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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Rare Kurzweil VA1 Demo

Kurzweil VA1 Quick Demo 1 by WeiserSound

Demo of the suepr rare Kurzweil VA1 that enver made it into production. Apparently the engine made it's way into the PC3X.

"I finally dusted off my VA1 and banged out a very quick/dirty demo with 9 tracks, one take each, no quantization, plus a cheesy drum track. The display closeup shows choices for oscillators, filters, "deform" (an extra block of shapers and distortions), "processors" (sub oscillators, ring mod, etc in the Osc section), modulation sources and FX (not implemented).

There's a tiny bit of reverb con everything, and a small amount of Laserverb on two of the leads, both coming from a KSP8. Most of the better DSP items survived and now live inside of the current Kurz boards like PC4, Forte and SP6. Note - many of the DSP items were experimental or iterations, never meant to see the light of day.

This is one of ten prototype units that were made, and one of the few that had the cooler paint job.

For music choice, I went with The Traitor, from Herbie Hancock's Manchild album, an old fav!"

You can find a handful of posts featuring the Kurzweil VA1 here.

Roland MKS-70 Super JX Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Roland MKS70 (rack version of the JX10 keyboard).12 voice, 64 onboard patches."

With Starlight In Their Eyes - Djangosfire Serge Improv Dec 2020


"'With the starlight in their eyes, they glimmer and shine - Set to cruise through the heavens, the Milky Way and beyond - Rumble shakes the capsule, as time between the past and the far off lead to wonder - To the Earth they say goodbye... with starlight in their eyes'

'Starlight in Their Eyes' 12-29-2020 Adam Scramstad/Djangosfire

I’ve been so busy past few months building DIY Buchla style modules... and I have NOT had any time to finish putting this Serge System together (its been sitting for way too long) until this afternoon. For me, the “test” of a system is when you sit down with NO patch cords (a blank slate) and start building a foundation patch.. then let it lead you into space. If I look up at the clock only to realize a few hours have past... well, then it all A-OK! Cheers - Adam"

John Bowen Solaris V2.0 Update Released

John Bowen

Above is a quick video from John Bowen on the new Phase Mod Oscillator posted back in March. You might remember mention of it in this post from February. The update is now available. Some details via the John Bowen Synth Design forum (pic via this previous post):

"I am very happy to announce the release of v2.0 Operating System for the Solaris!

I wanted to post a huge 'Thank You' to Jim Hewes, who has been laboring for almost 4 years on the Solaris OS. Jim has fixed more than 80 bugs, and added at least a dozen of features that I have requested. During this last year, not only did he completely re-work the entire SysEx code (replacing a bare-bones NRPN system) to allow for MIDI access to all of the now over 7300+ parameters (!), but has been working overtime to get a reasonable 4-part Multimode structure working. I think you will all agree what he has done is managed to save the Solaris from early abandonment to bring it forward as a still viable current instrument. What other hardware synth has been able to do that which came out 10 years ago?

I would also like to thank Hrast for coding the new Phase Mod oscillator type, and Sonic Core for providing the code for the CZ waveshape set. You can view Hrast's work under the name Hrastprogrammer and his wonderful software synth Transiztow:

The biggest structural change is that each Multi Preset now is actually 4 layers deep, making it four times the size of a previous preset. All older presets will load as 4-part Multi Presets. Loading an older preset file automatically converts it into the new Multi Preset format. The new Multi Preset will populate Part 1 with all the parameters, including the Master FX, Output settings, Performance knob assignments, stored joystick position, SamplePool, arpeggiator settings, Assign switches, and BPM. As before, when the Preset LED is on, you are in Preset Mode. Touching any parameter knob will immediately jump out of Preset Mode and put the Solaris into Edit Mode. When in edit mode, the bottom line of the center display will display the current selected parameter, which now includes the part number as P1, P2, etc.

New Oscillator Type: PhaseMod (PhsMod)

In addition to all of the new Multimode features, a 7th Oscillator Type has been added. This features both “DX7-style FM” (otherwise known as Phase Modulation or PM) and Phase Distortion (PD, from the Casio family of CZ synths). The waveshapes provided are as follows: For PM – Sine, Morphing Saw (Morph1), Morphing Square (Morph2) For PD – CZSaw, CZSquare, CZPulse, CZSawPulse, CZReso1, CZReso2, and CZReso3.

For Phase Modulation, use PMod as the mod destination. For Phase Distortion, use the Shape knob and destination. (You can have both types of modulation going on, of course.) On the oscillator’s page 2, you will find Sync and Quant(ization) parameters. For the PhaseMod Type, the only sync value is Gate. For certain PM sounds, you need to ‘lock’ the start of the phase to make sure you have a consistent attack to the sound, or you don’t want to have phase cancellation with stacked oscillators. Gate works with the Phase setting, to restart the phase at a specific point for every note-on event.

Quantize reduces the bit resolution of the PhaseMod oscillator. The range is 0-31 (with 31 = 1 bit). Results are very subtle until you are in the 27-30 range.”

