MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, September 25, 2020

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Friday, September 25, 2020

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


"ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends - for more noiz: website: This is a series of live noiz and video noiz performances created during The Plague. #covid19 #coronavirus #isolation #quarantine #spike"

Parametrable CV in - Stochastic sequencer prototype

Gibran PantalaLabs

"Exploring the parametrable CV in"

Nyle Steiner Plays NuRAD for the First Time

Mark Steiner

"Sept 2020, Nyle Steiner, inventor of the EVI, EWI and Rad EWI plays a new model of the "Rad" type EWI, which was created by Johan Berglund of Berglund Instruments. Nyle and his nephew Mark consulted with this project and model. Johan's design is just beautiful and I can say, it plays so very nicely! I truly love it!

In this video we also hear from Michael Brecker about the Rad EWI.

So there was only one Rad EWI made, but now anyone can have one, as Johan hand makes these with love and expertise in Sweden.

Have a look at the Facebook group "Berglund Instruments" for more info.

For purchase info and to join the no-pay wait list for a NuEVI or NuRAD, please email"

BLM 7200 Modular Synthesizer System with AC-420 Aluminum Enclosure Red

via this auction

Note the mushrooms on the front panel.

"BLM 7200 Modular Synthesizer System with AC-420 Aluminum Enclosure
Modular Dimensions: 17"x13"x3"

Modular Synth Weight: 8 lbs.
Package shipment is about 14lbs.

Red Color.

10 Patch Cables are included.

The power adapter is included!
12v DC Adapter is included to power up the system. World compatible, it is auto-switching. You must supply your countries IEC outlet cord.

This is a perfect addition to the Korg Arp 2600!

Isla Instruments S2400 - Liveloop tracks demo.

Isla Instruments

OZZY OSBOURNE - "Mr. Crowley" 1981 (Live Video)

Ozzy Osbourne

via John H.

Minimoog Model D & Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings synth.

Strymon NightSky – Noir Et Blanc Vie – Keyboard and Modular Examples Demo


"In this video, Noir Et Blanc Vie demonstrates several NightSky sounds using keyboard instruments as well as a couple of modular synth patches."

Featuring the Sequential Prophet-6, Korg SV-1, and eurorack modular.

The Beast Synthesizer from Yorick Tech

Steve Hunt

"I own Yorick Tech Ltd, maker of the Low Frequency Expander (LFE) for OB-6 and Prophet 6. [see here] This is a prototype / test bed for a mono synth project which will be a cut-down version of this, using the best bits. Possible poly version too....

Mostly my own design, including clones or designs inspired by various vintage synths, including 3 Oakley filters.

2 x CEM 3340 VCOs, one with supersaw and one with double-wavefolder. Each has its own PWM LFO and pitch ADSR and sub oscillator.

LFO3 is from the LFE and contains a hidden LFO, sampling the main LFO but with clever synchronisation so that patterns repeat in a musical way.

Ring modulator.

6 ADSRs (2 miniMoog clones, 2 digital and 2 CEM) and 7 LFOs, many VCAs including 2 mixers and stereo panning for each mixer.

4 filters:
Oberheim SEM doubled to give 12 or 24dB slope.
Roland SH-1 based filter, again with 12 or 24dB.
904a Moog Modular clone
miniKorg Traveller-based design

Filters can be set in series, parallel and are fed from the 2 mixers as 2 pairs.

Spring reverb.

4x5 mod matrix.

Midi or CV in"

Quick Tip: Fitting A Deep Eurorack Module Into A Shallow Case

Perfect Circuit

"This Quick Tip shows how to fit a eurorack module into a case that is just a little bit too shallow. All you need to do is find out what kind of screws your case uses, M3 is the most common, but some use M2.5 or 4-40. Then you just need to get some standoffs in the correct screw size. Figure out where you want to put the module and put standoffs in the rails where they will line up with the screw holes on the module. Then you just need to tighten down the standoffs into the rails and then screw the module into the standoffs."

Let's Play with Electric Vintage

Tim Webb

"This is an unexpected Let's Play for me, because I hate the Fender Rhodes Piano sound. Fortunately, and surprisingly, apeSoft's Electric Vintage lets us go far beyond the classic into insane new territory!

Electric Vintage on App Store:

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: Or you can support me on Timmeon if you don't like Patreon: (Patrons of these campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Be sure to visit for the latest music app news!"

