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Saturday, September 26, 2020

DSI Pro2: Sweet Fifteen - patches for meaning

Morning Strategy

"Making the first fifteen patches on my new DSI Pro2 was one of my favourite synth experiences ever. This was one of the first synths I got interested in, back five or six years ago, and I know now that I should have bought it then.

On a related note:

00:00 I got lost in a search for meaning
00:26 until the search became the meaning
00:57 a transition event
01:25 like an earthquake is to moving plates
02:14 extended and reduced to human life
03:13 as the growth rate spikes
04:18 mountains of guilt stream like fountains of shame
07:25 the impulse to buy, to force a conflict
08:51 until the infection settles into lethargy
10:35 a reflection; an inflection
18:43 the seed planted for future trees
20:56 where have the continents been
22:57 soft footsteps from the floor below
24:18 an echo that came before
25:17 an echo fed to itself

My Music"

Korg MonoPoly w/ MIDI

via this auction

"This MonoPoly is fully functional. All of the pots and switches have been treated (Caig) and last week the main PSU smoothing capacitors were replaced (see owner's manual KLM-376-MP, C13/14 etc.). The PSU rails (+/-15V and +5V) have been recalibrated to within the manufacturer's original tolerance and the ripple per rail has been measured to be <10 mV. When I first got my MonoPoly, the front panel screws had rusted, or the surface finish on them had worn off, so I replaced them with button headed socket screws (2.5 mm, see pictures). I have fitted a MIDI interface (MidiPoly, instruction manual/details will be emailed to the winning bidder). This has been done without altering the original instrument, except that now the rear mains subpanel has an IEC mains inlet fitted (rather than a flying lead), with 5 pin DIN MIDI in and out sockets immediately adjacent to it. The front panel (this one is in good condition) is not modified in any sense (no additional switches or controls, for example). All of the original MonoPoly's functions are kept but fitting the MIDI interface adds the following functions:

# Key notes are sent and received as MIDI on the selected MIDI channel

# VCOs can be triggered individually by velocity

# Notes generated by the arpeggiator are also sent as MIDI

# Received Pitch Bend MIDI data alter pitch bend

# Received Modulation CC MIDI messages alter filter cutoff

# Received Portamento Time CC MIDI messages switch portamento on/off

# A new sample and hold modulation can be routed

# Keyboard action is significantly improved

# the EFFECTS button now does not reset the key assign mode to unison

# Arpeggio can be synced to MIDI clock"

Cavisynth Subway : Tips and Audio Demo

Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Some quick tips and audio demos for the SUBWAY of Cavisynth."

via Cavisynth

"A first VCO having four waveforms responds in frequency to 1V / OCT, the second VCO is absolutely identical, but it is possible to choose down to 7 octaves below the first and to vary its frequency to +/- 2 octave. You can turn it into a CV LFO. At – 7 octaves it oscillates so slowly that it becomes a controllable LFO in CV 1V/OCT and CV IN2 in exactly the same way.

With the “CF (CrossFade)” potentiometer it is possible to adjust the crossfade between the two VCOs in order to obtain very thick sounds.

You can choose between five wave formes for each VCO and if you select noise + noise you then have the punk mode (Fig.6) !

The Subway keep the chosen waveforms in memory after power off.

The CV2 input (0-5V) is successively assignable to each of the four potentiometers and the two waveform selectors."

IMPLEXUS - Global Feature Overview

Majella Audio

"This video shows the IMPLEXUS features in a global overview."

You can find additional details on Majella Audio's IMPLEXUS on their website here:

Pin Electronics Introduces New MIASMA Mini Discrete Modular Analogue Suitcase Synthesizer

A new suitcase synth from Pin Electronics, makers of the EMS SYNTHI inspired Hornet and Portabella synths. Note the components listed below are modular in nature as the internal modules are electronically separated. This is a self contained mini modular synth.

Short demo below.

MIASMA by Pin Electronics
Discrete Analogue Modular Synthesiser with 10x10
Touch Pin Matrix & dig. Modules

1x OSC
2x LFO
SKB 3I-1209 CASE



Also on Instagram.

2020/09 - Synth Programmer for Waldorf Microwave Demo


"Finally - the demo for the Stereoping Microwave Programmer - over 12 minutes full of short clips and subtitles - hopefully useful somehow. Up to 3:50 the sound only contains a non-related background music, the shown content did not have any valuable sound.

