MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday, October 05, 2020

Chill ableton beat making Live with itijik [Twitch Highlights]


"The Chop Shop 1020 sample pack includes Comakid Dusty Guitar Shots, itijik 96BPM CYBER synth loops, itijik 96BPM wtf synth loops and the itijik Collective version of the NOX 1.0 Drums. I decided to make a chill beat this morning, which turned out to be a challenge in itself. I'm really happy with how it turned out though!

The itijik Squad has a monthly challenge called the Chop Shop. Our samples and recordings are added into a limited sample pool. Then everyone has one month to strictly use these samples to create their 'Chops'. On the first of each month we submit them for the club to hear and give feedback. It's all about regular practice and elevating your production, and a little bit of showing off your chops! I will be posting the chop results and clips of the fresh music we're making here on YouTube and Instagram.

All itijik Collective members will get a selection of samples from each pack the itijik Squad releases, royalty free, for their own projects! There's already some samples and tools posted on the discord server, so be sure to join up if you haven't already."

SONICWARE LIVEN 8bit warps : live jam with built-in looper

Masaki Takada

"LIVEN 8bit warps is equipped with a 4-track looper, and 1-3 can record internal sound sources and 4 can record external sound sources up to 128 STEPs.
If you prepare the drum, bass, and Uwamono patterns individually, you can gradually add and remove sounds like this 😋"

Erica Synths DB-01: Using it as a drum machine

Richard DeHove

"The DB-01 makes an interesting and unusual drum machine, keeping sync beautifully while being manually played. It also uses features which tend not to get as much love in the usual bass-duties mode, such as the triangle wave, drone mode and FM.

0:00 Creating a simple starter pattern
0:25 Adding pitch envelope
0:42 Copying and adding steps
1:38 Adding accents
1:46 Modifying the pitch envelope
2:22 Changing octaves
2:57 Filter modulation
3:29 VCA on drone mode & tweaking
4:17 LFO on the filter
4:40 Square wave nmode
5:08 Adding noise
5:27 LFO for basic beat
6:24 Step Roll mode
6:58 Fun noodlings
9:00 Changing the Arp pattern style
9:20 Arp in latch mode
On Patreon you'll also find some DB-01 loops in wav format"

Richard DeHove DB-01 posts

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3 SN 3876

via this auction

"Recently serviced by Rosen Sound, Burbank, CA.

Sounds amazing, fully functional with MIDI."

J3PO - "Morse Code" - Prophet 5 Reissue - first track


"This is the first track I made with the Prophet 5 reissue after I had finished making a bunch of presets for it (still looking forward to seeing which ones will be chosen for the factory banks). The lead patch that I'm playing in this video utilizes the famed poly-mod section. Oscillator 2 is being used as a key-tracked polyphonic LFO (pulse wave) modulating the filter to create different tempos of the "morse code" sound.

All sounds in this video are made by the Prophet 5 except for the drums, which are mostly Roland TR-808 samples, constructed in XLN Audio's XO drum plugin.

Hope you enjoy this one. :)

Follow our good friends at Sequential:

IG: @sequential_llc
Youtube: @Sequential

Follow me:

IG: @iamj3po
Spotify: J3PO; Julian Pollack; Julian Waterfall Pollack Trio

You can purchase my siganture sound banks for the Prophet-6 and the OB-6 from my website."

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev4 - track snippet


"I had the privilege of doing beta-testing, and some factory patches for the incredible Sequential "Rev4" Prophet 5 (or 10) this summer. Its a lovely and beautifully simple instrument thats a true joy to play. I started this "all prophet 5" track before i had to send the beta down the road to the next tester. Some FX were added."

Threetom Modular - Steve's MS-22 Now Available from SynthCube

via Threetom Modular

"I'm excited to let you know that Full and Partial DIY kits for building your own Steve's MS-22 are now available from SynthCube. Get 'em while they're hot, they seem to be selling fast!"

Check out Threetom at Dutch Modular Fest 2020 Stream Day posted below at 2:21:25.