Weird Trio: Djembe, Native American Flute & Analog Synthesizer

poorness studios

"I had a strange idea today... what if I made a song with 3 instruments: djembe, native flute, and analog synth... what would that combination sound like? Well... in case you were wondering."

Roland Introduces WM-1 And WM-1D Wireless Midi Products

The PR via Roland:

"Easy-to-Use Products Provide Low-Latency Wireless MIDI Communication Between Electronic Musical Instruments, MIDI Hardware, Computers, and iOS Devices

Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2020 — Roland announces the WM-1 Wireless MIDI Adaptor and WM-1D Wireless MIDI Dongle, two innovative new products that bring the convenience of wireless MIDI to modern music creators. Easy to set up and use, the WM-1 and WM-1D provide wireless MIDI communication between multiple devices, including keyboards, drum machines, and other MIDI hardware, Mac and Windows computers, and iOS mobile devices. In addition to MIDI note data, users can send MIDI sync for tempo, effects, LFOs, loops, and more—all without connecting a single cable.

For today’s musicians and producers, there are many situations where wireless MIDI is a real problem solver. It can provide a clean, mobile setup with just a MIDI keyboard and a laptop, iPhone, or iPad, or eliminate a long cable run from a favorite MIDI controller to a DAW. And in live performance situations, wireless MIDI provides smoother workflow and reduced setup time. Once users have had the unencumbered experience of Roland wireless MIDI, they'll never want to go back.

The WM-1 connects to MIDI hardware devices with standard 5-pin MIDI I/O, while the WM-1D connects to computers and iOS devices via USB. Standard mode provides low-latency MIDI communication between up to four total devices. Fast mode reduces latency to 3 ms—better than the internal speed of many hardware devices—providing ultra-fast communication between two WM units for timing-critical applications.

WM units can communicate with each other, and with MIDI music apps on an iOS device and Mac computer in Standard mode via Bluetooth MIDI. The WM-1D is ideal for Windows computers, which don’t have Bluetooth MIDI support built in. Users of Mac computers and iOS devices can also use the WM-1D to gain the benefits of Fast mode. (USB connection with iOS devices requires the appropriate Apple adaptor.)

Availability & Pricing
The WM-1 will be available for $69.99 and the WM-1D will be available for $79.99 in October 2020."

2020 Korg ARP 2600FS Reissue "Scratch 'n Dent"

via this auction

"If you haven't heard, these Korg ARP 2600FS Reissues sold out like hotcakes upon their extremely limited release this year. They are absolutely fantastic pieces with functionality and tone that rivals the original, no question about it. Rather than go into the full specs you can easily find online along with excellent demos and videos on YouTube, allow me to just get down to the nitty gritty:

First off, this came to me sans road cases. I don't know what happened to them, but they are gone. And, unfortunately, this one has sustained a little wear and tear in it's very short life. Some of the tolex has been scuffed on the outside and reglued, 2 metal feet are missing (I think those are easily replaced), and the lower part of one side of the front panel is loose from the wood bracket it screws into. Upon inspection, the wood had been split-up a bit around where the screws go in, but it has been repaired albeit not the most amazing job I've ever seen (you don't see it so I don't know why anyone would really care that much). Because of this, the bottom screw does not tighten, but I think this could be repaired well enough with wood shavings in the screw holes. That's usually an easy, safe, and surprisingly effective fix.

Cosmetically, the face plate is immaculate and like-new. It seems to be working perfectly thought I did not test the MIDI. Everything else (sliders, buttons, keys, reverb, panning) seemed to be perfectly fine and great.

As you have probably already seen, these are very expensive on the used market. Korg has no intention of doing any kind of re-release of these, so what's out there is as good as it's going to get. You see these in the high-$6k to mid-$7k range when they are for sale (granted, they come with all their kit) and they actually sell.

Most importantly, as mentioned, it works fine. Save yourself a few bucks for some bumps and bruises and the lack of something you might not have any use for, anyway. Comes with all the original cables supplied and, funnily enough, the original casters. Manuals are available online. I wish it was "Mint", but it just is what it is now. Still, this would be a nice piece for the studio!"

Korg Micro Preset M-500 SN 790135

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak w/ Original Box

via this auction

"2nd owner of this beautiful Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak. Synth plays and sounds great. Body is super clean. Internal battery recently replaced and has been recently serviced at Solutions in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Original power supply included."