Modbap Per4mer Eurorack Effects Explanation and Jam by Trovarsi

Perfect Circuit

"Our friend Trovarsi came by to show us some of the sounds of the Modbap Modular Per4mer and explain how some of its features work. The Per4mer has four arcade buttons that switch on DJ style effects (delay, reverb, glitch and tape stop). There is also a color processor that gives everything you pass through it the sound of a digital sampler, or some saturation or a vinyl emulation. The Per4mer has a compressor that can do regular compression as well as sidechaining or compress a signal in time with a clock.

Of course since the Per4mer is a eurorack module you can trigger the effects with triggers instead of pushing the buttons, and you can control the knob settings with the CV inputs. The Per4mer is also stereo in and out!

Per4mer available here:


00:00 - Intro
00:07 - Jam
02:13 - Effect Overview
03:10 - Color Processor
03:45 - Compressor
03:58 - CV Control"

Modugand-Brian Bamanya and Javier Díez Ena


"I did a little collaborative project with Spanish artist and Theremin player Javier Díez Ena. The track is called Modugand."

cool diy sequencer

New Custom Patches for the Korg Minilogue XD by Robust American Patches

via Robust American Patches

"We are extremely proud to offer Volume I for the Korg Minilogue XD! Volume I is a collection of 64 brand new patches. (Plus, as always, you get 10 brand new complimentary patches) This collection isn't all sequences/beats and key trigger fun...Although there is plenty of that! We've also included some very playable poly synths and smooth legato basses and leads. Every patch in this collection makes heavy use of the XD's main controllers. The joystick, aftertouch and velocity all come together to make these sounds fun and extremely expressive. Save 40% as part of our New Year's Sale!

Happy New Year to all Synthusiasts everywhere!"


Volume I for the Minilogue XD

Volume I Patch List Page


via this auction

I believe this is the first one to be feature on the site.

"We recently acquired the entire stock of Philadelphia's legendary Cintioli's Music store and will be listing it here on eBay in the coming weeks. This piece was taken from the pre-owned stock of that store and is guaranteed to work well."

Altered FM explorations with opsix


"Join KORG's James Sajeva as we dive into sounds and features on Korg's new opsix altered FM synthesizer"

Tone Tweakers Vintage ARP 2600 Synthesizer Model 2601


"Find meticulously refurbished and future-proofed ARP 2600s and other vintage synths that are better than the rest at"

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & Eventide H9 (Spacetime)


Korg Prologue 8 Audio Only Analog Digital Hybrid Synthesizer Demo Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

"Korg Prologue 8 Audio Only"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn it UP!!!***

Perfect Analog / Digital / Hybrid synthesizer power!
This audio only demo gives us ARPs to PADS & Digital SINE Sweeps!
This synthesizer is a BLAST to use & record with, excellent value!
If you want more than 4 voices the Prologue 8 will make you smile!

I have a Sikhote Alin iron meteorite from Russia on the Prologue 8 :)"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:


Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982) "Underwater Light" - Somos Los Cenotes - Diving Video


"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

The last video in 2020.
A crazy year is coming to an end. Many things have changed. Not a good year for artists and people who live from music. It affects me less, but I can feel the effects. I hope that we can leave all of this behind us soon.
And I would say thank you for your loyalty and for the nice comments.

I wish all my friends here on YouTube a Happy (and better) 2021.
Do what you love. 🎹
Since years I making the background music for the documentaries of the Dominican Republic Speleological Society (DRSS). It's a non-profit company and I don't take any money for it. The purpose is to sensitize and educate the population about the protection of the native nature.
One of the last expeditions was to the underwater caves on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. For the footage thanks to Somos Los Cenotes/DRSS

all synthesizer sounds: Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982)
drums: LinnDrum, E-MU samples
recording: multi-track, played by hand

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop: RetroSound Home:"

Kaossilator Sketch #1: Basic Jazz

poorness studios

"I think the KORG Kaossilator can be considered a music producers sketch pad. I'm going to do a series of musical sketches for the next several Wednesdays. This video is the first sketch, simple jazz. Stay tuned for more."

Buchla Audio Mults

Todd Barton

"Surprised I hadn't tried this before...but...
More at"

Wind Synth Eurorack Demo

Jeff Hopkins

"Alright... putting together my first Eurorack setup.... These Fricko modules are amazing. Here's a short demo, with a saxy-ish patch.

00:00 - Start of demo
00:48 - Low register demo
01:13 - Mid/highish register demo
01:36 - Talk through of the setup

From left to right I have:
-OWP Custom module (instrument interface and power)
-Tiptop Audio MISO (Mix Invert Scale and Offset) utility
-Fricko Blip! (Pulse waveshaper)
-Fricko Shell (odd harmonic waveshaper thing)
-Pitsburgh SV-1b (Oscillators, Filter, mixer etc)
-Fricko Splice (Filtered combiner, takes highs from one source and mixes with low from the other)"

Impressive! Some additional notes:

* it uses his non-MIDI analog wind controller (very smooth!)
* it explains his rig
* it use my Fricko modules so the emphasis is on the cohesive variation of tone over the range of notes:

# Blip! waveshaper (constant breadth waves, like Variophon),
# Shell wavershaper (gappy waveshapes whose harmonics don't monotonically decrease in level),
# Splice combiner (36db/8ve reverse crossover, to give effect found in many wind instruments).