Dutch Modular Fest 2020 Stream Day

Dutch Modular Fest

Watch the full stream of our Covid-19 friendly version of Dutch Modular Fest 2020
Held on Saturday 29th of August, live (mostly...) from TAC Eindhoven

00:00 Intro
00:15 Dirge Seçil Kuran
18:00 Majella Audio
47:11 Allert & Bart talk about Stream Day program
52:53 Mieke van Dam
1:24:17 Joranalogue Audio Design
1:58:55 Cengiz Arslanpay
2:21:25 Threetom Modular Synthesizers
2:44:03 G.T. Thomas
2:59:25 Allert & Bart recap
3:09:20 Synthesis Technology
3:42:36 Space drone beer break
3:58:14 Max & Kyra Frimout
4:21:05 ReBach
4:42:43 Space drone break with Kokkel the Parrot
4:59:48 Mike Lee Birds
5:31:31 Gijs Gieskes
5:56:22 RESISTER
6:31:36 Erica Synths
6:47:49 JacqNoise & Magnetrixx
7:14:58 XOR Electronics: Alten Herren Abend with Thomas Margolf
7:56:21 LudoWic
8:20:34 Ending words

0-Coast Ambient::Fragile:Threaded

C Nich0lls

"This track is composed with Makenoise 0-Coast synth and the 0-CTRL touch sequencer. The principal part is a single-take recording from the 0-Coast. In this piece I was revisiting some ways that I used to use the Korg SQ-1 sequencer. The 0-CTRL allows you to take those ideas further using touch interactions, having 3 rows and a more subtle approach to stage tuning and timing. This recording uses all of these features.

Timing and tuning were dialed in by ear and are deliberately elusive. The main 0-Coast patch uses a 'plucky' setting of it's dynamics, taking advantage of the 0-CTRL's ability to organically modulate the 0-Coast dynamics and contour. it's a relatively simple patch, but all 3 rows of the 0-CTRL are routed to make it expressive.

In addition to the main melodic line there are 3 additional recording takes. 2 are percussive; one a 'kick' and the second a high-pitched/noise burst. The last take is a variant of the melodic line, effectively 'ghosted' by widening the attack of the contour and pitching it up. All of the additional tracks were derived from the same 0-CTRL settings.

All the effects are from the new Strymon NightSky pedal. Each track has it's own custom patch, exploring some of the range of the pedal. All tracks recorded though UA Apollo Twin X."

Clouds y el Moog Sequencer(clone Synthesizers dot com)

Pepe Mogt

Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020 (a synthposium) Part Three - Composers & Producers + Concert

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

Brian Kehew

David Baron, Producer and Composer
Pablo Garreton, Composer and Performer
Don Slepian , Composer and Performer
Asha Tamarisa , Composer, Performer and Educator

Live Concert from Pablo Garreton

Last Q & A, closing remarks.


Fifty Years of ARP: The 2500 in 2020 (a synthposium) posts

The true triple threat: Analog 4MKII, Digitakt, and Octatrack MKII


"In this video I share my first completed song using my all new black Analog 4MKII. Once again the Digitakt is the drum machine, the OT is a performance mixer and looper, while the A4 takes care of all bass and leads."

BloodGroove VJ Jam

Cat Full of GHOSTS

"Jamming over some jungle-Esq tracks I just finished making.
Using my newly finished mobile analogue VJ rig.

Rig includes:
Edirol V4
Ipad2 with Colourcode VJ x 2
Camlink Vision 400 Video FX (in the feedback path)"

IMPLEXUS - Patch Example #1 // Different LFO divisions

Majella Audio

"In this video Erwin Tuijl (Pocket Knife Army) shows a Patch example with different LFO divisions for the Harmonics and Wave Folder parameters."

Pin Electronics MIASMA osc test


See the Pin Electronics label below for more.

Exploring DCO-106 with J3PO

Cherry Audio

"The producer extraordinaire J3PO recently sat down with the DCO-106, and shared the results!

DCO-106 offers a precise recreation of the iconic polysynth, with over 300 presets, 16 voice polyphony, three reverb modes, MPE support, and much more.

