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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Erae Touch: the Expressive Music Controller.

Looks a bit like a giant version of Roli Blocks. The following are a few videos from their YouTube channel followed by some details from their Kickstarter.

"This multitouch pad makes the best use of the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) protocol.

This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics and is more accurate in microtonal variations. Granting faster information transmission between your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

Rediscover your favorite synthesizers by triggering multiple effects at the same time with XYZ/3D-Pads, polyphonic aftertouch, released velocities or arpeggios effects.

All those features allow for true expressive and musical gestures such as glissando or portamentos, vibratos or pitch bends for every note you play.

Create your own layout with simple elements

From action keyboards and settings adjustment to rhythmics objects:

Erae Touch has everything you would expect from a traditional MIDI controller and inherit from the innovation and new standard in the music industry.

Play multiple instruments on the same layout

Easy to play with, provided with advanced templates and quick menu access to optimize your workflow, it will become a central element in your music set.

Split your layout to control several of your favorite VSTs or synths without menu diving!"

You can find additional details at their Kickstarter campaign here.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Cyboogie (Official Video)

Flightless Records

Some synth spotting with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard off of their 2019 album Fishing For Fishies. Can't believe I haven't posted this one yet.

Props look like an ARP 2600 meets LMNC. Also a Fairlight / PPG Waveterm looking CRT in there as well.

DRONE BATTLE // Polygogo vs Cloud Terrarium

Genshi Media Group


I thought I'd have fun and do an experimental Drone Battle between the E-RM Polygogo and the Synthesis Technology Cloud Terrarium modules. Both modules are being modulated by the XAOC Devices Batumi (my favorite LFO!) and after demonstrating the dry signal, a touch of Reverb is added in post using Valhalla VintageVerb.

#Polygogo #CloudTerrarium #Batumi #Eurorack"

Vintage Syn-Cordian Music Brochure w/ Insane Synth Prices - Elka Synthex, Orla OP-61, Elka X25, etc..

via this auction

On first look I thought this was a brochure for the Orla OP-61, Elka X25, Elkatwin 61, etc.. Then I took a look at the back. It appears to be a brochure for a music shop called Syn-Cordian. Check out the prices: :)

Multivox MX-65 on sale for $195, down from $795.

Korg Poly-800 for $395, down from $695.

ARP Pro-Solist D6X Like New for $75

Elka "Syntex" (Synthex) for $495 down from $6000

Cat Synthesizer Used for $49 down from $795

Kitten Synthesizer for $95 down from 695

Take a look at the back. You'll see the Korg

Auction Description:

"IORIO Accorgan

Two Black & White Brochure Flyers

Elka X25 2 Rank Synthesizer Keyboard w/ Stereophonic sound & Polyphonic Presets
Side A: Top of Keyboard photo and close-up of rhythm section, Harmonic Coupler and Chord Programmer Controls. Text explains features
Side B Syncordian Sales Items , map and directions to store.

Orla OP-61 Single Rank Organ Synthesizer Keyboard
Side A: Photo of top of Keyboard with a double column of features
Side B: Sales Brochure for Elkatwin 61 Photo of Instrument w/stand and specs and features"

An Elka Synthex for $495, down from $6000. Man! Curious what year this was.

Vintage 1987 IORIO R-10 Rhythm Machine & Accorgan H Series Synthesizer Brochure

via this auction

Never seen one of these before. This is the first post to feature the IORIO brand. Click on the images to read.

JMT LD-2: "The Witching Hour"

Kris Lennox

"You'll be glad to hear I haven't succumbed to a non-existent virus, but rather, the music computer was broken. I acquired a new one, and I'm back on track. I'm still working on getting the image format in Premiere how it should be, but i'll get there (i.e if the aspect ratio in this video is off, it'll be fixed soon).

To the synth: recently I picked up some synths from Tetsuji (JMT Synths), one of them being the LD-2. Brilliant synth for sound/noise design - absolutely fantastic, with the bonus of built-in delay. Build quality is also impeccable. And hand-built by the man himself.

I hold the LD-2 up there with the Lyra-8 in terms of industrial/noise sound design single-unit systems. Lyra is more appropriate for clunky & factory-like, with the LD-2 more appropriate for odd & noisy.

Boutique items, certainly - but if you like making those kinds of sounds/noises, why not? There's a place for everything in this world.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this patch, it took around 3 hours to create... lots of work! Pitch/levels were key for this one. I added a subtle drone/bass after the LD-2 patch was recorded (intentionally keeping the sound relatively bare as this is my first video demonstrating the LD-2 i.e letting the synth sing). Bass should be obvious with headphones.