Access Virus TI2 61-Key Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland JP-8000 Super Saw Synthesizer SN AJ70341

via this auction, also on Reverb

Kurzweil 250 RMX Digital Synthesizer SN 88050357

via this auction

"One of the pioneering keyboard samplers, maintaining its quality over the years. Features include: an adjustable sample rate of 5kHz to 50kHz (100 to 10 seconds of sampling time, respectively), 16-bit bitrate, 12-track sequencer, chorus, transpose, tune, 36 ROM sounds, 96 pristine quality acoustic instruments, 341 presets, 12 voice polyphony, 2 LFO's per voice, truncation, looping, velocity crossfading, MIDI I/O, and several other specific features unique to the 250 RMX. Mounts directly to a rack, looks cool.

Includes One external pedal, the Mastering the 250 User's Guide and Reference Manual, (4) 45 mb syquest cartridges of the Sweetwater K250 Sampling Library including: 1) Keyboards and Vocals, 2) Percussion and Sound Effects Misc. 3)Strings, Brass and Woodwinds and 4) Guitars and Bass."

The Worst Drum Machine Korg Ever Made! (Feat. Bad Gear)

Alex Ball

"After having the privilege of demonstrating so much wonderful gear on my channel, Florian came to me during an out-of-body experience to show me the path to true enlightenment – Bad Gear!

…and boy was it bad!"

Check out more Alex Ball synth vids here.

Polybrute and Delta CEP A - Friday FUN Synth Jam


"Very impromptu, jut before we box up the Arturia Polybrute to go back to the distributor (sniff...) One last noodle. Coupled with the Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A - a DSP based morphing synth with a big sound, and the ability to take a stereo input. Sadly this was lacking in the Polybrute."

New Standalone Version of Nanoloop

nanoloop device digital : first jam - Masaki Takada

"A year and a half later, Nanoloop finally appeared! At first I was confused by the minimal interface, but once I got used to it, I could treat it like an existing cartridge version. I made an electro pattern.

enjoy! :)"

You might remember the Kickstarter back in March of 2019. Nanoloop has been a Nintendo Game Boy program up to this point. See the nanoloop label at the bottom of this post for more.

Analog Four OS Upgrade: Class Compliant USB Audio


"This is Class Compliant USB Audio on the Analog Four MKII. Connect to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and record or process your audio easier than ever before. Add software superpowers via apps to give you countless possibilities: Parameter automation, bi-directional audio processing, audio recording, MIDI sequencing & sync, and that’s just the start. More modulation, more LFOs, more magic:"

Roland FANTOM V2.0 - Multi Sample Engine - "Broken Bells" song by GATTOBUS


"It's been a year since Roland FANTOM came out.
Now with OS Version 2.0 it's possible to sample, load multi-samples and play them on the keyboard!
This song was created using this feature. I sampled some of my favorite instruments and played them back with FANTOM.
Every sound you hear it comes from it, no overdubs, everything was played and sequenced in real time!
Audio was recorded multi-track via USB cable from FANTOM to my Macbook Pro.
Mixed and mastered on Ableton Live.
Video editing on Final Cut Pro."

See this post for details on the updated.

Roland MC-101 & MC-707 GROOVEBOX v1.60 Update: Arpeggiator, Random Tone Generator and more


"With the new Version 1.60 update, the MC-101 and MC-707 GROOVEBOXES continue to evolve with inspiring features for music creation and live performance:
• Powerful new arpeggiator livens up your productions with tasty melodic lines and real-time control over motif, rhythmic variation, octave, and hold on/off
• Random Tone Generator sparks fresh ideas with multiple algorithmic options that create interesting new tones on the fly
• USB generic driver mode lets you connect your MC GROOVEBOX directly to a smartphone or tablet, great for producing with Zenbeats or your favorite DAW
• Expanded ZEN-Core compatibility lets you import Sound Pack drum kits in addition to instrument tones

In this video, Peter Brown walks you through the new MC GROOVEBOX features of Version 1.60 below:
00:00 Overview
00:28 Arpeggiator
01:58 Random Tone Generator
03:50 USB Class Compliant/Generic Driver
04:50 Sound Pack Kit Import

Other updates:
• Direct USB Mixout
• Scatter functions - MIDI Note message enabled
• Compressor – gain meter and updated parameters added
• Sub-step on Tone track
• Note Tie on Drum Track
• Sound Knob (MC-707 only)"

Introducing Zenbeats 2.0

Roland Zenbeats

"It has been one year since we launched Roland Zenbeats and to celebrate, we are excited to announce a FREE Zenbeats 2.0 update featuring the new ZC1 ZEN-Core Synthesizer. Music-making has never been easier with touch-friendly beatmaking, loop-based arranging, Bluetooth MIDI support, seamless export functionality, and thousands of presets to choose from wherever you are.