The DCO-106 is both easy to understand and powerful to explore, creating a massive array of sonic landscapes, cutting lead sounds, warm and hazy pads, punchy synthetic electro drums, and far more."

The rarest Japanese synthesizer? | Suiko ST-50


"In which I demo and make music with an obscure synthesizer made for the Japanese traditional music market, the Suiko ST-50. Created to accompany poetry, the ST-50 is a beautiful and strangely timeless instrument. Its haunting sound and unusual playing style set it apart from many other instruments."

Logan Vocalist Analog Choir Synthesizer (1979) The Hierophant


"(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

The Hierophant

Logan Vocalist - 37-note (F-F) monophonic and polyphonic analog choir synthesizer from the year 1979
Rare like stardust and maybe one of the most interesting human voice synths ever. Made in Italia.

The sound is a bit like the Roland VP-330 human voice section but you have a lot more possiblities with the 3 vowel filters (aaaa----oooo----uuuuu), the envelopes and mixing the different sounds.
Unique sound and very characterful like a Mellotron or Vocoder.

analog choir sounds and solo voice: Logan Vocalist (1979)
bass: Moog Taurus (1976)
analog strings: Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus (1979)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1980)
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

Alesis Andromeda

TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

360 SYSTEMS Digital Keyboard - Rare and Historic Synthesizer Demo


"Less than 200 of the 360 System Digital Keyboards were produced between 1982-1984, making this an extremely rare piece of musical history. It features 16 samples that are trigger when the keys are engaged, much like a Mellotron but with higher fidelity and more sonic options.

This video features a walkthrough of the keyboard and all functions. From the time I start playing, the audio source of the keyboard is a stereo file exported from Logic, recorded in high quality so you can hear the fidelity and nuance of the samples and overall functions.

For more details contact me through"

Rare CRUMAR DS-1 // Less than 200 made in 1978 SN 28

via this auction

There was also a Crumar DS-2.

"One of the very few remaining Crumar DS-1 on the planet, serial number 28. Recently serviced and recapped, this impressive monosynth works like a charm and looks great - far better than any other DS-1 / DS-2 available nowaday.

Released in 1978 to compete against the Minimoog, the Crumar DS-1 implemented one of the earliest digitally controlled oscillators (DCO) - if not THE first. In those days this was enough to mark a synth as "Digital Synthesizer" but actually the DS-1 is a fully analog monosynth with analog controlled digital oscillators. A rocksolid synth that can easily genetare fat basses, expressive lead sounds and an unexpected range of percussive/FX sounds.

So Crumar released the DS-1 (their first full-fledged synthesizer) in 1978, more than four years after Korg and Roland began their domination of the low-cost arena. Consequently, and despite its cool sound and features, everybody overlooked the DS-1 and less than 200 units were sold.

The Crumar DS-1 is a dual-oscillator monosynth with a 24dB/octave resonant low-pass filter (inspired by the Minimoog Ladder), one LFO (assignable to oscillators, VCA, VCF and PW), Glide FX, two selectable noise generators and a useful Gate/IN. The front panel has a lot of well organized (and sturdy) knobs and sliders that make the DS-1 a very intuitive machine.

Specifications :

OSC Waveforms : Saw, Tri, Squ, PW (only OSC1)
OSC Parameters : Volume, Pitch, Octave, Manual PW Modulation
Noise : White / Pink + Volume control
LFO Assign : OSC1, OSC2, VCF, VCA, PW (OSC1)
LFO Waveforms : Saw Down, Tri, Squ, Saw Up, S&H, Scaled
LFO Parameters : LFO Delay
VCF : Cutoff, Resonance, ADSR, ADSR Amount
Other : Pitch Bend, Glide with Speed Glide / Speed Range
Connections : Out Hi, Out Low, Gate/IN & Gate/OUT (+/-5 Volts)"

Mini Sitting on a Mini

via this auction

Minimoog on a Minimoog couch.

"We are restoring this Minimoog Model D serial number 10985, with the NEW OSC board. Pictures are BEFORE the restoration, we'll replace them whenever it is finished.