The title? Well, it is October :) Thin veil and all.

PS I a few weeks ago I took Tetsuji's synths to an abandoned factory area for some great photos. I think Tetsuji put the images on his page. If not, I have them over on fb (my personal/private page, though).

Enjoy/more soon now I'm back in the game.

All best

Pearl Drum-X: a Simmons Drums contender


"A true gem of forgotten electronic machines!
Totally analog, with digital memories, this japanese Pearl Drum-X had serious potential for successful sales... But came too late on the market!
The first models were released in 1987, a year where PCM drums appeared and made those fantastic analog things completly old-fashionned.
Anyway, not many were built, and no one seems to know about this lil happy box. Working units can be found for almost nothing, got mine for a hundred bucks, but the 'edit' buttons are broken. Tried to fix that but now my unit doesn't start anymore... Gotta repair this one, as well as so many other machines now. Soon I'll do a noice jam with my soviet Lel UDS, RMIF Elsita, the 808 and this cool Pearl! :D

The Peal Drum-X has a huge variety of sounds, from 909-like toms to typical simmons snares or weird cowbell tones.
Later models had MIDI, this one doesn't. But not a problem when you have multi-trigger drum machines! (Such as the Roland R8)
It has 5 outputs, plus a mixed one, and the box can be screwed in a rack (Only 2U), so it's definitely a great studio machine, as well as for live gigs thanks the quick patch recall buttons."

Altair 231 1984' - Strange Sounds Of Soviet Union - Soviet Mini Moog

Gargula Tron

"undoubtedly one of the best synthesizers built in the soviet union, endless sound possibilities."

AudioNowcast episode 215, Dave Smith and the reintroduction of the Prophet-5 synthesizer.


"This is a very special AudioNowcast podcast with Dave Smith and Andrew McGowan from Sequential talking about the reintroduction of the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

FM synthesis on the Novation PEAK

Floyd Steinberg

"Table of contents below. Novation PEAK is a great sounding hybrid synth with digital oscillators and an analog filter. One of the features of it's powerful mod matrix is frequency modulation. So it should be possible to create that DX7 electric piano patch, right? :-)

00:00 Intro
00:45 beginning with a saw wave...
01:16 fm uses sine waves, so do we
01:26 frequency and loudness adjustments
01:38 amp envelope
02:00 mod matrix: FM O1-O2
03:08 mod envelope on OSC 2
04:27 velocity sensitivity for OSC 3
05:04 adjusting mod envelope
05:18 some effects
05:52 finished sound
06:44 hmmmm....

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link


Velvet Machine AUv3 Factory Presets Demo using Shoom Synthesizer

Yuri Turov

Coming soon to the App Store…

"Shoom played with a MIDI keyboard and processed through Velvet Machine.

All Shoom patches have its internal reverb turned off. The only effects are Velvet Machine and a limiter."

It's Yellow, It's Fat, It's got a Knob. The DSTEC Original Syn Analog monosynth

David Morley

"The DSTEC Original Syn came out in 1999. A 3 VCO midi controlled monosynth. Classic monosynth architecture with a few tricks.. Demo uses the DSI Tempest for Drums and a simple bass note from the SE1. The main sequenc is the DSTEC. Kawai K5000s for pad. Enjoy!"

Toraiz Tracks by Krog360


Maschine Mk2 tracks by Krog360


New Elektron OS Features With Analog Four + Analog Rytm MKII Black

Perfect Circuit

"The Elektron Analog Four and Analog Rytm both got an OS upgrade that adds USB midi and USB audio features. Mario from Elektron US came by to show us how these new features make integrating the Analog Four and Rytm with iOS devices much easier.

Having USB audio and midi means you can easily record the output of your analogs with your phone, or sequence them with an iPad, or maybe sequence an iOS synth with your Elektron by just plugging it into the USB port.

We used the new Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII with the black finish, but this OS works with the gray MKII versions as well as the original MKI versions.

#PerfectCircuit #Elektron #iOS"

Playing with SpazeDrum #2


"This time I am only abusing 7 of its 8 voices..."

Ngarjuna - 'High Stepping'


"'High Stepping'
Produced by Ngarjuna
© 2020 Acid Coast Records

It's been a minute! Here's some new Ngarjuna for you"

Underrated Synth Series (Ep1) - Oberheim OB-12 - Demystified


"#oberheim #ob12 #review
Dear Synth Lovers!

