MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 13, 2020

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Ensoniq Fizmo: Study for "A Place So Dark, So Cold"


"Fizmo Patch 16 heavily edited.
This is a study on the 4th track on my EP 'The Plasma Lock-Load'
Here it in its entirety here:"

Ministry of Science: The Plasma Lock-Load (Full EP)

00:00 Painted Sky
03:49 This is How it Was
07:48 Fearless
11:40 A Place So Dark So Cold
15:23 The Plasma Lock-Load
19:12 Deadly Nightshade
22:08 Supermassive

For better quality sound get the tracks here:
All tracks composed, arranged and recorded by Stuart Thomson at the Nerd Center, Woburn, MA, USA. Performed entirely by the Amiga model 1200 computer. No software synths were used. Cover art by Sebastian Kanczok. MOS website:

Musical instruments: Korg MS-2000, Ensoniq Fizmo, Roland D-50, Roland W-30, E-Mu Morpheus, E-Mu Vintage Keys, Novation Nova, Peavey Spectrum Synth."

Patch of the Week 84: No More Tears intro on wavestate


"Our celebration of Metal Month continues with a truly anthemic track bathed in lush synths that complement the driving bassline, monster guitars and, of course, the unique vocals stylings of the Prince of Darkness himself!"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Elektron Digitone Keys w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha DX7II-FD Digital FM Synthesizer

via this auction

One more from SYNTH CITY listed here.

"6 operator FM synth with 32 algorithms and the ability to split and layer the keyboard to give you more sound options.

The DX7IIFD added a Floppy Drive (that's what the FD stands for) offering one megabyte of memory space (equal to 40 RAM cartridges) for thousands of voices, fractional scaling, SysEx data and more. This one is in great working condition with average cosmetic wear, one key is partially chipped (see last photo)."

Korg M1R Rackmount Workstation Synthesizer M1

via this auction

$20 DIY Arduino Synth Example Sounds


"A few example sounds from an easy to build Arduino synth. All sounds are played through a Zoom CDR-70, which is mostly responsible for making it sound nice. Also used was a Arturia Keystep. Full build instructions coming soon."

See the gary909 label below for more. Introduces the Q163 Eurorack Adapter Module for MU/5U Systems


"The Q163 Eurorack adapter module provides mounting space, power distribution, and a patch bay for using Eurorack modules in a 5U system.

The Q163 panel consumes four 5U spaces and provides an opening for 35HP of Eurorack modules. An array of slotted holes at the top and bottom provide mounting for modules of various widths and hole spacings. Thirteen patch points convert Eurorack's 3.5mm connectors to the 1/4" standard used in 5U systems.

Eurorack +12 and -12 volt power rails are generated from the 5U system's +/-15 volt rails. The 5 volt power rail is also included. Seven Eurorack power headers are available for module power.

Three blank panels (4HP, 6HP and 10HP) and mounting screws are included.

Special Pre-Order Price: $188.00 USD"

Eurorack Kick Drum Deep Dive with Dean and Trovarsi!

Electronisounds Audio

"I team up with Trovarsi (another hybrid producer) and we talk about Eurorack kick drums!
We each show 3 ways that we create kick drums in our system using different modules.
This video is a must-see for anyone interested in making kick drum Eurorack!
Thanks for watching!"


Additional posts featuring Trovarsi Additional posts featuring Electronisounds Audio

Strymon Nightsky // Roland SH-01A :: [synth recipe #81]


Roland goes straight into the Nightsky. Nightsky stereo out into the DAW.

Roland acts as a master clock here driving Nighsky's sequencer. 40bpm.

Strymon is set in "infinite" freeze reverb mode. The single note is mangled, reverberated and nicely treated by the unit and then sequenced into a simple progression which acts as a pad for the melody.

Enjoy this little recipe and

Waldorf Pulse 2 demo

Panu Savolainen

"Waldorf Pulse 2 multitrack -demo. Eventide Blackhole and Waves delay used."

Introducing the Hummingbird Triple Oscillator Bank

Patchwerks Seattle

Note this is the first Northwest Synthesizers post. You can find the Hummingbird here.

"In this video resident expert Nick Bigelow presents us with the new triple oscillator bank module called the Hummingbird by Northwest Synthesizers.

The Hummingbird is a three oscillator, 20HP Eurorack module that has a recognizable front panel layout with some familiar control features.

Hummingbird allows the creation of a Warm "FAT" sound that normally is not associated with a digital oscillator module.

There are three oscillator CV inputs for 1v/octave sources. All three oscillators can be controlled from a single CV input, or each one can be controlled separately. There is also a modulation CV input with a variable gain control. The modulation input always controls all three oscillators and can (via a toggle switch) either control the pitch of all 3 oscillators or can vary the waveform selection of all 3 oscillators.

Each oscillator has an octave adjust control which gives a range from two octaves below to two octaves above the control voltage input. Oscillators two and three also have a variable pitch adjustment with a range from 5 semitones down to 7 semitones up from the control voltage input, continuously variable with a clean "unison" center adjustment range to allow a quick return to "no pitch offset".