0:06 PREFS - Entering the Programmers PREFS mode, making changes to internal settings, automatic saving on exit
0:29 PATCH MODE - Entering PATCH mode, synchronisation of parameter data, stepping up/down through programs. Moving pots, display shows new and old value (in brackets), COMPARE and PEEK function
1:32 PARAMETER GROUPS - layout of Programmer's parameters in groups. Editing hidden parameters. WAVETABLE always available on encoder 4, solution for accessing the many WAVE ENV LEVELS/TIMES values with only 6 pots.
2:47 MODULATION MODE - how to edit the Microwave's modulation slots (normal and complex ones). Two dedicated pots for quickly setting VALUEs or ZEROing them out. Demoing the TEMP mode for direct change of modulation values through pots.
3:50 - EDITING SESSION, from here on the shown clips have sound. Starting with an INIT sound, the program is shaped into something nicer over 2 and 1/2 minute.
6:38 - RANDOMIZER - creating several sounds while changing the randomizers parameters. (Mind the volume, some aggressive sounds here)
8:12 - CHORD MEMO - playing with the 5 CHORD slots. Entering Chord SETUP to demo chord learning and STRUM.
9:30 - playing a pattern from a DAW, shaping a bass sound by Control Change messges making use of the Programmer's CC-to-SysEx translator

10:26 - MULTI MODE - finally a brief demo for the Programmer's MULTI mode. Please check the Programmer's PDF manual for details here.
#Waldorf #Microwave # Programmer # Editor"

Moog one insert vs master outputs

peter m mahr

"Moog one - Insert 1&2 vs. Main L&R"

Module 1050 Overviews by Learning Modular/Chris Meyer & the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation


1. Module 1050 Mix Sequencer HB18 by Learning Modular/Chris Meyer
2. Module 1047 Multimode Filter HB18 by Learning Modular/Chris Meyer
3. Module 1027 Sequence Controller HB18 by Learning Modular/Chris Meyer
4. Matrix Switches HB18 by Learning Modular / Chris Meyer
5. Analog Computers HB18 by Learning Modular / Chris Meyer

Recorded for Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020

Arp Pond

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"2013 James Moses for SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US"



1. DON SLEPIAN gives a tour of EMEAPP's ARP 2500
DON SLEPIAN gives a tour of EMEAPP's ARP 2500. Make sure to watch Don perform on this system in the two accompanying videos. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of ARP Instruments and the ARP 2500 modular synthesizer.
2. DON SLEPIAN, on the EMEAPP ARP 2500, ARP Quadra and dual ARP 2600s. Performance ONE.
Electronic music pioneer, DON SLEPIAN, on the EMEAPP ARP 2500, ARP Quadra and dual ARP 2600s Performance ONE of TWO, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ARP Instruments and the rare ARP 2500 modular synthesizer, Don Slepian visits the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project for a hands-on live performance. Be sure to sign up for a FREE membership at LESS
3. ARP 2500 modular synth performance celebrating 50 years of ARP Instruments, feat. VINCE PUPILLO, Jr.
ARP 2500 modular synth performance celebrating 50 years of ARP Instruments, feat. VINCE PUPILLO, Jr.

TINRS Fenix IV - First Patch! with patch breakdown

Making Sound Machines

"TiNRS Fenix beta - first patch! Our friends Stijn, Priscilla and Lauri at This is Not Rocket Science have been working day and night to get this awesome, full-fledged Eurorack compatible system-in-a-box modular synth polished for launch, and the first five beta instruments are finally in orbit! Little tweaks are still being made, but we couldn't wait to share our love for this instrument! ❤️ All sounds coming straight from this machine.

This patch shows off the flexibility of the Fenix' sequencer, with trigger outs for every step - syncing the wobbler complex LFO with the beat and adding the choppy stutter to the analog chord oscillator. There's both both per-step CV in - the lovely squeak on step 6 made with an LFO - and overall CV offset - allowing the 8 bar progression from the Arturia Beatstep Pro to pitch the whole sequence.

The beat is made using the Digital Oscillator in wavetable mode, with a bank of drum samples loaded on output 1 and just claps on output 2 - with the Fenix logic modules doing an incredibly funky job of mixing the drum triggers. We're super happy to be part of this test run, and are having tons of fun making music with it!"

Fairlight CMI IIX Page R demo and overview - The worlds most important sequencer?

David Morley

"The Fairlight CMI was the worlds first commercial sampler, but in the context of how it changed music, probably the most important part was Page R. This is an awful piece of musical creation on my CMI IIx, but it hopefully shows you how Page R works and I also offer an overview of the other pages available on the CMI system. For nerds only!
My IIx used to belong to Kim Wilde and has been restored by Jean-Bernard Emond in France. An amazing machine and so much fun. The "musical" example here is just that, an example. Hopefully I will post some more musical adventures in the future."

REASON SUBTRACTOR - The Classic Vintage Software Synth

Woody Piano Shack

"Demo and review of REASON STUDIOS PROPELLERHEADS SUBTRACTOR synthesizer from REASON 11. Subtractor is one of the very early software synths and is still going strong and sounding great today.