We hearing you in our social media & starting our second blog "Underrated Synths" series using Oberheim OB-12 Synthesizer!

The 'Synth Superpowers' series is here -

We will demystify OB-12 functions & see its superpowers and downsides & talk about sounddesign & its place in the world of music production.

OS Files + Editor -
Our company:
Master Eq setting:


00:00 Intro
07:02 Master Eq Setting
09:15 Last OS
10:38 Bugs & Downsides
12:36 Structure
15:12 Craizy Things
17:04 OS Uploading
19:05 Custom Soundset
28:22 Outro
29:58 Bonus Editor


Lfo Team"

"Office Hours," Thursday, October 15th at 1pm EST!


"This week's stream will be hosted by our Instrument Specialist Walker!!"

Plaits Synthesis Models Series #15 - Analog Snare Drum

Omri Cohen

Here is the patch -

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

1977/1978 Yamaha EX-1

via this auction

Note the EX-1 is not the pre-cursor to the GX-1. That would be the "EX-42 (1970–1977, stage model, design origin of GX-1)" according to the list of Yamaha products on Wikipedia.

You can find some additional info on the EX-1 here, and throughout additional posts here.

Sequential Circuits Model 800 Sequencer

via this auction

NR Synth Ancestor ARP 2600 Clone

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here, demo in the listing previously posted here.

Auction description Google translated: "Ancestor type "old version", unique design,.. cloning of (VCO 4027-1, ADSR 4020, VCA 4019). Devastating sync (Hard sync). LFO mode on VCO3.

My old version is the one equipped with the 4012 filter copied on the moog scale and which fitted the before the 1977 trial (the blue and gray models).

Second SEM filter.

Versatile vintage sound and exceptional dynamics.

RSF Black Box Synthesizer SN 13229

via this auction

Hordijk 5U Rungler - Dual Fader - VCA Shaper - Phaser

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a Hordijk 5U panel with the Rungler, Dual Fader, VCA-Shaper, and Phaser modules. I took the listing down for a period of time as I was holding it for a private sale that fell through. Lesson learned.

I paid a steep premium for it as Mr. Hordijk only sells full system on a 3 year wait and doesn't even sell his modules individually. They are extremely rare and never come up for sale. It’s worth every penny. Puts your east coast synth on an SR-71 headed west immediately."

Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer Module

via this auction

1978 Crumar DS2 Synthesizer

via this auction

FUTURE RETRO Revolution R2 TB-303 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"A monophonic analog synth that faithfully reproduces the circuit and sound of the famous TB-303, 16 preset DSP effects with high-quality stereo output, and a 16-step step sequencer.

Remix function that instantly produces 256 variations per pattern Pattern memory: 256 (16 banks x 16 patterns)"

Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha CS-10 w/ Custom Colored Knobs

via this auction

"Awesome monophonic synthesizer with amazing audio input option that you can use as a tremolo, auto wag/filtering and band pass/lowpass. Sounds great and works perfectly."

Amanda Chang | Mind, body, and synthesis with DrumBrute Impact


"Brazilian producer, DJ, and synth enthusiast Amanda Chang crafts electronic anthems and dynamite sets that hypnotize and energize in equal measure. When it comes to finding inspiration, she’s keen to keep an open mind. Uniting the intricacies of synth hardware, the meditative power of yoga practice, and the serenity of Brazil’s natural landscape, Chang unlocks a deeper connection with her music..."

IMPLEXUS - Patch Example #4 // Experimental sounds

Majella Audio

"Modulation pitch with the envelope and velocity allows you to play different scales than just 1V/octave. With dissonant audio rate modulations you can create metallic sounding textures and when playing with the envelope in loop mode allows some kind of randomness, because you can release the key (note off) at a different moment in the "decay" time, so it will go into 'release'."

Sound design with SYNTRX and external effects

Erica Synths

"8 patches with SYNTRX and external effects (Echo Fix EF-X2, Eventide H3000, OTO BIM, Zen Delay). Performances by Kaspars Rolšteins, Kiwanoid, KODEK."

Sequential Prophet 6 & TC Electronic Dark Matter


Make Noise 0-Ctl Jam - London Modular

London Modular

"Make Noise 0-Ctrl is a wicked little sequencer we get busy with it and a modular system full of Make Noise Modules."

Some synth sounds from "Self Control" by Laura Branigan

GS Music

"We decided to go for another sounds on the high end of the new synth."

Modbap Modular Per4mer manual tweak jam

brandon logic


Patch n Tweak
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