All three oscillators have a waveform adjustment control that allows selecting from triangle, to ramp (sawtooth), to square, to narrow pulse. The transition between waveforms is continuous to allow an almost infinite pallet of output waveforms.

Each oscillator has a separate output jack to allow for multiple routing destinations. Oscillator 1 has an additional "Sub" output which is a square wave one octave below Osc1's basic pitch. Also provided is a single "summed" oscillator output jack. This summed output always mixes equal amounts of Osc 1, 2 and 3 along with an adjustable amount of the Osc 1 Sub output.

Order a Hummingbird here: Demo by: Nick Bigelow Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Substantia for Windows Released

Substantia for Windows is now available at You can find some demos previously posted here.

Substantia (latin: substance), is an electro-acustic physical modelling laboratory with hundreds of models. It is a modal synthesis software with integrated euclidean sequencer and recorder.

Substantia has 16 different models and 23 materials, ranging from Aluminium to Nickel Glass, Marble, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold, Nylon, Uranium and more for a total of 368 resonant models.

You can excite the resonators with contact microphones, samples or white noise and experience a new exciting way to make digital sounds with human gestures.

Substantia is a powerful tool to create new hyper-real sounds from amazing bongos to luxurious glassy and metallic textures.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer Overview and Sound Demo


"Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer Overview and Sound Demo.

In this one I’m looking at the Ensoniq ESQ-1, which is an 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer from 1986.
When it was released it was considered great value for money as it would cost twice as much to get something else with similar features.
It has 32 waveforms and an analogue filter, making it a hybrid synth, as everything else is digital.
The oscillators have sync and amplitude modulation.
It has 3 LFOs and 4 envelope shapers, which gives you an enormous amount of sound creating possibilities.
When you add in that there is a sequencer as well, it’s not surprising it wiped the floor with the competition.
In this video I take a basic look at the ESQ-1 and check out some of the sounds.
Ad pictures from"

Aries - Empathy

Aries - Empathy (Single Mix) - Aries

New track from supporting member, Aries.

"Musica/Music Livio Conduttore
Prodotto da/Produced by: Aries
Distribuito da/developed by AUSR Digital
Tutti i diritti sono riservati ©
All rights reserved ©

Disponibile su/Available on:




Amazon" Aries - Empathy (Italo Mix)

FM with samples - FDSP self modulation on the Yamaha EX5

Floyd Steinberg

"FM with samples - FDSP self modulation on the Yamaha EX5. Table of contents below! Here's a quick look at the "Self modulation" FDSP effect of the Yamaha EX5, a late 90s synthesizer workstation. FDSP is a sample-based synth engine which can add an individual insert effect to every single note you play. The "Self FM" works by adding a delay effect to a note, with the frequency of the delay repetition depending on the key you pressed. This results in a sound which very much resembles classic FM synthesizers like the DX7. By stacking up to 4 AWM voices in one patch, you can easily create complex FM patches, using amp- and pitch envelopes and LFOs to great effect."

Table of contents:
00:00 Demo
01:15 Introducion
01:50 Tutorial stuff


Geodesics Vultiverse - HexaQuark Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

00:00 - A couple of examples
00:19 - Introduction and all about clock resolution
05:26 - Basic Functions
11:01 - Pages and Scenes
21:05 - CV Outputs part 1
28:09 - CV Outputs part 2
33:07 - Probability (Uncertainty)
39:11 - Virtual Particles and Random
43:42 - Jump and Lock
49:17 - Things to try

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

Dark Side of Roland Jupiter X


"Here are couple of my patches showing dark side of Roland Jupiter X"

Behringer Teases a Patchable Eurorack TR-909 for $149

According to Behringer:

"This is a design draft of a cool drum sequencer based on our upcoming RD-9. It’s designed for Eurorack and comes with 11 trigger outputs.

We believe we could offer it for US$ 149.

Would you be interested in such a drum sequencer?

Disclaimer. We haven’t decided yet if we will build it as the decision depends on your level of interest."

The Zorx Ribbon Controller Overview with Todd Barton

ZORX electronics

"Todd Barton demonstrates all of the features on the Zorx Ribbon Controller."

And a demo video:

Todd Barton and The Zorx Ribbon Controller

Also see this post for an additional demo and details.

NIN's Beat to Hell DX7 & Greg Allman's B3

DX7 via Julien's Auctions

"A DX7 Synthesizer stage used and signed by Nine Inch Nails band members during the 1994-1995 Self Destruct Tour. The synthesizer was originally sold by the group on eBay under their former “Ningear” account in 2001. They used to sell all of their destroyed stage used equipment from various tours. Former band members Danny Lohner and Robin Finck informed the previous owner after he obtained the piece that they invested in the DX7 heavily. Due to its solid metal durability, it could take a beating every night by a mic stand or two, so all they had to do was replace the keys, which saved them thousands of dollars. Housed in the original Nine Inch Nails flight case. The winning bidder is responsible for pickup or shipping of this item from the United Kingdom."