We'll discuss some history of this 20 year old vintage software synth from 2000, incredible to think, I'll give you a tour of the instrument, play you some sounds and hook up some other REASON effects, like PULVERIZER, RV7000, QUARTET CHORUS and jam to some loops provided by DR OCTO REX!

If you like this topic then we can cover some more of the REASON RACK, and perhaps explore other vintage software like PROPELLERHEADS REBIRTH which was an incredible and truly game changing instrument."

Étude No.1 - Freak/Magneto/Desmodus Versio/Mimeophon/Rampage/Muxlicer

Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -
I created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating -
Here's a sneak peek of it -"

Stramp Synchanger 4000

via Aliens-Project

Here's one you don't see often. There have only been three previous Stramp posts, and two featured this one from Aliens-Project.

From this post, this was a "Rare European take on the Synthi Hi-Fli style of guitar processor, nicely designed... Includes pitch-to-voltage conversion with hold (like practically all similar machines, difficult to avoid some glitches in the tracking oscillator); envelope following; fuzz; and a seven-band graphic EQ. Switches and faders for three outputs: source, internal synth, and fuzz. Really nice hardware (especially the switches), and a pleasure to use."

Analog Rytm OS Upgrade: Class Compliant USB Audio


"Class Compliant USB Audio has arrived on the #AnalogRytm MKII. Connect to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and record or process your audio with ease. Add software superpowers via apps to give you countless possibilities: Parameter automation, bi-directional audio processing, audio recording, MIDI sequencing & sync, sampling from USB, and that’s just the start. Enjoy deeper and more unique control of your machine for mastery of the waves:"

Follow-up to Analog Four OS Upgrade: Class Compliant USB Audio

Wersimatic WM 24b

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

Synthesizer Card Collection 24 for KAWAI ENSONIQ ROLAND YAMAHA KORG

via this auction


Arturia Origin Desktop Modular Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

Korg Polysix SN 389373

via this auction

1982 Oberheim OB-Xa w/ Numera MIDI & Extras SN 821020

via this auction

"Vintage 1982 Oberheim OB-Xa with Numera Midi 8-voice 120 programs serial#821020. One original owner, bought brand new from the Oberheim Factory in Santa Monica directly from Tom Oberheim himself. Just serviced by a well known Bay Area tech on Sept 24, 2020. Recalibrated filter, clean key contacts, adjust key levels, clean internals, check battery (shows 3.2V). All 8 voices tunes quickly when auto-tune is press (see video on my Instagram "tristarmusicgear"). All functions were tested and works great! The key action on this synth is really nice! Unit is in overall excellent shape with just minor marks/blems as seen in the pictures

Has full maintenance service record receipts totalling over $1500 that was done by Advanced Musical Electronics from 2000-2012 based in Southern California."

Access Virus TI - 61 Key Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This synth covers so much synth territory.. from classics like Moogs, prophets, junos, SH, ARP, to modern digital textures like PPG, Waldorf, FM synth and more. AND... it does all of that extremely well. Very convincing synth that makes one wonder why any other synth is needed : )"

Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer Version 2.0

via this auction

Cool synth pillow.

【解説付き】Berglund Instruments NuEVI with iPad connected. Moog Model15(ios app)


0:00 iPadアプリ「Moog Model15」を使用したデモ演奏
1:40 iPadと接続のしかた/必要な物
2:45 Model15側の設定
6:00 NuEVIのブレス、ピッチベンド幅の調整

ARCAICO GORGONE+INVICTUS & LARA CROFT #modularsynthesizer #analogsynth #eurorack #arcaico

Arcaico Instruments

"ARCAICO INVICTUS - Quad Envelope Generator

ARCAICO GORGONE- Analogue multi-effect in eurorack format composed of 4 sections (VCA, VCF, distortion, delay)
connected internally and also usable separately."

Yamaha CS20M synth being sequenced by Elektron Analog Keys

conor paxton

"A vintage Yamaha CS20M analog synth being sequenced using cv/ gate via an Elektron Analog Keys. Such an amazing synth, I have read online that you cant sequence it because it has weird Hz/v scaling. Well Thats not true at all, as this video shows. It does have a different Hz/v scaling compared to korg. the difference is the first octave is achieved from 125mV - 250mV, the second is 250-500,
It has so many features that i am not showing here...this clip is to show that it can be sequenced.
Using a little bit of delay from a Lexicon PCM 81 and a kick from the analog keys."

Dreadbox Nyx v2 & Source Audio Collider


Moog modular synthesizer Model 15

TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

Spring Reverb : Intellijel Springray
Glide/Portamento : Doepfer A-170 Slew Limiter


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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