Download Zenbeats 2.0 today!

Zenbeats 2.0 includes many feature and workflow enhancements for free-flowing music production. The spotlight addition is ZC1, Roland’s first mobile-ready synth powered by the advanced ZEN-Core Synthesis System. Zenbeats Ultimate Unlock V2 unleashes the full power of ZC1 with over 800 presets and 90 built-in MFX.

Everyone from beginners to serious beatmakers and electronic musicians can create, share, and collaborate using Roland Zenbeats 2.0. The app offers intuitive loop-based track creation, and a drum machine designed around the classic Roland “TR-REC” step sequencer in legendary drum machines like the TR-808 and TR-909. Deep touch surface support allows users to intuitively control instruments and mixing functions, and it’s easy to transfer projects and beats between phone, tablet, and desktop platforms.

With Zenbeats 2.0, the latest version of Roland’s popular music creation app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows comes to the Roland Cloud platform. Ultimate Unlock V2 access for Zenbeats is provided at all membership levels, offering 7 GB of presets, loops, and sounds. Like the original release of Zenbeats, the entry-level version of Zenbeats 2.0 remains available as a free app outside of Roland Cloud membership, with access to two paid upgrade levels, including Ultimate Unlock.

Do you have Roland Zenbeats 2.0 and need customer support? Let us help at:"

Introducing Roland ZENOLOGY Pro: ZEN-Core Software Synthesizer for Roland Cloud


"Harness the vast power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System and dive deep into the world of custom sound design with ZENOLOGY Pro. You get the amazing sound quality and efficiency of ZENOLOGY, plus an expansive interface to craft all-new sounds that inspire your music.

Below are the chapters of this video that introduce the key features of ZENOLOGY Pro for you to discover:
00:00 Introduction to ZENOLOGY Pro
00:30 Overview of 'Visual Edit'
02:00 A Closer Look at Partials (or Oscillators)
05:25 Filter and Modulation Features of ZENOLOGY Pro
06:27 The LFO Section including Step LFO
08:20 Building Drum Kits
09:14 Saving User Banks and Exporting to ZEN-Core Hardware

ZENOLOGY Pro has over 3500 acoustic and electronic instrument sounds, including classic analog, vintage digital, and modern hybrid synth sounds. These sounds are crafted using ZENOLOGY Pro’s thousands of oscillator waveforms, 10 different filter types (including JUPITER and other iconic models), and 11 LFO shapes. Then add a huge selection of ready-to-go drum sounds, including famous Roland rhythm machines, and over 90 classic and new effects to inspire your next track or production.

Want even more sounds? You can expand your library to over 7000 ZEN-Core sounds with Model Expansions, Wave Expansions, and ZEN-Core Sound Packs—all available in Roland Cloud.

But if sound design is more your workflow, then ZENOLOGY Pro gives you the deepest access to the ZEN-Core Synthesis System for producers who want to heavily modify existing sounds or design custom sounds from scratch.

With ZENOLOGY Pro, start your sound designs with four oscillators, or “partials”—each with 9 virtual analog waveforms plus Supersaw and Noise to choose from. Then, dig into 1840 PCM waveforms (easily expandable to over 7000), 10 filter types, and 11 LFO shapes, including tempo-synced Step LFOs with 37 curves per step, letting you create sounds you’ve only imagined!

After you’ve designed or tweaked your tones in ZENOLOGY Pro, you can use that sound in your DAW, and ZEN-Core equipped hardware instruments. For owners of FANTOM, JUPITER-X & JUPITER-Xm, MC-101 & MC-707 GROOVEBOX, AX-Edge, and RD-88, download and explore ZENOLOGY Pro and bring new life to your ZEN-Core patches."

'70s style Modular, Hammond & Solina - Sep 24, 2020


"Sorry, the 3rd camera's SD card failed and didn't record the modular playing view. You can see some of it on the Solina view. A '70s hard-rock / progressive style jam I recorded tonight. I play the modular, organ and Solina live in real time straight to stereo 2-track. Play loud :D Studio-88 modular: synth bass
Hammond XK-3c System: organ
Leslie 122XB: rotating speaker on the Hammond
ARP Solina String Ensemble: syn strings
Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone: phase shifter on the Solina
Roland RE-201 Space Echo: tape echoes
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10: Drum loops, recording, plate reverbs"


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