White Crumar Bit99 w TAUNTEK Upgrade

via this auction

ELBY Pixie Attache EDP WASP clone with distortion + extra waveforms

via this auction

"Australian WASP clone with added distortion circuit, extra waveforms + a few other sweet tricks up her sleeves.

In my opinion this is the best rendition of the WASP synth and blows the Jasper / Behringer versions out of the water. ELBY is a legendary modular synth company who really know how to cross their T's and dot their I's. This thing has some huge bass!"

Little butler cat in one of the pics.

Roland CSQ-600 Digital Sequencer

via this auction

"A classic with an incredible swing (similar to the TR-808 groove), capable also of activating older non-standard Roland synths like SH-09, SH-02, SH-05, System 100, SH-01, besides the more typical SH101 and others etc."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 / 2002 Analog PCB

via this auction

Note the Voice labels on the bottom.

ARPIE Midi Arpeggiator - black edition with case

via this auction

You can find demos of the ARPIE in previous posts here.

Roland Jupiter 4 Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

E-mu Emax SE Synthesizer Digital Sampling Keyboard Model 1000

via this auction

Poly Effects Digit/Beebo

via this auction

You can find some demos in older posts here. Not sure what the Beebo reference is.

"Digit/Beebo is a multi modulation pedal that also gives you the power of a eurorack modular synth in an easy to use touch screen pedal. If you want great live tools or to push the boundaries of sound design.

Digit/Beebo will get you there.

If you’re looking for conventional effects, the auto swell, delay, algorithmic reverb, chorus, looping delay, mono & stereo EQ, mono & stereo compressor, pan, phaser, reverse, rotary, saturator, phaser, warmth and through zero flanger will cover your needs.

Really cool effect pedal with touch screen display and has been updated loads in the short time I have had it."

Kebu's Roland synths (part 1)


"Kebu shows off his Roland synth collection. In this part, Kebu presents his VP-330, RS-09, SH-2000, Juno-60, JX-8P and JUPITER-X. In the end of the video, Kebu gives a jam demonstrating how to integrate modern Roland synths with vintage ones.

0:00 Introduction
1:13 Roland VP-330
2:59 Roland RS-09
4:01 Roland SH-2000
6:12 Roland Juno-60
10:29 Roland JX-8P
11:44 Roland JUPITER-X
16:04 Jupiter & Juno jam!

Video production by Storia Productions & Aura Productions."

You can find Kebu performance videos in previous posts here.

Part 2 here

Arcaico Raverb

Arcaico Instruments

"Reverb in eurorack format inspired by the infamous Reverberation Machine, characterized by a VCA input and a post reverb distortion."

Anyone ID the sci-fi movie?

New Apps by HAINBACH

My new app with Bram Bos: GAUSS Field Looper

"In which I present to you the creative looping iOS app GAUSS I made together with the amazing Bram Bos. Inspired by tape and Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, it puts everything I learned on tape loops and an how to make them dance in your pocket. If you have an iPhone or iPad that is."

My Soviet Wire Recorder Plugin | AudioThing WIRES VST/AU/AAX

In which I introduce a project I have been working on for the past four months - Wires, a faithful VST/AU/AAX model of a soviet secret service and military wire recorder. It sound as close as possible to the haunting original, but we adapted it for use as a creative musical effect. Soft echoes, broken dreams, the sound of numbers stations and hauntology. Wires shines both in music and post-production. Get it here:

And a demo by The Sound Test Room

The Sound Test Room

5 MINUTES WITH - Teisco 110F Synthesizer

sonicstate sonicstate

"Battery Operated Orchestra (BOO) have a nice collection of instruments, we had a glimpse when we shot an interview with them for the launch of their album 'Yesterday, Tomorrow and You'

Chris from the band kindly recorded this session to give us all a flavour of what it can sound like - which as it happens is pretty tasty.

The Teisco 110F is a two oscillator instrument with lovely Low Pass resonant filter that keeps the low end with high resonance, a fixed filter bank and an interesting architecture.

Its capable of some pretty tasty sounds, we think you'll agree."

Also see Teisco 110F is it really an ARP? A rare and amazing Japanese classic synthesizer; Moog Filter??

And additional Teisco 110F posts here.

11-The Arturia PolyBrute- LFOs 1 and 2


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the first two low-frequency oscillators present in the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Roland TR-66 with midi Tubbutec uniPulse demo


Showcasing a midi controlled Roland TR-66.
Midi interface:

Töörö - Hybrid Polyphonic Supersynth is Funded!

Just a quick post to announce Fred's Lab Töörö - Hybrid Polyphonic Supersynth has been funded on Kickstarter. Click through for details. There's 45 minutes left to go as of this post, so if you were thinking about picking one up during the campaign, not my be the time.

See the Fred's Lab label for additional posts featuring demos of the new Töörö!

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