Arcaico Kairos VCA-DELAY #modularsynthesizer #eurorack #arcaico #delay

Arcaico Instruments

"Kairos is analogue hybrid that reproduces the classic vintage BBD/Echo tape delay with VCA integrated, delay tone control and a dedicated wet out. The delay time range goes from 0.05ms to 1.1sec.

Technical specifications:

VCA (with attenuator)
CV time control (with attenuator)
TONE control delay
WET dedicated out
LOOP function
FEEDBACK control

10 HP
50mm deep"

"Reverb in eurorack format inspired by the infamous Reverberation Machine, built in THT technology with passive welded 'point-to-point' components, characterized by a VCA input and a post reverb distortion.

The input section is controlled by an integrated VCA. The TONE switch darkens or lightens the signal. The Decay, controlled in CV, through LDR resistor allows to create a large reverb: increasing the Decay to maximum level the feedback extends to infinity. The GAIN control allows to saturate the post-reverb signal. The RAVE button short-circuits the IN and OUT of the module, so as to obtain an infinite and self-regenerative feedback, creating auto-oscillation of the effect."

MFOS Modular system Demo

Luc Debeck

"Mfos Modular system is custom built system inspired by Music from outer space technology. I used the Kenton Pro Solo MK3 and Ableton Live."

Analog Vintage Synth Collection used as beatbox (no talking)


"Arturia Keystep Pro sequences Pro One, Minimoog Model D, Arp Odyssey, Dominion 1, Hypersynth Xenophone, Vermona '14, to make a hi-end beatbox and arpeggiated sounds."

Suzuki Waraku III TES-371 Electric Nagoya Harp Taishogoto Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"The Waraku is a fully electronic Taishōgoto synthesizer. You can played as a keyboard or via 5 'electronic' strings to emulate Japanese instruments like the koto (harp), shamisen (lute) and shakuhachi (flute) among (30!) others. Also includes a pitch bend control, vibrato switch and four programmable drum pads with outputs for amplifier, headphones and MIDI.

Symbolic Sound KYMA CAPYBARA 320 System Music Synthesizer

via this auction

See the Symbolic Sound label for additional posts including demos.

Oberheim Matrix-1000 Cream White

via this auction

"Upper left rack ear is slightly bent, but does not cause any problem when racking the synthesizer. Please see the picture.

This is a great synth module with 1000 patches (800 preset, 200 user). Simple to use.

The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is the same architecture of the Oberheim Matrix 6 in a single space rack unit featuring 1000 Matrix Synth patches. Like the Matrix 6 and 6R, it features 6 voices of polyphony, 2 DCO's per voice, a low pass filter, 2 VCA's, 3 ADSRS and 2 LFOS. While it does have the same powerful sound engine as the Matrix 6, it can only be edited via an external MIDI editor and is largely seen as a preset driven Matrix 6 in a small space."

Original Box for the Yamaha SY-1 Analog Solo Synthesizer

via this auction

Note the listing is for the box only. What I thought interesting was the little keyboard image on the box. It looks like a modern day mini synth or midi controller.

White Studio Electronics Code 8 SN 1318

via this auction

"Studio Electronics Code 8
Mint condition with custom paint job, one of a kind.
Recently tuned and calibrated and had op amp upgrades.
Comes with 8 voices all fitted with Moog, Oberheim and CS80 filters on every voice.
Original box and packaging."

Waldorf Microwave SN 400337

via this auction

Metasonix S-2000

via this auction

"The S-2000 is not merely a new repackaging of old designs. It is a revolution, and a game changer. Metasonix does not make “clones” of “vintage” gear, so you will find the S-2000 to be completely different from any other musical instrument you have ever used. It is capable of simulating some classic “vintage” synthesizer sounds, but because of the numerous quirks of vacuum-tube electronics, it is able to do very much more than that.

Unlike ordinary analog synths, the S-2000 has an all-tube signal path. It is a basic yet flexible path: Operator 1, which can be used as a bandpass filter but is more likely to be used as a voltage-controlled oscillator, feeds directly into Operator 2, which is an identical circuit. Its output goes into the VCA, where an envelope is imposed on the signal.

All the controls to the left of Operator 1 are the CV effect controls. The S-2000 has three “contour” or envelope generators: C1 controls the VCA envelope, and has rise and fall (attack/release) controls. C2 and C3 are transient, or “attack/decay” envelopes. They can be used as LFOs by activating their REPEAT switches. The speed of the repetition is controlled by both the rise and fall knobs, so they are used as LFOs with variable duty cycle. The built-in ribbon controller is a standard SpectraSymbol 400mm industrial position sensor, requiring only a very light touch to activate."

Medusa Hybrid Synth - Tape Sound Tutorial


"Here's a small hint from Isobutane on how to make the Medusa Hybrid synthesizer sound a bit like an old tape."

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