lacking for a long time now. Sure, there are plenty of EQs out there with limited feature sets, but we felt the need for something more. We wanted presets so we could change settings mid-set and that turned to the question "what if they morphed smoothing from on to another?" which has brought us to what is now known as SCLPL.

The WMD SCLPL is a dual mono / stereo EQ and morphing filter for eurorack modular synthesizers in 4HP. 9 presets let you save different EQ settings and then morph between them with CV or manually with knobs.

In this video, we cover the basics. We use White Noise from the WMD/SSF Modbox and sweep frequencies. We then use Drum Break and Chord samples from the Rossum Assiml8or to learn how to set up EQs, save Presets, and more."

"The mix surgeon's best friend is now a powerful effect in your eurorack system.

SCLPL (pronounced SCALPEL) is a Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ / Morphing Filter module for eurorack modular synthesizers. Use it to cut out problem frequencies on voices in your mix or to add pleasing enhancements to your stereo field.

Dual Mono and Stereo Control Schemes make it an excellent addition to any WMD Performance Mixer Setup. Add 4 SCLPL for 8 channels of EQ in 16HP. Put a 5th on the Master Bus and you have the ultimate eurorack mixing setup!

A simple user interface makes it a powerful tool for many use cases. It features 9 user-programmable preset slots that can then be "morphed" between seamlessly with CV or the Level knob in Morph Mode.

Each frequency band is set independently with the Level, Q, and Frequency knobs, and a helpful LED display aids in knowing exactly what's going on at all times.

Frequency bands include a Low Shelf, 3 Mid-Range Peaking Bands, and a High Shelf."

Roland JD800 SL-JD80-07 Guitar Collection preset patches


11 Close Nylon 1 00:00
12 Shortpick Nylon 1 01:39
13 Phasestrum Nylon 1 03:14
14 Natural Nylon 2 04:50
15 Thinpik Nylon 2 06:44
16 Nylon 2 Strum 08:20
17 Real Nylon 3 09:48
18 Sharp AOR Nylon 3 11:14
21 Al's Nylon 3 13:05
22 6 String #1 14:23
23 Sharp Effect 6 String 16:14
24 6 String #1 Flange 17:48
25 Real 6 String #2 19:22
26 Sparkle 6 String #2 20:56
27 Effected 6 String #2 22:22
28 6 String #3 23:38
31 Space 6 String #3 25:10
32 12 String #1 26:47
33 12 String #1 Pick 28:10
34 12 String #2 29:15
35 Squeeze 12 String #2 30:34
36 12 String #3 31:44
37 12 String #3 Delay 33:03
38 Guitar Harmonics 34:19
41 Clean Electric 1 35:45
42 Clean Electric Pluck 1 37:14
43 Clean Electric 2 38:07
44 Effect Elektic 1 39:34
45 Clean Electric 3 40:33
46 Peaks Electric 3 41:37
47 Syn Guitar 42:56
48 Syn Guitar Effek 44:28
51 JD Midi Guitars
52 Strat-A-Wash
53 Heavy Love!
54 PulseMod Harp
55 Saxastrat Attack
56 Easternal
57 Lusitania
58 Slow 48 String
61 Rocker Stack
62 Passionate
63 Scraple Strat
64 Gandar Gate
65 The Bed is Full
66 JD's blotype
67 Eric's Sunday
68 Ethnobell Slide
71 Big JD Fifths
72 Ghost Wisps
73 Pizvox 12 Comp
74 New Synlead
75 Hook n' Crook
76 Clipp-A-Vox
77 Semi Ham an+&
78 Whistle Stops
81 Spark of Life
82 Argon Lowbell
83 Penguin's Arse
84 Lovely Pad
85 Windrize
86 Thin Oriental
87 Who Hose Bizz
88 Ethnituare

Roland JD800 SL-JD80-06 Grand Piano preset patches


11 Piano Magic 1 00:00
12 Grand Piano 1 01:18
13 Studio Lead 02:55
14 Piano & Stack 04:17
15 Nylon Grand 05:56
16 Poppy Keys 07:21
17 Island Piano 09:03
18 Heart Piano 10:37
21 Piano & Voice 11:58
22 Grand Piano 2 13:24
23 Synth F/Deleyopn 15:13
24 It's a Small World 16:48
25 Piano at Heaven 18:23
26 Funk It! 20:05
27 Piano Magic 2 21:57
28 Piano Sweep 23:48
31 Stacked Up 25:18
32 Piano Fortes 26:57
33 Analog Lead 28:05
34 Piano & Synth 29:36
35 Perky Grand 31:14
36 Phasers on Funk 32:38
37 Bassweep Piano 34:21
38 Octave Piano 36:00
41 Piano Pad 37:48
42 Grand Piano 3 39:51
43 Breath Pad 41:08
44 Fantasy Piano Repl 42:54
45 Pluck Piano 44:43
46 Dig this 46:26
47 One To Go! 48:14
48 Brass Pad Piano 49:40
51 Love that Sound
52 Grand Piano 4
53 Piano Mind Color
54 Honky Tonk & Organ
55 Phase Piano
56 New Age Something
57 Vox Grand
58 Only A JD!
61 Grand & Choir
62 Pure Piano
63 Bass Taste
64 Multiano
65 Midnight Grand
66 Pianotron
67 Hypnotic Piano
68 Piano?
71 Piano Heaven
72 Barrel House Piano
73 Funky Split
74 Layered V-MX
75 Wave Pluck
76 Millpond 2
77 Harmonic Grand
78 Dark Choir 2027
81 Forbidden Land
82 Grand Piano 5
83 B.H. Piano & Bass
84 Sparkle & Rain
85 Time 2 Move On 2
86 Piano Orchestra
87 Spiritual
88 Dying World

Eurorack Modular Synth First Patches: The Basics - a Tutorial and Demo

Starsky Carr

"How to patch a modular synth from scratch. How to use CV and gate to control oscillators and envelopes to create some basic patches, and how to start getting more complex tones

Housed in the @Arturia Rackbrute using the amazing @Erica Synths Wavetable VCO and VCF to get some incredible tones form a simple system. Modulated by their Black EG and the ubiquitous@MAKEN0ISE maths followed by the @Eventide Audio DDL eurorack delay.

A simple setup using the @Moog Music Inc Mother 32 gives incredible results quickly. Stuff you can't recreate on a standard setup produced in minutes."

Sunset || Moog Mother 32 & Strymon Big Sky -self generative ambient patch-

Nicolas Melis

"Sunset || Moog Mother 32 & Strymon Big Sky Self generative ambient patch.

my first try to do a generative patch on my moog mother32 with the help of the Strymon Big Sky reverb"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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