Things we are doing in this unit:
- Replacement of all electrolytic and tantalum capacitors.
- Restoration of the whole key contact system and installation of brand new bushings
- Full cleaning of the wood, panel, knobs, potentiometers, switches, connectors, etc.
- Replacement of damaged knobs and pointers with original ones.
- Dead zone mod in the pitch bend.
- All three uA726 with heatsinks
- Full calibration as indicated in the service manual."

Moog System 15 w/ Roland System 100m Modules

via this auction

"Orginal series Moog system 15: Serial number 8473 manufactured in 1976 at Moog's Trumansburg, NY factory.

The unit powers on but I have not performed a recent sound check. This unit does NOT included the Moog 24db low pass filter. A substitute low pass filter is installed instead. Some of the keyboard keys stick and need to be replaced. An alternative is to use a control voltage converter (not included) with another keyboard. Patch chords not included but are readily available elsewhere since they are standard sized audio patch chords."

Folktek Mobius Harmonizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one posted here.

YAMAHA CS15D 37Key Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Rhodes (Arp) Chroma w/ CC+ MIDI Upgrade & Stereoping Controller

via this auction

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

EMU Emulator II - The Northstar Library


"A selection of my favourite pad and choir sounds from the 1980's OMI 3 (Northstar) library for the EMU Emulator II, supplied as CD's loaded via the OMI CDS3 optical media drive or 5.25" floppy disk. Northstar Productions still provide these in the latter format for working EII 5.25" floppy drives.

All sounds played from the EII with only some reverb added:

0.00 Fairlight Moods - P08 Slow Voices
0.34 Fairlight Moods - P02 Lite Link Loop
1.10 Hinson Choir - P05 - Slow Choir
1.50 Expander Pads - P04 Choir
2.22 Vector Vikonic - P01 Volkanic
2.42 Vector Xwang - P13 Bow Xwang
3.15 Vector CLancy - P09 Clacy V Attack
3.55 Megacelli - P04 Swell
4.25 OB8 Saw - P05 Touch Filter
4.53 Vector X Dbl Strings - P0 VX DBL String
5.38 JX8P - P01 Voices
6.35 LA Heaven - P13 Slo Heaven"

Drambo Groovebox Live Performance | haQ box mk VII | haQ attaQ

Jakob Haq

"Here's a live performance featuring my Drambo "haQ box mk VII" Groovebox. Drambo is in my mind one of the absolute best music apps to have come out in 2020. For those of you who dont know, Drambo from BeepStreet is an extremely powerful modular synthesizer, with a simplified routing system and Elektron-esque sequencer all in one. Want to know more bout the "haQ box"? Stay tuned!

Even though this video is highly edited, the performance featured here comes from on single take using two cameras and one iPad screen capture. I've also added in some B-stock footage of me making the custom Sensel morph layout."

See here for details on Drambo Groovebox.

SONICWARE LIVEN 8bit warps : variety of sound&sequence

Masaki Takada

"I created a preset sound and sequence for SONICWARE's 8bit wave memory synthesizer "LIVEN 8bit warps" which has started shipping for Kickstarter Backer.
I hope you can feel the charm of this wonderful synthesizer as much as possible.

enjoy! :)"

Korg MONOTRIBE Sequence: still WORTHING in 2020?

Alba Ecstasy

"I bought my first Korg Monotribe back in 2011, fascinated by this affordable little analogue machine.
Sold it a couple of years later, since it wasn't quite on my workflow. Later, I started to regret that and last year I had the opportunity to buy another one for less about $70.
Fat sound, vintage drums, LFO, noise, sequencer, battery powered: amazing toy! Or it's maybe more than a toy? Or... ?! Tell me what do you think: leave a comment bellow!
Here's a sequence on my own style, with some passenger drums - more like some FXs for the track.
Delay: H-Waves, Reverb: Blackhole. No EQing.


Playing DaRk ElecTro with Drumsticks... Yamaha DD-5 + PreenFm2 + Voca modular

Audio Wanderer

"Playing some kind of dark electro synthwave tune with a pair of drumsticks!

Yamaha DD-5 (circuit bent by Bacterio electronics:
Voca modular"

Patch n Tweak
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